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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? Part 13

Good one today, three-disc set from the Newport Pop Music Festival
1969. Very very good
performances, you should really like this one.

Disc one opens with the kind of strange choice of "Stone Free" (not that it's a bad tune by any means, just the only show I can recall in which they led off with it), a very early drum solo, "Are You Experienced?", and back to a reprise of "Stone Free", followed with "Sunshine of Your Love and the always-smokin' "Fire", this set comes out blazing, and doesn't let up, very hot.

The second disc is a later set with a similar set list to the first, the split "Stone Free" again leads off the set, and it does include some less-heard material ("Paper Airplanes", "We Gotta Live Together"), two very fine sets (can you imagine ANY band today performing multiple sets AND turning in performances as energetic as the Experience did many times?

Disc 3 is comprised of two lengthy jams, as you know sometimes that gets a little tired on record, but it WAS part of the show and gives a feeling, I suppose, of what it was like to "be there".....

Good set, check it out....gonna try to keep these short so I can get ahead, and continue to post during my vacation in sunny Florida, still waiting for DaveSez Magazine mega-post, looking forward to that one.

DISC 1-01 Stone Free/02 Drum Solo/03 Are You
Experienced/04 Stone Free/05 Sunshine of Your Love/06 Fire/07 Hear My Train a-Comin'/08 Red House/09 Foxey Lady/10 Like a Rolling Stone/11 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/12 Purple Haze/13 Outro

DISC 2-01 Stone Free/02 Star Spangled Jam/03 Are You Experienced/04 Stone Free/05 Sunshine of Your Love/06 Fire/07 Hear My Train a-Comin'/08 Purple Haze/09 Paper Airplanes/10 Red House/11 We Gotta Live Together

DISC 3-01 Power of Soul Jam/02 Feel So Good Jam

Monday, July 21, 2014

Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? (part 12.5 non musical)

Almost forgot I had this one, a fine book on the life of Hendrix "Electric Gypsy", VERY comprehesive.....written by Harry Shapiro and Caesar Glebeek.....wonderful book, wanted to TRY to share it but here is the thing.....the file is GIGANTIC for whatever reason, I broke it down to 6 links, but be forewarned, each of those links has a bunch of RAR files you will have to unwrap as well.....couldn't think of any other way to do it, but if it's worth the trouble to you, this is a fantasic book, one of the best music-biographies I've read, but since the file was so huge, it WILL be a lot of trouble for you to get it all......BUT, the price is right, and you WILL be rewarded should you invest the trouble/time to acquire all of this!

Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix (Part 12)

Continuing to roll through these live sets, first up a vinyl rip of the patchwork "Hendrix in the West", a once comercially available set which is, to be honest, quite a bit short of spectcular, pulling tunes from various venues/dates, included here mostly because of my weakness for vinyl, and because that when released on CD, alternate versions of "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" were included because the original mistakenly included versions of these two numbers from The Royal Albert Hall show, instead of the San Diego Sports Center. Since the rights to the Albert Hall show were in dispute, alternates were used on reissue. So, if you have only have heard the CD version, this one will be somewhat different.

Next we have a double disc set from 1969 at Oakland, a very typical set list for that year, "Foxy Lady" stretches out to a much greater length than tht song normally did, and the version of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" journeys on for nearly 20 minutes as Jefferson Airplane bassist Jack Cassidy joins the band.

Wrapping up a rather brief post (I'm taking a little trip to Florida next week, and, in a perfect world, would get enough posts written ahead so that I can continue daily posts, unlikely to happen but I'm gonna try) we have from 1970 the Isle of Wight show, Hendrix' final UK performance as he would pass away less than a month later. Good to get some live versions of "Dolly Dagger" and "In From the Storm", all in all a decent set.

HENDRIX IN THE WEST-01 God Save the Queen/Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/02 Little Wing/03 Red House/04 Johnny B Goode/05 Lover Man/06 Blue Suede Shoes/07 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

OAKLAND DISC 1-01 Fire/02 Hey Joe/03 Spanish Castle Magic/04 Hear My Train a-Comin'/05 Sunshine of Your Love/06 Red House

OAKLAND DISC 2-01 Foxey Lady/02 Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze/03 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

ISLE OF WIGHT-01 Machine Gun/03 Lover Man/04 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/05 Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)/06 Message to Love/07 Dolly Dagger/08 Red House/09 In From the Storm/10 God Save the Queen

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? (Part 11)

Gonna continue with some more badass live shows today......let's lead off with one of my
favorites......"The Jimi Hendrix Concerts" was an "official" release, although a seriously underappreciated one, I love it to death, and, although I'd imagine it WAS, I don't think for certain that I've ever seen it on CD (the version here is a wonderful vinyl rip).....culled from multiple shows, wow......kicking off with the killer duo of "Fire" and "I Don't Live Today" is amazing enough, but also killer versions of "AreYou Experienced?", "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", "Wild Thing" and more, never really understood why this set wasn't a bit more appreciated than it was, but I love it, it is a fantastic set, despite being a "cut-and-paste" effort, it's still great, and strangely, somewhat hard to find.

