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Thursday, October 8, 2015


Been relying on guest material a bit too much lately, and I appreciate the fuck out of it too, but I've been itching to keep MY wonderful personality alive on here, as well, just been busy as shit lately.....anyway, I was thinking of this album earlier and listened to it via IPod today, hard to beleive I've never posted know I LOVE my early 1970's psychedelia, and this is a fairly unknown gem from Edmonton Alberta Canada.

A progressive, yet hard rocking band, this trio of Robert Edwards, Michael Richards, and Ron Lukawitski cranked out but this one album (I THINK, cannot confirm), and like SO many more of those early 70's unearhted psych classics, this one sounds fantastic in 2015 if you've never heard it before......if you like some of the other stuff from this era/genre, don't delay, this is FOR YOU. I'm going to try to get a couple more posts of MY stuff up between now and Sunday, hope you check em out, and keep the GREAT guest material coming, I LOVE IT!

01 Introduction/02 Natural/03 Early Morning/04 Life's OK/05 Burning of the Witch/06 Rub A Dub Dub, Troyka in a Tub/07 Troyka Lament/08 Troyka Solo/09 Rolling Down the Back Road/10 Berry Picking/11 Dear Margaret (Malgosia)/12 Go East Young Man/Beautiful Pink Eyes/13 Troyka Finale

A Good one trust me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cliff is BACK!

(Scott): Cliff has had some health issues and has taken some time away from blogging here, but once
a blog-brother, ALWAYS a blog brother, and he, as my ultimate reggae "go to guy", has decided to treat us to another wonderful reggae post..........I am glad you are feeling better cliff, that is the main thing, and I appreciate the effort you (and ALL my guest bloggers but into helping me out!) LOVE you all, no fucking joke!


Studio One Ska: The Original.

This is a cool collection of ska tunes from Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd's legendary Studio One Records, Jamaica's foundation label of reggae music.
Ska was a forerunner to Reggae; it was a fast popular music which had a strong offbeat. The 1960s was when Ska became the most dominant form of music
in Jamaica. Featuring classic cuts from the originators of Ska – The Skatalites, Delroy Wilson, Jackie Mittoo, The Maytals, alongside other greats.
Sir Coxsone led the way in Jamaica at the time and The Skatalites and Studio One turned out on a daily basis an endless stream of blistering, scorching
classic tunes. There is nothing bad to say about this, impossible to keep your feet still to

Track List: 1. El Bang Bang - Jackie Mittoo 2. Arte Bella – Ken Boothe & Stranger Cole 3. (I’m Gonna) Put It On – The Wailers
4. Addis Ababa – The Skatalites 5. President Kennedy – Roland Alphonso 6. (I’m The) Song My Enemies Sing – Joe Higgs
7. Beardsman Ska – The Skatalites 8. I Want Justice – Delroy Wilson 9. Sampson – Tommy McCook’s Orchestra 10. I’m Gonna Take Over Now – The Ethiopians
11. Freedom Sounds – Tommy McCook 12. Marching On – The Maytals 13. Exodus – The Skatalites 14. Look Away Ska – roland Alphonso
15. Don Cosmic – Don Drummond 16. Scambelena – Roland Alphonso 17. You’re Wondering Now – Andy & Joey


Third World – 96 Degrees In The Shade

Third World received critisicm in their early days because some wankers felt they had a couple
of members who came from priviliged backgrounds. What the fuck does it matter what backgrounds they came from as long as what they produce is fine.
And on this album the music can be damn fine, although some tracks are a bit over produced. They were one of the best self contained reggae bands
in Jamaica at the time and for me I think 96 Degrees In The Shade is the best piece of work they ever released. Pick of the tracks has to be the stunning Human Market Place
and the 1865 (96 Degrees In The Shade)

Track List: 1. Jah Glory 2. Tribal War 3. Dreamland 4. Feel A Little Better 5. Human market Place 6. Third World Man 7. 1865 (96° In The Shade) 8. Rhythm Of Life

Dillinger - CB 200

Dillinger was one of the most famous reggae deejays back in the 1970’s. Probably best known for Cokane In My Brain,
which is included on this album, he had a style similar to that of Big Youth. However his has a slightly more mellow feel than Big Youth delivered
and this is a great album to kick off your shoes, pour a cold one and light up a smoke. Although Cokane In My Brain is the best known track there
are others that are at least its equal. None more than the superb No Chuck It. The riddims throughout the album are flawless and with Dillinger’s
exuberent and joyous toasting over them with backing vocals supplied by Trinity this album can not help but bring a smile to your face.

