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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Brian's got some Captain Beefheart

(Scott)-I was tempted to break out my great sounding vinyl rip of "Trout Mask Replica", but I don't want to deflect from the focus Brian is trying to give to some of the Captain's lesser-known works from another era, so we'll hold off on that for a while......I listened to parts of these yesterday to refamiliarize myself with them (gotta admit A LONG time since I've heard these), and I will say I agree with Brian's evaluation of them by about 95% or so.......
After all the big conceptual things lately (and the stuff that's about to come down the pike), I want a small post here to point out two awesome albums by The Captain for you guys. 

If you hear people talk about Beefheart, usually they mention either the early years (Trout Mask, Lick My Decals, Safe As Milk) or the later stuff (Doc At the Radar Station). If his 70's stuff is mentioned, it's never in the same awed breath as the earlier Magic Band material. And that's too bad.

Unconditionally Guaranteed is widely regarded as Beefheart's 70's low point, and I can't say that I disagree. But this album that came right before, Bluejeans and Moonbeams, gets lumped in with the awful stuff, and I don't think it's deserved. For example, if you were to read the Allmusic review of this album it's an outright dismissal of it, saying how the band is a bunch of "out of their league" studio musicians.

All you have to do is hear the funky blues stomp of "Party Of Special Things To Do" to know they're wrong. It's one of the best Beefheart songs ever! It's followed by an emotionally wracked version of J.J. Cale's "Same Old Blues Again". "Pompadour Swamp" is another great groove. "Captain's Holiday" is a great harmonica showcase for Beefheart, and "Rock N Roll's Evil Doll" is funky as hell! This album also contains one thing you can't find anywhere else is CB's discography: emotional directness. Just listen to the prettiness of the ballads "Observatory Crest" or "Further Than We've Gone"...they're amazing, and even accessible. And while I admit the title track gets a little prog-y, it's a simple and beautiful song. This album definitely deserves a harder look.

Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) is regarded as CB's return to more strange music. I've never really cared about the "lost" or "original" versions of this album. For me, the Shiny Beast version is the one I first heard and have always loved. I've owned the "unreleased" version of this material (Dust Sucker), and it sounds like shit.

But this album jams in that strange way only Beefheart can. "Floppy Boot Stomp", "Ice Rose", "Harry Irene"... it is a return to form. And then there's the CB-meets-Miami-Disco oddness of "Tropical Hot Dog Night", surely a Beefheart classic. "When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy" has a great skittering groove, too. The whole album is a bizarre masterpiece from the Captain. I mean, what is "Apes Ma"?

Enjoy both of these. I find Beefheart's 70's stuff fascinating in how he adapted his stuff to the changing music. Both albums are in one file. The bonus link for this post is.... well, I'll just say "Buckweat"...

Friday, February 26, 2016

...As the Minions slobber for ANYTHING from Throbbing Gristle.....

As we search and scrape for more Throbbing Gristle material (they released SO little ya know) here is thenext installment of the mind bending LoFi Larry collection.......I've got 10 discs for ya tonight (I think), covering a rouchly ten year period, pasically 1986-95.......again, no point in TALKING about these much, but I know there a few people out there (like me ) that dig up on getting EVERYTHING particular bands have released, and Throbbing Gristle is a challenge (Brian made a vague comparison to the Grateful Dead, as far as having SO MUCH material out there.....I'd take 45 minutes of Throbbing Gristle over a yearas worth of the Grateful Dead (PLEEEASE don't ever request THEM, one of my all time most disliked bands......hey, we all have our likes and dislikes, they are certainly in the latter category as far as I am concerned)........anyway, I didn't wish to make this a "bash-the Dead" post (well, it IS kinda fun actually), but to get a step closer to my goal of posting ALL of the Throbbing Gristle material that my friends have submitted to me to share with you.....the download numbers are unspectacular (as expected), but steady (as I also expected), you crowd that is DL'ing everything I put up from them, breathe easy, here's more, and there will be AT LEAST one more large batch of them...........I know I do some odd stuff here, at times, like this mega-TG epic, but it's just something I found of interest.....I always thought they were a unique and interesting band, and once I discovered JUST HOW MUCH shit they have put out, I wanted to try to capture as much as I could........once again, I thank Brian, Rob, and (in this case) ESPECIALLY LoFi Larry whose home must be overrun with Throbbing Gristle CD's...........enjoy, that's what we are here for!

