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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Mo-Dettes "The Story So Far"

This was a great 1980's new-wave/chick band, really did like their stuff for a while, this is a killer album that
you will want to hear/have, with the classic "Masochistic Opposites" and "White Mice Disco", and more, this is a forgotten 1980's masterpiece that NEVER fails to put a smile on this face when it hits the turntable.....the Mo-Dettes, I THINK, released but this one album, they consisted of guitarist Kate Kouris, bassist Jane Crockford, singer Ramona Carilier, drummer June Miles-Kingston, and guitarist Melissa Ritter.....give this forgotten classic a listen, it is simply a great release, buried under the three decades (!) that have passed since I bought it!

THE STORY SO FAR-01 Fandango/02 Satisfy/03 Dark Park Creeping/04 Kray Twins/05 Paint It Black/06 White Mouse Disco/07 Bedtime Stories/08 Masochistic Opposites/09 Foolish Girl/10 Norman (He's No Rebel)/11 Sparrow/12 Milord

Persona Non Grata

Another quickie, a 980's new-wave crew (this time from French) that VERy few are familiar with, cannot
find a personnel lineup (maybe could if I tried a LITTLE harder), but take this to the bank.....once you get used to the french/english blur of the lyrics/vocals, this is a dark, spooky, and quite good "cold wave" Ep ca early 80's sometime......I've always enjoyed this dark effort a bit, if you dug the Marquis De Sade disc I had for you a couple weeks ago, you'll go for this too, I think......

OUR SHADES OF SIN-01 The Heirs (Part )/02 The Heirs (part 2)/03 Brother/04 Sunk With a Sheen/05 The Clawning/06 Iroquois Hound Boys (And Bogey Girls)/07 Lacerados Hombres

Please leave a comment with your opinions as to this disc, should you sample it, thanks!

Surf Legends and Rumors

How about yet another set of the early 1960's surf instrumentals for which I have such a soft
spot/weakness.....hell I've talked about this many times before, it's something that I love to death, just a unique, high energy, balls-out genre of rock n roll........I love this stuff, by now you will know if you do as need to run down the highlights, you know these names, some of these tracks, and the ones you don't know are treasure-chest material for you instro-surf fans as well, right? Here are two volumes, eat em up......a comment or three might be appreciated!

VOLUME 1-01  THE SURFTONES-Cecilia Ann/02 THE HUSTLERS-Inertia!/03 THE RUMBLERS-Surf Rat/04 THE BLAZERS-Bangalore/05 THE NEVGANS-Surfbound/06 THE RUMBLERS-Boss/07 THE REVELS-Church Key/08 THE REVEL-Intoxica/09 THE PASTEL SIX-Twitchin'/10 THE RUMBLERS-Night Scene/11 THE NEVEGANS-Downey Surf/12 THE RAMBLERS-Hanging One/13 THE REVELS-Comanche/14 THE RUMBLERS-It's a gas/15 THE CHEVELLES-Let There Be Surf/16 THE BLAZERS-Beaver Patrol/17 THE PASTEL SIX-Hot Dogger/18 THE RUMBLERS-Destruction/19 THE REVELS-Revillion/20 THE RUMBLERS-Summertime Blues/21 THE PASTEL SIX-Don't Leave Me/22 THE BLAZERS-Sound of MEcca/23 THE PASTEL SIX-Braham's Nightmare/24 THE RAMBLERS-Mozart Stomp/25 THE RUMBLERS-Slippin'/26 THE HUSTLERS-Inertia!

VOLUME 2-01 THE ASTRONAUTS-Baja/02 THE TORNADOES-Bustin' Surfboards/03 THE TORNADOES-Charge of the Tornadoes/04 THE TORNADOES-The Phantom Surfer/05 THE TORNADOES-The Gremmie Part 1/06 THE BEACH BOYS-Surfin'/07 THE ESQUIRES-Flashin Red/08 THE ESQUIRES-What a Burn/09 THE RAMBLERS-Ticonderoga/10 THE BEL AIRS-Mr Moto/11 THE BEL AIRS-Little Brown Jug/12 THE BELAIRS-Volcanic action/13 THE BEL AIRS-Runaway/14 ALAN SMITH AND THE FUGITIVES-Fugitive/15 THE FURRIES-Double Barrel/16 THE SURF-BUDDIES-Super Surfer/17 THE PASTE SIX-Rendezvous Rods/18 THE PASTEL SIX-Strange Ghost/19 THE PASTEL SIX-SURFER SMOOTH/20 THE PASTEL SIX-Bandito/21 THE REVELS-It's party Time/22 THE REVELS-Tough Soul/23 THE NEVEGANS-One-Armed bandit/24 THE NEVEGANS-Russian Roulette/25 THE HUSTLERS-Kopout/26 THE HUSTLERS-Migrane/27 THE BARRACUDAS-I can't Believe You're Really Mine/28 THE BARRACUDAS-Come Back To Me