Track List: 1. C.B. 200 2. No Chuck It 3. Cokane In My Brain 4. The General 5. Power Bank 6. Plantation Heights 7. Race Day 8. Natty Kick Like Lightning 9. Buckingham Palace 10. Crankface



Thanks millions and millions to my wonderful guest are great and have allowed me to keep the blog alive........I hope my loyal subjects enjoy the stuff from other sources, ya know I REALLY DID hafta go back to work and all, as I keep saying, wait till my winter layoff, you ain't seen SHIT when you see the stuff I post then......Just go NOWHERE, enjoy the (great) guest material, and my own occcasional post (when I can, it IS also FOOTBALL SEASON/BASEBALL PLAYOFFS TIME, ya know?)........seriously, I LOOOOOOOVE my guest posters and I HOPE more of you will be inspired to do the a couple months or so I'll be back to my everyday posting thing for a while, but the guests have been and ARE fantastic......hope I NEVER lose them, you guys are truly LOVED, at least by the BigBoy!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Couple of Brian projects

(Scott) Hello, all, I have been really busy of late, I thank the guests that keep the blog alive until I can
get back to it, should be soon, at least I think......anyway, Brian is much more ambitious than myself (wasn't his last project the fucking shit?).......well, here he is with a couple more which I'm glad to post.......remember, his blog is gone, so if you wish to comment, leave it here and he will see it! Haven't listened to these yet, hope to tomorrow, but until then, I'll let him do the talking:

I got the Bob monkey off my back, but I've been using those same tools to find more cool things. First off, a response to Jonder's great "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" covers comp...

On The Beach is my personal favorite Neil Young album. Part of his drugged-out 70's Quartet, it's an essential release. Spare and haunting, yet nervy and threatening. If you don't have it, you're cheating yourself.

1. Widespread Panic - Walk On
2. Colleen Rennison - See the Sky About To Rain
3. Cowboys On Dope - Revolution Blues
4. The Be Good Tanyas - For The Turnstiles
5. Wooden Shjips - Vampire Blues
6. Radiohead - On the Beach
7. Swaggrangers1 - Motion Pictures
8. Pat Nevins - Ambulance Blues

This collection of covers keeps the spirit of the album, I think. I had to dig to find a good "Ambulance Blues". I found Pat Nevin's live version on He's also got an album out called Shakey Zimmerman. Does anyone know the source of Radiohead's fantastic "On the Beach"? A perfect match of song and singer, isn't it? Widespread Panic do a great, jammy "Walk On". The Be Good Tanyas give a harmonious, even more country "For The Turnstiles". Colleen Rennison's "See the Sky About To Rain" has a lot of soul in it.

Regarding "Revolution Blues" - my fave NY song, by the way - Bush's version (yes, them) was originally here... but it just didn't fit. And for me, it didn't feel at all like the same song. So, with some digging I found The Cowboys On Dope's great live version of it. They're a German country/blues rock band. Goddamn! Now, that's a cover! Wouldn't even know it was ripped from a YT vid unless I told ya (oops). Back to actual releases, Wooden Shjips (real spelling) deliver a very Suicide-ish "Vampire Blues". I like it.

"Motion Pictures" was a problem. Nothing as an actual release, and any YouTube vids were just guys with their acoustic guitars. I don't usually go for that, but I was stuck. So I ended up going with this guy's performance. His YT username is "swaggrangers1". While I admit his range is a little limited, the performance is faithful and very well recorded. Here's links to the two videos I sourced from:

Cowboys on Dope video -

Motion Pictures Cover -

Hope you guys like this. And look, inspired me back. What do you wanna do next? Harvest? Maybe Zuma? Trans?


Some may remember that great Fantomas album I put up here awhile ago. Mike Patton is a madman! He releases a lot of stuff of his own, not to mention his work with other people. That's what I put together here. Had some covers he'd done sitting around, so I decided to beef it up with collaborations, some soundtrack stuff, and an infinitesimal sampling of his many projects. No FNM or Bungle here though...I didn't want to make it a multi-volume post. When it comes to that, go get Angel Dust and Disco NOW, kids.

