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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Suburban Lawns

Here's a gem, also sent to me by the link-master John N, Suburban Lawns a fab second-line punk outfit
from back when music was fucking music.......first up he provides us with their best known single "Gidget Goes to Hell"), great enough, but also their pretty much complete works on a single disc.....this is really kewl, I haven't even though about Suburban Lawns in a while, and THIS is why I love guys like John N and the rest of ya, ya send me stuff I long ago forgot about, even though it was kick-ass, ala The Suburban Lawns.....a long forgotten new-wave/punk great, in particular because of the "Gidget" single, but this was a pretty good "period piece" kind of GOTTA love this kinda shit......if not, what is WRONG with ya?

GIDGET GOES TO HELL (SINGLE)-01 Gidget Goes To Hell/02 My Boyfriend

THE COMPLETE SUBURBAN LAWNS-01 Flying Saucer Safari/02 Pioneers/03 Not Allowed/04 Gossip/05 Intellectual Rock/06 Protection/07 Anything/08 Janitor/09 Computer Date/10 Mom And Dad and God/11 Unable/12 When In the World/13 Green Eyes/14 Jam the Controls/15 Flavor Crystals/16 Enjoy/17 Hug You/18 Baby/19 Cowboy

You hosers that grew up in the 70's/early 80's like can you be without this one? I had forgotten about it, but it still kicks ABSOLUTE ASS.......thanks again to John N for THIS fab submission from my high school days!

Dead Horse One, Redux (kinda)

I was digging up on the other fab Dead Horse One album ("Season of the Mist") that I had completely
forgotten that John N had previously submitted their previous work, "Without Love We Parrish" and the EP "Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines".....well, as much as I enjoyed the new release, I decided to check these ones out STAT, the LP "Without Love...." is what I am listening to at the moment, sounds great, the kind of stuff I really like......trippy, dreamy, and yet, I've said a zillion times, I THINK that is where we (hard rock lovers) are going in the mid-late 2010's......I could be full of shit, but it sounds like the ultimate in  ultra-hip rock music to me at least.......I guess we'll see, I couldn't count how many times I've been wrong, starting with getting out of bed most days.

I recommend these, they are quite good, and I thank the wonderful John N for them as always......I wish I would have been smart enough to do the whole thing as one post, but, hey, I'm Scott.......come visit me in the "Center for the Hopelessly Brain Dead" if you can......anyway, these are cool albums, EXACTLY the kind I go out of my way to plug around here, so here ya go......and PLEASE let me know what you think of all this stuff, I know I post a lot of stuff you might not already know, but, well.......that's kinda what I set out to do, sometimes........

WITHOUT LOVE WE PARRISH-01 Hopper/02 I Love My Man/03 Raven/04 By My Side/05 Never Be Your Lover/06 Undone/07 Blackwood/08 Teen/09 Wicker/10 Gaze

HEAVENLY CHOIR OF JET ENGINES-01 Alone/02 He Goes Down/03 To Pretend/04 Cruel Winter


OK, a bit of an explanation of my all time faves is the legendary stoner rock monster called
Datura, they also morphed into Arc of Ascent, they made a pair of albums, featured here long ago (I'm sure they are gone, the masterpiece is titled "Allisone", the follow up was "Visions For the Celestial".....both stoner classics, maybe if you're good I'll put them up again (a member of the band wrote me long agao and thanked me for sharing the albums......what? he didn't want to sue me? or kick my ass? or screw my Mom?....nope, just thanked me for sharing those two wonderful albums (also the fab Arc of Ascent Album)....

Anyway, this is NOT about that band.....if you were to do a search, you'd find that there are several bands that use the name "Datura" or some form thereof.......which brings us to now, as John N sends us a pair of albums from the band Datura4......I didn't know what to make of them at first, they are from Austraila, and I gave them a listen, as I thought they might have something to do with "my" Datura......well, they don't, but these albums don't deserve to be dissed......good hard rock n roll, (not NEARLY as hard rocking as MY Datura, but little is).....this is not really "stoner rock", more just hard rock with a sort-of almost poppish edge to it.......AND, I like it. These are a pair of fairly solid discs, might as well do yourself a favor and check them out....."Demon Blues" is from 2015, has quite a few decent riff-rockers, "Hairy Mountain" from this year, heavies up the sound a bit, it's good, it's not MY Datura, but NO ONE is.....a pair of good albums here, compliments of John N......if you are a fan of hard rock in general, these should get it done for you.....I'm listening right now, and I'm digging them.

DEMON BLUES-01 Out With the Tide/02 You Ain't No Friend Of Mine/03 Another Planet/04 Journey Home/05 Hoonswine/06 Demon Blues/07 Pissing Up The Wall/08 Killjoy/09 Gravedigger Man/10 Love to Burn/11 If Seven Was Eleven

HAIRY MOUNTAIN-01 Fools Gold Rush/02 Trolls/03 Uphill Climb/04 Mary Caroll Park/05 Hairy Mountain/06 Greedy World/07 Confide In Me/08 Too Much (or Not Enough)/09 Something to Hide/10 Broken Path

Frank Turner

I've had this one around for a while, don't really know from where it came, but it is worth a listen.....Frank Turner (aka "Turner") is a UK semi-punk/semi-pop singer/songwriter (I guess).....I have but this 2013 release "Tape Deck Heart"......I might have listened to this one once in my life before now, and have very little knowledge about ol' Frank, he used to be in Million Dead, I guess......other than that, I enjoy this album ("Tape Deck Heart"), listening right now, kind of reminds of a (very) poor man's Costello/Parker, some really interesting songs, actually, I think some of you guys might like this one, so, natchurlly, I'm gonna put it up......"Plain Sailing Weather" is a damn cool song, and, "Four Simple Words" rocks hard enough....
well, I don't know, I just like the sounds of this album. See what you think. And, of course, provide info and other material should you be inclined.......Frank is not too fucking bad!

