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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Agent Orange

Coming out of 1979 California, Agent Orange had really only one idea, but it was a decent
one.....combine the hardcore west-coast punk of the time with the sound of classic surf music, the result is really quite effective, although fairly forgotten today.....I remember rocking these hard quite a bit back in the day, they were favorites of my brother's as well, and I recommend to fans of hardcore, Germs/Black Flag-style California hardcore AND to fans of the surfing instrumentals compilation I just posted the other day, it really DOES work on both levels, at least for a minute or two.

The original band's lineup, who released the "Bloodstains" single in 1979, were Guitarist/vocalist Mike Palm, bassist Steve Soto, and drummer SCOTT MILLER, yes the unfortunate lad shared a name with myself, his parents were as name-challenged as were my own. James Levesque would replace Soto as bassist which would result in the classic lineup. Their first album release was 1981's "Living In Darkness", it is their best, my version here is for some reason sequenced differently the original LP release but it does include all three tracks from the classic "Bloodstains" single, as well as an interview.

Other than that, the highlights for me are the rockin' covers of "Pipeline", "Misserlou" and "Mr Moto", three of the greatest of surf instros, given a shot of 1970's's really quite a fine album, an underappreciated gem of of the early 1980's.

Next thing I have is from 1986 "This is the Voice", and for my money, it was over.....pretty standard hard core punk, sounds pretty tired, I think I've only played it a few times in 30 years....also courtesy of my brother, we have "Surfin' To Some Fucked Up Shit" a  comp which includes some latter day stuff if you are interested (I think Palm is the only original still going strong here), ....basically they were a one and done ("Living In Darkness"), but if your a fan of this stuff, they were really good at it. Cherry pick as you wish but don't miss the debut album......I think that they released a live disc or 2, maybe a couple of EP's, some of which I assume turn up on the comp. Enjoy at your own pace!

LIVING IN DARKNESS-01 Bloodstains/02 Too Young To Die/03 Everything Turns Grey/04
Miserlou/05 The last Goodbye/06 No Such Thing/07 A Cry For Help In a World Gone Mad/08 Bloodstains (Darkness Version)/09 Living In Darkness/10 Pipeline/11 Breakdown/12 Mr Moto/13 America/14 Bored of You/15 El Dorado/16 1981 Interview/17 Slapshock

THIS IS THE VOICE-01 Voices (In the Night)/02 It's In Your Head/03 Say It Isn't True/04 Fire In the Rain/05 In Your Dreams Tonight/06 Tearing Me Apart/07....So Strange/08 Bite the hand That Feeds Part 1/09 I Kill Spies/10 This Is Not the End

SURFING TO SOME FUCKED UP SHIT-01 It's All a Blur/02 Say It Isn't True/03 Breakdown/04 Wouldn't Last a Day/05 Everything Turns Grey/06 Message From the Underworld/07 El Dorado/08 Tearing Me Apart/09 Cry For Help In a World Gone Mad/10 I Kill Spies/11 Bloodstains/12 What's the Combination/13 Bite the Hand That Feeds/14 Seek and Destroy

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nuggets of American College Rock 1987

A couple of weeks ago I posted a fairly popular set, "Left of the Dial", which I beleive was a 4 disc
set of 1980's college-type stuff, it was really popular, and for that I am glad, I was unsure where that would wind up, given my general distaste for a good portion of 1980's music (sometimes to hear me rant you'd think it was ALL bad, but far from it).

So, today, let's check out what would be a fine companion piece to "Left of the Dial", very little if any over lap with that set, here we have the LOADED "Nuggets of American College Rock 1987" far as I know, there are only three discs, it's all I have anyway (don't recall from where it came), if there are any other volumes, you Class of '87'ers, please let me know and we can fill in the gaps.....these tend to, in general, runa bit more esoteric than the slightly more mainstream stuff on "Left of the Dial", but both are good sets and go fine together, if you enjoyed the first one, I almost guarentee you'll like this one too.

Let's crack this open and see what we have here.....Disc 1 gives us 27 tracks, some from bands profiled here on this blog ("The Lung" from Dinosaur Junior who was profiled in the last couple weeks, Concrete Blonde was featured (albiet long ago) and turn up with the wonderful "True", also long ago was the profile of the Replaceaments, who give us "Never Mind"...Screaming Trees and the wonderful Big Black were also given the profile treatment here, good to hear from them again. We also get some Sonic Yout ("Catholic BLock"), Meat Puppets ("Confusion Fog"), Young Fresh Fellows, and The Connells, as well as many more.

