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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A triumphant and dignified return for the great Dave Sez

Always great news when I see that Dave Sez has taken a bit if his valuable time to remember us all by
 guy on matters of 70's punk/new wave, especially of the UK variety, but that is by no means his limits, as he has helped me out with stuff as wide and diverse as Wilko Johnson or Focus.
sharing some of the more epically rare great music in his tremendous stash,,,,,,he's basically my "go to

Anyway, ALWAYS a great thrill to see that Dave Sez has another submission to share with the world, and I am only happy enough to share with anyone else who wishes......most often it is of the VERY rare variety, and is always of top-notch quality. Take it away, Dave Sez, and thank you for your presentation of a live 1979 show from Ultravox, as well as three discs of John Foxx rarities. Thought Ultravox were one of the better of the early new wave bands, PURE period piece synth-driven "space-pop", influenced to a huge degree by David Bowie and Roxy Music (not that they measure up to either).

First , here are Dave Sez' notes on the first recording here, Ultravox 2/23/79 at Philadelphia's Hot Club:
Ultravox - Philadelphia Hot Club 23/02/1979

From the Dave Sez archive: the crown jewels of Foxx-era Ultravox, a FLAC recording of an FM broadcast by WIOQ. Full cover art, band history and live links to further Ultravox recordings included. Bonus: the 1975 single as Tiger Lily.

1. The Man Who Dies Every Day
2. Slipaway
3. Slow Motion
4. Hiroshima Mon Amour
5. Artificial Life
6. Just For A Moment
7. He's A Liquid
8. Quiet Man
9. I Can't Stay Long
10. Someone Else's Clothes
11. Blue Light
12. My Sex

Thanks to qualitybootz and soundaboard.

An 192-256 mp3 version offered by the great garychching includes two extra tracks and is still available at
13. Young Savage
14. The Wild, The Beautiful, and the Damned

And, as if that fine set and all the bonuses weren't enough, Dave Sez knocks it out of the park with a bunch of John Foxx rarities of the era immediately you can see, this collection features a rarities collection, a set of demos, etc, and a bunch of BBC are the details:

John Foxx

From the Dave Sez archive: three bootlegs of demos, live and alternate versions by John Foxx, erstwhile leader of Ultravox. Not my kind of thing, but I know someone will like it ... and say thanks in the comments. Full cover art and texts included.

John Foxx – Demos, Live & Unreleased

Live on Spanish TV ("La Edad De Oro") and "The Golden Section" tour of 1983.

01 - A Different Kind Of Man (demo)
02 - He's A Liquid (demo)
03 - He's A Liquid (demo 2)
04 - Twilight's Last Gleaming (live on "La Edad De Oro")
05 - The Hidden Man (live on "La Edad De Oro")
06 - Pater Noster (live on "La Edad De Oro")
07 - Systems Of Romance (live on "La Edad De Oro")
08 - Your Dress (live on "La Edad De Oro")
09 - Morning Glory
10 - In Mysterious Ways
11 - In Mysterious Ways (interview)
12 - Hanging In The Air
13 - Instrumentals
14 - Golden Section (interview)

Thanks to
John Foxx - Endlessly (the Rarities)

01 Musique D'Ameublement
02 Young Love
03 A Long Time
04 Swimmer 1
05 Young Man
06 Endlessly (Original Version)
07 My Face (Smash Hits Flexi)
08 Swimmer 2
09 What Kind Of Love (Single Mix)
10 Endlessly (Extended Version)
11 Like A Miracle (Extended Version)
12 Stars On Fire (Extended Version)
13 Enter the Angel (Extended Version)
14 Stairway
15 Glimmer

Thanks to louissyfer of
John Foxx BBC Sessions

First 3 tracks: BBC Saturday Live, December 1983; second 3 tracks: BBC Saturday Live, September 1985. Quirks is probably from the free 7" with Ha! Ha! Ha!.