TAPE DECK HEART-01 Recovery/02 Losing Days/03 The Way I Tend to Be/04 Plain Sailing Weather/05 Good & Gone/06 Tell Tale Signs/07 Simple Words/08 Polaroid Picture/09 The Fischer King Blues/10 Anymore/11 Oh Brother/12 Broken Piano/13 We Shall Not Overcome/14 Where Fore Art Though, Gene Simmons/15 Tattoos/16 Underdeveloped Film/17 Time Machine/18 Cowboy Chords

Dead Horse One

Didn't know jack about this band (sent to me, of course, by the blogger legend that is John N)......this French band, Dead Horse One, provides us with a fantastic album of the dreamy, noisy rock n roll that I think is symbolic of the era in which we live......again, future classics perhaps, if people wake up in the next ten years or son....this is REALLY phenominal, a NEW RELEASE, get it?, so you know what you MIGHT need to do.....I hope not, really hope this one cans stay up for a while cause I REALLY like it....for me, its the kind of (new) music I've been listening to of late, and where I think the immediate future of rock n roll is headed........TREMENDOUS stuff on this album, you'll see what I mean......Hell, this type of sound is kind of taking over the blog, at least when it comes to NEW music, and I couldn't be more thrilled......yet ANOTHER for year end list consideration, and I know I have enjoyed every second of it. Thanks a million John N, we already know you are great, but let me tell are great. Tremendous submission!

SEASON OF MIST-01 Insight/02 Season of Mist/03 Mesmerize Me/04 Disconnected/05 Today/06 Mantis/07 Sharon/08 It's Been a While/09 Sons of God/10 Forget About Jesus

This is a good one, please don't overlook it.......BigScott SAY SO!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Telstar Ponies

A magnificent John N contribution, the Telstar Ponies, whom I have never heard of.......YOU KNOW I love
stuff like that.......a 1990's rock band from the great city of Glasgow Scotland, these albums are really fab, and as always I thank John N for sending them to me......I was previously not familiar.....BUT, these are great rocking albums, everyone, and I do mean everyone, needs to hear these, they are bad-ass, and need more exposure. That is why we are here, remember......fab albums, you will love em, and there are some singles/EP's  also, but it may be tomorrow before I can put them up (sorry).....good stuff....listening as I type this, don't miss out, this is fantastic stuff......sorry to miss out on this the first time, it is fab.....don't make the same mistake as me and miss classics numbers such as "Not Even Starcrossed".......pretty fucking cool albums, I think it would be to your benefit to investigate these....the second LP, " Voices From the New Music" Is damn near as'll be making a HUGE mistake to bypass these, they are fab.....what the fuck would I have to lose by saying THAT????????

IN THE SPACE OF A FEW MINUTES-01 The Moon is Not a Puzzle/02 Lul gengescichte/03 Not Even Starcrossed/04 Maya/05 Two's Insane/06 Moon, Don't Come Up Tonight/07 Monster/08 Side Netting/09 Her Name/10 Innerhalb Weniger Minuten/11 I Still Believe In Christmas Trees

VOICES FROM THE NEW MUSIC-01 Bells For Albert Ayler/02 Voices From the New Music/03 Last Outpost/04 Shizuka/05 A Little Cloud/06 Brewery Of Eggshells/07 Aegis Falling/08 Sail Her On/09 A Feather on the Breath/10 The Fall of Little Summer/11 Does Your Heart Have Wings/12 Song of Ansuz/13 La Vienna

SINGLES/EP'S-01 Maps and Starcharts/02 Her Name/03 Not Even Starcrossed/04 Does Your Heart Have Wings/05 Brewery of Eggshells/06 Farewell, Farewell/07 Hares on the Mountain

I would personally recommend you not miss these......they are fucking tremendous. JMO.......Also the singles/EP's collection is tremendous too, don't be a fool and miss it, because it's fucking great......the entire thing is fucking great....thanks so much to John N for helping me to find such fantastic stuff, with which I was previously unfamiliar......these albums are damn near "instant classics" in my opinion, they are THAT GOOD....perhaps you disagree, that is totally cool, but, I LOVE this stuff, it, once again, reminds me of the direction in which GOOD/REAL rock n roll is going.......sample these and you will "get" what I blather about so much....these are fantastic albums, you are doing yourself a complete disservice should you dodge them, they are REALLY wonderful.....PLEASE check them and PLEASE give thanks to John N who hipped (at least me) to these way cool albums.....

Scott's Garage Fuzz post, Part 14

Having some computer trouble today, actually, hope I can get it worked out......I had a couple of John N
submissions I wished to post today......I'll continue to work, and hopefully can figure out the problems of this rather old computer......anyway, the "Garage Fuzz" series has been quite popular, this particular chapter brought to you from the letter "N", nearly 30 tracks of this incredible nugget rock.......I'm gonna try like fuck to get you some NEW music up tonight, but it might be tomorrow the way this dick-shit computer is operating....meantime, enjoy part 14 of this (I think) awesome 60's garage punk series.....hardly a bad track in the lot, I advise ya to accumulate this one.......

PART 14-01 NAMELOSERS-Do-Da/02 NAMELOSERS-Susie Q/03 NAMELOSERS-That's Alright/04 NAZZ_Lay Down and Die, Goodbye/05 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-I Can't Believe/06 NEIGHB'BRHOOD CHILDREN-Changes Brought to Me/07 NEIGHB'BRHOOD CHILDREN-Feeling Zero/08 NEW BREED-I Got Nothing To Say To You/09 NEW BREED-Want Ad Reader/10 NEW WING-I Need Love/11 NEW YORKERS-Mr Kirby/12 NIGHT MIST-Last Night/13 NIGHT PEOPLE-The Shadow Is My Soul/14 NIGHTRIDERS-Dont Say/15 NIGHTCRAWLERS-Want Me/16 NINTH STREET BRIDGE-Wild Illusions/17 NOBLEMEN-Short Time/18 NOBLES-Shorttime/ 19 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Colours and Shapes/20 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Girl, I Need You/21 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Jungo Partner/22 NOISE N SOUNDS/TERRY DALE-How Much Lovin/23 NORSEMEN-Home On a Cloud/24 NOTATIONS-Everythings Alright/25 NOVAS-Suburban Life/26 NUNCHEZ'S-Open Up Your Mind/27 NUNSUCH-They Threw Sticks and Stones

Harmonia Redux

And another submission from Anonymous Max in the UK.......'Music von Harmonia", a response to the Harmonia "Deluxe" album posted here a short time ago

thanks Max, hope all is going well for you! 

The call for more Curve is answered in spades!

(scott) after posting the very early colleted EP's of the great Curve (John N submission), I realized
that no longer did I have the rest of their full-lengths, which I used to, or at least most of them.....anyway, a few brave souls step up to fill in my (and everyone else's) gaps, so help yourself, should be a ton of good stuff in this stack!