1986 -CD1
1986 -Sacrifice, remixes of Thee Psychic Sacrifice

01 Weapon Training
02 Convincing People
03 Hamburger Lady 
04 Chat Up
05 Day Song
06 Persuasion

1989 -Grief

01 Telephone
02 Camera


1993 -Funk Beyond Jazz (different From Beyond Jazz Funk)
01 Invocation-Vision Serpent/Summoning-Shield jaguar/Rite of Death- Balam-Lx/04 Persuasion-Lady Xoc/05 Still Walking-Bird Jaguar/06 Elipse-Manchee Chol/07 Murder thee Abyss-Bac-T'ul/08 Perforator God-Quadripartite/09 Spirits Flying-Chac-Xib-Chac/10 Disciplined-Paddler Gods/11 The Scattering.....

1993 -Live Volume 1, 1976-78
01 Introduction/02 Very Friendly/03 Dead Ed/04 No Two Ways/05 Last Exit/06 Forced Entry/07 National Affront/08 A Nod and a Wink/09 Feeling Critical/10 Cease to Exist

1993 -Live Volume 2, 1977-78

01 Tesco Disco/02 Knofe In My Side/03 Urge To Kill/04 Assume Power Focus/05 IBM/06 It's Always the Way/07 Hamburger Lady/08 Mother Spunk/09 Caberet Voltaire/10 DOA
1993 -Live Volume 3, 1978-79

01 Introduction/02 Whistling Song/03 Industrial Muzak/04 Weapon Training/05 See You Are/06 Convincing People/07 His Arm Was her Leg/08 What A Day/09 Ice Cool Down/10 They Make No Say/11 Wet, Weird, and Smeared


1993 -Live Volume 4, 1979-80
01 Introduction/02 Punished/03 Heathen Earth/04 An Old man Smiled/05 Russ/06 Tortured Smiles/07 We Said No/08 Auschwitz/09 Devil's Gateway/10 Trained/11 Five Knuckle Shuffle/12 Wall of Sound/13 Wall of Sound                                                                                                

1994 -Giftgas

01 As It IS/02 Exit/03 Lucifer/04 Jehovah/05 Satan/06 Christ/07 So Be It......


1995 -Blood Pressure

01 Blood Pressure/02 Destoria/03 Cereberal Anyureism/04 Catheder Depletion/05 Humoral Response/06 Zyklon B Zombie/Speed                                             

So, dig it minions, here is a bunch more....... can ya keep up? (I know I CAN'T)....... but the "concept" here is that Throbbing Gristle, as well as Industrial Records, were about music IN BULK (the more I think about Brian's throwaway comparison to the Dead, the more sense it really makes)...... I am trying to bulk the shit out of thier stuff, of course,, with a band like this, I could never get "all" of it, but I am trying to paint a picture of what they were all about........ and to the handful of you who are DL'ing EVERY ONE of these, God Bless....... you are ambitious as well, and I appreciated that you continue to patronize GROWING BORED FOR A LIVING, FAAAAAR from the world's "best" blog, but, hopefully, one that is at least not boring and can keep your interest!

AT LEAST one more batch to come, stay tuned, and thanks for your support!

This is so Cool....Brain Pyramid redux

My last post was a great album by French stoner crew "Brain Pyramid", at the end of which I asked,
nonchalantly, if anyone had any of their remaining material....I really wasn't expecting a response (although stoner rock fans have surprised me from time to time.....I'll never forget picking up that last "500 Feet of Pipe" album in much the same manner).......John N, who must have every CD ever recorded (coming from ME? saying SOMETHING at least) happens to have the remainder of thier work, other than a split EP.....and the album I posted previously was EXTREMELY well recieved (I will be happy if my core audience remains the stoner rock crowd, an underappreciated genre which I think in 20 years will be viewed much the same as we view legendary hard/heavy psych from the early 70's today).

OK, have NOT had time to listen to these yet, I'm having trouble with my arm (don't ask, at least I get pain meds) have rarely been so surprised by someone coming through so quickly with one of my oddball THANKS John N, link-king, you are THE man on this one.

