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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Douglas Fir

"California Memory" from The Douglas Fir is a quite good collection of solid indie-alt-rock.....not
spectacular but very enjoyable, some fine songwriting.

  1. Brand New Dress
2. California Memory
3. How Soon Should I Let You Go
4. Daylight
5. Mervue
6. I Know That You Don't
7. Distant Headlights
8. Excuse Me
9. Lucy
10. In Case of Emergency
11. At the Moment I'm Torn
12. Alamo Square Hill

Cigarettes After Sex

El Paso Texas brings us Cigarettes After Sex, specializing in super slo-mo ambient pop......some good keyboard playing and some kind of strange vocals from founder Greg Gonzalez.

01 K/02 Each Time You Fall In Love/03 Sunsetz/04 Apocalypse/05 Flash/06 Sweet/07 Opera House/08 Truly/09 John Wayne/10 Young and Dumb

Temptations Wings

From North Carolina we have Temptation's Wings, some loud Viking/doom/death/black metal......if that is your thing you landed in the right spot.!ONY0FLjI!J3u990jEsipnm8i9CCPfCg



Holy Machine

Way cool dreamy shoegaze from Kentucky's Holy Machine.....the album "Fraction" is a good listen, also included here is the "No Man's Land Anthem", and a cover of The Church's "Under the Milky Way"......really enjoyed "Fraction", a really good disc.

NO MANS LAND ANTHEM-01 No Man's Land Anthem/02 A Danger!/03 Colorblind

FRACTION-01 Interview/02 Travellers/03 The Sailor's Fate/04 Symphony of Your Demise/05 No Man's Land Anthem (New Version)/06 By the Sea/07 Every Word Synthesize/08 Never Turn Your Back/09 Adonal

BONUS TRACK-Under the Milky Way

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bad Brains

One of the great hardcore punk albums of the early 1980's, came from Washington DC's Bad
would be worth it simply for "Pay to Cum", but that's about a tenth of it......their dense, hardpunk/reggae was unique and great. This is their best album, I have them all I think, ask if you have a special request for one/more.

1."Sailin' On"1:55
2."Don't Need It"1:07
4."The Regulator"1:08
5."Banned in D.C."2:12
6."Jah Calling" (live in studio)2:31
8."Leaving Babylon"4:10

9."Fearless Vampire Killers"1:07
11."Big Take Over"2:57
12."Pay to Cum(live in studio)1:25
13."Right Brigade"2:27
14."I Luv I Jah" (live in studio)6:22
15."Intro"/16. "Outro"

NOTE: There has been an important addendum placed with the "Older UK Band" post......might want to check it out while you can!

Brian Jonestown Massacre Tribute

Again from The Blog That Celebrates Itself, a tribute to a band that has been a fave around here for a while,
The Brian Jonestown Massacre......nobody here I ever heard of, that is what makes it great........this series is beyond awesome.

01 THE CULT OF DOM KELLER-Dropping Bombs On the White House/02 THE SORRY SHOP-Wisdom/03 Sprained Cookies-Anemone/04 AS AMIGAS DE PLASTICO-The Devil May Care/05 3AM-Bring Me the Head of Paul McCartney

Monday, May 29, 2017

"Forever Changes" Mono Mixes!

"Forever Changes" by Love is alot of people's favorite album, my own included.....thusly, I am THRILLED that Fabio has sent the album in mono mixes that I have never heard!  If you are not familiar with this incredible album, I'd probably not start with mono, but I bet It's spectacular, like all mixes of the album are......

01. Alone Again Or
02. A House Is Not a Motel
03. And More Again
04. The Daily Planet
05. Old Man
06. The Red Telephone
07. Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale
08. Live And Let Live
09. The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This
10. Bummer in the Summer
11. You Set the Scene 

All tracks Mono
All of these mixes are officially unavailable on CD.

Here's another rarity in the series "essential in mono but not available on cd". 

