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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Scott's Best Ever Garage Fuzz Post, Part 20

OH, God.....if you need the link for Part 19 here it is  .....
sorry for the confusion, especially since I created it, just trying to make things easier, but as often happens it backfired.......anyway, just revert to normal......I'll get this figured out. I will keep this up as long as I can because it is important to me, is Part 20 of the very popular and very fab Garage Fuzz Series, an easy one since it's letters "U-V"......and don't forget, once I finish this, get ready for "Son of Garage Fuzz", which will be similar material (I am working NOW to eliminate the overlap between the two sets).

Things have been a little fucked around here of late, I'm doing my best to hold it together until the dust settles.......this is as good a time as any to submit material, this goes for both readers/listeners as well as bands.......PLEASE, your Mom taught you that sharing was the way to go, and she was right.

Please utilize this blog to share any music (or anything) you wish for others to have access to, it's a gift you are giving to thousands of people, with minimal effort.

VOLUME 20-01 US STAMPS-Pull the Wool/02 UGLY DUCKLINGS-Hey Mama/ 03  UGLY DUCKLINGS-Just In Case You Wonder/04 UNDERTAKERS-Unchain My Heart/05 UNKNOWN-
Can't Stop the Want I Got For You Babe/06 UNKNOWN-He's In Love With Himself/07 UNKNOWN-I'm Gonna Have My Fun/08 UNTOUCHABLES-Don't Go I'm Beggin/09 U03NWRITTEN LAW-Actions Speak Louder/10  UPSETTERS-Daddy Rolling Stone/11 US FOUR-The Alligator/12 VAQUEROS-69/13 VAQUEROS-Growing Pains/14 VELVET HAZE-Last Day On Earth/15  VENTURES-Love Potion Number Nine/16 VENTURES-She's Not There/17 VENTURES-The 2000 Pound Bee/18 VILLAGERS-Cool It/19 VINCE MALONEY SECT-No Good Without You/20 VISIONS-Humpty Dumpty/21 VOICE-The Train To Disaster/22 VON RUDEN-The Spider and the Fly

Anyone care about the NCAA Football playoff tomorrow? As an Ohio State lifer, I'm pumped of course,
but I see them losing to Clemson, 31-24.......also see Alabama crushing Washington 40-13.......championship game: Alabama 30 Clemson 10.......Alabama of this season is likely one of the top ten college football teams this 50 year football guy has taken wittness to. I welcome predictions from all, and GO BUCKS, what the fuck, they pulled off a miracle just a couple years ago..........

Friday, December 30, 2016


(scott) John N sends this along, as well, and I've only carpet bombed far I find it to be so-so jangly alt-pop, I'd say if that is the kind of thing you like, have at it......not likely one I'll listen to again, but ya never know.....the single "Mind Over Matter" and "Look Who's back In Town Again" are worth  repeated listens
TUNS is a Canadian indie rock supergroup, consisting of Mike O'Neill of The InbredsChris Murphy of Sloan and Matt Murphy of The Super Friendz.[1]Formed in 2015, the group released its debut single "Throw It All Away" in 2015,[1] shortly before their first major live performance at Hayden's Dream Serenade benefit concert at Massey Hall alongside Joel PlaskettThe Weather Station and Choir! Choir! Choir!.[2]
The band's self-titled debut album is slated for release in August 2016 on Royal Mountain Records.[3] The single "Mind Over Matter" reached #1 on CBC Radio 2's Radio 2 Top 20 chart the week of July 8, 2016.[4]
The band's name is a reference to the Technical University of Nova Scotia.[3]

TUNS-01 Back Among Friends/02 Mixed Messages/03 Throw It All Away/04 Mind Over Matter/05 Look Who's Back In Town Again/06 Lonely Life/07 Mind Your Manners/08 To Your Satisfaction/09 I Can't Wait Forever

2016 release. Just sayin

J Churcher

(scott) So, if you are in as miserable mood right now as I am ( variety of reasons), ya may wanna slip on this 2016 debut disc from J Churcher, "Borderland State"( a John N submission, I hope John N continues to fight the good fight with us, he's just the greatest), just in case you want to up the gloom quotient a little bit.....this is slow, somber stuff, REALLY GOOD, the attached review compares it to both Mazzy Star and The Chain? Actually the Chain is probably the best comparison, good stuff here though. It's a newer release so Christ only knows what will happen with it, my thought is I recommend it, it's good, and if it stays up I hope they get the exposure they deserve. If they don't want it, God bless em as well.

One of 2016's finest debuts comes out next month in the shape of J Churcher's Borderland State.  Recorded over a two-year period with London- based producer Dreamtrak and featuring vocal contributions from Anna B. SavageBorderland State is an evocative collection that recalls the delirious haze of Maps, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Mazzy Star, and the Cocteau Twins.

Having released dreamlike, hazy singles ‘Yesterday’ and ‘In the Summer’ like love letters scrawled on scrunched up paper and passed through to someone at the front of the class, crooner J Churcher’s debut is his final, smitten declaration. Locking the hands of specked synth and twinkling keys, ‘I Remember’ spins a story about the girl who wears his jacket shirt. The mysterious Londoner’s rich vocals are husked, though show no inhibition in unveiling the heart’s desires and pains through striking narrative.

