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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The best Wire post ever

Wire is one of those bands, like Elvis Costello or the Pretenders, whom I just LOVED for a while, but then went off in some direction that just didn't get it done for me.... I think they still record even today, and I'm sure their long-time true fans still love them, but after those classic late 1970's albums, they were done for me (much like, I explained, the Pretenders were over "for me" after "Learning to Crawl")..... so "best ever"? Maybe not, for a band with such a huge discography, but those first three albums, I did/do love them, and for me THOSE albums are the "real" Wire.... sorry, sometimes for me, a band simply stays too "long at the fair".

1977's debut, "Pink Flag" was one of the most original and unique albums to come from that era, it is brilliant and sounds every bit as amazing in 2013 as it did in 1977, I am not kidding. It is VERY minimalst punk/new wave, but the song structures are bizarre for the era, "Field Day For the Sundays" checks in at less than a minute).... There are 23 "songs" on the album, I'd prefer to call them segments or movements, this is an album that REQUIRES listening to as a whole. It is also one of the greatest albums of the 1970's, perhaps THE Greatest of 1977, which was a great year for music..... do not miss this if you are unfamiliar.

The next album "Chairs Missing", is an experimental masterpiece as well, the tracks are longer and more atmospheric, again, it is a coherent work that needs to be listened to as a WHOLE.....this is NOT a collection of singles, it is a single, coherent work.
The next year they released "154", another five star masterpiece that is also amazingly experimental, although NOT a carbon copy of "Pink Flag".... this is weird stuff, "I Should Have Known Better" and "Map ref. 4 In. 93 W." are among the standout memories for me, again, like "Pink Flag", you really need to listen to this album as a whole. I know I keep saying this, but listen and you will see EXACTLY what I mean... I PROMISE!

IF you are not as into this as I am (and in high school I was VERY into this band), I have included a comp, "Behind the Curtain", with some of their better moments melded together as though attempting a statement, had it been the first album I had heard from them, I might just buy into it a a fine album as well..... I really, though, recommend the first three albums in totality.

Since then, Wire has released a whole bunch of albums, they don't really do much for me.... chances are if you are a huge fan of the band, you are familiar with them, I am shooting for the casual listener with this one, because latter day Wire just doesn't get it done for me. Sorry, Wire, but thanks TONS for those first three brilliant, amazing, thought provoking albums... they were/ARE great and still remain in fairly heavy rotation around BigScott62's household!

PINK FLAG-01 Reuters/02 Field Day For the Sundays/03 Three Girl Rhumba/04 Ex Lion Tamer/05 Low Down/06 Start To Move/07 Brazil/08 It's So Obvious/09 Surgeon's Girl/10 Pink Flag/11 Commercial/12 Straight Line/13 106 Beats That/14 Mr. Suit/15 Strange/16 Fragile/17 Mannequin/18 Different Zone/19 Champs/20 Feeling Called Love/21 12 X U/22 Dot Dash/23 Options R

CHARIS MISSING-01 Practice makes Perfect/02 French Film/03 Anstler the Letter/04 Men 2nd/05 Marooned/06 Sand In My Joints/07 Being Sucked In Again/08 Heartbeat/09 Mercy/10 Outdoor Miner/11 I Am the Fly/12 I feel Mysterious TOday/13 From the Nursery/14 Used To/15 Too late/16 Outdoor Miner/17 A Question of Degree/18 Former Airline

154-01 I Should Have Known Better/02 Two People In a Room/03 The 15th/04 The Other Window/05 Single KO/06 A Touching Display/07 On Returning/08 A Mutual Friend/09 Blessed State/10 Once Is Enough/11 Map Ref. 4 In. 93 W./12 Indirect Enquiries/13 40 Versions/14 Song 1/15 Get Down (Parts 1 & 2)/16 Lets Panic Later/17 Small Electric Piece/18 Go Ahead

BEHIND THE CURTAIN-01 Mary Is a Dyke/02 Too True/03 Just Don't Care/04 TV/05 New York City/06 After Midnight/07 Pink Flag/08 Love Ain't Polite/09 Oh No Not So/10 It's the Motive/11 Practice Makes Perfect/12 Sand In My Joints/13 Stablemate/14 I feel Myserious Today/15 Underwater Experience/16 Dot Dash/17 Options R/18 From the Nursery/19 Finistaire/20 No Romans/21 Another The Letter/22 40 Versions/23 Blessed State/24 A Touching Display/25 Once Is Enough/26 Stepping Off Too Quick/27 Indirect Inquiries/28 Map Ref 41 N 93 W/29 A Question of Degree/30 Two people In a Room/31 Former Airline

