Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Best T Rex post ever, unless you have reservations

T Rex began of course, as Tyrannasaurus Rex, hippie-folkie-psych blather than many love to death.....I am NOT one of those "many" to be  honest, personally I find this early stuff beyond silly and close to unlistenable.....being honest here, sorry if I hurt anyone's delicate feelings. I mean really....they actually released an album called "My People Were Fair and Had Sky In Their Hair, But Now They're Content to Wear Stars on their Brows", REALLY....they also had the goofball "A Beard of Stars" which featured the goofy "Ride a White Swan", a single of some merit I guess, I may have a copy of it here somewhere that I can "treat" you with.

Anyway, T Rex went electric/glam in 1970 with them "T Rex", coupling glitter/glam riff rock with almost eqully nonsensical lyrics, and became popular almost immediatley, more so in the UK than here though.

T Rex is not really a great album, but it IS a corner stone in the UK glitter/glam scene of the early 1970's....short tracks which still carry forward plenty of thier silly folky/psych pretensions: "The Children of Rarn".
, "The Wizard"..NOT a classic, but then......1971's "Electric Warrior" IS a "classic", a "classic" of super stupid electro-glam-riff-rock, featuring of course the legend that is "Get It On (Bang a Gong) with it's remarkable lyrical complexities, not to mention lesser known treasures such as "Rip Off", "Jeepster", and "Cosmic Dancer" is almost impossible to listen to this with a straight face, a period piece of almost embarassing hilarity......myself, I LOVE it!

Even better for my money, though not quite as popular was "The Slider".....this thing is a masterpiece of "stupid-rock", almost every tune a "classic: when we look at it in that light.....where to begin? "Metal Guru" which was a huge hit in the UK and contians the lyric "Metal Guru is it you?", my younger brother at the time interpereted it as "Metal Guru is a Jew".......there is a LOT more, the title track, "Rock On", "Ballrooms Of Mars", "Spaceball Riccochet", and especialy my fave the rockin "Buick Mackane".......simply cannot give this 5 stars, even though it is "perfect" for what it sets out to do, lets go four stars and all be happy.....

A short run really, the follow up "Tanx". really sucks the big 'un,  they try to regain the innocent stupidity of "The Slider" with poor results....really stuff like "Tenement Lady", "mad Donna", and the noxious "Born to Boogie" could have been outtakes from "Electric Warrior" or "The Slider"......this was one bus ride that had reached the last stop. "Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow" is even worse, presented here for the comdy factor alone. Same goes for "Bolan's Zip Gun", an atempt yet, to go (lord) "in other musical directions".....there's a reasn you likely haven't heard it, trust me.

Since I'm feeling evil, and to ensure that "Anonymous" feels I have done enough to promote the "Gay Agenda", I have a couple comps here, including the FOUR disc "20th Century Superstar Series" which has more shit on it than the most rabid T Rex fan could clamour for, ALL KINDSA SHIT here, from the "Ride a White Swan" era and lots more!

Do have a live album or 2 here, "Live at the BBC 1970-71" captures them at their glammy best, and a rare boot from 1977, although they had had the fork stuck in em by now, is of interest.......T Rex are an important part of early 1970's glam rock, imagine should they come out today, they'd be laughed back to the  but they sounded good at the time, and Marc Bolan had the right look for the right was fun  while it lasted! One last note, I think Bolan was once quoted as saying "NOTHING in my career has been an accident!", prior to being killed in, well, an automobile accident........sweet irony I guess.......

I am not about to search out all their folkie albums, here are the 1970's glitter/glam hard rocking albums, hope you enjoy them as much as yer pervered uncle does!

By the way, I think Dave Sez and Julian have made amends, at least I hope was a misunderstanding, and you guys  are BOTH valuable contributors to this site, I'd HATE like hell to lose either of for ol' "Anonymous", he has me figgered out I'm afreard: I posted sexy pictures of Erin Andrews to throw you guys off the track, because my TRUE plan here is to promote/support the gay agenda which he hilariously lays out in one of his comments (truth is, I just like Erin Andrew's ass).....he says he's leaving this "gay blog' forever, I personally say don't let the door hit you on the way out, please, please, GO AWAY FOREVER!

One minion had a good idea though....if Dave Sez (or anyone) wants the "keys' to this blog, they are welcome......write your own stuff, post it yourself, and some day I'll wake up and say "DAMN I don't hav to do SHIT today!"......any serious contributors who would LIKE to have the blog keys, contact me at and we can certainly talk, I like the idea!

