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Sunday, September 21, 2014

7x7 Is (Part 2)

The final three discs of the magnficent "7 x 7 Is" set, with tons of GREAT garage
rock singles (more of recent vintage in case you are wondering, doesn't matter, it's fucking kickass anyways, get over the prejudice of recently vintaged garaeg rock, it's fucking awesome).....

So, disc 5 leads off with a GREAT band I haver profiled here before, 1313 Mockingbird Lane, who, as you know (if you follow this fucking blog as you should) are tremendous, also the Cynics, The Gorehounds, the Kings of Oblivion, and MORE.......this is a great series, feel sorry for ya if you're one of the losers that contacts me a year from now, asking for a re-up (likely you won't get it).

Now, we have Disc 6........highlighted by the immortal Roky Erickson (& 27 Devils Joking) as well as the immortal Yard Trauma, this maight just be the best of the seven discs.......we also get some lesser-knowns as Psycho Desert Rangers, The Bags, and Dana Lynn, no question, something you want on your shelf (along with the other 6 discs of course)......

Finally Disc 7, the final of the series (ya know, I don't recall from where I got these, but, truly, they have the immortal  Katrakyla written ALL OVER them).......noone really well-known here but overs of garage-rock aren't going to wish to miss out on the New Duncan Imperials, Mooseheart Faith, The Wicked Ones, and more.....this is the "set completer" and is as good as the rest of the discs......

Hope you guys have enjoyed THIS series, it's long been a favorite of mne, and at least I think, is somewhat hard to run here it is.......this is modern day garage rock at its best, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't check these out.

See ya, God only knows what I may put up next? Please let me know of any rockin sounds you'd like
to hear, I have barely scratched the surface of my stash in these 3.5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VOLUME 5-01 1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE-Hornet's Nest/02 1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE-My Hearse (Is Double Parked)/03 THE CYNICS-(You Can't Blow) Smoke Rings/04 THE CYNICS-I'm In Pittsburgh and It's Raining/05 DISPOSESSED-Moon and Midnight/06 DISPOSESSED-The Thin Man/07 GOREHOUNDS-Necrosis/08 GOREHOUNDS-Voodoo Priest/09 KINGS OF OBLIVION-Gotta Love Me/10 KINGS OF OBLIVION-No Way To Be/11 KINGS OF OBLIVION-Only You to Blame/12 LANCE KAUFMAN-Peacful Amazon Villiage/13 LANCE KAUFMAN-They Dug Up Elvis/14 LEE JOSEPH-Sounds of Color/15 LEE JOSEPH-Splash One/16 LEE JOSEPH-Stay By My Side/17 LEE JOSEPH-The Special Ones


Temple Departures/10 NEW DUNCAN IMPERIALS-Feelin' Sexy/11 NEW DUNCAN IMPERIALS-Hamhocks/12 NEW DUNCAN IMPERIALS-Jagermeister/13 NEW DUNCAN IMPERIALS-Pensacola 99/14 TEX EDWARDS & LITHIUM XMAS-Love Power/15 TEX EDWARDS & LITHIUM XMAS-Strange Moves/16 WICKED ONES-Boy That Time Forgot/17 WICKED ONES-Nightmares/18 WICKED ONES-The Devil's In My Pants

Lemme know whacha be thinkin bout this series.....I think it's a bad muthafuckah.....lotsa rare shit, lotsa bad ass rockin shit..........but again, I think it's PRETTY rare, so I hope it made somebody's day/ very best to you all, even those at the other, "superior" blogs who don't like me/mine........they are wonderful people as well, and i wish them only the best!

7x7 is (Part 1)

You guys should appreciate this one, I'm pretty sure I've never put this one up before (if I have, sorry,
but it would have to be a longtime ago)....."7x7 is" is a very fine, wonderful, set of US garage rock singles (A&B sides) from the more recent about four discs today, and the remaining three tomorrow? this is some badass stuff, you will want these......highlights of the first four discs:

Well, Disc 1 lads off with the incredible Brood, whom I have featured here before, with another of their fantastic singles "Since He's Been Gone"/"You got Me Crying"....definitley the disc highlight, but ALSO some Laughing Soup Dish, Pleasureheads, and the grea Untold Fables........guys, this is a set you WANT, and I think it is at least somewhat hard to locate.

