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Friday, August 30, 2013

More from the vaults of Katrakyla

I think I'll wait for tomorrow to put up Katrakyla's greatest creation, the 8-disc "They are All My
Friends in Garage Punk", which I promise you is I will round up the remainder of his garage/fuzz/trash  ......obviously if you liked yesterday's you will like these as well, in particular if you don't mind (I bet you didn't even notice) his sort of annoying habit of programming everything in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.......I guess they have to be in SOME kind of order, and if THAT is the biggest bitch I have in my life, what a soft life I shall live.

First up, the three disc "Garage (!)".....some truly great bands much along the lines of those we enjoyed yesterday....Disc one features the Beatgrinders, Cryptics, Demonics (but, unfortunately, NOT my favorite "California Nightmare", I'll have to do a special Demonics post perhaps), the Flypped Whigs, Hermits, King Mixers, LPG, Mole People, and Multicoloured Shades....all represented by at least a couple tracks, one would gather these were (not certain) singles/EP gatherings. Disc 2 features the absolutley legendary Swingin Neckbreakers, but also greats like Not Quite, Otherside, Ricochets, Shambles, Stephord Husbands, Switch Trout, Ten Tons of Lies, and Thee Gorgons, who we heard from yesterday with the exact same EP track as these, sorry.

Disc 3 creeps further along into the alphabet, we get Tyme Society, United States of Existence,
Wildebeests (damn near an album full of them, and quite worthwhile), Witch Doctors, and Worst.......these are three damn fine discs, don't miss em, I don't think you are going to find them easilly anywhere else..

A single disc collection that he created, "I Wish I Was There (But I'm Not)" is more of a traditionally structured comp, as opposed to the above, and does it ever contain legends of the genre.....Billy Childish, Devil Dogs, Jewws, Lazy Cowg, Miracle Workers, Mummies, Radio Birdman, nd Von Zippers.....the list is below, that's about a third of it.

Occasionaly the guy tried to conceptualize (see: "Fuck You All" yesterday, songs that all have "fuck" in the title) as on "Give Me Money Motherfuckers", songs which, get this, all have MONEY in the titles.....nothing wrong with that, highlights include GG Alin, the Gories, The Sonics, Baby Woodrose (i can't BELEIVE I've never done a full post on them), Milkshakes, Thee Mighty Ceasars, and loads more. I like "Fuck You All" a bit better just because, well, just because, but this works as well.....

Well, let's clean this up before tomorrow's "big production"...."A Garage Punk Farewell to 2008" contains 18 tracks from that wonerful year, Jay Reatard, Lords of Altamont, Nodzzz, Bad Machine.....I'm sure it was a great year for garage punk, as I'm sure every year is!

Also found a 4-track EP "Now Suck on This", have no idea how or why the tracks were selected, probably could have stuck them on at the end of something else, but DO NOT QUESTION Katrakyla! Tracks from Bored!, Poppin Mammas, Seminal Rats (version of "Call Me Animal") and The Dirty Lovers make this, I guess, another essential piece of the puzzle.
OK tomorrow, we start "They Are All My Friends....." likely all 8 discs tomorrow, I'd guess those in the know would call it his (Katrakyla's) career masterwork (even though those 60's comps I posted months ago certainly were bad-ass as well)

Enjoy these. Katrakyla, your site is greatly missed. GIMME FUZZ!

GARAGE (!) DISC 1-(TRACKS 1-4 BEATGRINDERS)-01 5 Years Ahead of My Time/02 Fritz
Don't Surf/03 Green Fuzz (live)/04 The Witch/ (TRACKS 5-7 THE CRYPTICS)-05 Back To Me/06 Ricordami/07 You're Evil/(TRACKS 8-11 THE DEMONICS)-08 Demon Garage/09 Dustin the Fuzz/10 Girlfriends Bestfriend/11 Little Honda/(TRACKS 12-15 FLYPPED WHIGS)-12  1 and 1=2/13 Don't Go Away Mad/14 Invisible People/15 Numbers/(TRACKS 16-17 THE HERMITS)-16 Be a Caveman/17 Yes I Do/(TRACKS 18-20 THE KING MIXERS) 18 The Easy Way Down/19 Thought I Saw You/20 Zug Me/(TRACKS 21-23 LPG)-21 Lay Your Money Down/22 Things Aint Been the Same/23 Twenty Five/(TRACKS 24-25 MOLE PEOPLE)-24 Can't It Be/25 Crawlin Eye/(TRACKS 26-28 MULTICOLOURED SHADES)-26 2000 Light Years From Home/27 House of Wax/28 Lost Riders in Heaven

GARAGE (!) DISC 2-(TRACKS 1-2 NOT QUITE)-01 Circles/02 Green Slime/(TRACKS 3-6 OTHERSIDE)-03 For Another Man/04 Haunted House/05 Just My kind/06 Puppy Dog (TRACKS 7-10 THE RICOCHETS) 07 Hey Girl/08 Mad Man/09 Made In the Shade/10 Runnin Wild/(TRACKS 11-14 SHAMBLES)-11 Fire/12 I Can't Don't Want To/13 Stuck on the Inside/14 Thin Lines (TRACKS 15-16 STEPHORD HUSBANDS)-15 Why Aren't You There/16 Yeah (TRACKS 17-20 SWINGIN NECKBREAKERS) 17-Diggin a Grave/18 Mighty Mack/19 The Girl  Can't Help It/20 You Better Dig It (TRACKS 21-23 SWITCH TROUT)-21 In the Kitchen/22 Psychodestruct/23 Zoot Suit/(TRACKS 24-25 TEN TONS OF LIES)-24 Seeds of Next Season/25 You Lied/(TRACKS 26-27 THEE GORGONS)26 He's Waitin'/27 I Can't Be True

