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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

These Arms Are Snakes

From the early 2000's, some post-hardcore weirdness from These Arms Are Snakes.......something of a 2nd-line all-predigree, vocalist Steve Sneer came from Kill Sadie, other members came from 2003 they released their debut EP "This Is Meant To Hurt You", their only releas with a keyboardist. The EP goes out of it's way to be "wierd", nothing wrong with that on the may enjoy tracks such as Drinking From the Necks of the Ones You Love" and "Riding the Grape Dragon"....don't really know who I can compare these gents to, always a good sign in my estimation.

So, they dropped the keyboards which, according to Sneer, alowed the band's wild live shows to get even more rowdy without a keyboard cluttering up the works.....the first album with the "new" lineup was "Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When It's Antelope Goes Home". Quite different from the earlier EP, it features stripped-down wierdness such as "The Shit Sisters" and the lengthy "Idaho"......something of an unknown "psuedo-classic", I like the album, many, I assume will dislike it.

So, in 2006 the released "Easter" as though Patti Smith had never existed, if you like these guys you may opt for this as your favorite album.....weird, energtic, punky hard rock, stuff like "Mescaline Eyes" and "Crazy Woman Dirty Train" would make a "Best of", were there a demand for such.

The called it a day in 2008 with "Tail Swallower and Dove", really pretty similar to the previous two efforts, standout tracks incude "Prince Squid" and "Lead Beater".....simply, if you liked the other disc, you will like this one as well.

A footnote to rock history, these guys were nothing if not interesting......if unfamiliar, investigate here if you're a fan of 70's punk, maybe of 90's industrial stuff, post-hardcore rock.......these are fairly good albums, and, at the very least, might be a new sound that you may be happy to discover....if not, something else will come along tomorrow......

THIS IS MEANT TO HURT YOU (EP)-01 Riding the Grape Dragon/02 Run It Through the Dog/03 Diggers of Ditches Everywhere/04 The Blue Rose/05 Drinking From the NEcks of the Ones You Love

OXENEERS OR THE LION SLEESPS WHEN ITS ANTELOPE GOES HOME-01 The Shit Sisters/02 Angela's Secret/03 Big News/04 Tracing/05 Your Pearly Whites/06 Gadget Arms/07 Greetings From the Great North Woods/08 La Stanza Bianca/09 Darling of New Midnight/10 Oxeneer/11 Idaho

EASTER-01 Mescaline Eyes/02 Horse Girl/03 Subtle Body/04 Desert Ghost/05 Child Chicken Play/06 Hell's Bank Notes/07 Abbracaddabra/08 Deer Lodge/09 Lady North/10 Perpetual Bris/11 Corporeal/12 Crazy Woman Dirty Train

TAIL SWALLOWER AND DOVE-01 Woolen Heirs/02 Prince Squid/03 Red Line Season/04 Lucifer/05 Ethric Double/06 Seven Curtains/07 Long and Lonely Step/08 Leadbeater/ 09 Cavity Carousel/10 Briggs

OK, something a little bit different......this is the kind of thing that gets almost zero interest at times, which makes me wonder if some of you guys even understand what I''m trying to do here......I wonder if I put up Kansas or some lame ass shit like that, would it generate more interest than These Arms are Snakes? Makes one wonder about the state of the world, and the level of interest in learning new things.......just sayin'........

DaveSez.......YOU listen!

We've had some fantastic contributions to this blog over time, I'd like to personally thank the anonymous donor that dumped the metric shit-tonne of Snakefinger stuff recently, GREAT job, and I understand your wish to remain anonymous, that's your choice, just understand how much so MANY of us appreciate it.....

One of thebest, of course, is Dave Sez, who has a stash  of recordings that it would probably give me months of pleasure to simply LOOK THROUGH, the stuff is all SO DAMN GOOD and interesting.....if you liked the Clapton demos the other day, by all means get with this fine set as a set with Clapton and Marcus Miller and his band, I listened to this today and it is me you do NOT want to miss this, I will let Dave Sez fill you in on the details, but this is ONE THAT YOU WANT.........great, great contrbution, love it, and thanks ALL go to Dave Sez, I am merely the what areyou waiting for? Read Dave's words of wisdom, and then get busy downloading this smoking file! And don't forget to thank him......also, once again, if YOU have any interesting albums or live shows or whatever, PLEASE share them with everyone here.....I don't have EVERYTHING, and other people's stuff is MORE than welcome, plue it equals less work for the BigLad!