Since I've been pretty heavy on the Experience material, maybe it's abou time I threw a little Band of Gypsies stuff ou for ya, the directon Mr. Hendrix apparently would have gone (a bit more funk/soul inspired material)....this set is from New Years Eve 1969, the same show as the "official" "Band of Gypsies" album, but with material generally NOT on that particular album...this is GREAT, great stuff, "Machine Gun", "Earth Blues", "Power of Soul" are all great, and of course, we still get stuff like "Voodoo Child (Slight Return")and "Wild Thing", a fine album for anyone who wants the complete Hendri picture, by the way this  is entitled "Live at the Fillmore East" and I think was released about 1999 without checking.....

"Escape From Randall's Island" is a boot from 7/1/70 which has appeared in several different versions on the web that I have see,. I THINK this one is the most comprehensive, but of course I am unsure, not even positive that ALL the material  this disc comes from that show, simply cannot confirm.......plenty of good stuff to listen to here, though, don't get TOO uptight about the specifics, there are a BUNCH of splice-and-dice versions of this show out there....this is the one I happen to have been blessed with.....

THE JIMI HENDRIX CONCERTS-01 Fire/02 I Don't Live Today/03 Red House/04 Stone Free/05 Are You Experienced/06 Little Wing/07  Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/08 Bleeding Heart/09 Hey Joe/10 Wild Thing/11 Hear MyTrain a-Comin'

LIVE AT THE FILLMORE DISC 1-01 Stone Free/02 Power of Soul/03 Hear My Train a-Comin'/04 Izabella/05 Machine Gun/06 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/07 We Gotta Live Together

LIVE AT THE FILLMORE EAST DISC 2-01 Auld Land Syne/02 Who Knows/03 Changes/04 Machine Gun/05 Stepping Stone/06 Stop/07 Earth Blues/08 Burning Desire/09 Wild Thing

ESCAPE FROM RANDALLS ISLAND-01 Stone Free/02 Fire/03 Message to Love/04 Lover Man/05 Foxey Lady/06 Ezy Rider/07 Star Spangled Banner/08 Purple Haze/09 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/10 Wild Thing/11 Hear My Train a-Comin'/12 Hear My Train a-Comin'/13 Little Drummer Boy/14 Freedom/15 My Friend/16 Drifing/17 Ezy Rider

More, actually LOTS more, still to come........

Can There be TOO MUCH Hendrix? (Part 10)

"Stages" was an excellent box of four shows, one from each year 1967-70, covering the Experience at
their on-stage peak. For covering a four-year period, there is not maybe as much variatin in the set list as we may prefer, but the fourth disc misses the ultimate popularity of "Electric Ladyland", thus the bulk of the mateial is taken from "Experienced" and "Axis", not necessarilly anything wrong with that as the performances still rock.

Disc 1 from Stockholm 1967, opens with "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band"  and features explosive versions of two of their best live slammers, "Fire", and "I Don't Live Today", encoring with "Purple Haze" as was typical for them.

The second disc comes from a Paris 1968 show, an interesting set list that features some (slightly) lesser knows stuff which were concert staples, "Catfish Blues", "Drivin South", "Killin Floor".......another killer "Fire", and a fine "Little Wing".

San Diego 1969 is in my view the best of the four discs, blasting out with "Fire", a slamming coupling of "Sunshine of Your Love" and "Spanish Castle Magic", a mind-meltin "I Don't Live Today" and a fantastic show stopping "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)".....this one never lets up, they were truly on thier game on this night.

And finally, we go to Atlanta for the 1970 disc, this one adding the "Star Spangled Banner", the not-tht-often done live "Room Full of Mirrors", the great choice of "Stone Free", and another encore of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)......four excellent discs out of four, released in 1991 (since out of print)

So let me know your feelings, we're getting to some of the great live stuff in the vault now, hope you
guys are liking it.....I AM starting to get a little bored with it (with Hendrix?!?!?!) but I am going to run the rest of them out.....but the answer to the question in the post title might be, "Well, possibly"....

DISC 1 STOCKHOLM 67-01 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/02 Fire/03 The Wind Cries Mary/04 Foxey Lady/05 Hey Joe/06 I Don't LiveToday/07Burning of the Midnight Lamp/08 Purple Haze

DISC 2 PARIS 68-01 Killin' Floor/02 Catfish Blues/03 Foxey Lady/04 Red House/05 Drivin' South/06 The Wind Cries Mary/07 Fire/08 Little Wing/09 Purple Haze

DISC 3 SAN DIEGO 69-01 Intro Riffs/02 Fire/03 Hey Joe/04 Spanish Castle Magic/Sunshine of Your Love/05 Red House/06  Don't Live Today/07 Purple Haze/08 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

DISC 4 ATLANTA 70-01 Fire/02 Lover Man/03
Spanish Castle Magic/04 Foxey Lady/05 Purple Haze/ 06 Hear My Train a-Comin'/07 Stone Free/08 Star Spangled Banner/09 Straight Ahead/10 Room Full of Mirrors/11 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