Regal orchestration and backing vocals from Anna B. Savage on three tracks help cast a cinematic scope. Most songs wouldn’t seem out of place as the last dance at J Churcher’s prom. If he ever got there, that is. Inquisitive and on tenterhooks, he seems to be a man obsessed by love. Delicate percussion makes the heart ache on the minimal ‘How It Ends’, and it’s tempting to root for a romance that otherwise seems so doomed. There’s a sense, though, that his story doesn’t end at ‘Borderland State’.

BORDERLAND STATE-01 I Remember/02 Riding on Your Love/03 The Boardwalk/04 Last Summer/05 Borderland State/06 Finding Roxanne/07 Dream Team/08 How It Ends/09 Yesterday/10 In the Summer/11 Middle of the Sun

My latest thoughts on this thing

Ok, I know I change course on this daily, and, I also learn from experience. I am officially scrapping the link/request-password thing, it's WAAAAAY too much work (for me) and  extra work ain't why I'm doing this. Volume 19 of the Garage Fuzz Series will have the proper link posted, shortly....also, in the unrelated fuck ups file, I will repair the link for Naked Raygun's ""Throb throb", which is simply wrong to a normal fuck up.....

Now, this "link deleting" situation.....after much thought, I think we may just have to live with it for now and see what happens. If i knew WHO exactly were doing it, I'd maybe have a few options, but I don't.....theses are not normal DCMA complaints, but I don't know if a regular Joe can physically perform link deletion, or complain to whomever, but I've kind of studied the artists deleted and the what shall we do for the short term future? Well, the Garage Fuzzwill continue,as will
the clash (and other) boots from any contributor, AND ANY DAMN THING ELSE that Brian, Jonder, John N, Jon S, Lewdd, , Cliff, Studkid, zigzagwanderer, Madame Angela, MD Milner, Max in the UK, and ANYONE I forgot......your stuff will be posted, as will most anything sent to me by a band, we've had some good ones before, Missles of October, Clouds Taste Satanic, and plenty of others.....I wish more bands would seek us out, I love when they do. I will also continue to post albums from my stash, and try to figure the pattern......I see that all the iron maiden, lita ford, Joan Jett, among some singular posts, are gone......they will not be replaced and unless you are a contributor I'll likely not send them....then we have new releases from New bands, this can go either way, and well play it by ear, but when I announce something from being released in 2017, you may wish to act fast, no rhyme or reason to the deletions of's  my fave part of the blog really, and I hope most newer bands continue to understand I am on their side. Some will never agree, I know, and this is not the
space I wish to use to debate it at the moment......

Ok, just continue as normal, maybe a little quicker if you really want something.......ill try, along with my team
of helpers, to keep this blog to the standard that I am somewhat proud of, I think we get some fairly esoteric stuff up there, it's great when we occasionally get "this one band" or "David Jones" or whatever, and if I get more I'll post and tap dance around them as best I can, but there is no question, that kind of thing is being shot down quick......

what do I ask of you (any of you)?  Well, trust me, contributions are appreciated like you would NEVER believe, imo they make the blog. Anyway if you have ANYTHING you want to share (and recall, it doesn't have to be music, comics, literature, magazines, hi to collections, artwork.......all has been featured here and well received.....but hell, poetry, recipes, short stories, original artwork........oh my, I so can only wish......but for now, while we are "at war", I guess, with an unknown enemy yet, the more submissions I can get, the better for us all.

Oh, by the way, Kaley Cuoco adorns this post, you're welcome, sweetheart, for the help I gave you with that little problem you were having.....any time baby, just ask.....glad to be or service. You left your panties here, I mail them, or just eat them?

Much love

Scott M

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Screamers

A fairly obscure punk combo from the late 70's, John N sends us a batch of demos and live tracks......quite
a good band,I always thought, and these scraps/odd/sends/ bear that out.......pretty fab stuff here, not the kind of stuff that turns up everyday on locales such as this one........see what you think, if there is a lot of enthusiasm, I'll break out some more Screamers, some may find it worthwhile, I do.....

1977-1979 IN A BETTER WORLD (LIVE/DEMOS) (Disc 1)-01 Vertigo/02 The Beat Goes On/03 Magazine Love/04 Government Love Affair (Don't Be a Whore)/05 I Wanna Hurt/06 Peer Pressure/07 If I Can't Have What I Want, I Don't Want Anything/08 Punish or Be Damned/09 It's a Violent World/10 I'll Go Steady/11 Matar Delores /12 I'm a Mensch/13 the Scream/14 Need A Head On/15 122 Hours of Fear/16 Vertigo/17 Last 4 Digits/18 Magazine Love/19 The Beat Goes On/20 Punish or be Damned/21 In a Better World

1977-1979 IN A BETTER WORLD (LIVE/DEMOS) (DISC 2)-01 The Beat Goes On/02 In a Better World/03 Punish or Be Damned/04 If I Can't Have What I Want, I Don't Want Anything/05 Go Guy/06 Magazine Love/07 Vertigo/08 Sex Boy/09 Violent World/10 Roxy Radio Spot/11 Need a Head on-The Scream/12 Eva Braun/13 122 Hours of Fear/14 Matar Delores/15 Through the Flames/16 magazine Love/17 Vertigo/18 Sex Boy/19  If I Can't Have What I Want, I Don't Want Anything

LIVE AT THE ELKS LODGE 2/24/78-01 Test/Violent World/02 I'm Going Steady/03 Punish or Be Damned//04 Vertigo/05 Peer Pressure/06 Violent World

Got more from these dudes, let me know if there is a demand for more!