Disc 2 features the great Yo La Tengo (I'll get that one done ONE of these days), REM ("Exhuming McCarthy"), the classic "Christianity Is Stupid" from Negativeland, tracks from Husker Du, Dream Sybdicarte, Butthole Surfers, and Live Skull.....a fine set, maybe a little bit better than the first disc, by a hair

The final disc gives us Bongwater's "Ride My See Saw", "Working For Somebody Else" by the db's, stuff from Dead Milkmen, Green On Red, The Smithereens, Half japanese, and the somewhat odd inclusion as  finale of Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper's "Elvis Is Everywhere" (found it overplayed and annoying way back THEN, but anyway......)

All in all a good set to set on the shelf right near "Left of the Dial", I really recommned it, I remember
when I posted "Children of Nuggets" long ago, one commentator referred to it as "eighties music for people who hate eighties music".......and I think that is an apt description here as well.......if any of these lesser known bands on here trip your trigger, let me know and I'll sees what I can do about profiling them on here.....till then here ya go:

NUGGETS OF AMERICAN COLLEGE ROCK 1978 DISC 1-01 GUADALCANAL DIARY-Litany (Life Gets On)/02 REDD KROSS-Play my Song/03 DUMPTRUCK-Carefree/04 SQUIRREL BAIT-Kid Dynamite/05 DINOSAUR JR-The Lung/06 SCREAMING TREES-Other Days and Different Planets/07 AMERICAB MUSIC CKUB-Outside This Bar/08 BIG BLACK-Bad Penny/09 THIN WHITE ROPE-Not Your Fault/10 BIG DIPPER-Faith Healer/YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS-When the Girls Get HEre/SONIC YOUTH-(I've Got a) Catholic Block/13 10,000 MANIACS-Like the Weather/14 THE CONNELLS-Scotty's Lament/15 SCRUFFY THE CAT-My baby She's Alright/16 THE REPLACEMENTS-Never Mind/17 BURNING SUN-Blood On the Saddle/18 THE LONG RYDERS-I Want You Bad/19 FIREHOSE-Honey Please/20 MEAT PUPPETS-Confusion Fog/21 CONCRETE BLONDE-True

NUGGETS OF AMERICAN COLLEGE ROCK 1987 DISC 2-01 GAME THEORY-Chardonnay/02 THE GREAT PLAINS-Letter to a Fanzine/03 SILOS-Tennessee Fire/04 THE REIVERS-A Test/05 REM-Exhuming McCarthy/06 FLYING COLOR-Dear Friend/07 YO LA TENGO-Lewis/08 NEGATIVELAND-Christianity Is Stupid/09 HUSKER DU-Charity, Chastity, Prudence, And Hope/11 THE REACTIONS-Don't Look back/12 LIVE SKULL-Alive Again/13 THE DREAM SYNDICATE-Let It Rain/14 BUTTHOLE SURFERS-Human Cannonball

THE LEAVING TRAINS (I Don't Know) What (I'm Doing Here)/03 DONNER PARTY-Treepig/05 GREEN ON RED-Clarkesville/06 DEAD MILKMAN-Big Time Operator/07 THE SMITHEREENS-Blood & Roses/08 BREAKING CIRCUS-Song od the South/09 THE DB'S-Working For Somebody Else/10 DAS DAMEN-Girl With the Hair/11 PIANOSAURUS-Ready To Rock/12 THE CATHEADS-Golden Gate Park/13 HALF JAPANESE-US Teens Are Spoiled Bums/14 BIRDSONGS OF THE MESOZOIC-Shiny Golden Snakes/15 MOJO NIXON & SKID ROPER-Elvis Is Everywhere

So let me know, I enjoy posting interesting comps from time to time, as well as trying to shove interesting, lesser known acts down your throat, and even big batches of stuff from the heavyweights (Yardbirds, Velevet Underground)........I still enjoy doing this blog and am alwayslooking for ways to improve it, so please let me know what it is YOU enjoy the most about it!

