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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hunter S. Thompson (Part 1)

(Scott) Now, here's one of those projects I was talking about before, both Brian and myself are fans of the writings of Hunter S Thompson, and decided to do a two part post.....Brian's half will be today, and here in a couple of days I have some more to add to it, including a batch of E-Books and the definitive CD Box-Set. What do you think about this type of post.......let me know.

I don't know if I have the words. I mean, I like to write, and I don't think I can muster text worthy enough of this man. He's one of my favorite authors, and it's daunting, but here we go....

I shouldn't have to tell anyone that frequents this corner of the Interwebs who Hunter S. Thompson was. You all got it, right? I will say though... if you haven't read enough of his stuff, you owe it to yourself to fix that. The Fear and Loathing classics, Hell's Angels, the multi-volume Gonzo Papers... Hell, even his book of sports writing for ESPN - Hey Rube - is an uproarious read! So, study the man. Like the greatest writers - Hemingway, Kafka, and especially Henry Miller - his writing was the embodiment of who he was. What we have here are some Thompson audio goodies for your hot little hands.

First up is another great Hal Willner-produced album. The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent & Depraved has long been regarded as the birthplace of HST's Gonzo Journalism. Viewing the Derby not as a sporting event but as a brutal American macrocosm seen through the cracked lense of way too much whisky, it emphasized not what it was, but how he experienced it.

This audio adaptation has Tim Robbins doing the voice of HST, while Ralph Steadman plays his younger self. It's a perfect listen, helped along by a subtle amount of music and sound effects. It's poignant and hilarious, just like HST. Thanks to Willard of the Wormholes for originally posting this.

Along the same lines - actually I think this was an inspiration for the previous album - we have this 1996 audio version of Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. It has the voices of - among many others - Harry Dean Stanton and director Jim Jarmusch splitting the role of Thompson/Duke. If you've never read the book, this is a great shorthand version, hitting all the high spots and telling you the story.

Now, the movie... I have never understood it when I hear people bitch about the Johnny Depp film. I mean, it's absolutely hilarious, it's visually striking, and Depp and Benicio Del Toro are perfect in their parts! It's one of the only movies from the 90's with any real balls, you know? Never mind that it's a perfect adaptation of the book, something which is rare in films.

And the soundtrack is killer! That's what we have here, this ultimate 2 disc edition I scored off of the always amazing Disc 1 is the same as the original '96 soundtrack release, with a second disc filled with all the other incidental songs you hear in the movie. If you're a fan of the movie - and you damn well better be - you need to snag this one.

This last one I found in the days leading up to posting time; I'd never even heard of it before! It's HST giving a lecture in Boulder, CO in '77. I wish it was just him talking; I loathe Q&As. But it is a great listen, and you don't stumble across this file hardly ever!


The bonus link for this post is a two album file from a comedy duo who, like Hunter, also liked to get high. I've posted them once before, but here they are one mo' time for The Comedy Minions.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Special Duties

Somewhat overlooked stateside, Special Duties were a pretty damn good second line punk band right
at the height of the scene.......they consisted of Arrogant on vocals, Duty on guitar, and Nigel Baker on bass, and drummer Stuart Bray. After looking them up on Wikipedia, I do seem to recall that they had some kind of a fued or beef with Crass, forgot all about that, I could have used some of it in my (somewhat lame) "Battle of the Bands" compilation.......

Amatuerish as hell (kind of a prerequisite given the time/scene), they really did put out an entertaining single or three, neatly wrapped up here is "The Punk Singles Collection", which is pretty damn good. Who do they sound like? Well, they were heavilly influenced by the Adverts, to the point of actually covering "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" (pretty good actually), they sound like, maybe, Sham 69 or maybe Stiff Little Fingers. They are not well remembered at all, and likely won't be going to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame unless they pay thier way in......but this collection is VERY listenable for punk fans, if you are a fan of late 70's UK punk and are not familar, give this a shot.....helll, I hadn't heard any of their stuff for like 20 years or so until I slipped this one on, just on a whim......

