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Friday, October 7, 2016

Groop Dogdrill

Sent by John N as a completer for the earlier Beachbuggy post.......Groop Dogdrill released a couple of albums after Beachbuggy had called it a day, And John has done us a favor AGAIN by sending to us for our inspection.......first we have 1998's "Half Nelson", quite a decent effort ....with it's rocakbilly undertones it might remind you perhaps of Reverend Horton Heat or somebody like that, but basically what we here is "good time, party" rock n roll, and nothing wrong with that.....

They released a (somewhat) similar effort, "Every Six Seconds", actually a more sophisticated writing effort to say the very least,

 which is respectable as well.....the band's semi-obsession with Americana and American Culture (The Rolling Stones did the same thing, although a LOT more skillfully, obviously) make the songs somewhat interesting, and keep ya listening to the lyrics. All in all, you could do a LOT worse than to grab these, if you're just looking for, you know, something "different", ???

HALF NELSON 01 Lovely Skin/02 Cocksucker Blues/03 Gentleman's Soiree/04 Lifestyle/05 Oily Rag/06 Southbound Tuxedo/07 Jackie O/08 Gracelands/09 Hessus/10 (That) Texaco Feeling/11 Salt Peter/12 Silver Boots

EVERY SIX SECONDS-01 Simian Kind (Read By Sara Kitching)/02 Head of Safety/03 On Me Not In Me/04 Clown Smash Everything/05 Komet/06 Low Sperm Count/07 Angel Wings/08 Speak & Spell/09 Bob N Laura/10 Best Sex in Texas/11 Smaller Target/12 Mummy's Little Soldier (Intro)/13 Mommy's Little Soldier/14 Soaur Milk


  1. HALF


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  3. I used to love this band when I was a teenager. Do you think Bob n Laura is about Twin Peaks?