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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dave Sez fills a request.

I don't remember who exactly asked for this, but a couple weeks ago, someme asked if I had the Stortbeat  1979-92 set which Dave Sez had presented sometime before on "Music Ruined My Life".....well I know I didn't havea it, so I put out a call fro Dave Sez who answered quickly and generously to provide us all with this great looking double disc set:

Here'a Dave Sez' track list for DI.......

    Disc one

    - Record Company
    - Harlow Town
    - Kitchen Parties
    The Sods
    - No Pictures
    - Plaything
    Spelling Missteaks
    - Popstar
    - Mirrors
    - Rubber duck
    - Urge
    - 1970's
    - System rejects/Hitler's still a Nazi
    No Wonder recordings
    Newtown Neurotics
    - Licensing Hours
    - You Said No
    Airplay Records
    Easy Action
    - Burning a hole
    - Kaspar Hauser
    Pressure Stops
    - Crash wanderer
    - Shirts
    Urban Decay
    - Severals
    - Sex Assault
    - Better Days
    - So superstitious
    - Best Friend

AND HERE for Disc 2:
isc Two
- I'm never nervous (live)
- Nobody wants to know
- Bun in the oven
The Sods
- Snakes
- Work
Pete the Meat and the Boys
- Look what she's doing
- Superman
- Why should I care
Trendy Records
The Groove
- What am I gonna do about you
- I wanna be your pigmy
- Heart Complaint
- I'm in love
No label
Anti State Control
- Sniffing Glue Blues
- M.U.S.E
- 3rd World bomb
- Trouble (live)
- Weekend (live)
- Romantic old sod
- Grab the haddock
Mirror Co
- Hit Single
- Beat City
Vertical Strokers
- Holidays
- Saturday girls
Rodger Milton
- My old man (backed by The Firm)
    - Crash wanderer
    - Shirts
    Urban Decay
    - Severals
    - Sex Assault
    - Better Days
    - So superstitious
    - Best Friend

Here are the zippy links for them both:

Should be readdy is just a few minutes, while we all take the time to thank Dave Sez for all of the great stuff he has provided us with here over the years! this blog simply would not be what it is without the help so many other contributors!

"Greatest Ever" Punk & New Wave (Thier Words)

Well, this is a three disc set from 2013, I would hardly consider these tracks, many of which are on MOST comps to be the "greatest ever", and I wouldn't even mess with this, to be honest, if there weren't a handful of truly rare tunes here, as well as, among the more common ones there are some damn GOOD ones, I mean, I assume you all HAVE THEM ALL anyway, but maybe not, and if so, go ahead and fill in a gap. I must say right from the start that "Greatest Ever" is more than a good bit ambitious in titling.....

Disc One, features fairly white-bread selections that turn up ever time pretty much.....all good songs, but really...."Alternative Ulster" by Stiff Little Fingers? Is there a comp of this type WITHOUT that one? Great song, BUT......The Buzzcocks "Ever Fallen In Love"? Eddie and the Hot Rods "Do Anything You Wanna Do"? These tracks, as great as they arer, are practically generic, they appear on so many comps...if it were 1980, these might be wonderful finds but now? when each of us has 15 different comps with EACH of these tunes on it? Just seems redundant to me, to a degree.....

However, I do NOT wish to discredit the entire Disc #1.....some of this stuff turns up less often, and sometimes a comp can be "worth it" for even a single track (not saying this is the case here, BUT:)
The wonderful "Echo Beach" by Martha and the Muffins is a great one that doesn't turn up THAT much, The Skids "Into the Valley", The Ruts "Staring at the Rude boys, The Teardrop Explodes (now THERE's a band I need to profile!) "When I Dream" is a gem, "Is Vic There" by Department S is MUCH less well known, and tracks from Jona Lewie and the Fall save this disc from being a K-Tel "Amazing New Wave Hits".....cleverly program this and you may wind up with ONE good disc of material you did not have before.

