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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Super Mega XTC Part 5

OK, I am pissed......PISSED because I cannot find my "25 O'Clock" from the Dukes Of Stratosphear, one of the two fine psychedelic albums released by XTC under that name... normally if I cannot find it, I check the Bay or whatever, but I simply cannot locate it... I KNOW I have it, it kicks ass, but I cannot find it, on my shelf, on the web.... CERTAINLY one of the blog friends will have it, I just happen to KNOW I have it and can't find it, this pisses one off in the share-blog game.

So, SOMEONE, please bail me out on this one.... enjoyed the Ohio State Buckeyes taking out Navy today, thinking it might be a difficult season for the Bucks without QB Braxton Miller, but if there is one thing I love, it is football, Ohio State and Minnesota Vikings,and would LOOOOOVE fo you guys to discuss "your" football teams while we discuss music.... ahhhhhhhhhh, autumn in Ohio, football, RETIREMENT...... oh, heaven!

OK, I do have the OTHER Dukes album, "Chips From the Chocolate Fireball", a fine psychedelic album in its own right, while I think "25 O'Clock" is better, this one is quite good as well...."Bike Ride the Moon", "Have You Seen Jackie", and lots more, another display of Partridge/Moulding's unreal versatility.

OK, someone (See comments yesterday) contributed the dub album I was searching for, as well as some other goodies, thanks.... if someone will please contribute "25 OClock", we'll pretty much have the XTC experience down pat.... today, I am going to add a tribute album (haven't heard it, I don't think), and another demo set I uncovered from the whole "Apple Venus" thing........

Come on folks, there have been some fine contributions here, if ya have anything else, now is the time.... tomorrow we switch directions (to where? God only knows), but I hope you have enjoyed the XTC, an if you have anything to add, please do, ESPECIALLY (APB) "25 O'Clock" by Dukes of Stratosphear!

DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR -CHIPS FROM THE CHOCOLATE FIREBALL-01 25 O'Clock/02 Bike Ride To the Moon/03 My Love Explodes/04 What In the World/05 Your Gold Dress/06 The Mole From the Ministry/07 Vanishing Girl/08 Have You Seen Jackie/09 Little Lighthouse/10 You're a Good Man Albert Browne (Curse You Red Barrel)/11 Collideascope/12 You're My Drug/13 Shiny Cage/14 Brainiac's Daughter/15 The Affiliated/16 Pale and Precious

HOMESPUN-THE APPLE VENUS HOME DEMOS-01 River of Orchids/02 I'd Like That/03 Easter Theater/04 Knights In Shining Karma/05 Frivolous Tonight/06 Greenman/07 Your Dictionary/08 Fruit Nut/09 I Can't Own Her/10 Harvest Festival/11 The Last Balloon

Me/02 SPACEHOG-Senses Working Overtime/03 CRASH TEST DUMMIES-Pretty Girls/04 THE VERVE PIPE-Wake Up/05 THE REMBRANDTS-Making Plans For Nigel/06 SARAH MCLAUGHLIN-Dear God/07 RUBEN BLADES-The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul/08 P. HUX-Another Satellite/09 THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS-25 O Clock/10 TERRY & THE LOVEMEN-The Good Things/11 JOE JACKSON-Statue of Liberty

That's gonna wrap up the XTC from here, hope ya enjoyed it......BUT PLEASE if you have anything to add please do, I love XTC, think they were great, and would love ANYthing else I could get to hear from them (especially that elusive 25 OClock album!).....have no idea where we're going next week, but I hope you enjoy it, as always, and of course, ANY suggestions for music or to make things better are always appreciated........this is YOUR blog, not mine, I just supply the content.......feel free to tell me ANYTHING y'd like to see, and to contribute ANYTHING you wish.......THAT is what it is all about, I want this blog to be "free form", much like FM radio was back in the early-mid 1970's (you don't remember it, junior, but it was phenomenal and gave me MY musical education!

Love ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Super Mega XTC Part 4

Hope you are grooving on the XTC classics and rarities, LOTS of good and unusual stuff
here... thanks to Julian Porter for contributing the "I'd Like That" single, check yesterday's comments for link (another minion came though with another vintage Tom Petty concert, check comments for link to that one... ALSO, thanks to my cyber-brother, DaveSez, for sending me something (not for share) that proves how much in tune with each other we are.... thanks brother!

So today, let us start on the pile of in-concert stuff from the band, never saw them (they ceased touring in 1982), but in the meantime, it seems they played live quite often and varied their set lists quite a bit (something that wins points with the BigBoy).... I'm gonna throw these out really not particular order, should take to days to get them out.....still looking for the dub album by "Mr. Partridge" (can't recall the title) but it's a good/rare one I'd like to have (paging fellow Buckeye Doug Wofsey).

Lets begin with a 1980 simulcast, not sure from where, but a VERY good one, nice job of hitting on the career highlights as well as the smash-up finale "Radios In Motion"/"Are You Receiving Me"......good set. Please identify the city origin if you can  may be noted in the audio, haven't listened in quite some time.

"Drums and Wireless" are a collection of various BBC tracks, most, if not all, of which appeared on the "Transistor Blast" set. If you already picked up on that one, please procede with caution, if you wish to avoid overlap.

Up next, the imaginatively titled "XTC LIVE 1980", a nice set, again, and yet another which I never took down the location of origin.... very good performances throughout, though, including a fried-out "Living Through Another Cuba".

Now I THINK is one is somewhat rare, at least I haven't seen too many of em... "3D-CD" contains a live set from Rebecca's Birmingham from 1977.... considering the age, a VERY fine performance, and I've always loved XTC' "All Along the Watchtower" (included here and seriously one of my favorite covers ever, especially for a cover-of-a-cover.) This disc also includes a 1977 set from Eric's in Liverpool, highlighted by a frantic "Neon Shuffle"....the disc also includes a couple Helium Kidz demo (including "Neon Shuffle), XTC Demos (all total obscurities unfamiliar to me), as well as a brief interview and a pair of "Go2" outtakes, also extreme rarities......this is an ESSENTIAL rarities collection for the XTC fan.

From My Father's Place, Old Roslyn NY, 1980 comes a good live set, a lot of "Go2" and "Black Sea" material, probably highlighted for me by "Crowded Room", an old, underappreciated favorite of mine, a relative cross-section of the classic albums and singles, but, to nitpick. where is "Radios in Motion", can't have everything ya know....

"Rainbow Drops and Finger Pops" is a fine set from 1979, London, a few tunes that didn't generally
pop up in the set lists such as "Instant Tunes", and "Roads Girdle the Globe" (these guys had SO VERY FEW poor tunes that they had always interesting and varied, surprising set lists.... the "Statue of Liberty" finale smokes!