Not a great one in my opinion, a 2012 release from Evol from West Virginia.....someone (forget who) sent me this so, I'm happy to post especially as it is not well known (I didn't know it), but not real rocking, more a retro-60's look at some of the lightweight wimp-rock that was so popular in that's ok, I guess, but nothing I'm going to listen to twice......lightweight folky-psych, knucklehead lyrics, an occasional Byrds-like jangly guitar.......hey, you send em in, I'll post em......not up to me to like em, up to me to SHARE em.....some of you may consider this a fantastic discovery, and that is why we are here!

EVOL-01 Part of Reality/02 For the Sake of Reality/03 Unlucky Guy/04 I Told a Lie/05 I Just Don't Care to Dance/06 You Shall Be Saved/07 If I Am Strong/08 Get Out of Your Mind/09 Speak Your Mind/10 There Will Come a Day/11 Good Morning Girl/12 Day of Sorrow

Naked Raygun

Lewdd recently sent me a bunch of Naked Raygun boots (THANKS!), we'll get to those soon, but I thought
it was about time I dipped into my own Naked Raygun stash and presented you with their studio efforts before we hip you to the live stuff......this was a fave 1980's Chicago punk band of mine, quite underappreciated IMO, they were noisy punk quelled from the leftovers of the legendary Big Black (did a post LONG ago, doubt it's still there)......"Throb Throb" is a great album, and the rest that we have here are pretty fair as well.......digest these, let me evaluate the enthusiasm level (should be HIGH as my readers have awesome taste) and in a few days we'll start some rare boots by this forgotten kickass band.

THROB THROB-01 Rat patrol/02 Surf Combat/03 Gear/04 Metastasis/05 Leeches/06 Roller Queen/07 I Don't Know/08 Libido/09 No Sex/10 Only In America/11 Stupid/12 Managaua

ALL RISE-01 Home of the Brave/02 Dog At Large/03 Knock Me Down/04 Mr Gridlock/05 The Strip/06 I Remember/07 Those Who Move/08 The Envelope/09 Backlash Jack/10 Peacemaker/11 New Dreams/12 Vanilla Blue/13 Slim

JETTISON-01 Soldier's Requium/02 When the Walls Come
Down/03 Walk In Cold/04 Jettison/05 Live Wire/06 The Mule/07 Coldbringer/08 Blight/09 Free Nation/10 Hammer Head/11 Ghetto Mechanic/12 Suspect Device/13 Giveaway

UNDERSTAND?-01 Treason/02 Hips Swingin/03 Understand/04 Entrapment/05 Bughouse/06 Wonder Beer/07 Never Follow/08 Too Much Of You/09 Vagabond Dog/10 OK Wait/11 The Sniper Song/12 Which Side You're On/13 Where You Live (Live)

Hell, I don't know if these will remain.....remember, IF NOT, and you want them, contacat mae as per the instructions and I will send you a link you can share with ANYONE........also, what are the general thoughts about Naked Raygun? Always liked them myself, got LOTS OF boots and stuff here from's the interest level? LOVE me some Naked Raygun so I hope there is an enthusiatic response to these, a real semi-unknown punk band that one might love, particularly if you enjoyed the Big Black I posted a good while back.

An MD Milner Submission

(scott)-MD Milner has been around here for a while, I know he's a Sleater Kinney fan as am I, so he'll be
happy to see the (soon) upcoming Wild Flag boots I have in the works......for now though, he sends us a fab show of Miles Davis, Japan, 1964......I'll let him describe it, sounds good to me (I DO like Miles Davis shit, jazz of that type is damn near comparable to some crazy-psych)....anyway, thanks MD, please continue to submit......don't quit, don't ever quit, because I'm not going to.
Hey Scott,

Thanks for posting that boot and the kind words. And I'm not completely sure what's happening at the site (did you piss off a band so much they're DMCAing everything you post?), it sucks to hear you're having trouble, too.
Anyway, here's something that's cool and shouldn't give you any trouble: a Miles Davis gig in Japan from 1964. It's nice sounding - although not as good as the record they released of another show from this tour - and there's some killer players on this: Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams and Sam Rivers. And, since it's a recording that's both over 50 years old and unreleased, I believe it's in the public domain, which should keep you from getting in trouble with this.

MILES DAVIS JAPAN 1964-01 If I Were a Bell/02 Oleo/03 Stella By Starlight/04 Walkin'/05 All of You/06 Seven Steps to Heaven

Sorry for the inconvenience let's streamline this a bit again

OK, I experimented with emailing links to the readers on a request basis, I think it worked OK.......BUT it is is kind of a pain in the ass for ME, so we're going to try these new steps, please follow the instructions below:

1) I am going to continue to post as I have in the past, ie using guest submissions and whatever else I happen to feel like using. If i say "quick", and you see that, there is a reason for it.

