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Friday, October 30, 2015

Post Punk Rules

Someone sent this to me a couple days ago, thought I'd pass it as I can tell it's a 2014 internet creation, and no question it does contain some interesting material. I'm gonna watch the Royals play game 3 in a few minutes, but I thought why the hell not toss this one up.....from what I can find, it's available for free elsewhere on the internet, for whatever that is worth.......eyeball the track list, this might be a collection you'll enjoy, although thematically, it doesn't really seem to hold together that well, nonetheless, some lesser-comped morsels are here and are worth a listen.


01 THE BLOW MONKEYS-A New Morning/02 THE DEVIANTS-Guarenteed to Bleed/03 BIG SEXY NOISE-Collision Course/04 DEAD KENNEDYS-Holiday In Cambodia (Single Version)/05 THE FALL-Laptop Dog/06 ANDY BLADE-Let's Burn the Internet Down/07 THE PRIMITIVES-Across My Shoulder/08 FIVE OR SIX-Sleepwalk/09 THE BLUE ORCHIDS-Bad Education/10 THE MONOCHROME SET-Fallout/11 CAPTAIN SENSIBLE-Happy Talk/12 ARTERY-The Stalker/13 CORDUROY-Clearing Up Music

If you behave I will get you a couple more albums this weekend.........trying to think of a band from Kansas City or with Royals in thier name or something to pay tribute to thte eventual champions of baseball!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloween From BigScott62!

As Brian has provided us with a Halloween post already, and a WAY cool one at that, it's only right that I put something together as well......we'll do a couple of things here, musically first and then some fun photo collections that pervs like myself will appreciate.

First the music. I am going to go with some stuff from a duo from San Fernando California, She Wants Revenge......I have had this stuff sitting around for years and frankly had forgotten pretty much about them until recently (more on that later), they consisted of Justin Warfield (vocals/guitar/keyboards) and Adam Bravin (bass/keyboard/guitar/drum machine/percussion/vocals)....they put forth a post-80's creepy-goth sound, not GREAT but certainly worth a listen.......their creepy/cold goth sound is reminiscent of maybe The Bauhaus or even Big Black (see previous posts of they are still up),they have released three albums, only two of which I have, and a handful of EP's and stuff........

The self titled debut is a pretty good effort, from (without checking) about 2005-6 or so, I enjoyed it a good bit at the time, there are good creepy tunes like "Monologue" and "These Things", as well as the magnificent "Tear You Apart"......."Tear You Apart" is fantastic, it was recently used to phenominal effect in the season opening episode of "American Horror Story", a really excellent segment in my opinion, which brought this great song back to my memory.......if you watch "AHS" I'm sure you recall it, but it's a GREAT song that can stand on its own anytime.........were it not for this song, She Wants Revenge would be TOTALLY unmemorable instead of only 90% so or whatever....nonetheless is is a GREAT retro-80's dark-goth-alt track, worth the price of admission alone.

The follow up effort, "This is Forever" (2007) is not nearly as good as there is no standout track ala "Tear You Apart", but it's here in all it's glory should you deem them worthy of further investigation.

After "American Horror Story" sparked my memory of that great tune, I checked the Bay for any rarities and such and found a few items.......first and best, we have "Live at Rock Am Ring 04/06/06" which I really enjoyed a lot, the sound is fuller (I assume additional musicians were used onstage), and it concludes with a majestic version of "Tear You Apart"......the tracks are unsplit, sorry, but it's a short set, maybe a half hour or so, and REALLY enjoyable.

"Save Your Soul" is a 2008 EP with four tracks, actually, all four of which are pretty fair, we have the "Tear You Apart" single, which features the original backed with an interesting remix of the same song. The "These Things" EP contains some familiar material ("Tear You Apart" yet again) with a couple new tracks, and finally, we have a single, "True Romance" with both an album version as well as a radio edit.

I just learned that they released a third album in 2011, never heard it, likely never will unless someone tells me of its unknown greatness....

