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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Best Joy Division post ever

OK, ZERO downloads for the Sadistic Mika Band? I mean NOT A ONE? Come on guys, work with me here a little.....OK, let's revrt for a moment to the "glory days" of "mega-posts", and see how you like this one.....who's up for some JOY DIVISION!?!?

Originally formed as Warsaw in Manchster in the mid-1970's, Joy Division quickly developed their own unique style of mope-rock that could make Nine Inch Nails "The Downwad Spiral" sound like "The Ramones Leave Home". Truth be told, they were always a bit "much" for me, they took being miserable WAY seriously, wittnessed, of course, by the fact that frontman Ian Curtis killed himeslf on the eve of the band's US tour. Such is life.

The band consisted of Singer Curtis, guitar/keyboardist Bernard Sumner, bassist Peter Hook, and drummer Stephen  Morris. Most definitley they had a hard core following, were quite influential, and, I beleive, remain to this day the favorite band of my younger brother. They released some single and EP's, some of which will turn up here on the box set, and also released an album as "Warsaw" which I THINK I have and will have to go try to find.

"Unknown Pleasures" was released in 1979, haunting and dark, with songs like "She's Lost Control", "Shadowplay", and, well, basically the whole album. If you are into this kind of thing, this is a masterwork as is the follow up, "Closer".....I am going to include the original vinyl pressing of "Closer" here, I think it is more appropriate, and then I will tack on the bonus tracks from "Closer Plus"'ll see.

These were the only two proper albums of the band's career, prior to Curtis' passing. THe first compilation of rare/live stuff, I think, was "Still", which recaps a lot of the earlier tracks and includes a VERY odd cover of the Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray". The "big time' comp is the four-disc "Heart and Soul" box set, "Closer" and "Unknown Pleasures" in their entirety along with tons of bonus tracks, a rarities disc, and a disc of live stuff. Also we have four full length concert boots of varying quality for 1979-80......Joy Division lovers, your time to, uh, "rejoice"is here. Also found "The Ideal", the Warsaw disc.

Links will be in the comments section in a whiloe, some maybe not until tomorrow......enjoy and leave a comment if there is something here to your liking. Love you all!

WARSAW-THE IDEAL-01 Warsaw/02Walked In Line/03 Ice Age/04 Leaders of Men/05 Transmission/06 Intrezone/07 Shadowplay/08 No Love Lost/09 Failures/10 Novelty/11 The Drawback/12 Gutz/13 At a Later Date/14 The Kill/15 Inside the Line

PEEL SESSION 11/26/79-01 Love Will Tear Us Apart/02 Twenty Four Hours/03 Colony/04 Sound of Music

HEART AND SOUL-DISC 1 "UNKNOWN PLEASURES PLUS"-01 Digital/02 Glass/03 Disorder/04 Day of the Lords/05 Candidate/06 Insight/07 New Dawn Fades/08 She's Lost Control/09 Shadowplay/10 Wilderness/11 Interzone/12 I Remember Nothing/13 Ice Age/Exercise One/14 Transmission (single version)/15 Novelty (single B Side)/16 The Kill/17 The Only Mistake (single B Side)/18 Something Must Break/19 Auto-Suggestion (Earcom2)/20 From Saftey to Where.....?(Earacom2)

HEART AND SOUL DISC 2 "CLOSER PLUS"-01 Atrocity Exhibition/02 Isolation/03 Passover/04 Colony/05 A Means to An End/06 Heart and Soul/07 Twenty Four Hours/08 The Eternal/09 Decades/10 She's Lost Control (12" Single Version)/11 The Sound of Music (12" Single B-Side)/12 Atmosphere (7" Single)/13 Dead Souls (7" Single B Side)/14 Komakino (Flexi Disc)/15 Incubation (Flexi Disc B Side)/16 Love WIll Tear Us Apart/17 These Days