MAGIC CARPET RIDE (2013)-01 Bad Luck/02 Stone Woman Blues/03 Mary Jane Blues/04 Cosmic 1000 Years/05 Electric Spell

CHASMA HIDEOUT (2014)-01 Living in the Outer Space/02 Lazy/03 landing on the Pyramind/04 Lucifer/05 Twin Headed Giant/06 Into the Lightspeed/07 Chasma Hideout

Fantastic share, PLEASE keep up the fine work and generosity Jon N!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Brain Pyramid

With all of the wonderful, versatile guest material I've been putting up of late (which I LOVE to do), I sometime forget my true loves, notably, heavy psych/stoner rock (of course I put up a couple of them last night, trying to contribute albums from both Blackland and Heavy Eyes, I fucked up the links somehow (They ARE fixed now) like a TRUE stoner, anyway, I hope you all be diggin the shit like Throbbing Gristle and tonights massive BB King onslaught, but I always want to be sure tha every now and then I continue to slip in some of that great stoner/heavy psych rock from around the globe that I truly love so much.

Brain Pyramid are from France, a trio consisting of drummer Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo, guitarist Gaston Laine, and bassist  Paul Arends. This album, a 2015 release entitled "Magnetosphere" is everything you want in a stoner rock semi-classic, long, spacey tracks, hard edged heavy psych attitude.......the stuff I love, think of a French Fu Manchu or Kyuss........excellent shit. They have a couple of other releases, a few EP's, and maybe another full length, for the life of me I can't find em anywhere, so if any of YOU wonderful stoner rock fans happen to have any of this stuff laying around, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share it, it's one of my "most wanted's" as I think this album is a great one.....

Anyway, enjoy "Magnetosphere", it's a damn great one, and if you can help expose any more of these guys other works, please help us all out......I know I'd personally LOVE to hear them!

MAGNETOSPHERE-01 Magnetosphere/02 Solar Wind/03 Electric Spell

Continuing to take advantage of John N's generosity, great BB King

John N has sent me more links than I could post in a lifetime, some of which I have no idea as to what they even are, and some of which are so phenominal (he's the source of the recent Yo La Tengo and Brian Jonestown Massacre onslaughts)... I love when people send me stuff, and this guy has been nothing if not generous with his shares.... anyway, I think this will appeal to some of you folks here, after all, who the fuck doesn't love some BB King?.... MY go-to blues man is Buddy Guy, but, hell, the recently deceased BB King is not a fucking joke either.

John N sends us an incredible 5-disc (!) box set of BB's singles, A sides AND B sides, covering the era of 1949-62 (62 was the year I was BORN, proof positive that music did not suddenly get "good" the day I was born, as so many of us take a natural human nature course into believing.

This set was released in 2015 in honor of the passing of the great Mr. King, who, imo, along with Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Leadbelly, and a handful of others had FAR more influence on a lot of the rock n roll that I love, than, say, someone like Elvis Presley or Chuck Berry, for example, who get so much credit, relative, at least, to the blues masters I've listed.

Anyway, this is a great set, checked it out today.......awesome, awesome collection, thanks so much to John N from Los Angeles (hell I won't even hold THAT against him, given the fab links he's sent me) for's simply TOO FUCKING GREAT and would likely cost you a hundred bucks or so should you attempt to purchase it.........we're providing it to ya for free, and you will FUCKING LOVE THIS ONE!

DISC 1-01 Miss Martha King/02 When Your Baby Packs Up and Goes/03 I Got the Blues/04 Take a
Swing With Me/05 Mistreated Woman/06 BB Boogie/07 The Other Night Blues/08 Walkin and Cryin/09 My Baby's Gone/10 Don't You Want a man Like Me/11 BB Blues/12 She's Dynamite/13 She's a Mean Woman/14 hard Working Woman/15 Three O Clock Blues/16 That Aint the Way To Do It/17 Fine Lookin Woman/18 She Don't Move Me Anymore/19 Shake It Up and Go/20 My Own Fault, Darling/21 Gotta Find My Baby/22 Someday, Somewhere/23 You Knew I Loved You/24 You Didn't Want Me/25 Story From My Heart and Soul