As I've said before, I think the punk scene was BASICALLY a "singles" scene, not album oriented at all (with a few exceptions of course)........these guys understood that and cranked out a slew of good, sloppy, angry UK punk........likely, we perhaps wouldn't even wish to hear the album filler, but I'll say this singles collection merits 4 stars at least.......they have the stones to not only cover the Adverts track mentioned before, but also the Clash ("Tommy Gun"), and crank out the (I suppose) anthemic "Sid Viscious was Innocent".......along the way though there are some really great singles, "London Town", "Violent Society", "Police State'....fuck it it's all great if you like this kind of thing as I do......Thier battle with Crass was interesting, they take them on in a couple songs.......

Hey, THIS one is a "niche" post.......if you are a fan of 1970's UK punk and are not familiar, jump on it......if you are not, you likely won't care for it, one of those things......I just listened to this today, though, and thought, damn, you hardly EVER see these lads on the web anywhere, and they WERE good enough that fans of obscure punk will really go for this.

It's what I do, it's why I'm here.

Council/03 Violent Society/04 It Aint Our Fault/05 Coldchester Council/06 Police State/07 We Gotta Fight/08 It Just Ain't Me/09 Special Duties/10 Bullshit Crass/11 You're Doing Yourself No Good/12 Punk Rocker/13 Too Much Talking/14 Mutt/15 London Town/16 Judge and Jury/17 Shadow/18 Wembley! Wembley!/19 Up the U's/20 Lost Cause or Not/21 MRR Rules/22 I Wish It Could Be/23 Gary Gilmore's Eyes/24 Johnny Won't Go To Heaven/25 Sid Viscious Was Innocent/26 Tommy Gun

Ya can't say I haven't put in ample time TODAY for your entertainment.........and it's my fucking pleasure, believe EXCELLENT reggae from my brother Cliff, some Dutch hardrock from Aniday, some rare Hole, and a Special Duties singles comp.......and trust me, wait until you see some of the stuff we (Brian and myself) have lined up for the VERY near future.

Thank you for visiting, listening, commenting, and especially, CONTRIBUTING.....seems like as good a time as any to say it again......IF you have something interesting, PLEASE share it.....which reminds me, thanks to Rob from Canada for the Throbbing Gristle stuff, with some help from my online friends, I managed to locate "24 Hours", which I mentioned before, 24 cassette tapes packaged in a suitcase, only 50 "official" copies were released.......Well, once I get it assemebled, we'll have THAT monstrosity, combined with rare Gristle from Rob and Brian both......and that is how this works. Your mother told you that SHARING is the way to go.......your mother was never more correct.

A couple of Hole bootlegs I just discovered

These are new to me at least, and I have quite a stack of Hole boots (posted them long time ago, LONG time), but had never heard these until I tripped over them on one of my surfing expeditions. I love finding stuff like this, discovering a new boot from an old favorite band of mind (and make no mistake Hole was a GREAT fucking band for a while, Courtney Love has always been an easy target due to her, uh, "antics", but for my dollar she was talented as all hell, and an amazing live performer as well (never forget her launching herself into the crowd at Columbus Newport Theater in 1993, wish I WOULDA been down on the floor for that one, oh well.

OK, sorry this is FLAC, but this is a fine 1993 set, "Courtney Act",  taken from various locales. Much of the material that would become the classic "Live Through This" is here, "Violet", "Gutless", "She Walks Over Me", fine covers of Nirvana's "Pennyroyal Tea", Echo & the Bunnymen's "Do It Clean", and even "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"......been listening to this one a good bit the past couple of days, it's kind of a patch job but I think a cool discovery (discovery for ME at least, I hope for you as well)

I FLAC, as well, from 1995 comes a good sounding FM broadcast, "Vengeance Is Mine", which combines sets from the 8/20/95 Reading Festival, and a show from 5/4/95 at the Brixton Academy........this is the band right at their peak, the closing "Asking For It" is stunning, I have always thought that the "live through this" lyric took on different meaning after Kurt's passing, an already stunning song took on a whole new dimension.

Love Hole, always did, always will, maybe this is stuff you guys had already, but hell I'M excited, like I always am when I trip over something like this.........Hole is one of the 25-30 bands that I can honestly say I was a "FAN", rather than just someone who enjoyed them.......coming from me, that is a compliment to the maximum.