GARAGE (!) DISC 3-(TRACKS 1-2 TYME SOCIETY)-01 Leaves Are Turning Brown/02
Wondering Why/(TRACKS 3-5 UNITED STATES OF EXISTENCE) 03 Makin My Scene/04 Return to the Psychedelic/05 Shadows of Rainbows/(TRACKS 6-13 WILDEBEESTS) 06 Beeftub/07 Dinosaur/08 Gorilla Got Me/09 I'm Rowed Out/10 One + One/11 Parchman Farm/12 Pow Wow/13 Teenage Letter/(TRACKS 14-15 WITCH DOCTORS)-14 Death Ray 63/15 Wrong Before/(TRACKS 16-20 WORST)-16 Creepy Thing/17 I Don't Dig You/18 I've Got a Curse/19 She Gives Me The Creeps/20 Werewolf

I WISH I WAS THERE (BUT I'M NOT): ANOTHER GARAGE-PUNK CAMPILATION BY KATRAKYLA-01 13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS-Smoke This and Walk/02 ACETONES-Riot on Sunset Strip/03 BASEBALL FURIES-Passion Killer/04 BASEMENT BOATS-Stay Away From My Girl/05 BILLY CHILDISH-You Make Me Die/06 BLACKS-Don't Be Cute/07CHINESE MILLIONAIRES-Spoiled Rotten/08 COYOTE MEN-Damn Right!/09 CRIMSON SHADOWS-Out Of My Mind/10 CRUSADERS-Freak of the Week/11 DEVIL DOGS-Back In the City/12 DOWN N OUTS-I Wanna Come Back/13 DRAGS-Cannibal/14 GET LOST-One Way Ticket/15 HARDONS-Bye Bye Girl/16 HAVOX-All the Time/17 HUMPERS-Hey Shadow/18 JEWWS-Mercury To Mars/19 LAST DRIVE-Gone Gone
Gone/20 LAZY COWGIRLS-Route 66/21 MAKERS-Potential Liability/22 MIRACLE WORKERS-Psycho/23 MUMMIES-She Lied/24 NOMADS-Boss Hoss/25 PROBLEMATICS-Make Me Lose My Cool/26 QUADRAJETS-Going Down/27 RADIO BIRDMAN-Non-Stop Girls/28 ROCKS-You're So Boring/29 SAINTS-Wild About You/30 SONS OF HERCULES-Gimme Some/31 SPITFIRES-Social Club/32 TOKYO KNIVES-Futso Kayoi/33 VON ZIPPERS-Broke Down

GIVE ME MONEY MOTHERFUCKERS-01 THE SONICS-Money (That's What I Want)/02 DENNY BELINE & THE RICH KIDS-Money Isn't Everything/03 THE WILD UNCERTAINTY-Man With Money/04 BABY WOODROSE-Money For Sale/05 LPG-Lay Your Money Down/06 MILKSHAKES-Sometimes I Want You (For Your Money)/07 EVIL THINGIES-I Want My Money Back/08 LAZY COWGIRLS-Time and Money/09 THEE MIGHTY CEASARS-Don't Wanna Be Killed By Women & Money No More/10 THE GORIES-Give Me Some Money/11 GG ALIN-Dope Money/12 KIDS-Money Is All I Need/13 PARTISIANS-Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is/14 RAZAR-Money/15 VERBAL ABUSE-Free Money/16 DRI-Money Stinks/17 COUNTDOWN 5-Uncle Kirby (From Brazil)

Flare/02 BAD MACHINE-Surfin In the City/03 EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING-Sunday's Coming/04 GUINEA WORMS-Box of Records/05 HANK IV-Feeding Me Back/06 JAY REATARD-Hiding Hole/07 LORDS OF ALTAMONT-Faded Black/08 LOS HORIES-Dynamite/09 MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD-Cracker/10 MIDNIGHT WOOLF-River Swamp Stomp/11 MOJOMATICS-Hole In My Heart/12 MOLTEN UNIVERSE-Strange Kind of Love/13 NODZZZ-Is She There/14 PINK FITS-You Better Run/15 RANSOME BROTHERS-I Feel Like Dancin/16 REACTIONS-Wild About You/17 SCREWTOP DETONAORS-Anvil/18 UPSIDEDOWN-If You Are a Hell Girl

MAMMAS-Mill Workin Man/03 SEMINAL RATS-Call Me Animal/4 THE DIRTY LOVERS-Boss Hoss

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The rest of the oddly numbered (but great) Fuzzface Series

So, did ya enjoy the first half of the series? ? Don't see how ya couldn't... and it's just a warm up for today!  Now, listen carefully, my children... we are up to Volume 8, which consists of NINE discs, ALL titled "Zarius Knights of Fuzzface"... NO IDEA, don't ask me, but there's some fucking great garage rock on these discs. Then, finally, we will end up with the single disc Volume 9 ("Revival Garage Internacional").... the numbering system is as bizarre as bizarre can be, but it is so very easy to forgive. Trust me. Again, please discuss, leave comments, I'm "feeling" this stuff right now, and you know how I can get (like when I was feeling "psych" or "punk" and I have just TONS of this kinda stuff too.....

So, here we are... Volume 8 disc 1.... I don't think the discs are "themed" especially, just one blast after another of three-chord guitar, farfisa organ and screaming.... The Chesterfield Kings blast "Baby Doll" out of the park on this one, but don't forget The (much underappreciated, IMO) Brood with the fabulous "Writin on the Wall", The Lyres , The Cynics, whom we all know are great.... not so well known would be, say, Captain Future & the Zapguns, The Bogeymen,  Crimson Shadows, and, like some of yesterday's stuff, there are four tracks referred to simply as "Bonus Track", no title or artist given. For some reason, I absolutely LOVE that... don't ask me why.

More "Bonus Tracks" on disc 2, but how about this lineup: Baby Woodrose, The Fuzztones, Yard
Trauma, The Nomads, and the Gruesomes, mixed in amongst 1-2-5, Outta Place, Queen Hornets... this set brilliantly melds together "greats" of the genre with unknown stuff, these comps work as "radio programming" the way great comps do.