More live shows tomorrow and likely the rest of the week, probably also a few other goodies left on the shelves.....and as I said before, as soon as DaveSez sends me the files for his Magazine mega-post, we will take a tiny "Hendrix Break"

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Can There Be Too Much Hendrix (Part 9.5 non musical bonus)

Almost forgot I had these, I bet SOMEONE on this planet will enjoy them....we have the "sheet
music" (correct term)/guitar chords for the first three classic experience albums, as well as "Blues" and a few other things....I know if I were a guitarist, I'd be thrilled to at least have a look at these, they're cool to look at anyway, but as I say, I am unleashing the Hendrix stuff here, and i do mean EVERYTHING........not getting a LOT of comments, but the download numbers are fair, so I guess that be OK........PLEASE, if you grab the sheet music, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts about it (talk slowly though, I am by no means a musician!)

See comment section for links...the first includes "Are You Experienced", "Axis" and "Blues", while th 2nd link has "Electric Ladyland" and "First Rays of the New Rising"......please tell me if you find these of interest!

Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? (Part 9)

OK, good set for today.....six live discs documenting the Winterland Concerts from the Experience, 1968, for my money as that band was right as it's best, in particularly on the stage where they were absolute dynamite almost each time out.

In October 1968 the Experience gave six smoking performances in three nights, all of which are captured here.....while there is obvious similarity in the set lists, and some of the equipment problems which occur on stage (and the excessive onstage tuning) are not exactly great listening experiences......but, it WAS 1968, and there are some great moments here.....

Well, Disc 1 is the early show from 10/10/'s a fine set, with notably great performances of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" and "Like a Rolling Stone" which I always thought Hendrix peformed majestically on stage.....we get the first of five "Purple Haze"closers (disc 6's "Wild Thing" closer is MUCH superior, IMO), and honestly, the "Star Spangled Banner" can get a bit old on record as well, as thrilling as it might have been there to wittness it.....

Disc 2 (Late show, same date) is similar, but includes a fine "Sunshine of Your Love", "Hear My Train A-Comin'", and "Hey Joe" surprisingly left off the early set.

Disc 3/4 are a pair of shows from the following night (10/11/68), Disc 3 is a near copy of Disc 1, actually, except it omits"Like a Rolling Stone" for whatever the reason. Disc 4 is not nearly as similar to Disc 2 (as #3 is to #1, if you get my point), throwing in the great selection of "Spanish Castle Magic" and the always thrilling live "Fire".....

Discs 5/6, then, cover the early/late shows frm 10/12/68, quite a workload, actually, Disc 5, on which the playing is very sharp, replaces the "Purple Haze" encore with "Wild Thing",and, again,  very, very fine version of "Fire" and "Like a Rolling Stone".......Disc 6 is perhaps (argueable) the strongest disc of the set, given the addition of "Manic Depression" for the first time, as well as a fine "Little Wing"......

Geez, let's give these guys some credit, I can't think of too many who would perform 6 shows in 3 nights nowadays, and if they WERE TOO, they'd do exact carbon copy sets I almost promise.

I love this set, think it is tremendous, you may not wish all six discs upon you, but some careful editting can make for a damn good listening "experience".

BY THE WAY, there is a good bit more Henrix to come, yet, mostly live stuff, but we'll see what else.....however, we WILL take a break in it soon, as tremendous friend of the blog Dave Sez has created a super-mega post covering the great band Magazine, whom  have never profiled here, so I am quite excited about it, and as soon as he releases the files, you will be getting them, personally I can hardly wait, for one I LOVE guest posts, and for another, Dave Sez is the best, and thirdly, Magazine was a fine band of whom my collection is a bit lean, so I'm looking forward to it.......look for it, according to Dave Sez, in the next few days!

DISC 1-01 Intro/Tune Up/02  Are You Experienced/03 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/04 Red House/05 Foxey Lady/06 Like a Rolling Stone/07 (This is America) The Star Spangled Banner/08 Purple Haze

DISC 2-01 Intro/Tune Up/Jimi's Intro/02 Tax Free/03 Lover Man/04 Sunshine Of Your Love/05 Hear My Train a-Comin'/06 Killing Floor/07 Hey Joe/08 (This is America) The Star Spangled Banner/09 Purple Haze

DISC 3-01 Intro/02 Are You Experienced/03 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/04 Red House/05 Foxey Lady/06 (This is America) The Star Spangled Banner/07 Purple Haze

DISC 4-01 Intro/02 Tax Free/Drum/Bass Jam/03 Spanish Castle Magic/04 Like a Rolling Stone/05 Lover Man/06 Hey Joe/07 Fire/08 Foxey Lady/09 Purple Haze

DISC 5-01 Intro/02 Fire/03 Lover Man/04 Like a Rolling Sone/05 Foxey Lady/06 Drum/Bass Jam/07
Tax Free/08 Hey Joe/09 Purple Haze/10 Wild Thing

DISC 6-01 Intro/02 Foxey Lady/03 Manic Depression/04 Sunshine Of Your Love/05 Little Wing/06 Spanish Castle Magic/07 Red House/08 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/09 (This is America) The Star Spangled Banner/10 Purple Haze