Enjoy and please comment, and for God's sake if there are any more of these Hole rarity collections out there (ones I don't have of course), trot them boys out! Hole forever!

COURTNEY ACT-01 Beautiful Son/02 Credit in the Straight World/03 Teenage Whore/04 Do it Clean/05
Pennyroyal Tea (Tracks 1-5 from Phoenix Festival 7/16/93)/06 Olympia/07 She Walks On Me/08 The Void/09 P-Girl/10 Old Age/11 Gutless (Tracks 6-11 Studio Sessions Maida Vale, London, March 1993)/12 Over the Edge (Studio Take, March 1992)/13 Violet/14 Chocolate Boy/Forming /15 Drown Soda/16 Doll Parts (Tracks 13-16 Peel Session November 1991)17 Dicknail/18 Burn Black (Tracks 17-18 Studio takes, Seattle, October 1990)/19 Turpentine/20 Retard Girl/21 Phonebill Song (Tracks 19-21 Studio Takes, Los Angeles March 1990/22 Where Did you Sleep Last Night?( The Rat, Boston, 7/11/91) /23 Skinhead Girl (London 7/15/93)

VENGEANCE IS MINE-01 Plump/02 Miss World/03 Sugar Coma/04 Credit In the Straight World/05 Whose Porno You Burn/06 Doll Parts/07 Violet/08 Time To Kill (Tracks 1-8 from Reading Festival 8/25/95)/09 He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)/10 Doll Parts/11 Violet (Tracks 9-11 Later Studios London 5/13/95)/12 Plump/13 Beautiful Son/14 Drown Soda/15 Gutless/16 Best Sunday Dress/17 Credit In the Straight World/18 Doll parts/19 Violet/(Tracks 12-19 Brixton Academy, London, 5/4/95) 20 Asking For It (Track 20 from Reading 1995, it also appears on the "My Body the Hand Grenade" boot)

Track 19 ("Violet") unfortunately has a recording glitch, rendering it pretty useless which is a damn shame because the track was SMOKING up till the problem.


A friend of mine sent me this yesterday, he was quite impressed with it, me, not so much, really (not
that it's BAD), this is from 2014 from the Dutch band Aniday, who are fronted by a stunningly gorgeous babe Maria Catherina; guitarist Paul Coenradie, bassist Alex Mol, drummer Danny Simons, and multi-instro man Robby Valentine round out the lineup....pretty standard hard rock/metal, Catherina's voice might remind one of someone like maybe Ann Wilson or Pat always a sucker for hot chick singer that can scream a bit, I figure I'll make my buddy happy and post this one.

Again, it's pretty standard stuff, 12 mid-length, mostly riff-rocking tunes with a few attempts at "le grande ballade", standout tracks for me are the rockers, notably "Buscando La Vida" and "Leave Me With Your Lies", all of it is OK, none of it is spectacular, but wtf an excuse to post a picture of the lovely Maria Catherina is good enough.

We've got a couple of large projects in the pipeline for the next week or so, not spilling it yet, but the next few days, we are going to have some really good and unique stuff, trust me on this one.

ANIDAY-01 Can't Take No more/02 Hole In My heart/03 When Loving You Is Wrong/04 Buscando La Vida/05 Born Yesterday/06 We Belong/07 Don't Fool With Me/08 Dream On/09 Not Much of a Man/10 Get Funky/11 Leave Me With Your Lies/12 Lost the Way

Weekend Reggae from Cliff

(Scott)-Welcome back to Cliff who presents another reggae treasure trove.....I've not heard any of
these albums,  cool theme, as well, utilizing the artists (well some of them) mentioned in the Clash's "White Man In Hammersmith Palais", from which he will quote to begin the post......I'm going to check all of these, with a special effort to get to the Clash-related effort......thanks to Cliff!
Midnight to six man
The first time from Jamaica
Dillinger and Leroy Smart
Delroy Wislon, your cool operator

Taking inspiration from a post a few weeks ago from our main man Scott, I thought I would let a Clash song dictate my latest humble offering to you all. It seems fitting to begin with........