2) IF and only if, a link is me at the password you already have, or request a new one, and then request the link by title (no more link #'s)......example: "Scott Dick Head's Greatest Hits is deleted, can you send the link?" I will wait a day or two, and send anyone asking the link.......then, FEEL FREE TO SHARE IT WITH WHOMEVER YOU WISH, fine by me.

3) IMPORTANT: This does NOT REFER to links posted before TODAY........I'm not reupping dozens of links from months/years ago, too much work (unless you send me something, then it's different)......this is for NEWLY DELETED, stuff like "Zimmerman", "David Jones" "This One Band" and folks like that that I have already danced around will be by request ONLY, we'll see how that happens when it happens, but I think someone has "finally" figured out my "code" (not that it didn't take several months for them to do so)'ll see when it happens.

4) To as before......if the link is disabled, tell me at once, along with your request for a replacement the next day or two you will recieve one, (I want to send out only 1 or two batches of each link should I need to, rather than several per day)..........

5) I am in this long term.......if they destroy this blog, so be it, but for NOW, if there is music on this site you want, that is why I SHARE it, and if Big Brother/President Snow wishes to get in the way, I will do my best to still get the music to you until they FINALLY kill the blog (then we'll start a new one perhaps).....

ROCK ON ROCK ON ROCK ON........I'm doing this for ALL OF YOU FOLKS. I'm NOT going to be
dicked around. I've offered up my email AND telephone number for ANYONE wishing to discuss the situation like a MAN, total responses to this inquiry: ZERO. shocking.......I want us all to get along. Some don't see that as a goal, however, so for a while we may have do dance around morons who simply don't get the modern world, and feel that, for some reason, they have some type of jurisdiction over this blog.

Download freely........if unavailable, (NEW LINKS ONLY!) let me know and you will be taken care of. I give you my word. This blog and this music means a LOT to me, and I won't go without a fight.

Sarah Chalke will be decorating this evening's post, thank you for everything baby.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

So, some post-punk Christmas

I took these from another site, thought that some of you guys might like them.......remember, for now, NOT
posting the links here, you have to aske for them and prove yourself with a password.....HEY, I didn't do this, blame, well, someone is what we have here......

ANGRY SNOWMANS-DECEMBER JUKEBOX 7-01 You Drive the Sleigh (You Jolly Fella)/02 Naughty or Nice/03 Is There a Present There For Me/04 Gingerbread home

FUCK YOU & THE CHRISTMAS TREES-OH HOLY FUCK-01 Brand New Santa/02 Xmas Is For Kidz/03 Coke 4 Xmas/04 I Am the Santa/05 Xmas Summer/06 Jingle Bells 3/07 Want U 2 Die 4 Xmas/08 URX/09 SSFD/10 Navidad En Espanol/11 Candy Canes/12 Have a very Fucked Up Xmas/13 Stupid Fucking Face/14 Santa's Wishlist/15 Viki Is a Snowman/16 Party Clock/17 Jingle Bells 2/18 Gimme Presents


PUNK ROCK XMAS-01 THE RAVENS -(It's Gonna Be A) Punk Rock Christmas/02 THE DICKIES-Silent Night/03 SLOPPY SECONDS-Hooray For Santa Claus/04 FEAR-Fuck Christmas/05 THE GREEDIES-A Merry Jingle/06 THE DAMNED-There Ain't No Sanity Claus/07 PANSY DIVISION-Homo Christmas/08 BOUQUET OF VEAL-It's Christmas/09 CELIBATE RIFLES-Merry Xmas Blues/10 RAMONES-Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)/11 METAL MIKE, ALLISON, AND JULIA-Deck the Halls/12 EL VEZ-Feliz Navidad/13 HUMPERS-Run Run Rudolph/14 TVTV$-Daddy Drank Our Xmas Money/15 THE FROGS-Here Comes Santa's Pussy/16 MOJO NIXON-Christmas Christmas/17 DI-Mr Grinch/18 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-White Christmas

Monday, December 26, 2016

Scott's Garage Fuzz Blow-out Part 19

We have another batch of Garage Fuzz stuff again today, featuring the letter "T"......lotsa good stuff, this is a
40+ track collection, good stuff here as you know if you have been following.....NOW, read the PREVIOUS post "Fight the Alleged Power", and see what you need to do. I'm working on it, making it better, but for now, let's try it this way.......any suggestions that you may have to fight the blog enemies will be welcome.

VOLUME 19-TC ATLANTIC-Faces/02 TASMANIANS-Baby/03 TEARS-People Through My Glasses/04 TEDDY & HIS PATCHES-Suzy Creamcheese/05 TEMPOS-All I Really Want/06 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-How Much More/07 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-Numbers/08 THACKERY ROCK-Bawling/09 THEE MIDNIGHTERS-Never Knew I had It So Bad/10 THEIR EMINENCE-Mary Had a Little Lamb/11 THEZE VIZITORS-Reacher Teacher/12 THINGIES-Mass Confusion/13 THINGS TO COME-I'm Not Talkin/14 THIRD BARDO-I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time/15 THOMAS A EDISON ELECTRIC BAND-The Name of the Game/16 THORNS-I Want You/17 THORS HAMMER- Better Days/18 THORS HAMMER-My Life/19 THYME-Somehow/20 TIARAS-Sticks and Stones/21 TILLS-One Sided Love/22 TOM DAE TURNED ON-I Shall Walk/23 TOMBSTONES-I Want You/24 TOMMY JETT-Groovy Little Trip/25 TOMMY THOMPSON & CHAPTER 17-Beggarman/26 TONTO