This is only a small introduction to the breadth of his music. I didn't really sample his soundtrack work, or much from his work with John Zorn (I heartily recommend the Moonchild trio albums). NOTE: Though it says "with" such-and-such artist, it's MP that's guesting on their albums. He is in demand as a guest artist because he has such a distinct voice that can suit any song. This comp swerves from orchestral pop to avant-garde howling to rap to splatter be ready! Allow me to give you a walk through...


1.) Chelios - ringtone (from Crank 2)
2.) The Man In The Lower Left Hand Corner Of the Photograph - This is my favorite track off of his man-and-a-mike gonzo classic Adult Themes For Voice. A strange ride, but great on headphones!
3.) Dracula Cha Cha (w Tango Saloon) - yeah, do that undead tango! Sounds like it could've been on a Bungle album, doesn't it?
4.) Six Pack (w Mother Superior) - from the great Rise Above West Memphis Three tribute. He rips through this one!
5.) I Am the Dead (w Eyvynd Kang) - this is a great, gentle atmospheric track. Kang is an Icelandic classical guy who's done some unique work.
6.) Prairie Fire (w Guano Padano) - reminds me of latter-day FNM.
7.) Julia (w Carla Hassett) - proof that he's a great supportive voice, even in another language.
8) Kool Aid Party (w Team Sleep) - a great shrieking dirge of a track. He reminds me a bit of M. Manson on this one. Don't hit me for saying that!
9.) Putting On the Blitz (from Bunraku OST) - some steampunk-ish big band, anyone?
10.) Seule (w Kaada) - from their great duo album Romances.
11.) Ballad Of A Thin Man (w Jamie Saft Trio) - from Saft's Dylan tribute Trouble. This is a great cover! It almost made the BD Covers post, but ended up being the inspiration for this compilation.
12.) Lost Weekend (w Qemists) - a good one. Don't know what you'd call it exactly.
13.) Procura O Cara (w Sepultura)
14.) The Waste (w Sepultura) - he suits Sepultura, especially the more tribal-sounding stuff. This is from the Freddy vs Jason soundtrack.
15.) Are You Down With It? (w Handsome Boy Modeling School) - this is a great grooving rap song.
16.) Untitled (w DJ Skizo) - from the 3/16/02 boot. He gets into some almost Mongolian throat singing at the end.
17.) Come to Daddy (w Dillinger Escape Plan) - Aphex Twin cover from DEP's first release. He was the perfect singer for them! Even better than what's-his-face off of Calculating Infinity.
18.) Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - from his group Fantomas's stellar Director's Cut album.
19.) Il Cielo In Una Stanza - one of the loveliest songs off of his Italian pop album Mondo Cane. This is a live version from The Holland Festival. Check out the organ and that trumpet solo!
20.) The Ballad Of Hank McCain (w John Zorn, et al) - from the great Morricone tribute The Big Gundown.
21.) Bird's Eye (w Serj Tankian) - from the Body Of Lies soundtrack. I like it, it's almost like a James Bond tune.
22.) Chariot Choogle - T. Rex cover. A Fantomas rarity...from the Tzadik Records Marc Bolan tribute.
23.) Did You Miss Me? (w Young Gods & Laussane Sinfionetta) - a great indescribable live track. Is this a cover?
24.) No Flag (w Dub Trio) - Doom metal as all hell!
25.) Untitled (w Rahzel) - from a live boot. Great beatbox improvisation.
26.) La Chanson De Jacky (w Secret Chiefs 3) - otherwise known as "Jackie". Jacques Brel cover, maybe you've heard Scott Walker's version. I think this was from a 7 inch. It's great. Would fit with the Mondo Cane stuff.
27.) Mayday - from his group Tomahawk's awesome Mit Gas album.
28.) Across 110th Street - great live version by his rap/rock/pop group Peeping Tom. Check out the album - some great crossover stuff there. This version has better sound than the similar MP3 that's floating around. And that violin is live, not DAT! One of my favorite covers ever, and a good closer for all this madness.

Sorry for being wordy, but MP is one of my favorite artists. Hopefully you like this. And it's great that Faith No More reunited and stuff, but please give me one more Fantomas album, Mike! Ten years I've been waiting...
As always now with posts I put up here at Growing Bored, there's a Funny Bonus for the Comedy Minions. Remember this guy? I'm reposting his funny first release from 1986, along with a self-titled effort from 2001 that I believe is his only other CD. Enjoy, and don't forget the coleslaw.....