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Public Image Limited

Still waiting for the Part 2 Clutch links to load (Zippy up to her old tricks again), well, I wouldn't leave
ya hangin with NOTHING to listen to would I? Well, how about some Public Image Limited, to wash that Clutch right outta yer ears........TOLD ya I am the king of bloggersphere variety, NOW whatcha say?

OK, Pil were Johnny Lydon's (Rotten's) post Sex Pistols project, it was meant to, if I remember correctly, "destroy rock n roll" which "deserved to die" because it was over 30 years old (just a guess but I'd bet good money that at the time John Lydon was ALSO over 30 years old, but, ahh, well....)...

The personnel has shuffled over the years, Lydon being the only constant, but in the beginning (1978) there were Lydon, guitarist Keith Levine, bassist Jah Wobble, and drummer Jim Walker.....this was "anti-rock", which quickly became, as I recall, one of the first to earn the label "post-punk"......about as far from the Pistols (or anything else, really, as it could be), this was droning, slow paced stuff with Wobble's bass mixed way up front, and Lydon's sneering, incoherent "vocals".......imagine, though, the furor that was raised among the "hip" music audience at the time, when we "learned" that the Pistols were passe'? THIS was the "music" of the future"?

The release of 1978's "First Edition" caused quite a furor ("almost" as if it were intentionally so, WOW), sort of semi-reggae, it IS listenable and takes a bit of work to get into, the track "public Image" was something of a single (it appearead on the "Troublemakers" compilation"), there are attacks on religion (specifically Catholocism) and on Malcolm McClaren, I really do kinda like the finale "Fodderstompf", a long, droning "dance" number......if ever there was music that was an acquired taste, then, brother, this was it.........

1979's "Metal Box", like it or not, was one of the most revolutionary albums, well, ever, just in format.....originally pacakaged as three 45 RPM records inside what appeared to be a film cannister, these discs were EQ'd at some of the most smoking hot levels  ever recorded......just amazing if you have ever heard the originals......later released on more affordable vinyl (and later, CD), but if you ever have the chance for the original "Metal Box", you'll be amazed (this is the CD version, not quite as hot as the original)....even in thiss format, "Albatross", "Chant", "PopTones" and more survive to this day, although MUCH more as historical footnotes than as "heavy rotation" stuff......

Oh, the memories......they appeared on American Bandstand and to the stunned shock of Dick Clark,
would not even pretend to lyp-sync......they had a disasterous "Tomorrow Show" appearance with the Thought-he-was-hip Tom Snyder......they performed a show in NYC from behind a sheet so the audience could not see them, as Lydon gleefully chanted "Are you getting your money's worth?"......oh they were MUCH more fun to follow than to actually listen to.

"Paris Au Printemps" which I have in glorious vinyl here, is a live recording, most notable for Lydon's audience-baiting rants (sample: "I'll walk off this fucking stage if you keep spitting......DOG!"), it is a decent summary of the first two releases, "Chant"and "Attack" come off pretty well.......

OK, for me they pretty much lose it here.....Wobble left the band, and "Flowers of Romance" (1981) has next to no bass parts on it, and Levene takes up's a VERY difficult album to listen to, I DO know people that like it (my brother for one), but you decide for yourself......their time had come and gone, and yet, they continued to "kick out the Jams" (supposed to be funny, there).

The follow up, "Commercial Zone", is a mess as well, the band was fighting with each other, I suppose this was some sort of contractual fullfillment thins, as, was, quite possibly, "Live In Tokyo", which is not NEARLY the effort that "Paris Au Printemps" is, they sound tired and out-of-it......I know "lovers" of the band will likely blast me for my opinions, but these guys DID have a place in history, although it's MORE so in "history" than it is in "music"......

The last of thier albums that I happen to have is 1984's "This is What You Want......And This Is What You Get"'s an attempt to re-do "Commercial Zone", it's OK, I guess, but really.......zzzzzzzzzzzz....they have made a few more albums since then, but hey........