First of all, an Anonymous poster sends this link to another site......sure are a BUNCH of Curve albums here, unsure if all the links are good or not, feel free to try them out (I will when I get home).....the list here begins with stuff from 1992 (the "Pubic Fruit" collection is included) and runs through about 2002.

Long-timer Narcosislab send a collection of links, there will be overlap with those above I'm certain, but I'll put em all up incase anyone has any trouble with them, they can go to plan B.....


Come Clean




Open Day At The Hate Fest

Pubic Fruit

The New Adventures of Curve

The Way of Curve

And, finally, a name we haven't heard in a short while, at least, Anonymous Max from the UK! He's got a couple of MORE links to share with us on this fab band:

Faît Accompli

Horror Head

Well, those ought to keep us busy for a while.....thanks to John N (started the hole thing), Anonymous, Narcosislab, and Anonymous Max from the UK........all tremendous submissions guys, this will certainly replenish MY Curve stash box, for certain!

Friday, November 25, 2016

BigScott62's Garage Fuzz Part 13

Before I stop for today I think I will put up another part of the fab Garage Fuzz series, taken from the
internet a HUGE torrent that is fantastic, simply no other word.....Letter "M"  is a "huge" letter, lots of bands here (MC5, Music Machine, The Monkees, fucking GET REAL!).....this set has been quite popular in this format, so I hope you are all enjoying it......damn near FIFTY tracks here (forty something to be techincal), so I guess I need to start listing them.....hope this series is one you are digging, I'm here for YOU after all!

VOLUME 13-01 MG & THE ESCORTS-A Someday Fool/02 MG & THE ESCORTS-Please Don't Ever Change/03 MAGIC PLANTS-I Know She's Waiting There/04 MAGIC PLANTS-I'm a Nothing/05 MARAUDERS-Our Big Chance/06 MARSHMALLOW STEAMSHOVEL-Steamshovel/07 MATADORS-Don't Bother Me/08 MAX FROST & THE TROOPERS-Lonely Man/09 MC5-Looking at You/10 MEDIA-Endless Dream/11 MERCY-Fireball/12 MERGERS-You Funny Thing/13 MERLYN TREE-Look In Your Mirror/14 MICKEY FINN-Garden of My Mind/15 MIJAL & WHITE-I'll Never Know/16 MIKE ALEXANDER & THE VISIONS-Your Day Has Come/17 MIKE BURNETT-Saying Things/18 MIKE JONES GROUP-Funny Feeling/19 MIKE REYNOLDS & THE INFANTS OF SOUL-When Will I Find Her/20 MINUTE MEN-Disillusion/21 MISSING LINKS-You're Driving Me Insane/22 MISUNDERSTOOD-Children of the Sun/23 MOD VI-Show Me How/24 MOD VI-What Can I Do/25 MOGEN DAVID & THE GRAPES OF WRATH-Little Girl Gone/26 MOGULS-Ski Bum/27 MONARCHS-You've Got Love/28 MONDELLS-You'll Never Come Back To Stay/29 MONGRELL'S GIRL-Be My Girl/30 MONKEES-Valeri/31 MONOCLES-Psychedelic/32 MONS-
Empty Heart/33 MOOD-Who Do You Love/34 MOONRAKERS-I'm Alright/35 MOR-LOKS-What My Baby Wants/36 MORNING DEW-No More/37 MOTIONS-Everything That's Mine/38 MOUSE & THE BOYS-Sticks and Stones/39 MOVEMENT-Telling Her/40 MOVING SIDEWALKS-99th Floor/41 MOXIES-I'm Gonna Stay/42 MUSIC EXPLOSION-Stay By My Side/43 MUSIC MACHINE-Talk Talk/44 MUSIC MACHINE-The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly/45 MUSIC MACHINE-Trouble/46 MUSSIES-12 O'Clock July/47 MUSTANGS-That's For Sure/48 MYSTIC TIDE-Frustration

Thought Forms

Been a little while (like a few days) since I've put up any "new" music that I personally consider to be what
the new stuff that hard rock lovers will be listening to for awhile, the trippy, dreamy, semi-hard psych shoegaze (MAN I do love this stuff).......this is the second album from Though Forms, "Songs About Drowning".......really good, the kind of modern shit that at least I personally have been digging on for the last couple years.....if you are a follower of this blog, by now, you know the basic sound quite well, it's kinda hard to describe, but it's a psych/noise rock hybrid that began developing a few years back......and bands like this are where we are now. Like this album a LOT (if my own personal recommendations mean anything to you, I think this is likely year end list material, it's getting late too), I think this is one you really don't want to miss (unless you, like so many others, think I have little clue as to what I speak of, then, I guess, never mind)....I really do like this one though, really good, again, I DO NOT have, nor have I heard, their first album......certainly would love to as this one is really fab. If your tastes (God have mercy one you) run similar to my own, likely you will dig this one as well........really great stuff IMO, btw, a new release, so you never know how SOME of those modern day bands, who don't quite "get it" operate.....

SONGS ABOUT DROWNING-01 Forget My Name/02 Woolf Music/03 The Bridge/04 Aeaea/05 Inland/06 Missouri/07 By the Stars/08 Drawn/09 The lake

It is the time of year "give thanks" I suppose....this has been, and is an incredible understantement, a turbulent year for me (like a divorce from a 30 year marriage, falling in love again, my son leaving for college....a LOT of life changes)....but the ONE thing that has REALLY kept me centered, grounded, focused, is this damn blog.....I work hard on this motherfucker, trust's worth it, and I LOVE all the shares that I get, I wish I would receive double that amount, but, and I likely don't do this enough, I would like to wholeheartedly thank Brian, Jonder, Cliff, John N, Jon S, Studkid, Zigzagwanderer, MD Milner, Lewdd, Madame Angela,Petty Vandetta, anyone who has ever made an anonymous contribution, and anyone else who helps make this blog what it is today.....I know I forgot someone, and I'm sorry and they will likely leave me, and it will be my loss/my fault......but really THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 10000000x over to anyone who has EVER contributed ANYTHING.....YOU, not me, by any means, are what makes this blog work (at least, make it work the way I want it to)....I love sharing the rock n roll that I personally find interesting, and I am usually most happy to share anything anyone sends me (within reason of course).....I love readers (and especially) the contributors here SO much, I could never explain it....I get a thrill/charge when I see in my email that someone has made another great submission, which helps not only the blog, but makes MY quality of life better....I am in a strange place in life right now......good/bad, we will see in the future....but, for now, this blog gives me a focus, a reason to do SOMETHING.......I vow to keep it going as long as people desire.....when they want me to go away (tomorrow? sunday?) say the word, I'm used to it!