Take it Dave:
Marcus Miller and Eric Clapton
Legends Studio Rehearsals Summer 1997
A+ stereo, full artwork, text and research included
eric clapton sets old sock release ahead of international trek eric ...From the Dave Sez archive: another set of top-quality Clapton tour rehearsals, this time with Marcus Miller and his band called Legends, formed in 1997 for an eleven-date European Jazz Festival tour (several of which gigs were recorded and are available on request). At the time, Clapton was going through a mental storm and doubting his ability to play anything else but the blues. Marcus shook him up and offered jazz .. and some blues. Included here from the LA rehearsal studios but never played live on the European tour are the only recordings of Marcus on "Layla" and Clapton on guitar and vocals on Miller's "Silver Rain". The ultimate Marcus rarity - Dave sez: go get, you won't regret! Split by my taste into "Best" and "Rest".
Excellent groove but only @ 192 kbps - anyone got 320 or FLAC? Leave us a word and hopefully a link in the comments, much obliged.
Marcus Miller - bass guitar
Eric Clapton - guitar and vocals
Steve Gadd - drums
Joe Sample - keyboards
David Sanborn - saxophone

Legends Rehearsals - the Best
01 - Snakes
02 - Marcus #1 (“Groovin”)
03 - Full House
04 - Peeper
05 - Going Down Slow
06 - Silver Rain
07 - Layla
08 - Rock Me Baby
09 - Marcus #1 (“Groovin”)(sax David Sanborn)
10 - Full House (sax David Sanborn)
Legends Rehearsals - the Rest
11 - Ruthie
12 - I Got You I Feel Good
13 - Put It Where You Want
14 - Suggestions (“In Case You Hadn’t Noticed”)
15 - Ruthie (sax David Sanborn)
16 - Jelly Roll Morton (“Shreveport Stomp”, Samples solo)

Now THAT is a contribution......really, really, enjoyed it, hope you do too.......a good one, and come on, the rest of you, share something......create something......I DON'T WANT this to be the "best" blog in the world.......but I WOULD love it if it were the most, I don't know, "down to earth", or "familial", where we ALL share what we have as we ALL continue our neer to be fulfilled search for the PERFECT customized music collection. God bless you all (if that is your belief, we'll have to discuss out opinions on THAT subject some time as well!)

The History of American Hardcore 1980-1986

American Hardcore: The History Of American Punk Rock 1980-1986 (2006)A single disc today, compliments of Rhino Records, and I also have another (seperate post), generouslly sent our way by great friend of the blog, DavSez......the two posts could not be much different, but as you know I do strive for.......oh, yes, variety.......hope ya like today's efforts.

First up we have "The History of American Hardcore, 1980-86", which is pretty accurately summarized by it's title.....I've said before, this is not one of my "favorite" scenes of them all, andI have taken what I feel is a bit of undue criticism for this....I've never claimed a "dislike" for the scene, some great shit came out of's just that it simply wasn't my favorite, AND I grew up in a home where it WAS my younger brother's favorite, and it got kind of tired after a while, likely why to this day HE does care, especially, for Led Zeppelin, the Ramones, the Smiths, and more......not a big deal, nor, certainly as big a deal as some "Hardcore" fanatics have tried to make it out to be in the past.

black-flag-logoSo, how about this comp? It's pretty good, quite representative in what it attempts to accomplish, and gives us some damn good tunes, also works together, coherently, quite well, as a single entity, reinforcing my theory again that punk and power pop work FAR better than most rock genres as compilations (reason or such stated here multiple times, pay attention pot-head).

OK, we start off with a decent one, Black Flag's abrasive "Nervous Breakdown", certainly well known in west-coast hardcore circles. The Middle Class check in with a short (less than 1 minute) quickie, before we reach (IMO) our first classic....."Pay to Cum" by the Bad Brains (I have done a Bad Brains feature post before, check archives) of the great singles of the era, ANY genre, if you don't have it by some chance, please get it now.....DOA turn up with the ode to then-President Reagan, the delicately titled "Fucked Up Ronnie", a worthwhile period piece, practically Hardcore Folk music (in message only!)....the legendary Circle Jerks turn up with "RedTape",Minor Threat gives us "Filler"......obviously a veritable all-star lineup of the bands of the genre/era......without listing everything here (that is what the track list is for), we get atrack from the underappreciated Big Boys (who probaly deserve their own post), Really Red turns out the classic "I Was a Teenage Fuckup", even an Adolescents demo ("I Hate Children")......wrapping things up is of Flipper's best (did a full Flipper post not too long ago, links may still be good), "Ha Ha Ha Ha".....