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The best 1313 Mockingbird Lane post, ever

Today, lets go with some VERY primal garage rock, 1313 Mockingird Lane, ( named of course form the Munsters address)....their claim was that they "kept to the basics of fuzz guitar, farfisa organ, and screaming" sums them up pretty well, and what could possibly be wrong with that? The lineup was Hauneted Hausman (guitar, vocals), Kim13 (organ), Jay Howlett (Bass, vocals), and a myriad of drummers.....if you enjoyed the "USA Garage Greats" series, if you enjoyed "Nuggets", if you enjoy the music of, say The Chesterfield Kings, The Miracle Workers and the like, this is for you, trust me.....this is great shit.

What we have here is a massive singles collection (excitingly entitled "The Singles"), as well as their only full length "Have Hearse Will Travel".....don't know, really, what I can say....I think the description is accurate, and this shit is the fucking bomb. If you like the shit I mentioned earlier there is NO WAY that this is not for you....if you are a regular reader here, WHY are you so if you do not desire to hear this bomb-ass shit from 1313 Mockingbird Lane? It kicks serious ass. Really all I need to say.

THE SINGLES-01 Hornet's Nest/02 My Hearse (It's Double Parked)/03 Teenage Devil Doll/04 Tilt-A-Whirl/05 Things Are Different Now/06 Egyptian Caveman/07 Monkey Cage Girl/08 Pretty Boys/09 Psychedelic Monster/10 Dead Mary/11 Slow Death/12 Dirty Bitch/13 Latin Louie/14 Hey Joe/15 Albany/16 Hey Hey Hey/17 Alice Dee/18 The Spider and The Fly/19 Devil's Weed/20 Tamala/21 Naked (And Waiting)/22 Backwash Beach/23 Problems/24 Drambuie

HAVE HEARSE WILL TRAVEL-01 Dig Her Up/02 Big Black Car/03 Bat's Milk Yogurt/04 Headless Angel/05 Teenage Devil Doll/06 Blood On the Moon/07 My Hearse/08 Ooga Booga Baby/09 Jack the Ripper/10 Wolfman/11 Tilt-a-Whirl/12 Hey You/13 Space Ghost

As you know, ZIppyshare is what "it is"......hopefully the links will be up pretty early in the day sunday, but who the fuck knows? Zippyshare is NOT a modelof consistency, and I have a bunch oif shit I hope to get done on Sunday.....anyway, I'm going to go pass out soon, and when I awaken HOPEFULLY these TWO fucking links will be ready to go....if not, oh fucking well is all I can say, check later in the day.....I wish I had a better FREE service to upload this shit for you folks. unfortunately, I do not.......have a cool remainder of your weekend, minions, and all you bithes that want to fuck me, you don't HAVE TO KEEP IT SECRET any longer......for God's sake. just unburden yourselves and TELL ME!

Monday, February 18, 2013

The best Pretenders post, ever

My favorite band of the 1980's, no contest.....I am not, as we shall see, a huge fan of the work that the Pretenders (or, basically Chrissie Hynde) did after "Learning to Crawl", much like Elvis Costello, there was a point where she just lost me......latter day Pretenders  stuff does NOTHING for me, and I'm sure I will get blasted for not including this or that here, but in 1) I don't HAVE it, and 2) if you want it that bad it is readilly available on Pirate Bay and elsewhere.....there was a time when quality bootlegs of the band were kind of difficult to locate, but they are MUCH more readilly avaialable now and I have a STACK of them (they were a PHENOMINAL live band, as I was fortunate enough to catch the original Chrissie Hynde/Martin Chambers/Pete Farndon/James Honeyman-Scott lineup.....Scott and Farndon, of course, are no longer with us).

When that self titled debut came out in late 1979/early 1980 I was fresh out of high school, and that album hit me like a sledgehammer. I LOVED that album, still LOVE it today and will still love it 20 years from now. "Precious".....what a great track. I don't recall a song EVER where the chick sings about "doing it on the pavement", and as a BONUS worries about getting pregnant a few lines later....."Up the Neck".....the ingenious "Tattooed Love Boys" ("Stop snivelin''re gonna make some plastic surgeon a rich man")....the thundering "The Wait", "Mystery Achievment"....this was and is one of my favorite albums ever. You should already have it in your collection, if you don't, why not?