"Fab Four I Philly 1980" is a nearly completely differnet set list from the other 1980 sets here...... they took chances and did not play it safe.... "Generals and Majors" as encore? Not a single track om "White Music?" ....and you hardly notice, THAT is how much excellent material the boys had at their disposal. "Living Through Another Cuba" generally works well on stage, and this is no exception.

What else, what I said before they stopped touring in 1982 (Amsterdam Holland) here is a show from August of that year, I assume at least one of their final shows, glad to see "All Along the Watchtower" turn up, and "No Thugs In Our House" was rarely done live. This set is from Amsterdam Holland.

From 1980, a WBCN simulcast, from the Paradise Rock Club in Boston MA...a good long set, pretty frantic......rave-ups of great live standards "Radios in Motion", "Crowded Room", "Statue of Liberty", as well as, in XTC fashion, some lesser performed live shows, "Complicated Game", "Homo Safari".......really do like this one, for what it's worth.

Just by chance, recorded the day before in Boston, we have another set ....very similar in content to the above listed show, quite similar indeed, other than the replacement  of the opener "Homo Safari" for "Looking For Footprints/Beatown" .....stilll a good high energy set, from one of the great bands of the era.

1980 RADIO SIMULCAST-01 Real By Reel/02 When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/03 Life Begins at the Hop/04 The Rhythm/05 Roads Girdle the Globe/06 Ten Feet Tall/07 Helicopter/08 This Is Pop/09 Battery Brides/10 Instant Tunes/11 Crowded Room/12 Complicated Game/13 Making Plans For Nigel/14 Radios In Motion/15 Are You Receiving Me?

DRUMS AND WIRELESS-01 Opening Speech/02 No Thugs In Our House/03 Runaways/04 You're the Wish You Are I Had/05 Poor Skeleton Steps Out/06 Crosswires/07 Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her/08 Real By Reel/09 Into the Atom Age/10 Meccanik Dancing/11 Ten Foot Tall/12 Scarecrow People/13 I'm Bugged/14 Dance Band/15 Jason and the Argonauts/16 One of the Millions/17 Roads Girdle the Globe

XTC BBC LIVE 1980-01 Life Begins at the Hop/02 Burning With Optimism's Flame/03 Love at First Sight/04 Respectable Street/05 No Language In Our Lungs/06 This Is Pop/07 Scissors Man/08 Towers Of London/09 Battery Brides/10 Living Through Another Cuba/11 Generals and Majors/12 Making Plans For Nigel/13 Are You Receiving Me?

3D-CD-01 Hang Onto the night/02 Crosswires/03 Let's Have Fun/04 Radios In Motion/05 I'm
Bugged/06 New Town Animal/07 Atom Age/08 All Along the Watchtower/09 She's So Square/10 Do What You Do (1-10 Rebecca's Birmingham 11/17/77)/11 Dance Band/12 Science Friction/13 Neon Shuffle/14 Traffic Light Rock (11-14 Eric's Liverpool 11/26/77)/15 Yabber Yabber Yabber/16Neon Shuffle (14-15 Helium Kidz Demos)/17 Refrigeration Blues/18 Quicksilver/19 Saturn Boy (17-19 XTC Demos)/20 Cheap Perfume/21 I Overheard/22 Bonus Interview (20-21 Go2 Outtakes)

MY FATHERS PLACE NY 12/2/80-01 Intro/Outside World/02 Life Begins at the Hop/03 Helicopter/04 Love at First Sight/05 Respectable Street/06 No Language In Our Lungs/07 Mccanik Dancing (Oh We Go)/08 This Is Pop/09 Scissor Man/10 Towers of London/11 Real By Reel/12 Battery Brides/13 Living Through Another Cuba/14 Generals and Majors/15 Making Plans For Nigel/16 Crowd/17 Crowded Room/18 Are You Receiving Me?

RAINBOW DROPS AND FINGER POPS-01 Beatown/02 Real By Reel/03 The Rhythm/04 Roads Girdle the Globe/05 Science Friction/06 Life Begins at the Hop/07 Helicopter/08 Battery Brides/09 Making Plans For Nigel/10 Scissor Man/11 Instant Tunes/12 Outside World/13 Life Is Good in the Greenhouse/14 Crowded Room/15 Radios In Motion/16 Are You Receiving Me?/17 Set Myself On Fire/18 Meccanick Dancing/19 This Is Pop/20 Dance band/21 Statue of Liberty

FAB FOURSOME PHILLY 1980-01 Real to Reel/02 Life Begins at the Hop/03 When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/04 Respectable Street/05 Sgt. Rock/06 No Language in Our Lungs/07 Ball and Chain/08 Paper and Iron/09 Love at First Sight/10 Roads Girdle the Globe/11 Scissor Man/12 Towers of London/13 Burning With Optimism's Flame/14 Making Plans For Nigel/15 Living Through ANother Cuba/16 Generals and Majors

AMSTERDAM HOLLAND 8/3/82-01 Ball And Chain/02 No Thugs In Our House/03 Senses Working Overtime/04 All Along the Watchtower/05 No Language In Our Lungs/06 Towers of London/07 Making Plans For Nigel/08 Living Through Another Cuba/09 Generals and Majors/10 Real By Reel/11 Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)

BOSTON 1/29/80-01 Looking For Footprints/Beatown/02 Real By Reel/03 When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/04 Life Begins at the Hop/05 The Rhythm/06 Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!)/07 Ten Feet Tall/08 Helicopter/09 This is Pop?/10 Battery Brides/11 Crowded Room/12 Complicated Games/13 Making Plans For Nigel/14 Radios In Motion/15 Are You Receiving Me?/16 Outside World/17 Dance Band/18 Statue of Liberty

BOSTON 1/30/8- WBCN FM-01 Homo Safari/02 Beatown/03 Real By Reel/04 When You're Near
Me I Have Difficulty/05 Life Begins at the Hop/06 The Rhythm/07 Meccanik Dancing/08 Ten Feet Tall/09 Helicopter/10 This Is Pop?/11 Battery Brides/12 Crowded Room/13 Complicated Game/14 Making Plans For Nigel/15 Encore Break/16 Radios In Motion/17 Are You Receiving Me?/18 Encore Break/19 Outside World/Dance Band/20 Statue of Liberty/21 Radio Announcer Outro

We'll see if I have some stuff left for tomorrow, I think I at least have the "Dukes of the Stratosphere" albums, we'll just see......this has been a little bit of work to be honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Super Mega XTC Part 3

NOTE-Sorry, a couple days away, some family issues came up......still should be worth the wait, some good and rare stuff tomorrow......start the live shows tomorrow!

A lot of the stuff in his post is not "my" original stuff, I checked Pirate "XTC Discography" and there was a good bit of stuff I din't have that I though I'd add to both MY collection, and to yours as well..... for now we will deal with the HUGE demos package that the original poster created..... two discs worth of stuff (the original post was not split into discs or parts, some fine and rare stuff here, I hope you guys like stuff......