01 Hiroshima Mon Amour
02 Shadow Of Your Smile
03 Twilight's Last Gleaming
04 Morning Glory
05 In Mysterious Ways
06 Hanging In the Air
07 Music From Video Game
08 Quirks (Abrupt Ending)

Thanks to louissyfer of


OK, I'm going to leave this here to make this a "pure" Dave Sez contribution, however, I KNOW I have one or two more Ultravox boots back there that I'll go try and find and post here in "Part 2" of this post, hopefully in an hour or less.......see comments for links to these, and look for another Ultravox surprise or two yet tonight.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ah, why not an extra post this evening?

Since I've been slacking a couple days, why not throw up something additional (provided, of course, that you ALL listen to that bad-ass Lucuma album, if you DON'T, I will KNOW!)......

So what the fuck, let's dip into that seemingly endless batch of psych discs that line my shelves, I will never deny loving my psych, the dated/innocent/flat-out goofiness of it is just to much to resist.....Again, THIS is one of those things, that, if you have some bizarre, obscure psych album from 1969 or so, THIS IS THE PLACE where it should be shared for EVERYONE who will appreciate it.....

OK, so anyway, let's go with this album from The Rose Garden,'s not like they are totally obscure as they did score a  rather large single with "Next Flight to London" (really fine single).....I am unsure if this is their only full-length, I guess it doesn't matter much.....Rose Garden were Diana DeRose on vocalas/acoustic guitar, James Groshong on lead guitar, William Flemming on bass guitar, and drummer Bruce Bowdin.

Honestly, an underappreciated album of So-Cal-styled psych/folk, a bit odd as the band was from West Virginia, but hey....the previously mentioned single (good song, really) is here, and the rest of the material  is pretty good as well......Gene Clark actually wrote a couple of the tunes here, "Till Today" and "Long Time", trust me, this is one of the more under appreciated efforts of late 60's psych/folk......if you like Byrds-type janggling psych folk, please do not overlook this one, it's a dandy overlooked semi-classic.

01 Next Plane To London/02 I'm On Second/03 February Sunshine/04 Coins of Fun/05 Rider/06 She Belongs To Me/07 Flower Town/08 Till Today/09 Look What You've Done/10 Long Time

Just another attempt at throwing some variety out there, as you all know, I just like to share whatever kinda music I am in the mood for on a given evening, or whatever.......drug this one out today and remembered what a great track "Next Plane to London" is, and the rest of the album is pretty Goddamn good as well........I think that if you've liked some of my other lighter-psych type things, you'll freak over this......PLEASE let me know, though, OK?

The week wow man......

OK, here's the scoop....I haven't been on here since sometime last week and here's why........myself and my betrothed set out for a weekend of gambling and sex as we do at times.....all good until we actually got SNOWED In at the casino location, I thought to myself "But what about the BLOG?!?!?!", and then, I said, "Fuck it" and returned to playing blackjack and enjoying adult  relations with BigCarla66, STILL the greatest fuck on the planet (that I can imagine anyway)....

Anyways, I'm's Monday night and I have a LARGE stash of guest material for this week, and you know I LOOOOOOOVE my guest material.........let's see........Brian will be completing Part 2 of the Swans ultra-mega post this week, that should be great...I have part 9 of the Greek Punk series compiled by Apantabapanta.......even the MIA Dave Sez has contributed a bunch of files from Ultravox/John Foxx, which, although he says aren't exactly his "thing" are something that I have always a big week ahead, one, which, ironically, I have to do very little, other than let me blog friends/helpers/associates/partners post thier stuff and make ironic comments as I the way, FiddleHead, yes, your Ghosts of Jupiter post was incredible, EXACTLY the kind of thing I want people to send in, and yes, I owe you an Electric Wizard rarities disc, and I hope to get that to you this week (and I WILL get it to you....I always fullfill my obligations, sometimes it DOES take me longer than I would prefer, but I WILL get it to you, I promise)......