Pioneers, revolutionaries, have to be VERY careful......they often become the VERY establishment that they attack......never seen a better example than PIL......the fact that they linger on even today proves that point VERY well..........another chapter in the history of rock n roll and the offfshoots thereof, it's SUPPOSED to be dangerous, but after too long, it just becomes comical.

FIRST ISSUE-01 Theme/02 Religion I/03 Religion II/04 Annalisa/05Public Image/06 Low Life/07
Attack/08 Fodderstompf

METAL BOX-01 Albatross/02 Memories/03 Swan Lake/04 Pop Tones/05 Careering/06 No Birds/07 Graveyard/08 The Suit/09 Bad baby/10 Socialist/11 Chant/12 Radio 4

PARIS AU PRINTEMPS-01 Theme/02 Chant/03 Careering/04 Bad baby/05 Low Life/06 Attack/07 Poptones

FLOWERS OF ROMANCE-01 Four Enclosed Walls/02 Track 8/03 Phenagan/04 Flowers of Romance/05 Under the House/06 Hymie's Him/07 Banging the Door/08 Go back/09 Francis massacre/10 Flowers of Romance (Instrumental)/11 Home is Where the Heart is/12 Another

COMMERCIAL ZONE-01 Love Song/02 Mad Max/03 bad Night/04 Young Brit/05 The Slab/06 Lou
Reed Part 1/07 Lou Reed part 2/08 Blue Water/09 Miller High Life

LIVE IN TOKYO-01 Annalisa/02 Religion/03 Low Life/04 Solitaire/05 Flowers of Romance/06 (This Is Not a) Love Song/07 Death Disco/08 Bad Life/09 banging the Door/10 Under the House

THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT.....01 Bad Life/02 (This Is Not a) Love Song/03 Solitaire/04 Tie Me to the Length of That/05 The pardon/06 Where Are You/07 1981/08 The Order of Death

What are your thoughts on this controversial band? How does the music stand up 35 years later? Really like to know your opinions on this......

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Comedy/Soundtrack King Brian Parker asks for input!

And, as always, I include his link to HIS site here, I am always willing to help ANYONE who asks me to promote thier blogs, people did it for me years ago before I became all famous and stuff.....

OK, Brian is heavilly into comedy, he's made some great comedy posts that I have shared here, and he wants opinions on what his NEXT comedy extravaganza should be........please let him know, he also has (amazingly) a PART FOUR of the Swans ultra-mega post thing, which I'm sure we'll get to eventually, but he asks that I post on my blog a request for input and I am glad to do we be:

Got a question for my handful of readers....

All right, question for you guys; I'm pondering what to do next. These are the options. I'm free to any feedback of what to do next....

1. A fourth Swans post consisting of 13 different albums between Michael Gira and Jarboe.
2. Another Monty Python post of a handful of things.
3. A huge Richard Pryor post
4. A GIGANTIC George Carlin post!


I am not a HUGE comedy fan, although I did love the Firesign Theater and Lenny Bruce stuff, MY PERSONAL vote would go to more Swans, doubt many others would though..........not up to me anyway, tell Brian, a valued and trusted member of "Team Growing Bored For a Living" what you desire and I'm sure he will come through for ya!

Clutch Part 2

A day late, perhaps, as I typed this text up and then somehow my drunken fingers deleted it, and I simply said FUCK where did we leave off?

"Jam Room" was originally released in 1999, then reissued in with most Clutch releases, it's a fine blend of southern rock/riff rock/metal turning into a fine stoner rock blend....this is a very good disc as well, "One Eye Dollar", "The Drifter", and "Big Fat Pig" are now I assume you know if Clutch is your thing or not, so have at it as you will.

"Pitchfork and Lost Needles" was released in 2005, a re-issue of "Pitchfork" as well as some demo tracks and stuff......if you're a Clutch fan (by now), this will be of interest, really NOT essential, but still a fine record.

From the same year comes "Robot Hive Exodus", another good release, this one taking a more bluesy direction, maybe in the vein of Five Horse Johnson if you are's a god disc though, and the blues covers "Gravel Road" and "Who's Been Talking" work's hard to write this band up, as they have consistently released such fine albums for such a long period of time, but, in general, most all of them are worth it for hard rock lovers.