I recommend, if you dabble, the debut, and ESPECIALLY the live set, it was REALLY surprisingly ood, in my opinion, anyway, this is my Halloween post for ya, musically, but don't go way, after I bore ya with the track lists I got some more stuff for ya......anyway......

SHE WANTS REVENGE-01 Red Flags and Long Nights/02 These Things/03 I Don't Want To Fall In Love/04 Out of Control/05 Monologue/06 Broken Promises For Broken Hearts/07 Sister/08 Disconect/09 Us/10 Someone Must Get Hurt/11 Tear You Apart/12 She Loves Me She Loves Me Not

THIS IS FOREVER-01 First, Love/02 Written In Blood/03 Walking Away/04 True Romance/05 What I Want/06 It's Just Begun/07 She Will Always Be a Broken Girl/08 This is the End/09 Checking Out/10 Pretend the World Has Ended/11 Replacement/12 All Those Moments/13 Rachael/14 And a Song For Los Angeles

LIVE AT ROCK AM RING 04/6/06-01 Unsplit Tracks (sorry)

SAVE YOUR SOUL EP-01 Sugar/02 Save Your Soul/03 Sleep/04 A Hundred Kisses

TEAR YOU APART SINGLE-01 Tear You Apart/02 Tear You Apart (Ladytron remix)

THESE THINGS EP-01 These Things (radio edit)/02 Tear You Apart/03 Spend the Night/04 Black Liner Run

TRUE ROMANCE SINGLE-01 True Romance (Radio)/02 True Romance (Album)

BONUS  TRACK (from the "Nightmare Before Christmas" Soundtrack)-01 Kidnap the Sandy Claws
(Don't go out of your way for this one if ya get my drift)......

OK, that is that, hope you enjoy these, it is cool (for me) to rediscover a band I had forgotten about, and in this case I have to thank "American Horror Story" for using "Tear You Apart" to such great effect (even though they did edit out ONE word of the key lyric, "I Wanna fucking tear you apart"....guess which one?) Anyway it was still great, check it out on Netflix or something if you wanna see what I mean, I thought it was freaky-cool.....

And speaking of freaky cool, as a Halloween bonus, let us do a few photo collections....I haven't done this in a while, it really used to be kind of popular. First off, let us begin with a couple of sets of pix of stunning goth chicks, all tatooed and pierced and all ready for Uncle BigScott62.......let me make this clear, at 53 I am old enough to be most of these babe's grandfather, but, should they all decide that they need a guinea pig to determine which could out-weird the others in bed, I am fucking volunteering.

Next is a series I don't think I've posted previously, "Sexy Halloween", some cool pix here too but not as, uhh, "enticing" as the previous intoxicating batch of goth girls.

We will wrap up the Halloween stuff with a set of pics of "Female Vampires", maybe it's just me, but I find them intruging and sexy as hell also..........yes I'm a sick motherfucker.........just don't tell anyone.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Queens of the Stone Age Part 3

A bit of a delay in getting this ready, but for Queens fans should be worth the wait.... quite a few live and rare treats for today, quite a bit of material so we'll keep the commentary short and get on with telling ya exactly what is here.....

Let's begin with the "Deluxe" re-issues of the debut and "Rated R".....I forgot I had these or I simply would have posted them in the first place, but I'm NOT going to post the entire "deluxe" editions, just the additional material from each and leave the programming to you......the debut reissue features only three additional tracks, "The Bronze", "These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For", and "Spiders and Vinegrooms", all worthwhile.

"Rated R" on the other hand featured an additional disc, "B Sides and Live at the Reading Festival 2000", the Reading show being a very early effort, quite an interesting find. A fairly short set, but always great to hear a different interpretation of "Feel Good Hit of the Summer", right? Just kidding in case you took me like serious.

That wraps the "official" albums, now lets see what else is on that shelf...... we'll start with a two disc mish mash, "Live Recordings". I don't recall whom I got this one from, not sure if it's a homemade effort or what, but if you check the set list, you'll see that it is fairly career-spanning, and from a BUNCH of different locales (I'll list them in the track list, but the DATES are NOT made available)... as I said, kind of a grab-bag format, definitely for fans only.