Disc 2 is a tiny bit more essoteric, even though there are layups on this one as well, "One Step
Beyond" by Madness, The Boomtown Rats stunning classic "I Don't Like Mondays", The Romantics "What I like about You".....easilly obtainable, punk/new wave fans likely already have these on 10 comps already......but of course the reason I am doing this is for the few tracks here which don't ALWAYS make the comps......"Reward" from Teardrop Explodes, Bad Manners "Lip Up Fatty", The Slits great "I heard it Through the Grapevine", and the stunning "Police and Thieves", NOT the Clash version, but the electrifying Junior Murvin would be worth purchasing this set for this track. Lene Lovich's "Lucky Numbers" is another track that misses the comps in general.......

So Disc 3......again, PLENTY of softballs.....The Dead Kennedy's "Holiday In Cambodia", Penetration's overdone "Don't Dictate", After the Fire's "Der Komissar", other than that, for the most part, Disc 3 presents us with the most interesting tracks of the three, such as moderately unknown stuff from John Cooper Clarke, Anti-Nowhere League, the Slaughter & the Dogs take on "Hard Day's Night", "Butcher Baby" from the Plasmatics (miss you so much Wendy my Love), and Spizzenergi's fab "Where's Captain Kirk".........

There's enough stuff you might not have here to create a disc or a disc and a half, a lot of it is EASY to locate, and in better company......this is not a "classic", "Must Have" comp, but for cherry pickers, there is a gem or three here waiting for you.

DISC 1-01 THE STRANGLERS-No More Heroes/02 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Ulternative Ulster/03 THE SKIDS-Into the Valley/04 THE RUTS-Staring at the Rude Boys/ 05 THE BUZZCOCKS-Ever Fallen In Love?/06 THE UNDERTONES-Jimmy Jimmy/07 THE DAMNED-Neat Neat Neat /08 SHAM 69-Borstal Breakout/09 SPLIT ENZ-I Got You/10 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Do Anything You Wanna Do/11 THE TEARDROP EXPLODES-When I Dream/12 THE RUNAWAYS-Black Leather/13 MARTHA & THE MUFFINS-Echo Beach/14 DEPARTMENT S-Is Vic There?/15 TENPOLE TUDOR-Swords of a Thousand Men/16 WRECKLESS ERIC-Whole Wide World/17  JONA LEWIE-You'll Always Find Me In the Kitchen at Parties/18 THE FALL-Bingo/Master's Break/Out/19 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Johnny Was

DISC 2-01 MADNESS-One Step Beyond/02 THE SPECIALS-Ghost Town/03 THE BEAT-Mirror
In the Bathroom/04 IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS-Reason to Be Cheerful/05 THE BOOMTOWN RATS-I Don't Like Mondays/06 THE ROMANTICS-That's What I Like About You/07 THE VAPORS-Turning Japanese/08 SQUEEZE-Cool For Cats/09 ADAM & THE ANTS-Kings of the Wild Frontier/10 THE TEARDROP EXPLODES-Reward/11 THE SELECTER-On My Radio/12 THE BEAT-Tears of a Clown/13 BAD MANNERS-Lip Up Fatty/14 THE SLITS-I Heard It Through the Grapevine/15 JUNIOR MURVIN-Police and Thieve/16 MADDNESS-Baggy Trousers/17 JOE JACKSON-Is She Really Going Out With Him/18 LENE LOVICH-Lucky Numbers/19 BAD MANNERS-Special Brew

DISC 3-01 PENETRATION-Don't Dictate/02 UK SUBS-Warhead/03 DEAD KENNEDYS-Holiday In Cambodia/04 ABGELIC UPSTARTS-Angels In Disguise/05 THE DEFECTS-Suspiscious Minds/06 THE VIBRATORS-Automatic Lover/07 ALTERNATIVE TV-Action Time Vision/08 LENE LOVICH-Say When/09 SPIZZENERGI-Where's Captain Kirk/10 THE CRACK-All or Nothing/11 999-Obsessed/12 SECRET AFFAIR-Time For Action /13 AFTER THE FIRE-Der Komissar/14 THE MONOCHROME SET-Strange Boutique/15 THE PLASMATICS-Butcher baby/16 ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE-I Hate People/17 SLAUGHTER & THE DOG'S-Hard Day's Night/18 UK SUBS-Drunken Sailor/19 JOHN COOPER CLARKE-Evidently Chicken Town