HEART AND SOUL DISC 3 "RARITIES"-01 Warsaw/02 No Love Lost/03 Leaders of Me/04 Failures/05 The Drawback (unreleased)/06 Interzone (unreleased)/07 Shadowplay (unreleased)/08 Execise One (Peel Session)/09 Insight (demo)/10 Glass (demo)/11 Transmissions (demo)/12 Dead Souls (unreleased)/13 Something Must Break (raw mix)14 Ice Age (demo)/15 Walked in Line (raw Mix)/16 These Days (unreleased)/17 Candidate (unreleased)/18 The Only Mistake/19 Chance (Atmosphere) (unreleased)/20 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Peel Session)/21 Colony (Peel Session)/22 As You Said (flexi disc uncredited track)/23 Ceremony (rehearsal tae)/24 In a Lonely Place (detail) (rehearsal tape)

HEART AND SOUL DISC4 LIVE-01 Dead Souls/02 The Only Mistake/03 Insight/04 Candidate/05 Wilderness/06 She's Lost Control/07 Disorder/08 Interzone/09 Atrocity Exhibition/10 Novelty/11 Auto-Suggestion/12 I Remember Nothing/13 Colony/14 These Days/15 Incubation/16 The Eternal/17 Heart and Soul/18 Isolation/19 She's Lost Control

PERMANENT-01 Love Will Tear Us Apart/02 Transmission/03 She's Lost Control/04 Shdowplay/05 Day of the Lords/06 Isolation/07 Passover/08 Heart and Soul/09 Twenty Four Hours/10 THose Days/11 Novelty/12 Dead Souls/13 The Only Mistake/14 Something Must Break/15 Atmosphere/16 Love Will Tear Us Apart-Permanent Mix

STILL-01 Exercise One/02 Ice Age/03 The Sound of Music/04 Glass/05 The Only Mistake/06 Walked In Line/07 The Kill/08 Something Must Break/09 Dead Souls/10 Sister Ray/11 Ceremony/12 Shadow Play/13 A Means to An End/14 Passover/15 New Dawn Fades/16 Transmission/17 Disorder/18 Isolation/19 Decades/20 Digital

LONDON 1979-01 Dead Souls/02 Disorder/03 Wilderness/04 Autosugestion/05 Transmission/06 Day of the Lords/07 She's Lost Control/08 Shadowplay/09 Atrocity Exhibition/10 Insight

LES BAINS DOUCHES 1980-01 Disorder/02 Love Will Tear Us Apart/03 Insight/04 Shadowplay/05 Transmission/06 Day of the Lords/07 Twenty Four Hours/08 These Days/09 A Means to an End/10 Passover/11 New Dawn Fades/12 Atrocity Exhibition/13 Digital/14 Dead Souls/15 Autosuggestion/16 Atmosphere

PRESTON UK 3/28/80-01 Oncubation/02 Wilderness/03 Twenty Four Hours/04 The Eternal/05 Heart and Soul/06 Shadowplay/07 Transmission/08 Disorder/09 Warsaw/10 Colony/11 Interzone/12 She's Lost Control

PARADISO CLUB AMSTERDAM 1980-01 Passover/02 Wilderness/03 Digital/04 Day of the Lords/05 Insight/06 New Dawn Fades/07 Disorder/08 Transmission/09 Love WIll Tear Us Apart/10 These Days/11 A Means to An End/12 Twenty Four Hours

OK, LOTTA work went into this.....hope to see some good download numbers and good comments one the links are up. I realie this is brutally depressing stuff, it really is, but it serves a purpose no question.......perhaps the next post will be maybe something a bit sunnier? Always looking for suggestions, as I try to make clear. Hope everyone has a good Friday Evening and we'll see what happens tomorrow. But please, if you're a Joy Division fan, grab the stuff you don't have......if your a Joy Division novice (oh, you KIDS), please check this out, it is perhaps the greatest look ever into a truly TORTURED soul, much in it's own way that the music of Nirvana foretold the ultimate, untimely loss of Kurt Cobain. Mr. Curtis, you are missed, I hope that now you are at peace....I always enjoyed your music (when in the right frame of mind), and I know (for one), my brother (mentioned earlier) TRULY loved your work. You DID make the world a better place, sorry that the world couldn't offer you more peace and comfort while you were here.


