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Monday, May 30, 2016

Souldiggers Band

This is a god album from The Soul Digger's band, ca. 2012....I know they released at least a second effort,but I can't find it/don't have it, so hopefully someeone will come up with it. Why? because this slab is a fine piece of hard/stoner rock, very good, blusey, sort of memorable of maybe Five Horse's a really good disc, for all you rock n rollers, give it a listen please. Can't say much more, but this is one you guys should enjoy!

SEARCH FOR GREATER THINGS-01 Touch the Ghost/02 Mind Gazer/03 Too Hot Woman/04 Seeds of Love/05 Revolution/06 Wake Up/07 Bad Times Gone/08 Better Ways/09 Cross the Line/10 Keep Away/11 All day Long/12 Heart Searching Blues/13 Back at Home (Cradle Song)

Girl Band Completer!

(scott) Jon S, meet John N......yesterday I made a fool out of myself, thinking "The Girl band" was actually a "girl band"......well, I got that straight in my feeble brain, and along comes John N to the rescue to fill in a gap or two left by Jon S......Jon, you may already have these (or not) but me personally, I just LOVE when things work out this way!

(Jon N)-your friend probably has the other 3 releases, but just in case, here they are
the France EP is rough ruff comparatively, but the songs are needed nonetheless, and a couple of listens, you're glad you have them
the 2 7"s each have one track not on anything else

Girl (210.3 MB)
France 1998-01 You're a Dog/02 Busy at Maths/03 That Snake Conor Cusak/04 France 98/05 Second One/06 Handswaps/07

7" -01 lawman/02 Heckle the Frames

7"-01 In My Head/02 Conductor

Happy Memorial Day.....let's begin the Talking Heads deluge!

Some bands, of which I am a "fan" rather than a listener (you know what I mean) are really hard to profile
here, because I have SO MUCH material...I've NEVER done a Roxy music post/series, despite they being my favorite band of all, because I just don't know how to approach it.....well, I've been thinking Talking Heads for a while now, and the recent Byrne/Eno submissions and the like provide an excellent warm up for what I'm going to do here.

OK, guitarist/vocalist David Byrne, bassist Tina Weymouth, drummer Chris Frantz and (later) keyboardist Jerry Harrison created some of the smartest, most intellectually challenging rock music every, forevever expanding their horizons and limits....they got their start in the 70's in the New York CBGB scene, but, like Television, NOT because they were especially (or even barely) "punk" in their approach, actually, they just happened to be in the neighborhood.

I have a LOT of material to cover, today, let's begin with the obvious, the brilliant studio albums.....don't worry, later I have probably 30 live shows all eras, many demo sets, more stuff than  you could ever need....
The first was "Talking Heads '77" (year of release should be apparent!) was LITERALLY like nothing ever heard before......1977 was a great year for music and I don't recall what the "top" album of the year was, but this had to be close. Besides containing the brilliant "Psycho Killer" ("I hate people when they're not polite!").....Byrne BECOMES the character, it's chilling.......but also "Pulled Up" (brilliant single), the stunning "Don't Worry About the Governement" and my lesser-known fave, "Uh-Oh Love Comes To Town" (sample lyric: "I'm a Know It All, I'm the smartest man around")....simply, there had never been anything like it. And THIS was just the beginning!......

The next issue was even better, as impossible as that may seem. "More Songs About Buildings And Food" is nearly flawless (as was "'77")....."Thank You For Sending Me an Angel", "The Girls Want to Be With the Girls", "Found a Job" (especially), and "Artists Only" may not be as well remembered me they SHOULD BE. This would be a five star disc WITHOUT the sort of hit single, a brilliant cover of Al Greens "Take Me To the River", but it IS here, and this is a must have, must hear excuses!

"Fear of Music" is a much more mature, complex effort, and the beginning of the band's infatuation with
African rhythms, also other experimental tactics......still, a lot of their greatest stuff is here...."Cities", "Air", "Drugs" (amazing), "I Zimbra", and the amazing "Life During Wartime" which has really transcended the band itself with it's brilliant lyrics ('this ain't no disco!")........another 5 star classic, how could they POSSIBLY top this one?

Well, easilly..."Remain In Light" is one of my favorite albums ever. The usage of many guest musicians and vocalists fleshes out the sound incredibly, the opener "Born Under Punches" is amazing, simply indescribeable, "The Great Curve" equally amazing, introduces psychedelic guitar to the mix, "Once in a Lifetime" may be thier very best effort (listen closely to Harrison's amazing keyboard work), and "Houses In Motion" and "Seen and Unseen" (which is so deep I once wrote a paper surrounding it and incorporating it when I was in college) are also classics....should you be one of those odd types who wants only ONE album (really, impossible with Talking Heads), this one is the best.