OK, make of it what you least half of the material at least most of us have.....but there are a gem and a gem-ette sprinkled throughout......this was ALL great music, so handle it however you just reminds me so much of one of those ridiuculous K-Tel comps that sold at Ronco for 1.99........but there is GOOD/GREAT shit here........yours is to seek it out, grasshopper.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Welcome back to Dave Sez with a mystery post!

Dave Sez has been off doing his own thing for a while, glad to see him back because he always has something fun, different, and exciting for us to he brings us a "mystery post" (actually 2) and requests that I don't tell you what they are until you download......when you do, the information is then available......however, I doubt 99% of you have heard of them (I hadn't).....I listened to them last night and they were quite enjoyable, as all of Dave Sez submissions generally are. Take a chance on the "Mystery Download" Dave Sez has done a lot for us over the years.....I think most of you will enjoy these albums.

Here is the link to "Dave Sez Mystery Post, Parats 1 and 2"-

Thanks Dave Sez, don't be a stranger and I hope all is well with you!

Also, thanks to another longtime follower, Andie James, who generaously contributes the UK Subs "Brand New Age", thanks Andie!......heposted it in the UK Subs comments, in casae you didn't catch it there, here it is:

And while we are talking of the UK Subs, an anonymous poster has provided a link to another site, which contains UK Subs-In Progress Live!,

Thanks to everyone for getting involved, I love it, and especially welcome back to my friend Dave Sez, hte best contributor EVER here.......I've got to get some more Greek Punk to Apanta Bapanta, I've probably got 75 or so more albums I need him to translate, but along with Dave Sez, he's been a long time great help with the blog. but really, thanks to everyone who just reads, or listens, maybe drops a "thank you" now and then.......I hope the blog has over the years remained true to it's original intent, because I never wanted it to be anything like other blogs. I want it to be more like a community where we ALL share our stuff, some of us don't quite get that (people sound very adamant about desiring reups of old links, and I tell them the only thing they need to do is FIRST contribute something intersting for the rest of us here.....90% of them I never hear from again.....NOT how it's supposed to work. Please understand, I am not your employee, nor am I a public utility, the selfish "I want THIS,and I want THAT, and make it QUICK" posts are from people who DON'T GET, if you approach it like this: "Say,Scott, sure would like to see a re-up of those Sleater Kinney albums from three years ago.....I have a couple of thier shows you don't seem to have....i will post them in the hope that you will repost the ones I wish to have".......BINGO, that is how we do it. It's not hard, but this is a SHARE BLOG, and SHARING has to go both ways.

Thanks to Dave Sez, Andie James, ApantaBapanta, Psychlist, and so many more for "getting it"!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Murder City Devils

The Murder City Devils hailed from the Pacific Northwest in the mid 1990's, and they did NOT
really fit the current scene.....while the grunge stuff was the happening thing at the moment, these guys reveled in garage punk/stupid rock, ala the Swingin' Neckbreakers, as though there was something wrong with that.

The Murder City Devils were vocalist Spencer Moody, guitarist Dann Gallucci, bassist Derrick Fudesco,drummer Coady Willis, and later on, keyboard whiz Leslie Hardy.
In 2000 they released their self titled debut.....not bad, it includes thier single "Dance Hall Music", as well as "Get Off the Floor", "Broken Glass", and "Murder City Riot".....a pretty good album, fairly comparable to the Swingin' Neckbreakers or something like that.