The Features

John N sends me this one, originally released in 1980...I was totally unfamiliar with this one, never heard of it, despite my age, pre-disposition, etc......anyway, when someone sends me something with which I was not in tune at all, I generally investigate, and this New Zealand band caught me ear......

This kind of odd-ball band sounds most like Public Image Limited or maybe Wire, even the Vibrators at times , neither of which was a band's odd to me that I haven't been hipped to them in the last 30 years, but you know Scott, behind curve most of the time.......please give this one a listen for me, 80's fans, punk fans, no-wave fans, stuff like that.....this album ("X Features") was released sometime in the late 00's......

Wow....I found a new gem today, ya just never know......please don't give me shit if you know all about this band and shit, bully for you, but I don't, being honest......if you are down with this, and you have more material, well,you KNOW what to do, right?

X FEATURES-01 City Scenes/02 Secret/03 Police Wheels/04 Party/05 What Are You Doing Tonight/06 Mirror/07 Toilet/08 Victim/09 Rescue/10 Here We Come/11 Get It Right/12 I've Had Enough/13 Wrecks/14 Stage

A blast from the past, Curve

Are you familiar with the band Curve? A UK alt/electronic duo (Toni Halliday (vocals, "occasional" guitars) and Dean Garcia (bass, guitar, drums).....they remind me a GOOD bit of a USA favorite of mine from several years later, Mommy and Daddy, which as much as I liked Mommy and Daddy, that is certainly a good thing......"Public Fruit" is a compilation release of their early EP's, released prior to their full-lengt release, "Doppleganger" my shock, I don't have it OR any of their other stuff, thanks a zillion to the great John N for sending "Public Fruit" and reminding me about them, as this is really good IMO.....

"Public Fruit" compiles the EP's "The Blindfold", "The Frozen" and "The Cherry", all of which were relesed before the previously mentioned debut.....dreamy, hypnotic, rocking, and CERTAINLY a version of Mommy and Daddy YEARS before Mommy and Daddy ever appeared (M&D REALLY ARE  a huge fave of mine!)......

OK, here's the deal....I used to have the Curve albums, at least the early ones, I went to post them and it seems they are no longer with they loaned out and not returned, lost somewhere in a move, or whatever, fact is they aren't there.....I really did like these albums (as I do the fab "Public Fruit", thanks John N), but can ANYONE in the blogosphere help me out with this one? Good albums, good music, if you have them and can send them this way I promise I will share them with everyone......PLEASE help if you can, this is a band whose stuff I really don't want to be without!

PUBLIC FRUIT-01 Ten Little Girls/02 I Speak Your Every Word/03 Blindfold/04 No Escape From Heaven/05 Coast Is Clear/06 The Colour Hurts/07 Frozen/08 Zoo/09 Clipped/10 Die Like a Dog/11 Galaxy/12 Cherry/13 'Faît Accompli Extended Extended Extended'

Again, I'd REALLY appreciate some help with this one, if anyone is able.....I hope in the meantime, you enjoy this EP compilation, it's GREAT me, you want one!

We're ALL up for some Powerwolf!

Well, maybe and maybe not, but one in a while I can be a sucker for this kind of thing, I think I remember
my burnout-metalhead friend Spider talking about these before, several times actually, so I finally got around to checking the Bay for them, in my continued quest to share some rocking tunes with those who might not hear them.......Powerwolf were a German power-metal band in the 00's.....I have not listened to these entirely, but I have carpet-bombed them all, and these rock pretty damn hard, sort of in a retro-Slayer kind of way......if I listened to all of these I might have had my fill of them, but at least on carpet-bomb approach these are at least blog-worthy, some of the metal fans out there certainly will enjoy this, if it is a new discovery, because, as I said, these do rock ear-shreddingly hard, and, when ya go into "metalhead" mode, that is likely the main factor......seriously, I'm not going to give disc-by-disc details, cause I'm not familiar enough, but if you love bone crushing hard metal, today is your lucky day. You're welcome, and at least I know that I for one will wind up keeping these on file, I think they are worth salvaging and documenting as definitive power metal of the era. By the way, English vocals, if you were wondering!

RETURN IN BLOODRED (2005)-01 Mr. Sinister/02 We Came to Take Your Souls/03 Kiss of the Cobra King/04 Black Mass Hysteria/ 05 Demons & Diamonds/06 Montecore/07 The Evil Made Me Do It/08 Lucifer in the Starlight/09 Son of the Morning Star

LUPUS DEI (2007)-01 Lupus Daemonois (Intro)/02 We Take It From the Living/03 Prayer In the Dark/04 Saturday Satan/05 In Blood We Trust/06 Behind the Leather mask/07 Vampires Don't Die/08 When the Moon Shines Red/09 Mother Mary is a Bird of Prey/10 Tiger of Sabrod/11 Lupus Dei

BIBLE OF THE BEAST (2009)-01 Opening (Prelude to Purgatory)/02 Raise Your Fist, Evangelist/ 03
Moscow After Dark/04 Panic In the Pentagram/05 Catholic In the Morning....Satanist at Night/06 Seven Deadly Saints/07 Werewolves of Armenia/08 We Take the Church By Storm/09 Resurrection By Erection/10 Midnight Messiah/11 St. Satan's Day/12 Wolves Against the World

BLOOD OF THE SAINTS (2011)-01 Opening, Angus Dei/02
Sanctified With Dynamite/03 We Drink Your Blood/04 Murder at Midnight/05 All We Need Is Blood/06 Dead Boys Don't Cry/07 Son of a Wolf/08 Night of the Werewolves/09 Phantom of the Funeral/10 Die, Die, Crucified/11 Ira Sancti (When the Saints Are Going Wild)

ALIVE IN THE NIGHT (2012)-01 Lupus Daemonois (Intro)/02 Sanctified With Dynamite/03 Prayer In the Dark/04 Raise Your Fist, Evangelist/05 We Drink Your Blood/06 Werewolves of Armenia/07 Dead Boys Don't Cry/08 Resurrection By Erection/09 Saturday Satan/10 Lupus Dei

PREACHERS OF THE NIGHT (2013)-01 Amen and Attack/02 Secrets of the Sacaristy/03 Coleus of the Sanctus/04 Sacred and Wild/05 Krezfeuer/06 Cardinal Sin/07 In the Name of God (Deus Vult)/08 Nochnoi Dozor/09 Lust For Blood/10 Extatum et Oratum/11 Last of the Living Dead/12 Living on a Nightmare/13 Headless Cross/14 Night Crawler/15 Amen and Attack (Orchestra Version)

THE ROCKHARD SACRAMENT (EP) (2013)-01 Amen and Attack/02 In the Name of God/03
Headless Cross/04 Nightcrawler/05 Living on a Nightmare/06 Amen and Attack (Orchestra Version)

Something SOMEWHAT different for today, got a few more things for today before I shut it down for at least tomorrow (My son Grant is coming to visit me from college, and, well, the Ohio State/Michigan game is Sunday) most likely, I'll see you hosers on Sunday as the Vikings already played for this week......worst (or maybe best? depending on your viewpoint?) back Monday at the latest!


