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Monday, October 28, 2013

RIP Lou Reed Part 2

If you check the comments section for yesterday's RIP for Lou Reed, you will see that through the combined efforts of my good friend/regular contributor Psyclist and Share Blog Icon Gyro (of Twiligh Zone fame), there are links to practically Lou Reed's entire body of work.....fantastic, now I wont have to upload all of those discs, "my" "proper" Reed memorial (soon) can be Velvets stuff/rarities/the kinda thing I WANT it to be thanks 1000000x over, Gyro and Psyclist.....

However ya "forgot" one,or maybe ya just WANTED to.....and here it is in all it's glory, "METAL MACHINE MUSIC"......amazed that it was released on CD? was, and guess who just happens to have one (Had it on double vinyl too, and sit for a nice price on Ebay, it's a valuable collectable).....

Anyway, I don't want to spoil the "surprise" for anyone who has never heard this.....going to tell you NOTHING about it (You guys MY age shut up, this is going to be FUNNY). Download this "classic" and play preferably through headphones, listen to it ALL and please report back your thoughts. One thing is guarenteed, you have NOT EVER heard an album ANYTHING LIKE "Metal Machine Music"......this is your big chance, Kiddo!

METAL MACHINE MUSIC-01 Metal Machine Music #1 (16:11)/02 Metal Machine Music #2 (15:53)/03 Metal Machine Music #3 (16:14)/04 Metal Machine Music #4 (15:56)

For certain a unique recording, I defy you to say in just a few minutes!  Be getting back to the "Story of the Clash" here in a bit, just thought Lou Reed' passing was of enough importance to break from it temporarily.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

RIP Lou Reed

Still frustrated as hell bout my copies of the Clash "Outside Broadcasts" (vols 6-8) being dicked up, but this is important enough to merit a break in that series anyway. 71 year old Lou Reed passed away...... what a sad, sad thing...... it happens to us all, I'm afraid, but MAN, not LOU REED.

"Very few people ever heard the Velvet Underground, but everyone who ever did started a band", or something like that, used to be the old adage. And it's true,arguably THE most influential act on the field of a LOT of modern-day rock (it would be impossibly ridiculous to list everyone who owes them a debt of gratitude), and Reed was the dynamic force behind them. I did a Velvets "rarities" post LONG ago, almost certain that if you check the links are dead, but no matter....when I get the Clash thing wrapped up I will construct a PROPER "best Lou Reed Post EVER" which of course will have to contain all the Velvet's brilliant work, plus the high points (and there have been many) of Reed's post-Velvets career.....

I really don't have a lot to say here, except you will be missed by at least ONE person, Lou (me), and of course by many others.....the Velvets single-handedly introduced me to what music from the "dark side" of life could REALLY sound like, and were almost definitley THE #1 influence on my personal, present day musical tastes......

As I said, I'm in the middle of the Clash thing, someone has requested some Hawkwind (which I think I WILL do), and also soon I will be putting together a PROPER obituary for Lou Reed.....but for today, why not enjoy "Rock N Roll Animal", an album that I have simply always loved (post-Velvets work).....I think the version of "Sweet Jane" is THE definitive version (sue me it's what I think), MAJESTIC versions of Velvet classics "Rock N Roll", "Heroin", in my estimation a SUPERIOR version of "White Light/ White Heat", a fine, fine, five-star live album with Lou fronting an crack band of session musicians, led of course by guitarists Steve Hunter (of the showboating "Sweet Jane" into) and Dick Wagner, Keyboardist Ray Colcord, Bassist PrakashJohn, and drummer Pentti Glenn.....harder rocking and more dense than the wonderful stripped down/fuzzed up Velvets sound, this album is SO much better than it has any right to be, as Reed takes his own classic material and actually redefines it.....DAMN hard to do, if you ask me, and it takes a true one-of-a-kind performer such as Lou Reed top do it

So enjoy this album, Clash stuff should resume tomorrow, and eventually we'll see some Hawkwind and THE definitive  Lou Reed post......REST IN PEACE MR REED you will be and are missed!

