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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? Part 20

Well, I found a couple more live shows, normally I'd put them both up today, but since I'm trying to
cover myself during vacation week, certainly you don't mind if I make it into two posts, as I at least try to get you SOMETHING each day this week.....

Forgot all about this set, from Rome 1968......the entire first set is their, only a touch of the second, unless another disc exists from this show that I am unaware of. It's converted to FLAC from an audience cassette, I'm not a huge fan of audience recordings, as a rule, but as they go, this one is worth a listen.

01 (First Set) Intro/I Don't Live Today/02 I Don't Live Today (Part 2)/03 Hey Joe/04 Stone Free/05 Manic Depression/06 Foxey Lady/07 Red House/08 Wild Thing/09 Wild THing (Part 2)/10 (Second Set) Intro/Fire/Stone Free

Monday, July 28, 2014

Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? Part 19

Continuing with the Hendrix odds and ends, in short blobs this week while I swim with the dolphins
in the Gulf! I highly, highly recommend the Don Ceasar in St Petersburg Florida if you get the chance, I think this is our fourth or fifth trip here and they have all been top-notch! Simply a stunningly beautiful beach and a wonderful, top-notch facility.

Taking another easy road today, here are the Hendrix at Woodstock recordings that I would assume most all of you have anyway, but I'm in vacation mode and just trying to do these up easilly this week....

Anyway if you DON'T have these, here they are, Hendrix was on his game at Woodstock, the movie verifies real "surprises" in the set list, but a stellar effort nonetheless......I was ALMOST there but my parents changed their minds about going at the last that would have been so cool.

DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Message to Love/03 Hear My Train a-Comin'/04 Spanish Castle Magic/05 Red House/06 Lover Man/07 Foxey Lady/08 Jam Back at the House

DISC 2-01 Izabella/02 Fire/03 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/04 The Star Spangled Banner/05 Purple Haze/06 Woodstock Improvisation/07 Villanova Junction/08 Hey Joe

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? Part 18

Deliberately keeping the posts short during vacation week, basking on the beaches of Florida,
swimming with the dolphins.......but still gonna TRY to keep my blog active till I get home, then I'll get back to......well, normal? Hopefully Apantabapanta will be back from his buisness trip and the Greek punk series can resume, Dave Sez talks of a second chapter of Magazine's post, dealing with thier reformation (should be interesting, I was not even aware they had done so)......anyway, a little more Hendrix today, we're to the bones by now we have "The Blues Project Outtakes" which is pretty much tipped off by the title (It's a Bad of Gypsys effort) and really IS very interesting, probably what I would consider the best version of "Belly Button Window", for whatever that is worth.

The other disc I'm presenting today is one that I had forgotten about, "Woke Up This Morning and Found Myself Dead", utilizing the talents of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and the recently deceased Johnny's kind of a mess, really, basically free form jamming, Morrison is clearly intoxicated (the odds of this must be STAGGERING) and doesn't really contribute a lot......but out of respect for Winter I did dig this one out and give it a partial listen........not the greatest, but you may want this one as a possible historical curiosity.

THE BLUES PROJECT OUTTAKES-01 New Rising Sun/02 Country Blues (Straight Mix)/03 Hear My Train a-Comin'/04 Belly Button Window/05 The Things I Used To /06 Villanova Junction Blues Jam/07 3 Little Bears/South Southern Delta

WOKE UP THIS MORNING AND FOUND MYSELF DEAD-01 Red House/02 Woke Up This Morning and Find Yourself Dead/03 Bleeding Heart/04 Morrisons Lament/05 Tomorrow Never Knows/06 Uranus Rock/07 Outside Woman Blues/08 Sunshine of Your Love

Keeping them short this week, and enjoying vacation, but still not forgetting about you, my blog friends!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? Part 17

Thanks Dave Sez for providing the other night's great Magazine
 post, offering (at least to me a
needed break from the Hendrix's Thursday as I write this, but when you see it, it should be Saturday and I should be on the white-sanded beaches of St. Petersburg......I'll put up as many posts as I can get ready before we another pair of boots today, first up "People, Hell, and Angels". From what I gather this likely would have been the first studio release from the Band of Gypsies, and there is some familiar mateial on it ("Earth Blues", "Hear My Train a-Comin'"), all in all something I would think most fans would wish to hear if they haven't already.