& THE RENEGADES-Little Boy Blue/27 TONY & THE VIZITORS-Saturdays Son/28 TONY COLE-Beat It!/29 TRACERS-She Said Yes/30 TRACKERS-You Are My World/31 TRAITS-High On a Cloud/32 TREEZ-Live to Me Before/33 TREMORS-Wondering Why/34 TRIUMPHS-Lovin' Cup/35 TROLLS-I Don't Recall/36 TROLLS-That's The Way Love Is/37 TROPICS-As Time's Gone/38 TROPICS-This Must Be the Place/39 TROYES-Rainbow Chaser/40 TRYCERZ-It's Gonna Change/41 TWAS BRILLIG-Dirty Old Man/42 TWELFTH NIGHT-Grim Reaper/43 TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO-You Don't Remember/44 TWILIGHTERS-Nothing Can Bring Me Down/45 TWILIGHTERS-Nothing Can Bring Me Down/46 TWILIGHTS-Baby Let Me Take You Home/47 TYDE-Lost/48 TYDE-Psychelic Pill

OK, if you want this one, look to the comments section for new instructions

Fight the (Alleged) Power

OK, let's discuss the future of this I am certain you are aware, my links are disappearing nearly as
soon as I can post them. This has been going on for a little while now, since the "Eton crop/Dan" incident. Now, PERSONALLY, I wouldn't know how to go about deleting someone else's link, no clue, I remember once ChrisGoes had the same problem.....So, WHY would someone delete links from artists as diverse as Iggy Pop, The Bangles, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Idol, and scores more? No DMCA complaint has been registered on my site, not since the Eton thing, and, in general, when that has happened in the past, Blogger reverts the post to "draft" status, end of story.......this is different. I gather someone elese has a method of doing it (If any of you can tell me how one would do this I'd be interested, JUST interested, I wouldn't EVER do it to they wish to make me quite what I do? Perhaps. Do they know me well? No.

Ok, here is the NEW method that will be in use for a while......I am going to continue to post the great music you love, old and new, comps and rarities, everything you are used to here. here is going to be the difference. NO LINKS on the site. You will need to email me at and request the links you want, it will be easy, I will number each link, so you can say, "Scott, i WANT LINKS 1, 2, 3, AND 4 FROM DECEMBER 26.....something like that. when you do so, I will issue you a password. use the password anytime you email me, so I know you are legit, and I will send you all the links you want to your provided email. Just keep your password in mind. I do not WISH TO STOP THE BLOG, OR MAKE IT PRIVTE......I think I am smart enough and persistent enough, and present good enough music for you, that this TINY extra bit of trouble (password, request links) shouldn't be too much trouble (I hope)....I'm going to try to locate something other than zippy, perhaps, but I suspect that isn't the problem........I think some tool/loser with little else to do thinks "hey I'm REALLY helping Billy Idol make more money here! He will LOVE me!".......well, likely not, but you are causing issues for the REAL music lover that are
here.....because whomever you are, who are fucking with my links, are no music lover, nor are you even a man, as I have offered MANY times to discuss what your issue is, and I hear silence. I have actually left my personal phone number here (I Will again; 937 206 9022), but I suspect little......just a little boy, playing and making trouble......

Anyway, I'm posting today, with Part 19 of the Garage Fuzz series......this will be an experiment, if you want it, email me, request the link number......I will send you a link ALONG WITH A PASSWORD for you to use on future links. I'm working, constantly, on making this better, easier, but I WILL NOT give it up over some loser with nothing better to do. Just bear with me, follow these instructions for a while, and we'll see what goes down.

As for that, hope you had a wonderful Christmas......look forward to 2017 cause I got a TON of music that I wanna share with ya!  See ya then, just CAREFULLY read the instructions!

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Ever heard of Ill? from the Atlanta area, they've done some worthwhile stuff, all I happen to have is 2012's "Gotten Gains"......I'll let their bandcamp describe them, but I really do enjoy this one, hard riff-rocking and soulful vocals......I think they'd be, perhaps, worthy of further investigation if any of my friends in the Atlanta area would be able to help out.......took me a bit by surprise how good this one is.

 ILL is an Atlanta-based three-piece rock band and “Gotten Gains” is their second full-length album. The band describe their sound as: “Big blues riffs done with a punk attitude and very much rooted in soul. To us, the lines of classification between Ray Charles and Black Sabbath are very blurry”. With these wordsRINGING in the back of my mind I started listening to their latest record.
Despite sharing the same blues roots, I do hear a significantDIFFERENCEbetween Ray Charles’ “I Got A Woman” and any given Black Sabbath song, but it does signify that the gents in ILL have a broad taste in music. That’s a very good thing in myBOOK. The first two songs on the the album, “One Time” and “A” high octane rockers that can rival with any Queens Of The Stone Age orMonster Magnet hit. “There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone” has this classy Rolling Stones vibe about it and the creepy “Christine” features some unlikely nods to Prince. Fortunately without his trademark stickiness though. This is just a small taste of what “Gotten Gains” has to offer.
“Bitch” and “Pearls” are two brilliant songs whichPUT The Artic Monkeysand The Kaiser Chiefs to shame. “Castration” is just catchy as hell and would havePUT a smile on Ray Charles’ face if he still would be among the living. These gents aren’t afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves, nonetheless they managed to put their own signature stamp on it. This, together with their uncanny songwriting abilities make “Gotten Gains” a very memorable listening experience.
“Gotten Gains” by ILL is a very rewarding effort that ticks all the right boxes in the blues, rock and soul categories. Well-written songs with catchy hooks make this album a true winner. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Gotten Gains” end up in my year list. This is one hell of a record!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Yu Feng