Thier followup, after Hardy joined on fulltime, was "Broken Bottles Empty Hearts", which is a fine disc, Hardy's organ play makes it sound somewhat like The Miracle Workers (NOTHING wrong with THAT, RICHT?), it's a good album, perhaps thier best, with good stuff like "I Want a Lot Now", "Dancin' Shoes", and how can we not love a track entitled "Johnny Thunders"?
The next album thye released was "In Name and Blood", which was basically thier finale (full length anyway), it's a prettty damn good disc as well, check out "Press Gang", "Blunkhouse", and "Rum to Whiskey", every bit as solid as the previous effort....."stupid rock" will NEVER die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before disbanding, they released an EP ("Thelma"), which is pretty good and likely is the backbones of what would have been thier next album, had it ever taken shape, and in 2003, Sub Pop relesed a disc with thier 2001 Halloween show (appropriatley entitled "R.I.P. 1996-2001")....this album serves as a sort of "live/greatest hits" disc, and if you are nfamiliar and want a sample, this is likely where I'd go before checking out all the albums.....sounds like they were a hall of a live band, wish I coulda seen em.....

A good, underappreciated band, lemme know whatcha think bout lotta stuff planned out
for the next few weeks, I'll be more enthusiastic about it if some of you hosers would comment on this stuff now and agqain!

MURDER CITY DEVILS-01 Dance Hall Music/02 It's In My Heart/03 Boom Swagger Room/04 Get off the Floor/05 Flashbulb/06 Broken Glass/07 Murder City Riot/08 Sick of Dreaming/09 Make It On My Own/10 Tell You Brother

BROKEN BOTTLES EMPTY HEARTS-01 I Want a Lot Now (So Come On)/02 Dancin' Shoes/03 18 Wheels/04 Left Hand, Right Hand/05 Ready For More/06 Cradle to the Grave/07 Dear Hearts/08 Hey Sailor/09 Johnny Thunders/10 Stars In Her Eyes

IN NAME AND BLOOD-01 Press Gang/02 I Drank the Wine/03 Blunkhouse/04 Idle Hands/05 Rum to Whiskey/06 I'll Come Running/07 Demon Brother/08 Lumeria Rising/09 Somebody Else's Baby/10 In This Town/11 No Grave But the Sea/12 Field Of Fire

THELEMA (EP) 01 364 Days/02 That's What You Get/03 Bear Away/04 One Vision of May/05 Bride of the Elephant Man

RIP-01 Bear Away/02 I Drink the Wine/03 One Vision of May/04 Midnight Service in the Mutter/05 I Want a Lot Now/06 Rum To Whiskey/07 Dancing Shoes/08 Waltz/09 Dear Hearts/10 That's What You Get/11 Idle Hands/12 Boom Swagger Boom/13 Murder City Riot/14 Press Gang/15 Broken Glass

As usual, I implore you to let me know what ya think bout these....I gotta LOTTA ideas for the next
month or so, I TRY MY DAMNDEST to come up with shit that maybe the bulk of you are unfamiiar with......That's the point round to me about Murder City Devils, if it is something you appreciate.......coz I got a BUNCHA more shit lined up for you REAL rock n roll fans, perhaps at least a YEAR's WORTH (not kidding), but I need you guys to continue to mshow interest, and that means not just doownloading, but commenting,,,,

Mad Season

Lestay in the great Pacific Northwest of the 1990's for a minute to present Mad Season, a grunge-supergroup that made only one album ("Above") which is here in a super-deluxe edition which also contains a second disc, which cops the "Live at the Moore" EP and extends it with some more tracks taken from the same venue. Far as I know thisis the only material they left for us, if any of you have any rarities from this one, LOVE to hear em.