OK,a here is the story behind this. The other day I posted the early-70's krautrock LP from Harmonia "Deluxe" response, my longtime good friend Ruben Chandler sent me a link to a site containing "their" discography.......well, another astute reader picked up on the fact that Ruben's link was not actually for "Harmonia", but for "Harmonium", a prog rock band from Canada at EXACTLY the same time in history (early 70's)......ok, so what? Why waste a good link? Haven't listened yet myself, but, ya go. Certainly early 70's prog-rock has as nearly as much following around here as does early 70's krautrock, certainly they were cousins to say the least, so what the hell? I'm not posting tracklists or anything, but if you've spent your last few years seeking out the Canadian band Harmonium, here are links to most of their stuff (if not all) and we have Ruben Chandler to thank for it!

And some more poetry readings from Ms. Smith

Hope all of you had a fine Thanksgiving and got to enjoy quality time with the loved ones. And got to
contemplate when the Vikings will EVER get a fucking quarterback that can throw a fucking football more than ten yards or so, Mr's S. Bradford, T. Bridgewater, and B. Johnson, among others, please take notice.

Anyway here we have some more recorded Patti Smith poetry readings, I haved not checked so there MIGHT be some overlap with previous ones, but I DON'T think so, the titles don't ring a bell.....these come from the stash of longtime blog-friend Zigzagwanderer who often comes through with a rare gem or two......thanks zigzag!

Poetry Reading Koln

Poetry Reading NYC 1971
Enjoy !

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

More poetry from Patti Smith

Once again, receive a link from longtime blogger Petty Vendetta, who often helps me out when I post something he can supplement.....I have NOT listened to this, not at all, I am assuming that he is sending more Patti Smith poetry readings as he discussed before.....tremendous, if so, I am eternally grateful.....if it (by some chance) is something else, well, GOOD, he's sending SOMETHING for us, which, no matter what, is ALWAYS a wonderful thing!

Executive Slacks

OK, this is one of those times where a band is submitted to this site, with whom I am not at all familiar, but
sounds interesting.....Executive Slacks are described, in general, as an early 80's industrial rock act, John N generously sends us a comp of their "Complete Recordings".....he's a wonderful contributor, really, often, sending things to me with which I am not familiar, or have forgotten about completely (geez, sorry, it happens)......So I carpet-bombed a little of this earlier, and it sounds "different" enough that we should probably share it, it fits the (so-called) format here.....I enjoyed what I listened to, really I did, like a "grandfather" to more modern stuff like NIN or Ministry......maybe not EXACTLY, but, i8s some more stuff that I am not familiar with, if YOU are, well, you are more in tune than am I, but still......thanks John N for another tremendous are a fantastic help with selecting material to use for this blog, please believe me!

COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1982-86 DISC 1-01 The Bus/02 30 Years/03 Cinema/04 So Mote It Be/05 Sexual Witchcraft/06 Our Lady/07 Man of Christ/08 I'm Coming/09 Our Lady (Yoof Dub)/10 In And Out/11 Spiders/12 Nausea/13 Magot/14 Smoking Man/15 Electric Blues/16 Ecce Homo/17 Sisyphus/18 Old/19 The Park/20 In And Out (Remix)

COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1982-86 DISC 2-01 RJ Sexgod Extraordinaire/02 Fire & Ice/03 Sludge/04 Wide Fields/05 The Bush/06 Say It Isn't So/07 Ed Gein/08 Solemen Dilemma/ 09 A Little Lower/10 Rock N Roll/11 Ecce Homo (Live)/12 The Bus (Live)/13 Man of Christ (Live)/14 I'm Coming (Live)/15 Say It Isn't So (7" Version)/16 Rock N Roll (remix)

A Deluxe Reissue of Another Classic LP

OK, I think everyone understands this, but just in case: when these classic, older albums are released in
multi-disc sets, and I get my mitts on them, I post them without mentioning the band's/album name....I do so to keep anoniminity in play for the bands involved (OK, it's really to buy some time so as many of you peeps as possible can listen)......this is a great album, from the mid-60's......I won't exactly say "WHO" it is, but they are sort of famous, they come from England, they were known for being quite loud, and they had a concert in 1979 that I attended (in Ohio) in which several fans were tragically killed......ok, you know "WHO" it is by now, I can't tell you which album, of course, but I appreciate you visiting "MY" blog, and I hope that this entire "GENERATION" likes this 5 disc reissiue.......a really good one, and I would be remiss if I didn't make note that this came from link-kingpin John N.......please enjoy these, and, as with all reissues of classics such as this, you just may want to act quickly.......ya feel me?