Okay, give a guy some credit......I found this CD in a stack I was going through, labeled as Yu Feng-"Yue Yu Sheng Shou" clue where it came from, how long it's been here, who gave it to me.......also as fuzzy are details about the band, coz I can't find ANY......I'm gonna assume they are from China (I THINK that is Chinese, I am unsure).......listening to the album, well, it's worth a listen, some kind of amaturish, sloppy, sludgy rock, english vocals, and an overall tone of perhaps some NIN/Ministry type cynycism......but I may have it all wrong........give it a listen, see what ya think, and ANYONE with information about this CD (maybe YOU sent it to me?) please come forward so we at least have a clue as to what we are hearing here.

YUE YU SHENG SHOU-01 Yi Cuo Bu Neng Zai Cuo/02 You Gou/03 Gan Qing De Zhai/04 Yuan yang Jiang Yue Ye/05 Wan E Yin Wei Shou

Hell for all I know the thing could be mislabeled, certainly doesn't sound chinese to these ears, but for now let's go with that, until someone clears it up (and someone WILL).....btw I have no clue as to who that is in the picture either, hey I took a shot.

Stomu Yamashata and John Phillips

(scott) Thanks a ton to John N for sending us this one, I likely have a copy somewhere in the clusterfuck that
is my CD stash, so I will, rather, simply be delighted to locate this copy......There is an excellent description of the procedings here, which I will simply attach......I remember this one, it's an album that is both most interesting as well as GOOD!
2016 marks the 40th anniversary of The Man Who Fell to Earth, director Nicolas Roeg's trippy cult classic starring the late David Bowie as the stranded alien Newton.  Prior to his untimely death earlier this year, Bowie revisited Newton and the milieu of the film in his only musical theatre piece, Lazarus.  With the musical about to open in London, StudioCanal is revisiting the original film in a new four-disc Blu-ray box set due in the United Kingdom on October 24.  (No U.S. plans for the set have been revealed yet.)  Prior to that, on September 9, Universal Music Catalogue (UMC) will premiere the soundtrack ofThe Man Who Fell to Earth on 2 CDs.  A 2-LP version (with fewer tracks) and a CD/LP deluxe box will arrive on November 18 from the label.

While David Bowie didn't contribute any music to the film, the soundtrack features the work of John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas fame (who composed specifically for the film), and Stomu Yamash'ta.  (Just yesterday, The Second Disc broke the news of the upcoming, rarities-packed Ultimate Anthology for Phillips' legendary band.)  This is the first audio release of the music.  Though an album was promised on Bowie's then-label RCA in 1976, it never materialized for a variety of reasons.  That story is explored in the 48-page hardcover book that accompanies the deluxe 2-CD release.  Paolo Hewitt and film editor Graeme Clifford provide the liner notes.

CD 1
  1. Poker Dice by Stomu Yamash'ta
  2. Blueberry Hill (Single Version) by Gordon Jenkins Orchestra And Choir and Louis Armstrong
  3. Jazz II by John Phillips
  4. The Planets, Op. 32 Venus, The Bringer Of Peace by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and George Hurst
  5. Boys From The South by John Phillips
  6. 33 1/3 by Stomu Yamash'ta
  7. Rhumba Boogie by John Phillips
  8. Try To Remember by The The Kingston Trio
  9. Mandala by Stomu Yamash'ta
  10. America by John Phillips
  11. Wind Words by Stomu Yamash'ta
  12. Jazz by John Phillips
CD 2
  1. One Way by Stomu Yamash'ta 
  2. Space Capsule by John Phillips
  3. Bluegrass Breakdown by John Phillips
  4. Desert Shack by John Phillips
  5. Memory Of Hiroshima by Stomu Yamash'ta
  6. Window by John Phillips
  7. Alberto by John Phillips
  8. The Planets, Op. 32 Mars, The Bringer Of War (Excerpt) by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and George Hurst
  9. Liar, Liar by John Phillips
  10. Hello Mary Lou by John Phillips
  11. Silent Night by Queen's Hall Light Orchestra & Robert Farnon
  12. Love Is Coming Back by Genevieve Waite and John Phillips
  13. The Man Who Fell To Earth (Demo) by John Phillips

Warfrat Tales......recommended......

From John N comes this most interesting compiltion of music from California's 1980's Warfrat
Records.....lot of fine material on this one, tracks from Gun Club, The Last, Rain Parade, and plenty more......let's make it easy (on ME) by simply pasting the attached description:

The original Warfrat Tales was a compilation of LA bands of the 1980's who had recorded at Lyceum Sound with Vitus Matare (the Last, Trotsky Icepick). This 2005 re-release contains all the original material plus additional 13 tracks/bands that weren't included the first time around.