DISC 2-01 Boogie Woogie Woman/02 Woke Up This Morning/03 Don't Have to Cry/04 Please Love Me/05 Highway Bound/06 Please Hurry Home/07 Neighborhood Affair/08 Why Did You Leave Me/09 Blind Love/10 Praying to the Lord/11 Please help Me/12 Love Me baby/13 The Woman I Love/14 Everything I Do Is Wrong/15 Don't You Want A Man Like Me/16 When My heart Beats Like a Hammer/17 Bye Bye Baby/18 You Upset Me/19 Whole Lotta Love/20 Everyday I Have the Blues/21 Sneakin Around/22 Jump With You Baby/23 Lonely and Blue/24 Shut Your Mouth/25 I'm In Love

DISC 3-01 Boogie Rock/02 Talkin the Blues/03 Ten Long Years/04 What Can i Do/05 I'm Cracking Up Over You/06 Ruby Lee/07 Crying Won't Help You/08 Can't We Talk It Over/09 Sixteen Tons/10 Did You Ever Love a Woman/11 Let's Do the Boogie/12 Dark is the Night (Part 1)/13 Dark Is the Night (Part 2)/14 Bad Luck/15 Sweet Little Angel/16 On My Word Of Honor/17 Bim Bam/18 Early In the Morning/19 You Don't Know/20 How Do I Love You/21 You Can't Fool My Heart/22 I Want To Get Married/23 Troubles, Troubles/24 Quit My Baby/25 Be Careful With a Fool

DISC 4-01 I Wonder/02 I Need You So Bad/03 The Key To My Kingdom/04 My Heart Belongs To Only
You/05 You Know I Go For You/06 Why Do Everything Happen To Me/07 Days of Old/08 Don't Look Now, But You've Got the Blues/09 Please Accept My Love/10 You've Been an Angel/11 Worry Worry/12 I Am/13 The Fool/14 Come by Here/15 A Lonely Lover's Plea/16 Woman I Love/17 Time To Say Goodbye/18 Every Day I Have the Blues/19 Sugar Mama/20 Mean Old Frisco/21 Sweet Sixteen (Parts 1&2)/22 Got a Right To Love My Baby/23 My Own Fault/24 Partin Time/25 Good man Gone bad

DISC 5-01 Walking Dr. Bill/02 You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now/03 Thing Are Not the Same/04 Fishin After Me/05 Bad Luck Soul/06 Get Out of Here/07 Hold That Train/08 Understand/09 Peace of Mind/10 Someday/11 You're Breakin My Heart/12 Bad Case of Love/13 My Sometime Baby/14 Lonely/15 Gonna Miss You Around Here/16 Hully Gully Twist/17 3 O'Clock Stomp/18 Mashed Potato Twist/19 Mashing the Popeye/20 Tell Me baby/21 Going Down Slow/22 Your Letter/23 Blues For Me

Please don't miss this one, it's too good.......don't notify me two years from now that you want me to reup this, I swear to God I will do nothing but make fun of you.....THIS IS A GREAT ONE, thanks to John N for it, and TRUST ME this time, you are going to LOVE this masterful collection.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Collection of Raspberries from John N!

And I already did a Raspberries post a long, long time ago.... I think it included but thier "greatest hits" and a live boot, something like that.... However, I DID NOT have the "original" Raspberries discs, and as this was a favorite band of mine as a lad (10 years old or so), it's thrilling to me to be able to put up the original recordings, no joke......

The Raspberries were a kind of hard rocking/pre-power pop act, their singles kicked a bit of ass (in particular "Go All The Way" as well as a couple more), they really rocked hard had a sort of maybe Beatles/Cheap Trick type vibe going, and I know that THIS sixth grader was really into their stuff back in 1972 or so.......I assume my previous "Greatest Hits/Live Bootleg" post is probably long gone, and I do not feel like looking for it right now, but if you are a fan of early 1970's PURE, LOUD power pop, influential beyond what most of us think, these are your lads, really........GOOD fucking shit here, glad John N sent me these.

So what do we got? Let's begin with the self-titled debut, (1972) I was ten years old and suffering through my parents divorce, I tried to use music to comfort my soul, and, yes, like it or not, the Raspberries were on of my faves at the time......