Sunday, September 27, 2015

150+ Artists Cover Bob

Here is Brian's latest creation, this is one for the ages...please read the whole thing as the tracks list is
in a seperate link........please, do NOT miss this one and please, as usual, let it inspire you to create similar works, these are just great!


Now I've gone and done it! The VU and Stooges post gave me the insane idea: what about HIM? Seriously, the guy who has a songbook covering decades, and has had innumerable people take his tunes to varying levels of success...
I was gonna do a big "greatest hits" covers post initially, maybe 50 to 75 songs....but this thing kept growing! I became obsessed...could I find every one? Well no, but I was hellbent on finding as many covers of BD songs as I could. Now you're curious to see the track list I bet. I'm taking a precaution with this post though - hence the "BD" used everywhere. Because...well... all these songs' titles belong to big S[]NY, I've put the tracklist on a text hosting page. Open it in a another page, and we'll come back and talk....

....Welcome back. Fuckin' nuts, right? That's why it's on a separate page...this steps on a whole bunch of music publishing rights! It's around 230 songs, about 16 1/2 hours of music, almost 2 GB! The idea boggles the mind, and it took me awhile, but I went for it! Damn near melted my iPhone doing it, though. Given the mammoth task, I gave myself a few guidelines...

1.) No song gets repeated. I know there's multiple great versions of many of the songs, but given the size of this I couldn't risk overlap. There are two accidental doubles, though.
Richie's "Times/Changin", and PP&M's "Too Much" were forgotten in the shuffle, so delete those two if you wish.
2.) Artists get two or three songs... Except for a few who get 5. It's not to show preference to them, because I wanted absolute diversity, and not lean towards any particular artist, but they were useful in filling in songs that not many others had covered.
3.) I tried to stay away from famous versions (Byrds, PP&M, Jimi), but not the famous people. I just want to get away from the standard stuff everybody knows or owns. A lot of the people you expect to see are here, but not doing the songs you usually think of.
4.) I stayed away from the Chimes of Freedom Amnesty Intnl. box set. I honestly was underwhelmed by Chimes. There's a few names on there that should be nowhere near a BD song. (Go listen to Kesha's solo track from it....ugh). I guess that was part of the inspiration for this. And given the size of this monster, I think I outdid them. Musical richness and great performances were a key goal here, not marketing disguised as charity....

Try as I might, not every song of his is here. Because of the common words of some of the song titles (Tell Me or Poor Boy, for example), they were hard to search for. Every non-traditional album of BD's is represented up to the mid 2000s, even albums nobody listens to like Saved. And I didn't include versions of songs he'd done that were traditionals, cuz that would be a whole other post. Just BD-penned songs as far as I can tell. A few traditionals may have snuck in, but I consider them performances influenced by BD.

The keen-eyed among you may notice I also violated the rules in one spot - I put Bob doing a song. Simple: that version of Babe is an amazing reinvention, and one of my favorites, so nyah!

When it comes to the BD songs to look for, I referenced his main albums, the tracks that were unique to the Greatest Hits sets, the B00TLEG Series 1=3, some of the Witmark stuff, and the original Bsmnt Tapes album. There may be songs of his that aren't here, but I was hitting dead ends for the reasons I said earlier, and had to stop! Many of them are here though. Maybe they weren't all covered....

Everything was edited on my iTunes, so all are tagged, despite their disparate sources. The Artist name will just be "Various Artists", though each track will have the artist's name in the title. Though the titles of the files look clipped, when you upload them the whole file name will be there. And it's a point of pride of mine that only 2 of these are YouTube audio rips, and they sound stellar! Everything else is a 192-320 Kbps mp3 file. No .m4a or .aac tracks hiding in here, I promise.
And regarding the organization of songs: I had originally put them with the artist name first, but then realized that would make it harder to search for a song. So, it's alphabetical by song title. And the pile is divided up into ten volumes, each with its own art. It should be noted that the divisions were meant for the uploading limit (200 MB) - not a CD length - so the running time for each is at least 90 minutes, except for the last volume. And dividing them that way makes for some interesting listening. For example: J-M is largely quiet and contemplative, until RATM's track punches you in the face!
This isn't too compilation-heavy. Many of these come from an artist's proper albums, or BD-themed albums done by that person. Lesser-known tribute and themed albums out there were sampled, but I copied none of them over completely. As I said, no Chimes, and I only hit the 30th Anniversary Concert for Lou Reed's track. This is intentionally off the beaten path. And none of this intended to be funny in a Golden Throats kind of way. Even Sebastian Cabot's "Boots Of Spanish Leather" from his much-ridiculed spoken word BD album is actually really good! This is great music, not an attempt to gather a bunch of oddball versions together.

