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Friday, May 6, 2016

Rory Gallagher Part 3

"Defender" closed up part 2 of this series, Gallagher would release one more studio album "Fresh Evidence"
before his death due to liver problems. Of all his studio work, I probably enjoy this one the least, there is a lot going on here, and it really doesn't come together, at least for me.....but taken as a whole, his studio output was very, very good, and now we will take a look at some of his live efforts and some comps, etc....

After his passing, the first release would be the 2 disc "BBC Sessions", composed of live recordings culled together from various points in his career....great to hear some of the studio stuff given longer, more relaxed versions, such as "Calling Card" and "Daughter of the Everglades". This set is a winner.

"Live in Europe" is a release from early in his career, and it rocks from the word go.....lots of arrangements of traditional blues numbers, and of course, the great "Laundromat". This was quite a release in 1972 or whenever, still sounds quite good today.

One more for today, there will be another part to this series still to come....originally released as a double LP set was "Irish Tour '74", and was years later released as a six disc box set. All I have is the regular old CD issue, I'm afraid, that will have to suit ya.....storming versions of "Cradle Rock" and (especially) "Walk on Hot Coals".......

He was a dynamic live performer, as I said before, and these sets bear that out. Check in a few days for the rest of his stuff that I have.

FRESH EVIDENCE-01 Kid Gloves/02 The King of Zydeco/03 Middle Name/04 Alexis/05 Empire State Express/06 Ghost Blues/07 Heaven's Gate/08 The Loop/09 Walkin' Wounded/10 Slumming Angel/11 Never Asked You For Nothin'/12 Bowed Not Broken

BBC D1-01 Calling Card/02 What In the World/03 Jacknife Beat/04 Country Mile/05 Got My Mojo
Working/06 Garbage Man/07 Roberta/08 Used to Be/09 I Take What I Want/10 Cruise on Out

BBC D2 01 Race the Breeze/02 hands Off/03 Crest of a Wave/04 Feel So bad/05 For the last Time/06 It Takes Time/07 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son/08 Daughter of the Everglades/09 They Don't Make Them Like You/10 Tore Down/11 When My Baby She Left Me/12 Hoodoo Man

LIVE IN EUROPE-01 Messin' With the Kid/02 Laudromat/03 I Could've Had Religion/04 Pistol Slapper Blues/05 Going to My Hometown/06 In Your Town/07 Bullfrog Blues/08 What In the World/09 Hoodoo Man

IRISH TOUR-01 Cradle Rock/02 I Wonder Who/03 Tattoo'd Lady/04 Too Much Alcohol/05 As the Crow Flies/06 A Million Miles Away/07 Walk On Hot Coals/08 Who's That Coming/09 Back on My Old Stompin' Ground/10 Maritime

Play loud.


Thinking I've never posted this one either, and a shame that would be, more good early 1970's hard psych rock, this time outta Los Angeles.....this was kind of a rarity at one time, originally pressed as a one-sided acetate record thus the short I've said many times, the hard psych of that era was criminally underappreciated at the time, this brief album proves as much. There are but six tracks here, plenty of fuzz guitar and druggy lyrics.....standouts to me are "Stay high, Fly Away Is Still OK" and "Double Darea", but all 6 have their can breeze through this in no time, but please don't deprive yourself of this one.

LYD-01 Trash Pad/02 The Time of hate and Struggle/03 Need You/04 Stay High, Fly Away is Still OK/05 Double Dare/06 Think It Over Twice

White Stripes Peel Session

Unsure if I've posted these or not (did a White Stripes rarities LONG ago), but if I have, there's always room for more White Stripes.....these undated Peel Sessions come from a vinyl rip, sounds great, and was contributed by John N. Always one of my very favorite bands, saw Jack with his new band in concert last year, and while great, NEVER could match the energy and fire of THE White Stripes!

PEEL SESSIONS-DISC 1 01 Let's Shake Hands/02 When I Hear My Name/03 Jolene/04 Death Letter/05 Cannon/06 Astro-Jack the Ripper/07 Hotel Yorba/08 I'm Finding It harder to Be a Gentleman/09 Screwdriver/10 We Are Going to Be Friends/11 You're Pretty Good Looking For a Girl/12 Boll Weevil/13 Hello Operator/14 Baby Blue

DISC 2-01 Lord Send Me an Angel Down/02 Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground/03 I Think I Smell a Rat/04 Let's Build a Home/05 Little Room/06 The Union Forever/07 The Same Boy You've Always Known/08 Look me Over Closely/09 Looking at You/10 St. James Infirmary/11 Apple Blossom/12 Do/13 Rated X/14 Jumble Jumble/15 Little People

A bit more PJ Harvey

Jon Scheiner submits a complimentary piece to yesterday's post of PJ Harvey's latest release.....this is a live set of songs from the new album, Jon says he thinks this is the sole performance of these thusfar. So thanks once again to Jon his for his submittal, keep em coming!

Royal Festival Hall, London 10/9/15

01 Chain of Keys/02 The Wheel/03 The Orange Monkey/04 The Ministry of Social Affairs/05 Dollar, Dollar/06 The Community of Hope/07 Homo Sappy Blues/08 Medicinals/09 All Near the Memorials to Vietnam and Lincoln/10 River Anacostia

The Star Spangles

Not that I ever knew a whole lot about these boys, but I will tell you that the "Bazooka!" album is a real fin-
scaler, some good glam/punk hard rock no roll. Comprised of vocalist Ian Wilson, guitarist Tommy Volume, bassist Nick Price, and drummer Joey Valentine, these guys cranked out the absolute  JAMS in the early 00's, This gem ("Bazooka!") came around in 2003, I guess there was a follow up I didn't hear, but this here thing rocks hard. Not a lot to say about it, underappreciated, for certain, and a great melding of punk/glam....check this it is WAY worth your time.