LATE EDIT: Something wrong with Discs 2 and 3, couple tracks missing from each.....I'm going to see if I can just find the missing numbers on Pirate Bay and will post when I come up with em, sorry, hectic weekend.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Something of a bonus, give it a listen

While on the D shelf, looking for DeVille, I tripped across the "Encendador" album by the
Dambuilders......I remember the album, or at least I remember one fine single from the album, that's about it.....I looked them up, find them to be originally from Hawaii, find them to be bassist/vocalist Dave Derby, guitarist Eric Masanuga, drummer Kevin March, and violinist (!) Joan Wasser.......

Persoanlly, I have never hearad ANYTHING except this album, in the summer of 1994 WOXY-FM in Oxford Ohio played the hell out of it, and my memory is that I really enjoyed it......sometimes an album leaves your subconcious for years, and just pops right back in for now that is why "Encendador" is here.

You may or may not like this, mid-90's alt-pop-rock, not bad stuff at all....."Copsucker" and "Slo Mo Kikaida" are ones I recall, along with the fabuolus single "Shrine" (one of best singles from the year of its release).......

"And I would fall so easilly, because her hair is colored red;
I asked he if she'd dye that, too, she tells me it's already dead"......

Just a clever lyric I thought, not a classic album, but a damned listenable one that slipped through the alt-rock cracks of the 1990's......LOVE to hear what you guys think of this one, and,even better, would simply LOVE to hear some more Encendadors if there is any floating around out there.....

01 Copsucker/02 Smell/03 Kill Haole Day/04 Slo Mo Kikaida/05 Idaho/06 Colin's Heroes/07 Collector/08 Shrine/09 Delaware/10 Fur/11 Drive By Kiss (Bonus)/12 Burn this Bridge (Bonus)/13 Teenage Loser Anthem (Bonus)

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" for me and the wife this evening, and maybe a little dinner,
and who knows what else? But I'll get some good stuff popped up for you wonderful people over the weekend. Guarenteed.

BTW STILL looking for someone who can read and translate Greek and wants to help out here, as a reward, you can be hooked up with ANYTHING from my vast collection! contact me at


Deville made a couple of fair stoner-metal albums a few years back, I was reading that they have a
more recent issue entitled "Hydra", but as of yet cannot find anyone in posession of a copy, not even Pirate Bay, if anyone out there has one and would like the rest of us to share it, well, you know the drill.....

First of all, from what I can tell....they don't wish the member's names to be made public, maybe I am just missing but this smells of a gimmick of "mystery" NONE of their web sites (Facebook, MySpace) list thier GODDAMN NAMES, so if they think that gives them some kinda goth-street cred or something, who am I to argue?

So here is what I know.....from Sweden, home of so many dark stoner/doom bands in the last decade or so, and their first full length "Come Heavy Sleep" is quite a good one of the genre, heavy, heavy songs, dark lyrics, roaring guitar riffs, and pounding drums/bass mixed WAY up front (so we know it's REAL stoner rock, ya know?).......LOTTA good tracks on this album, the title number, "Stillborn", "Desenter", "Into the Smoke"......flows together quite well, I suppose there may be some "concept" here but you'll need some one more scholarly (and interested) than me to figure it out.....good album, four stars, and  if you have a shelf of loud grungy stoner rock, this will fit alongside it proudly. 

The next album, "Hail the Black Sky", is more of the same, basically, but is a step down from the "Come Heavy Sleep" epic.....still rocks, but something just "isn't there" that is there on the first one.....title track, "Through thet Blade", "Early Grave" are good numbers, to me thte album just doesn't cohere as well as did the previous......2.5 stars, perhaps?

So anyway, I THINK this is all of thier material other than  2013's "Hydra", which I said before I have not (but would like to) heard, anyone wanting to share it, I'm right here, and also anyone who knows these yokels NAMES tell them to me so I can print them for the world to see......geeeeeez ya'd think it was Kiss without their makeup or something!

COME HEAVY SLEEP-01 Intro/02 Sunset Capricorn/03 Come Heavy Sleep/04 Black Dawn/05
Desenter/06 Stillborn/07 Earthburn/08 Open Gates/09 Into the Smoke/10 Sweet Blood/11 Far Beyone/12 Rise above/13 Outro

HAIL THE BLACK SKY-01 Levitation/02 On the Throne/03 Hail the Black Sky/04 Undead/05 My Enemy/06 The Only Thing/07 Reason/08 Through the Blade/09 Early Grave/10 AKA/11 Down To Me.