01 Intro/Sweet Jane/02 Heroin/03 How Do You Think It Feels/04 Caroline Says/05 White Light White Heat/06 Lady Day/07  Rock N Roll

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Quagmire!60's Punk Mysteries From the USA

And in the end, everyone wanted more and more obscure garage rock rarities from long, long ago,
and whi checking the shelves, your humble host recalls having never posted this set, one of the more obscure collections available out there.

Best description I can offer up is this is maybe a "poor man's" "Back From the Grave" (probably my favorite 60's comp of them all) in that it steers away from the psych, pretty much.....steers away from the poppish stuff....and goes straight for the jugular, pure thuggish garage punk. Now, don't dive in here looking for another "Back From the Grave"......"Back From the Grave" could never be replicated......but these tracks fit that general mols, and MANY of these appear nowhere else to my knowledge.......not a lot of names that jump off the page, at least to me, but I listened to parts o this yesterday and it WILL fill the fix for unknown 60's delinquent rock!

Disc 1 does contain the fairly well-known Bojax, but it's a tune that I am not familiar with, other than here, "Fast Life"....other than that, this is known mosty to scholars of the genre, here are a few, carpet-bomb style: Manic Depressions, Mogen David & the Grapes of Wrath, Zorba & the Greeks (I think they were on "US Garage Greats, unsure), Kandy Kolored Konspiracy......two-chord rock, shouted vocals, and in the case of something festive, a farfisa organ!

Disc 2 is more of the same as are all the discs.....maybe a name or two that we might recall from a set as extensive as "USA Garage Greats", but a lotta other stuff too.....The Chains, Agents 00, Monterrays, Krystal Tones.....the trend continues throughout disc 3, although we do get an unknown Barbarians track, and names that ring a vague bell such as Me & Dem Guys, The Iguanas, Jason & the Argonauts......nothing you can't live without, no "Nuggets" type standouts, but a solid and worthwhile collection.

Onward to Volume 4,  again, names that might ring a faint bell, The King BEes, The Puddin Heads, Groop Ltd, The Runaways......Just seeing if you were still awake, not THOSE Runaways!

Volume 5 is notable for the inclusion of a group called (really) The Klansmann (!), I assume NOT an eary version of Ian Stuarts wacky gang of misfits, also New Order (not THAT one), and a pre-Playboys work from John Fred. Voume 6 gives us the Missing Links, Five Americans, The American Beetles (wishful thinking), the LA Teens

Volume 7 contains both the Nomads and the Nomadz, careful there will be a test later, the
Checkmates, Surfaris, and Castaways Five, perhaps a bastard mutation of the Castaway and the Count Five? The final disc leads off with Hoyt Axton (!), also gives us both The Lime and The New Lime....Jck Bedient & the Chessmen turn up on these quite a bit, otherwise, this is pretty out there stuff as well

Keeping the commentary to a minimum, you know what these sound either have plenty of it or are craving more.....the variety of late should be enough to satisfy anyone, if you have anything you want to hear, lemme know! Otherwise enjoy these for what they are, and they are awesome.....