But. let's start out the week with the kind of thing that I REALLY love.......this album was submitted to me by the band Lucuma from the land of Argentina, of special significance as they come from the land of one of my VERY FAVORITE BANDS, Los Natas, whom I did a huge mega-post about at one time and it was virtually ignored, proving that a bunch of you are nothing but PEASANTS......JK, of course, the Michelob in me is talking, but Los Natas is LITERALLY one of the best bands of all time, not so much, exactly, for Lucuma, but Lucuma is fucking great as well, and I advise that you check out this unknown slab of great rock n roll......

Well.......first of all, Lucuma are vocalist/guitarist Daniel Acosta, guitarist Fernando Acosta, bassist Martin Huertas, and drummer Javier Fappiano......this 2014 release, "Destruye la Ciuda Psicologica", which translates to "Destroys the Psychological City"........this is thier second release, the first being 2010's "El No Tiempo"........honestly, I am so impressed with the band that I have asked them to send me a copy of the earlier release to share with you, we'll see if they do, but in the meantime, this is a really great, unknown know I loves my stoner rock, as well as my non-English rock, and this one here gets it done for me, one of the better rock albums of 2014, were I making a list of stuff like that.

Don't know, really, how to describe it, I guess, SOMEWHAT similar to Los Natas, but quite a bit
more accessible, not as "anything-goes" as my boys Los Natas, but still plenty hard and heavy, reminding us perhaps of classic 70's prog/metal, from, say, the Sabbath/Maiden axis all the way to the King Crimson/ELP tree? Hell, I don't know, here is what I DO know: Some of you DO NOT LIKE non-English rock.......that is fine, I happen to love it (explained before: makes the music do the damn talking if we can't understand the lyrics anyway).......if you are anti-non-English rock, you'll not care for this, and you would be best advised to avoid this......HOWEVER, if you DO occasionally like this kind of thing, PLEASE investigate this.......I recieve LOTS of albums, from a wide variety of bands, obviously some of them I delete pretty much at once as they simply don't fit the format (rap, or something like that), and even a bad rock album I'm likely not going to subject you to.....but this is a good album. I promise, please give it a listen and PLEASE LET ME (and the band) KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF IT............try it out please, and remember, LOTSA cool stuff coming up this week, so don't miss out.......

And let me briefly take this spot to thank those who contribute, I love my guest posters, but what I TRULY LOVE is stuff like this, bands who desire exposure who desire me to help them get it.......Lucuma are a VERY solid hard rock band, and it is my pleasure to try to get them a little exposure if I possibly can.

01 Omnicronia/02 Rio de Serpeintes/03 Capitulacion/04
Mulciber/05 Escamas/06 Demonio de los Ojos de Piedra/07 La Danza del Sirrocco/08 Rostro Sin Molde/09 Nuevo Gris

For real, try this one out, I'm quite excited about it, please support this fine band.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hungry Glass

I thought I'd be clever again and post up another 1980's band you've never heard of.....if ya have, congrats, but this one is pretty obscure as well......Hungry Glass' 1986 unknown effort. "Music in an External World".....actually this is a VERY fine album, just the kind of thing I like to spring on you now and then, as you know, my game is to provide MUSIC, be it bar bands, be it unknown discs from history, be it ANY FUCKING THING, if it's in my stash, it's yours as well as mine!

Hungry Glass were Andrew Brouse on bass, guitar, keyboards, and vocals; guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Keith Eliot, Percusionist Michael Wojewoda, and keyboardist/guitarist Gerald you know I often criticize the music of the 1980's, BUT there were a LOT of albums such as this one, unknown semi-gems from that period where ALL genres were clashing, oftentimes with negative results, BUT just as often, turning out an unknown (COMPLETELY unknown) gem such as "Music In an External World".....