What do you do when one, perhaps THE ONE person, whom you have hated in your life more than anyone else, finally dies? I am not going to go into details, but for years this person made my life miserable, for NO REASON other than "he could".....he was a reprehensible piece of walking filth, and in death he is no better than he was in life. So, how do we react, then? Joy? No.....I can never rejoice over someone's death, the big picture is that it will cause trauma and sadness upon the survivng family members, who for whatever reason, felt differently about it than myself. Should I act in a forgiving manner? I kinda think that might be the way to go.......after all, after everything he has done to make my life miserable, it's guareneed he won't be doing anymore. I hated this man SO much, I lost hours of sleep, scheming ways to cause him pain, death, I never figured was good enough, I meant REAL pain.......I don't have to do that anymore, and we all wind up in the same place, Mr. SK.........I forgive you for the things you have deliberately done to me. I am far from perfect myself, and I assume that at the end of the day, many will have to decide whether or not to forgive my misdeeds as well......maybe they will, and maybe they won't, but I feel this is a test for ME personally......I think I choose the high road and forgive. Life indeed IS short.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Supermen

Here come the Supermen with a collection of their stuff entitled "Smells Like Teen Pussy".....what
more is there to say....oboviously GG Alin-style obnoxious-punk, and God knows we can ALWAYS use some more of THAT.....I haven't got a LOT of info here, Spider sent me this one, seemingly from 2009, but I listened to is and found it to be every bit as offensive and obnoxious that I had hoped for......dig in and check out The Supermen, this is a real "unknown" un-"classic", a certain segment of us will LOOOOOOVE it (not to mention the "segment" that will be offended by it, even MORE fun!)

SMELLS LIKE TEEN PUSSY-01 Southside Party Animals/02 100 Percent Rudo/03 Face Down, Ass Up/04 Nerd Smasher/05 Gorgeous Guy/06 American Bukkake Girl/07 60 Minute Man/08 I Cross the Line/09 Tits N Ass/10 Catfight/11 Head Whore part 2/12 Girls That Fall For Emo Boys Are Brain Dead Retards/13 Triumphant March of the Supermen/14 Asian Anal/15 Nasty nasty (Rocco Siffredi)/16 Bad Taste In Men/17 I'm Fuckin Your Bitch/18 Punk Rock  Pussy, Skin Head Pussy/19 Smells Like Teen Pussy/20 Elizabeth

So, if you are a afan of some of the less-acccessible punk shit I've posted before, jump all over this one, thanks to Spider (who LIVES for this kinda shit!)......I really enjoyed this album and am thrilled to spread it around a bit to those who will love it as well as those who will be shocked to death by it......more ROCK N ROLL to come over the weekend, don't EVER forget that I LOVE you guys, and always will!.........Variety, and ROCK N ROLL!

Yardbirds Part 2

So yesterday a quick run through of most of the Yardbirds' "proper" issues, some of the greatest blues
-rock every recorded and among the most highly influential as I'll throw out at ya whatever else I have, certainly not going to be TOTALLY comprehensive as they have been repackaged over and over, but I do have some good
live stuff and lst's see what else......

I Think I'm going to lead it off with a good set utilizing the Clapton-led yardbirds, as theybacked Sonny Boy Williamson at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, 1963......years ahead of it's time, I think you will enjoy this one, there are some Yardbirds "moments" (without WIlliamson), and the others the show is pretty much stolen by Williamsaon. Fine recording, for esoteric tastes.
Next up we have the good "Yardbirds Live: Blueswailing 1964".....a smoking set, certainly, however the tape was discovered on recently (2003) and theories vary on the venue and exact date.....nonetheles, it is some good live Yardbirds, with good versions of "Too Much Moneky Buisness" and especially "The Sky Is Crying".

Next up, a simply wonderful set, the complete 1965 BBC you know these BBC sets are often treasure troves of fine performancesc, this one is no exception.....great takes on "Heart Full of Soul", Over Under Sideways Down", "For Your Love", "Train Kept a Rollin'" snippets of talks with Keith Relf....(if keeping track these are the Beck/page Yardbirds). This one I call essential.

I think you compilation fans might like to se this career compressed down to a single worthwhile disc, and "Psycho Blues 1963-66" fill the bill, most anythng you can hope for including my fave "Stroll On", which misses some of the compilations, and while there is some overlap, I think I will throw "The Compleat Collection" up there as well, so you can be very selective in your shopping. It combines the Sonny Boy stuff with some vintage early recordings.