DISC 1-01 BEEVEN 4-Don't Call On Me/02 1 ALL OF THUS-It's All Right With Me/03 MICKEY KALIS & THE BAKERSFIELD BLUES BAND-Got No Time/04 THE TROYES-I Don't Need You/05 DALEK/ENGAM: THE BLACKSTONES-The Bag I'm In/06 THE CLASSICS-Mean Woman/07 THE SAVOYS-Now She's Left Me/08 MOGEN DAVID & THE GRAPES OF WRATH-Don't Want Ya No More/09 SHADE-All Is Gone/10  THEE AVANTIS-I Want to Understand/11 ZORBA & THE GREEKS-You've Had Your Chance/12 THE THUNDERBOLTS-Heart So Cold/13 THE MONTERAS-You're a Tease/14 KRYSTAL TONES-Don't Cry/15 THUNDERBIRDS-Hey Little Girl/16 THE BOJAX-Fast Life/17 THE GRAPES-When The Four Winds Blow/18 DIPLOMATS-I'm Sad/19 GROUP-Tell Me Why/20 THE ASCOTS-Who Will It Be/21 KYNDS-Find Me Gone/22 MANIC DEPRESSIONS-Wondering Why/23 ROCKATONES-For My Own/24 ORIGINALS-Now's the Time/25 KANDY KOLORED KNOSPIRACY-1000000 People/26 THE BEST-You Meant Nothing To Me/27 THE CENTURYS-So The Prophets Say

DISC 2-01 BLUE EMBERS-I Don't Want To See You/02 KRYSTAL TONES-Carol/03 CENTURIES-I Love You No More/04 AGENTS 00-Little Miss a Go Go/05 THE CIRKIT-Yesterday We Laughed/06 IMPACTS-Where Are You Going/07 JESTERS-Wrong Ticket/08 THE CHAINS-It's a Shame/09 THE HEARD-Laugh With the Wind/10 THINGS-My Love/11 BEETHOVEN FOUR-I'm Leavng Today/12 THE BARONS-Don't Come Back No More/13 THE FUGITIVES-Said Goodbye/14 MONTERAYS-I'll Be Around/15 BLUES INC-Get Off My Back/16 THE RAVONS-Little Flirt/17 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Girl, I Need You/18 THE VISTAS-Don't Know/19 THE SOCIETY-For Me/20 YARDLEYS-The Light Won't Shine/21 THE ROGUES-I'm Not That Way At All/22 AGGREGATION-You Lie to Me/23 SIX PENCE-Got a Girl/24 THE TIMETAKERS-At Least I'll Try/25 THE BACARDIS-This Time/26 THE DECADES-Cmon Pretty Baby/ THE BEST-When You Dance

DISC 03-01 THE WORLD OF MILAN-One Track Mind/02 LORD CHARLES & THE PROPHETS-Don't Ask Me No  Questions/03 THE TWILITERS-Shakin All Over/04 THE PATRIOTS-What a Drag It Is/05 DETOURS-You're the Best One I Had/06 AZTECS-What Mood/07 THE IGUANAS-I Can Only Give You Everything/08 DAMASCANS-Go 'Way Girl/09 THE BARBARIANS-You've Got to Understand/10 ROJAY & FABOR-We're On the Move Now/11 ME & DEM GUYS-Love Me Like I Love You/12 ME & DEM GUYS-I Can't Take It/13 THE REHABILITATION CRUISE-I Don't Care What They Say/14 THE SHAGS-It Hurts Me Bad/15 THE CORDIALS-Misery/16 THE EBB TIDES-My Baby's Gone/17 JASON & THE ARGONAUTS-I Don't Need Anyone/18 NATION ROCKING SHADOWS-Time/19 ONLY ONZ-When Teardrops Fall/20 SYMON GRACE& THE TUESDAY BLUES-You Won't Get Me Workin/21 THE WORD D-I Saw You Walking/22 THE PRODIGAL-Reality/23 THE CAVALIERS-Checkmate/24 RIVALS-It Won't Be Long Now/25 ROEMANS-Don't/26 ANGLO-AMERICANS-The Music Never Stops/27 THE OTHER SIDE OF TIME-This is The  End