Along the same line is "Live and Non-LP Tracks, for which I have even LESS data, no locales OR dates, there are some nice rarities here, though, and it's not nearly as sprawling as the previous set.

From 02 comes a Full set from Stockholm, pretty tight show, and also from 02 a good 2-disc live set from Wasahington DC...... the Queens keep there set lists pretty regular, but they seem like they'd be a good act to see (I never got to) a more recent live example of the Queens in action comes from 2013, from the Brazil Lollapalooza, nice to have a live version of "My God is the Sun", also an undated but fairly recent set from the KCRW studios, which features the same tune, a good bit of "Like Clockwork" material, and a Josh Homme interview........ anyway, that's what I got, this stuff is more for fans than dabblers I'd say, but the response to the studio albums was good, so maybe a few "dabblers" have become "fans" due to that?

Hope I can dance around the World Series (GO ROYALS) this week and get MY Halloween-kinda post up, likely Thursday or so, I think in the past, other than some appropriate music I may feature a photo set of either hot Goth chicks or Vampire women........maybe even both. We shall see.

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE DELUXE (Additional Tracks Only)-01 The Bronze/02 These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For/03 Spiders and Vinegrooms

RATED R (Bonus Disc)-01 Ode to Clarissa/02 You're So Vague/03 Never Say Never/04 Who'll Be the Next In Line/05 Born to Hula/06 (Reading Set)-Monsters in the Pairasol/07 Feel Good Hit of the Summer/08 Regular John/09 Avon/10 Quick and to the Pointless/11 Better Living Through Chemistry/12 Ode to Clarissa/13 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret/14 You Can't Quit Me Now/15 Millionaire

LIVE RECORDINGS DISC 1-01 Regular John (Melkweg Amsterdam)/02 Little Sister (Earthlink Atlanta)/03 Better Living Through Chemistry (Belgique Belgium)/04 Monsters in the Parasol/05 Quick and to the Pointless (Vintage Vinyl)/06 Avon (Mean Fiddler)/07 No One Knows (Earthlink Atlanta)/08 Another Love Song (Belgique Belgium)/09 Tension Head (Mean Fiddler)/10 Long Slow Goodbye (AOL Sessions)/11 The lost Art of Keeping a Secret (Earthlink, Atlanta)/12 A Song For the Dead (Earthlink Atlanta)/13 I Think I Lost My Headache (Earthlink Atlanta)

LIVE RECORDINGS DISC 2-01 God Is In the Radio (Stubbs,
Austin)/02 Mexicola (Bob's Garage)/03 No One Knows (Belgique Belgium)/04 If Only (Bob's Garage)/05 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret (The Troubador)/06 Do It Again (Melkweg Amsterdam)/07 The Sky Is Fallin' (Belgique Belgium)/08 In My head (Earthlink Atlanta)/09 Regular John (Earthlink Atlanta)/10 Ode to Clarissa (Vintage Vinyl)/11 Hangin Tree (Melkweg Amsterdam)/12 Auto Pilot (Belgique Belgium)/13 A Song For the Dead (Mean Fiddler

LIVE AND NON LP TRACKS-01 Tension Head/02 You Can't Quit Me baby/03 Avon/04 Ode to Clarissa/05 Song For the Dead/06 Better Living Through Chemistry/07 Monsters In the Parasol/08 If Only/09 Green Machine/10 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire/11 Who'll Be the Next In Line/12 Two Tears/13 You're So Vague/14 Never Say Never/15 Infinity/16 Born To Hula/17 Morocco

STOCKHOLM (6/11/02)-01 Regular John/02 If Only/03 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire/04 Quick and To the Pointless/05 Gonna Love You/06 Hangin Tree/07 Auto pilot/08 Song For the Dead/09 No One Knows/10 Go With the Flow/11 The lost Art of Keeping a Secret/12 Mexicola/13 Ode To Clarissa/14 Feel Good Hit of the Summer