The brief story of Mad Season:at some time in 1994 Pearl Jam/Temple of the Dog guitarist hooked up with bassist John Baker Saunders, who had played with various blues bands and drummer Barrett Maratin from Screaming Trees.....they talked of forming a "Supergroup" along the same lines of Temple of the Dog. Of course in need og a singer, they recruited Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley. From such was born Mad Season. They played a few local gigs as "The Gacy Bunch", noted, here only because it is funny, and eventually changed to Mad Season which is an English term for the time of year when the psilocybin mushrooms are in bloom......clever, huh? I wish they'd stuck with The Gacy Bunch, but that's just one man's opinion. 

The recorded thier only album, "Above" in Seattle 1994, after only minimal rehearsals and performances......the result is a very un-slick, rough, and, well, grungy sound. Staley's vocals, in particular, stand out here, different from his often "glam-ish" vocals on his Alice In Chains work.
Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan  contributed some lyrics and guest vocals, and a semi-unknown supergroup effort was born.

As for the album, it is quite good. All lot of musical talent there, churning out a representative sound of a specific time and place......"River of Deciet" is likey the highpoint, but don't forget "I Don't Know Anything", "Long Gone Day", "Artificial Red" and the rest.....a good album, relegated to the dusty shelves of the grunge era along with albums by Mother Love Bone and Tad.....but a real the way, Staley did the cover art as well, for better or for worse.

I have a vinyl EP "Live at the Moore Theater", a short disc with 4-5 live tracks from a 1995 showing
that I was going to post with this, until my discovery that there exists a "Deluxe package" of "Above" which contains an additional CD, containing the whole Moore Theater show, or at least the EP in it's entirety and some other live cuts, assuming from the same show......anyway, lucky you guys, since I tripped on this last night, and I just brought it home in Pirate Bay format, any artwork or anything with it will be posted as I've said 1000 times before, MOST of my stuff comes from my CD collection/hard drives/I Pods that I have around here, 99% of which have NO cover art, they have plain white hand made labels......every now and then, though, when I trip over something like THIS on-line, my generousity knows no bounds and I turn it ALL over.......not a big deal with me, but some have nearly went spastic over the fact.

Enjoy this one, and let me know your view on the live disc, this is the first time I have heard the full/long version......always DID enjoy the EP, but the extra material is nothing if not interesting.

There was talk of continuing on with Lanegan replacing Staley due to Staley's heroin problems, but the death of Saunders in 1999 (also from a Heroin overdose) but a damper on that......Staley passed away in 2002 due to his drug problems as well. They never did give it another shot, and most likely, that was probably the correct idea.

ABOVE DISC 1-01 Wake Up/02 XRay Mind/03 River of Deciet/04 I'm Above/05 Artificial Red/06 Lifeless Dead/07 I Don't Know Anything/08 Long Gone Day/09 November Hotel/10 All Alone/11 Interlude/12 Locomotive/13 Black Book of Fear/14 Slip Away/15 I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier
(Note: Tracks 1-10 constitued the original vinyl editon I have......tracks 11-15 were added to the "Deluxe" CD release package.

ABOVE DISC 2-LIVE AT THE MOORE THEATER-01 Wake Up/02 Lifeless Dead/03 Artificial
Red/04 River of Deciet/05 I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier/06 Long Gone Day/07 I'm Above/08 I Don't Know Anything/09 XRay Mind/10 All Alone/11 November Hotel

Well, this was originally going to be an-all-vinyl rips presentation, but the discovery of the "Deluxe" set makes everyone a winner! Between the 5 extra tracks on Disc 1 and the full, fleshed out live set that in my collection was but a 4-song EP, well, I think this is an excellent job, and most likely EVERY recorded note these boyos ever threw out there. It's good stuff and I was peasantly surprised to discover there was more of it available than I had previously been aware.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

No Seattle-Forgotten Sounds of the Northwest Grunge Era 1986-97

Don't miss this one, if  you do don't blame me!