BAZOOKA!-01 I live For Speed/02 Which One of the Two of Us Is Gonna Burn the House Down?/03 Angela/04 I Don't Wanna Be Crazy Anymor.05 Stay away From Me/06 LA/07 Science Fiction/Science Fact/08 In Love Again/09 Stain Glass Shoes/10 The Party/11 I Feel So Good/12 Come Away With Me/13 The Sins of the Family Fall on the Daughter

Don't miss this minor gem!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mars Red Sky

Thanks to John N, I have recieved another batch of some excellent desert/stoner/psych from France, this
time in the person of Mars Red Sky....I was somewhat familiar with them, but ever so much now with this batch of stuff!

First up is a bunch of various singles/EP tracks, all worth a listen......they appear at the end of the links, one of particular notice is a split single with Year of No Light...

Their Self-titled debut was issued in 2011, it's a find blend of fuzz, riffing and vocals which might remmind one of Tame Impala,

The 2014 issue, "Stranded in Arcadia" is a fine piece of way-out desert-surf music, they turn up the fuzz quite a bit, check the mind melting opener, "The Light Beyond"......this is one of those "future classics" of stoner rock that I refer to at times, you'll want to hear this one.

Finally, their new release," Apex III: Praise From the Burning Sky" has a more melodic, progressive sound, as the band continues to develop and grow. This one is a winner too, in particular the title track

MARS RED SKY-01 Strong Reflection/02 Curse/03 Falls/04 Way to Rome/05 Saddle Point/06 Marble Sky/07 Up the Stairs

STRANDED IN ARCADIA-01 The Light Beyond/02 Hovering Satellite/03 Holy Mondays/04 Join the Race/05 Arcadia/06 Circles/07 Seen a Ghost/08 Beyond the Light

APEX III:(PRAISE FOR THE BURNING SOUL)-01 Alien Grounds/02 Apex III/03 The Whinery/04 Mindreader/05 /05 Under the Hood/06 Friendly Fire/07 Prodigal Son//08 Shot In Providence

SINGLES -01Curse/Saldaba
                02  Mars Red Sky-Falls/Year of No Light -Black Bath/Mars Red Sky and Year of No light                                            (split) single

                03 BE MY GUIDE-12" EP_01 Be My Guide/02 Seen a Ghost/03  Clean White                                              Hands/Stranger

                04 PROVIDENCE EP-01 Shot In Providence/02 The Homesick Deaf/03 Sapphire                                        Vessel/04 Falls/05 Be My Guide/06 Marble Sky/The Light Beyond

The Doors (Part 6 of MANY)

Continuing on to give you the best Doors overview (maybe) ever created, as we left you last we were in the
midst of a slew of a bunch of live a few more for you today, see what you think of them.First up is a 1969 broadcast for PBS television, really sounds great, this is one I'd recommend. "Wishful Sinful" is not perform that often.,,,a pretty decent interview follows the set.

Next up is an album called "Missing Links" 2/25/69 Live at Sunset Hollywood CA....good sound, and what is interesting here is there are really no Doors songs, they experiment with other stuff....a curiosity and a good one.

Next disc is from same date, same venue, and again, is devoid of traditional "Doors" songs......I have to say, these are two of my favorites thus far in this set......they are unique and rarely heard.....I recommend these, at least over another muddled version of "Light My Fire" (and we WILL have more of those!)

Gonna close out the 1969 shows (for now, there are more to come) with a show (9/13/69) at Toronto...this is a short set with good-to-fair sound, nothing terribly unusual in the set list. If you are trying to build a "complete Doors" file, you'll want it, if not, well.......

PBS STUDIOS 4/28/69-01 Studio Introduction/02 Tell All the People/03 Whiskey Bar/04 Backdoor Man/05 Wishful Sinful/06 Build Me a Woman/07 The Soft parade/08 PBS Interview

MISSING LINKS SESSION 2/25/69-01 Whiskey Mystics, and Men #1/02 The Soft Parade Intro #1/03 The Soft Parade Intro #2/04 Whiskey, Mystics, and Men #2/05 Love Me Tender/06 Rock Is Dead #1/07 Me and the Devil Blues (Devil is a Woman)/08 Rock is Dead #2/09 Queen of the Magazines/10 Pipeline (Intstro)/11 Rock is Dead #3/12 Rock me Baby/13 Mystery Train/14 Rock Is Dead #4

ROCK IS DEAD SESSIONS 2/25/69-01 Love Me Tender-Save the Whole World/02 Rock Is Dead Part
#1/03 Woman is a Devil/04 No Impabilimations Let's Roll/05 Boogie All Night/06 No Impablimations/07 Rock and Roll Woman/08 Queen of the Magazines and Medicine/09 Wipe out/10 Naked Woman (Jim Talking)/11 Naked Woman (Jam)/12 Rock Me/13 Mystery Train/14 A Little Piece/15 I Could Not Help Myself/16 Rock N Roll is Dead Part 2/17 We had Some Good Times, But They're Gone/18 The Death of Rock (conclusion) (JM Harp)/ 19 Final Words/20 Roadhouse Blues (vocal vamp fragment)/21Seminary School (Playback over Bit of Track/22 Seminary School/23 Seminary School....Whiskey, Mystics (Full Take)/24 Whiskey Mystics and Men (With Petition Intro)

TORONTO 9/13/69-01  When the Music's Over/02 Break On Through/03 Back Door Man/04 The Crystal Ship/05 Wake Up/06 Light My Fire/07 the End