Guys...I thought I knew a lot about music, but I didn't know about 85% of these covers! And when it comes to BD's material, there's whole parts of the discography I was unfamiliar with - mainly the late 70's through the late 80's. And hearing versions of these lesser-heard songs done by others made me admire BD's words even more. There's plenty of known and unknown names here, but so many great versions! Some of the best covers are done by country or blues artists. That's fitting, since both those genres are where BD's musical soul comes from. But there's also different kinds of pop, R&B, jazz, and rock and roll represented here. And then there's whatever the hell that version of "Wiggle Wiggle" is. (Note: that's Gene Ween though!) These are intentionally diverse, so please don't be a snob or a purist with this stuff. It has its own flow... even just laid out alphabetically. Open yourself up to these songs, and BD shines through them, trust me!

Even a brief survey of highlights would be a hell of a list. Bonnie Raitt will crush your heart during "Standing In...". You'll want to smash a pint glass over some bloke's head during the Pogues' "When the Ship...". The applause will shock you at the end of Baez's angelic "With God..." Jack Downing's gorgeous "Queen Jane" makes me ache. Link Wray's "Baby Blue" will rock your ass. And then you'll have to surrender to the power of Laibach's "Ballad Of A Thin Man"! Jodi Jean & Aylon (a U.S. bossa nova/jazz vocal combo, of all things) deliver an unbelievably graceful "Simple Twist". Mick Taylor wrings every drop of blues out of "Blind Willie McTell". Neil Young's "Blowin" (from Weld) is a guitar apocalypse! Sheryl Crow's "Tombstone" has a well-honed but shambling electricity, like the original. Hanne Boel (a Scandinavian popstar) shows "Emotionally Yours" to be the great soul song it always was. D. Matthews' cover of "Watchtower" is astonishing! Bryan Ferry makes "Hard Rain" all his own. And I'm utterly smitten with Glen Campbell's "I Don't Believe You". Hell, even the much-maligned Great White do a full-bodied, rocking "Tangled...". And I'm glad I dug through all the versions of "I Shall Be Released" until I found Pearl Before Swine's take on it.
I could go on and on and on. I've been road-testing these for a week, and I love em! Hearing all these people - across many many styles - sing BD's music is just amazing. And nothing was arbitrary: all these songs got a listen, got checked against other versions, got a yay or a nay, and then put in the files.

I'm glad I've inspired some others to look for covers. You want some well-worn advice? Here's the sites I used...and don't edit or tag the MP3 file names until you put them on your computer. Trust me!

1. - I mention it a lot, but it's still the best site for looking for single mp3s, as well as having indexed artist and album pages. It often has obscurities (like BD and F-Z boots) and there's NO popup bullshit.
2. - I great backup site I only found recently. This saved my life many times, especially by searching "(artist's name) cover". Good interface, too.
3. - Your standard Russian-type site, so there's a lot of popups. It can be worth it when the other places stump you, though. And at least the mp3s link to album index pages. Gotta have fast thumbs if your using your phone.
4. As a database, I started by using Allmusic and searching by song, but ended up using Wiki's index of BD's songs.

I could've almost done a complete other post with different versions, there were so many great
contenders. Jamie Saft's version of "Thin Man" with Mike Patton was almost here. I felt cheeky and almost put Emtombed's version of "Hollis Brown" here, but thought it obliterated the mood. And I think you'll agree with me that David Lynch's (!!!) version is plenty awesome on its own. Honorable mention goes to Thea Gilmore's amazing cover album of John Wesley Harding, JJ & Aylon's great BD-themed album, the wealth of Fairport Convention, Richie Havens, and Baez covers, as well as the Outlaw Blues BD tribute for that Thurston track.

I'm a Level 3 out of 5 when it comes to being a BD fan. Not an obsessive, but I've got quite a bit. I've always tried to turn people on to his stuff, and it hasn't always worked. I made these for people who may not like him, to show them the rich diversity of the man's music. I also made this to appeal to BD fans by chasing down every damn track I could. If you are in either of those camps - or if you just like really good music - dig into these! I guarantee you, people, no one has ever put all this material together!!!