Disc 2 ALSO leads off with the grat Brood, also the magnificent Cynics , Optic Nerves, Ten Tons of Lies, and Thee Cellar Dwellars, among others, TRUST ME FOLKS, YOU WANT THESE ALBUMS......PERIOD

OK, we move on to Disc 3......the MOS familiar name here is Plasticland, who do NOT disappoint, we also get Tommyknockers, Boys From Nowhere, Black Angel's Death Song, The Fall Outs, and more, again, a wonderful disc, you are gonna want them ALL

Last one for today will be Disc 4, we'll do the rest of them up tomorrow, Dead Moon and Planet 9 are th best known acts here, nothing at all wrong with THAT, also Aching Void, Fingers of Doom, Ten Foot Faces........this is a MAGNIFICENT collection, and YOU WANT THIS.........

I could put up all 7 discs tonight, but why the FUCK should I? check these out and you will be BEGGING for the last three, it's a fantastic set, you will love it all.......raw, retro, totally cool garage rock at its finest.

What more could we POSSIBLY ask for?

VOLUME 1-01THE BROOD-Since He's Been Gone/02 THE BROOD-You Got Me Cryin'/03 BURNING RAIN-Climb to the Sky/04 BURNING RAIN-Crystal Coloured Cloud/05 LAUGHING SOUP DISH-Rainy Day Sponge/06 LAUGHING SOUP DISH-Teenage Lima Bean/07 MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT-Suddenly Sunday/08 MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT-Tomorrow Never Knows/09 THE PETALS-Energy Panel/10 THE PETALS-Mushroom Farm/11 PLEASUREHEADS-Clove Cigarettes/12 PLEASUREHEADS-Song For God/13 UNTOLD FABLES-For My Woman/14 UNTOLD FABLES-The Man and the Wooden God/15 UNTOLD FABLES-Wendylyn/16 UNTOLD FABLES-When the Night Falls

VOLUME 2-01 THE BROOD-I Need You Here/02 THE BROOD-You Got Me/03 CYNICS-Sweet Young Thing/04 CYNICS-I'm In Pittsburgh and It's Raining/05 MYSTIC EYES-From Above/06 MYSTIC EYES-My Time To Leave/07 OPTIC NERVE-Ain't That a Man/08 OPTIC NERVE-Happy Ever After/09 OPTIC NERVE-Play Fair/10 TEN TONS OF LIES-Sands of the Next Season/11 TEN TONS OF LIES-You Lie/12 THEE CELLAR DWELLARS-Dwellin'/13 THEE CELLAR DWELLARS-Wonderin' Why/14 TOWN CRYERS-Girl With the Blue Sweater/15 TOWN CRYERS-What's Going On

DEATH SONG-What Do You Mean/03 BOYS FROM NOWHERE-1966/04 BOYS FROM NOWHERE-No Reason To Live/05 FALL OUTS-Another Fad/06 FALL OUTS-Don't Want the Sun/07 FALL OUTS-She's Out There/08 PLASTICLAND-Enchanted Forestery/09 PLASTICLAND-Let's Play Polyana/10 THEE FORGIVEN-Be My Lover/11 THEE FORGIVEN-She Shines/12 TOMMYKNOCKERS-Old Enough To Know Better/13 TOMMYKNOCKERS-Smoke Lightning/14 TOMMYKNOCKERS-You'll Find Out/15 TRUE WEST-Luscifer Saw/16 TRUE WEST-Mas Reciful

VOLUME 4-01 ACHING VOID-Swirling Colors/02 ACHING VOID-Voices/03 DEAD MOON-DOA/04 DEAD MOON-Dagger Moon/05 FINGERS OF DOOM-I Don't Understand It/06 FINGERS OF DOOM-White Gods/07 FINGERS OF DOOM-Yellow/08 MARBLE ORCHARD-Ever Think About Me/09 MARBLE ORCHARD-Something Happens/10 PLANET 9 & BRIAN-Echoing Sunshine/11 PLANET 9 & BRIAN-Hideaway/12 PLANET 9 & BRIAN-Walls of Paradise/13 TEN FOOT FACES-Dangerous Visions/14 TEN FOOT FACES-Don't Want Love/15 TEN FOOT FACES-Sand Fuck/16 THREE WOMEN IN BLACK-Submission

OK, guys, this is a fairly rare set, at least I haven't seen it much around the web.....YOU WANT THIS, it is fabulous......three MORE discs of this fab stuff tomorrow.....PLEASE downlod, enjoy, and above all, leave a comment if you have time.....honest to God, lately I've been struggling with what to post.....I have a LOT (i mean A LOT) more stuff that I haven't touched yet.....but PLEASE help me out, let me know what ya think, and we'll plot our course from there....I think this is a TREMENDOUS set, maybe you don't, but either way LET ME KNOW......I enjoy doing the blog, but as of late, I don't know........I just need to know the kinda things you guys ya like the BIG posts? (Mott the Hoople kind of thing), or more stuff like THIS or Portugese Nuggets? OR Both? I've been doing this for a while and I just WANT TO KEEP IT FRESH AND INTERESTING, not just for ME, but for YOU GUYS.........please contribute your music, as well as your opinions, and let's keep this blog what it is, which is NOT a stodgy, superior, better-than-thou blog (trust me they exist), but a
COMMUNITY of people who LOVE the music that has served as a background to our you all, really, and you don't need to tell me the Vikings (as well asOhio State) suck, I am FULLY aware of those facts!