Then came "Pretenders II"......I wonder how many hours of thought went into that very imaginative title, but it was fairly appropriate, actually, because the album didn't sound as though a terribly high amount of work went into it either, and if ever there was a band that had "one album wonder" written on them, it was the Pretenders.....not that it's a BAD album, mind you, it has some highlights (who among us would not wish to hear Chrissie Hynde sing a song called "Bad Boys Get Spanked"? "Talk of the Town" was one of their better early singles (better, I think, than "Brass in Pocket", but this album sounds rushed together, and it sounded as though the Pretenders were finito.

In 1983, one of the first things I purchased after beginning my disasterous first marriage was a vinyl copy of their third album "Learning to Crawl" (marriage: less than one year. Still have the vinyl "Learning to Crawl") is, in my opinion, a BETTER album than the first, although not as "significant" if you get what I'm saying......"Middle of the Road" opens the album brilliantly ("I'm not the kind I used to be, I got a kid, I'm 33")....."Time the Avenger" is another great song about growing older, "Watching the Clothes" examines the lonely life of a waitress, "Thumbelina" deals with spousal abuse.....haven't even talked about the albums two best known songs, "My City Was Gone" and "Back on the Chain Gang" is a brilliant album, full of brilliant, versatile songs, concluding with "2000 Miles", perhaps the ONLY TIME EVER a rock musician did a "serious" Christmas song without sounding 100% moronic.

As I said before, I am not a fan of the Pretenders post-"Learning to Crawl".......there were some good songs, some bad ones too, and I just didn't care for the direction in which they went. I enjoyed seeing Chrissie Hynde on "Friends" a few years back and she looked good and was pretty funny as well.....I have not followed her closely since "Learning to Crawl", I'm sure that there are fans of hers that insist she has made some brilliant stuff, and I don't doubt it.....but I was a fan of the PRETENDERS, and post-1983 I think it is pretty much The Chrissie Hynde Band.....nothing wrong with that, just wasn't my thing.

The first album was reissued a few years back with a bonus disc of other material, I have included that here. If it's live stuff you want, and as I say they were a PHENOMINAL live band, we got the goods.....the oldest is really of interest because it is from early 1979 and they hadn't broken yet....from London it opens with a frantic version of "The Wait", very short set and quite interesting. Have a 1980 show from Chicago with the band at their best, running through a set of stuff from the first two albums, and an encore of "What You Gonna Do About It".....we have a good set from 1980's Heatwave Festival, another 1980 set from Central park NY, yet ANOTHER one from that year from the Palladium NYC. From 1981 comes a radio simulcasat from Amsterdam,and  a show from Santa Monica CA.Their fine peformance at the US Festival, 1983, we have here, and rounding out the live stuff is a 2 disc set from 1984 from Berkeley California.....given this is a LOT of shows taken from a relatively short period of time, obviously there is a good bit of overlap in material between them.....this one is for FANS, of which I was a dedicated one for a few years there, NOT about examining and exploring their entire's about my life, getting out of high school and getting into a bad first marriage and the soundtrack to that era,which, for me included a heavy dose of the original Pretenders. God, they were great for a while there, albums #1 and #3 among my very favorite albums of anyone ever.

As much trouble as I am having with the Edgar Broughton uploads, God knows when I'll get this one up.....hopefully it is Monday when you see this. Until, have a good holiday government workers (like myself), and I apologize for the issues with Zippyshare....even though they are not my fault, I think it reflects badly on my blog to a degree. Thanks to all who read, listen, share, and comment here.

THE PRETENDERS-01 Precious/02 The Phone Call/03 Up the Neck/04 Tattooed Love Boys/05 Space Invaders/06 The Wait/07 Stop Your Sobbig/08 Kid/09 Private Life/10 Brass In Pocket/11 Lovers of Today/12 Mystery Achievment