DISC 04-01 THE BLOKES-Slander's Child/02 STAIRWAYS-Don't You Care/03 CASUALS,
INCORPORATED-I Realized/04 THE GROOP LTD-A Time Goes By/05 THE GOLDTONES-I'll Love Her/06 FOUR GATHERING-You're Mean To Me/07 THE RICOCHETTES-I Don' Want You/08 ME & THE GUYS-Why Can't You Be True/09 THE PUDDIN HEADS-You Don't Have To Be Lonely/10 THE ALLIANCES-Somewhere They Can't Find Me/11 ESSENTS-Someday Baby/12 DICKENS-I've Got Something On My Mind/13 THE ILLUSIONS-Now That It's Over/14 THE MOD VI-Show Me How (Your Lovins Gonna Be)/15 JERRY & THE REMNANTS-I've Wasted My Time/16 THE CENTURYS-Don't Bother/17 INNER LIGHT-Temptation/18 THE REMAINING FEW-Wait a While/19 THE KING BEES-Keep Lovin'/20 RUNAWAYS-It Don't Mean a Thing/21 STEVE CARPENTER-Am I Lost/22 THE CONTENTS ARE-I Don't Know/23 LARRY MACK-Last Day of the Dragon/24 THE KING BEES-That Aint Love/25 CLE-SHAYS-Spend All My Money/26 THE WIG-Drive It Home/27 THE ROGUES-Don't Follow Me

DISC 05-01 THE FOUR SPEEDS-Why Did You Leave Me/02 NITE CAPS-Tell My Baby/03 THE SYMBOLS-What You've Shown/04 KLANSMANN-Gospel Zone/05 JOHN  FRED-Outta My Head/06 GIRL  GETTERS-The Girl Getters/07 CHEVELLES-Tears/08 PENTAGONS-About the Girl I Love/09 THE NEW ORDER-Why Can't I/10 MANY OTHERS-(Tell Me Why) I'm Alone/11 THE OUTSIDE INN-You Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down To My Knees/12 BEDLAM FOUR-I Just Wanna Make Love To You/13 THE CORDIALS-Tell Me Please/14 THE GREEN BEANS-Don't Give Me No Friction/15 OCEANS-She's Gone/16 THE REGENTS-Worryin Kind/17 THE REHABILITATION CRUISE-Mini Skirts/18 SOCIALITES-Phooey Phooey On You/19 THE STING RAYS-Baby If I Loved You/20 TANGENTS-Good Times/21 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-Dont Say Why/22 FABULONS-Since You've Been Gone/23 CITATIONS-The Day That She'll Go/24 THE RAVE-ONS-Everybody Tells Me/25 CENTURIES-Yeh, It's Alright/26 THE FOUR ROGUES-Sad & Blue/27 THE AVANTES-Beginning's End

DISC 06-01 MISSING LINKS-Come Inside My Heart/02 3'S A CROWD-Keep On Walking/03 THE REJECTS-Hey Girl/04 THE VAQUEROS-Don't You Dare/05 LA TEENS-You'll Come Running Back/06 RAGGED EDGES-Why Don't You/07 THE BEGGARS OPERA CO-Gone From Me/08 DISTORTIONS-Can You Tell/09 THE FIVE AMERICANS-I'm Feeling OK/10 THE AMERICAN BEETLES-Hey Hey Girl/11 THE GOOD IDEA-Inside Outside/12 THE CENTURYS-Together To Say/13 THE INITIAL SHOCK-You've Been a Long Time Comin'/14 RICHIE BRUCE-Plan My Life/15 THE YOUNG ALLEY CATS-Since She's Been Gone/16 THE JOLLY BEGGARS-Last Step of Doom/17 THE HANGMEN OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY-I Don't Want You Around/18 THE REGENTS-Words/19 THE MOTLEYS-You/20 RONNIE & THE RAINBOWS-Gypsy Woman/21 THE STACCATOS-Gypsy Girl/22 CHANCES R-I'll Have You Cryin/23 ART GUY-Where You Gonna Go/24 THE REASONS WHY-Tell Her One More Time/25 SENTARIANS-Don't Go/26 MARAUDERS-It's Your Turn To Cry/27 HERDSMEN-Fed p