I guess I should credit the lads, Eric Carmen (so close to "Eric Cartman" I HAVE to mention it, sue me) on vocals, bass, and piano (he would later have a solo career that, for my money, was close to as enjoyable as a root canal), Wally Bryson on guitar, Dave Smalley on rythm guitar, and Jim Bonfanti on the skins......this was a really good singles band (for the era), their shit rocked hard (imo), and was catchy as fuck, the definition of good, early 1970's AM radio staples......hey, if you don't like their shit, piss off.....I liked it, and THAT is what matters!

Four albums here sent from my new pal John N (dude seems to have most ever album released in the history of the planet)......starting out, their self titled debut included perhaps their best/best known single ("Go All the Way"), which, over 40 years later still sounds great to THIS old also contains some unknown stuff of similar sound and quality such as "Rock N Roll Mama" and "Don't Want to Say Goodbye"......good album, IMO, NOT "just" a singles act......good stuff here.

Later that same year, they released "Fresh", perhaps not as good, but with another stellar lead-off single "I Wanna Be With You", and, again, if you actually listen to the album, there is some good shit here ("filler"?)......"Let's Pretend" was a good song and a minor hit, "Drivin' Around" was pretty get the idea. You're either gonna thank me for these, or you're gonna think I'm losing it......joke is on you fucker, I lost "it" LONG before now!

The third LP, "Side 3", also blasted out a couple of power-poppin' singles, notably "I'm a Rocker" and "Tonight", and if I remember correctly, this album had a scratch/sniff sticker on the cover which smelled like (wait for it) Raspberries........oh we were so creative in those magnificent 1970's.......all in all though, this is not a bad LP either.

Fourth, and finally, John N sends us their Capitol finale, "Starting Over" (sort of an odd title, wonder what the story is behind it).......again, some rocking good poppish singles notably the title track and "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)"........all in all, these are good albums.

Yep.....I KNOW that this is a band that would be better suited presented as a "greatest hits" thing (the live boot was cool as well), however, it tickled me to have John send me the originals, this was my shit when i was fucking TEN, a lonely, fucked up, frightened child of a nasty divorce........I had all these on vinyl back then, I still may (my vinyl is down in the basement, don't think I ever transferred these (opting for the singles collection), but the memories of my miserable childhood come flooding back when I hear these, perhaps I oughta put up a bunch of Slade, too, I already tortured ya with Uriah Heep a couple weeks ago.

Anyway, I hope you don't take these to seriously, and I DO hope you enjoy them in the nostalgic, early 70's, ROCKING (and, yes, as top 40 pop, these DO fucking rock) manner in which I intend.......

Thanks John N, no one would question that you DO HAVE SOME STUFF, and more importantly, that you are a great enough guy to share it. I hope you remain a member of our "team" here, you will be a perfect fit should you decide to join us, trust me....thanks my man!

THE RASPBERRIES-01 Go Aoll The Way/02 Come Around and See Me/03 I Saw the Light/04 Rock N Roll Mama/05 Waiting/06 Don't Want To Say Goodye/07 With You In My Life/08 Get It Moving/09 I Can Remember

FRESH-01 I Wanna Be With You/02 Goin' Nowhere Tonight/03 Let's Pretend/04 Every Way I Can/05 I Reach For the Light/06 Nobody Knows/07 It Seemed So Easy/08 Might as Well/09 If You Change Your Mind/10 Drivin' Around

SIDE THREE-01 Tonight/02 Last Dance/03 Making It Easy/04 On the Beach/05 Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak/06 I'm a Rocker/07 Should I Wait/08 Ecstasy/09 Money Down

STARTING OVER-01 Over Night Sensation (Hit Record)/02 Play On/03 Party's Over/04 I Don't Know What I Want/05 Rose Coloured Glasses/06 All Through the Night/07 Cruisin Music/08 I Can hardly Believe You're Mine/09 Cry/10 Hands On You/11 Starting Over

We strive for variety I've said, damn near ANYTHING goes.....tonight I have put in double time, trying to get you wonderful folks a good cross section of some widely varied rock  roll........I prefer doing THAT to "niching" my blog, making it ALL "stoner rock' or "punk" or whatever.....this is the concept we have chosen, and it is my greatest hope that as many of you as possible enjoy this stuff.......please leave comments, it's almost as good as if you sent me cash or drugs!