Circle JerksWell, not ALL encompassing, no Germs, no Dead Kennedys, no Toxic Reasons (I know you don't know them, they were from Ohio and were kickass), but the 26 short teeth-kickers here do a fine job of this loud, don't take it too seriously, but this is a good one, hope ya enjoy it!

THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN HARDCORE 1980-86-01 BLACK FLAG-Nervous Breakdown/02 THE MIDDLE CLASS-Out of Vogue/03 BAD BRAINS-Pay to Cum/04 DOA-Fucked Up Ronnie/05 CIRCLE JERKS-Red Tape/06 MINOR THREAT-Filler/07 MDC-I Remember/08 UNTOUCHABLES-Nic Fit/09 GANG GREEN-Kill a Commie/10 THE FREEZE-Boston Not LA/11 JERRY'S KIDS-Straight Jacket/12 SS DECONTROL-Boiling Point/13VOID-Who Are You/Time To Die/14 SCREAM-Came Without Warning/15 NEGATIVE APPROACH-Friend or Foe/16 BAD ATTITUDE-Articles of Choice/17 DIE KRUEZEN-Think For Me/18 BATILLION OF SAINTS-My Minds Diseased/19 7 SECONDS-I Hate Sports/20 THE BIG BOYS-Brick Wall/21 REALLY RED-I Was a Teenage Fuckup/22 ADOLESCENTS-I hate CHildren (demo)/23 YDI-Enemy For Life/24 DRI-Runnin Around/25 CRO-MAGS-Don't Tread On Me/26 FLIPPER-Ha Ha Ha Ha

Flipper - Rise Above! And more good stuff to come this week, next week, and WAYYYYY into the future from GROWING BORED FOR A LIVING......and PLEASE remember I'm ALWAYS up for guest contributions, ala those of Dave Sez, or ANYTHING ELSE (hey what happened to that Washington DC-area mega-post I was promised a while back?????)......and remember NOT limited to short stories? essays? LOVE to see/hear it all, this is the place as I will accept anything, we are all "friends" here, cyberfriends, but friends no less, and I for one am interested in what talents or hobbies the minions are willing to share with us!

I hope all is wll with everyone and your families, actually is becoming a reality to me that I am ACTUALLY going to RETIRE this summer.....thrilling, exciting, scary, you name it.....but it is time.....for a guy who's had the same job for 31 years, married to the same lady for 27 years, lived in the same home for 25 years.......well, a huge life change like that is scary, but exciting....I'm only 52, and am looking for work to supplement my retirement income, but I just cannot wait to begin this new chapter of the lives of BigScott62, BigCarla66, and BigGrant97!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Agitprop the Politics of Punk

Strange I haven't gotten around to this one before, pretty solid three disc set of politicized 1970's-80's
punk, at least partially from some lesser known sources......obviously with such collections we'll have some throwaway material and some overlap with other sets, but this one is really quite likeable and rewarding......missed a couple days last week durng the Nirvana-fest, so how about a bonus post tonight, (MAY even get another DAVE SEZ set of Clapton rarities up tonight as well, thanks Dave!)

Disc One has a ringer or two, "Chemical Warfare" by the Dead Kennedys shows up quite often, a does Stiff Little Fingers "Suspect Device" and Penetration's "Don't Dictate", good songs all, but we also get some fine stuff, lesser comped stuff, from the Redskins (the fine "Unionize"), The Three Johns "Death of a European" (GOTTA do a Three Johns post soon, been meaning to forever), The Exploited's "Hitler's in the Charts Again", and of course, Chaotic Dischords "Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You".....twenty tracks and a very listenable collection, as I've said so many times before punk is rivalled only by power pop as compilation material as listening to it so authenitically reproduces the radio experience.

