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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Elvis Hitler

A sort-of humorous band from Detroit, Elvis Hitler were singer Jim Leedy (aka Elvis Hitler), guitarist John Defever, bassist Warren Defever, and drummer Damain Lang. To show you the type of musical zaniness we're dealing with here, their best know number is "Green Haze", which utilized the lyrics of the theme from "Green Acres" done to the tune of Hendrix' "Purple Haze".....if that sounds appealing to you, there is a good bit more where that came from on these three albums.....if not you may wish to pass on their blend of psycho rockabilly and goofball humor.

They debuted with 1988's "Disgraceland", if you only wish to sample these boys I'd probably advise this features the aforementioned "Green Haze", also assorted nuttiness ala "Black Babies Dancing On Fire", "Crush Your Skull", and "Ten Wheels for Jesus".....pretty much a less-serious (!) version of the Cramps.

The follow up the next year "Hellbilly" is a similar set, ("Ballad of the Green Berets", "Teenage Surf Slave", "Revolving Blues of Death")......I do enjoy these albums from time to time (fans of the aforementioned Cramps may go for them), altough, honestly,  little bit of them has the potential to go quite a ways.

Their final effort, to my knowledge, was 1992's "Supersadomasochisticexpilaidocious", don't expect a lot of growth/change from the earlier efforts....."Yummy Yummy Yummy", "Dickweed", and "Shove That Sax" being the standouts......

Again, striving for variety.....these aren't going to be hanging on the walls of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, but, then again, not everything HAS to can tell these dudes had a great time making these albums, and, perhaps, for them, that was enough.....for certain tastes only.

DISGRACELAND-01 Cool Daddy In a Cadillac/02 Live Fast Die Young/03 Hot Rod to Hell/04 Rocking Over Russia/05 Berlin to Memphis/06 Elvis' Ripoff Theme/07 Battle of 1000 Men/08 Green Haze (Parts 1 & 2)/09 I Love Your Guts/10 Ten Wheels For Jesus/11 Black Babies Dancing On Fire/12 Crush Your Skull/13 Disgraceland

HELLBILLY-01 Showdown/02 Hellbilly/03 Ballad of the Green Berets/04 Teenage Surf Slave/05 Booze Party/06 Gear Jammin Hero/07 Revolving Blues of Death/08 Crush Kill Destroy/09 Ghouls (Looking For Food)/10 Hang Em High/11 Don't Blame Me If You Die Tonight/12 Black Death On a White Horse/13 Dance of the Living Dead/14 Misanthropes

SUPERSADOMASOCHISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS-01 Last Sound/02 World Explodes/03 Shotgun Shell/04 Don't Push Me/05 Cathouse/06 Ghoul/07 Bloody Bride/08 Yummy Yummy Yummy/09 Shove That Sax/10 Dickweed/11 Rebellion/12 Bury the Hatchet/13 Flat Head Boogie/14 Open Road/15 Yummy Yummy Yummy (Satan Remix)

JUNE 27, 2014...........that will be my final day of performing tasks as a civil servant for the taxpaying citizens of Ohio.....31 years, as I have likely said many times, is quite has been my experience that in my time of employment, much like every conglommeration of people that I have experienced over a period of time, pretty much seperate into a 90/5/5% split.....90 % of them are just people, basically good, who perhaps touch our lives in a small way, but in reality will eventually simply blur together in memory.....5% of the people I have workd with in my 31 years have been true friends, the kind that are friends for life, whom I will continue to see, and to cherish the great friendships that I have developed with them.....and then there are the other 5%.....the other 5% represent the most loathsome, vile, reprehnsible excuses for pathetic human refuse that I can possibly imagine to exist. It will continue to be my hope that you roast in hell for some of the things you have done. How you can look at your vile reflections in the mirror is beyond me, and, assuming there IS a God, perhaps He will forgive you.......I won't.........

On a much less somber not, tomorrow will bring forth a treat.....Dave Sez again will be contributing some reggae treasures.....I LOOOOOVE me some reggae but I am FAR FROM an expert on it, so hopefully some good tunes AND some education for me....I know Joe Strummer and the Mescalleros is a part of it, there is more, tune in tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat-Channel......

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Erna Schmidt

Here is "Erna Schmidt Live, 1969-71"'s the only thing I can personally come up with from the band, perhaps other recordings exist but I don't know of them. Pretty unique recording progressive-psych Krautrock from the days listed.....I'll try to reconstrut their story as well as I can.....(the following text taken from who summarize it better than I ever could......)