The next logical move for the band was to release a live album, in an attempt to recapture the band's ferocious live performances. That album is "The Name of This band Is Talking Heads" extended band breathes new air into already classic songs, and they do perform a favorite non-LP track of mine, "Love Goes to a Building On Fire"......another must have.

By the way, if you have continued to read up to this point, these are not the CD versions of these albums...these are delicious vinyl rips, to be heard the way they were meant to be heard......sorry about the loss of the bonus tracks, BUT they will turn up later in a different context.

1983's "Speaking In Tongues" is almost a letdown, being only a 4.5 star effort......"Burning Down the House" was their only hit single (it's great, like everything else they did), other great tunes include "Girlfriend Is Better" and "Moon Rocks", however this is the first of their discs I would NOT refer to as ABSOLUTLEY essential.

"Stop Making Sense" was a live album/soundtrack for a film by the same title....a really good one as well, killer versions of "psycho Killer", "Burning Down the House", "Once In a Lifetime"......essential.

"Little Creatures was thier weakest studio effort to date, although I feel strange saying that about an album
that contains "And She Was", and "Stay Up Late".......I guess I'd give it three stars, but I personally wouldn't wish to be without it.

"True Stories" is another film score, although these are studio's not REALLY that great, but does include the "Wild Wild Life" (one of their best)......this one I'd call a "fan effort".

"Naked" was their final studio release, and their least's the one talking heads album that I am not really crazy about.....just not that great in my estimation, but it IS here for you, should you desire it.

OK, we got THAT outta the way, now we get to the FUN STUFF, boots, demos, rarities, and etc......but everything HERE you may want as well, so here is is for you!\

TALKING HEADS 77-01 Uh-Oh Love Comes To Town/02 New Feeling/03 Tentative Decision/04 happy Day/05 Who Is It?/06 No Compassion/07 The Book I Read/08 Don't Worry About the Government/09 First Week/last Week.....Carefree/10 Psycho Killer/11 Pulled Up

MORE SONGS ABOUT BUILDINGS AND FOOD-01 Thank You For Sending Me an Angel/02 With Our Love/03 The Good Thing/04 Warning Signs/05 The Girls Want to Be With the Girls/06 Found a Job/07 Artists Only/08 I'm Not In Love/09 Stay Hungry/10 Take Me To the River/11 The Big Country

FEAR OF MUSIC-01 I Zimbra/02 Mind/03 Paper/04 Cities/05 Life During Wartime/06 Memories Can't Wait/07 Air/08 Heaven/09 Animals/10 Electric Guitar/11 Drugs

REMAIN IN LIGHT-01 Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)/02 Crosseyed and Painless/03 The Great Curve/04 Once In a Lifetime/05 Houses In Motion/06 Seen and Not Seen/07 Listening Wind/08 The Overload

THE NAME OF THIS BAND IS TALKING HEADS-01 New Feeling/02 Don't Worry About the Government/03 Pulled Up/04 psycho Killer/05 Artists Only/06 Stay Hungry/07 Air/08 Love Goes to a Building On Fire/09 Memories Can't Wait/10 I Zimbra/11 Drugs/12 Houses In Motion/13 Life During Wartime/14 The Great Curve/15 Crosseyed and painless/16 take Me To the River

SPEAKING IN TONGUES-01 Burning Down the House/02 Making Flippy Floppy/03 Girlfriend is Better/04 Slippery People/05 I Get Wild/Wild Gravity/06 Swamp/07 Moon Rocks/08 Pull Up the Roots/09 This Must be the Place (Niave Melody)

LITTLE CREATURES-01 And She Was/02 Give Me Back My Name/03 Creatures of Love/04 The lady
Don't Mind/05 Perfect World/06 Stay Up Late/07 Walk It Down/08 Television Man/09 Road to Nowhere

TRUE STORIES-01 Wild Wild Life/02 Radio Head/03 Dream Operator/04 People Like Us/05 City of Dreams/06 Love For Sale/07 Puzzlin' Evidence/08 Hey Now/09 papa Legba

STOP MAKING SENSE-01 Psycho Killer/02 Swamp/03 Slippery People/04 Burning Down the House/05 Girlfriend is Better/06 Once In a Lifetime/07 What a Day That Was/08 Life During Wartime/09 Take Me To the River

NAKED- 01 Blind/02 Mr Jonesa/03 Totally nude/04 Ruby Dear/05 (Nothing But) Flowers/06 The
Democratic Circus/07 Mommy Daddy You And I/08 Big Daddy/12 Bill/13 Cool Water

FYI "Naked is a CASSETTE RIP, which may not have the greatest sound quality ever, but the rest f these (most of em at least) are FAB vinyl rips you will LUUUUUUUV

Trust me, TONS more to come.......

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Young Flowers

(Scott)-This is a John N contribution, sounds great from what I read......this is another one that yer uncles is not exactly familar with, but, fortunately, Ol' John N has provided us with a good write up.......procede, and this will be one my playlist this week!