DISC 07-01 THE COBRAS-If I Can't Beleive Her/02 AZTECS-Why Can't You Tell Me/03 THE
MOTIFS-Someday/04 JAMES T & THE WORKERS-I Can't Stop/05 THE GNATS-That's All Right/06 THE FOAMY BRINE-Tell Her/07 SURFARIS-So Get Out/08 CASTAWAYS FIVE-Revenge/09 THE NOMADS-I Need Your Love/10 NOMADZ-She Aint Lovin You No More/11 THE TILLIS-One Sided Love/12  THE END RESULT-A Bird in the Hand/13 THE HATFIELDS-Lost In This World/14 GLORY RHODES-Stay Out of My Way/15 THE SIRES-Don't Look Now/16 THE RESUMES-One Day/17 THE CELTICS-Looking For You/18 THE CHECKMATES-Hey Girl/19 THE HIDES-When I See the One I Love/20 ROTATIONS-One Way Road/21 SUBURBAN 9 TO 5-Walk Away/22 THE VOLCANOES-Sympathize/23 THE MODS-Days Mind The Time/24 MARK IV-Better Than That/25 THE CHECKMATES-All The Time Now/26 YOUNG ENTERPRISE-Think I'm Gonna Make It/27 THE LOST GENERATION-Night Time (Makes You Lonely)

DISC 08-01 HOYT AXTON-Double Double Dare/02 ESQUIRES-You've Got Another Thing Coming/03 THE AMERICAN TEENS-Shake Shake Baby/04 LAST KNIGHTS-Twenty Four Hours A Day/05 THE PPERCUSSIONS-Your Love/06 POLK SHELTON-Catch a Thief/07 THE RITES  SPRING-Everlasting Love/08 THE LIME-Hey Girl/09 THE NEW LIME-Ain't Got No Soul/10 SHANDELS-Stop Your Cryin'/11 INTERNS-Hard To Get/12 EMOTIONS-Everyman/13 AZTECS-World Of Woe/14 THE WORD-So Little Time/15 THE SNEEKERS-Sneaker Talk/16 THE VOXMEN-They Say (You're Gonna Lose That Girl)/17 JACK BEDIENT & THE CHESSMEN-Glimmer Sunshine/18 THE SHEFFIELDS-Nothing I Can Do/19 JONATHON'S EXPERIENCE-Come Back/20 ELEGANT 4-I'm Tired/21 CRUISERS-Just Havin Fun/22 WITNESS INC-Not You Girl/23 THE VENTURIE '5'-Good N Bad/24 THE WEAVILS-Here I Am In Love Again/25 THE DRONES-You Can't Use Me No More/26 WORLOCKS-Stay  By My Side/27 CORRUPTION INC-She's Gone

Lotta stuff here, but I think you garage junkies have been in withdrawl for too long.......pretty decent set, I think the earlier description of "Back From the Grave, Junior" is about as accurate as I can get! Enoy it! Links in a little while......and I'd be remiss if I did not menion that today is the 27th anniversary of my marriage to the greatest woman in the world, the lovely Carla! How lucky I have been! She never reads my blog (she likes hip hop, uuuugghh), but any chance I can get to mention it today seems appropriate. Thanks Carla, for 27 years, and thank you, universe, for aligning correctly so we could wind up together!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Best Deviants post, ever

Didn't tribute Mick Farren here when he passed, purely an oversight.....always enjoyed his writings in Trouser Press as a teen, and is work with the Deviants was some WAY out there shit, maybe you are unfamiliar with it, and if so, here's hoping you pick up on something cool.