DISC 1 (Original Album, Mono Mixes)-01 Out In the Street/02 I Don't Mind/03 The Good's Gone/04 La La La Lies/05 Much Too Much/06 My Generation/07 The Kids Are Alright/08 Please Please Please/09 It's Not True/10 I'm a Man/11 A Legal Matter/12 The Ox

DISC 2-01 (Original Album, Stereo Mixes)-01 Out In the Street/02 I Don't Mind/03 The Good's Gone/04 La La La Lies/05 Much Too Much/06 My Generation/07 The Kids Are Alright/08 Please Please Please/09 It's Not True/10 I'm a Man/11 A Legal Matter/12 The Ox

DISC 3-(Bonus Tracks, Mono Mixes)-01 I Can't Explain/02 Bald Headed Woman/03 Daddy Rolling Stone/04 Leaving Here/05 Lubie (Come Back Home)/06 Shake and Shimmy/07 (Love Is Like a) Heat Wave/08 Motoring/09 Anytime You Want Me/10 Anytime, Anyhow, Anywhere/11 Instant Party Mixture/12 Circles/13  Anytime, Anyhow, Anywhere (French EP version)/14 Out In the Street (Alternate Guitar Break Version)/15 Out In the Street (Alternate Vocal Version)/16 I Don't Mind (Full Version)/17 The Good's Gone (Full Length Version)/18 My Generation (Alternate Version)/19 I'm a Man (Alternate Vocal)/20 Daddy Rolling Stone (Alternate Take/21 Lubie (Come Back Home) (Alternate Mix)/22 Shout and Shimmy (Alternate Mix)/23 Circles (Alternate Mix)

DISC 4-01 (Bonus Tracks, Stereo Mixes)-01 Out In the Street/02 I Don't Mind/03 The Good's Gone/04 My Generation/05 The Kids Are Alright/06 I Can't Explain/07 Bald Headed Woman/08 Daddy Rolling Stone/09 Daddy Rolling Stone (Alternate Version)/10 Leaving Here (High Numbers)/11 Lubie (Come Back Home)/12 Shout and Shimmy/13 (Love Is Like a) Heat Wave/14 Motoring/15 Anytime You Want Me/16 Party Mixture/17 Anytime, Anyhow, Anywhere/18 Circles (New Mix)/19 Daddy Rolling Stone (Alternate Take B/20 Out In the Street (Alternate Take 2)/21 I'm a Man (Alternate Version, New Mix)

DISC 5-(Demos)-01 My Generation (Version 3 demo)/02 My Generation (Version 2 demo, fragment)/03  The Girls I Could've Had (demo)/04 It's Not True (demo)/05 As Children We Grew (demo)/06 A Legal Matter (demo)/07 Sunrise (version 1 demo)/08 Much Too Much (demo)/09 My Own Love (demo)/10 La La La Lies (demo)/11 The Good's Gone (demo)

Hope everyone likes this one and appreciates the hell out of John N for making it available to everyone, the guy is a legend!

an absolutely stunning submission from Studkid

(scott) This one threw me for a loop, I, for one did not know these existed. What it is, is this is evidently the 25th
year anniversary of My Bloody Valentine's honest-to-God-classic "Loveless", a great album, most would agree.....Studkid submits for us incredible (I assume, haven't heard them yet but cannot wait) cover projects involving that great album....actually two of them......first of all we have "Blue Loveless", an covers collection done by Korean bands:

1Vidulgi OoyoOOnly Shallow5:07
4Sei & SwannTo Here Knows When3:49
5JowallWhen You Sleep3:58
6GhostMuttsI Only Said4:45
7NinaianCome In Alone4:54
9Soil Sugar Poco LargoBlown A Wish4:42
10Big Baby DriverWhat You Want4:21
11LoOm (13)Soon5:01 

Next up is "Yellow Loveless", covers of the same album, done up by Japanese bands.......this sounds amazing, unique, and great......this is a FINE submission from Studkid, a part of this holiday weekend will be set aside to listen to these.........

1東京酒吐座Only Shallow4:27
3The Sodom ProjectTouched4:48
4Lemon's ChairTo Here Knows When11:18
5--Shonen KnifeWhen You Sleep3:21
6東京酒吐座I Only Said5:13
7Age Of PunkCome In Alone4:05
8Boris Sometimes8:12
9Shinobu NaritaBlown A Wish5:12
10Lemon's ChairWhat You Want6:19
11Sadesper RecordSoon6:21!j8JRQZYA!SXx_C7S4WbTLswK-ICEgIA

You have to love stuff like THIS, it's fantastic WITHOUT even hearing it.......once again, I LOOOOVVVVVVEE guest submissions to this blog, they are what makes it what it is, and this one is a great one! Thanks 1000000 times over to Studkid, a great share!


As you may or may not know, I DO love my 70's Krautrock.....AND I am not terribly knowledgeable about it, relative to some other genres (punk, metal, stoner, new wave, nugget rock, etc) with which I am quite every now and again I post one of my Krautrock gems just to keep you honest, Harmonia was a good one, I have but ONE album, their second "Deluxe", which is arguably their best effort.......Harmonis were guitarist Michael Rother of Neu!, as well as Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius of Cluster...I am not TERRIBLY familiar with their entire body of work, but, this, to me, is a fab album, a great remenant of that early-mid 70's Krautrock sound......again, I am no expert, but I DO love this stuff, and I'm certain (you watch) that SOMEONE out there has the whole Harmonia discography, I almost promise you. I hope they share, as I wish more folks would up some MORE classic 70's prog/'s motherfucking great, so why tahe fuck WOULDN'T you?

DELUXE-01 Deluxe (Immer Wieder)/02 Walky-Talky/03 Monza (Rauf und Runter)/04 Notre Dame/05 Gollum/06 Kekse

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


(scott) And I do mean COMPLETE......sent to us via link master John N, here are (get this), ONE
HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE (!) tracks of fab REM great stuff, live, non-LP, TONS of stuff......I am by no way in the world typing ALL of them, BUT I will of course, copy/paste the whole thing......I know we have an REM fan or two here, as we've posted a LOT of REM stuff in the past, (I saw them in Indianapolis, 1995, won the tickets from a local "think they're hip" FM station, but me and the then-wife got front row seats, dinner, and hotel....hard to argue with that....AND, guess who the opening act was???? Fucking was BEFORE "OK Computer", so it was before they "were" Radiohead, but it was a hell of a show, both bands were fab)......I'm not a HUGE REM fan (I DO like them) but on that night in October 1995 they were on their game for real.......anyway, lotsa cool live fragments here, and other shit as well......that is WHY we are here.......REM fans, rejoice if you don't already have this one, it's pretty awesome, and YOU need to thank the GREAT John N for this monster, it is basically custom madce, for YOU!!!!!