Disc 3 has yet more mystery "bonus tracks", along with certifiable greats such as the Mummies ("House on the Hill", 1313 Mockingbird Lane, The Ramblers, along with Falling Spikes, Tony Borlotti E I Suoi Flauers, Manganzoides, and LOTS more. Moving on, Disc 4  (yep, more "bonus tracks"), features the fab Launderettes, Marry Me Mary, Fleshtones, and the Stomachmouths, stacked alongside The Nuthins, Teddy Boys From the  Crypt, Agenetes Secretos... there are VERY few acts repeated ad infinitum (another pitfall that this comp avoids), each disc is, really, consistently brilliant, listenable, and you just sit there in amazement at the wonderful sloppy amateurism of these bands that simply rock out, I would bet you a million bucks that not ONE band on this entire comp would actually COMPLAIN about being featured here so MORE PEOPLE CAN HEAR THEM, like, you know, some bands might do (Hi, Green Day, Corrosion of Conformity, Bratmobile, Sublime)...... the world is divided into two camps... one that "gets it".... one that "doesn't"

Plenty-a great shit on disc 5 as well, Headcoatees, The Pandoras, The Tell-Tale Hearts, and the Kartoons, as well as lesser-known greats Optic Nerve, Lost Marbles, Los Impossibles, and Get Lost. How about Disc 6? Sorry, no let down there either, Fuzztones ("The People In Me"), Thanes, Chesterfield Kings, Lyres.... all have been featured earlier, but by no means over-exposed, as well as the wonderfully named Tuna Tacos, Muck and the Mires, Slow Slushy Boys, Lust-O-Rama.....the great thing about primitive garage rock is we will (literally) NEVER run out of it, as long as we have electric guitars, marijuana, beer, and garages, and people who still make music for FUN rather than false dreams of fame.

Disc 7 features a track from the fantastic Miracle Workers, Kek 66, the Crawdaddys ripping of "Oh Baby Doll", the legendary Monks ("Hang Up"), .. .for what more could you ask? Well, how about Cornflake Zoo, The Woody Peakers, and Fuad & the Fuzztones... certainly you have the idea by now... this is a set that should be in every household on the planet, provided the occupants actually want to have fun........

Well, we're up to Disc 8 of Volume 8 now, gotta love some Wylde Mammoths, Green Telescopes (highly underappreciated), Los Peyotes, and Mondo Topless (great moniker at the very least)... The Preachers mangle "Little Re Book", Sick Rose skewer "99th Floor", we get the Down N Outs, Smooth Filthy, and a great time is had by all........

We finally wrap up Volume 8 with Disc 9, more welcome stuff from the Brood, Miracle Workers,
Cynics, Fuzztones, Tell-Tale Hearts, the Thanes, the Pandoras.... obviously trying to fit in everything he wanted before wrapping up the series... closing it up is Surfin' Lungs "Munsters Theme"

OK, so that is Volume 8... there is one more disc, Volume 9.... WHY? it is not just one more disc of Volume 8 I will never know, deliberately confusing is all I can think of as certainly the Chesterfield Kings, Thanes, Fuzztones, and frankly pretty much everyone on the disc is making  repeat appearance... ahhhh well... this is a great set,  a wonderful "internet only" set that, as always, I consider a "labor of love" and compiled with compassion and the interest that only a true music LOVER can muster.

Fuzzface's blog is long gone, done't know if he got shut down or if he just tired of it.... but he did a great job with this set, I'll NEVER understand his numbering system, but there ya go......along with Katrakyla (tomorrow perhaps) one of the greatest ever internet compilers of modern-day retro garage rock..... I've got more for you. Lots more. Let's hear some opinions on this stuff. Please?

VOLUME 8 DISC 1-01 THE PLAYBOYS-They Can't Hurt Me/02 THE STEMS-Tears Me In Two/03 THE MYSTIC EYES-My Time to Leave/04 THE CHESSMEN-He'll Go Away/05 LUST O RAMA-Baby Baby/06 THE BO-WEEVILS-Have You Been To Mars/07 THE BROOD-Writin On the  Wall/08 CAPT. FUTURE & THE ZAPGUNS-King of the Orient/09 CHESTERFIELD KINGS-Baby Doll/10 THE LINKERS-Suzy/11 THE LYRES-Help you Ann/12 THE CYNICS-I Don't Need You/13 THE INDIKATION-Yes I Do/14 UNCLAIMED-Disposition Central/15 THE CUTBACKS-Too Much Baby/16 THE  STAGGERS-Little Boy Blue/17 THE COSMIC DROPOUTS-Land of My Dreams/18 THE BOGEYMEN-Break Away/19  THE CREEPS-Down at the Nightclub/20 CRIMSON SHADOWS-The Vampire/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS TRACK/23 BONUS TRACK/24 BONUS TRACK

VOLUME 8 DISC 2-01  THE BACKDOOR MEN-Out of My Mind/02 1-2-5-Hard to Find/03 99TH FLOOR-Never More/04 YARD TRAUMA-Little Girl Who Left/05 THE PROJECTILES-Heart Full Of Rain/06 NOMADS-She Pays the Rent/07 THE HEADLESS HORSEMEN-Gotta Be Cool/08 THE ELIMENT-Tell Me/09 BABY WOODROSE-Hippe Chick/10 THE FUZZTONES-Heathen Set/11 HANGEE V-It's Not TIme/12 THE SHAKE-Can't Fight Your Lovin'/13 THE OUTTA PLACE-They Prefer Blondes/14 MACCHINA DEL TEMPO-Non Ti Votero Mai/15 THE OFFHOOKS-I Can Take It/16 THE RIOTS-Tell Me Tonight/17 THE PRIMATES-The Creep18 GRAVEDIGGER V-Do Like Me/19 THE QUEEN HORNETS-Peepin Tom/20 THE GRUESOMES-Cave In!/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS TRACK/23 BONUS TRACK/24 BONUS TRACK

