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Monday, June 26, 2017

The Gluts

Here is another really good one, from Italy,  "Estasi" from The Gluts....."THE" (IMO) modern sounds of rock: noisy, distorted, semi-psych........quite a good effort.

ESTASI-01 Colline Bianchi/02 Controller/03 That's Me/04 Squirrel/05 I Realize That I'm Not So Dumb/06 Usiku Mweva/07 Come to Fire/08 Ponytail/09 Ash/10 Richard/11 Home

Secret Colours

This is a dandy, "Dream Dream" from Secret Colours.....swirling dreamy psychedelic shoegaze, really caught my ear the first time.  Really, really a good one.

01. Another World (03:38)
02. Dream Dream (03:39)
03. Pins and Needles (02:59)
04. Hold Me Up (02:30)
05. Places I’m Going (03:34)
06. Interlude (01:42)
07. Feed the Machine (03:44)
08. Changes in Nature (03:38)
09. Boom Boom (03:13)
10. Save Me (02:48)
11. Habitual Ritual (02:50)
12. Carry On (03:07)

Blue Phantom

From 1971, way cool is the story of the album (From the back cover)

This legendary 1971 album was recorded by unknown musicians in Milan, for use as incidental music in films, television and radio. Almost each and every track is a short, heavy acid rock symphony ... Disturbing, dissonant, and even downright menacing.  An astounding blend of creepy grooves and distorted guitar, it was released in tiny numbers in Italy, France and the UK, and is highly sought-after by collectors today. This welcome reissue comes complete with the only other track released under the Blue Phantom name.

DISTORTIONS-01 Diodo/02 Metamorphosis/03 Microchaos/04 Compression/05 Equilibrium/06 Dipnoi/07 Distillation/08 Violence/09 Equivalence/10 Psycho-Nebulous/11 Uncle Jim (Bonus Track)

The Prime Ministers

Detroit power-pop from The Prime Ministers, sent by Fabio (just minutes ago)......I remember hearing this
before and it's way cool if yr a power's a bit of a review.......

The Prime Ministers were a staple of the Detroit club scene during the late '90s. This disc was mostly recorded in the absence of former guitarist Rock McClain. The band re-grouped as a trio and their music retained a solid hard rock presence. The discSTARTS off with the laid-back vocals of Todd Wicks on "Ron Wood," backed by the band's garage rock instrumentation. The extended introduction on the band's classic "The Saturn 7 Rock Hour (C'mon Commander)" adds a flare of showmanship to the already solid anthem. The band always had a stylish presence on-stage and in their music, and this disc adequately translates the energy and vision of the band, despite the absence of McClain. The tempo slows down on "Million O'Clock," with Wicks' vocals settling down and the guitar-bass-drum combination slowing down to a delicate pace. That song gives way to the jangly and charismatic "Breaking up the Band," possibly the best song to showcase Wicks' calm and soothing vocal style. Bassist Neil Friendship and drummer Joel Wicks provide ample rhythm throughout. The Last Days of the Prime Ministers was recorded at Michigan's Premier Sound Studio. The disc highlights the brief history of the band's power pop sound.

01 Ron Wood.mp3
02 The Saturn 7 Rock Hour (C'mon Commander).mp3
03 Make Me Your Mission.mp3
04 Million O'Clock.mp3
05 Breaking Up The Band.mp3
06 Let's Press On.mp3
07 Down The List.mp3

Sand Fallow

Good Sabbath-like metal from Sand Fallow on their album "Dunes Ahead"......I was not familiar with them but this rocks like thunder!

DUNES AHEAD-01 Null Komma 67/02 Offshore/03 Dunes Ahead/04 Unsinkable/05 Alm/066  Ollie Half Spirit/07 Schakern Im Da/08 Hutt/09 Schubrakete!yFIBHJaJ!o0LFMqmz1TPSCSgqkUn9_g

Fusion Farm

Early 70's hard-psych rarity, right up my psych tunes with sneery-garage vocals. Good album.
RUSH JOB-01 Loona Doona/02 Mrs Speed/03 Thursday 6th January/04 Mean Moody Mable/05 Fat Judy/06 Winter Sun/07 Brick Shapes in the Sky/08 Hollis Brown/09 Gypsy Mountain Woman

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Smokestack Lightning

Fabio submits a new album of USA stoner rock from Smokestack Lightning, "Inside Job"......kind of retro-, kind of bluesy, quite good for hard rock/stoner fans.

Smokestack Lightning - Inside Job (2017)
01. Smokestack Lightning.mp3
02. Divide & Conquer.mp3
03. Dying Breed.mp3
04. Emperor.mp3
05. Poseidon.mp3
06. Nectar Collector.mp3