WASHINGTON DC 2/6/02 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Monsters In the Parasol/03 Feel Good Hit of the Summer/04 Quick and to the Pointless/05 Ode to Clarissa/06 You WOuld Know/07 Song For the Dead/08 Hangin Tree/09 I Think I Lost My headache/10 Avon

WASHINGTON DC 2/6/02 DISC 2-01 No One Knows/02 Gonna Leave You/03 Walking on the Sidewalks/04 Mexicola/05 Tension Head/06 Regular John/07 Do It Again/08 God Is In the Radio/09 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire/10 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
BRAZIL LOLLAPALOOZA 2013-01 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret/02 No One Knows/03 First It Giveth/04 Sick Sick Sick/05 Burn the Witch/06 Monsters in the Parasol/07 Hangin Tree/08 Make It Wit Chu/09 My God Is the Sun/10 Little Sister/11 Better Living Through Chemistry/12 Do It Again/13 Go With the Flow/14 A Song For the Dead

KCRW STUDIOS-01 If I Had a Tail/02 My God Is the Sun/03 Like Clockwork/04 Keep Your Eyes Peeled/05 Josh Homme Interview/06 The Vampyre of Time and Memory/07 I Sat By the Ocean/08 Smooth Sailing/09 I Appear Missing/10 Jam/11 Little Sister/12 Make It Wit Chu

Friday, October 23, 2015

A Jonder Project for ya

(SCOTT)-haven't quite got the QOTSA part 3 ready yet, likely Sunday.......until then, here is another of the homemade cover projects that I love so much, I will let the creator, Jonder, tell you all about it.....I like these so much that I think I will do a few myself over the winter, I wonder if there are enough cover versions of MY very favorite album, "Forever Changes" by Love, to enable THAT creation? I will find out.....


UMMAZUMA: A homemade tribute to the Neil Young & Crazy Horse album ZUMA

1. Don't Cry No Tears - Allison Moorer
2. Danger Bird - 27
3. Pardon My Heart - Aldingarðurinn ásamt Kristó og Bjarna
4. Looking For A Love - Valle de Muñecas
5. Barstool Blues - The Feelies
6. Stupid Girl - Teenage Kicks
7. Drive Back - The Stars Of Heaven
8. Cortez The Killer - Tina Age 13
9. Through My Sails - Soulsavers featuring Mark Lanegan

I knew that there were many versions of "Cortez The Killer", but I was surprised to find out how often "Don't Cry No Tears" has been covered. Allison Moorer emphasizes the country side of "Don't Cry". "Danger Bird" is perfomed by 27, a currently active "dark pop" band from Boston (

I love this gorgeous acoustic version of "Pardon My Heart". Google translates the group's name as The Garden With Kristó and Bjarna. Apparently this song won a Neil Young covers competition in Iceland, and their victory was well deserved. You can listen to all of the finalists here:

"Looking For A Love" is another great acoustic cover, performed by the Mexican quartet Valle de Muñecas. I think the band name translates as Dolls Valley. Not all of their music is acoustic; this song comes from an album called "Folk", which also includes a Violent Femmes cover. You can hear it (and more) at

These are the only versions of "Stupid Girl" and "Drive Back" that I could find, perhaps because they are the cruelest songs that Neil Young wrote for Zuma. "Stupid Girl" is from the Toronto band Teenage Kicks. Check out for more of their covers and original "punk rock soul" songs.

"Drive Back" is performed by The Stars Of Heaven, an Irish band from the 80's. I am indebted to the blog Jumping Someone Else's Song for this one. I highly recommend this music blog ( The site appears to be dormant, but most of the cover compilations are still available, including three collections of Neil Young songs.

"Cortez The Killer" was a tough choice. I went with this raw and passionate version by a trio from the 90's called Tina Age 13. The blog Willfully Obscure posted the band's EP The Alcoholic Father of My Inner Child, and noted that "Cortez" runs for 56 minutes. You get the first 7 minutes here. Chris Johanson, the bassist for Tina Age 13, is now a famous painter.