After that we have a lot of extended singles all of which contain additional tracks that are kinda hard to find, you should enjoy these as well.... what else, what else..... Well, Andy Partridge has  a 4-disc demo set, "Fuzzy Warbles", lots of odd-ball tracks you will be wanting to check, as well as an album, "Monsterance", which has a few interesting tracks to say the very least......

Finally up is "Homegrown", a fine set of demos which will eventually be incorporated into the "Venus Apple" thing...... so little detail here... know WHY? Cause I wrote the whole thing up and my computer "ATE", so yu get the Cliff Notes Version as I wanna go beddy bye.....

5 SENSES SINGLE-01 Smokeless Zone/02 Officer Blue/03 Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down/04 Don't Lose Your Temper/05 Strange Tales, Strange Tails

BALLAD OF PETER PUMPKINHEAD SINGLE-01 The Ballad Of Peter Pumpinhead Album Version/02 The Smartest Monkey (Home Demo)/03 My Bird Performs (Home Demo)/04 Always Winter, Never Christmas (Home Demo)

DEAR GOD-01 Dear God/02 Homo Safari/03 Bushman President/04 Egyptian Solution/05 Mantis On Parole/06 Frost Circus/07 Procession toward Learning Land

DISAPPOINTED (SINGLE)-01 The Disappointed/02 The Smartest Monkeys (Demo)/03 The Smartest Monkeys/04 Humble Daisy

KING FOR A DAY SINGLE-01 King For a Day 7"/02 King For a Day 12"/03 My Paint Heroes (Home Demos)/04 Skeletons (Home Demo)

THE BALLAD OF PETER PUMPKINHEAD-01 The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead (LP Version)/02 The Smartest Monkeys (LP Version)/'03 My Bird Performs (Home Demo)/04 Always Winter, Never Christmas (Home Demo)

THE LOVING (SINGLE)-01 The Loving/02 Cynical Days/03 The World Is Full Of Angry Young Men

HOMEGROWN-01 Playground/02 Stupidly Happy/03 In Another Life (Excerpt From Original)/04 In Another Life (Jugband Version)/05 Some Lovely/06 Boarded Up/07 I'm the Man Who Murdered Love (Early Other Song)/08 I'm the Man Who Murdered Love (Tamala Version)09 I'm the Man Who Murdered Love/10 We're All Light (Early Cassette Demo)/11 We're All Light/12 Standing In For Joe (Lounge Version)/13 Standing In for Joe/14 Wounded Horse/15 You and the Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful/16 Lie For a lie (Cassette Demo)/17 Church of Women/18 The Pot Won't Hurt Our Love (Early Cassette Demo)/19 Everything Decays (Early Cassette Idea)/20 The Wheel and the Maypole

DEMO COLLECTION DISC 1-01 Where Have All the Ordinary People Gone (Colin Moulding)/02 Bags of Fun With Buster/03 Blue Overall/04 Books Are Burning/05 Brainiac's Daughter/06 Broomstick Rhythm/07 Bungalow/08 Candymine/09 Cherry In Your Tree/10 Church of Women/11 Didn't Hurt a Bit/12 Down a Peg/13 Dripping Basin/14 Dying/15 Everything Will Be Alright/16 Gangway Electric Guitars/17 Glow/18 Goodbye Humanosaurus/19 I Don't Wanna Be Here/20 I Overheard/21 Jump the cup/22 Monkeys in Humanskin Suits

DEMO COLLECTION DISC 2-01 Moonlit Drive/02 My Bird Performs/03 My Train is Coming/04 Now We All Dead/05 Poor Skeleton Steps Out/06 Prince of Orange/07 Purple Haze/08 Raising a Family In a House Full of Mice/09 Rip Van Ruben/10 Rook/11 Someone's Been In My Room/12 Spare a Penny/13 Strawberry Fields Forever/14 Stupidly Happy/15 Summer' Cauldron/16 Susan Revolving/17 The Beautiful People/18 The Smartest Monkeys/19 Then She Appeared/20 Visit to the Doctor/21 Where Have All the Ordinary People Gone/22 Young Cleopatra

ANDY PARTRIDGE FUZZY WARBLES DISC 1-01 Dame Fortune/02 Born Out Of Your Mouth/04 Don't Let Us Bug Ya/05 That Wag/06 That Wave/07 Ocean's Daughter/08 Everything/09 Mogo/10 Merely a Man/12 Epns/13 Summer Hot as This/14 Miniature Sun/15 I Bought Myself a Liarbird/16 Complicated Game/17 Wonder Annual/18 Space Wray/19 Rocket (as received this disc had no track 4)

ANDY PARTRIDGE FUZZY WARBLES DISC 2-01 Ridgeway Path/02 I Don't Wannae Here/03 Young Marrieds/05 Obscene Procession/06 Miller Time/07 You're the Wish You Are I Had/08 Ra Ra Rehearsal/09 Ra Ra For Red Rocking Horse/10 Everything Will Be Alright/11 25'O'clock/12 Goom/13 Chain of Command/15 Summer's Cauldron/16 Then She Appeared/17 It's Snowing Angels/18 Ship Trapped In the Ice (As received this disc had no track 4 or 14)

ANDY PARTRIDGE FUZZY WARBLES DISC 3-01 My Train Is Coming/02 Light Headed/03 Goodbye Humanosaurus/04 Humble Daisy/05 You Like Me/06 Great Fire/07 Work/08 Mopti Fake 1/09 Colleideoscope/10 Mopti Fake 2/11 When We Get To England/12  Train Running Low On Soul Coal/13 Holly Up On Poppy/14 Strawberry Fields Forever/15 Autumn Comes Around/16 Child's Crusade/17 Little Lighthouse/18 This is the End/19 Put It On Again

ANDY PARTRIDGE FUZZY WARBLES DISC 4-02 Bumbercars/03 The Art Song (Something Good With Your Life)/04 I'm Playin' My Fano/05 Zonked Right Out On Line/06 All I Dream of is Friend/07 Peck the Ground Like a Chicken/08 That's Really Super, Supergirl/09 Brainiac's Daughter/10 Blue Beret/11 Gangway, Electric Guitar is Coming Through/12 Mechanical Planet/13 Helicopter/14 The Ugly Underneath/15 Omgo/16 Where Is Your Heart/18 Season Cycle/19 Countdown to Christmas Partytime (As received this disc had no track 1 or 17)

ANDY PARTRIDGE-MONSTERANCE D1-01 Lovely Cosmonaut/02 Winterwerk/03 Black Swam Black/04 Mig/05 Oodoo/06 Ur Tannoy/07 Little Field

ANDY PARTRIDGE-MONSTERANCE D2-/01 Pagoda  Tailfin/01 Chain Gang/03 Torturetainment
04 The  Floating World/05 The Priapple

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Super Mega XTC Part 2

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's slew of XTC, nothing difficult to locate, but maybe some of you young pups perhaps got an education on them if you were unfamiliar..... got a lot more stuff here over the next 2-3 days so let us get to it.