THE PRETENDERS II-01 The Adultress/02 Bad Boys Get Spanked/03 Message of Love/04 I Go To Sleep/05 Birds of Paradise/06 Talk of the Town/07 Pack it Up/08 Waste Not Want Not/09 Day After Day/10 Jealous Dogs/11 The English Roses/12 Louie Louie
LEARNING TO CRAWL-01 Middle of the Road/02 Back on the Chain Gang/03 Time the Avenger/04 Watching the Clothes/05 Show Me/06 Thumbelina/07 My City Was Gone/08 Thin Line Between Love And Hate/09 I Hurt You/10 2000 Miles
1ST ALBUM BONUS DISC-01 Cuban Slide/02 Porcelain/03 The Phone Call (demo)/04 The Wait (demo)/05 I Can't Control Myself (live)/06 Swinging London/07 Brass In Pocket (demo)/08 Kid (demo)/09 Stop Your Sobbing (demo)/10 Tequilla (demo)/11 Nervous But Shy/12 I Need Somebdy (Live)/13 Mystery Achievment (Live)/14 Precious (Live)/15 Tattooed Love Boys (Live)/16 Sabre Dance (Live)
LONDON 1/2/79-01 The Wait/02 Stop Your Sobbing/03 Kid/04 Cuban Slide/05 Brass In Pocket/06 Mystery Achievment
CHICAGO 9/8/80-01 Precious/02 The Adultress/03 Kid/04 Talk of the Town/05 Space Invader/06 Cuban Slide/07 I Go to Sleep/08 Private Life/09 Brass In Pocket/10 The Wait/11 Stop Your SObbing/12 Louie Louie (tape flip)/13 Porcelain/14 Tattooed Love Boys/15 Band Intros/16 Up the Neck/17 Mystery Achievemnet/18 What You Gonna Do About it
HEATWAVE FESTIVAL 8/23/80-01 Precious/02 The Adultress/03 Kid/04 Space Invadaer/05 Private Life/06 Brass In Pocket/07 Stop Your Sobbing/08 The Wait/09 Louie Louie/10 Porcelain/11 Tattooed Love Boys/12 Audience/13 Mystery Achievment
CENTRAL PARK 8/30/80-01 Preious/02 Kid/03 Talk of the Town/04 Brass In Pocket/05 Stop Your Sobbing/06 The Wait/07 Band Intros/08 Up the Neck
THE PALLADIUM NYC 5/30/80-01 Space Invaders/02 The Wait/03 Precious/04 Kid/05 Private Life/06 Cuban Slide/07 The Phone Call/08 Talk of the Town/09 Tattooed Love Boys/10 Band Intros/11 Up the Neck/12 MysteryAchievment/13 Stop Your Sobbing/14 I Go To Sleep/15 Brass In Pocket
AMSTERDAM 5/31/81-01 The Wait/02 Precious/03 Talk of the Town/04 Cuban Slide/05 Private Life/06 Space Invader/07 I Go To Sleep/08 Brass In Pocket/09 Kid/10 Up the Neck/11 Mystery Achievement/12 Stop Your Sobbing
SANTA MONICA 9/4/81-01 The Wait/02 The Adultress/03 Message of Love/04 Louie Louie/05 Talk of the Town/06 Birds of Paradise/07 The English Roses/08 Stop Your Sobbing/09 Private Life/10 Kid/11 Day After Day/12 Up the Neck/13 Bad Boys Get Spanked/14 Tattooed Love Boys (1st Part)/15 Tattooed Love Boys (2nd Part)/16 Precious/17 Mystery Achievment/18 Higher and Higher
US FESTIVAL 5/30/83-01 My City Was Gone/02 Message of Love/The Adultress/03 Talk of the Town/04 StopYour Sobbing/05 Private Life/06 Time the Avenger/Mystery Achievment/07 The Wait/08 Middle of the Road/09 Up the Neck/10 Precious/11 Crowd Noise/12 Back on the Chain Gang/13 Brass In Pocket/14 Money
BERKELEY CA 9/1/84 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Time the Avenger/03 Message of Love/04 The Adultress/05 My City Was Gone/06 Show Me/07 Talk of theTown/08 Birds of Paradise/09 Thin Line Between Love and Hate/10 Kid/11 Back On the Chain Gang
BERKELEY CA 9/1/84 DISC 2-01 Bad Boys Get Spanked/02 The Wait/03 Mystery Achievment/04 Up the Neck/05 Middl of the Road/06 Thumbelina/07 Roomful of Mirrors/08 Stop Your Sobbing/09 2000 Miles/10 Tattooed Love Boys/11 Precious

Again, I am not even through with the Edgar Broughton uploads, thes last 2 of them are giving me REAL trouble.....but I'll get em, and as soon as I do I'll begin uploading Pretenders,,,,it was amazing how smoothly the Adam and the Ants Megapost went, and how much difficlty I have had with Broughton.....I really enjoy doing these ig posts, and I know some of you guys like them too, hopefully zippyshare gives me a break on this one and I can get ALL the Pretenders links up by tonite (Monday)......but who knows, I may still be dicking around with the Edgar Broughton links tonight. Again I apologize......

