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Saturday, March 25, 2017

WOXY Lounge Acts

Did these once long ago, I ahve hundreds of CD's with vintage WOXY 99.7 FM "Lounge Acts"......I published a handfull a while back, tons of unknown alt bands performing advised, the Volume #'s mean NOTHING to's just a personal numbering system for me to use......hope you like these, different to say the least



Each track represents an unsplit set by the band in question.....the tracks are not split,but please dont let this be a deal breaker!


01 Lab Partners/02 Joseph Arthur & the Astronauts


01 The Features/02 Phantom Shakes


01The A- Sides/02 Palomoa/03 Hot IQ's

I'll bring some others out in the future, see how you like these.....I love them, unknown bands/good high energy sets and great sound!

links in comments section

Thursday, March 23, 2017


The first album (1970) from UK prog/jazz rockers Hannibal......good album, give it a shot....good keyboard/guitar/saxaphone interplay, and good blusey vocals.....another of the many forgotten great albums of that era.

HANNIBAL-01 Look Upon Me/02 Winds of Change/03 Bend For a Friend/04 1066/05 Wet Legs/06 Winter

Hypatia Lake

Here is some spacey-as-hall psychedelic stuff from Seattle, ca. 2011.......this being their fourth LP, but the
only one I happen to have (any help?).......this is a really good and freaky album that I should have put up long ago.......trippy as hell......











Scott's Mega-Sons of Garage Fuzz, Part 11

Back with another chapter culled from the torrents created by James B, tonight we present the letter L, a
good one with 40 tracks and, as stressed before, no overlap with the first "Garage Fuzz" series.....thanks again to James for creating these, and thanks to YOU for making these so popular......great stuff on these, and the best thing is the almost total lack of layups.......MUCH more rare material than any torrent I can recall.

PART 11-01 LARRY & THE PAPER PROPHETS-Don't Mess Around/02 LARRY MACK-Last Day of the Dragon/03 LARRY'S REBELS-Painter Man/04 LAST WORD-Can't Stop Loving You/05 LAST WORD-Mor'een/06 LAST WORD-Runnin' and Hidin'/07 LAWSON & 4 MORE-Halfway Down the Stairs/08 LEATHER BOY-I'm a Leather Boy/09 LEATHER PAGES-Accept Me For What I Am/10 LEATHER PAGES-The News is Out/11 LEFT BANKE-Lazy Day/12 LEGENDS-Baby Get Your Head Screwed On/13 LENNY ROBERTS-We're Gonna Be In Love/14 LES SAUTERELLES-Janet/15 LIGHT- Back Up/16 LINCOLN STREET EXIT-The Bummer/17 LINCOLNS-Come Along and Dream/18 LINCOLNS-Girl/19 LINDY BLAKESY &
THE LAVELLES-Sweets For My Sweet/20 LINK WRAY & THE RAYMEN- Hidden Charms/21 LITTER-Blue Ice/22 LITTER-Legal Matter/ 23 LITTER-Mindbreaker/24 LITTER-Rack My Mind/25 LITTER-Somebody/26 LITTLE BOY BLUES-The Great Train Robbery/27 LITTLE BOY BLUES-It's Only You/28 LITTLE GULLIVER & THE CHILDREN-I Was Bewitched/29 LIVELY ONES-Too Many Lies/30 LIVERPOOL FIVE-I Just Can't Believe It/31 LIV'IN END-She's a Teaser/32 LONDON DRI-Life In Your Hands/ 33 LONELY SOULS-I Can't Stop Now/34 LONG ISLAND RALE RODE-Think Love/35 LORD CHARLES & THE PROPHETS-Don't Ask No Questions/36 LOS PEYOTES-Cry Baby/37 LOST AGENCY-Time To Dream/38 LOVEGRASS-All Around Me/39 LOVING DARKS-Mi Imposible/40 LYRICS- Mr. Man

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


The album's title, "Freaky Guitar Album", pretty much says it all.......these recordings are from the era 1976-79 from Swedish psych-jammers Ravjunk......instrumental guitar jams to soothe even the most freakout-fuzz craving!

  • 1Inferno libbet13:11
  • 2Ship Construction6:10
  • 3Snowtrace 1-423:32
  • 4Hangover Construction7:17
  • 5Twinkle Little Star9:42
  • 6Inferno2:29

Saturn v Tret'em Dome

Fabio sends to us this album, "Toola", from the Russian stoner/psych/doom crew Saturn v Tret'em Dome.....I carpet bombed this one and it's right up my alley, see what you think but I think it's a keeper!

01 Wake Up And Get Stoned.mp3
02 Everyday Life.mp3
03 Psilocybin Asteroid.mp3
04 Mammoth.mp3
05 Authopsy.mp3
06 Toola.mp3
07 Planet Of Funeral.mp3
08 Chameleon.mp3

Three Classic Soft Boys Demo EP's

More early stuff from the Soft Boys, 3 EP's from Media Club, recorded between 1977-79. Lots of pre-
"Underwater Moonlight" stuff, fans will be drooling!   We have the 1977 Living Room Sessions, 1977 Raw Sessions, and 1979 Early I once read one critic say, when you have "oddities" from the Soft Boys, well, that is really saying something. Enjoy these they are fab.

1 Give It To The Soft Boys

2 Size Of A Walnut, The

3 Ugly Nora

4 Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole

5 Look Into Your Mirror

6 Where Are The Prawns

7 Innocent Boy

1 The Yodelling Hoover

2 Give It To The Soft Boys

3 Vyrna Knowl Is A Headbanger

 Hear My Brane

5 The Face Of Death

6 Wading Through A Ventilator

 The Face Of Death                                                                                                                      


1 Where Are The Prawns?

2 (I Want To Be An) Anglepoise Lamp (demo 1)

3(I Want To Be An) Anglepoise Lamp (demo 2)

4 Fatman's Son

5 Wading Through A Ventilator

6 The Face Of Death

7 Hear My Brane

8 Kimberley's Tune