Thanks to all who participate here, it's all about YOU (not me).....even though, yeserday (9/20) was my anniversary (1 Year) of nearly dying in a freaky sleep-apnea incident.......just glad to be alive, as we all should be, but we need background music for our lives while we are above ground......that is what I AM here for!! Utilize the chance!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Portugese Nuggets

Staying in the Portugal groove for another day, here is a fine 4 disc set of "Nuggets"-style garage/psych/surf, most of which I assume will be little known to the English speaking listener (although, like yesterday's set, some are in English)........a few acts are repeaters from yesterday's "Heavy Psych" set, the time frame is a bit earlier (this hit the "Nuggets" era squarely, 1964-69"), lets see what we have here....

Volume 1 includes the fab Pop Music Five Inc, this time wth the cool "Fire". Os Chinchillas treat us to "I'm a Believer"......Quarteto 1111 are a repeater from yesterday, this time with "Bissaide"......I also need to touch on Os Bluesos Negroes, just because I think the name is amusing........  wonderful, different, out there of both foreign language (non-English, I mean), as well as fans of Nugget-rock should jump on these, myself I am in both camps....

Couple of bands get multiple play on Volume 2, Shieks, Os Steamers........worth a laugh: Os Vodkas "San Francisco Girls".......each volume of the set is a treasure, truly, don't miss a one.

Volume 3 includes, Demonious Negroes, gotta love that, couple cool tracks from Conjunto Hi-Fi.....what does "Conjunto" mean in Portugese? Because, along with the previously mntioned Conjunto Hi-Fi, we also get Conjunto Zoo, Conjunto Night Stars, and Conjunto Acedemico Joao of the things I like about non-English language stuff is the mystery of stuff like that!

The fab Quarteto 1111 highlight Volume 4, yet another "Conjunto" band, this time Conjunto Jose Novoa (with "House of the Rising Sun"!), Os Chincillas return, as do Os Demonios Negroes (sorry, I can't help it, I assume "The Black Demons", am I correct?).........another fine collection.

It would be WAAAAY cool if someone who speaks/reads Portugese would translate the band names and song titles, mostly because I assume some of them would be funny, but it isn't IMPORTANT.....the best thing about foreign language rock is it allows the music to do the talking (at least to we narrow-minded Yanks), and really allows the nuances of the genre (think also the Greek Punk sets, I've GOT to get a few more of those sent for translation).......anyway, this should keep ya buy for a little while, enjoy the last couple of days' "Portu-fest"!

ACADEMICO-Train/03 DANIEL BACELAR E OS GENTLEMEN-Tema Dos Gentlemen/04 POP MUSIC FIVE INC-Fire/05 CONJUNTO ACADEMICO JOAO PAULO-Sue Lin/06 VITOR GOMES-Mama/07 THE KEEPERS-Hoje Mais Feliz Do Que Nunca/08 CONJUNTO RUY MANUEL-Fuga/09 CONJUNTO MISTERIO-Tired of Waiting For You/10 OS MORGANS-Opus/11 CONJUNTO ACADEMICO JOAO PAULO-Hully Gully Do Montanhes/12 OS TITAS-Tema Para Titas/13 SHIEKS-Try To Understand/14 OS CHINCHILAS-I'm a Beleiver/15 QUARTETO 1111-Bissaide/16 JETS-Let Me Live My Life/17 OS BLUESOS NEGROS-Tequilla/18 OS EKOS-Esquece/19 EUSIBIO-Outro