This is a REALLY good album, fine keyboard-driven "new wave" (sounds funny to call music from 30 years ago "New Wave", but you know what I mean).....I can't hink of anyone off the top of my head that they remind me of, but it IS an enjoyable album, yet another fine 1980's period piece (from a decade that I have disrespected more than likely I should have)

OK, a good album, download it, listen to it, and impress your friends with your knowledge of the great unknown music of the 80''s worth a listen, trust me, and by the way, Casino-bound Thursday and Friday for BLACKJACK, DRINKING, and FUCKING, so I may not get you a post til maybe Saturday or so....but, really, this is a FINE album, one that is CERTAINLY worth a listen, and we'll see what I have for next week.........metal? punk? garage rock? God knows what my mood will guys get the idea, or ya still wouldn't be the way, the guy who sent me the Gods of Jupiter stuff, I have not forgotten you, I'll send you the Electric Wizard disc in a few days like I said I would.

Rock N Roll!

MUSIC IN AN EXTERNAL WORLD-01 01 Mary/02 Girl With No Hair/03 Down to the Lake/'04 Words/05 Bad Blood/06 Siren Song/07 Antarctica/08 Head In the Sun/09 Love Is Lost/10 Maybe Luck

It's all about the rock n roll bruthaz, I do MY part, PLEASE help me out and contribute some obscure, unknown, unheard music, so, as I've said before, we can ALL (yes ALL), have our own PERFECT personal music collection.......envy me, he next few days I'll be playing blackjack and banging the hell out of my love BigCarla66 (Hey, 28 years together and STILL the greatest fuck on the planet!)......but this shit is about the MUSIC, and as always, I have PLENTY of shit planned out for the immediate future.........LOVE TO ALL!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Whoa Far Out Dude

Just in the spirit of generosity, here is one more album for tonight, and it is an absolute hoot.....the disc in question here is "Cosmic Sounds" by The's fun to ponder how seriously these lads took themselves at the time of recording (1967).......I learn from Wikipedia that it is unclear whether the album is "Cosmic Sounds by the Zodiac", or "The Zodiac by Cosmic Sounds" heavy man.

The composers of this wondersome piece were: Synthisizer whiz Pau Beaver, Emil Richards on "exotic percussion", Bud Shank on "Bass Flute", drummer Hal Blaine, bass guitarist Carol kaye, keyboardist Mike Melvoin......saving the best for last is the indescribable "narration" from Cyrus Faryar. There is a track for each zodiac sign, of course, and what fun would it be to simply title them "Taurus" or "Gemini" when we can muddy the waters with titles like "Taurus-The Voluptuary" or "Cancer: Moonchild".......the music can be trippily psychedelic, but, oh, my, that narration! You simply have to hear this to believe it.

By the way I LOVE this album, I just happen to have a sense of humor.......if your Uncle or Cousin or someone was in the band and your feelings are hurt, I really don't care. The highlights include the very creepy flute all over the place.....and the metallic synth riff that kicks off "Taurus" especially......"Sagittarius" gets pretty out there as well.......please please please check this out, you will LOVE every second of it......oh, almost forgot the liner note: "Must be played in the dark".

01  Aries -- The Fire Fighter/02  Taurus -- The Voluptuary/03.  Gemini -- The Cool Eye /04 Cancer -- The Moonchild/05.  Leo -- The Lord of Lights  /06  Virgo -- The Perceptual Perfectionist /07 Libra -- The Flowerchild/  08  Scorpio -- The Passionate Hero /09 Sagittarius -- The Versatile Daredevil/10. Capricorn -- The Uncapricious Climber/ 11. Aquarius -- The Lover of Life   /12 Pisces -- The Peace Piper

First Man Over

Yeah, once in  while I like to get really cute and slip in these albums that NO ONE has ever heard of, don't worry, I wouldn't do so if I didn't think it would be worth your, I have selected a fine overlooked LP from 1986, "First Man Over", by the band of the same name......trying to locate information on them is nearly impossible, I have to say, though, that I have had this disc for sometime, and enjoy it quite a bit, regardless of it's sort of "mystery" origins.

While no classic by any means, this is a very, very good album of fine power-pop/ alt punk, hey, it was the mid-80's, what were we to do.....the soft-edged, pop/punk blend which reminds one of perhaps Blink 128 or a much lesser Green Day, this one is a good one that got lost in the cracks of history.......