In the early 60s a band named R & B CORPORATION was founded near Stuttgart which was playing conventional beat music with Wolfgang Mathias at the drums. Hubert Stütz (guitar) joined in 1965 and brought up some new blues rock elements. Further on the band crossed the frontiers to improvised music oriented at Jimi Hendrix, bands like Cream or Ten Years After and soon they became known in southern Germany. Walter Laible (bass) joined in 1967 and they played as the support for Rory Gallagher, Brian Auger, Procul Harum, Alexis Korner and others.

According to the upcoming krautrock movement they started to write their own music/lyrics and decided to change the band name. In a proper sense the story of ERNA SCHMIDT was now opened in 1969. The band continuously enlarged with Rolf Schiegl as the second drummer, Sam Drake (flute, piano), hammond player Romi Schickle, also known as a member of PROF. WOLFFF, Peter Mayer (vibraphone) and a brass section.

They gigged all over Germany and could also be seen on stage at the legendary Quartier Latin in Berlin. Known for incredibly long improvisations, usually being stoned on the stage and jamming all the way, often together with guest musicians, they developed to a very popular live band in the meanwhile.

The next change occured when Schiegl and Drake left the band at the end of the year but Hartmut Mau came in as a substitute who played several wind instruments and was part of a circle around bass player Helmut Hattler, a founding member of KRAAN. Now as a quartet they had a widespreaded repertoire of selfcomposed songs consisting of improvisations and provided with variations on every gig. Due to a friend of drummer Mathias 20 hours of recordings of that time survived which were remastered by Mick Baumeister in his studio. The band decided to publish only some excerpts which are having an excellent sound quality.

The album 'Live '69 -'71' was finally released by the Garden Of Delights label in 2000 with a 32-page colour booklet. The songs are sought out very well showing the band on a high musical/technical level and avoiding endless noodling. Stütz's various guitar playing alternating between psychedelic, heavy and jazz rock is remarkable and combined with Mau's flute the songs sometimes are close to Jethro Tull.

So, back to the BigBoy now, that summarizes it as well as I ever could....this is a fine, challenging album, complex, jazzy, rocking and, yes, in fact, Tull-like.....I got this one from my Dad, whom I mentioned before was a big Tull fan, and this was another of his faves.....I probably heard this album more than any ten year old that ever lived, but it IS a good one and stll rings true when I play it I said, I am uncertain as to whether there are other recordings, if you are a prog/Kraut expert, please enlighten us.......meantime, enjoy this, and by the time you read this I will be BACK from my retirement conference and will finally have a firm grip when my final day of work with the State of Ohio will be......I know you couldn't care less, but I haven't been as excited snce my son was born, or, at least since Randall Cunningham took a knee and kept the Vikings out of the 1998 Super Bowl, without question the most moronic coaching decision in the history of a team with many of them.......or maybe that time Drew Barrymore showed up insisting she "had to" have my baby.....

ERNA SCHMIDT LIVE 1969-71-01 Erna Schmidt/02 Wab Gott/03 Pass-Weites Luftmeer/04 Woischwiemoin/05 La Folie D'espange/06 Kleines Idyll/07 Rulaman/08 En Tag Aus Dem Leber des Monschen Pi/09 Reif Fur Die Insel/10 See Ya

Links coming......think a positive thouht for me, my family, and our future today, it's truly a huge day in our !

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Electric Toilet

Don't be fooled by perhaps the stupidest name a band ever bestowed upon itself (God, I wonder if, in 1970, they thought it was like way cool man?) this is a good period piece, good heavy blues-influened rock n roll from Memphis Tennessee....."In the Hands of Karma" (frankly, not the greatest album title of all time, either) is a pretty damn good slice of 1970's Stonesy rock, highlighted by, my favorite at least, the 8 minute "Within Your State of Mind".....the title track throws in some oddball effects, but as a period piece is both funny and entertaining at once.

This would be the only effort they had in them, because two members of the band were tragically killed in a traffic accident after the album's release. It is often odd how tragedy sometimes affects rck n roll.....some become much bigger stars in death, Cobain, Hendrix, Morrison, Sid......while some imply have promising careers simply snuffed out, simply to be pretty much forgotten footnotes, such as the Exploding Hearts, Gaunt, and The Electric Toilet. There is no actual rationale for this, there are many different types of deaths as there are many different types of lives. Some are long and some. Some are full and some are empty. Some are happy. Some, are not.