COMMENTS MOST WELCOME. Just don't use BD's name, OK?


Also, at the end of the links there is an unrelated funny bonus, we know some of you guys do enjoy those, and we're trying to be discrete about that as well, ya know/

Another Creation from Jonder

I am loving these homemade cover comps from Jonder and Brian, hopefully they inspire others to contribute the same. I'll let Jonder himself describe the procedeings here:


NOBODY KNOWS THIS IS ANYWHERE - homemade tribute to Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

1. Cinnamon Girl - Dan McCafferty
2. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - Dar Williams
3. Round and Round - OP8
4. Down By The River - Low & The Dirty Three
5. The Losing End - Meat Puppets
6. Running Dry (Requiem For The Rockets) - Carla Bozulich
7. Cowgirl In The Sand - Houssaine Kili

Dan McCafferty does "Cinnamon Girl" as a ballad, rather than replicating the crunchy riff of the original. It's from Dan's first solo album, which came out in 1975, the same year that his band Nazareth hit it big with Hair Of The Dog.

Dar Williams matches the country flavor of the title track, with a nice touch of mandolin. OP8's dreamy version of "Round And Round" features Lisa Germano's lovely voice and violin, backed by members of Giant Sand and Calexico.

Warren Ellis adds violin to "Down By The River", a collaboration between his trio The Dirty Three and the slowcore trio Low. Mimi Parker from Low sings. This comes from a series of experimental collaborations called "In The Fishtank", where two groups would meet in a studio to improvise and create songs together. I cut about four minutes of improv from the beginning of the song. Warren Ellis has become well known for his work with Nick Cave.

The Meat Puppets shamble through "The Losing End", which appeared on the punk comp Keats Rides a Harley. The Meat Puppets have claimed that they sometimes played badly on purpose to piss off the hardcore crowd. This is one of those times.

You may recognize the distinctive voice of Carla Bozulich from Mike Watt's "Ball-Hog Or Tugboat", the late great Geraldine Fibbers, her current group Evangelista, or maybe even her first band Ethyl Meatplow. Carla once covered Willie Nelson's album Red Headed Stranger in its entirety. Violin appears again on "Running Dry", this time played by Carla Kihlstedt.

Houssaine Kili is from Morocco. His unique version of "Cowgirl In The Sand" is sung in English and Arabic. He plays an African stringed instrument called the guimbri, and his music incorporates African and rock instruments, like the "desert rock" of Tinariwen.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another wonderful homemade covers comp

Plase, oh please, oh please, let this trend (credit Brian for starting it) take off......I would LOVE if
MANY you you would get creative with some of these original, wonderful covers comps (there are more to come).....inspired by Brian's Velvet Underground project of last week, long time blog friend and contributor Jonder jumps on the Velvet Underground bandwagon with a homemade covers take on "Loaded"..........I will let him describe it to ya as he has much more of a way with words than do I, so take it away and THANKS Jonder!


Load(ed.) - a homemade tribute to the Velvet Underground's 1970 album

01 TEENAGE FANCLUB - Who Loves The Sun
04 THE CRUEL SEA - Cool It Down
06 SUBWAY SECT - Head Held High
07 BILL NELSON - Lonesome Cowboy Bill
08 CAT POWER - I Found A Reason
09 SOFT BOYS - Train Round The Bend
10 ZOOBOMBS - Oh, Sweet Nothin'

I don't mean to ride Brian's coattails, but it was fun to make this compilation. I tried to avoid familiar covers and tribute albums, just as Brian did. "Lonesome Cowboy Bill" is the only one from a VU tribute. It probably hasn't been covered more often because it's kind of a novelty song. Bill Nelson (from BeBop Deluxe) didn't do a great cover either, so I shortened it. That's why I call this compilation Load(ed.)

I also recorded "Oh Sweet Nothin" from an online stream. Even though the audio fidelity isn't great, I love the way the band incorporates the ending of "Sympathy For The Devil" into their version.
You can see the influence that the Velvet Underground has had worldwide, with bands from Japan (Zoobombs), Australia (The Cruel Sea), and Eastern Europe (the Plastic People Of The Universe, whose records were banned and whose members were arrested). Their trial led to the revolution that overthrew the Communists in Czechoslovakia.