CLASH: Dillinger versus Trinity

In 1970's in Jamaica, deejay business was big and for most popular vocal hits of the day there could be found a version with 'toasted'commentary over the original record. In dancehalls deejays would compete in trying to upstage each other.  Clash albums such as this one became very popular at the tail end of the 1970's and into the 1980's and this includes 2 of the best deejay's from that period. It is a bit misleading to say that it is a Clash album, really it is just a split album with each offering single tracks and the odd duet along the way. But it is good with both Dillinger and Trinity on top form.
Track List: 1 Dillinger: Rizla Skank 2 Trinity: Spike Heel Shoes 3 Dilligner: Natty Dread Ah Carry The Swing 4: Dillinger Natty Dread on the Ball 5: Trinity Jamaican Dollars/6: Dillinger Shelly With the Electric Belly 7: Trinity  Step It Brother Clem 8: Dillinger Stumbling Block 9: Dillinger Cricket Lovely Cricket 10: Dillinger Natty Passing Through a Curfew 11: Dillinger Natty Dread Is Not the Prodigal Son 12: Dillinger Vs Trinity Starsky and Hutch


In London Clinker-Leroy Smart

leroy Smart for some reason never became internationally known as he should have been.  He was a master of love songs and roots material and his vocals weer full of soul and emotion. They rarely seldom fail to grab you.  He's released well over 30 albums, fair enough I havean't listened to them all but for me this 1977 effort is one of the best. A mix of roots and love material in London Clinker sees Smart at his prime

Track List: 1. Back Out babylon, 2: Honour Your Mother and Father, 3: It's A Long Time Now, 4: Jennifer, 5: We Want to Know, 6: Your Kisses Are Sweet, 7: Come Let Us have Some Fun, 8: Jah Jah Forgive Them, 9: Know Yourself, 10: Give Praise to Jah, 11: Let Your Heart Be Pure, 12: Life Is a Funny Thing, 13: I Don't Like It, 14: Jah Is Mighty


Good All Over-Delroy Wilson

If you choose to only download one of these albums then it has to be this one.  This is an LP of outstanding rocksteady from both an instrumental and vocal standpoint with the great production of Coxsone Dodds making this album a Studio One classic.  Good All Over includes some of the best material of the rocksteady genre. "Can't Stand It", "Don't Know", "I'm Not a King" and especially "Once Upon a Time" make this a must listen to album
Track List: 1. I Can't Stand It, 2: I love the Way you Walk 3: Rain From the Skies, 4: Who Cares, 5: Money Love, 6: Your Love Is Amazing, 7: Once Upon a Time, 8: Don't Know, 9: Feel Good All Over, 10: I'm Not a King, 11: How Can I Love Someone, 12: Funky Broadway


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ukeulele Madness Part 2

(Scott)-Make sure and give it up for Brian for continually finding esoterica like this, as well as combining it with the hard effort it takes to make cohesive, large-scale me it takes a lot of work, on his part, and the first part of THIS collection was recieved MUCH, MUCH better than I expected.......many of you requested more and here it is!
Here is quite a swollen sequel to the Ukulele post. This'll probably be the last one for awhile; it's all the goodies I can find. First up are two more Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain albums...

The Secret Of Life is one of their studio releases. Many great covers that weren't on the two Live In London albums I gave you: "Le Freak", "MacArthur Park", "Je'Taime Mo Non Plus", "Only You"... There's also a great original song in the epic 7 minute title track. I put the Japanese cover here cuz I think it's cooler than the original.

The next UOOGB album was a completely mysterious unexpected score: it's a live album. It had no title, and the track listing doesn't match info on any of their other live albums. With hints given in the "Teenage Dirtbag" and "Ode To Joy" intros, it is from a recording made at The Royal Albert Hall for television broadcast. I just titled it Unknown Live. It sounds great @320, and it's sequenced properly. Features at least a couple songs that aren't on the other releases. I particularly like their playing of "Ode To Joy", where they have the audience play ukuleles with them. When the whole hall claps along on the last few choruses, I cried. Really.

While looking for more UOOGB stuff, I stumbled across a different Ukulele Orchestra - the Orchestra of jako Brno, in the Czech Republic. They're clearly inspired by the U.K. group - they even cover a few of the same songs. That's not to say it's a ripoff though... they do some other interesting covers, and it's definitely enjoyable music. I've included two albums - A Little Less Conversation and Live In Brno. Looking up info on the group, I found that two members - a father and son - were murdered in a spree killing a year or so ago. Eastern Europe is a rough room...