The Deviants (originally "Social Deviants") had no question their "own" sound, Farren used the words "A cross between the Stooges and the Mothers of Invention" which I repeat only because it is so 1) funny, and 2) accurate. The  "band" consisted of Farren and a floating collection of his buddies, in 1967 a lineup of Farren, Sid Bishop on guitar/sitar, Cord Rees on bass/spanish guitar, and Russell Hunter on drums (along with several other collaborators) released "Ptooof!" worst an ambitious album, for my money very listenable and underappreciated. Standout tracks include the razor-sharp "Garbage" and the fine "I'm Coming Home", MUCH MUCH more influntial than successful (I know I say that a good bit but it fits here to a "T").  This is an album that is important in the scheme of things that came later, a must hear.

1968's "Disposable" is even more "out there" and is likely the career highpoint, should that be the terminology for which I search....crazed, drug fueled, Mothers/Fugs inspired......"Let's Loot the Supermarket", "Blind Joe McTurk's Last Lesson".....a forgotten classic.

"The Deviants" (sometimes referred to as "III")....another brain-damaged classic, "Black George Does It With His Tongue", "Death of a Dream Machine".....Farren and the band evidently differed on the direction in which they were to head, Farren went out on his own, while the remainder became at least one incarnation of the Pink Fairies. Farren's solo works, which I am hoping I am able to find here (I KNOW I have em) "Mona the  Carnivourous Circus" and "Vampires Stole My Lunch Money" bring the picture full circle, this was a man whose mind operated a bit differently, spoken of course, as the highest of compliments.

I have a couple of compilations, "Black Tracks" and "On Your Knees Earthing" which overlap the
original three albums a good bit, BUT do also provide us with some other tracks that are of use.....don't have the live "Human Garbage" and don't know if I ever did, I'm sure this is one crew whose live shows most likely tended to go WAYYY over the top.....

Mick Farren passed away not too terribly long ago.....I miss his work as a critic, as a musician, a science fiction writer, just as one of those minds that works on a different plane than those of most of the rest of us seem to.....PLEASE letme know your thoughts on Farren/the Deviants these are very, very good albums, quite a bit ahead of their time, and influenced a LOT of what would come around later......You owe it to yourself if unfamiliar!

PTOOOF!-01 Opening/02 I'm Coming Hom/03 Child of the Sky/04 Charlie/05 Nothing Man/06 Garbage/07 Bun/08 Deviation Street

DISPOSABLE-01 Somewhere To Go/02 Shadows and Wires/03 Jamie's Song/04 You've Got a Hold On/06 Fier In the City/07 Let's Loot the Supermarket (like We Did Last Summer)/08 Pappa-oo-mao-mao/09 Slumlord/10 Blind Joe McTurk's Last Lesson/Normality Jones/11 Guarenteed to Bleed/12 Sadney B Goode/3 Last Man

THE DEVIANTS (3)-01 Billy the Monster/02 Broken Bisuits/03 First Line/04 The People Suite/05 Rambling Black Death Transit Machine/06 Death of a Deram Machine/07 Playtime/08 Black George Does It With His Tongue/09 The Junior Narco Reorts/10 Let's Drink to the People/11Metamorphis Explosion

ON YOUR KNEES EARTHILINGS-01 People's Suite/02 You've Got To Hold On/03 Trouble Coming Every Day/04 Observe the Ravens/05 It's alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeing), 06 All In the picture/07 God's Worst Nightmare/08 Last Man/09 Deviation Street/10 Jamie's Song/11 Play With Fire/12 Arts of Darkness/13 I'm Coming Home/14 Envy/15 Lost Johnny/16 See That My Grave Is Kept Clean/17 When the World Was Kept Clean/18 That's Where all the Trouble Stared

BLACK TRACKS 1967-96-01 Somewhere To Go/02 Mona, Pt.1/03 Attack Ships of Zeta Reticuli/04
I Wanna Drink/05 Screwed Up/06 Pappa-Oo-Mao-Mao/07 Eating Jello With a Heated Fork/08 Half Priced Drinks/09 Billy The Monster/10 Bela Lugosi/11 Thunder on the Mountain/12 Garbage/13 Fast Eddie/14 RambB (L) Ack Transit Blues/15 Nothing Man/16 Junior Narco Rangers/17 Three Headed Lobster Boy/18 Slum Lord/19 Let's Loot the Supermarket Again (Like We Did last Summer)