Despite the title, many previously released songs and several digital-only releases are not in the compilation. Examples include "Forty Second Song", "Fruity Organ", "Organ Song", "New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 (Long Version)", "New Orleans Instrumental No. 2", the Monster-era instrumentals, the Live at Greensboro EP, most of the Collapse into Now live in-studio songs and some compilation tracks like "Photograph", "Draggin The Line", "#9 Dream" and "I Walked With a Zombie".
See section "Known issues" below for tracks marked with *.
  1. "Funtime" (David BowieIggy Pop) (non-album Iggy Pop cover) – 2:14
  2. "Ghost Rider" (Alan VegaMartin Rev) (non-album Suicide cover) – 3:46
  3. "Dark Globe" (Syd Barrett) (non-album Syd Barrett cover) – 1:53
  4. "Pop Song 89" (acoustic version) – 2:57
  5. "Memphis Train Blues" (non-album track) – 1:40
  6. "Skin Tight" (Williams, Satchell, "Sugarfoot", Jones, Middlebrooks, Pierce) (live in Orlando, FL, April 30, 1989) (non-album Ohio Players cover) – 2:04
  7. "Losing My Religion" (acoustic live at KFOGSan Francisco) (from the iTunes-only Losing My Religion EP) – 4:44
  8. "Losing My Religion" (live in Dublin, 2005) (from R.E.M. Live) – 4:53
  9. "Rotary Eleven" (non-album track) – 2:32
  10. "You Are the Everything" (live in Greensboro ColiseumNC, November 10, 1989) – 4:44
  11. "Love Is All Around" (Reg Presley) (live The Troggs cover) – 3:13
  12. "Shiny Happy People" ("Dance to the Music" Mix) – 4:45
  13. "Shiny Happy People" (Pop Mix) – 4:05
  14. "Shiny Happy People" (Hip Mix) – 3:37
  15. "It's a Free World Baby" (non-album track, from The Coneheads soundtrack) – 5:12
  16. "Winged Mammal Theme" (non-album track) – 2:56
  17. "First We Take Manhattan" (Leonard Cohen) (non-album cover, from I'm Your Fan: The Songs of Leonard Cohen) – 6:04
  18. "Everybody Hurts" (album fade) – 4:59
  19. "Mandolin Strum" (non-album track) – 3:46
  20. "Orange Crush" (live) – 4:00
  21. "Man on the Moon" (album edit) – 4:45
  22. "Arms of Love" (Robyn Hitchcock) (non-album Robyn Hitchcock cover) – 3:32
  23. "World Leader Pretend" (live in Charleston, WV, April 28, 1991) – 5:16
  24. "Belong" (live in Charleston, WV, April 28, 1991) – 4:40
  25. "Low" (live in Charleston, WV, April 28, 1991) – 4:59
  26. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (Solomon LindaHugo PerettiLuigi Creatore, George David Weiss, Albert Stanton) (non-album The Tokens (version) cover) – 2:41
  27. "Fretless" (non-album track, from Until the End of the World soundtrack) – 4:50
  28. "Everybody Hurts" (live at the MTV Video AwardsLos Angeles, September 2, 1993) – 5:33
  29. "Orange Crush" (instrumental version) – 3:49
  30. "Fall on Me" (live at the 40 Watt ClubAthens, GA, November 19, 1992) – 3:23
  31. "Me in Honey" (live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, November 19, 1992) – 4:16
  32. "Finest Worksong" (live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, November 19, 1992) – 4:11
  33. "Drive" (live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, November 19, 1992) – 4:17 *
  34. "Funtime" (Bowie, Pop) (Iggy Pop cover, live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, November 19, 1992) – 2:16
  35. "Radio Free Europe" (live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, November 19, 1992) – 4:43
  36. "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" (live at Saturday Night Live (SNL), New York, November 12, 1994) – 4:06
  37. "Bang and Blame" (live at SNL, November 12, 1994) – 4:54
  38. "I Don't Sleep, I Dream" (live at SNL, November 12, 1994) – 3:50
  39. "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" (radio version) – 3:59
  40. "Monty Got a RawDEAL" (live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, November 19, 1992) – 4:22
  41. "Everybody Hurts" (live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, November 19, 1992) – 5:42
  42. "Man on the Moon" (live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, November 19, 1992) – 5:23
  43. "Bang and Blame" (alternate version without between-track noise) – 4:52
  44. "Losing My Religion" (live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, November 19, 1992) (applause faded) – 4:43
  45. "Country Feedback" (live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, November 19, 1992) (applause faded) – 4:19
  46. "Begin the Begin" (live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, November 19, 1992) – 3:48
  47. "Undertow" (live at Omni ColiseumAtlanta, GA, November 18, 1995) – 5:05
  48. "Wichita Lineman" (Jimmy Webb) (live Glen Campbell cover) – 3:18
  49. NEW Test Leper" (live acoustic) – 5:29
  50. "Tricycle" (non-album track) – 1:58
  51. "Departure" (live in Rome soundcheck) – 3:33
  52. "Wall of Death" (Richard Thompson) (live cover, from Beat the Retreat: Songs by Richard Thompson) – 3:08
  53. "The Wake Up Bomb" (live at Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, GA, November 18, 1995) – 5:08
  54. "Binky the Doormat" (live at Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, GA, November 18, 1995) – 5:02
  55. "King of Comedy" (808 State Remix) – 5:37
  56. "Be Mine" (Mike On Bus Version) – 4:54
  57. "Love Is All Around" (Reg Presley) (non-album The Troggs cover, from I Shot Andy Warhol soundtrack) – 3:02
  58. "Sponge" (Vic Chesnutt) (non-album cover, from Sweet Relief II: Gravity of the Situation) – 4:95
  59. "Emphysema" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (non-album track) – 4:24
  60. "Sad Professor" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (live in studio version) – 4:01
  61. "Why Not Smile" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (Oxford American version) – 4:01
  62. "Surfing the Ganges" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (non-album track) – 2:28
  63. "Suspicion" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (live at Toast Studios) – 5:39
  64. "Lotus" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (Weird Mix) – 4:34
  65. "Electrolite" (live from Later... with Jools Holland, 1998) – 3:58
  66. "Man On the Moon" (live from Later... with Jools Holland, 1998) – 5:15
  67. "Suspicion" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (live at Ealing Studios) – 5:27
  68. "At My Most Beautiful" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (radio remix) – 3:33
  69. "The Passenger" (Iggy Pop, Ricky Gardiner) (live from Later... with Jools Holland, 1998) – 7:11
  70. "Country Feedback" (live from Later... with Jools Holland, 1998) – 6:51
  71. "So. Central Rain" (live from Later... with Jools Holland, 1998) – 4:04
  72. "The Great Beyond" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (non-album track, from the Man on the Moon soundtrack) – 4:14
  73. "The One I Love" (live from the Glastonbury Festival, 1999) – 3:10
  74. "Everybody Hurts" (live from the Glastonbury Festival, 1999) – 6:21
  75. "Man On the Moon" (live from the Glastonbury Festival, 
  76. 1999) – 5:24
  77. "Yellow River" (Jeff Christie) (non-album Christie cover) – 2:35
  78. "165 Hillcrest" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (non-album track) – 1:35
  79. "Imitation of Life" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (live from Trafalgar Square) – 3:54
  80. "Summer Turns to High" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (32 Chord SongDEMO) – 3:10
  81. "I've Been High" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (live video version, Channel V, Sydney) – 3:17
  82. "The Lifting" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (original version) – 5:20 *
  83. "Beat a Drum" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (Dalkey Demo) – 4:26
  84. "2JN" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (non-album track) – 3:26
  85. "Favorite Writer" (Linda HopperRuthie Morris) (non-album Magnapop cover) – 2:57
  86. "Out in the Country" (Williams/Nichols) (non-album Paul Williams cover) – 3:23
  87. "Adagio" (non-album track) (Buck, Mills, Stipe) – 3:29
  88. "Turn You Inside-Out" (live) – 4:27 *
  89. "Chance (Dub)" (non-album track) – 2:35
  90. "Drive" (live, 1994) – 4:00 *
  91. "Star Me Kitten" (alternate version feat. William S. Burroughs, from Songs in the Key of X: Music from and Inspired by the X-Files) – 3:31
  92. "Revolution" (non-album track, from Batman and Robin soundtrack) – 3:05
  93. "Leave" (alternate version, from A Life Less Ordinary soundtrack) – 4:42
  94. "The Lifting" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) DEMO) – 5:20 *
  95. "The One I Love" (live from 2MMM Sydney) – 3:24 *
  96. "Maps and Legends" (from Vancouver Rehearsal Tapes) – 3:18
  97. "Tongue" (from Vancouver Rehearsal Tapes) – 3:52
  98. "Little America" (from Vancouver Rehearsal Tapes) – 2:59
  99. "So. Central Rain" (from Vancouver Rehearsal Tapes) – 3:29
  100. "Imitation of Life" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Vancouver Rehearsal Tapes) – 3:51
  101. "So Fast, So Numb" (live in Athens Rehearsal Sessions, 2004) – 3:52
  102. "All the Right Friends" (live in Athens Rehearsal Sessions, 2004) – 2:50
  103. "AnimalNEW mix) – 3:55
  104. "Pretty Persuasion" (live in NYC, 2003) – 4:02
  105. "Welcome To the Occupation" (live in NYC, 2003) – 2:46
  106. "You Are the Everything" (live in Raleigh, NC, October 10, 2003) – 3:31
  107. "These Days" (live in Toronto, September 30, 2003) – 3:27
  108. "(Don't Go Back To) Rockville" (live in Oslo NRK P1 National Radio, October 25, 2003) – 4:35
  109. "Wanderlust" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (live in Santa Barbara, CA, 2004) – 3:04
  110. "Sweetness Follows" (live in Cincinnati, October 27, 2004) – 4:04 *
  111. "Horse to Water" (live in Vancouver) (Buck, Mills, Stipe) – 2:36
  112. "Indian Summer" (Calvin Johnson) (non-album Beat Happening cover) – 5:01
  113. "Living Well Is the Best Revenge" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Live From London EP) – 3:16
  114. "Auctioneer" (from Live From London EP) – 2:46
  115. "Hollow Man" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Live From London EP) – 2:44
  116. "Supernatural Superserious" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Live From London EP) – 3:23
  117. "Fall On Me" (from Live From London EP) – 2:49
  118. "West of the Fields" (from Live From London EP) – 3:14
  119. "Horse to Water" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Live From London EP) – 2:18
  120. "Man-Sized Wreath" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (from Live From London EP) – 2:36
  121. "Man On the Moon" (from Live From London EP) – 4:53
  122. "Mr. Richards" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (live in Vancouver) – 3:54
  123. "Living Well Jesus Dog" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) ("Living Well Is The Best Revenge" alternate version) – 4:21
  124. AIRLINER" (Buck, Mills, Stipe, Scott McCaughey) (non-album track) – 2:21
  125. "Redhead Walking" (Calvin Johnson) (non-album Beat Happening cover) – 2:11
  126. "Houston" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (live in London) – 2:19
  127. "Harborcoat" (from Live at The Olympia) – 4:13
  128. "Letter Never Sent" (from Live at the Olympia) – 3:17
  129. "Second Guessing" (from Live at the Olympia) – 2:55
  130. "Pretty Persuasion" (from Live at the Olympia) – 4:26
  131. "Nola-4/26/10" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) – 2:53
  132. "That Someone Is You" (Buck, Mills, Stipe) (live at Hansa Studios) – 1:45