VOLUME 8 DISC 03-01 THE HOODS-Never Got Thru/02 THE RAMBLERS-Here I Go/03 DOCTOR EXPLOSION-Ella No Eres Tu/04 SHUTDOWN 66-Gone For Bad/05 1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE-Spider and The Fly/06 THE RAPIERS-A Certain Girl/07 PRESSION X-I Can't Keep On Crying/08 GLI AVVOLTOI-La Follia/09 THE YESTERDAY THOUGHTS-Yesterday's Thoughts/10 THE ACE-TONES-You're No Good/11 BOOSTER VALVES-Hot Plate/12  CANNIBALS-The Submarine Song/13 THE DEFECTORS-It's Gonna Take Some Time/14 MANGANZOIDES-El Espectro/15 THE FALLING SPIKES-Don't Crowd Me/16 TONY BORLOTTI E I SUOI FLAUERS-Il Mondo E'Strano/17 THE GRAVES-Day Dream Lover/18 THE MYSTREATED-Angel of Light/19 THE INSOMNIACS-Maryanne Lightly/20 THE MUMMIES-The House on the Hill/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS TRACK

VOLUME 8 DISC 4-01 THE FIENDS-She Looks Outa Sight/02 THE  WOGGLES-It's My Life/03
THE JAYBIRDS-I'm a Lover Not a Fighter/04 THE KAISERS-What You Wanna Say/05 THE LAUNDERETTES-Too Late To Say You're Sorry/06 THE MAGGOTS-What's a Girl To Do/07 THE NUTHINS-Allergic Kiss/08 THE ULTRA 5-It's a Long Way Home!/09 THE FLESHTONES-American  Beat 84/10 THE UGLY BEATS-I'll Walk Away/11 THE VIPERS-We're Outta Here/12 THE KLIEK-Sandra/13 THE WALKING SCREAMS-I Tell No Lies/14 THE STOMACHMOUTHS-I Leave/15 AGENTES SECRETOS-Un Dia Malo/16 TEDDY BOYS FROM THE CRYPT-Left Far Behind/17 THE WAY OUTS-Can't Take No More/18 THE BOBBY TRAPS-Shoulda Known Better/19 MARRY ME MARY-Lunatic/20 THE VICE BARONS-Street Action/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS TRACK/23 BONUS TRACK

VOLUME 8 DISC 5-01 THE DELMONAS-Chains/02THE EVIL THINGIES-Enough of Your Lies/03 THE FEENDS-No More/04 GET LOST-Madmation/05 THE HEADCOATEES-Mess of Potagge/06 THE KARTOONS-L'inferno E Qui/07 THE LAST DRIVE-Every Night/08 THE MARGIN OF SANITY-Get Yourself Round Here/09 THE NOCOUNTS-Blown Away/10 THE OPTIC NERVE-Aint That A Man/11 THE SHERLOCKS-One Black Sheep/12 THE LOST MARBLES-It's a Gasout/13 THE PANDORAS-I Didn't Cry/14 THE REACTION-Make Up Your Mind/15 THE SATANS-Love Seems Doomed/16 THE TELL TALE HEARTS-I Get Up In the Morning/17 THE UNCLAIMED-The Sorrow/18 THE VINDICATORS-Searching  For My Baby/19 LES SOUCOUPES VIOLENTES-Dans Ta Bouche/20 LOS IMPOSIBLES-Baby Elephant Walk/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS TRACK

Cosa/03 THE SKELETONS-Sour Snow/04 THE BRISTOLS-True True Lovin/05 SHEETAH & LES WEISSMULLER-Chien  M Chant/06 THE MOVING SOUNDS-All Good Things/07 ZEBRA STRIPES-Hurtin Kind/08 FRANTIC FIVE-Liar Liar/09 THEE GLOOMIES-Hang Up/10 THE HIGHSPEED V-I Don't Mind/11 THE KWYET KINGS-Don't Doubt My Love/12 THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT-Time/13 THE MIDWAYS-Got No Right/14 THE NUGGETS-Run For Your Life/15 THE OTHERS-Won't Lose Your Love/16 PIKES IN PANIK-Summer Girl/17 THE REAL PILLS-Redemption/18 THE SATELLITERS-It's Not True/19 PLAN 9-I'm Not There/20 THE GHASTLY ONES-Full Throttle Empty Bottle/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONRACK

VOLUME 8 DISC 7-01 THE UNTOLD FABLES-Wendylyn/02 THE WHAT FOR-Rotkarierte Petersilie/03 CORNFLAKE ZOO-I See You/04 THE ELECTRIC SHIELDS-Cry Baby Cry/05 DOUBLE NAUGHT SPIES-2-Timin  Baby/06 THE GIANT ROBOTS-Bye Bye Baby/07 THE GODZILLAS-Maybe/08 THE HOODWINKS-Hurtin Inside/09 LOVE DELEGATION-I've Been Around/10 THE MIRACLE WORKERS-Inside Out/11 KEK' 66-Prison Cell/12 THE OTHERSIDE-The Haunted House/13 THE MONKS-Hang Up/14 ROADRUNNERS-Payback Time/15 SEX MUSEUM-Independence/16 THE THANES-Gone Away Girl/17 THE UNTIGHT-Fun Gotta Get Some/18  WOODY PEAKERS-She's Going On/19 THE CRAWDADDYS-Oh Baby Doll/20 FUAD & THE FEZZTONES-Allah Mode/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS  TRACK

GRAINS-Heart Full Of Rain/04 THE HUNCHMEN-Like No Other Man/05 MONDO TOPLESS-Amazon Queen/06 THE PREACHERS-Little Red Book/07 SMOOTH FILTHY-Everybody/08 DEE RANGERS-Those Days Are Gone/09 THE TRAPMEN-Groove/10 THE WORST-Afraid the Dark/11 THE DUKES-She'll Be Mine/12 THE GREEN HORNETS-Make Me Wanna Die/13 THE PRIMTEENS-Li'l By Blue/14 THE SICK ROSE-99th Floor/15 THE WYLDE MAMMOTHS-Help That Girl/16 THE GREEN TELESCOPES-Thinkin About Today/17 LOS PEYOTES-El Humo Te Ha Mal/18 THE PURITANS-Grey Clouds/19 LOS SHAMBLES-Nadaie Te Quiere Ya/20 SOUND EXPLOSION-The Greek/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS TRACK