VOLUME 2-01 Jingle (LM Radio)/02 OS STEAMERS-I Am a Chancho/03 CONJUNTO NIGHT STARS-She Only Wants a Friend/04 OS VODKAS-San Francisco Girls/05 OS NOMADOS-What'd I Say/06 OS CLAVES-Keep On Running/07 DANIEL BACELAR E OS GENTLEMEN-Se Eu Enloquecer/08 QUINTETO ACEDEMICO-724710/09 OS FIVE BAMBINOS-Eu Chamo Por Ti/10 OS GAMBUZINOS-Aida/11 Jingle (LM Radio)/12 TARTAROS-Oh! Rosa Arredonda a Saia/13 COJUNTO ACADEMICO JOAO PAULO-Jezebel/14 OS PLUTONICOS-Goodbye My Love/15 SHIEKS-Eusebio/16 OS ESPASCIAS-You Turn to Cry/17 OS EKOS-O Espelho/18 OS ALAMOS-Stop That Game/19 OS STEAMERS-Sera Assim Ate Morrer/20 OS STEAMERS-Jingle/21 Jingle (LM Radio)

VOLUME 3-01 HENRIQUE MENDES-Intro/02 LES FANATICS-The Spotnik Theme/03 CONJUNTO HI FI-Crystals and Trees/04 DANIEL BACELAR E OS GENTLEMEN-Mr. Train/05 TARAS E MONTENEGRO-When/06 SERGIO BORGES E O CONJUNTO JOAO PAULO-A Uma Gina/07 CONJUNTO ZOO-Baby Come Back/08 OS EKOS-I Saw That Girl/09 GRUPO 5-Everyday/10 CONJUNTO NIGHT STARS-Hungry For Love/11 FILARMONICA FRAUDE-Flor De Laranjiera/12 SHIEKS-I've Got To Give Up/13 OS CLAVES-Where the Good Times Gone/14 OS TITAS-Mira-Mi Maria/15 JOAQUIM COSTA-Rip It Up/16 DEMONIOS NEGROES-Coimbra/17 VITOR GOMES E OS GATOS NEGROES-Ao Vivo Na RTP 1965/18 CHARRUAS-Come on, Baby, Come On/19 OS TELSTARS-t4/20 CONJUNTO ACADEMIO JOAO PAULO-O Oluco/21 CONJUNTO HI FI-I See the Rain/22 Outro

VOLUME 4-01 OS CELTAS-Disparate/02 THE SATINS COM FERNANDO CONDE-I Can't Tell/03 OS IMPACTICO (OS INFLECTOS)-Uma Velha For A Feira/04 OS CHINCHILAS-Don't Want You No More/05 OS DEMONIOS NEGROES-Slow Down/06 OS EKOS-A Espera Da Nosa Vez/07 GINO GARRIDO E OS PSIODELICOS-Baby I Love You/08 QUARTETO 1111-Abaliah/09 QUINTETO ACADEMICO + 2-Love Love Loverman/10 NUNO FILPE-Os Gatos/11 THE STROLLERS-Find Out What's Happening/12 THE SATINS COM FERNANDO CONDE-Too Much Monkey Business/13 OS TUBAREOS-Pomea Da Homem Ra/14 OS IMPACTO (OS INFLEXOS)-Sunshine Of Your Love/15 CONJUNTO NIGHT STARS-Heah!/16 OS ALAMOS-The Night Before/17 OS CELTAS-In Think  In Another Girl When I Find You/18 CONJUNTO JOSE NOVOA-House Of the Rising Sun

This is a KILLER set........enjoy and PLEASE leave a comment..........really, an AMAZING set and I think that my minions will love the shit out of it, trust the big man, it is FUCKING BAD ASS!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Psychedelic Portugal

A wonderful set this evening, can't remember from where I got it, back in the day I was collecting psych comps from various blogs almost daily, honestly don't recall the source for this one.....the full title is "Psychedelic Portugal-Hard Psych and Prog from the Portugal Underground Psych Scene, 1968-74"......if you are a fan of foreign language (only some of it, some is English) psych/prog, this is a fairly unknown gem that you will want to attack. Just gave it a refresher listen today, it's a REALLY good one and comes with my highest recommendation for this type of thing......if you scan the track/artist listing, there may not be anything that jumps out at you, but "A Story" by Ex- Libris is a real winner, "Stand By" from Pop Music Five, Inc, echoes the great Nuggets garage psych sound, The Heavy Band (!) contributes "Funky", The Chinchillas "Barbarella" is a standout, hell it's all great, can't beleive I've never popped this one up before when I was in one of those moods where I didn't want to do much work.........seriously, this is a keeper......