Known issues[edit]

As of the original release of this compilation on May 19, 2014, the following track mistakes (marked with THE LIST above) have been observed on all digital download platforms:
* on
  • Tracks 33 (slightly longer due to more audience noise) and 89 are the same live version of "Drive" from November 19, 1992. It canBE FOUND as a b-side on the "Strange Currencies" single and also on the Alternative NRG Greenpeace compilation.
  • Tracks 81 and 93 are both the same demo version for "The Lifting".
  • There's a previous mistake (uncorrected here) with track 87, a live version of "Turn You Inside-Out", which was reported in the entry for In Time: The Best of R.E.M.
  • Track 94 (an acoustic live version of "The One I Love") is listed incorrectly. The correct venue is The Museum of Television and Radio on June 8, 2001. The same version can be found on the compilation In Time: The Best of R.E.M. The 2MMM Sydney version is different from both and can be found on Not Bad for No Tour.
  • Tracks 100, 101, and 103–109 originated from a lossy source, even in the FLAC version of the release.

Resolved issues[edit]

The original release of this compilation had a few other mistakes that have been solved byITUNES. Those original files, though, can stillBE FOUND in many sources and still present the same mistakes.
  • Track 1 ("Funtime") was originally listed as a live version, but is actually a studio recording. It's correctly listed on iTunes now.
  • Track 14 ("Shiny Happy People" – Hip Mix) had a silent gap from 0:27 to 0:48. That has been fixed byITUNES and the track is available as a whole now.
  • Track 20 was listed as "Orange Crush" (live), but was actually a repeat of "Dark Globe." This has been fixed by iTunes and the mistaken track was replaced by the correct song.

So, What IS the frequency, Kenneth?