In 2008, they released "From Beale Street To Oblivion", again, what can I say? This is a fine hard rock album as well...."Electric Worry" is one of their best and there are plenty more hard rocking gems here.....God, this is an underappreciated  band, please help and change that, at least a little?

"Strange Cousins From the West" came out in 2009, and what do ya know, it kicks some serious ass as well, actually one of their better efforts (I seem to be saying that often), "50,000 Unstoppable Watts" and "Abraham Lincoln" are among their better works, and that is not's a fine album, and it's AMAZING how consistent these dudes released really good albums with no more recognition than they recieved.

"Basket of Eggs" (2011) is a collection of acoustic takes and other stuff, if you are by now a full-fledged Clutch fan you might desire it, it is not an essential release....try at your own risk.

Now, the "B-Sides and Rarities" collection IS pretty much an essential release, LOTS of undiscovered
gems (that great version of "Cross Eyed mary" from "Sucking in the 70's" (one of the first albums I EVER featured on this blog!), a slew of live tracks, this one you want.....unsure if it fits on a single disc or not, certainly you can figure it out.

And finally, the most recent release, "Earth Rocker".....can you believe? This is maybe their "heaviest' release YET, pure stoner/grunge greatness......sorry, but it's just amazing for me that a band that has kicked it for this long stays fresh, hard rocking, and in tune with the times as this one has and recieves almost zero recognition.......

Clutch is a bad ass band....they rock hard, always have, and if I wake up ONE person to their greatness, I will have done my duty......please check out the albums here, and let me know what you think, the fact that Clutch never hit it as big, as, say, at least, Orange Goblin or Fu Manchu (both of whom are great, make no mistake) is amazing to me..........let's get some recognition for the great CLUTCH!

JAM ROOM 01 Who Wants To Rock/02 big Fat Pig/03 Going To Market/04 One Eye Dollar/05 Raised By Horses/06 Bertha's Big Back yard/07 Gnome Enthusiast/08 Swamp Boot Upside Down/09 Basket of  Eggs/10 Release the Kraken/11 The Drifter/12 I Send Pictures/13 Sink Em Low/14 Super Duper/15 Release the Dub

PITCHFORK AND LOST NEEDLES-01 Wicker/02 Arcadia/03 Juggernaut/04 Far country/05 Nero's Fiddle/06 Passive Restraints (Demo)/07 Bacchanal (Demo)/08 Milk of Human Kindness (Demo)/09 What Would a Wookie Do?/10 Bottoms Up, Socrates

ROBOT HIVE EXODUS-01 The Incomparable Mr. Flannery/02 Burning Beard/03 Gullah/04 Mice and Gods/05 Pulaski Skyway/06 Never Be Moved/07 10001110101/08 Small Upsetters/09 Circus Maximus/10 Tripping the Alarm/11 100000 Witnesses/12 Land of Pleasant Living/13 Gravel Road/141 Who's Been Talking?

FROM BEALE STREET TO OBLIVION-01 You Can't Stop Progress/02 Power Player/03 The Devil & Me/04 White's Ferry/05 Child of the City/06 Electric Worry/07 One Eye Dollar/08 Rapture of Riddley Walker/09 When Vegans Attack/10 Opossum Minister/11 Black Umbrella/12 Mr Shiny Cadillackness

STRANGE COUSINS FROM THE WEST-01 Motherless Chile/02 Struck Down/03 50000 Unstoppable Watts/04 Abraham Lincoln/05 Minotaur/06 The Amazing Kreskin/07 Witchdoctor/08 Let a Poor Man Be/09 Freakonomics/10 Algo Ha Cambiado/11 Sleestak Lighting

BASKET OF EGGS-01 Box Car Shorty's Confession (Acoustsic)/02 The Regulator (Acoustic)/03 Basket Of Eggs (Acoustic)/04 Tight Like That (Acoustic)/05 Drink to the Dead (Live acoustic)/06 Cattle Car/07 Walpole Man/08 Promoter/09 La Curandera/10 Steve Doocy

B-SIDES AND RARITIES-01 Cross Eyed Mary/02 Money/03 Gifted and Talented/04 David Rose/05
05/06 Apache/07 Big News III/08 Molt/09 Hot Off the Grill/10 Pile Driver/11 Slow Hole To China/12 24 Earth Years/13 Easy Breeze/14 Four Lords (And One More)/15 Guild of Mute Assasins/16 Hale Bopp Blues/17 High Caliber Consecrator/18 Nickel & Dime/19 Oregon/20 Rising Son/21 The Package/22 Sitting On Top of the World (Live)/23 The Pond (live)/24 The Wheel (Live)/25 Wishbone (live)/26 King of Arizona

EARTH ROCKER-01 Earth Rocker/02 Crucial Velocity/03 Mr Freedom/04 DC Sound Attack!/05 Unto the Breach/06 Gone Cold/07 The Face/08 Book Saddle & Go/09 Cyborg Bette/10 Oh, Isabella/11 The Wolfman Kindly Requests.....