(MICK FARREN)-MONA-THE CARNIVOROUS CIRCUS-01 Mona (A Fragment)/02 Carnivorous Circus Part1/03 Summertime Blues/04 Carnivorous Circus Part 2/05 Mona (The Whole Trip)

(MICK FARREN)-VAMPIRES STOLE MY LUNCH MONEY-01 Trouble Coming Every Day/02 Half Price Drinks/03 Don't Want To Go This Way/04 I Want a Drink/05 Son of a Millionaire/06 Zombie Line/07 Bela Lugosi/08 People Call You Crazy/09 Fast Eddie/10 Let Me In Damn You/11 (I Know From) Self Destruction/12 Drunk In the Morning

Kinda hard to swallow at times, but MOST, goofy, and influential. Comes highly recommended from UncleBig, an endosrsemnt few can pass on....Mick Farren, you are missed....RIP for having one of "those" kind of minds that always worked a few degrees away from the mainstream, its you guys who keep the planet intersting! These are (all) some interesting works of drug-damaged 1970's thinking, good stuff all! See ya tonight? Tomorrow? sometime......

Links in the morning (Eastern Standard Time) trying to knock these out  AS WLL AS  watch the baseball playoffs is some TAXING work!

MC 900 Ft. Jesus

Just threw this one in to make sure you're still paying attention! Striving again  for diversity and qirkiness, I present this single album from the on and only MC 900 Ft. Jesus, "Welcome to My Dream"......his other release "One Step Ahead of the Spider" contains his best known (minor hit) number "If I Only Had a Brain".....I don't have that one and am not really crazy about it anyway, but THIS one......asking you to give it a chance, it is quite rewarding.

Briefly, MC 900 Ft. Jesus is Mark  Griffin, actually a conservatory-trained trumpeter, he sort of fell into the hip-hop game by accident, just playing around with lyric and beats and samples, coming up with a fair enough EP (I don't have it, it's called "Too Bad")......but to me, "Welcome to My Dream" is the one you want to hear.....twisted, demented character studies that really have to be heard to understand. "Killer Inside Me" and "Hearing Voices In One's Head" are intriuging and chilling enough, but the REAL  gem is the amazing "The City Sleeps" a first-person narrative from inside the mind of a serial arsonist. A classic track from the early 1990's.

Afterward, as I said before, he released "One Step Ahead of the Spider" with the above mentioned minor "hit" (there was a fairly heavy rotation MTV video for it, which I think also figured prominently in a "Beavis and Butthead" episode......"If I Only Had a Brain" is an amusing enough (and justifiably forgotten) novelty, I think "The City Sleeps" is a semi-classic that too few people are aware of......give it a listen, as well as this entire album, and if you are surprisingly pleased with it, (or if you despise it) please llet me know......Griffin retired from the music buisness after bascially these two albums, and I'm sure no tremendous loss as far as most are concerned, but, again, to me, "The City Sleeps" is a borderline classic. Come on, how often am I gonna throw puedo-HIP HOP at ya? Give it a chance and the weay if any of ya HAPPENS to have "One Step Ahead of the Spider", how about a share?

WELCOME TO MY DREAM-01 Falling Elevators/02 Killer Inside Me/03 Adventures In Failure/04 The City Sleeps/05 O-Zone/06 Hearing Voices In My Head/07 Dali's  Handgun/08 Dancing Barefoot

Been a while since I got TWO posts up in a day, just happened to be thinking about "The City Sleeps", played it for the first time in maybe 15 years, and it still chills me to the bone. More variety, that is what I'm striving for. Getting bored sitting home all day, and so I may start popping up a "bonus" mini-post such as this once in a while!

Link in a tine few minutes......