I recommend you (you statesiders, anyway), give this one a listen, it's really pretty good and solid, all thte way through.....there are some quite good tracks here, I like "Diamond Mind", but really no complaints, "Umbrella Man",  "Fire Engine", "It's Happening", and pletny more are gently rocking pieces that genuinelly recall 1986, and the obscure sounds of the same. Take a chance on this album, Scott brings VARIETY, ya know, so lemme know whatcha be thinkin bout THIS........myeslf I consider it a TOTALLY lost period piece!

01 Somewhere/02 Sincerely/03 It's Happening/04 Fire Engine/05 Blue/06 Umbrella Man/07 Diamond Mind/08 Now Or Never

Yes, I screwed this up........"MOVEMENT BBC RADIO"

Somehow the other night I accidentaly deleted this whole post, blame it on substances or whatever, and
got busy with some other shit, and forgot totally about what I was doing......anyway, I will touch on the highlights of this 2 disc set, about 90% of it is phenominal, thte rest is merely great......these are some classic (1977-79) new wave greats performed as Peel Sessions on the BBC......wonderful selections, great sound, fantastic energy, as good a representation of late 1970's UK New Wave as we could likely ask for.

What track on Disc 1 would we label a "dog"? Certainly not "In the City" from the Jam, "What Do I Get" from the Buzzcocks, classics from the Adverts, XTC, 999, Siouxsie and the Banshees, even an early Adam and the Ants number. Spectatular stuff, one of those deals where if I start naming highlights, I just repeat the track listings.

Disc 2 is maybe just a cut lesser, you'll still wish to savor every track: Wire, PiL, the great "Transmission" from Joy Division, also lots of the reggae/ska tinged music of the era as well: Steel Pulse, The Special AKA, Madness, the Selector and more......

Sorry for deleting this, never intended to, a few of my more rabid admirers in the bloggosphere have pointed it out to me, or else I never would have remembered......Glad I did, though, because I think 1) this is not terribly common, and 2) I think you're really going to like this one.

I Get/03 GENERATION X-Youth Youth Youth/04 THE STRANGLERS-No More Heroes/05 THE ADVERTS-Gary Gilmore's Eyes/06 THE SLITS-Love and Romance/07 XTC-Science Friction/08 DR FEELGOOD-She's a Wind Up/09 TOM ROBINSON BAND-Don't Take No For an Answer/10 IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS-Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll/11 ADAM & THE ANTS-Deustscher Girls/12 SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES-Hong Kong Garden/13 THE ONLY ONES-Another Girl Another Planet/14 THE UNDERTONES-Get Over You/15 THE REZILLOS-Top of the Pops/16 THE FLYS-Love and a Molotov Cocktail/17 THE MEMBERS-Sound of the Suburbs/18 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Alternative Ulster/19 THE SKIDS-The Saints Are Coming/20 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-We Are the People/21 THE RUTS-S.U.S./22 999-Homicide/23 JOHN COOPER-CLARKE-Reader's Wives

DISC 2- 01 PENETRATION-Movement/02 MONOCHROME SET-Goodbye Joe, Strange Boutique/03 WIRE-The Other Window/04 MAGAZINE-Light Pours Out Of Me/05 JOY DIVISION-Transmission/06 KILLING JOKE-Wardance/07 THE HUMAN LEAGUE-Being Boiled/08 ORCHESTRAL MANEUVERS IN THE DARK-Messages/09 THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS-Sister Europe/10  SIMPLE MINDS-Premonition/11 PUBLIC IMAGE LTD-Poptones/12 STEEL PULSE-Jah Pickney (Rock Against Racism)/13 ASWAD-It's Not Our Wish/14 UB40-Food For Thought/15 THE SPECIAL AKA-Gangsters/16 MADNESS-The Prince/17 THE SELECTER-Street Feeling/18 THE BEAT-Ranking Full Skull

Sorry for the screw up, I'll get another post ready yet tonight also......