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Friday, December 28, 2012


I mwill be away from my computer until late Sunday but will check in via my phone etc on occasion....keep them coming. PLEASE try to have them completed by Monday. Monday I will start getting to work, and we will get this thing wrapped up. Remember to CHECK missing link,s they MAY work this time (I doubt it) and do not forget the three rapid share links that one of the true friends of the blog submitted to round out the discs that I ahd lost or whatever over the years! I've been working hard on this, every day, please allow me a LITTLE breather to let me go watch my son play some basketball and Monday we will right back at it, Hope everyone has a good remainder of their holiday weekend, Happy new Year GO VIKINGS BEAT THE PACKERS and SHOCK THE WORLD (and me) BY MAKING THE PLAYOFFS.....GOOD LUCK EMMANUL CHRISTIAN LIONS IN THE HARVEST PREP TOURNEY! I LOVE all you guys who read my blog (really, even though I sometimes call you names and such and sometimes enjoy making you look foolish, but that is what love is about!)........Ihope you guys stay with m once this series completes I really do have a WAY COOL CD colelction (15000+) that I wish to share with anyone who wishes to enjoy the same esoteric tastes as myself.....and there's alwyas the Visual Gallery of Perversion, as well!


  1. Wow!
    You did a fantastic job on re- posting all the "USA
    Garage Greats" series! Thanks so much!!!

  2. Thank you again, BigScott. By the way, GaragePunk66 has provided Rapidshare links for the 7 most commonly lost links from the early sessions. They can be found in the posting prior to this one. I got all my "missing" links from there, so I'm good. Again, thank you and Happy New Year. Rado

  3. Definitely wow ... a monumental task posting the 'USA Garage Greats' series.Being a product of the 1960s I was/am a huge fan of 'garage,1960s punk' ... back then it really wasn't described by a term.I just knew I liked it when I heard it.Thanks.