Disc Two has some more easy pickin's, The Pistols "Submission", The MC5's "Kick Out the Jams", TRB's "Glad To Be Gay", and Sham 69's "If the Kids Are United" all turn up fairly regularly, but we get another Three Johns track, "Soldier Soldier" by Spizz, ("I'm In Love With) Margaret Thatcher" from the Notsensibles......a good disc, not quite up to disc 1 IMO, but hell, it also includes Angelic Upstarts, Anti Nowhere League, Poison Girls, and more, really a good set and if you have a lot of this you could likely program a full disc out of stuff you didn't already have (OK, I couldn't, but that's ME!)

Finally Disc Three is probably the best of the three.....after disposing of "Anarchy in the UK", and Sham 69's "Borstal Breakout" (again, no disrespect to these songs, they are great, just readilly available), we get another standout track from the Redskins, some Riot Squad, a Stranglers track ("Peasant in the Big Shitty"), as well as a Stooges tune that I swear to God is not ringing a bell for me, either it's a rarity or my mind is slipping faster than I thought ("I Got Nothin'/I Got Shit")......overall this is a very fine three disc set which any fan of the genre would most likely wish to hear......enjoy, really, it's quite a good one!

DISC 1-01 EX PISTOLS-Land of Hope and Glory/02 THE MEKONS-Fight the Cuts/03 THE REDSKINS-Unionize/04 BILLY BRAGG-It Says Here/05 PENETRATION-Don't Dictate/06 POISON GIRLS-Old Tart/07 THE 3 JOHNS-Death of a European/08 NEW MODEL ARMY-Spirit of the Falklands/09 JOOLZ-Paved With Gold/10 MORGANS-Atishoo/11 DEAD KENNEDYS-Chemical Warfare/12 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-The Murder of Liddle Towers/13 PATRIK FITZGERALD-Irrelevant Battles/14 NO RESPECT-No Respect/15 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Suspect Device (Live)/16 CHELSEA-Right to Work/17 CHAOS UK-Selfish Few/18 CHAOTIC DISCHORD-Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You/19 THE EXPLOITED-Hitler's In the Charts Again/20 BONUS TRACK-The Politics of Punk

DISC 2-01 THE SEX PISTOLS-Submission/02 SPIZZ-Soldier Soldier/03 NOTSENSIBLES-(I'm In Love With) Margaret Thatcher/04 MENACE-GLC/05 RED LONDON-CND/06 THE MC5-Kick Out the Jams/07 VIOLATORS-Government Stinks/08 SHAM 69-If the Kids Are United/09 THE DAMNED-Gun Fury/10 TOM ROBINSON-Glad to Be Gay/11 BILLY BRAGG-Between the Wars/12 UK SUBS-Fascist Regime/13 ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE-Streets of London/14 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Alternative Ulster (Live)/15 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Solidarity/16 POISON GIRLS-Persons Unknown/17 THE THREE JOHNS-Fruit Flies/18 NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-Living With Unemployment/19 ANTI PASTI-No Government/20 CAPTAIN SENSIBLE-Smash It Up

DISC 3-01 THE SEX PISTOLS-Anarchy In the UK/02 THE EXPLOITED-Class War/03 THE VARUKERS-Protest and Survive/04 THREATS-Politicians and Ministers/05 RIOT SQUAD-Fuck the Tories/06 THE ADICTS-How Sad/07 SHAM 69-Borstal Breakout/08 THE FALL-Rowche Rumble/09 THE RUTS-Babylon's Burning/10 IGGY & THE STOOGES-I Got Nothing/I Got Shit/
11 THE AU PAIRS-America/12 CHRON GEN-Fiasco/13 THE BOYS-Cop Cars/14 THE STRANGLERS-Peasant in the Big Shitty/15 THE CORTINAS-Facst Dictator/16 REDSKINS-Red's Strike the Blues/17 THEATRE OF HATE-Do You Beleive In Westworld/18 VICE SQUAD-Stand Strong Stand Proud (Live)/19 NEW MODEL ARMY -Vengeance/20 THE RUTS-In a Rt

Arc of Ascent

If you've been around here a while you know I love me some Datura, they claimed with two absolute drop-dead albums of stoner brilliance a while back.....(A member of Datura sent me an email once thanking me for profiling them on the blog, and mentioned Arc Of Ascent).....Arc of Ascent released "Circle of the Sun" in 2010 I think, it could EASILLY be the third Datura album if there one, nearly as good as either  of the Datura efforts....Arc of Ascent on this album were bassist/vocalist Craig Williamson, drummer John Strange, and guitarist Sandy Schaare. If you liked New Zealand's finest (Datura of course) you cannot go wrong with this one.