PSYCHEDELIC PORTUGAL-01 INTRO/02 EX-LIBRIS-A Story/03 OBJECTIVO-Gin Blues/04 POP MUSIC FIVE INC-Stand By/05 CHINCHILLAS-Barbarella/06 PETRUS CASTRUS-Batucada Vulgaris/07 PIEXUS-Paraiso Amanha/08 EVOLUCAO-Noites de Sabath/09 FLUIDO-O Homem Sentado/10 FAUSTO-Instro/11 BEATNICKS-Money/12 MECHANICAL DREAM-Skate/13 THE HEAVY BAND-Funky/14 QUARTETO 1111-1111/15 BANDA 4-Walking on the Beach/16 JOSE CID-A Viagem/17 SERGIO BORGES COM CONJUNTO JOAO PAULO-Paul Da Terra/18 FILARMONICA FRAUDE-Devedoe a Terra

Lemme know your thoughts, I have another Portugal set, a multi-disc "Nuggets" type thing that I might dig out soon if the Portugal thing goes over well......

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Real quick like, another grunge anthology

Better than the one I put up a couple of weeks ago, which had so much "obvious" material it seemed like one of those 1970's K-Tel collections, this one ("The Grunge Years 1991") has at least a bit more obscure material than that one did......the obligatory Nirvana track is not really an obvious one ("Dive"), and we get some stuff from Tad, Dickless, The Walkabout, and Love Battery, among other "second team" grunge acts of that great year of no means a great album as we look at it today, but sometime in the future, as I've said before, I think these grunge comps may be the equivelant of "Nuggets" if you get what I mean.....not going to go into any detail at all on this but for grunge-rock enthusiasts, it is probably at least "semi" essential, unless of course, you already have all of it......

THE GRUNGE YEARS (1991)-01 NIRVANA-Dive/02 L7-Shove/03 TAD-Stumblin' Man/04 BEAT HAPPENING-Red Head Walking/05 MARK LANEGAN-Ugly Sunday/06 SCREAMING TREES-Change Has Come/07 THE FLUID-Tomorrow/08 AFGHAN WHIGS-Retarded/09 BABES IN TOYLAND-House/10 MUDHONEY-Come To Mind/11 THE WALKABOUT-Long Black Veil/12 LOVE BATTERY-Between the Eyes/13 DICKLESS-Saddle Tramp


OK, as a supplement to the Tool stuff, here we have what I can offer up of you can
probably tell I am a huge fan of most of Tool's work, Puscifer, which is a side project of Maynard James Keenan, not quite as much, and if you are expecting "Tool, Jr.", be prepared to be quite wrong....Puscifer is Maynard and probably 50 differentbacking musicians at different times, and specialize in synth-heavy, beat driven wierdness, about 180 degrees from Tools thunderous gloom rock......I don't think I have everything as there are tons of remixes and the like, but I have what I have and have recieved quite a few emails requesting here we go with wht I do have, if you have anything to add, please do so.

Earliest release I find is the goofball, countryish "Cuntry Boner" b/w "World Up My Ass", titles pretty much tell the tale here....a few months later came the first EP came out later the same year (2007) with the title "Don't Shoot the Messenger", highlighted by the "Renholder" remix of "The Undertaker", heavy bass/synth and pretty cool if you favor this sort of thing.

Finally MJK released a full length, "V Is For Vagina", this is a really decent album of soulful electronica, highlighted again by the full-out assault of "The Undertaker", also the dark "Momma Sed" and the quite bizarre "Dozo".......lots of guest musicians stand out here, very much worthwhile if you are up for something "different" (can't wait for someone to blindly dive into these looking for a Tool-like bludgeoning).

"D Is For Dubby" is also a strong effort, taking some of the "V" material, stripping the vocals and
intensifying the music with lots of dub techniques......dub fans will maybe like it, again, some may find it too strange for their tastes.

You won't beleive this, but next up is "V Is For Viagra the Remix Album", once again taking earlier numbers and remixing them into sometimes almost unrecognizeable versions. One thing about MJK he gets plenty of mileage out of his, I hapen to like this one as well, considering the three albums as companion pieces and excellent party/background music for the discerning oddball.

Next up, the EP "C Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genetilia Reference Here)" contains what I think maybe the best Puscifer track, "The Mission (M Is For Milla Mix)", really works thing that IMO DOESN'T work especially well is the odd "The Humbling River", not a BAD track by any means but actually might have been more at home on one of A Perfect Circle's albums......not to nitpick or anything, obviously this guy plays by his own rules.

2010's "Sound Into Blood Into Wine" is a soundtrack album to a Puscifer documentary, containing material mostly previously available , however, I think if you simply wish to dabble, it actually might be the way to go as it contains some of the best stuff ("The Mission", "the Undertaker", even "World Up My Ass".

I know a couple of "true believers", much more knowledgeable about Puscifer than myself,  who
REALLY rally behind "Conditions of My Parole" (2011), as the best release the "band" has put out, I'd find it hard to argue the point......some fine vocal work from guest Carina Round interplay well with MJK, some really fine, haunting, and intense tracks ("The Rapture", "Toma", "Man Overboard"), I'd really have to agree that it is probably the best Puscifer release.