Appreciate what you have, TODAY, NOW.

IN THE HANDS KARMA-01 In the Hands of Kama/02 Within Your State of Mind/03 Revelations/04 Mississippi Hippie/05 Goodbye My Darling/06 Son't Climb Nobody Else's Ladder

Links in a lil while......

Herba Mate

Let's go "out there" for something a little bit different to wrap up the Easter weekend postings, some
very excellent Italian stoner rock from Herba Mate.......just a hunch, just MAYBE, I suspect these
 guys just MIGHT have heard a Kyuss album or two in their day........whatever, being known as the "Italian Kyuss" is likely better than being called, say, the Italian Ratt or Posion or something. Moral: If you TOTALLY wear your infleunces on your sleeve proudly, be certain your influences don't suck.

So, from 2011, we have "The Jellyfish is Dead and the Hurricane is Coming", which I believe is their only effort to date. Herba Mate are bassist/vocalist Alessandro Trere', Guitarist Andrea Barlotti, and drummer Ermes Piancastelli. Again, highly influenced by Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age, this is an album that is FULL of stoner jams, not a whole lot of vocals (the vocals that do appear are in English and Trere' has a fine stoner-growl)......quik recap (just listened to it), the intro is entitled "Machumba" and is for my money pretty much a throwaway, the Herba Mate sound kicks in on the second track, "Imargem", a blasting instrumental that is strong enough to basically be one of the album's centerpieces, rare praise for the sometimes misses-the-mark category of instrumental stoner rock.....a good one though, lots of distorted guitar, tempo changes, throbbing bass.....kinda like, well, Kyuss.

... che hanno in programma gli herba mate band stoner rock di castelMy personal favorite track on the disc is "Aragosta vs Panther", which is the first time we hear Trere's vocals.....this track is all over the place, turning into another fine freeform jam before returning to it's original groove.....good track. Up next we have the first of two untitled instrumental jams, this one is labeled as "XX" so that's what we'll call it, again, I often think that stoner instrumentals leave something to be desired, but this works, a solid workout by all three members in a breezy four and a half minutes. "Nicotine" and"Bugs" are also damn fine stoner instros, I know there have been a few instro-only stoner bands such as Karma to Burn which I generally approach with caution, but these dude COULD HAVE, I think, pulled off an all instro disc, actually high praise coming from me.

REVIEW: Herba Mate - The Jellyfish Is Dead And The Hurricane Is ComingUp next we get another vocal track, "1 to 65", featuring perhaps the best of the albums limited vocals, followed by another untitled instrumental, (this one labeled on my copy as "(XXX)", another highlight for my money, the album's heaviest track, souding somewhat like a bizarre interbreeding of Kyuss and Tool........the last track, "Sputnik", is basically not that great, a bit too "experimental" and maybe not the greatest idea these guys ever had, they should really remember where their bread is buttered.......interested in any future releases they may issue, though, their instrumental chops are
A-1, myself I could stand a BIT more vocals (because they are really good), and this here was really one of the lesser-known gems of 2011.

Give this a try, PLEASE, especially YOU Mark Eveleigh (MIA?), stoner rock fans ought to freak over this one.......a very enjoyable experience, hope it equates to a pleasant discovery for a couple of ya at least!

THE JELLYFISH IS DEAD AND THE HURRICANE IS COMING-01 Machumba/02 Imargem/03 Aragosta vs Panther/04 XX/05 Nicotine/06 Bugs/07 1 to 65/08(XXX)/Sputnik

All I ask for is a comment, I have a hunch that MOST of ya aren't familiar with this one (unless you are maybe from Italy), so if you check it out PLEASE let me know what you think, the free exchange of opinions about the music I post IS the lifeblood of this blog. Also, please, as always, reqeust anything you may wish for, chances are I MIGHT have it......

Heavy Glow

Heavy Glow - The Filth and the FuryI had forgotten about these guys, I rediscovered them on one of my "blind searches" (often before getting in the truck I go back to the CD room and with eyes closed grab a disc which I am required (MY rules!) to listen to in its entirety.....sometimes the results are not great, and when I grabbed Heavy Glow's "The Filth and the Fury" EP, I couldn't remember shit about them to be honest, and my initial reaction (before popping it in) was "well at least it's just an EP"........

Quite pleasantly surprised, I dug out their other EP (self titled) and their full length "Midnight Moan", and certainly these boyos have nothing to be ashamed of.....they really don't fit into much of any niche rather than good old hard rock, maybe a bit to the psych leaning edge of things although not quite of the "stoner" ilk, if you get what I mean.