VOLUME 8 DISC 9-01 LOS MACANA-Radio Go/02 THE FUZZZTONES-Action Speaks Louder Than Words/03 THE PANDORAS-You're All Talk/04 THE CREEPS-She's Gone/05 THE CYNICS-Creepin/06 THE GRAVEDIGGER V-The Ugly Child/07 THE MIRACLE WORKERS-Love Has No Time/08 THE PRIMATES-I Go Ape/09 THE FURTIVOS-No Puedo Aguantar Mas/10 SEX MUSEUM-You/11 THE FRANTIC FIVE-Good Lovin/12 THE THANES-Now It's Your Turn To Cry/13 TELL TALE HEARTS-No  Surprise/14 THE WYLDE MAMMOTHS-Things That Matter/15 THE OUTTA PLACE-Don't Crowd Me/16 THE BROOD-Party Crashin/17 THE MAGGOTS-Uh Uh The Bigger the Better/18 THE LINKERS-Way It's Gonna Be/19 THE NEANDERTHALS-Lil' Xke/20 SURFIN LUNGS-Munsters Theme

VOLUME 9-01 LAS MEMBRANAS-Llorare/02 LUST O RAMA-Can't Do Another Mistake/03
RAY DAYTONA-Hole In the Ground/04 UG & THE CAVEMEN-I'm Evil/05 TUNA TACOS-I Don't Believe It/06 THE FUZZTONES-The People In Me/07 THE SATELLITERS-It Came To Me/08 FUMESTONESAhora Soy  un Cerdo (por Tu Amor)/09 MUCK & THE MIRES-I'm Down With That/10 DEFECTORS-The Zoom Out/11 THE THANES-I'll Find Out/12 NUTHINS-Hang 9/13 LOVE DELEGATION-Through the Night/14 LOS PEYOTES-Te Pegare/15 SLOW SLUSHY BOYS-Boogaloo Down Broadway/16 CHESTERFIELD KINGS-She Told Me Lies/17 LYRES-Nobody But Me/18 THE 14TH WRAY-Your Face Is In My Mind/19 GLI SCIACALLI-Mai

My friends, that is a lot of material, and a lot of GOOD material... Fuzzface has go to that great Blog-o-sphere in the sky, but this, his finest creation, will outlast all of us as a classic compilation series! THANK YOU FUZZFACE WHEREVER YOU ARE!

PS If you are getting as bored with "Scott Andridge" as I am, please do me a favor and tell him so... I thought he might be "fun", like tormenting a small child or something, but he is JUST SO STUPID there is no talking to him and the entertainment value is compromised. I mean, is there ANYONE other than him that does not understand that I LOVE the bands I profile on here, including the Seeds... OR anyone who can't grasp that about 95% of the Seeds charm was in their sloppy amateurishness? Seemed like easy concepts, but this guy simply DOES NOT SEEM TO GET IT. I know I have many friends on the blog,maybe one of you can explain these facts to him, and also advise him that there are LOTS of other blogs (it would seem he doesn't care much for this one) that he could frequent and enjoy... I simply  cannot seem to get the words through his skull.... one of my amigos out there, PLEASE try and explain it to him so we can concentrate on what matters, which to me is providing and sharing rare/obscure music, and to him, for some reason, seems to be finding out the dimensions of my does, indeed, take ALL kinds to make up a world!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

By "semi-request", unquestionably the best Stooges post EVER (part 1)

See, it's like this.....I have an old friend, one of "drifter" types.....we go back about 35 years or so, and

he's one of those guys you'd write a "most unforgettable character" essay about.....I mean, for real.....the guy has probably the highest IQ of anyone I've ever known, but chose to be a burnout/junkie/bum.....a kind of drugged out "Good Will Hunting" in a sort of a way. Anyway, the last few years, he's been drifting into our lives every couple years or so, living all over the country, scrounging for dope/beer money. It's a sad story, really, if you knew the guy back in his 20's you'd have been amazed at the mind he had, and now as he approaches 60.......well, he is pathetic, his mind is basically gone.....

He showed up at our house the other day, pretty much right on schedule (I think it had been a couple years since his last appearance)......the guy IS an old friend, despite his shortcomings, we drank some beers and listened to some music (he's always been awed by my music collection, a lot of my vinyl in fact I obtained from him years ago when he sold his turntable for....well, whatever).....anyway, his favorite band was ALWAYS the Stooges, a perfect fit. I broke out some Stooges, maybe "Raw Power" and "Metallic KO" or something, and I was amazed by JUST HOW MUCH Stooges shit I have.....and I have never done a "Best Ever" post on them. But I get ahead of myself.....

My friend is a complete computer illiterate, I was
trying to show him this blog, I guess he was semi-impressed, as much as he can be...... we were looking at some of my OLD posts, Dictators, MC5, Velvet Underground, Pink Fairies, stuff like that, and he says, "Lemme see the STOOGES!".....I had really thought I had done one, but upon checking, nope. He will never see this, as he has never been on a computer in his life (also has never used a cell phone, an IPod, you get the idea), but there is one thing......

He's in poor health, with all the drugs and alcohol he has ingested it is amazing he is walking the earth still.....we are ALL getting older, MANY of my old friends are gone now, and I think (he alluded to it as well) that this is probably the last time I will see him. I think that is probably accurate.

I don't want to mention his name, as it would be of no meaning.....but as long time friends, I think I owe it at least to the memories we share to do the absolute best post on the legendary Stooges that a person could possibly do......

Dedicated to "my friend", perhaps you have seen
such a sad case in your life as well.......I wish you well, my friend, and PERHAPS we will see each other again......if not in this life, then, well......

OK. The great Stooges. Had I not physically checked I would never have guessed how much shit I have by them, rarites, boots, LOTS of, for part 1, let us get the "legit" stuff out of the way, and I'll throw on some rarities too, then tomorrow, ALL rare stuff OK?