"Donkey Punch the Night" came out just last year, I am not crazy about it, covers of (I am not making this up) "Balls to the Wall" and (cough) "Bohemian Rhapsody" (I'll let THAT one sink in for a moment), and if THAT isn't enough, both of them appear as well in remixed versions.......well, odd to be certain at least.

When my Mother was living, we used to visit her in Arizona each year, and often my wife and I would leave our son with Grandma for a few days and go spend some couple time up in Prescott.....near Prescott is the town of Jerome, which is an amazing place to visit, an old mining town that is up in the mountains, lots of tourists visit there, but it is quite cool.....evidently, MJK lives there as well, and (at least last time we were there, probably 5 years ago or so), there was a store dedicated to all things Puscifer (not just CD's and the like but clothing, etc)......the register was manned by one of the freakiest looking females I have yet to see, and coming from me, that is saying something, I bet this babe had 50 piercings and 20 tattoos on her face alone, had the Mrs not been along I might have asked to check out the rest, but God knows, this babe might have PREFERRED the Mrs......anyway, I digress.......the store was very cool, and, if you've ever been there, Jerome simply seems like a place where Maynard James Keenan OUGHT to live, for some reason. I think I bought "V is for Vagina" there, and maybe some earrings or something.......anyway, it IS a cool store (if it's still there), and if you are ever in central Arizona, I recommend checking out Jerome, and the Puscifer store for a day.

Obviously not the type of stuff I generally post, but a companion piece to the Tool stuff, and I've been keeping things a little on the heavy side of late anyway (not that there's anythign wrong with THAT), but maybe I've been wavering from the "variety" of which I tout so much, this should at least put us back on the right track there.

Love to hear from Tool fans who were unfamiliar with this, how surprised were you? would an
accurate comparison be Tool/Sex Pistols=Pusicfer/PIL? I don't know, maybe I could come up with  a better one, but this is interesting stuff, MJK is obviously quite creative, and let me know what you think of these, please! I would about guarentee there are a bunch more remixes and etc of this stuff out there, but this is all I've got.

CUNTRY BONER SINGLE-01 Cuntry Boner/02 World Up My Ass

DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER EP-01 Trekka (Sean Beaven Mix)/02 REV 22:20/03 The Undertaker (Renholder Mix)/04 REV (22:20) (4:20 Mix)

V IS FOR VAGINA-01 Queen B/02 Dozo/03 Vagina Mine/04 Momma Sed/05 Drunk With Power/06 The Undertaker/07 Trekka/08 Indigo Children/09 Sour Grapes/10 REV (22:20) (Dry Martini Mix)

D IS FOR DUBBY-01 Bone Dub/02 Children of the Dub/03 Dozo Dub/04 Dub v2.02/05 Dub With Power/06 Momma Dubbed Part 1 & 2/07 Sour Dub/08 Trekka Dub/09 Vagina (Version)/10 Queen D/11 Under Dub

V IS FOR VIAGRA THE REMIX ALBUM-01 Indigo Children (JLE Dub Mix)/02 Trekka (Desert Porn Mix)/03 Momma Sed (Tandimonium Mix)/04 Sour Grapes (Late for Dinner Mix)/05 Cuntry Boner (Dirty Robot Mix)/06 Drunk With Power (Hungover and Hostile in Hanover Mix)/07 Vagina Mine (Deflowering Mix)/08 Trekka (The Great Unwashed Mix)/09 Queen B (Glitched and Bent Mix)/10 DoZo (Guns For Hire Mix)/11 Queen B (Narcovice Radio Edit Mix)/12 Psa, Lol!/13 Cuntry Boner (Disco Viagra Mix)

C IS FOR (PLEASE INSERT SOPHOMORIC GENITILIA REFERENCE HERE)-01 Polar Bear/02 The Mission (M Is For Milla Mix)/03 Momma Sed (Alive at Club Nokia)/04 Vagina Mine (Live at Club Nokia)/05 Portions (Deliverance Mix)/06 The Humbling River/07 Trekka (Spaghetti Trekka Mix Live)

SOUND INTO BLOOD INTO WINE-01 Sour Grapes (Where's the Line Mix)/02 Momma Sed
(Vis4V Mix)/03 Queen B (Vis4V Mix)/04 The Undertaker (Vis4V Mix)/05 Drunk With Power (Vis4V Mix)/06 REV 22:20 (Dry Martini Mix)/07 Indigo Children (Vis4V Mix)/08 The Mission (M Is For Milla Mix)/09 The Humbling River (Nagual de Judith Mix)/10 World Up My Ass (7 Inch Mix)/11 Sour Grapes (Legend of the Mix)12 The Humbling River (Duet Mix)