First up, "Transistor Blast", a four disc set released in 1998, a mixture of studio sessions/live recordings taken from various BBC sessions. The first two discs are studio efforts, mostly Peel sessions, interesting and highlighted by a fine "Atom Age" on Disc 2. The other two discs are live stuff, Disc 3 culled from a couple of shows, 1978-79, and Disc 4 a 1980 show from Hammersmith Palais which concludes with a fairly smoking "Are You Receiving Me?"

"Fossil Fuel-The Singles 1977-1992" is two discs which have a LOT of overlap with yesterday's stuff, I have included them here in the interest of a few alternate "single versions", notably a decidedly inferior (IMO) version of "This Is Pop".

A somewhat companion piece is the single disc "Beeswax-Some B-Sides 1977-1992",  which  includes a BUNCH of, well, B-Sides, most of which are not compiled elsewhere, this one essential for fans of the band.

Fairly rare from what I understand is "The Tiny Circus of Life", a limited edition French collection from 1992,  a few tracks exist in only this form.... according to which source one believes, the release was somewhere between 1000 and 3000 copies, so in any case I guess it's a rarity.

The oldest thing I can come up with is a really cool 1977 Peel Session, from before the release of "White Music",  fun to hear such early versions of "Radios In Motion" and "Statue of Liberty".

"Jules Verne's Sketchbook" is a fan club release (1986) of Andy Partridge's home demo recordings, again, ANOTHER slew of songs which don't appear much of anywhere else. It is positively staggering the amount of material these guys not only released but DIDN'T release, I am stunned that I personally even have so much.

Yet another large rarities collection is "Rag N Bone Buffet", a collection of B-Sides and other obscurities among them a Colin Moulding solo effort, "Too Many Cooks In the Kitchen", which he recorded/released under the name "The Colonel"......

I have to stop somewhere for today, there is still a good amount of material yet to come, like I said, I didn't even realize myself how much of this stuff is on the "X" shelf back there, haven't really gone into a ton of detail here but the bottom line is, if you are a fan of these guys you will probably find some stuff here you didn't have, if you just discovered them from yesterday's post, junior, proceed with caution because as I said, these boys put out a LOT of material, officially and otherwise.

Got a bunch of extended singles, demos, some stuff Andy Partridge compiled, and some other stuff tomorrow BEFORE I even get to the mountain of live recordings. I will NEVER do such a big post again without doing any preparation, ie sorting stuff out and the like but I TRULY didn't realize how much of their stuff I have..... so if you do happen to be an XTC fan, hope you enjoy something here.

TRANSISTOR BLAST DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Life Begins at the Hop/03 Scarecrow People/04 Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her/05 Ten Feet Tall/06 Garden of Earthly Delights/07 Runaways/08 When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/09 I'm Bugged/10 Another Satellite/11 You're the Wish You Are I Had/12 Crosswires/13 Roads Girdle the Globe

TRANSISTOR BLAST DISC 2-01 No Thugs In Our House/02 One of the Millions/03 Real By Reel/04 The Meeting Place/05 Meccanic Dancing/06 Poor Skeleton Steps Out/07 Atom Age/08 The Rhythm/09 This World Over/10 Snowman/11 Danceband/12 Making Plans For Nigel/13 Jason and the Argonauts

TRANSISTOR BLAST DISC 3-01 Radios In Motion/02 Crosswires/03 Science Friction/04 Statue of
Liberty/05 The Rhythm/06 I'll Set Myself On Fire/07 New Town Animal/08 All Along the Watchtower/09 Beatown/10 This is Pop/11 Danceband/12 Neon Shuffle

TRANSISTOR BLAST DISC 4-01 Life Begins At the Hop/02 Burning With Optimism's Flames/03 Love First Sight/04 Respectable Street/05 No Language In Our Lungs/06 This is Pop/07 Scissor Man/08 Tower of London/09 Battery Brides/10 Living Through Another Cuba/11 Generals and Majors/12 Making Plans For Nigel/13 Are You Receiving Me?

FOSSIL FUEL-THE SINGLES 1977-92 DISC 1-01 Science Friction/02 Statue of Liberty/03 This Is Pop (Single Version)/04 Are You Receiving Me?/05 Life Begins at the Hop/06 Making Plans For Nigel/07 Ten Feet Tall/08 Wait 'Til Your Boat Goes Down/09 Generals And Majors/10 Towers of London/11 Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)/12 Love at First Sight/13 Respectable Street (Single Version)/14 Senses Working Overtime/15 Ball And Chain/16 No Thugs In Our House

FOSSIL FUEL-THE SINGLES 1977-92 DISC 2-01 Great Fire/02 Wonderland/03 Love on a Farmboy's Wages/04 All You Pretty Girls/05 This World Over/06 Wake Up/07 Grass/08 The Meeting Place/09 Dear God/10 The Mayor of Simpleton/11 King For a Day/12 The Loving/13 The Disappointed/14 The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead/15 Wrapped In Grey

BEESWAX-SOME B-SIDES 1977-92-01 She's So Square/02 Dance Band/03 Hang On to the Night/04 Heatwave/05 Instant Tunes/06 Pulsing Pulsing/07 Don't Lose Your Temper/08 Smokeless Zone/09 The Somnambulist/11 Blame the Weather/12 Tissue Tigers/13 Punch and Judy/14 Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass

THE TINY CIRCUS OF LIFE-01 History of Rock N Roll/02 The Mayor of Simpleton/03 Scarecrow People/04 Dear God/05 Season Cycle/06 Grass/07 Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her/08 Great Fire/09 Runaways/10 Senses Working Overtime/11 Knuckle Down/12 Fly on the Wall/13 Blame the Weather/14 Respectable Street/15 Making Plans For Nigel/16 This Is Pop

PEEL SESSIONS 1977-01 She's So Square/02 Crossed Wires/03 Radios In Motion/04 Science Friction/05 Atom Age/06 Dance Band/07 Heat Wave/08 I'm Bugged/09 Statue of Liberty

JULES VERNE'S SKETCHBOOK-01 Young Cleopatra/02 Motorcycle Landscape/04  Happy
Families/04 Glow/05 Moonlit Drive/06 Broomstick Rhythm/07 Work/08 Ra Ra For Red Rocking Horse/09 Disque Bleu/10 Mopti Fake/11 Little Lighthouse/12 When We Get To England/13 Shaking Skin House/14 Obscene Procession/15 Dripping Basin