Long-rumored to be a folddown, the mono version of this landmark album is somewhat overlooked, not least
because of its limited availability. As with the 2nd Doors album, it is difficult to determine whether there 
are real mixing differences between the USA stereo and mono LP's. I have taken the trouble to study the 
differences between a folded-down stereo recording and the USA mono version of this album ardently, using a 
stereo and a mono rip recorded on the same setup from original USA top copies. However, I could not detect 
any mixing differences on this one (contrary to Strange Days).

Still, there was one other difference: the mono had noticeable better fidelity on all tracks than the folddown.
Not just more high-end details but slightly better resolution so to speak. In fact, the differences varied; 
in a few instances the mono sounded considerately better than my folded Allentown stereo copy (Tr. 6 + 7), 
while the difference was less dramatic on other cuts (Tr. 1, 8). My theory is that the mono tape may have been
separately recorded simultaneously during the stereo mixing but from a summed one-channel output. Then again, 
some tracks might well be folds from the stereo, while others could indeed be dedicated mono mixes. So here
it is, for what it is worth. 

Elektra U.S.A. had this particular title pressed in 1967 in mono and stereo by three different plants: 
Allentown (this copy), Columbia Terra Haute and Monarch. Each plant was sent a master lacquer to cut from 
(rather than a copy of the mastertape) which was uncommon in those days. Thus Elektra ensured that all 
pressings had similar high sound quality. However, there is a distinction between Allentown and 
Monarch pressings when it comes to vinyl quality: Allentown & Columbia copies are usually quieter because 
they used a higher quality vinyl mixture and are therefore preferable when it comes to this album. 

Those who are familiar with original USA pressing pressing will know how hard it is to find a copy that plays 
without excessive surface noise. Even with top copies, the delicate intro to “Alone again, or” is always marred 
by some crackling and/or ticks. This is not necessarily because the vinyl was of poor quality, but because the 
recording itself had to be mastered very softly (due to its dynamic range). The copy used here is in great copy
and luckily did not need a whole lot of digital cleaning up.


Classic Fire

Fabio, today submits "Could You Understand Me", a 1973 classic from Fire from Yugoslavia......long a favorite of mine, again perhaps my favorite "unknown" ear/genre of rock, the "pre-stoner"/heavy psych of 1968-73 or so.......this is a 4.5 star classic, fans of most all rock should love this one.

Could You Understand Me
Dedicated To Love
Memory Of You
Jeden Divan Dan (A Wonderfull Day)
Hey You
Where Are You

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Love/Hendrix Acetate

Thrilled to get this one, lost my copy a while back.....Love from the "Four Sail" era with guest Jimi Hendrix in
the studio (See "False Start" album for "Official" version of "Everlasting First"......Love is one of my favorite bands, and any rarities are welcome......thanks to Fabio for this true gem!

BLUE THUMB ACETATE-01 Everlasting First (Take 16)/02 Easy Rider (Take 1)/03 Easy Rider (Take 2)/04 Loon

Great share Fabio!7NgmxY7A!EFEhtrvOhG3fccnwy6JS_A

Siena Root

"A Dream of Lasting Peace" is album 7 from the back-to-basics rockers, Siena Root.....hailing from
Sweden, this band has been of interest for is a brief review......thanks to Fabio for this one

With a vast discography and a reputation of being an extraordinary live act gained in more than 400 live shows, Swedish root rock bandSiena Root is releasing their seventh album due to production-related reasonsNOW on May 26, 2017, with Hänsel & Gretel/MIG Music. The cover artwork of „A Dream of Lasting Peace“ was designed by Sofia Sagerberg, Patrik Kindwall and Siena Root.
The bandCONTINUED their passionate quest for analog sounds. With a superb result: The new album shines with heavy drum grooves, solid bass riffs, screaming guitar/organ dogfights and powerhouse vocals.
The first single “Tales Of Independence” is going to be released on March 9, 2017.