CONDITIONS OF MY PAROLE-01 Tiny Monsters/02 Green Valley/03 Monsoons/04 Telling Ghosts/05 Horizons/06 Man Overboard/07 Toma/08 The Rapture (Fear Is a Mind Kila Mix)/09 Conditions of My Parole/10 The Weaver/11 Oceans/12 Tumbleweed

DONKEY PUNCH THE NIGHT-01 Bohemian Rhapsody (OG Mix)/02 Breathe/03 Dear Brother/04 Balls to the Wall (Pillow Fight Mix)/05 Breathe (Drumcell Rework)/06 Dear Brother (Denton Rework)/07 Balls to the Wall (Silent Servant Mix)/08 Bohemian Rhapsody (Sonoio Rework)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tool, Part 2

So, I gather we all agree that Tool are/were badass, artistic, intellectual metal monsters who cannot be
compared to anyone (except perhaps Opeth, whom they are/were FAR superior to)....we went through thier studio catolouge yesterday just in case you've been in suspended animation for the last 20 years and are unfamiliar, today, we get to the meat of the issue......Tool, live shows, demos, rarities, and all THAT good shit.......I said this yesterday, but I think Tool is destined to be one of those bands (think maybe the Velvet Underground, the New York Dolls, The MC5, a few others) who will not be fully appreciated for thier greatness until maybe 20 years down the road......these classic albums will stand up forever, and the brilliance of this more rare material is unquestionable as well.....seriously, I think Tool are one of the greatest of all American rock bands, ever, and I think that in the future, we will appreciate that.....timeless, brilliant music, maybe a "Velvet Underground of the 1990's-2000's" if that makes a bit of sense to ya at all!

So, if you are a Tool fan in the first place, you had all the stuff I put up yesterday......but I had to do it, ya know, a couple of non-argueable CLASSIC albums, some just-short of classic discs, and some damn fine EP's as well......if you are a newb, my God, I can only imagine what you, anyway, today, we are going to bombard you with the "rest" of my Tool stash, and still, I ask for opinions on whether you wish for me to continue with Maynard's solo project Puscifer, which is interesting at the VERY least.......let me know......

OK, so what can the Big hombre pull out for the discriminating Tool fan? Well, we have a smattering here, let's see........too bad the live shows don't come with visuals as thier concerts are pretty intense, visually,, but so it goes......OK, let s crack open the vault......

Let's start with "Ultra Rare Trax", not sure how "ultra rare" they are, but for sure, it is some bad ass Tool, and that is what we are here for today.....this includes a lot of silly covers (Sublime's "Wrong Way", Paul McCartney's "Silly Love Songs", etc......), as well as a generous handful of demos and stuff.......might as well start here, Tool neophytes!

Next up we have a very recent discovery of mine, a remixed "Aenima"......Tool's long, complex
compositions lend themselves well  to remix techniques, and this is a surprisingly good album...please check this out, it is worthwhile.

"Tool Oddities" contains all KINDS of weird shit, demos, remixes, live cuts, and tandems with other bands, notably Rage Against the Machine and Limp Bizkit......lots of stuff for the discriminating fan, and a lot of WEIRD stuff, basically for the rest of ya!

"The Tool Shed Demos" (1991) is a fine collection of early versions os some of thier best work, such as "Sober" and "Crawl Away", I think it is fairly rare, fans of the band will REALLY want this one.

Got several live shows, it is unfortunate, as I've said before, that they are not DVD's, because the Tool experience is a good part visual......let's start with a 2006 2-disc show from Vancouver, a perfectly professional rundown through a good bit of thier best stuff ("Stinkfist", "Schism", lots more).

Also from 2006, we have a Rosemont show, 2 discs as well, and  very similar setlist...a good version of "Wings For Marie" highlights this set.

We have a single disc, undated set from a Coachella show, a bit older obviously, as it focusses on the great "Undertow" and "Aenima" material......a fine version of "Prison Sex" highlights the show, "Sober" and "Stinkfist" are here as well in a compelling performance.

Also undated is a NYC show, single disc, but obviously "Aenima" era or so......their finest live number, in my estimation, was always "Pushit" which is here is all it's ugly glory.

Again undated, we have a set from Houston from around the same time, similar set list, "Prison Sex" and "Pushit" are great, and the encore "Sober" brings it all home.