RAG N BONE BUFFET-01 Extrovert/02 Ten Feet Tall/03 Mermaid Smiled/04 Too Many Cooks In Our Kitchen (The Colonel)/05 Respectable Street (UK Single Version)/06 Looking For Footprints/07 Over Rusty Water/08 Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass/09 The World Is Filled With Angry Young Men/10 Punch and Judy/11 Thanks For Christmas (The Three Wisemen)/12 Tissue Tigers/13 I Need Protection (The Colonel)/14 Another Satellite (Sunday Live Show)/15 Strange Tales, Strange Tails/16 Officer Blue/17 Scissor Man (Peel Show 1979)/18 Cockpit Dance Mixture/19 Pulsing, Pulsing/20 Happy Families/21 Countdown to Christmas Party Time (The Three Wisemen)/22 Blame the Weather/23 Take This Town/24 The History of Rock N Roll

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Super Mega XTC Part 1

Not sure how many days/parts this is going to entail, I have a BUNCH of material, I'll try not to overlap TOO much and also try to avoid some of the lesser (IMO) opinion material, I really haven't prepared for this post the way I generally do on these BIG ones (I also wouldn't be surprised if Dave Sez checked in with some surprises, UK new wave/punk of the late 70's early 80's rarities, he is the ABSOLUTE man!!!!), I just got the idea of doing an XTC post this morning and then looked at the sheer volume of material I have from them.... but still, I'm in an XTC frame of mind.

From Swindon, England, ca. 1975, XTC began as guitarist/vocalist Andy Partridge, bassist/vocalist Colin Moulding, dummer Terry Chambers, and keyboardist Barry Andrews. Like so many others, with me, personally,thier most well known works are not necessarily the most enjoyable, they did have some successful singles ("Dear God", "Senses Working Overtime") that, to me, are not anywhere near the quality of some of the earlier work, but to each his/her own.

OK, I guess I will sort this stuff out as follows, a "proper" discography, followed by some comps and EP's and stuff, followed by a bunch of live shows from thier prime years, and we'll see what else I can come up with.... I'm thinking 4-5 days, let's consider today a "primer" for the novice, the more rare stuff (and there is quite a slew) will start tomorrow I guess.

So, the album releases start with an absolute bang, 1977's amazing "White Music", of which we have a wonderful vinyl rip here.... certainly one of the greatest albums of the 1970's, for my money a five-star classic without question.... while (IMO) a couple of Moulding's tracks ("Cross Wires", "Do What You Do") are nothing tremendous, Partridge's stuff is of legend....leading off with one of the great new wave singles, "Radios In Motion", there are also the classics "This is Pop", "Statue of Liberty", "Atom Age", "Neon Shuffle", PLUS a wonderful cover of "All Along the Watchtower".... highlighted by Partridge's stuttering guitar work and quirky vocals and especially Andrews' amazing hockey arena keyboards, this is an album you will not want to miss if you are not already familiar. By the way, it's one of "those" handful of albums that, to me, the vinyl version, for whatever reason, just sounds better than the CD version.

The follow up, "Go 2" with it's goofy cover, emerged in 1978, and is actually a semi-classic as well... Moulding's songwriting improves tremendously, his "Buzzcity Talking", "Crowded Room", and "The Rhythm" are all standouts, Partridge contributes his usual slew of great songs ("Are You Receiving Me", "Life is Good in the Greenhouse", "Jumping in Gomorrah", and Andrews even shows HIS writing chops with a pair of fine contributions, "My Weapon" and "Super Tuff"... this is another excellent album, probably a bit underappreciated.

1979's "Drums and Wires" is something of a letdown, although it does include on of their biggest singles, the great "Making Plans For Nigel", and also "When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty" and "Life Begins at the Hop"......this is another vinyl rip which if you already have you will want for some bonus tracks, including fairly hard to locate "Blame the Weather" and "Tissue Tigers", taken from, I remember it like it was last night, a Trouser Press Magazine "Flexi-Disc".

I consider 1980's "Black Sea" to be their final really great album, something of a comeback from "Drums and Wires", it is a bold attempt to develop and expand their sound.... "Respectable Street", though, sounds like classic XTC, a bold anthem of hypocrisy ("Sunday church and they look fetching, Saturday night saw him wretching over our fence"), we also get the oddball "Living Through Another Cuba" and "Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)", as well as the truly bizarre "Travels In Nihilon"..... also included on THIS vinyl rip is a live "Respectable Street", taken from "Urrgh: A Music War!"

"English Settlement" is a somewhat ambitious 1983 double LP release (that was the end of my vinyl rips, it's digital from here out), it's ok, a bit long and clumsy, there is some good stuff here ("Senses Working Overtime", "No Thugs In Our House").....for fans, not really essential from here. "Mummer" is also a solid, professional, and IMO somewhat dull effort, standouts include "Love on a Farmboy's Wages" and "Wonderland".

In my decidedly non-expert opinion, I consider the seventh album "The Big Express", to be maybe their most under-appreciated disc, and a bit of another mini-comeback......still some fine songwriting here ("I Bought Myself a Liarbird", "Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her").....NOT an essential album, but a quite good and listenable one.

In case you were wondering, I DO have the fine psych albums that the band released under the name "Dukes of the Stratosphere", look for these a little bit later in this series (reason: they are on a different shelf and I don't feel like going back and getting them right now), the next "proper" XTC album was "Skylarking", I'm not too crazy about it, the CD version does include "Dear God" which was a major single, and one that I don't care that much for, either.

They plugged on...."Oranges and Lemons" (whose title comes from a poem liberally quoted in my favorite book, "1984"...."Oranges and Lemons, say the bells of St. Clemmons....."), and for a band's tenth or eleventh or whatever you consider this, it isn't awful, you have to give them some credit, this came along in 1989, "King for a Day" and "Mayor of Simpleton" are decent XTC, give Moulding and Partridge props, they could crank out the songs if nothing else.

"Nonsuch" is from 1992 (!), I've only listened to it a few times and don't really recall anything REALLY standout, it's here if you want it..... the final efforts were 1999's "Apple Venus Volume 1", a pretty weak effort (IMO) that experiments with chamber music and folky stuff, and 2000's "Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)" which I think is even worse.... didn't even have copies of them, had to go on the web and snatch some for you guys to evaluate if yer so inclined.

OK there is a LOT of material here, and you have seen NOTHING yet, wait and see what I have the next few days, if you are a fan of these lads you probably have everything HERE, but for certain a rare piece or two may find you the next couple posts.....but I REALLY have a BUNCH of stuff from these guys and I am going to go all "Hendrix" and empty out the vault.......enjoy!