However, unbeknownst to me, they have also released a second disc "The Higher Key" (with a new drummer) in 2012......cannot find a copy of it much of anywhere, their Bandcamp site hawks it for sale and I'd happily pay the price but would LOVE to hear it anyone have a copy to share (Mark E?)........but for now here is "Circle of the Sun", a great album!

CIRCLE OF THE SUN-01 Universal Form/02 Cosmic Eye/03 The Inner Sign/04 Absolution In Light/05 Godhead/06 Master of the Serpents

Good album, anyone with the other one either share or advise, a good word from a trusted sould would lead me to  the ten bucks from Bandcamp!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Return of legend that IS Dave Sez!

Dave Sez has been a frequent contributor here, TONS of good stuff that you may hve happened by here may very well have been his he wishese to contribute a fine Eric Clapton set from 1994, sounds good to me, and I will turn the description of the music over to him, take it away, Dave Sez:

Eric Clapton - From The Cradle tour rehearsals
Sony Studios, NYC, 28th September 1994
A+ studio mp3 @ 320, full artwork and text included
A couple of weeks after the release of the From The Cradle album on 13th September 1994, Clapton gathered his band at a New York studio to rehearse for their upcoming tour. These top-quality full run-throughs are at least equal to the official album, being again recorded as a single studio take then beautifully mixed down for the band to rehearse to.
Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Dave Bronze – bass
Andy Fairweather-Low – guitar
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Roddy Lorimer – trumpet
Tim Sanders – tenor saxophone
Simon Clarke – baritone saxophone
Jerry Portnoy – harmonica
Andy Newmark – drums
01 - Hootchie Coochie Man*
02 - Tore Down*
03 - Sinner's Prayer*
04 - Motherless Child*
05 - Malted Milk
06 - Born Under A Bad Sign
07 - Someday After A While*
08 - It Hurts Me Too*
09 - 44
10 - Five Long Years*
11 - Crossroads
12 - Ain't Nobody's Business
Bonuses: "Saturday Night Live" session, 24th September 1994
13 - Tore Down*
14 - Five Long Years*
* = on From The Cradle album.
Thanks to!
Research and text by Dave Sez, 2014 - almost twentieth anniversary!


So, there ya go, some rare Clapton which sounds great to me, ALL thanks go to Dave Sez, I'm just the middle man.......but PLEASE, if you have any stuff like this PLEASE share, share, share!!!!! That is the name of this game.

Wesley WIllis

The Wesley Willis Fiasco, SpookyDisharmoniousConflictHellrideSo, Nirvana thing was not as popular as I had hoped.......I hope YOU personally enjoyed it, and really, I'm GLAD I decided not to dedicate the entire month to the band, as my trademarked variety would have been compromised.....because the point here has alwasy been that Nirvana CAN BE on the same level of enjoyability as No Need For a Name or The Bannana Erectors, depending upon the listener and the listener's frame of mind.....I LOVE to share out Nirvana or Rollin Stones rarities, but I ALSO love shaking up with something maybe a couple of you never heard before.

Which brings us to Wesley Willis, a sort of project of Jello Biafra (Similar to the Frank Zappa/Wild Man Fischer relationship of years earlier)......Willis is a diagnosed chronic schizophrenic who "writes" and "sings" various songs on various topics.....if you have never heard him before, you may not enjoy this at all (GOOD chance of that), but you will not be able to compare it to anything else.

Wesley Willis - Greatest Hits Volume 2Willis claimed that there are three demons that resided within him, I am not going to go into full detail here, NOT making fun of the man......but the "demons" caused him to record about a zillion albums, best known the Wesley Willis Fiasco albums which were farily straight up punk, with Biafra's assistance......his life story would require a book, maybe there is one, there was a chapter about him (along with Wild Man Fischer and some others in the book "Unknown Legends of Rock N Roll to which I have alluded many times.)