The Stooges did not make "great" albums, necessarily.....they had to be experienced live (I SO wish I could have seen them, videos and etc are at times incredible!)....the problem with their albums was that SOMETIMES the "rockers" didn't really "blast off" as they did live, and sometimes the "dirges" could be, honestly, flat out boring......however, when it worked......the first, self titled album opens with a pair of drop dead classics, "1969" (some of the most lethal wah-wah ever recorded) and "I Wanna Be Your Dog", other stuff is worth a listen, but those two tunes are the fucking shit. Second album "Fun House" has but ONE classic, the knock-you-over "Down on the Street" (maybe "TV Eye" also I guess). The third, and final studio LP gives us two MORE classic rockers, "Search and Destroy" and the title track "Raw Power".....

So, that is the Stooges "Official" output...but there is so much more. They released a legendary live
LP "Metallic KO" that sounds like absolute sludge, BUT does encapsulate the Stooges killer live shows pretty well.....the classic ending of "Louie Louie" : "Thank very much to the person who threw this glass bottle at my head, ya nearly killed me but ya missed again, so ya gotta keep trying".....and you hear more bottles breaking. Awesome. Now, later on, a 2 disc CD version of "Metallic KO" was issued, with a different track sequence and some added material ("Search and Destroy" and some others). I do not like it. I MUCH prefer the vinyl version, the sequencing is all wrong on the CD set (for me) but I will include BOTH versions and let you decide for yourself (and I want to know what you think, too, please)

OK for today's rare stuff.....let's go with the four disc "You Don't Want My Name, You Want My Action", a series of four 1971 concert recordings....sometimes the sound can be almost unbearable, but this i some fiercely intense music, as well as a chance to hear some Stooges concert staples that didn't make the three vinyl discs ("Who Do You Love", "Fresh Rag", "Big Time Bum", more!)....for fans ONLY, of which (obviously) I am one. For today, I will also give ya a couple more, "The 1972 Studio Sessions", again, some material not available on any of the other albums, and "Wild Love-The Detroit Rehearsals and More"), even MORE rare tracks and otherwise unheard tunes.....

We will leave it at that for today, that is a bunch of stuff, and I got just as much for
for my friend, I know you won't see this, but know that I am thinking about you.....

SELF TITLED-01 1969/02 I Wanna Be Your Dog/03 We Will Fall/04 No Fun/05 Real Cool Time/06 Ann/07 Not Right/08 Little Doll

FUN HOUSE-01 Down on the Street/02 Loose/03 TV Eye/04 Dirt/05 1970/06 Fun House/07 LA Blues

RAW POWER-01 Search and Destroy/02 Gimme Danger/03 Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell/04 Penetration/05 Raw Power/06 I Need Somebody/07 Shake Appeal/08 Death Trip

METALLIC KO (VINYL VERSION)-01 Raw Power/02 Head On/03 Gimme Danger/04 Rich Bitch/05 Cock In My Pocket/06 Louie Louie

METALLIC KO (CD VERSION DISC 1) 01 Cock in My Pocket/02 Gimme Danger/03 Heavy Liquid/04 I Got Nothin/05 Louie Louie/06 Rich Bitch

METALLIC KO (CD VERSION DISC 2) 01 Gimme Danger/02 Head On/03 Heavy Liquid/04 Open Up and Bleed/05 Raw Power/06 Search and Destroy

ELECTRIC CIRCUS 5/14/71)-01 I Got a Right (False Start)/02 You Don't Want My Name/03 The Shadow of Your Smile/04 Fresh Rag/05 Dead Body-Who Do You Love/06 Big Time Bum/07 Do You Want My Love?/08 The Children of the Night

YOU DONT WANT MY NAME DISC 2-(THE ELECTRIC CIRCUS 5//15/71)-01 I Got a Right/02 You Don't Want My Name/03 Fresh Rag/04 Dead Body-Who Do You Love/05 Big Time Bum (Or Over My Dead Cock)/06 Do You Want Love

YOU DONT WANT MY NAME 3-(THE FACTORY ST LOUIS 5/27/71)-01 I Gor a Right/02 You Dont Want My Name/03 Fresh Rag/04 Dead Body-Who Do You Love/05 Big Time Bum/06 Do You Want My Love?

YOU DONT WANT MY NAME DISC 4 (VANITY BALLROOM DETROIT 4/13/71)-01 I Got a Right/02 You Don't Want My Name/03 Fresh Rag/04 Deay-Who Do You Love/05 Big Time Bum/06 Do You Want My Love/07 Ron, Scott, and Jimmy Recca play Instrumental/08 Band Talk with Audience (Scott and Jimmy)/09 What You Gonna Do

1972 STUDIO SESSIONS-01 Head On/02 Death Trip/03 I Got a Right/04 Hard To Beat/05 Cock In My Pocket/06 Rubber Legs/07 Johanna/08 Pin Point Eyes/09 Open Up and Bleed/10 Raw Power/11 Rock Action

WILD LOVE THE DETROIT REHEARSALS AND MORE-01 Wild Love/02 Pin Point Eyes/03 Hey Baby/04 I Come From Nowhere/05 Im So Glad/06 Ballad of Hollis Brown/07 Delta Blues Shuffle/08 Old King LIve Forever/09 Look So Sweet/10 Mellow Down Easy/11 I'm a Man/12 Move Ass Baby/13 Til the End of the Night

Remember tomorrow a WHOLE LOT more of this stuff, if you're a longtime Stooges fan, rejoice!

Perhaps you have anold friend, mind, for whom life, for whatever the reason, didn't quite go the way it should have, regardless of who was at fault (in this case he himself was, not my point)......I dedicate this and tomorrow's post to all such people, if nothing else they certainly make the boring lives of we "adults" more interesting.

Be a bit patient if you would, please....gonna take a while to get ALL THESE links up!

Friday, August 9, 2013

I break off a curveball, ala Bret Saberhagen ca. 1985!