Been listening to this fab two disc set all weekend on and off, even during commercial breaks during the Ohio State game and the Vikings game (don't want to hear about it), it is fairly awesome if you like this kind of thing.....allow me to set the stage. The title basically says it all, 28 tracks from the Seattle scene, by a bunch of acts, whom, never, have I heard of a single one, except in this know how I do love punk unknowns, stoner unknowns, psych unknowns, and grunge anthologies which cover more than the normal Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Soundgarden/AIC stuff (all great, don't get me wrong) are a rarity, and this one covers about as obscure territory as we could imagine.....while whether these bands technically would qualify as "grunge" acts, they are all good hard rocking combos from the fertile Pacific Northwest scene of the era sited. Let's touch on a few highlights, but this is cherry picking, the whole set is a must hear! Thanks to Soul Jazz records for compilin this, in general, I don't post sets that are more recent releases, but I don't see this one being a million-seller and I'd like to publicize it a bit.......and have I EVER steered you wrong before? of COURSE not!

The first disc leads off with a Bob Mould produced track from Starfish ("This Town"), who also turn up on disc two.....just scanning the names of the bands is awesome...: Vampire Lesbos, Medaliscious, Yellow Sonw, you gonna go wrong with names like that?

The scond disc features the weird psych-pop of Chemistry Set ("Fields"), a ferocious closser ("The System") from Attica, and some great female-led bands like Shug ("AM-FM"), Kill Sybil, and especially Calamity Jane ("Magdelena"). But trying to point out higlights here is like trying to name the worst player on the Vikings.....just throw ALL of them into a hat!

I think if you share my love of obscurity, and of regional compilations, and of amatuerish hard rock, you will want to hear's a good one, too good to'll thank me later.....just start listening and you will (should at least) LOVE this one!

DISC 01-01 STARFISH-This Town/02 VAMPIRE LEZBOS-Stop Killing the Seals/03 NUBBIN-Windyyy/04 SAUCER-Jail Ain't Stoppin' Us/05 MACHINE-Blind Man's Holiday/06 MEDALICIOUS-Beverley/07 HITTING BIRTH-Same/08 NUBBIN-Wonderama/09 CRUNCHBIRD-Woodstock Unvisited/10 THE ONES-Talk To Me/11 POD-123/12 THRILLHAMMER-Alice's Place/13 YELLOW SNOW-Take Me For a Ride/14 HELLTROUT-Precious Hyde

DISC 2-01 BUNDLE OF HISS-Wench/02 STARFISH-Run Around/03 THRILLHAMMER-Bleed/04 CHEMISTRY SET-Fields/05 MY NAME-Voice of a Generation Gap/06 SMALL STARS-It's Getting Late/07 SHUG-AM FM/08 TREEHOUSE-Debbie Had a Dream/09 MY NAME-Why I Fight/10 SOYLENT GREEN-It Smiles/11 KILL SYBIL-Best/12 CALAMITY JANE-Madgalena/13 SAUCER-Chicky Chicky Frown/14 ATTICA-The System

Some great sounds came out of that region and era.....these are not really among them, but it is more than a sum of it's parts.....I love this compilation, it's a great, original idea, and it comes with my very highest recommendations.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Los Trabantos

Quick one for today, got a lot of shit to do about some Los Trabantos? This is a fine album, Polish punk with excellent female vocals......unlike anything you've ever me on this, you know I love non-English language rock, and THIS is a find.......rocking as hell.....not gonna say ANYTHING else  about WANT this, it's a fine album.......all I can say is TRUST ME!

MIEDZY RABARBAREM A POMIDOREM-01 Wa/02 Spodnikza/03 Sloneczny Kraj/04 Trabant/05 Rzeznia/06 Hiszpanski/07 Witkacy/08 Chryzantemy/09 Napad/10 Ala-0-700/11 Rabatki/12 Wuj/13 Pani/14 Nienawidze Swiata

I have not a clue as to what ANY of that translates to, but FUCK IT, this is a good album.......expand your horizons, if you want Foreigner or Boston, you are in the WRONG place!

Have a great weekend and take a chance on this......I like it a good deal. Variety, variety, variety!

Rock On motherfucker!