Review – Heavy Glow – Midnight MoanSo, I had to do a little research, their story is not especially interesting.....from San Diego, Heavy Glow are guitarist/vocalist Jared Mullins, bassist Joe Brooks, and drummer Dave Rollans.Their very first release was the self titled EP (2009), decent hard rock tunes all, standout being "Grinnin' In the ", but entirely listenable.  In 2010 they released the independently produced "The Filth and the Fury" EP, copping the name from that legendary Pistols boot, although this has nada to do with the Pistols, punk, or any of the like.....gotta dock them a point for swiping the title, really, did they think noone would remember the original?

Anyway it's a damn good hard rocking EP, five tunes of medium (4-5 minute length), really, all 5 are pretty good if nothing spectacular....."I Almost Prayed", "Bourgois Baby" and the somewhat hypnotic "Love Ghost", while far from lyrical masterpieces sound perfectly, somewhat bluesy, somewhat psych, maybe even a bit garagish.......say a band attempted to "be" Cream......then another band attempted to "be" THAT band.....carry this on for five or six generations and the result might be Heavy Glow....I guess I'm going to leave that description because it's accurate but it sounds like I'm putting them down. I'm not, really.

Heavy Glow EP (2008)In 2011 they punched out their first full length, "Midnight Moan" a similar collection of songs highlighted by "Slave Dance"......again, a perfectly listenable album, not one that haunts you or calls you back to it over and over, but you want a decent piece of hard rock that won't strain your brain or anything, this could be for you (it seems so odd that I picked them by random selection, and they are SO competent and generically enjoyable, somehow it seems ironic. Why? I dunno.

So, what the hell why NOT Heavy Glow? These are by no means future "classics", but at least they don't suck, and they rock out, and so what the fuck? EVERYTHING can't be of heavy significance.....sometimes loud riffs and wah wah solos are enough.

Have no clue as to whether they are still kicking it, I saw rumors of a planned 2014 release but can't confirm whether it's out or interested should anyone know or have heard it or have it (share, perhaps?)

Heavy Glow explore the boundaries of hard rock—and the music ...HEAVY GLOW (EP)-01 It's Too Late/02 Grinnin In the Dark/03 Better Line/04 Smitten/05 Trailin St Judas Blues/06 Heavy Glow

THE FILTH AND THE FURY EP-01 I Almost Prayed/02 Love Ghost/03 Hot Mess/04 Bourgeois Baby/05 Red July

MIDNIGHT MOAN-01 Lose My Mind/02 Slave Dance/03 Today Is Technicolor/04 All My Money/05 Collide/06 Purgatory Blues/07 Smithereen/08 Midwestern Lullabye/09 Diggin a Ditch

Comments, please? I know I've been a bit irregular/sporadic of late, busy with the "life" thing, and, again, sorry about the links for These Arms Are Snakes (yes I'm reupping them NOW) many BIIIIIG posts I still wanna commit to, Yo La Tengo, Motorhead, the Stranglers and others have sat here halfway compiled for a while, the mega posts are just a LOT of work and while I LOVE doing them, I have to have the I hope some of these shorter posts do the trick for ya......the Junior Varsity link is up, These Arms are Snakes will be up shortly AND I hope to still get Heavy Glow up tonight (Sunday)......hope you and your families had an enjoyable and happy Easter holiday weekend.

The Junior Varsity

A not half bad disc, assuming one has a sense of humor, (obviously no small assumption as so many of us seem to be lacking one), I would describe this as maybe something like (wait for it) "a "poor-man's Nikki & the Corvettes" (NEVER thought would describe ANYONE in that manner and it's really not even all THAT accurate). Peekaboo Records brings us The Junior Varsity's "Bam Bam Bam"

From Houston Texas we recieve the assembelage of drummer Matt Murillo, bassist/vocalist Kim Hammond, and guitarist/vocalist Rebecca Whitley, formerly of the Jewws (profiled here once, long long .....perhaps YOU were on of the 3 or so people who downloaded THAT one).....this one gives us fourteen tracks in a breezey twenty minutes, sacharine sweet, 50's influenced cutie-pie girly pop....this is NOT going to  everyone, but it does have a sort of new-wave twang to it, as well as some surf-guitar undertones.......I do recommend this, and if ya don't like it, hell, it'll be over before ya know it anyway......