(The title is a reference to the 1985 Kansas City Royals, one of my favorite baseball teams

ever.... they were about 1/3 as good as the fearsome 1980 team, but THOSE guys lost the series to the Phillies.....these guys road some unbelieveable pitching from Saberhagen, Danny Jackson, and Charlie Liebrandt to best the Cardinals.....yes, used to be a Royals fan, I guess I still follow them even though they have not been competitive since that 1985 series.....was going through a divorce during that series and the Royals performance, in particular the great George Brett and Saberhagen, kept me THAT is a ways to go to get to a post TITLE)

The "curve ball" is I am not feeling "psych" today, not even a little bit, and not feeling garage rock or ANY from that decade of love. Again, I am going to venture into something which is quite a bit more MY turf, if you don't like these, come back tomorrow, we'll see what I'm feeling then.

Still feeling "comp-y" is a five disc set entitled "101 Punk and New Wave Anthems". Nothing really RARE here, but if you have pigeonholed yourself into some other genre, these might be an excellent primer for..... if ya DO like this stuff, this is a very fine collection a couple of discs of which I thoroughly enjoyed today during the work thing.

Again, NOTHING here is hard to find, hell of the "101" I probably have 80 or 90 on the original vinyl, but punk/new wave singles of the 1970's-80's transform to compilation SO INCREDIBLY well, burning through these discs is, to me, like partying again with the Springfield South High School Class of 1979, in my shitty 1969 Pontiac that at least could pick up some good radio, which actually existed at the time.

OK, I may go on at too much length about some of
this stuff, if something sparks some special idiotic memory or something, just tell me to shut up. Disc one contains 21 , Lord God, I want to talk about them ALL, but I will refrain from it. We do have a rare alternative take of the Pistols "God Save the Queen" and a live "Burning Down the House" from Talking Heads (arguably that legendary band's best song in the live setting), but other than that, just a bunch of GREAT fucking singles....."Turning Japanese" by the Vapors, "Ever Fallen In Love?" the Buzzcocks, "Dancing with Myself" from Generation X, Stiff Little Fingers "Alternative Ulster", "Jocko Homo" from Devo, "Making Plans for
Nigel" by XTC, and one of very faves, the wonderfully vile, sexist "Peaches" from the Stranglers, GOD I love that track ("Is she trying to get out of that clitoris? Liberation for women, that's what I preach, PREACHER MAN!") Oh fuck yes I am back in college! See the complete track list below, I didn't want to get TOO wordy, but I have not even mentioned GREAT (not good, GREAT) tracks from Blondie, Undertones, The Members, The Only Ones, The Damned, Iggy, The Saints, 999, and Wire. Now, keep in min here, this is JUST THE FIRST DISC!

Disc 2 presents us with another fabulous live Talking Heads track ("Psycho Killer"), and oh God, what else? Nothing you can't find anywhere else,but put these 5 discs in your CD changer and start that party from my glorious school days! Ian Dury & the Blockheads amaze with "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll", The Specials contribute the fab "Ghost Town", Devo's legendary cover of "Satisfaction" is here......Patti Smith's chilling "Because the Night", "Senses Working Overtime" by XTC, the great "Echo Beach" by Martha & the Muffins, "My Sharona" by the much maligned Knack (shut up, "My Sharona" was a GREAT song), "68 Guns" by The Alarm, and the wonderful "2-4-6-8 Motorway" from the Tom Robinson Band......what is so cool here is, for example, the Smith and Robinson tracks......FAR from their greatest works (I was a huge fan of both), but EASILY their best singles if you get what I'm saying......brilliant programming all the way through and again, haven't even said a peep about Wreckless Eric, Flying Lizards, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Flamin Groovies, Blondie, Buzzcocks, and the word, what a fabulous set!

So, now, they have all the layups out of the way, the quality is sure to go down, right? Wrong you are
safety pin breath, check out these stone cold CLASSIC tracks on Disc 3: "Blitzkreig Bop" by the Ramones, "Blank Generation" by Richard Hell and the Voidoids, the legendary "Marquee Moon" Television (one of my faves although I may not have included it on this set as a "single", probably opting instead for "Venus" or "Foxhole", even though "Marquee Moon" is one of my favorite of ALL songs. Moving on, "(Get a) Grip (On Yourself)" by the Stranglers, "Public Image" by PIL, "What Do I Get?" from the Buzzcocks, the absolutely brilliant "Statue of Liberty" by XTC, "Damaged Goods" from Gang of Four and the Records fab new wave-pop gem "Starry Eyes".... I am in heaven!

Disc 4 gives us another couple of live goodies ("If the Kids are United" by Sham 69, "I'm an Upstart" from the Angelic Upstarts), but, let me be honest, the set does go into a decline with this disc. Certainly there are winners:The Buzzcocks "Orgasm Addict", "Suspect Device" from Stiff Little Fingers, the great "Holiday In Cambodia" from the Dead Kennedys, the great "Oh Bondage Up Yours!" from X Ray Spex......but some fluff is beginning to creep in by this point (Ten Pole Tudor, UK Subs, The Flys, while all damn GOOD are NOT really "classics" of the magnitude of most of this set, but disc 3 is worth it for Spizzenergi's "Where's Captain Kirk?", and for having the guts to NOT include "I Want Candy" from Bow Wow Wow, favoring the more significant ode to home taping (It was highly controversial at the time) "C30 C60 C90 Go" (Bow Wow Wow released this as part of "Your Cassette Pet", some tunes on one side of the cassette, and BLANK on the other so you could record whatever you wanted to on it. Wonder what those people who freaked out about home taping back then would think of what I and others do today? I suspect they would be, well, maybe less than enthusiastic.

Disc Five is just fine as well, live tracks from Talking Heads ("Once In a Lifetime" and Eddie and the
Hot Rods (the great "Do Anything You Wanna Do"), any "Classic" tracks? well, not really, somewhat the same quality level as Disc 4, I always liked "Der Kommissar" from After the Fire, "Tell That Girl To Shut Up" is a good one from Holly & the Italians (I'd prefer "I Wanna Go Home"), "Presence, Dear" by Blondie, "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" from the Buzzcocks.... couple sort of odd inclusions that I personally would not have gone with REM's "The One I Love", and (get ready) "Blazing Apostles" from Be Bop Deluxe (not germane here really but Be Bop Deluxe were the only band I ever saw physically "boo'd" off the stage.....they were opening for Blue Oyster Cult (!) and were getting chairs thrown at them and had to suspend their set...people can be such boorish pieces of shit at times, indeed but WHO THE HELL THOUGHT OF THAT particular pairing? Hell, I LIKED Be Bop Deluxe and though it was pretty silly.