  1. Secrets
  2. Tales Of Independence
  3. Sundown
  4. The Piper Won’t Let You Stay
  5. Outlander
  6. Growing Underground
  7. Empty Streets
  8. No Filters
  9. Imaginarium
  10. The Echoes Unfold


Fabio sends to us, from Poland, "Anthony Hill", the latest LP from SaturuS......Hard rocking stoner rock LP, Anthony Hill is a character in the album's loud and hard though, concept or not......!HMxTUCYD!nW1UzuvwXfYjrORqIN8XAw

01. The Way
02. Good Mourning
03. The Fungus
04. Cats On The Fence
05. Synopticon
06. Shotgun
07. When The War Is Over

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Live Cars (Record Store Day Release)

I know I've posted this in raw boot form before, but it's good enough to share again, in honor of Record Store's a brief snippet on the performance:

The Cars Live at the Agora was recorded at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, OH on July 18, 1978, right after The Cars' first blush of success with the singles "Just What I Needed" and "My Best Friend's Girl". This never-before-released live show captures The Cars' early vitality and fierce energy. Side D contains a custom "tire tread" etching designed by Cars drummer David Robinson. (Limited worldwide release of 5000.) 

SIDE A: 01 Intro/Good Times Roll (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 02 Bye Bye Love (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 03 Night Spots (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 04 I'm In Touch With Your World (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 
SIDE B: 01 My Best Friend's Girl (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 02 Moving In Stereo (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 03 All Mixed Up (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 04 Take What You Want (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 
SIDE C: 01 Don't Cha Stop (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 02 You're All That I've Got Tonight (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 03 Just What I Needed (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 04 Hotel Queenie (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 05 Somethin' Else (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78)

Happy Birthday Miles Davis

MD Milner submits three boots in honor of the anniversary of Miles Davis' birth, I like Davis stuff from this era (early 70's) the best...

Today, May 27 is Miles Davis' birthday, so I thought I'd share three bootlegs of him at the Fillmore East, when really leaned into the lean funk/rock/jazz but before his music really went wild. 

Miles Davis -1970 04 12 - Fillmore West, San Francisco 

 Miles Davis - 1970-10-15 - Fillmore West 

 Miles Davis - 1971-05-07 - Fillmore West, San Francisco

Friday, May 26, 2017

New Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore's latest I found quite good, a friend disagrees a lot so tell me what you's a
review in case you need to decide if it's for you (This Japanese edition includes two bonus tracks)

Reunited with his backing band for The Best Day -- My Bloody Valentine bassist Deb Googe, Nøught guitarist James Sedwards, and longtime drummer Steve Shelley, asWELL as poet/songwriterRadieux Radio -- Thurston Moore delves even deeper into that album's contemplative, redemptive side on Rock N Roll Consciousness. On songs like the bold yet reverent "Cusp," Moore and company explore spiritual, sexual, and emotional healing on a mystical level. With two tracks stretching beyond the ten-minute mark, Rock N Roll Consciousness' songs are consistently longer than Sonic Youth's output, but they're not just expanded; they're heightened. The band locks in on the most transporting aspects of Moore's music, allowing his deadpan vocals to be the eye of the of the storms surrounding him. Though his delivery gives lyrics like "She is the future and the prophetess" an extra dose of cool, his words mostly function to usher in different movements within each song, which showcase the band's interplay and star turns. Sedwards' work on the New York City love letter "Smoke of Dreams" and "Turn On" (possibly the most Sonic Youth-like trackHERE) reaffirms what a worthy foil he is toMoore. Meanwhile, the album's bookends underscore how impressive the band is as a unit: "Exalted"BEGINS the album with its most varied track, as it moves from hypnotic harmonics to doomy, metal-inspired passages before drifting off on tightly woven guitars, while "Aphrodite" closes it with a standout performance from the rhythm section and some of Moore and Sedwards' most unearthly guitar tones. Another fine addition to his solo work, Rock N Roll Consciousness proves that Moore's search for enlightenment through noise remains vital.

ROCK N ROLL CONSCIOUSNESS-01 Exalted/02 Cusp/03 Turn On/04 Smoke Of Dreams/05 Aphrodite/06 Cease Fire/07 My Liberty