The Heavy Eyes

I doubt, unless you are a total loser, you would care much if I put up another recent slab of awesome stoner rock, God knows the world can never have too much of THAT......what we have here is an album of fairly recent vintage, (2015), "He Dreams of Lions"......from Memphis, of all places, hardly a Mecca of stoner rock, this slab is nothing BUT kick rock undertones blended with hard riffing, free wheeling stoner rock greatness, this is one you won't want to miss (where are you Mark Eveliegh? couple stoner posts for you tonight.....hope you are doing well my brother, and I know I've been slacking a bit on the stoner rock in lieu of he variety for which I am so well known, but, trust me to all stoner rock lovers, you are gonna dig this one.......fine, fine album, that will likely get buried under the landslide that is history. Don't miss!

HE DREAMS OF LIONS-Shadow Shaker/02 Saint/ 03 Z-Bo/04 Old Saltillo Road/05 He Dreams of Lions/06 Hail to the King, Baby/07 Smoke Signals/08 The Fool/09 Somniloquy/10 Littlefinger/11 Modern Shells

A good album for lovers of stoner rock (like ME), you will not be disappointed.....the title track in particular rocks the yard!


Here is an excellent slab of Italian stoner rock, stoner rock being something which we have had in short supply of late (VARIETY is our mantra, NEVER FORGET).......this album (2010) totally kicks ass all over the place, spacey, stoney, hard rocking shit, this is SCOTT'S kinda stuff, while I love everyone's submissions, at the end of the day, gotta say the good old stone rock n roll is what I AM all about.

Fine album for fans of the genre. Reminds me of perhaps a Hawkwind/Sheavy hybrid, should that make sense to you.... anyway, while I attempt to share music that will appeal to EVERYONE, this is the shit for ME, pretty much. If the stoner rock "trend" hadn't came into existence in the 2000's, I'd probably get out of the music thing all together and sit around, listening to my old Blue Cheer records and wondering where the good times went.

Fortunately, we got some great shit like THIS, "classics of the future" (trust me), loud, spacey, stoned out rock n roll will ALWAYS be here, at least for us stoner types!

EXTREME HEAVY PSYCH-01 Psych No. 1/02 Black Wizard/03 Life and Death/04 Drowning Deeply/05 R n R gate/06 Holy Weed of the Cosmos/07 From the Black to the Rainbow/08 Victims of the Cast

This is a tremendous album, stellar from start to end...... the finale, "Victims of the Cast", is really some doPE fucking shit, but I'll not sell the rest of THIS overlooked gem.... this is a fine album...... DO NOT miss it..... BigScott62 does NOT sell you guys wrong, in particular when it comes to stoner rock, which I FUCKING LOVE!

For those suffering from Throbbing Gristle withdrawl

It's been a good while since I've posted any Throbbing Gristle, so my pal LoFi Larry comes to the rescue, as
my ears have been deprived of late of some of them good ol' feel good thigh-slappers from here's another batch (warning/promise: more are coming!), in all seriousness, the Gristle stuff has been EXTREMELY well recieved, and that does delight me, you just NEVER know what is going to take hold and what isn't......anyway, here's another batch for ya, Gristle-heads, hope ya enjoy them, and have room on yer shelf or hard drive for em......

(Tonight featuring selections from the LoFi Larry collection covering 1976 through 1984.....
-Music From The Death Factory, with Albrecht/d., July 1976 (different from the ’79 tape with a similar name, shared by Rob)

01 Untitled
02 Untitled

-United/Zylon B Zombie 7”

01 United
02 Zyklon B Zombie
-We Hate You Little Girls/Five Knuckle Shuffle 7”

01 We hate You Little Girls
02 Five Knuckle Shuffle

-Thee Psychick Sacrifice
01 Weapon Training/02 Eeh Ahhoooh/03 Convincing people/
04 Hamburger Lady/05 Untitled/06 Chat Up/07 Day Song/08 Persuasion
/09 Five Knuckle Shuffle

-Adrenaline/Distant Dreams 7”