WHITE MUSIC-01 Radios In Motion/02 X Wires/03 This is Pop/04 Do What You Do/05 Statue of Liberty/06 All Along the Watchtower/07 Atom Age/08 Set Myself on Fire/09 I'm Bugged/10 New Town Animal/11 Spinning Top/12 Neon Shuffle

GO 2-01 Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!)/02 Battery Brides/03 Buzzcity Talking/04 Crowded Room/05 The Rhythm/06 Are You Recieving Me?/07 Red/08 Beatown/09 Life Is Good in the Greenhouse/10 Jumping In Gommorah/11 My Weapon/12 Super Tuff/13 I Am the Audience

DRUMS AND WIRES-01 Life Begins at the Hop/02 Helicopter/03 Making Plans For Nigel/04 Ten Feet Tall/05 When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/06 That is the Way/07 Real By Reel/08 Millions/09 Outside World/10 Roads Girdle the Globe/11 Scissor Man/12 Complicated Game/13 Limelight/14 Day In Day Out/15 Chain of Command/16 Blame the Weather/17 Tissue Tigers

BLACK SEA-01 Respectable Street/02 Generals and Majors/03 Living Through Another Cuba/04 Love at First Sight/05 Rocket From a Bottle/06 No Language In Our Lungs/07 Towers of London/08 Paer And Iron (Notes and Coins)/09 Burning With Optimism's Flame/10 Sgt Rock (Is Going To Help Me)/11 Travels In Nihilon/12 Respectable Street (Live)

ENGLISH SETTLEMENT-01 Runaways/02 Ball and Chain/03 Senses Working Overtime/04 Jason and the Argonauts/05 No Thugs In Our House/06 Yacht Dance/07 All of a Sudden (It's Too Late)/08
Melt the Guns/09 Leisure/10 It's Nearly Africa/11 Knuckle Down/12 Fly On the Wall/13 Down In the Cockpit/14 English Roundabout/15 Snowman

MUMMER-01 Beating of Hearts/02 Wonderland/03 Love on a Farmboy's Wages/04 Great Fire/05 Deliver Us From the Elements/06 Frost Circus/07 Jump/08 Toys/09 Gold/10 Procession Toward Learning Land/11 Desert Island/12 Human Alchemy/13 Laybird/14 In Loving Memory of a Name/15 Me and the Wind/16 Funk Pop a Roll

THE BIG EXPRESS-01 Wake Up/02 All You Pretty Girls/03 Shake Your Donkey Up/04 Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her/05 This World Over/06 Red Brick Dream/07 Washaway/08 Blue Overall/09 The Everyday Story of Smalltown/10 I Bought Myself a Liarbird/11 Reign of Blow/12 You're the Wish You Are I Had/13 I Remember the Sun/14 Train Running Low on Soul Coal

SKYLARKING-01 Summer's Cauldron/02 Grass/03 The Meeting Place/04 That's Really Super, Supergirl/05 Ballet For a Rainy Day/06 1000 Umbrellas/07 Season Cycle/08 Earn Enough For Us/09 Big Day/10 Another Satellite/11 Mermaid Smiled/12 The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul/13 Dying/14 Sacrificial Bonfire/15 Dear God

ORANGES AND LEMONS-01 Garden of Earthly Delights/02 The Mayor of Simpleton/03 King For a Day/04 Here Comes President Kill Again/05 The Loving/06 Poor Skeleton Steps Out/07 One of the Millions/08 Scarecrow People/09 Merely a Man/10 Cynical Days/11 Across This Antheap/12 Hold Me My Daddy/13 Pink Thing/14 Miniature Sun/15 Chalkhills and Children

NONSUCH-01 The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead/02 My Bird Performs/03 Dear Madam Barnum/04 Humble Daisy/05 The Smartest Monkeys/06 The Disappointed/07 Holly Up On Poppy/08 Crocodile/09 Rook/10 Omnibus/11 That Wave/12 Then She Appeared/13 War Dance/14 Wrapped In Grey/15 The Ugly Underneath/16 Bungalow/17 Books Are Burning

APPLE VENUS VOLUME 1-01 River of Orchids/02 I'd Like That/03 Easter Theater/04 Knights in Shining Karma/05 Frivolous Tonight/06 Greenman/07 Your Dictionary/08 Fruit Nut/09 I Can't Own Her/10 Harvest Festival/11 The Last Balloon

WASP STAR (APPLE VENUS VOLUME 2)-01 Playground/02 Stupidly Happy/03 In Another Life/04 My Brown Guitar/05 Boarded Up/06 I'm The Man Who Murdered Love/07 We're All Light/08 Standing In For Joe/09 Wounded House/10 You and the Clouds Will Still Beautiful/11 Church of Women/12 The Wheel and the Maypole

Bon appetit!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

For Jane Richards.....a small sample of Flamin' Groovies......

Well DO NOT have a ton of Flamin' Groovies stuff, just these few discs, but when someone as adoreable as Jane Richards requests them, it's the very least I can do ( I have a good bit of her other requests, Ian Dury and Siouxsie & the Banshees, look for them soon, and I already posted a bunch of Patti Smith which I would THINK was still active (could be wrong, though)......

So, Flamin' Groovies.....from San Francisco, the Groovies were originaly Cyril Jordan (guitar, vocal), Ron Loney (guitar, vocal), Tim Lynch (guitar, vocal), George Alexander (bass, harmonica, vocals), and Danny Mihm (drums)......they cranked out a decades-ahead of their time blend of punk, power-pop, rockabilly, pub rock, and God knows what.....the 1969 debut, "Supersnazz" is something of an unknown masterwork, with wild covers of "Somethin' Else" and "The Girl Can't Help It", along with original tracks that fit the theme like a glove ("Lord Have Mercy", "Bam Balam")....a good album, one we all should hear.

In 1970 they released "Flamingo", still aiming for the old-school rock they strove for on album #1, there is some very respectable stuff on here, "Gonna Rock Tonight" and "Headed For the Texas Border" are fine and there is more.

In 1971 they released thier "Masterwork", "Teenage Head", a solid 4-star LP all the way......the title track, "High Flyin' Baby", "Whiskey Woman" and all the rest are fab, and the CD bonus tracks (included here) such as "Shakin all Over" and "Louie Louie", among others, cements this album as a certifiable classic, a fairly unknown one at that.....

The final Groovies disc I happen to have is "Shake Some Action", also a great album, from contains the fantastic title track, as well as a lot of fab covers, ("Misery", "She Said Yeah", and more)......not as great as the earlier albums, it is without question worth hearing/having.

That's all I got from the boots, demos, or anything else......would love to add some rarities/oddities from this underappreciated band, so calling all minions to fill in the gaps....Flamin' Groovies were very influential, rocking, and deserved more credit than they got......PLEASE comment on this here post, The Flamin' Groovies were some bad-ass mofo's there for a while....rock on and on!