Let's get this great and for whatever overlooked hard rocking band the notice and credit that they REALLY do least sample a couple of these and as always, let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Clutch, Part 1

From the metropolis that is Frederick Maryland, we have Clutch, certainly one of the most
underappreciated and underrated bands of the last couple of decades......a GREAT hard rock band with a volumnous catalouge, this is a mystery to my why these guys never took off more than they did.....great stuff here, be forewarned, if you love good old hard rock, stoner rock, bluesy-riff rock, look no further....Clutch is some fucking bad ass shit. No joke!

Clutch's lineup has remained fairly stable over the years, more or less vocalist/rhythm guitarist Neil Falon, lead guitarist Tim Sult, bassist Dan Maines, and drummer Jean-Paul Gaster.....they've released a BUNCH of albums, and for my cash are one of the USA's best hard rocking/stoner (well, CLOSE to stoner) bands that this country has produced, and it's a complete blank to me as to why they have not drawn a bit of a bigger audience.

They formed, as stated before, in Maryland, ca. 1991....the first recordings of theirs that I happen to be in posession of are a copule of fine, somewhat sloppy EP's, 1991's "Pitchfork" and 1993's "A Promo Named Marcus"......I've had these forever, I THINK they are pretty rare, if I'm wrong, well so be it, BUT there are some good tracks on the both of particular "Pitchfork", I think, "Promo" contains some cool live stuff as well where the band shows off their not-a-joke live chops.....I would try these out if I were you.....

Thier debut LP, "Transnational Speedway League, Anthems, Anecdotes, and Undeniable Truths" is something of an unknown "semi-classic"'s a good one, trust me, "A Shotgun Named Marcus" makes a return from the earlier EP, but better yet is "Binge and Purge", a fine early anthem, and "Walking In the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks'....this is a fine album and a fine starting point to a LONG career with a BUNCH of good material, buckle up.

The next album "Clutch", is a pretty much perfect piece of 1990's earlsy semi-stoner rock......maybe ust some GREAT hard rocking stuff, like the debut, you would not wish to be without this, if you are unfamiliar.....there is no limit to the great, spaced out, hard rocking tracks on this album, just at random, we have "Texan Book of the Dead", "Spacegrass", "Tim Sult vs the Greys" that's just throwing darts, though, this is a great, 4.5 star album, you really can't call yourself a fan of 90's hard rock/stoner rock without this one, it's GREAT.

In 1997 there was a re-release of the EP "Passive Restraints" (not included here) with a couple of extra tracks.....this is entitled "Impetus", and is ABSOLUTELY worth every second you spend to obtain it....the original EP was fine, and the addition of the demo version of the title track certainly does no harm.

Next, in 1998, they released "The Elephant Riders", yet another wonderful and hard slamming
release.....long a favorite of mine, it contains GREAT shit like "Eight Times Over Miss October", "Crackerjack, "and the ending (other than the "hidden tracks",  and they are great as well) "The Dragonfly" which will rock your world,guarenteed......there are many different pressings of this disc, each of which contain DIFFERENT hidden tracks, you will be perfectly happy with the ones that appear here,  "David Rose", and "Gifted and Talented".

They suffered a minor slump in my estimation, with 2000's "Pure Rock Fury" (I don't even like the TITLE!), although, hear me out, this is NOT a "bad" album....just not on par with some of their other work...the title track and "Immortal" are decent enough, but the "Careful With that  Mic" silliness (a Korn/Limp Biakit knockoff that Clutch, as well as everyone else, would have been well advised to avoid), does nothing for the album but bring it down to the level of mediocrity......there are some good moments here, though, do not dismiss the CD due to MY dislike for "Nu-Rock" or whatever they called it (Hair Metal =1980's, Nu Rock=2000's, any questions?)