This tribute to Zuma ends with one of my favorite singers, Mark Lanegan. Thanks are due to the music blogs,, and (as well as!


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Queens of the Stone Age Part 2

Great weekend!!!! TWO wins by the Royals in the ALCS, a good win by Ohio State, and the Vikings defense looked superb against the Chiefs as they won as well! Great stuff, now I'd like to see the Cubbies advance to to the world series versus the Royals, that would be great, so let's see tonight if thy can even up THEIR series.... other than that, great efforts by the Buckeyes, Vikings, and especially the Royals who showed exceptional fortitude in coming back in Game 2 when David Price had perplexed them for most of the game.......shades of the great 1985 club!

So, how did you like the first part of the Queens saga? If you're a longtime fan of them, it's likely old stuff to you (maybe not that fab split with the great Beaver), but if you are new to the Queens, this should be a cool new discovery for ya....hope ya enjoy the rest, the Queens were a significant band of the 2000's, and, as I said before, I think this is the type of thing that will be influential and be appreciated much more in the future.

Picking up where we left off, lets begin with another EP, from 2004, "Stone Age Complication". A fine collection of rarities and B-Sides, this six-track gem is a must for fans.....a cover of the Kinks "Who Will Be the Next In Line", also a fine cover of Subhumans "Wake Up Screaming", and a third cover, the Cramps "Most Exalted Potentate of Love"........also some other original material best of which I think is a cool remix of "No One Knows".

2005 brought us "Lullabies to Paralyze", a workmanlike effort that isn't essential, but isn't bad either....a 2 disc effort which features a live disc, this is perhaps the weakest Queens studio effort, but there are some standout, uniquely Queens tunes, "Medication", "That's a Killer Scene You Got There Man", "Tangled Up In Plaid".......a fan of the band (myself) wouldn't be without it, for a dabbler, I'm not so sure. The second disc, the live effort from an Atlanta show, is decent, and features a smoking "Song For the Dead".

2007's "Era Vulgaris" brought us a true comeback, a stunning effort in my opinion."Turning of the
Screw", "River in the Road", "Sick Sick Sick" are standouts, but this is a fine and underrated album. I wouldn't dismiss it no matter what my feelings on the band were.....a really good one.

Most recently the "band" (not really the right term, given the shifting lineups and countless guest appearances, but that is QOTSA in a nutshell) has given us "Like Clockwork", 2013, and it is quite a good effort as well......Dave Grohl, Mark Lanegan, Trent Reznor and others make appearances on this one, I think it's also an under-appreciated album, "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" and "My God is the Sun" are standouts.

I think I'll wrap this part up today..... I have to go find my bootlegs in the other room, and I just remembered that I also have the "Deluxe Editions", released later, of the debut and "Rated R"..... likely I will just post the extra tracks from those two, you can edit it however you prefer..... we'll wrap this up later in the week with part 3, but IMHO, Queens of the Stone Age rank with The White Stripes, Sleater Kinney, the Black Keys, and a handful of others as the best and most innovative rock bands of the decade of the 2000's...... am I right or wrong?

Again, these are FLAC files, so allow for that explains the multiple links, but offers a bit better sound than MP3....... some like it, some don't, but the can be converted with a free converter available online.....

STONE AGE COMPLICATION-01 Who'll Be the Next In Line/02 Wake Up Screaming/03 No One Knows (UNKLE remix)/04 Most Exalted Potentate of Love/05 Born To Hula/06 The Bronze

LULLABIES TO PARALYZE DISC 1-01 This Lullaby/02 Medication/03 Everybody Knows That You Are Insane/04 Tangled Up In Plaid/05 Burn the Witch/06 In My head/07 Little Sister/08 I Never Came/09 Someone's In the Wolf/10 The Blood Is Love/11 Skin on Skin/12 Broken Box/13 You Got a Killer Scene There, Man/14 Long Slow Goodbye/15 Like a Drug