SUPERSNAZZ-01 Love Have Mercy/02 The Girl Can't Help It/03 Laurie Did It/04 A Part From
That/05 Rockin Pnumonia and the BoogieWoogie Flu/06 The First One's Free/07 Pagan Rachel/08 Something Else/Pistolpackin Mama/09 Brushfire/10 Bam Balam/11 Around the Corner

FLAMINGO-01 Gonna Rock Tonite/02 Comin' After Me/03 Headin' For the Texas Border/04 Sweet Roll Me On Down/05 Keep A Knockin'/06 Second Cousin/07 Childhood's End/08 Jailbait/09 She's Falling Apart/10 Road House/11 My Girl Josephine/12 Around and around/13 Rockin' Pnuemonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu/14 Somethin Else/15 Rumble/16 Going Out Theme

TEENAGE HEAD-01 High Flyin' Baby/02 City Lights/03 Have You Seen My Baby/04 Yesterday's Number/05 Teenage Head/06 32-20/07 Evil Hearted Ada/08 Doctor Boogie/09 Whiskey Woman/10 Shakin All Over/11 That'll Be The Day/12 Louie Louie/13 Walkin The Dog/14 Scratch My Back/15 Carol/16 Going Out Theme

SHAKE SOME ACTION-01 Shake Some Action/02 Sometimes/03 Yes It's True/04 St Louis Blues/05 You Tore Me Down/06 Please Please Girl/07 Let the Boy Rock N Roll/08 Don't You Lie To Me/09 She Said Yeah/10 I'll Cry Alone/11 Misery/12 I Saw Her/13 Teenage Confidential/14 Shake Some Action (Flamin' Mix)

Friday, August 8, 2014

And yet MORE Magazine goodies from a new blog friend

Dave Sez started this wth his fabulous mega-post a couple weeks which time, someone requested the "official" releases, of which I had a few and posted.....NOW, from a brand new friend of the blog, JustJohnny, filling in a couple more gaps, which helps out both me, and,  hope, you as well....

We have, thanks to Johnny, a 3-disc set, "Magazine 1978-81"....Disc 1 is a  live set from 1978 , from Manchester, Disc 2 the same frm 1980  Melbourne....I have NOT heard them by now, but I am listening to parts of them as I type and these are great, will make a fine addition to MY stash, hopfully to yours as well.....Johnny also sends us Disc 3 of the set, "Maybe It's Alright To Be Nervous Now", another fine set of alternate takes and Peel Sessions (my Magazine collection was SERIOUSLY lacking), once again, THIS IS HOW I WANT THIS BLOG TO WORK.......we can all have the PERFECT music collection, so easilly, just by utilizing the wonderful concept
of SHARING........

Also we have a studio release that I hadn't heard before, "Magic, Murder, and the Weather", from 1981, which I know VERY little about, but by the time you read this I will have heard......a great and underappreciated band of that bygone era, thanks JustJohnny filling in the gaps for some us......don't, by any means, be a stranger......and speaking of such, where is my man APANTA BAPNTA, love to get on some more of that great Greek Punk.......see? it takes MANY outside contributors to make this blog what I want it to be, and EVERYONE iswelcome to share ANYTHING they find interesting here, ANYTHING.........CALLING EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, MAKE THIS PROJECT CONTINUE TO BE THE WONDERFUL THING I WANT FOR IT TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MANCHESTER 78/MELBOURNE 80 DISC 1-01 Feed The Enemy/02 Give Me Everything/03 A Song From Under the Floorboards/04 Permafrost/05 The Light Pours Out of Me/06 Model Worker/07 Parade/08 Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Again)09 Because You're Frightened/10 Shot By Both Sides/11 Twenty Years Ago/12 Definitive Gaze

MANCHESTER 78/MELBOURNE 80 DISC 2-01 Definitive Gaze/02 Touch and Go/03 Burst/04 The Light Pours Out Of Me/05 My Tulpa/06 Shot By Both Sides/07 Give Me Everything/08 Big Dummy/09 My Mind Ain't So Open

MAYBE IT'S RIGHT TO BE NERVOUS NOW-01 Touch and Go (Peel Session)/02 The Light Pours Out Of Me (Peel Session)/03 Real Life (Definitive Gaze) (Alternate Take) (Peel Session)/04 My Mind Ain't So Open (Peel Session)/05 Give Me Eveything (Peel Session)/06 Burst (Peel Sessn)/07 I LoveYou You Big Dummy/08 Boredom (Peel Session)/09 TV Baby Peel Session/10 Thank You Falletinme Be Mice Elf Again (Peel Session)/11 Permafrost (Peel Session)/12 Song From Under the Floorboards (Peel Session)/13 Twenty Years Ago (Peel Session)/14 Look What Fear's Done To My Body (Because You're Frightened) (Peel Sessions)/15 Model Worker (Peel Session)

MAGIC MURDER AND THE WEATHER-01 About the Weather/02 So Lucky/03 The Honeymoon Killers/04 Vigilence/05 Come Alive/06 The Great Man's Secret/07 This Poison/08 Naked Eye/09 Suburban Rhonda/10 The Garden

So BIG thanks to JustJohnny for these, I'm sure he is nowhere near as adoreable as my new blog friend/contributor, Jane Richards (few are!), but he is welcome, at anytime, to contribute and share anythin he wishes......GREAT share JustJohnny,thanks loads!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Couple of weeks before we embarked on my retirement/holiday to the Don Cesar Beach Resort in St.
Petersburg Florida, I posted a couple video links to Florida natives Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performing on the roof of that venue, as well as a documentay they filmed there......what the hell I will repost them.....

Once again we had a fine time there, as always, but it got me to thinking that I have a handful of Petty boots I've not shared, I will say that I am not a HUGE fan of his work 1980 or so, and I don't REALLY know why, he really hasn't changed a lot......I just thought his first three albums were great, saw him in concert about 1978 and he was phenominal, and here are a few bootsfrom that same era......

First up, an old one, 1977to be exact.....great, soon-to-be-classics ("American Girl", "Breakdown", "I Need to Know"), mixedup with stuff like "Dog On the Run" and "Route 66".....a fairly rare and mos interesting early set.

The other two I have here are double disc sets.....from 1979 comes a double disc fom Houston with lots of"Damn the Torpedos" material ("Even the Losers"(my fave), "Refugee", "Shadow of a Doubt" and more, all the classics from the first two albums ("I Need to Know" will loosen your fillings), and as a special bonus, the album ends with rare remixed versions of "Don't Do Me Like That", "Refugee", and "Breakdown".....not to be missed for fans!

The other 2 disc set I have here is from 1980, from Hammersmith Oden, all the songs you'd want to hear, done up right, another fine set from a REALLY good live band, closing with a frantic "Century City".....

Some good stuff here...Petty's had a decent tune or three since "Torpedoes", just hasn't really been on
MY personal radar......if you have any good boots or demos from this era, the world would love to hear them!

