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Friday, July 29, 2016

Jon S with one I'm not familiar with, but sounds way cool

(scott)-Sometimes that darn Jon S slips one in like this, one I didn't even  have a clue existed......but, if
you read his brief description, you gotta agree with him that it sure SOUNDS great.....I have NOT got to hear this one yet, but, as with so many of Jon S' submissions, sounds rightup my alley (I was/am a HUGE fan of Echo & the Bunnymen) let's all get into this one together and see what it's all about......Jon S has yet to steer me/us wrong (not that ANY of the world's greatest all-star blogger team ever has/would, let me again proclaim my love for you/them!)

 Electrafixion is not Echo & The Bunnymen but it is Ian McCullough and Will Seargent at their best, and that means something. This is some good shit.

Electrafixion - Burned (1995)

01 Feel My Pulse/02 Sister Pain/03 Lowdown/04 Timebomb/05 Zephyr/06 Never/07 Too Far Gone/08 Mirrorball/09 Who's Been Sleeping in My Head?/10 Hit by Something/11 Bed of Nails

Electrafixion - Live Disc (1996)

01 Zephyr - Live/02 Feel My Pulse - Live/03 Lowdown - Live/04 Sister Pain - Live/05 Never - Live/06 Holy Grail - Live/07 Too Far Gone - Live/08 Burned - Live/09 Loose (live)/10 Who's Been Sleeping In My Head [Acoustic]/11 Sister Pain (acoustic)/12 Sister Pain - Edit

Jon S with R*d*o*e*d from, well, last night?

(scott)-Still not had a problem with this band, but Ive heard rumors so i still prefer not to spell their
name out on the blog........actually, too, it wasn't LAST NIGHT, but Wedensday night at Madison Square Garden.....still without question one of the great live bands on earth, hard to question that to me at least.......I think the set list is similar to the other that have been performed on the rest of this tour, but nothing really wrong with that, the music on this tour has been great thusfar, as it generally has been on ALL R*d*o*e*d tours. Thanks to Jon S for this one, I assume Dime a Dozen got it before we did, but I'd say we'll go into Avis mode here and say we try "harder".......and whom could doubt that we truly do?

Madison Square Garden 7/27/16

01 Burn The Witch/02 Daydreaming/03 Decks Dark/04 Desert Island Disk/05 Ful Stop/06 My Iron Lung/07 Climbing Up Walls/08 Morning Mr. Magpie/09 Pyramid Song/10 Bloom/11 Identikit/12 The Numbers/13 The Gloaming/14 Weird Fishes_Arpeggi/15 Everything in its Right Place/16 Idioteque/17 There There/18 Encore Break 1/19 Give Up The Ghost/20 Let Down/21 Present Tense/22 Planet Telex/23 Karma Police/24 Encore Break 2/25 Reckoner/26 Creep

TOTALLY FABULOUS-Boris "Pink" Deluxe edition, NOT to be missed

(scott)-Brian have you heard this one? (I know Brian is a big Boris fan)'s final John N
submission is a great one, the deluxe two disc reissue of the already a classic "Pink" from Japan's stoner rock legends Boris. This marks the tenth (!) anniversary of that fine album, let's look at it just a tiny bit before we move on to something else, but you, chances are, already know if you want this slamming slab (two of em actually) of Japanaese brain-twisting stoner rock.

OK, the first, original album, "Pink" was a drop-dead classic, marred only by some song titles that my computer cannot replicate,( I'll put up the English translations when I have them).....if you've never heard it, here's your chance, one of the great albums of its decade (00's)......this is a classic, glad we can run it back out there again

PINK (DISC 1)-01 Farewell/02 Pink/03 Woman on the Screen/04 Nothing Special/05 Blackout/06 Electric/07 Psuedo-Bread/08 Afterburner/09 Six, Three Times/10 My Machine/11 Just Abandoned Myself

So, Scott, what are the highlights? Lowlights? the sum of the parts? Nope. Not gonna do it.....simply stated, other than perhaps Eternal Elysium's "spiritualizeD" album, "Pink" by Boris is the ultimate statement in Japanese stoner rock. Period.

Now, we have an anniversary additional disc, ("Forbidden Songs") which as I read is comprised of other compositions from the same era......carpet bomb listened only, but great and great from what I did listen don't be a square, yo, get your Boris on RIGHT NOW........hell maybe you are unfamiliar and this might turn you onto them and their other KICK ASS albums ("Amplifier Worship", "Smile" "Absolutego").......they've been posted here before, I doubt the links are good any longer, but if enough of you show interest, I'll put up the rest of what I got from this killer band (I don't have it all, but Brian has some too, so maybe we can make a decent effort at a semi-comprehensive post IF THERE IS DEMAND as I know there i that little annoying prejudice against this stuff sometimes, as I've discussed before).

PINK (DISC 2)-01 Your Name Part 2/02 Heavy Rock Industry/03 SOFUN/04 Non-Sha-Lant/05 Room Noise/06 Talisman/07 NF Sorrow/08 Are You Ready/09 Tiptoe

From what I've heard, at least, these bonus tracks are great as well......thanks so much to John N for this fabulous anniversary creation, (listen carefully) i want anyone unfamiliar with Boris to check out this amazing record, i mean, record"s" now, this is a classic of stoner rock, and it is now better.....if you are not a Boris fan, and this doesn't make you one, it's just not gonna happen.