T REX-01 The Children of Rarn/02 Jewel/03 The Visit/04 Childe/05 The Time Of Love Is Now/06 Diamond Meadows/07 Root of Star/08 Beltane Walk/09 Is It Love?/10 One Inch Rock/11 Summer Deep/12 Seagull Woman/13 Suneye/14 The Wizard/15 The Children of Rarn (Reprise)

ELECTRIC WARRIOR-01 Mambo Sun/02 Cosmic Dancer/03 Jeepster/04 Monolith/05 Lean Woman Blues/06 Bang a Gong (Get It On)/07 Planet Queen/08 Girl/09 The Motivator/10 Life's a Gas/11 Rip Off

THE SLIDER-01 Metal Guru/02 Mystic Lady/03 Rock On/04 Slider/05 Baby Boomerang/06 Spaceball Rocochet/07 Buick Mackane/08 Telegram Sam/09 Rabbit Fighter/10 Baby Strange/11Ballrooms of Mars/12 Chariot Choogle/13 Main Man/14 Cadillac (Extended)/15 Thunderwing (Extended)/16 Lady (Extended)

TANX-01 Tenement Lady/02 Rapids/03 Mister Mister/04 Broken Hearted Blues/05 Shock Rock/06 Country Honey/07 Electric Sam and the Factory Hen/08 Mad Donna/09 Born Boogie/10 Life Is Strange/11 The Street and Babe Shadow/12 Highway Knees/13 Left Hand Luke and the Beggar Boys/14 Children of the Revolution/15 Jitterbug Love/16 Sunken Rags/17Solid Gold Easy Action/18 Xmas Riff/19 20th Century Boy/20 Free Angel

ZINC ALLOY AND THE HIDDEN RIDERS OF TOMORROW-01Venus Loon/02 Sound Pit/03 Explosive Mouth/04 Galaxy/05 Change/06 Nameless Wildness/07 Teenage Dream/08Liquid Gang/09 Carlisle Smith & the Old One/10 You'v Got to Jive To Stay Alive-Spanish Midnight/11 Interstellar Soul/12 Painless Persuassion vs the Meathawk Immaculate/13 The Avengers (Superbad)/14 The Leopards Featuring Gardenia and the Mighty Slug

BOLAN'S ZIP GUN-01 Light Of Love/02 Solid Baby/03 Percious Star/04 Token of My Love/05 Space Boss/06 Think Zinc/07 Till Dawn/08 Girl In the Thunderbolt Suit/09 I Really Love You Babe (Prescision Debating)/10 Golden Belt/11 Zip Gun Boogie (Live)/12 Do You Wanna Dance/13 Dock of the Bay/14 Solid Baby/15 Till Dawn (Marc's Guide)/16 Tll Dawn/17 Till Dawn/18 Girl In the THunderbolt Suit (Bluejean Bop)/19 Dishing Fish Wop (Golden Belt)

LIVE AT THE BBC-01 Hot Rod Mama/02 Deora/03 Pavillions of the Sun/04 Dove/05 By the Light of the Magical Moon/06 Elemental Child/07 The Wizard/08 Ride a White Swan/09 Summertime Blues/10 Jeepster/11 Cadillac

MARC BOLAN & T REX DISC 1-01 The Road I'm On (Gloria)/02 Blowin in the Wind/03 The Wizard/04 Beyond the Risin' Sun/05 The Third Degree/06 San Francisco Poet/07 Eastern Spell/08 Hippie Gumbo/09 Misfit/10 Jasper C DeBussey/11 Desdemona/12 Midsummer Night's Scene/13 Sara Crazy Child/14 The Lilac Left Hand of Menthol Dan/15 Sleepy Maurice/16 Highways (Alias Misty Dust)/17 Child Star/18 Chateau In Virginia Waters/19 Puckish Pan/20 Lunacy's Back/21Debora/22 Hot Rod Mama/23 Scenscof/24 One Inch Rock/25 Salamanda Pal/26 Consuela/27 Juniper Section/28 Nickelodeon/29 Pewter Suitor/30 The Seal of the Seasons/31 Catblack (the Wizard's hat)/32 Chariots of Silk/33 Iscariot

MARC BOLAN T REX DISC 2-01 King of the Rumbling Spires/02 Do You Remember  ALternate Vocal)/03 Do You Remember/04 Once Upon the Seas of Absinniya/05 Ill Starred Man/06 Demon Queen/07 By the Light/08 Lofty Skies/09 Elemental Child/10 Dove/11 The Prettiest Star/12 Oh Baby/13 Ride a White Swan (Intro)/14 Ride a White Swan/15 Ride a White Swan (Outro)/16 Untitled Poem/17 Jewel/18 Diamond Meadows/19 Beltayne Walk/20  Suneye/21 Childe/22 The Children of the Rarn/23 Hot Love/24 King of the Mountain Cometh/25 Mambo Sun/26 Cosmic Dancer/27 Get It On/28 There Was a Time -Raw Ramp/29 Rip Off

MARC BOLAN AND T REX DISC 3-01 Jeepster/02 Life's a Gas/03 Sailors of the Highway/04 Telegram Sam/05 Cadillac/06 Baby Strange/07 Metal  Guru/08 Thunderwing/09 Spaceball Ricochet/10 Children of the Revolution/11 Jitterbug Love/12 Xmas Flexi Message/13 Solid Gold Easy Action/14 Born To Boogie/15 20th Century Boy/16 Highway Knees/17Electric Slim and the Factory Hen/18 Left Hand Luke and the Beggar Boys/19 The Groover/20 Blackjack/21 Truck On (Tyke)/22 City Port/23 Teenage Dream