LULLABIES TO PARALYZE DISC 2-01 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret/02 Little Sister/03 In My Head/04 No One Knows/05 Song For the Dead/06 Regular John

ERA VULGARIS-01 Turnin' of the Screw/02 Sick Sick Sick/03 I'm Designer/04 Into the Hollow/05 Misfit Love/06 Battery Acid/07 Make It Wit Chu/08 3's & 7's/09 Suture Up Your Future/10 River In the Road

LIKE CLOCKWORK-01 Keep Your Eyes Peeled/02 I Sat By the Ocean/03 The Vampyre of Time and Memory/04 If I Had a Tail/05 My God is the Sun/06 Kalopsia/07 Fairweather Friends/08 Smooth Sailing/09 I Appear Missing/10.....Like Clockwork

Friday, October 16, 2015

Queens of the Stone Age Part 1

Who is up for a multi part Queens of the Stone Age extravaganza? Hell I sure am.., Instrumental in the great modern genre we call "stoner rock", my personal opinion is this stuff will sound even better in the future, much like the early 70s psych that I love so much sounds so great now.

Vocalist/guitarist/pianist Josh Homme formed the Queens after the breakup of Kyuss, utilizing the talents of multi-instrumentalist Troy Van Leeuen, bassist/keyboardist Michael Shuman, guitarist/keyboardist Dean Fertita, and (later addition) drummer Jon Theodore. They've also utilized many guest musicians and collaborators, which has led to the "anything goes" fomat for which they are known. Frankly, and as would be expected, their stuff can be quite "hit or miss", similar, maybe to Flaming Lips in the sense that they will try pretty much anything, which of course is admirable.

Looks like the earliest work I have from them is a split disc from 1997, with early Queens material and three Kyuss tracks from the final days of that band. Their "proper" debut, a self-titled gem was released in 1998, VERY Kyuss-like and good, strange hard rock with the prerequisite goofy song titles ("How to Handle a Rope", "I Was a Teenage Hand Model")..

"Rated R" was released in 2000, a classic then and a classic now....Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford loans his talents to the amazing "Feel Good Hit of the Summer" (TOTAL lyrics: "Nicotine, vicodine, valium, marijuana, ecstacy and alcohol.......c-c-c-c-coCAINE") repeated over an over.....funny: Wal Mart suspected the song promoted drug use.......hey, REALLY?.....there is a TON of good shit here, "I Think I Lost My Headache", " "Better Living Through Chemistry" and more, it's a classic of the 2000's and of early REAL stoner rock

In 2002 they released the amazing "Songs For the Deaf", a great and underappreciated album if ever there was one......remarkably cohesive and challenging, there is GREAT shit on this (dare I say) 5-star album......"Song For the Dead", "First it Giveth", "The Sky is Fallin".......hell it's ALL favorite QOTSA album by a wide WANT this if you are not familiar.

Also including a semi-rare split Ep with the great  13eaver, whom have been featured on this blog before, I forget when, check and see if the links are still up, they are/were really great as well....

This is only the beginning, I think this is their best work, but we will touch on their later albums and some boots and stuff soon...... great, great innovative band, and both "rated r" and "songs for the deaf" are classics that should be in ANY responsible household.

By the way these are FLAC files, bigger and more cumbersome, but DO sound great, that's the reason for the multiple links.

KYUSS/QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE SPLIT-01 Into the Void/02 Fatso Forgettso/03 Fatso Forggettso Phase 2 (Flip the Phase)/04 If Only Everything/05 Born To Hula/06 Spiders and Vinegroons

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE-01 Regular John/02 Avon/03 If Only/04 Walkin On the Sidewalks/05 You Would Know/06 How To Handle a Rope/07 Mexicola/08 Hispanic Impressions/09 You Can't Quit Me Baby/10  Give the Mule What He Wants/11 I Was a Teenage Hand Model