Julian Cope said Young Flowers’s "The Moment Life Appeared” from their first album was "magical.”  He also praised their "totally full on freakout style” and pointed to them as precursors of Krautrock.

Take Warning: The Complete Studio Recordings [Cherry Red] is the first time all of Young Flowers’s recordings have been brought together and anthologizes both their albums, their non-album debut single, contributions to the film soundtrack Quiet Days In Clichy, and a trio of live tracks which show how raw they could be. This is the Denmark of 1967-1969 at its freakiest.

Young Flowers formed in summer 1967. They headlined Copenhagen’s Festival of the Flower Children in September 1967.

The first Danish hippy band, the first Danish rock band to sing in their native language, and the first Danish band to play the States; they were pioneers.

Members later played with the legendary Culpepper’s Orchard and Savage Rose.
They immediately hit big with debut album Blomsterpistolen (Flower Gun), recorded as the soundtrack to a surreal TV series.
A trio, and although influenced by Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, their intense music had an experimental edge.
They set Walt Whitman's poetry to music.
The definitive, band-approved, collection, Take Warning: The Complete Studio Recordings, is a tribute to a unique band.

THE YOUNG FLOWERS-TAKE WARNING-THE COMPLETE STUDIO RECORDINGS-Disc 1-01 Overture/Take Warning/02 The Moment Life Appeared Stk. 2/03 25 A re/04 Oppe I trAlet Stk 3/05 To You Stk. 4/06 Down Along the Cove stk. 5/07 April '68/08 Like Birds (Single A-Side Bonus Track/09 City of Friends (B-Side Bonus Track)/10 Behind the Golden Sun (Soundtrack Bonus Album Track)/11 Menilmontant (Soundtrack Bonus Album Track)/12 Party Beat (Soundtrack Bonus Album

DISC 2-01 You Upset me/02 And Who But I Should Be/03 Calypso 4/04 You Won't Take My Place in the Queue/05 Slow Down Driver/06 The Daybreak/07 Kargerne Vender

Nick Drake

Relative to how I am feeling recently, had to be Nick Drake or Elliott Smith today, and Nick had the lesser
discography, so let's go that way.....DO NOT expect the usual BigScott Rock-o-Rama on this one, this is kind of eerie, kind of chilling, kind of'll love it or you'll hate it. Wait till I get to Elliott's stuff, I have a mountain of it......Nick only released three albums in his short life, let's examine them a bit......

Drake, like myself, suffered with clinical/manic depression his entire life, which often comes through in his music, as we will see......his debut (from 1969), "Five Leaves Left", is quite a good one, actually, should you be up for such.....Drake enlists help from several top notch musicians, Richard Thompson and Tristan Fry, to name a couple.....this is a melancholy, disturbing effort from a man who OBVIOUSLY suffered from sever depression (If you never have you are fortunate and wouldn't understand).....this, however, is a fine disc, I listen to Drake (and Smith) now and then, just so I can remember that there are people out there who feel like I do. "Time has Told Me" and "Fruit Tree" stand out, but I give this a solid 4-star rating.

Next was "Bryter Later", in which Drake also takes on several guest musicians....Richard Thompson, John Cale, and others, play creepy (kind of ) music behind Drake's cold, emotionless vocals...I like this album a good bit as well, another 4-star effort. "At the Chime of a City Clock", and "Poor Boy" are fine tracks, but, again, such a solid effort.

Nothing, of course, could have prepared us for "Pink Moon".....a chilling album to be certain, Drake uses NO backing musicians.....merely his voice (rarely), his guitar, and some piano......opinions differ on this album, I think it's an ingenious masterpiece, on the level of Elliott Smith's "From a Basement On a Hill")....the ultimate statement of a mind in pain, a life in pain......I hate that VW utilized the title track in an advertising campaign, but what am I to do about it? Anyway, this is MY fave of the three albums he released in his lifetime, chills me to the bone each time.

Nick Drake apparently over-dosed on anti-depressants in 1974........his tortured life came to a merciful end.
He left us a trio of albums that we can listen to and try to figure out the puzzle that he was, I guess......if you have never heard these albums, please check them and maybe you can understand, somewhat, what clinical/manic depression feels like.....I know for sure.

"Made to Love Magic" is a posthumous collection of tracks, most of them quite enjoyable for what they are.....I do NOT happen to have "Fruit Tree", a fine collection of outtakes and the like, I'm SURE one of the minions will be able to supply this one though.

Nick Drake......a sad, torture life, makes me sad that he was so tortured....perhaps, were he alive today, various medications could have "got him right", as they sort of have me......RIP Nick. Love you!

Whoops also found "Time of No Reply", another posthumous release, of course I'll add it on!

WARNING: Some FLAC files here, make the neccessary adjustments!