wesley willisAnyway, a lot of Willis' songs are "tributes"other musicians......let's take, for example, the "great" "Nirvana" goes something like this "Nirvaaaaaaana, Nirvaaaaaana, you is so bad you can kick a horses ass, Nirvaaaaaaana, Nirvaaaaaaana....".....or the creative "Alanis Morrisette", the lyrics being something like "A-Lan-Is Morrsett, A-Lan-Is-Morrsett, you is so bad you can kick a horse's ass".....soemthing like that......he also is known for a series of tunes such as "Lick a Camel's" ass and "Suck My Dog's Dick"......NOT for you to play for your grandmother, please. For some reason when "Huh?" Magazine put out it's monthly various artists CD, Willis turned up on them quite often, this is where I got my first exposure to him.....I MIGHT root through all those and put those tracks on here too (I also recall he covered "Jailbreak" on the Thin Lizzy tribte as well......

... AN INTRODUCTION TO WESLEY WILLIS (dedicated to SLAWN) » wesley willisI have a couple of his albums here, and I think that there is a tape or two on the Bay I don't have.....I try, as I say over and again, to put up VARIETY on this site, and Wesley WIllis gives us that to an absolute  T.......WIllis passed away in 2003.

This first one, I got off the Bay, the originator says he bought a burned CD from Wesley himself for $3.00 before a show.....gotta be "rare" as these things ...

Wesley Willis, sorely missedWESLEY WILLIS-01 Easy E Tried to Kill Me (with Pimp Daddy Welfare)/02 I Smoke Weed/03 Illinois State Police/04 Jesus is the Fuckin Answer/05 Suck a Cheetah's Dick/06 Suck My Rotweiller's Ass

I have an album on my shelf from his "Fiasco" period, which is an attempt, I guess, at hard-core punk rock...the album is entitled "Spookydisharmoniousconflicthellride" HAVE NOT, for better or for worse, heard anything like this before......

SPOOKYDISHARMONIOUSCONFLICTHELLRIDE-01 Get on the Bus/02 I'm Doing It Well On the Side of the Rea/03 Pop That Pussy/04 Casper the Homosexual FrienGhost/05 I Can't Drive/0He's Doing Time In Jail/07 The Bar Is Closed/08 Jesus is the Answer/09 Blood Guts and Fire Trucks/10 She Loves Me Truly/11 Drink That Whiskey/12 Steve Albini/13 Steve Albini Reprise/14 I'm SOrry That I Got So Fat
There were also three (!) "Greatest hits"albums, I know I used to them all but now I have only   "Volume 2" and "Volume 3", I'm sure these will suffice......comments, please, as I continue to span recorded history for not only the "best", but the simply "out there"? It ALL has it's place, right? ....Not ALL of the "classics" are here, but "Suck a Polar Bear's Dick", and "Suck a Pit Bull's Dick certainly do give us at least a general idea
And since we are in a Nirvana kind of mood, I tracked down his "Nirvana" "tribute", you'll want to hear it as well, it's just a singel track, taken, as I said before, a "HUH?" Magazine compilation
Wesley Willis 
VOLUME 2-01 The Vultures Ate My Dead Ass Up/02 They Threw me Out of Church/03 Oil Express/04 Fuck You/05 Birdman Kicked My Ass/06 Make Sure I'm Out Screwing Up/07 I'm Running My Inkpen/08 Caryn Shaffer/09 Cut the Mullet/10 Jello Biafra/11 Suck a Caribou's Ass/12 Stop the Violence/13 Feel the Power of Rock N Roll/14 The Frogs/15 Aime/16 Girls On Film/17 Lotion/18 I Broke Out Your Windshield/19 Arnold Schwarzeneggar/20 Mr Scarface/21 Al Capone/22 Harmony Joy Busride
VOLUME 3-01 Verbal Assault/02 The Viper Room/03 Im Going On a World Tour/04 If/05 Your Way Right Away/06 Make My Joyplane Crash and Burn/07 I Whipped Spiderman's Ass/08 Suck a Pitbull's Dick/09 Oprah Winfrey/10 Love God (#)/11 I'm the Daddy of Rock N Roll/12 My Keyboard Got Damaged/13 Wrigly Field/14 Chuckie/15 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers/16 My Mother Smokes Crack Rocks/17 Beware of Dog/18 Gingerbread Knocked Me Out/19 Do It/20 Suck a Polar Bear's Dick/21 The Horse Bit Me/22 Carla Winterbottom/23 Catalina/24 Benny The Bull/25 It's the End of the Western.