MARC BOLAN & T REX DISC 4-01 Venus Loon/02 Painless Persuassion vs the Meathook Emmaculate/03 Change/04 Till Dawn/05 Light Of Love/06 Zip Gun Boogie/07Think Zinc/08 Solid Baby/09 New York City/10 Chrome Sitar/11 Dreamy Lady/12 Christmas Bop/13 Jupiter Liar/14 Dawn Storm/15 London Boys/16 I Love to Boogie/17 Laser Love/18 Life's an Elevator/19 To Know Him Is To Love Him/20 Teen Riot Structure/21 The Soul of My Suit/22 Dandy In the Underworld/23 Celebrate Summer

LIVE LONDON 3/18/77-01 Jeepster/02 Visions of Domino/03 New York City/04 Soul of My Suit/05 Groove a Little/06 Telegram Sam/07 Hang Ups/08 Debora/09 I Love to Boogie/10 Teen Riot Structure/11 Dandy In the Underworld/12 Hot Love/13 Get It On (With the Damned)/14 Jeepster (bonus)/

LIVE LONDON 3/18/77 DISC 2-01Telegram Sam (Bonus)/02 Token of My Lov (Bonus)/03 Teenage Dream (Bonus)/04 Zip Gun Boogie (Bonus)




  1. Big Scott - i can't stop from seeing your posts since you are constantly on our blog. I would never state that I had the "best post ever" but I give you a lot of credit for letting it all hang out. i must admit that i never DL anything you post because in the past I found it's of low bit rate/no art work/not tagged/sloppy/I own everything on vinyl and cd already, etc. But i give you a lot of credit for letting all of your guts hang out.










    LIVE 1977 D1

    LIVE 1977 D2

    T REX

  3. The "best ever" is meant in a sort of sarcastic tone, albeit one that likely misses its mark (if one thinks about my frequent self-deprecation and deprecation of the blog itself, it makes a bit of sense) for the artwork etc, I just went over that while I was "promoting the gay agenda" or whatever.....I simply don't want to do that much work, simple as that.....never have I claimed that this blog was anything but a joke compared to the really good, professional ones such as your own and's just something for me to play around with.....some like it, some don't, either way, in the overall scheme of things it is no more important than a speck of dust

  4. isnt he gay mark bolin , should we all get our pink shirts out now ?

  5. bolin and boyfriend in the first picture .2 fags in a bush you go girl

    1. 2 fags in a'd bet my ass that Bolan got more pussy in his short life than you will get even living a few lifetimes over.

  6. Great post today, post some gary glitter next he is a real ladies man

    1. Hahahahaha. If by 'ladies' you mean 13 year olds.

  7. Hi Scott,
    Is it me or is the link for the live at the bbc missing


  8. great job big scott...and I believe bolan was married

  9. Bolan wasnt gay but he was Jewish; I bet he WAS saying 'Metal Guru is a Jew'. Bo = BO[b]...Lan = [dy]LAN. Bolan was the greatest of poets and Tyrannosaurus Rex rule many universes unto Eternity

  10. BBC

  11. Hey Scott, This will be the last post from me the gay agenda dude. Just keep doing what your doing. I have a heart and honestly I apologize for offending you. No need to write back, I took too much of your time as it is. I don't need the bad karma on me and best thing is to apologize. Run the blog anyway you like its your blog, My gay non sense was just that I don't hate gays even though they are pushing kids to turn gay today. Its the government and media thats doing it. I will not be back. take care.

    1. You are welcome here anytime, as is anyone......I have never said just perplexes me that people would rather complain about the blog, than simply ignore it, if it is not up to the standards they have established in their minds as "acceptable".....this goes for anyone....I am not changing anything, so why waste YOUR time? Honestly I dont get it and would love to understand, but likely, i am not intelligent enough to. Be well.

  12. Bolan was indeed married for a few years, had a fling with Marsha Hunt, and was in a strong relationship with Gloria Jones (original Tainted Love singer), with whom he had a son, who has an album out soon. I'm a big Bolan fan, he flirted with androgeny back in the 70s, as did most of the Glam Rock stars, but he wasn't gay - not that that matters a jot. Give Zinc Alloy a listen - it's really a great album, but needs more than one spin.

    Great blog, by the way!

  13. While I didn't agree with your negative assessments, I did enjoy your post. I don't have a problem with people being honest.

    I can completely understand how much of his material might not appeal to everyone. I like all of his records, partially for the stylistic variations.

    Tanx is a bit weaker than Slider, but I like it plenty, anyway. My brother liked it enough to swipe my vinyl copy.

    I don't relate to the androgynous stage persona, but it doesn't put me off the music. I mean, the Smiths are so great, I think they could overcome all but the craziest bigots preconceptions. Their 'gayness' never kept me from buying their records.

    Thanks for the Bolan!

  14. Many thanks for the Live material Scott - really appreciate the share
    Get It On !
    Cheers from DownUnder

  15. Electric Warrior, The Slider, Tanx are 3 classic albums. I wore
    out the vinyl 30 years ago. Still sounds awesome on MP3

  16. Hi BigScott,

    Any Chance for RE-UP two of Bolan's CD BOX Set, please?
    "20th Century Superstar".

    They are;
    BOLAN REX D3 & D4