At the dawn of the eighties, the L.A. underground music scene was comprised of a heady mix of bands and styles that included punk, post-punk, cow-punk, neo-psych, power-pop, jangle-pop, rockabilly, and everything in between. In addition to its quite unprecedented musical diversity, what also set this underground scene apart from others before it and those since was the genre-defying camaraderie between the various bands involved. As such, it was not unusual to see someone like Chris D. of The Flesh Eaters- ferocious purveyors of an exceedingly dark blues-punk hybrid that made them legends among the hardcore crowd- befriend and support a band such as The Dream Syndicate, who were in the process of spearheading a psych-revival that would come to be known as the Paisley Underground. Many of these relationships were forged through shared ties with the indie record labels that mushroomed in and around the scene whose rosters often reflected the amazing variety of the L.A. underground itself, a phenomenon that helped give rise to the era of the indie compilation as the best way to promote the music. A storied example of this was Warfrat Records, a tiny artist-run label, whose recordings were made in a (literally) makeshift studio called Lyceum Sound, which was actually a sound-proofed two-car garage (we're talking egg-cartons on the walls here) that had been rented out by members of The Last as a rehearsal space. The "studio" was originally conceived as a much preferred return to sonic austerity for The Last after having had their sound subjected to the sterilizing effects of the professional recording process on their debut LP,L.A. Explosion!  Eventually, Lyceum Sound played host to bands such as The Gun Club, Rain Parade, The Long Ryders and Savage Republic to name but a few, all of whom engaged in something like recorded rehearsals. As The Last's manager Gary Stewart remembers, the WarfRat record label was born out of necessity: "I didn't so much dream up the WarfRat label as I was forced to start it, as a way of releasing a single [...] that was getting some airplay on Rodney Bingenheimer's Sunday night radio show." The compilation WarfRat Tales was intended as a way to promote many of the bands who regularly passed through Lyceum Sound as well as to pay off some bills (according to Stewart, the album accomplished only one of these objectives). The album itself is one of the better comps to emanate from the L.A. underground, and has the added advantage of being primarily comprised of unique "demo" performances that are often superior to the more polished versions available The Rocky Horror Picture Showfronting The Doors, sets the tone for this consistently great and intensely moody set of songs. Another highlight is "Stop the Clock" by the Earwigs, a strange mash-up of punk, ska and early new-wave that functions as a tension-filled time-capsule of cold war paranoia. WarfRat Tales also features some wonderfully scruffy cuts from Paisley Underground mainstays Rain Parade, including a stunning rendition of "This Can't Be Today," later re-recorded for their debut LP, Emergency Third Rail Power Trip. Perhaps the most essential track is "Creeping Coastlines of Light" by The Leaving Trains, a twangy, moody, transcendent slow-burner that is the equal of anything recorded by the scene's more well-known "roots" bands such as The Long Ryders and True West. WarfRat Tales is worth revisting because it offers a significant glimpse into an amazingly vibrant music scene long since gone; however, what makes it truly distinctive is the way its austerely-recorded tracks capture the passion and camaraderie that made the L.A. underground what it was.
elsewhere. The opener, "Try to Rise," a creepy, campy psychedelic rocker by The Last that sounds a bit like Frankenfurter of 

1. The Last- Try to Rise  (2:57)
 2. The Leaving Trains- Leaving Train  (3:07)

 3. 100 Flowers- 100 Flowers  (1:08)
 4. Earwigs- Stop the Clock  (2:04)

 5. Wednesday Week- Boy You Got Me Good  (3:32)

 6. Rain Parade- I Look Around  (3:00)

 7. The Question?- Brand New World  (2:52)

 8. The Point- Pothead  (5:04)

 9. To Damascus- Night Surfing  (1:51)

10. The Last- Anything That's Out There  (2:36)

11. Urinals- I'm Like You  (0:49)

12. The Gun Club- Watermelon Man  (3:18)

13. Rain Parade- Look Both Ways  (3:24)

14. The Up & Out- I'm Learning  (3:24)

15. Hector & The Clockwatchers- Octavia  (3:43)

16. The Gun Club- Fire of Love  (1:55)

17. The Question?- One More Time  (2:54)

18. The Up & Out- Gruelled Again  (2:57)

19. Urinals- Scholastic Aptitude  (1:24)

20. Earwigs- Automatic Reverse  (2:16)

21. To Damascus- And Leave and Leave Me  (2:27)

22. 100 Flowers- From the Fire  (2:20)

23. The Question?- Shall Be Love  (3:35)

24. Rain Parade- This Can't Be Today  (4:14)

25. Wednesday Week- Anyone Like Me  (2:16)

26. Hector & The Clockwatchers- Mishap at Greebsley's  (2:47)

27. The Leaving Trains- Creeping Coastline of Lights  (3:12)

28. The Last- Brand New Drug  (3:39)

A submission from MD Milner, New Years Eve kinda stuff

(scott)-Well, I haven't heard from MD in a little bit, he's always had a good stash of live recordings, and
today is no exception......with the way things have been around here of late with links disappearing as soon as I post them (unsure who is behind that).....SO, this band is big-time enough that I don't want to name them hoping to save the post/link for as long as possible.....BUT like I've told you fine folks before, when I say get this one or that one quickly, I have a REASON for saying I have to play THESE games.....ok, this band is one of the greats, a UK effort, been around a LOOOOONG time, the leader impregnated Chrissie Hynde, automatically making him my idol, if you can't figure it out, sorry, you may have to try all day and all of the night to figure it out. Still haven't figured it? Well, you really got me........anyway this is a fab show from  New Years Eve 1980......they seem to be in fine form, as they generally were on stage, so thanks to MD Milner.... and kids, while the heat is on, if this interests you, please act quickly.