I should say right out that while Dent plays ukulele on almost all of these songs, it is by no means the focus of the music. This is just a great oddball modern pop record, with a lot of other instruments going on.

Practically every song reminds me of a different genre. I hear Dylan, ragtime, island music, Randy Newman, Vegas schmaltz, Pavement, the Phil Spector sound... and the guy sounds quite a bit like Morrissey. That's meant as a compliment.

This is one case where I wanna get the music out there, but I also want to encourage you guys to go buy something from him, too. He's got quite a few albums available on iTunes. Same for the UOOGB. Show the love, y'all!

Years ago, while listening to AOL Radio - wow, remember when that mattered? - I came across this album. It stayed in OOP expensive limbo for a long time before I scored it cheap on Amazon a few days ago. I've barely formed an opinion on it, but I do think it's good, it's really rare, and it's not posted anywhere else (I've looked), so here it is straight to your grubby little hands. "Flight Of the Bumblebee" and the Super Mario theme on ukulele!

Hope you guys dig this. I think this ukulele post is even better than the previous one. Certainly a bit more diverse. Give all these a listen, and when you see a Uke hanging on a wall in a store somewhere, you'll know some awesome ass music can be made on that thing! And if by a freakish chance you haven't hit post #1, please do.

The bonus link is a repost of another N-L album, the one that makes fun of Woodstock. It's a classic. Long live Megadeath!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


This is a very comprehensive (perhaps excessively so) collection of singles from the underappreciated/somewhat overlooked glitter/glam band MUD.......from the fertile UK glam scene of the early mid 1970's, MUD were a sort of T Rex/Sweet type of outfit, that specialized in the type of short, poppish/guitar slammers that made the glam scene what it was........rarely discussed stateside, even I forgot about them when unleashing that glam flood back around the time of Bowie's passing.....however, this is quite worthwhile if you are uninitiated.

MUD were basically singer Les Gray, drummer Dave Mount, bassist Ray Stiles, and guitarist Rob Davis......the cranked out some singles that did quite well in the UK, notably "Dyna-Mite", "Tiger Feet", and "The Cat Crept In".......there are a LOT more like these, as these guys were pretty strictly a singles act, one COULD make the case that a two disc comp is a bit much, but, as stated before, at the very least it IS comprehensive......the band had a knack for doing some fairly lame cover versions at times, the versions here of  "Drift Away" and "Lean On Me" are pretty lame, although they could, with the right material, knock one out ("Oh Boy!", notably)....these guys plugged on until 1978, or so, by which time glam rock was dinosauric, but they were harmless fun, and if you listen to this and pare it down to a single disc of the tracks you like, you'll have a 1970's UK glam rock gem!

MUD-THE SINGLES '67-'78 DISC 1-01 Tiger Feet/02 The Cat Crept In/03 Dyna-Mite/04 Rocket/05 L'L'Lucy/06 Nite on the Tiles/07 Moonshine Sally/08 Hypnosis/09 Crazy/10 The Secrets That You Keep/11 Oh Boy!/12 One Night (With You)/13 Hula Love/14 Living Doll/15 Let's Have A Party/16
In the Mood/17 Show Me Your a Woman/18 Shake It Down/19 Lean On Me/20 Beating Around the Bush/21 Slow talking Boy/22 Lonely This Christmas

MUD-THE SINGLES '67-'78 DISC 2-01 Just Try a Little Tenderness/02 Cut Across Shorty/03 Drift Away/04 Medley: Dynamite/The Cat Crept In/Tiger Feet/05 Do You Love Me/06 Do It All Over Again/07 Watching the Clock/08 Bye Bye Johnny/09 Shake Rattle and Roll/10 Blue Moon/11 The Ladies/12 I Can't Stand It/13 Still Watching the Clock/14 Last Tango in London/15 Mr. Bagatelle/16 Morning/17 I love How To Love Me/18 Flower Power/19 You're My Mother/20 Up the Airy Mountain/21 The Latter Days/22 Shangri La/23 House on the Hill/24 Jumping Jehosephat/25 Won't Let It Go