RATED R-01 Feel Good Hit of the Summer/02 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret/03 Leg of Lamb/04 Auto Pilot/05 Beter living Throuhg Chemistry/06 Monsters in the Parasol/07 Quick and to the Pointless/08 In the Fade/09 Feel Good Hit of the Summer (Reprise)/10 Tension Head/11Lightning Song/12 I Think I LOst My Headache

SPLIT WITH 13EAVER-01 The Bronze/02 These Aren't the
Droids You're Looking For/03Absence Without Leave/04 Morocco

SONGS FOR THE DEAF-01 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I feel Like a MIllionaire/02 No One Knows/03 First It Giveth/04 A Song For the Dead/05 The Sky Is Falling/06 Six Shooter/07 Hanging Tree/08 Go With the Flow/09 Gonna Leave You/10 Do It Again/11 God is In the Radio/12 Another Love Song/13 A Song For the Deaf/14 Mosquito Song/15 Everybody's Gonna Be Happy

LOTS more to come, bonus tracks, live stuff, rarities.........if you love QOTSA as I do, stay tuned and check into one of the GREAT bands of the 2000's!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Robert Hazard and the Heroes

Robert Hazard and the Heroes were a really pretty good rock band from Philly, ca. early 1980's, Robert Hazard is best known for composing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", which was of course made into a big hit by Cindy Lauper......this is a good overview of a career that, while interesting, seems to be one of those "local legends" (In Philly, this one)........really good tunes here, LOTS of em, check out some more of that good 1980's stuff on the cool tracks ala "Change Reaction" and "Escalator of Life", among several others, this album basically summarizes thier career, but TRUST ME, it's worth it.......a great and overloked, underappreciated album, I think some of you may just LOVE this one as much as I do!

OUT OF THE BLUE-01Escalator of Life/02 Change Reaction/03 Hang Around With You/04 Out of the Blue/05 Blowin' In the Wind/06 Fire On Fire/07 Interplanetary Private Eye/08 The Cool Life/09 Undercover Lover/10 She's Hot/11 Miami Beach/12 Darling/13 Hip Pocket/14 Be My Girl/15 Hard Hearted/16 Say Yo! (Live)

This is an unknown/overlooked gem, I highly recommend it for fans of 1980's rock.......what have ya got to lose?     Opinions/comments, please????????

Oi! A Tribute

I like stuff like this, a "tribute album", to, uhhhh, what exactly? I guess the "oi/punk" sound of the late 1970's early 1980's, this is a fairly rare comp, at least I think so, which is worth a listen......these are NOT the most well-known of tunes, thusly, the cover versions aren't exactly in the public domain either.....nonetheless, this is a decent album and definitley worth a listen.......the track listings in this instance includes the ORIGINAL artist for easy reference. I am quite the guy, am I not?

OI!-A TRIBUTE-01 HEROES-Razor in the Night (Blitz)/02 ULTIMA THULE-The Power and the Glory (Cockney Rejects)/03 BLIND SYSTEM-If the Kids Are United (Sham 69)/04 MIDGARDS SONER-Real Enemy (The Buisness)/05 JINX-Give Us a Future (One Way System)/06 TIN SOLDIERS-New Punks (Anti Social)/07 NORDWIND-The Beginning of the End (Cockney Rejects)/08 HASSLICH-Stolz (Bohse Onkelz)/09 MIDGARD'S SONER-Someone's Gonna Die (Blitz)/10 ULTIMA THULE- Take Em All (Cock Sparrer)/11 BLIND SYSTEM-Hersham Boys (Sham 69)/12 HEROES-Yesterday's Heroes (4-Skins)/13 WEST SIDE BOYS-Rapist (Combat 84)/14 TIN SOLDIER-Get Adicted (The Adicts)/15 HASSLICH-Varient (Bohse Onkelz)/16 VARINGARNER-Watch Your Back (Cock Sparrer)/17 JINX-Warriors (Blitz)/18 NORWIND-Questions and Answers (Sham 69)/19 ULTIMA THULE/JINX-Chaos (4-Skins)/20 KAI-Because You're Young (Cock Sparrer)/21 BOOTS AND BRACES-Last Years Youth (Menace)