The Yardbirds were tremendous......a fine influence on what we enjoy today. I think that the drummer still tours under the name, not a big fan of stuff like that, but I'm sure he has a mortgage to pay as well, and since I've never heard most (any?) of the post-Page stuff, Maybe it is brilliant? (not betting that way)......anyway let me know what you think about this Yardbirds post, and we'll see what we can come up for ya tomorrow.

1963-01 Bye Bye Bird/02 Mister Downchild/03 Twenty Three Hours Too Long/04 Out of the Water/05 Baby Don't Worry/06 Pontiac Blues/07 Take It Easy Baby (version 1)/08 I Don't Care No More/09 Do the Weston/10 The River Rhine/11 A Lost Care/12 Western Arizona/13 Take It Easy Baby (version 2)/14 Slow Walk/15 Highway 69

THE YARDBIRDS-LIVE-BLUSEWAILIN' 1964-01 Someone To Love/02 Too Much Monkey Buisness/03 I Got Love If You Want It/04 Smokestack Lightning/05 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/06 She Is So Respectable/07 The Sky Is Crying

COMPLETE BBC SESSIONS 1965-01 I Ain't Got You/02 Keith Relf Talks/03 For Your Love/04 I'm Not Talkin'/05 I Wish You Would/06 Keith Relf Speaks (2)/07 Heart Full Of SOul/08 I Ain't Done Wrong/09 Too Much Monkey Buisness/10 Love Me Like I Love You/11 I'm a Man/12 Evil Hearted You/13 Interview about Stil I'm Sad Single/14 Still I'm Sad/15 Hang On Sloopy/16 Smokestack Lightning/17 The yardbirds Interview/18 Mister You're a Better Man Than I/19 The Train Kept-a Rollin'/20 Shapes Of THings/21 Dust My Broom/22 Baby Scratch My Back/23 Keith Relf Talks (3)/24 Over Under Sideways Down/25 The Sun Is Shining/26 Shapes Of THings II/27 Most Likely You Go Your Way and I Go Mine/28 Little Games/29 Drinking Muddy Water/30 Think About It/31 Jimmy Page Interview/32 Good Night Sweet Jospehine/33 My Baby

PSYCHO BLUES 1963-65-01 Honey In Your Hips/02 A Certain Girl/03 I Wish You Would (Long
Version)/04 Sweet Music/06 Slow Work/Highway 69/07 My Little Cabin/08 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/09 I Ain't Got You/10 For Your Love/11 I'm Not Talking/12 I Ain't Done Wrong/13 My Girl Sloopy/14 Heart Full Of Soul/15 Evil Hearted You/16 Still I'm Sad/17 Shapes of THings/18 Mister You're a Better Man Than I/19 Train Kept a Rollin/20 I'm a Man/21 Paff...Boom/22 Here Tis/23 Jeffs Blues/24 Stroll On/25 Questa Volta

A COMPLEAT COLLECTION-01 Boom Boom/02 Honey In Your Hips/03 Who Do You Love/04 Let It Rock/05 Talkin Bout You/06 I Wish You Would/07 Smokestack Lightnin'/08 You Can't Judge a Book By Lookig at It's Cover/09 Take It Easy Baby/10 Bye Bye Bird/11 Mr Downchild/12 The River Rhine/13 22 Hours Too Long/14 A Lost Care/15 Pontiac BLues/16 Take It Easy Baby/17 Out on the Waterfront/18 I Don't Care No More/19 Western Arizona

AND STOP THE PRESSES, I just tripped over a wonderful vinyl rip of the original "Shapes of THings" LP. this sounds the way a vinyl rip SHOULD, and it is a fine album as well:

SHAPES OF THINGS-01 Shapes of Things/02 What Do You Want?/03 New York City BLues/04 Someone To Love/05 For R.S.G./06 You're a Better Man Than I/07 Someone to Love (Inst.)/08 I Ain't Got You/09 I Ain't Done Wrong........enjoy, I ALMOST forgot I had this gem!

Still need a helper who can read and translate greek

If you have seen the first parts of the sporadic "Greek Punk " series, you know how good and rare they are......Apantabapanta has done a fine job with translating them for me, five at a time......still have maybe 100 albums that need translated before I can post, and apantabapanta has become unreachable of late......if you can help me, the "pay" is good, as I will send you links for anything you may want in my huge collection......thanks in advance.