The sort of title track (actually the song is called "Bam B B Bam Bam Bam"), "Poppa Burger", "So Great" and "Mark Lochridge Twist" are standouts, no classic by any means, and the comparison to Nikki is the best I can muster up.

I have apologize for being a stupid ass, I fucking FORGOT to post the links to the These Arms Are Snakes albums, and the fact that nobody even seemed to notice for a day or two reminds me once again of the very significant place in the universe that this blog, to fans/readers of the blog (BOTH of ya), sorry and I'll get those hotly anticipated links up today! Try to contain your excitement!

BAM BAM BAM-01 Bam B B Bam Bam Bam/02 Lafayette Rock City/03 Poppa Burger/04 Dance Franny Dance/05 So Great/06 Mark Lochridge Twist/07 Switch Sides/08 Pop Sicks/09 My Boyfriend/10 Pin Money/11 Alley Cat/12 Can't Take It No More/13 Woodpecker Stomp/14 Package Store

Still striving for variety, and ALWAYS happy to try to honor any requests that you folks suggest......I'm by no means running low on material, I know I've been posting a BIT more sporadically than my previous strict once-a-day routine, but I've been preparing for retirement, trying to get everything figured out before naming the date and signing the papers (righ tnow looks like July or August, MAN that is not very long......scary and exciting all at once, 31 years and ready to go in a new direction......right now I am pretty much working for free, except for medical coverage, and I could get (no shit) a minimum wage job and combined with my pension be making MORE than I make now......

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Jim Jones Revue

Some of you might freak for this UK garage combo, named for everyone's favorite messiah/Kool-Aid pitchman.....they have a fairly unique sound, combining some definite 1960's "Back From the Grave"-style garage rock blended with elements of modern, heavier such as maybe the Stooges or MC5......consisting of Jim Jones, Nick Jones, Gavin Jay, Henri Herbert, Rupert Orton (Beth's brother).......they releasedd their very good and raw self titled debut album in 2008, 10 pretty fair rockin tunes, notably "Princess and the Frog" and "Rock N Roll Psychosis" it's a little on the short side but still a quality record.

Their next release (I don't have it) was a collection of singles and B-sides ("Here To Save Your Soul") which has some overlap with the debut, if anyone has it please share I THINK there are a couple of tracks available only there. Anyway, that led to the release of the fine "Burning Your House Down", certainly a more mature musically and a bettter effort than the debut, again, a strange mix of straight-ahead Jerry Lee Lewis/Little Richard type stuff as if played by The Chesterfield Kings? I always think it to be a GOOD thing when I have a lot of trouble describing a band.....the title track, "Dishonest John", "Shoot First" and more standout.......HA I thought of something of a comparison, say, a UK version of the Iron City Houserockers who I did a post on a while back, check the archives.

The most recent effort is 2012's "The Savage Heart", for my dough not quite as good as "Burning", but still perfectly acceptable garage/punk/whatever/ be quite honest I've only listened to it a couple of times and the standout tunes aren't coming blazing, but trust me this is a decent album as well, all three of them are very much worth your while, I think, for the folks that appreciate garage-rock, as so many here do.

So rock out to these, no "grand statements" or "concepts" (GOOD!) just good old rock n roll. PLay it loud.

THE JIM JONES REVUE-01 Princess & the Frog/02 Hey Hey Hey Hey/03 Rock N Roll Psychosis/04 Fish To Fry/05 512/06 Another Daze/07 Meat Man/08 Make It Hot/09 Who's Got Mine/10 Cement Mixer

BURNING YOUR HOUSE DOWN-01 Dishonest John/02 High Horse/03 Foghorn/04 Big Len/05 Premeditated/06 Burning Your House /07 Shoot First/08 Elemental/09 Killin' Spree/10 Righteous Wrong/11 Stop the People

THE SAVAGE HEART-01 It's Gotta Be About Me/02 Never Let You Go/03 7 Times Around the Sun/04 Where Da Money Go?/05 Chain Gang/06 In and Out of Harm's Way/07 Catastrophe/08 Eagle Eye Ball/09 Midnight Oceans and the Savage Heart

Also thanks to the anonymous friend (edit: NOT anonymous, actually Marcan) who contributed the second (rather hard to find) Arc of Ascent album, if ya missed it see the comments section of the Arc of Ascent post from the other day.....haven't listened to it yet but I'm going to in just a fwe minutes, and if it's half as good as any of Datura/Arc of Ascent's previous work, it's going to be a winner!