FIVE LEAVES LEFT-01 Time has Told Me/02 River man/03 Three Hours/04 Way To Blue/05 Day Is Done/06 Cello Song/07 The Thoughts of Mary Jane/08 Man in a Shed/09 Fruit Tree/10 Saturday Sun

BRYTER LATER-01 Intoduction/02 Hazy jane II/03 At the Chime of a City Clock/04 One of These Things First/05 Hazy Jane I/06 Bryter Later/07 Fly/08 Poor Boy/09 Northern Sky/10 Sunday

PINK MOON-01 Pink Moon/02 Place To Be/03 Road/04 Which Will/05 Horn/06 Things Behind the Sun/07 Know/ 08 Parasite/09 Free Ride/10 Harvest Breed/ 11 From the Morning

MADE TO LOVE MAGIC-01 Rider on the Wheel/02 magic/03 River man/04 Joey/05 Thoughts of mary
Jane/06 Mayfair/07 Hanging on a Star/08 Three Hours/09 Clothes of Sand/10 Voices/11 Time of No Reply/12 Black Eyed Dog/13 Tow the Line

TIME OF NO REPLY-01 Time of No Reply/02 I Was Made to Love Magic/03 Joey/04 Clothes of Sand/05 Man in a Shed/06 Mayfair/07 Fly/08 Thoughts of Mary Jane/09 Been Smoking Too Long/10 Strange Meeting II/11 Rider On the Wheel/12 Black Eyed Dog/13 Hanging On a Star/14 Voice From the Mountain

Jon S with Girls From Dublin

(Scott).....the first line of Jon S's brief summary sums it up perfectly......I LOVE me some girls bands, always
have.....these from Dublin I am unfamilar with (which  I LOVE), and these will be heard by these ear soon....meantime, as I said a few hours ago, Jon S has yet to steer us wrong....also included are a handful of videos! can't wait!

Girl Band are just fucking great. That is all I can say.

The Early Years

01 Lawman/02 De Bom Bom/03 I Love You/04 Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage/05 The Cha Cha Cha

Holding Hands With Jamie

01 Umbongo/02 Pears For Lunch/03 Baloo/04 In Plastic/05 Paul/06 The Last Riddler/07 Texting an Alien/08 Fucking Butter/09 The Witch Dr.

KEXP Live (video!)

Pears For Lunch
De Bom Bom
Heckle The Frames
I Love You (Beat Happening Cover) 
The Cha Cha Cha

The Doors Part 11 (Of many)

Ho!, You thought I forgot all about these boyos huh? Well dream on, there are a bunch of parts remaining on
my hard drive, and Doors fantatics unite! A lot of this stuff IS pretty rare-and has also been quite a couple of the more rare ones even today (I think), let's dive in and see what is the prize recording for the date!

 Well, I may as well unburden myself of this 2 disc monstrosity, "The Doors In Concert"......I have no idea what it comes from, I can tell you that the first disc seems to incorporate most/all of "Absolutely Live" which was not that great to begin with, but then it goes on and on, with more lesser-known tunes (unsure of dates or venues), and Disc 2 (also no idea of its origin) contains "Gloria", a weird version of "Light My Fire" with a "Graveyard Poem" inserted, whatever else......Can't find shit about this set, it may have been spliced together from various live sets that are already here. What do you want for nothing a fucking rubber biscuit?

In my generosity I am going to also throw up a 2001 release (REALLY haven't seen this one around too much) "The Ultimate Spoken Word Collection", with a few interviews, and some of Jimbo's musings on the universe......I don't like this stuff, hardly at all, but I promised ya I'm gonna BURY you in Doors shit by the time I'm done, so eat up!

IN CONCERT DISC 1-01 House Announcements/02 Who Do You Love/03 Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)/04 back Door Man/05 Love Hides/06 Five to One/07 Build Me a Woman/08 When the Music's Over/09 Close To You/10 Universal Mind/11 Petititon the Lord/12 Dead Cats Dead Rats/13 Break On Through/14 Lions in the Street/15 Wake Up/16 A Little Game/17 The Hill Dwellers/18 Not to Touch the Earth/19 Names off the Kingdom/20 The Palace of Exite/21 Soul Kitched

IN CONCERT DISC 2-01 Roadhouse Blues/02 Gloria/ Light My Fire/04 You Make Me Real/05 Texas Radio & the Big Beat/06 Love me two Times/07 Little Red Rooster/08 Moonlight Drive/09 Unknown Soldier/10 The End

THE ULTIMATE COLLECTED SPOKEN WORD 1967-1970 (JIM MORRISON)-01 Perceptual Notions/02 Interview By John Tobler at Isle of Wight Festival 8/30/70/03 New Orleans.....Very Strange/04 All Day Breakfast (Interview By Bob Kourish, (cut) 1/15/71/05 Rare Interview (Cut)