Anyways.....depending upon what your tastes are and where your collection stands, you could snatch up all five discs and be happy, OR you could program them any way you like, if your collection of this era/genre is on the light side and you want a fine sampler, I'd guess at the minimum it would fill three discs!

I am not changing course, there WILL be more psych comps, garage stuff, whatever else, but I really started to paint myself into a corner with those psych comps and wanted something different for today....maybe some of you old timers that love 60's psych stuff need to call your young cousins/nieces/nephews and make them aware of this set......perhaps they will LOVE you for it!

DISC 01-THE JAM-Going Underground/02 THE VAPORS-Turning Japanese/03 THE
UNDERTONES-Teenage Kicks/04 BLONDIE-One Way Or Another/05 THE BUZZCOCKS-Ever Fallen In Love ?/06 THE MEMBERS-Sound of the Suburbs/07 THE ONLY ONES-Another Girl Another Planet/08 THE STRANGLERS-No More Heroes/09 THE DAMNED-Love Song/10 THE RUTS-Babylon's Burning/11 GENERATION X-Dancing With Myself/12 IGGY POP-Lust For Life/13 THE SEX PISTOLS-God Save the Queen (Alternate Version)/14 (I'm) Stranded-The Saints/15 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Alternative Ulster/16 999-Homicide/17 THE STRANGLERS-Peaches/18 TALKING HEADS-Burning Down the House (Live)/19 WIRE-I Am the Fly/20 DEVO-Jocko Homo/21 XTC-Making Plans For Nigel

DISC 02-IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS-Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll/02 MINK DEVILLE-Spanish Stroll/03 WRECKLESS ERIC-Whole Wide World/04 TALKING HEADS-Psycho Killer (Live)/05 THE SPECIALS-Ghost Town/06 JOHN COOPER CLARKE-Evidently Chickentown/07 THE FLYING LIZARDS-Money/08 DEVO-(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/09 SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES-Happy House/10 PATTI SMITH GROUP-Because the Night/11 THE FLAMIN GROOVIES-Shake Some Action/12 XTC-Senses Working Overtime/13 MARTHA & THE MUFFINS-Echo Beach/14 BLONDIE-Hanging On the Telephone/15 THE BUZZCOCKS-I Don't Mind/16 THE KNACK-My Sharona/17 THE MOTORS-Dancing the Night Away/18 TOM ROBINSON BAND-2-4-6-8 Motorway/19 DR FEELGOOD-Milk and Alcohol/20 THE ALARM-68 Guns

Generation/03 BLONDIE-Rip Her To Shreds/04 TELEVISION-Marquee Moon/05 DEVO-Whip It/06 THE SAINTS-This Perfect Day/07 DR FEELGOOD-She Does It Right/08 THE STRANGLERS-(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)/09 GENERATION X-Ready Steady Go/10 THE SKIDS-The Saints are Coming/11 THE BUZZCOCKS-What Do I Get?/12 MAGAZINE-Shot By Both Sides/13 PUBLIC IMAGE-Public Image Ltd/14 GANG OF FOUR-Damaged Goods/15 THE MONOCHROME SET-The Strange Boutique/16 WIRE-Outdoor Miner/17 THE RECORDS-Starry Eyes/18 THE BANNED-Little Girl/19 RICH KIDS-Ghosts of Princes In Towers/20 XTC-Statue of Liberty/21 THE HUMAN LEAGUE-Being Boiled

DISC 04-01 THE BUZZCOCKS-Orgasm Addict/02 THE SKIDS-Into the Valley/03 SHAM 69-If the Kids Are United (Live)/04 SPIZZENERGI-Where's Captain Kirk?/05 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Suspect Device/06 THE DEAD KENNEDYS-Holiday In Cambodia/07 UK SUBS-Warhead/08 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-I'm an Upstart (Live)/09 THE RUTS-Staring at the Rude Boys/10 THE BOYS-First Time/11 THE FLYS-Love & a Molotov Cocktail/12 999-Emergency/13 GENERATION X-King Rocker/14 TEN POLE TUDOR-Swords of a Thousand Men/15 COCKNEY REJECTS-I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/16 X-RAY SPEX-Oh Bondage Up Yours!/17 BOW WOW WOW-C30 C60 C90 Go/18 PENETRATION-Don't Dictate/19 THE STRANGLERS-Five Minutes

DISC 05-01 THE SPECIALS-Friday Night, Saturday Morning/02 TALKING HEADS-Once In a Lifetime (Live)/03 THE STRANGLERS-Golden Brown/04 FUN BOY THREE-The Lunatics/05 ADAM & THE ANTS-Deutscher Girls/06 BLONDIE-(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear/07 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Do Anything You Wanna Do (Live)/08 HOLLY & THE ITALIANS-Tell That Girl To Shut Up/09 THE ROMANTICS-What I Like About You/10 THE RADIO-Stars Nervous Wreck/11 AFTER THE FIRE-Der Kommissar/12 XTC-Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)/13 SIMPLE MINDS-Love Song/14 HEAVEN 17-(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thing/15 DEPARTMENT 5-Is Vic There/16 TOM ROBINSON BAND-Up Against the Wall/17 RICH KIDS-Rich Kids/18 BE BOP DELUXE-Blazing Apostles/19 REM-The One I Love/20 THE BUZZCOCKS-Everybody's Happy Nowadays

What a magnificent set......VERY little rarity, but programmed so wonderfully that obscurity/rarity is anything BUT The point.....obviously it's not "all inclusive", no Clash, no Elvis Costello, no Police.....there are other comps. I've probably got a few of em, if I stay in this mood maybe I'll put a few more of em up.......this is great music, and as I've said, punk (and new wave) along with power pop and garage rock suit the compilation format perfectly as it simulates a wonderful radio listening experience, when done right. Comments? Especially from anyone pretty much here just for the psych?