  1. Maybe I'm just not too bright, but I can't find links. I'd download the hell out of this stuff if I could find 'em!

  2. REAS THIS CAREFULLY: THE LINKS ARE NOT UP YET....Often, in the case of LONGER posts such as this, it takes me as long as the NEXT DAY to get them up....they will be there, just show some patience. Please.

  3. Certainly one of the best bands I ever saw live - intense, compelling stuff. I won't be downloading because I've already got all these, but good work putting it together, Scott.
    Also, just to let you know that the record shop I used to work in had a copy of that first Sadistic Mika Band LP in stock for many years without anyone ever really picking it up and looking at it even. It was still there when the shop finally closed four years ago, so the lack of downloads didn't really surprise me, although I'm sure someone will take it eventually.

  4. SORRY, having some technical problems with a fw of the discs (they are very old, oh well)......the Les Bains DOuches show and the Preston UK show I cannot get to upload at this time. SOrry, I hope the rest of these will suffice, starting to load them now, I'll get thm up by tomorrow i promise, sorry for the delay, unavoidable

  5. Zippyshit is killing me. HOPEFULLY the links are up tomorrow, don't FUCKING FORGET about them

  6. OK here is ONE, hope to get a few more tonight

    AMSTERDAM 1980


    More coming, you'll get them as I get them!

  8. HEART AND SOUL DISC 1(Unkown Pleasures Plus)

    (Closer Plus)



  10. about Les Bains Douches ...
    it comes in fact from 3 shows :
    - one at Les Bains DOuches in Dec. 1979 (tracks 1 to 9)
    - one in Amsterdam 11 January 1980 (Tracks 10 to 12)
    - one in Eindhoven 18 January 1980 (tracks 13 to 16)

    keep on bloggin'

  11. Doesn't matter because if you look elsewhere you'll see my disc of it is fucked up so I won't be posting it. Anway:

    LONDON 1979



    Still one left, "permanent", zippyshit still busting my balls over that one.....I'll try to get it yet tonight


    I'll get Permanenet up n a bit......THREE DAYS to post this.....ok, if we are going to use Zippyshit, I think big "megaposts" such as these are out......anyone have issue with that? Please tell me your thoughts, I COULD go back to (uhhhhhg) MEdiafuck

  13. It is very important you NEVER go back to mediafire.
    And I mean NEVER, I don't know if it came to your understanding but now they simply open your fucking files and see what's in there, so when they find copyrighted material the link is killed instantly.

    Those are very clever bastards, they slowly made their reputation for being the best rapidshare site and then, boom! The shit is dripping from their site now.

    Also, sorry about this 'not one download thing'. I'm not a reader of your blog but I saw this post through another blog and, what can I say, I don't like these kind of situations, so I'm heading to the mentioned post now.

    For the (very) little I saw here I could say you're doing a GREAT job, definitely gonna come back here later.

    Greetings from Brazil.

  14. Permanent

  15. Thx so very much for all of the hard work on this tremendous post.

  16. WoW!
    Indeed a great post!
    But being one of Joy Division's biggest fans, I have all these items... But I'm sure many of your followers do not and so, "Way to Go!"
    Except I might mention that the photo opposite the post
    "PRESTON UK 3/28/80-01" shows the cast of the movie, "Control" from 2007 about the band and Ian Curtis.. Highly recommended !

  17. Thank you for this great post!
    Scott,take a look at this:

    You'll need a translator,I don't know if Google translator is good enough,but there are good tips that maybe help you with your problem with zippyshit!See the comments too.Good luck!

  18. I had the pleasure of seeing JD a good few times and have fond memories of standing s few feet away from IC as he twisted and vocalised in that stance of his that made him so unique at Erics night club in Liverpool. Sadly on the news of his death the local bootleg market was flooded with cassette copies of the many gigs from the previous years. I still have many of these ranging from crap to amazing and they still nestle in my bootleg boxes. it nice to get a few of these again in better quality and relive those angst ridden days of booze and drugs. The joys of youth.

  19. Hi, would it be possible to re-upload the Heart & Soul disc 3 of rarities again? Thank you for your blog by the way.