OK, one more....1996 Washington DC.....this is a good single disc set, featuring "Pushit" as well as "Crawled Away", "Hooker With a Penis", and "Bottom".......a great set, from a great fucking band.

Last and by FAR the strangest is "Lullabye Renditions of Tool", the title says it all, strange, strange, strange, but that's what I be here for, right?

One of my very favorite modern day bands as you may have ascertained.......great and brilliant band,
for further listening, check A Perfect Circle whom I profiled here long ago, and if interested, PLEASE inform me that you would like a post on Puscifer, it's kind of an acquired taste, but is rewarding......but I need to guys want a Puscifer post or not? It's "Tool-Lite", but it is damn interesting at times as well, so PLEASE comment and let me know your preference......but, I will tell you, that post 1990, VERY few bands, I think, have been as great, hard rocking, significant, and thought provoking as have been Tool.........tremendous band, underappreciated for now, but as i said earlier, in the future they WILL be appreciated as influential and brilliant, when the Nicklecrack shit the kiddies are listening to will be relegated to the garbage heap of history.

ULTRA  RARE TRAX-01 Santa Monica & Orange/02 Spasm (Peach Cover)/03 Silly Love Songs/04 You Lied (Peach Cover)/06 Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd Cover)/07 Wrong Way (Sublime Cover)/08 Passenger/10 Cold & Ugly (demo)/11 Hush (demo)/12 Part of Me (demo)/13 Crawl Away (demo)/14 Sober (demo)/15 Jerkoff (demo)/16 No Quarter (Led Zeppelin Cover)

AENIMA (REMIXED)-01 Forty Six & 2/02 Hooker With a Penis/03 Stinkfist/04 No Quarter/05 Pushit/06 Euology/07 Aenima/08 Third Eye

TOOL ODDITIES-01 10000 Days (Secret Synch Track)/02 Crawl Away (demo)/03 H (remix)/04 Hush (String Quartet Tribute/05 Opiate (Limp Bizkit Live Boston 1999)/06 Parabola (Rockabye Tribute)/07 Parabol (Rockabye Tribute)/08 Pushit (Demo)/09 Revolution (Rage Against the Machine/Tool)/10 Schism (Live)/11 Sober (Acoustic Cover-Staind)/12 Sober (interpretation) Mikhail Martynov (Boss Loop Station Contestant)/13  Spasm/14 Stinkfist (Inure Remix)/15 Tool Dubstep Medley (Sober/Stinkfist/Eulogy)/16 You Lied (Peach Cover)

TOOL SHED DEMOS-01 Cold and Ugly/02 Hush/03 Part of Me/04 Crawl Away/05 Sober/06 Jerk Off

VANCOUVER DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Stinkfist/03 The Pot/04 Forty Six & 2/05 Jambi/06 Schism/07 Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned

VANCOUVER DISC 2-01 Intension/Right In Two/02 Sober/03 Lateralus/04 Intermission/05
Vicarious/06 Aenima

ROSEMONT DISC 1-01 Stinkfist/02 Jambi/03 46 and 2/04 The Pot/05 Schism/06 Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned

ROSEMONT DISC 2-01 Wings For Marie/02 10000 Days/03 Laterallus/04 Vicarious/05 Aenima

COACHELLA-01 Intolerance/02 Hooker With a Penis/03 Stare Into the Water/04 Prison Sex/05 Eulogy/06 Stinkfist/7 Sober/08 Pursuit/09 Aenima/10 Opiate/11 Encore

NYC-01 Third Eye/02 Forty Six & 2/03 Eulogy/04 Prison Sex/05 Pushit/06 H/07 Encore

HOUSTON-01 Untitled/02 Useful Idiot/03 Eulogy/04 Prison Sex/05 Pushit/06 H/ 07 Sober

WASHINGTON DC 1996-01 Hooker With a Penis/02 Unknown/03 Crawled Away/04 Unknown/05 Pushit/06 Bottom/07 Stinkfist/08 Prison Sex/09 Stranglehold

LULLABYE RENDITIONS OF TOOL-01 The Grudge/02 Sober/03 Opiate/04 Disposition/05 Schism/06 Parabol/07 Parabola/08 Sweat/09 Reflection/10 Lateralus/11 The Patient

OK, guys.....I put a bit O work into this and I know you will LUUUUUUV it, it's the shit.......any interest in Puscifer, or should I move on to something else? your call....If I get just ONE VOTE one way or the other, that is the way it shall go, so each opinion is REALLY important!

Tool is/was the fucking bomb.........bad ass, heavy, scary, dark, bleak, artistic, intellectual...what more could ANYONE ask?