Next up they released a live LP that I don't seem to have here (thought I did, maybe it'll turn up before I finish this thang)......the next release I have is a FINE rarities/unreleased tracks collection, "Slow Hole To China"'s got a LOT of good stuff on it, mostly for Clutch fans (of which I no doubt am), check "Equinox" and "Guild of Mute Assasins", there are LOTS of tracks here that are of "regular" album quality........these guys were no joke, I can only imagine someone who has NEVER heard of them starting here and being blown away by all of this great material.

In 2004 they released the wonderful "Blast Tyrant", really fine album with tracks like "Mercury" and "Prophets of Doom", by now, "stoner rock" was coming into it's own, which HAD to be amusing to these dudes, whi had been doing this stuff for ten years..

OK, that's all for this post.....these dudes have so much good shit that it will take multiple posts....hell, I just might consider them the MOST underappreciated/underrated bands of the 90's/00's, they were ahead of thier time, ahead of the curve on the "stoner rock" thing, and it just seemed to me never got the attention that they deserved. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know, but to me this is some damn FINE hard rock, which, of course, is my "first love".....

We'll have part 2 tomorrow or sometime......would REALLY like to hear your feelings on these "unknown" (that may be a bit harsh) hard core rockers, they melded punk/stoner/grunge/good old riff rock into a sound all thier own........they did it for a long time, and barely missed a me, more GOOD stuff tomorrow.

PITCHFORK-01 01 Wicker/02 Arcadia/03 Juggernaut/04 Far Country

A PROMO NAMED MARCUS-01 A Shotgun Named Marcus/02 Rats (live)/03 Juggernaut (live)/04 A Shotgun Named Marcus (live)/05 Molt

TRANSITIONAL SPEEDWAY LEAGUE-01 A Shotgun Named Marcus/02 El Jefe Speaks/03 Binge and Purge/04 12 Ounce Epilogue/05Bacchanal/06 Milk of Human Kindness/07 Rats/08 Earthworm/09 Heirloom 13/10 Walking in the Great Shining path of Monster Trucks/11 Effigy

CLUTCH-01 Big News I/02 Big News II/03 Rock N Roll Outlaw/04 Texan Book of the Dead/05 Escape From the Prison Planet/06 Spacegrass/07 I Have the Body of John Wilkes Boothe/08 Tight Like That/09 Animal Farm/10 Droid/11 The House That Peterbilt/12 7 Jam/13 Tim Sult vs the Greys

IMPETUS-01 Impetus ((Demo)/02 Pile Driver/03 Passive Restraints/04 Impetus/05 High Caliber Consecratot

THE ELEPHANT RIDERS-01 The Elephant Riders/02 Ship of Gold/03 Eight Times Over Miss October/04 The Soapmakers/05 Untitled/06 Muchas Veces/07 Green Bucket/08 Wishbone/09 Crackerjack/10 The Dragonfly/11 David Rose/12 Gifted and Talented

PURE ROCK FURY-01 American Sleep/02 Pure Rock Fury/03 Open Up the Border/04 Careful With
That Mic/05 Red Horse Rainbow/06 The Great Outdoors/07 Smoke Banshee/08 Frankenstein/09 Sinkemlow/10 Immortal/11 Brazenhead/12 Drink to the Dead/13 Spacegrass (live)

SLOW HOLE TO CHINA (RARE AND UNRELEASED)-01 Slow Hole to China/02 Nickle Dime/03 Sea of Destruction/04 Oregon/05 Easy Breeze/06 Four Lords (And One More)/07 Rising Sons/08 Guild of Mute Assasins/09 Willie Nelson/10 Equinox/11 Hoodoo Operator/12 Day of the Jackalope

BLAST TYRANT-01 Mercury/02 Profits of Doom/03 The Mob Goes Wild/04 Cypress Grove/05 Promoter (of Earthbound Causes)/06 The Regulator/07 Worm Drink/08 Army of Bono/09 Spleen Merchant/10 (In the Wake of) The Swollen Goat/11 Weathermaker/12 Subtle Hustle/13 Ghost/14 (Notes from the Trial of) La Curandera/15 WYSIWYG

OK, guys n gals, lotta stuff here, mostly pretty damn good if you have tastes somewhat/anywhere similar to my own, Clutch have been a VERY under-loved band in thier time, let's spread this around a bit and see if we can achieve them a small percentage of the popularity that they really do deserve......good hard rock, all I can say, over a long period of time........tune in TOMORROW for the "rest" of thier fine career!