Don't say I didn't warn ya, hopefully some of this nonsense will blow over soon, until then, I will advise you if acting quickly is your best option. In this case, yes......yes it is.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, as it is now Christmas in MY time zone......and here I sit, typing on the blog......I know,I know, but my girl is at work, my son is out with one of his chicks, and I had to complete my weekly unemployment claim, so I might as well add a post or two to the blog.

As you know, I love doing this blog, I love all the great submissions I receive from others (such as THIS one).....going through a weird time right now, but we'll get it figured out. Main thing, if I say act quickly, and you don't, there isn't a thing I can do to help you. Sorry, but act quickly if you can.....I'm working on another solution to this "problem", but give me a few days........

NEW YEARS EVE 1980-01 Talk/02 You Really Got Me/03 The Hard Way/04 Where Have All the Good
Times Gone-Tired of Waiting For You/05 Catch me Now I'm Falling/06 Bird Dog/07 NTC Blues/08 Lola/09 Dead End Day/10 Til the End of the Day/11 Low Budget/12 Talk/13 Imagination's Real/14 Nothing More to Lose/15 I'm Not Like Everyone Else-Come on Now/16 You Really Got Me/17 Give the People What They Want/18 A Gallon of Gas/19 Celluloid Heroes/20 All Day And All of the Night/21 Talk/22 Talk/23 Superman/24 Talk

Don't think I'd heard this one, it's a good and energetic set for certain. And, no, it's NOT Van Halen!

Every Mothers Son

This is a John N donation and a pretty good one, this is a pretty much forgotten (at least by ME) band, the
band is best known for their 1967 release, "Come on Down to My Boat"....they also released two full length LP's in their day, both of which are included on this single compilation. Good 60's pop/light psych, you might find this one worth your while.....thanks John N

COME ON DOWN-THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS-01 Come On Down To My Boat/02 I Won't/03 For Brandy/04 Didn't She Lie/05 What Became of Mary/06 Ain't It a Drag/07 Allison Dozer/08 I Believe In You/09 Ain't No Use/10 Sittin Here/11 Come On Queenie/12 Rainflowers/13 Another Day Another Song/14 Dolls In the Clock/15 I May Be Right/16 Only Child/17 I'd Rather Be Right Than Wrong/18 Sally/19 Pony With the Golden Mane/20 The Proper Four Leaf Clover/21 Put Your Mind at Ease/22 Larry's Birthday/23 No One Knows (mono 45 Version)

Some Free Kitten we forgot last time

I had to go back and check, last time we posted Free Kitten (during the period of Sonic Youth domination
of the blog!), I did NOT post either the EP "Punks Suing Punks", nor the full length "Inherit"....if you liked the other Free Kitten stuff, this will work for you, if you hated it, well, frankly, it pretty much sounds like the other albums.....hey don't be a "hater" as the less-than-MENSA-level children say......I happen to like Free Kitten, so when I discovered that I had a couple of albums I had not shared, I jumped to attention......really, you'll like these, provided you like Free Kitten......otherwise, well........

PUNKS SUING PUNKS-01 Kitten Bossanova/02 Punk Vs Punk/03 Coco's Theme

INHERIT-04 Erected Girl/05 Surf's Up/06 Seasick/07 Free Kitten on the Mountain/08 Roughshod/09 Help Me/10 The Poet/11 Billboard/12 Bananas/13 Monster Eye/14 Sway

Hope ya like these, Merry Christmas to all who venture here, for whatever reason. Even Dan.

Nina Rock

OK, I know not a thing about this bunch, not a clue.....I surmise they are Japanese as their song titles are all replicated in that language, but other than that, they don't really turn up on the internet, unless YOU can tell me something about them.....but when did a little lack of knowledge ever stop me?  This is a five track demo, sent to me a while back by a long ago forgotten submitter (If it was you step forward and take credit)......there is some fair riff-rock here, a blend of English and Japanese vocals......listenable for certain, and I'd like more info if anyone has any to share.......otherwise, this short CD is all I know of this band.

DEMO-01 (Japanese characters that my computer won't replicate)/02 Kick out Rock/03 Royal Works Mix (perhaps the best thing here)/04 Kick Out Rock (Instrumental, it SAYS, but I sure hear vocals)/05 ( Same as track #1, also allegedly an instrumental version, sure do hear vocals on there, too, so whatever)......hey impress your friends with your knowledge of unknown rock bands!

I dunno if the logo I used for a picture here has ANYTHING to do with the band in question here.....I'll just assume it DOES for the purposes of putting SOMETHING up there.