01 Adrenaline/02 Distant Dreams

-Subhuman/Something Came Over Me 7”                                                      

01 Subhuman/02 Something Came Over Me
-Assume Power Focus
01 Industrial Introduction/02 His Arm Waas Her Leg/03 What a Day/
04 Dead Ed/05 Last Exit
06 Propoganda/07 Sunstroke/08 Heathen Earth/09 Urge To kill/
10 Epping Forrest/11 Persuasion

-Heathen Earth                                                                                                                                                                                                

01 Cornets/02 The Old man Smiled/03 After Cease to Exist/04 The World is a War Film/05 Dreamachine/06 Still Walking/07 Don't Do As You're Told, Do As You Think/08 Painless Childbirth/09 Adrenaline/
10 Subhuman
-Discipline 12”                                                                    

01 Discipline/02 Discipline (version)

-Funeral In Berlin

01 Stained By Dead Horses/02 Trained Condition of Obedience/
03 Zero's Death/04 Nomon/05 Raudive 
Bunker Experiment/06 Denial of Death/07 Funeral In berlin/
08 Trade Deficit
-Mission Of Dead Souls

01 Dead Souls/02 Guts on the Floor/03 Circle of Animals/04 Looking For the OTO/
05 Vision and Voice/06 Funeral Rites/07 Spirits Flying/08 Persuasion USA/09 Thee Process
10 Discipline (Reprise)

-Nothing Short Of A Total War

01 Epping Forrest/02 M-F-D-F/03 Zyklon B Zombie/04 Maggot Death/05 MFDF II/06 Untitled/07
We hate You little Girls/08 We hate You Little Girls II/09 Dead Ed/10 No Two Ways/11 Slug Bait/
12 Slug bait II/13 We hate You Little Girls III/14 Blue Six Silk/15 Not Quite
-S.O. 36: Fuhrer Der Menschheit                                                                           
01 Debat Budgetaire 1e Partie/02 Debat Budgetaire 2e Partie/03 Debat Budgetaire 3e Partie/
04 Debat Budgetaire 4e Partie
-Journey Through A Body

01 Medicine/02 Catholic Sex (for Paula)/03 Exotic Functions
/04 Violencia (The Bullet)/
05 Oltre La Morte /Birth and Death


-New TG 1

01 Untitled/02 Untitled                                                         
-New TG 2

01 Untitled/02 Untitled
-Rafters: Throbbing Gristle Psychic Rally                                                      
01 Illuminated 666/02 Betrayed/03 Womb of Corruption/
04 Very Friendly/05 Something Came Over Me/
06 Playground/07 Playground Reprise/08 Auschwitz/
09 Devils Gateway/10 Hastings/11 Discipline
-Editions Frankfurt Berlin                                                            

01 Discipline/02 Strangers in the Night/03 The Old man Smiled/04 Something Came Over Me/
05 N Point Zero
-Mission Is Terminated

MISSION IS TERMINATED 2xLP 1983 Expanded Music EX 39 IT TG record (45 rpm) (Side 2) 1. You Dont No 5:08 2. Damaru Sunrise (Live in Sheffield) 4:52 (Side 3) 1. Medicine for Catholic Sex (Love Song for Paula) 5:40 2. Exotic Violence della Morte 4:55 Nice Tracks (33 1/3 rpm) (Side 1)1-8. various artists (Side 4)1-8. various artists Note: Double LP, where 1 record is TG's. Fanzine 'Red Ronnies Bazar' with : interview and pictures. Nice Tracks includes various songs and : cut-up excerpts from various artists.
-Greatest Hits                                                                                 

01 Hamburger Lady/02 Hot on the Heels of Love/03 Subhuman/
04 AB 7A/05 Six Six Sixties/06 Blood on the Floor/
07 Twenty Jazz Funk Greats/08 taiB gluS/09 United/10 What a Day/
11 Adrenalin/12 Untitled

-In The Shadow Of The Sun, Soundtrack

01 In the Shadow of the Sun

-Once Upon A Time                                                              

01 Primal Church/02 Look Away/03 Endless Discipline/04 Discipline/05 Consummation/06
Endless Discipline II

 -Special Treatment

01 Whistling Song/02 Tesco Disco/03 E-Coli/04 High Note

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