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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Echo & the Bunnymen Tribute album

Again making use of the fantastic "THE BLOG THAT CELEBRATES ITSELF", hear's another dandy tribute album, this time obscure-o's take on the great Echo & The Bunnymen.....I swear I think these albums are the greatest, amatuerism taking on greatness is always a fun idea......check out Between the Cities Are Stars version of "Do It Clean", but lots of moments here.

NY Dolls 1972 Mercer Street Sessions

Also called "Lipstick Killers", I think I've put this up before, but feeling some Dolls this minute.....this set is famous as the early seeds of the Dolls, the sound quality could be better, but the beginnings of one of the greatest of 1970's bands makes it worth our while.

LIPSTICK KILLERS-01 Bad Girl/02 Looking For a Kiss/03 Don't Start Me Talkin'/04 Don't Mess With Cupid/05 Human Being/06 Personality Crisis/07 Pills/08 Jet Boy/09 Frankenstein


Swing Set

Tonight's look at some obscure 1980's new wave yields Minneapolis' cool Swingset with their 1986 mini-gem, "Life Speeds Up".......lovely radio-friendly power pop, that wonderfully innocent sound of (part of) the 1980's........this one is a good one, nearly every track is a winner......period piece, but so what?

01 Black Out/02Laying Low/03Runaway/04Victim/05Walking In the Night/06Lost Track/07The Dance/08 I'm on Fire/09Rain on Our Parade/10So Long

93millionmilesfromthesun Redux

Posted the latest album from 93miles recently, if you liked it be sure and check out this EP release, "Slowdive".......included here is a Japanese only track, "30th June"......the submitter wants anonimity, so I will grant it, but thanks a million anyway.

SLOWDIVE-01 Slowdive/02 Star Roving/03 Falling Ashes

BONUS-30th June

Brother O Brother

Fabio sends us this new release from this frantic Indianapolis's a review, with link and track list!KQg10abC!m3Ud8ATfzHpEK4rY0mfWog

01. R.O.S.E
02. 16 Flowers
03. Sunshine
04. Grab The Rope
05. I Got It
06. I Confess
07. Cardinal
08. Fever
09. White Noise
10. Take Me
11. Life On Mars
12. Widow Maker
I’ve been singing the praises of Brother O’ Brother’s stripped-down raw sound since I first heard them dominate the Birdy’s Battle Royale in 2015. With Chris Banta at the helm on vocals and guitar, frantically dominating the stage at every show with the manic energy of a punk-rock evangelist, it is impossible to see a show of theirs and not come away converted.
I was reading thatan article from a couple months ago looked to predict which long-awaited albums from national acts was likely to propel them back into the mainstream spotlight. Heavily focused on the likes of the Jesus and Mary Chain, Spoon and Granddaddy, bands which have ridden the wave of 90s nostalgia to find new audiences in an age where the cyclical music trends are realigning with the music of two decades past, the article got me thinking. Which Indianapolis band’s new album seems most destined to propel them into the national spotlight?
bob neon nativeThe answer was easy: Brother O’ Brother’sNeon Nativewhich will be released this May, is already making national waves witha prime feature via the Huffington Post, and the band has been steadily working the touring circuit over the last two years, earning more than $20,000 on vinyl sales last year thanks to Banta and drummer Warner Swopes’ single-minded dedication to ensuring audiences connect with the music.
But there is something about Neon Native which goes above and beyond the expected. It is an assured follow-up to an album which already clearly defined their sound on wax. With Show Pony in the rearview, the band is capable now of expanding their sound while managing to come closer than ever to capturing the raw sound of one of their live shows on record. Three albums into their career, Brother O’ Brother is at that point where they can play a few local shows to a packed house, while spending 150+ days on the road nationally doing the same thing. And everywhere in their wake they leave an audience beaten raw by their furious sound, desperate to find a way to experience it again and again.
It is a visceral experience, and the fact that they’ve come closer than ever to capturing that effect on Neon Native leaves me feeling confident in my prediction that, by this time next year, Brother O’ Brother will be more than “a local Indianapolis band to watch.”
They’ll be pushing the envelope nationally, building buzz as a band willing to take risks and embrace challenges as they in turn drive their audiences to accept a more personal role in what it means to truly appreciate music.

Tame Impala MEGA Redux

Some more bonus material has been submitted to supplement yesterday's Tame Impala posts:

LIVE VERSIONS ("CURRENTS")-01 Endors Toi/02 Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind/03 Sestri Levante/04 Mind Mischief/05 Desire Be Desire Go/06 Half Full Glass of Wine/07 Be Above It/08 Feels Like We Only Go Backwards/09 Apocalypse Dream

EXTRASPEAKER ("Innerspeaker Bonus Disc)-01 Sundown Syndrome/02 Remember Me/03 Half Full Glass Of Wine/04 Wander/05 Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind/06 Lucidity (Pilooski Remix)/07 Solitude Is Bliss (Mickey Moonlight TAM Remix)/08 41 Mojitos (Canyons Poolside Dub)/09 Canyons Sunrise Reprise

INNERSPEAKER BONUS MATERIAL DISC 1-01 30 Minutes With Matthew Saville

INNERSPEAKER BONUS MATERIAL DISC 2 (LIVE AT THE CORNER)-01 Half Full Glass of Wine/02 Skeleton Tiger/03 Sundown Syndrome/04 The Bold Arrow Of Time

ROUGH TRADE EXCLUSIVE-01Remember Me/02 Desire Be Desire Go/03 Sundown Syndrome/04 Half Full Glass of Wine /05 Forty One Mosquitos Flying in Formation/06 Sunrise Reprise/07 41  Mojitos
Poolside Dub

WHY WONT YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND-01 Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind//02
Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind (Erol Alken Rework)/03 Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind (Erol Alken Instro)/04 Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind (Erol Alken Rework Edit)

Thanks to the anonymous contributor!

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard again!

Crazy Australian psych-rockers return with "Murder of the Universe".....and hell yes its fab......some kind of
concept at work here, I am guessing, but the music and vocals are aces! For more from this band, look back a couple months on this very site......this one is very, very good.

A New World

Altered Beast I

Alter Me I

Altered Beast II

Alter Me II

Altered Beast III

Alter Me III

Altered Beast IV

Life / Death

Some Context

The Reticent Raconteur

The Lord Of Lightning

The Balrog

The Floating Fire

The Acrid Corpse