Kid Canaveral

(scott) John N comes through with another good recent release.....this time from Scottish alt-poppers Kid Canaveral's "Faulty Inner Dialogue".....I AM familiar with them, actually, no joke, my Mom was a fan and hipped me to their stuff, she (Mom) is gone now, but I KNOW she would have loved this disc, and I dedicate it to my gone-but-not forgotten and beloved mother.

Their sound reminds me a bit of an XTC had they been born of Scottland, which is high praise....I know my Mom had a couple singles and an EP or two, as well as the album "Shooting at Wildlife".....well, they may still be in her stuff in Arizona, I'm gonna call her husband and see, but I'm not expecting much......SO if "anyone" (HI JOHN N!) has any of the additional material, bring it out!

FAULTY INNER DIALOGUE-01 Gun Fhaireachdain/02 First We Take Dumbarton/03 Tragic Satellite/04 Ten Milligrams/05 Callous Parting Gift/06 Pail White Flower/07 Lifelong Crisis of Confidence/08 Listen to Me/09 From Your Bright Room/10 Twenty Milligrams/11 Lives Never Lived/12 Reel

Another good NEW album (you know "new"means hurry up, just in case).......MAN my Mom would have liked this one,  hope she can hear it wherever she is.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers

(scott)-Here we have another John N submission, and another new one (2016) for your approval. I thought after listening, that the review sums it up pretty well, so I'll let Bandcamp or whomever it is tell you about it. I REALLY did enjoy it myself, thought it to be pretty's the review:

Frankie and the Witch Fingers are a swift kick in the ass for garage psych. Their hooks are sharper, thePRODUCTION isn’t vintage for the sake of vintage, and the recorded material captures the energy of the band’s eccentric live performances perfectly. That’s exactly what they do once again on their new album, Heavy Roller, due out July 29th via PermanentRECORDS.
Today, the Los Angeles psych rockers have teased the new album with its catchy lead single, “6,000 Horns”. TheTRACK recalls the kinetic unpredictability of Magical Mystery Tour, the raucousness of the Flamin Groovies, and the organized chaos of Captain Beefheart. EVEN the Heavy Roller RECORDsleeve screams Safe as Milk vibes). Guitars and organs bounce and dance, while Dylan Sizemore’s vocals drift away to the land of golden power-pop melodies. It’s a track that you think might go one way, but veers another — the loud and soft dynamics arranged for maximum shock and awe, like progressive rock without the heady pretense and overplaying.

HEAVY ROLLER-01 6000 Horns/02 Get Down/03 Need Somebody/04 Rise/05 Ice Cream Man/06 Mantra/07 Fuzz God/08 The Vibe/09  Don't Need Sleep/10 Merry Go Round

(Scott)-I really DO recommend this one as well......there is a misguided notion that there is no good rock being created in 2016. Utter nonsense. Look back through this blog, at the 2016 releases we've put up......gonna be damn near impossible to make a top-20 list this year, and it's not even august yet.........

A bunch of John N stuff to kickoff (grrrrr, no football again this week) yr weekend

(scott) We're going to prep for the weekend with, at least at first, a ton of John N links, he sends me stuff nearly daily, some doesn't fit my ("ahem") format, but he has contributed some incredible, rare, valuable, and just plain musically fantastic albums to this cause and to my personal "worlds greatest CD collection"......he's a great contributor, and often I forget to credit him becauses often his links lap other people's....and that reminds me, this could happen to YOU too, if I forget to credit a submission, it's not personal or deliberate......I just get 100 plus links a day from various sources ( AND READ THIS CAREFULLY: I DONT WANT THEM TO STOP COMING OR EVEN SLOW DOWN).....sometimes I know say, a reggae post is most likely Cliffs, if it were the Monks of Tibet chantting, likely Madame Angela sent it, etc, but John N is so INCREDIBLY diversre with his selections that sometimes I lose track of the corresponding emails. If I forget to give credit, PLEASE let me know (any of you) and We WILL take care of it. Once my divorce is over with, Angie is going to help me get the blog more organized, we BOTH want it to be the best, of them all, and we have a things are looking up for the blog, and I for one am glad.

Lets start with a fab album from Electric Orange "Misophonia"......listened to this a few days ago, it's a current release (so you know that means look out and act fast, right?)....a fine step back in time to the fab sounds of 1970's vintage Krautrock, this release (Germany of course) adds a few modern touches and comes up as a tremendous know the style, the screaming keyboards, the tight rythem section, the long shifting tracks.....this is a winner. I know little about this band, John N says he'll send more for us next week or sometime, this is a really good one, I think.

MISOPHONIA-01 Organized Suffering/02 Bottledrone/03 Demented/04 Misophonia I/05 Shattered/06 Misophonia II/07 Opsis/08 Misophonia III.

Well, I find this tremendous, makes me uncomfortable to listen to, which is (for this type of music) a HUGE compliment (coming from me) best listened to as a whole, BUT if you must have a highlight, I'll go with the closer, Misophonia III.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Threesome Comics (!?!)

HEY anything goes.....actually this one is for me love Madame Angela, she's a comics geek and also
has several other vested interests in this one.......hope everyone else digs it as well, and that everyone realizes when I said I had some bizarre ass comics, I wasn't blowing hot air......I'll gauge the reaction, but if favorable, there are THOUSANDS at my disposal......comics geeks unite, I am loving one (a comics geek) right now, so I may unleash the flood.......let me know your opinions (as always!)

And if you have a request for some (any) bizarre ass comics of the 70's-80's (especially but there are more), please ask away, you REALLY have no idea how much material I am talking about......any faves? Zap? Micky Rat? Freak Brothers? TONS AND TONS of classic R Crumb? Bring it the fuck ON!