ROCKPALLAST 6/14/77-01 Surrender/02 Jaguar and the Thunderbird/03 American Girl/04 Fooled Again/05 Breakdown/6 Listen To Her Heart/7 Strangered In the Night/08 I Need To Know/09 Anything That's Rock N Roll/10 Dog On the Run/11 Route 66/12 Shout

HOUSTON 6/12/79 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Shadow of a Doubt/03 Anything That's Rock N Roll/04 Fooled Again/05 Here Comes My Girl/06 Even the Losers/07 The Wild One, Forever/08 I Need To Know/09 Don't Do Me Like That/10 Cry To Me/11 Refugee/12 Listen to Her Heart/13 American Girl

HOUSTON 6/12/79 DISC 2-01 Breakdown/02 Too Much Ain't Enough/03 Shout/04 Anyway You Want It/05 I Fought The Law/06 Strangered In theNight/07 Route 66/08 Don't Do Me Like That (Remix)/09 Refugee (Remix)/10 Breakdown (Remix)

HAMMERSMITH ODEN DISC 1-01 Shadow of  a Doubt/02 Anything That's Rock N Roll/03 Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)/04 Here Comes My Girl/05 Even The Losers/06 The Wild One, Forever/07 I Need To Know/08 Don't Do Me Like That/09 Cry To Me/10 Stories We Could Tell/11 Refugee

HAMMERSMITH ODEN DISC 2-01 Listen To Her Heart/02 American Girl/03 Breakdown/04 Too Much Ain't Enough/05 Shout/06 Girls Were Made To Love/07 Strangered In the Night/08 Don't Bring Me Down/09 Something Else/10 Century City

Some totally rocking shit here, blew me away my Junior Yearin high school and still soundng fne today, comments, please?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Graham Parker Part 3

Here are the remainer of Geep's studio output from "Struck By Lightning" until present.....note that is
THREE posts in ONE day, mostly becaues I wanted to get the lesser stuff out of the way before moving on tomorrow to the ferocious live advised, I am not terribly familiar with these albums, likely I have heard them once or twice, maybe three times......still, it is Parker, and there are still moments when we realize, that, well, it is Parker.....

"Burning Question", from 1992, is (for Parker) a so-so effort, there's alway a highlight or two, this time how about "Just Like Joe Meek's Blues", and "Love Is a Burning Question".....Parker then took a nearly ten year reprieve from recording, coming back in 2001 with "Deepcut to Nowhere".....sounding somewhat rejuvenated, "I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again" and "Syphillus and Religion" nearly have the spark of the "vintage" GEEP.....2001 also saw the release of the fabulous "That's When You Know", a collection of some older demos and the legendary "Live at the Marble Arch" effort......EASILLY worth it just for that!. 2004's "Your Country", while not "great", brings back a bit of the old "angry" Parker, with stuff like "The Rest Is History" and "Almost Thanksgiving Day", as well as an interesting version of "Crawling From the Wreckage".

2005's "Songs of No Consequences" is farily aptly named, if you're a "fan (I am), perhaps you will
enjoy this or that, say "Suck and Blow" or "She Swallows it" (theme running through this perhaps?)...."Don't Tell Columbus" came out in 2007, NOT SURE  if I've ever even heard it, but it's on my shelf, so why the hell not?, I THINK I have heard 2010's "Imaginary Television", can't really tell ya much about it, see for your self and report back, I don't remember any "lost" classics here, but what do I know....and finally in 2012 (in conjunction with "This is Forty?" I don't know......the original Rumour backed Parker on "Three Chords Good", a more than acceptable piece of work...."Snake Order Capital of the World" and "A Lie Gets Half Way Round the World" are pretty fair tracks.......GEEP and the R......together again, as it SHOULD be.......I wanted to wrap this up so I can get to the bitching LIVE sets the next couple days, TRUST ME, that's where the party is headed.....please leave TONS of comments on this comprehensiver Parker post (so far), what do you like? what do you dislike? but it will be rendered inconsequential by the staggering live shows yet to come!

BURNING QUESTIONS-01 Release Me/02 To Many Knots To Untangle/03 Just Like Joe Meeks Blues/04 Love is a Burning Question/05 Platinum Blond/06 Long Stem Rose/07 Short Memories/08 Here It Comes Again/09 Mr Tender/10 Just Like Herman Hesse/11 Yesterday's Cloud/12 Oasis/13 Worthy of Your Love/14 Substitute

DEEPCUT TO NOWHERE-01 Dark Days/02 I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again/03 If It Ever Stops Rainin'/04 Depend On Me/05 High Horse/06 Cheap Chipped Black Nails/07 Blue Horizon/08 Tough On Clothes/ 09 Socks  N Sandals/10 It Takes a Villiage Idiot/11 Syphillus and Religion/12 Last Stop Is Nowhere

Soul/02 Stargazer/03 The Raid/04 You're On the Wanted List/05 Hit Town/06 Soul Shoes/07 That's When You Know/08 Let It Rain/09 Sunny Side Down/10 Hole In the World/11 Move It Down the Line/12 It's Alright Child, It's Alright/13 Gypsy Blood/14 Express Delivery/15 Not If It Pleases Me

THAT'S WHEN YOU KNOW DISC 2-01 White Honey/02 That's What They All Say/03 Back Door Love/04 Back To School Days/05 Silly Thing/06 Chain of Fools/07 Don't Ask Me Questions/08 You Can't Hurry Love/09 Soul Shoes/10 Kansas City

YOUR COUNTRY-01 Anything For a Laugh/02 The Rest Is History/03 Cruel Lips/04 Almost Thanksgiving Day/05 Nation of Shopkeepers/06 Queen of Compromise/07 Things I've Never Said/08 Sugaree/09 Tornado Alley/10 Fairground/11 Crawling From the Wreckage (Revisited)

SONGS OF NO CONSEQUENCE-01 Vanity Press/02 Bad Chardonnay/03 She Swallows it/4 Chloroform/05 Evil/06 Dislocated Life/07 Suck N BLow/08 There's Nothing on the Radio/09 Ambivilent/10 Go Little JImmy/11 Local Boys/12 Did Everybody Just Get Old

DONT TELL COLUMBUS-01 I Discovered America/02 England's Latest Clown/03 Ambiguous/04 The Other Side of the Reservoir/05 Suspension Bridge/06 Love Or Delusion/07 Total Eclipse of the Moon/08 Stick to the Plan/09 Somebody Saved Me/10 Hard Side of the Rain/11 Bullet of Redemption/12 All Being well

Report/02 Broken Skin/03 It's My Party (But Won't Cry)/04 Bring Me a Heart Again/05 SNowgun/06 Always Greener/07 See Things MyWay/08 You're Not Where You THink You Are/09 Head on Straight/10 More Questions Than Answers/11 1st Responder

THREE CHORDS GOOD-01 Snake Oil Capital of the World/02 Long EMotional Ride/03 Stop Cryin' About the Rain/04 She Rocks Me/05 Three Chords Good/06 Old Soul/07 A Lie Gets Halfway Round the World/08 The Moon Was Low/09 Live In Shadows/10 Arlington's Busy/11 Coathangers/12 Last Bookstore In Town