Vaclav Havel was a big fan of the Mothers, the VU and the Plastic People. After he became the first elected president of Czechoslovakia, Havel invited Frank Zappa to Prague. President Havel also brought Lou Reed with him to meet Bill Clinton at the White House! How many musicians have inspired a REAL revolution? Czech out this article:

The DL includes "liner notes". Ignore my ramblings if you like, but please enjoy the songs!

Thanks Jonder, spectacular effort, PLEASE contribute as many of them as you care to create......what a unique version of "Sweet Jane", and, of my fave, the underppreciated "Cool It Down".......guys, please take some inspiration from Brian and Jonder, it's fun to create these type of comps and can be a unique signature item that leaves your legacy upon the blogosphere!

A Small History Lesson For Ya, Junior

Gary Richrath passed away the other you may or may not know he was the guitar whiz
behind REO, of ALL the bands of the era that I make fun of regularly, REO ranks, along with Styx and Foreigner, at the top of the heap....for the most part, they were awful, a generic 1980's mishmash of idiotic album titles("You Can Tue a Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish", Hi-Infidelity", etc) and even MORE idiotic songs  (The vomit inducing "Keep On Lovin You", "Tough Guys" and LOTS more).....however, PRIOR to that kidney stone of a decade (the 80's), they could really rock the room, on the stage (saw them once, opening for someone, forget who exactly).I was, eventually, as surprised as anyone that they got "big".......but in a decade where swill like Poison and the like were considered good rock n roll, should be no surprise really.

Why am I messing around with this even? Couple reasons.....the "Live: You Get What You Play For" (ANOTHER stupid album title), released sometime during my high school yearas in the late 1970's, is a good one, sounding just like a midwestern metal band who has been playing the tavern circuit for years, which would pretty much be the reality. No "classic" by any means, in fact, it contains pretty much every live-metal cliche known to man, down to the Chuck Berry encore ("Little Queenie" which is pretty good), but a damn good showcase for Richrath's guitar work, with some very good, hard rocking tracks ("Son of a Poor Man", "Like You Do", and the absolute definitive version of "Ridin' the Storm Out", the studio version of which is SO very lame in comparison, worth checking out just for this track, by far thier finest moment.) By the way this is ripped from glorious vinyl, and it sounds SO 1970's......have never heard a digital rip and, well, frankly, ya know.....

And for you REO freaks out there (BOTH of ya), here's a little surprise/rarity for ya, a two disc 1979 Chicago boot......they were well on thier way to suckville by this time, as there are tracks from early in thier "big time" era ("Time For Me To Fly", "Only the Strong Survive"), but also includes a version of "Ridin' The Storm Out" and a couple of others, not the greatest but I don't recall from where I got it, nor have I seen many copies of it, so have at it.....

I have not been kind to this band in the past, justifiably, too, I think (I mean, GEEZ, REALLY? "I
don't wanna sleep......I just wanna keep...............on lovin' you" COME ON), but I don't mean to dis thte 1970's metal guitar greatness of Gary Richrath......not especially an original or an innovator, BUT , for what he was, he was a metal guitar slammer who DEFINITELY could bring the goods on stage........Rest In Peace Gary!

LIVE: YOU GET WHAT YOU PLAY FOR-01 Like You Do/02 Lay Me Down/03 Any Kind of Love/04 Being Kind (Can Hurt Someone Sometimes)/05 Keep Pushin'/06 (Only a) Summer Love/07 Son of a Poor Man/08 (I Believe) Our Time is Gonna Come/09 Flying Turkey Trot/10 Gary's Guitar Solo/11 157 Riverside Avenue/12 Ridin' the Storm Out/13 Music Man/14 Little Queenie/15 Golden Country

CHICAGO 12/28/79 DISC 1-01 House Announcer/02 Intro/03 Say You Love Me Or Say Goodnight/04 Like You Do/05 Heavy On Your Love/06 Drop it (an Old Disguise)/07 Only the Strong Survive/08 Easy Moeny/09 Roll With the Changes/10 Time For Me TO Fly (cuts out)/11 Back on the Road Again (cuts in)

CHICAGO 12/28/79 DISC 2-01 The Unidentified Flying Turkey Trot/02 157 Riverside Avenue/03 Keep Pusih'/04 Ridin' The Storm Out/05 Audience/DJ Comments/06 Little Queenie/07 Rock n Roll Music/08 Golden Country/09 Closing (introductions)/10 DJ Comments

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