The other boot for today is "Shine on Earth, Shine On", an Italian mix of live and studio recordings of varying quality, a pretty fair live "Little Wing", decent "Stone Free".....again, if you want ALL the JH I got, obviously you'll wat this one too.

Keeping em brief, lucky for you!

PEOPLE, HELL, AND ANGELS-01 Earth Blues/02 Somewhere/03 Hear My Train a-Comin'/04 Bleeding Heart/05 Let Me Move You/06 Izabella/07 Easy Blues/08 Crash Landing/09 Inside Out/10 Hey Gypsy Boy/11 Mojo Man/12 Villanova Junction Blues

SHINE ON EARTH SHINE ON-01 Little Wing/02 Everything's Gonna Be Alright/03 Tomorrow Never Knows/04 Somewhere Over the Rainbow/05 Power of Soul/06 Stone Free/07 Crash Landing/08 Drone Blues/09 Once I Had a Woman/10 Freedom/11 Stepping Stone

Just a note.....

Here are Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers perorming from the roof of the hotel at Don Cesar Beach Resort in St. Petersburg Florida, ca. 1985........this is where we are staying this week, long a family favorite spot of ours....

Also his "Southern Accents" documentary which was also filmd there......I'm sure you can see why we enjoy it so much and feel blessed to stay there on occasion!

See everyone soon!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? Part 16

Oh, yes, yes yes there can be......I hopefully will be lying on the beaches of sunny Florida by the time
you read this, it's my "retirement/vacation", hopefully I will post some pics of this totally kick-ass resort we've been frequenting for many years, but REALLY, I am TRYING to keep the blog ging through vacation with written-in-advance Hendix posts......

What do we have for today? Well, a fairly rare boot, "500000 Halos", another cut/paste epic that includes the legendary "Hendrix/Young" jam we've already tackled, but also a few other rare tracks such as"Drifter's Escape" and "Villanova Junction Blues"'s for fans/collectors, nothing terribly spectacular.

I'm gonna also throw up the "Band of Gypsies" album, even though it is an easilly obtainable disc, but I think it is underappreciated...definitley gives us a clue as to where Hendrix was headed, musically, had he's a GOOD album, better than many give it credit for, and I have long enjoyed it.

Saving the best for last, we drag out the "1968 Demos" disc, maybe not the greatest but MOST interesting, if you're a fan you will want this one for certain.....a wild version of "Red House" and a very psychotic version of "I Don't Live Today"......this one is an overlooked gem that I think you probably want.

5000000 HALOS-01 Drifter's Escape/02 Stone

Free/03 Villanova Junction Blues/04 Bolero/05 Getting My Heart Back Together Again/06 Message to the Universe/07 Hendrix/Young Jam/08 Belly Button Window

BAND OF GYPSIES-01 Who Knows/02 Machine Gun/03 Changes/04 Power to Love/05 Message of Love/06 We Gotta Live Together

DEMOS 1968-01 Purple Haze/02 Red House/03 Ma Pouppee Qui Fait No/04 I Don't Live Today/05 Fire/06 Wind Cries Mary

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Can There be TOO MUCH Hendrix? Part 15

So, I've answered the question, YES, definitely, there can be too much Hendrix (or anyone, I guess for that matter)......hope you enjoyed yesterday's stellar Magazine guest post from the legend that is Dave Sez, but I made a commitment to drag out ALL my Hendrix stuff, and I'm going to do of my word ya know?..........anyway, getting ready for vacation and shit, but you slugs mean SO MUCH to me that I am TRYING to get ahead of myself enough that none of you need suffer an absence of my presence and aura (FUCK YES I am stoned as hell, so what?)

Today we go with a fine FLAC file, "Electric Guitarland".....two discs in all, a bunch of pasted together (and quite good) live performances from various venues/dates, an Italian 1993 release...some of these tracks have been featured on some of the other posts, but do you really think I care that much? HA! Gotta keep these things short, I have an ultimate plan to keep you all amuse while I lounge on the beaches of Florida next week, Michelob and Kratom and Ativan at the ready!!

DISC 1-01 Voodoo Chile/02 Fire/03 Foxy Lady/04 Hey Joe/05 Purple Haze/06 Little Wing/07 The Wind Cries Mary/08 Red House/09 Burning of the Midnight Lamp

DISC 2-01 Wild Thing/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band/04 Catfish Blues/05 Spanish Castle Magic/06 Like a Rolling Stone/07 Can You See Me/08 Tax Free