Friday, February 15, 2013

A REAL quick one (but don't miss it)

My son's basketball game starts in about 2 hours, so I need a quickie post before I'm off and running.....and here is the perfect one. The other day (or last week or the week before or something) I posted some humorous albums, posting the "Remouns", Beach Boys tracks done up Ramones style...couple thoughts. First of all, after posting it, I listened to iagain, it really isn't all that great. And secondly, I commented in the post that I had actually wanted to post "Leave Stockholm" by Gabba, ABBA tracks done up Ramones style, but I couldn't find it anywhere......well, while putting some CD's back on the shelves I found it. This is one of the great recordings in the history of sound waves. DO NOT MISS this if you have ANY type of a sense of humor whatsoever (I can only imagine some adle-brain saying "Hey maaan, I take the  Ramones SERIOUSLY why you be hatin on them?) God I love humanity sometimes.

This is hilarious and great/wonderful album, if I gave the Remouns, say, a C+ for it's humor/musical content/seuccess ratio, I give this an pulls it off PERFECTLY. I love it. You aren't going to wish to listen to it over and over again, IT'S A JOKE......and really, I personally don't sit around and listen to the REAL Ramones all the time either....all about having a goddamn sense of humor, so many of us do not. Love ya all and something more substantial/significant tomorrow!

01 Waterloo/02 Gabba Gabba/03 Mama Mia/04 Super Shock Trooper/05 The Pinhead Takes It All/06 SOS/07 Hej Ho Disco/08 Knowing Me Knowing You/09 Gimme Gimme Gimme (Shock Treatment at Midnite)/10 So Log/11 Rockaway Beach

This ones so short I should have (ZIppy willing) the link up before tip-off! Allegedly there is also a Gabba album "Missle to Malmo", but a joke is funny only once. Ask the REAL Ramones.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Socrates Drank the Conium

"Best ever".....likely not, I don't have their complete discography, and actually I don't think I'd want to hear it (they tredge on even at this date according to Wikipedia), BUT I am also missing an album from their, uh, "classic" era (I think i used to have it, but you know....) anyway, I have  a basketbal game in a couple hours, so this short post is what we are getting tonight.

These guys were a Greek heavy blues/psych/rock band, pretty damn good, heavilly influenced by Hendrix and Cream......thier 1972 debut (self titled) is pretty fair, good period piece with lots of heavy blues riffing and enough oddball psych touches to keep it interesting. Album #2 is the one I am missing, also from 1972 and entitled "Taste the Conium".....I have never heard it, but CALLING FRIENDS OF THE BLOG, I would LIKE TO, and will post it here if any of you fine folks have an MP3 of it.......anyway, in 1973 they released album #3, "On the Wings", my favorite of the ones I've heard......heading just a touch more in the psych direction than the previous effort ("Tripping in a Crystal Forrest", "On the Wings of Death")......they released another album "Phos" in 1976 which I have ALSO never heard, but seemed to play to pretty fair reviews and which I'd also LOVE to hear a copy, help, help, my great Friends of the Blog!

After that they cranked out album after album, never heard them and don't really care to, but for SOME reason I have a live album from (get this ) 1999 from is surprisingly good, without checking I have no idea how many members of the 1972 lineup grace this album, and frankly, who cares? There are a whole lotta Hendrix covers on it, worth a listen just as a comparison point.

Don't know too terribly much about mthese guys......they released a few albums in the early 1970's, had a wierd moniker, and at least cranked the amps with other bands that never took off in the US it's fairly hard to get much info on them, but these are decent discs......and please, if you have a link to "Phos" or "Taste the Conium", I'd love to hear them/share them here. Pleaes let me know......tomorrow, someting else, I'd tell ya what, but I have not a clue. Open to suggestions as always!

SELF TITLED-01 Live in the Country/02 Something in the Air/03 Bad Conditions/04 It's a Disgusting World/05 Close the Dooand Lay Down/06 Blind Illusion/07 Hoo Yeh!/08 Underground/09 Starvation

ON THE WINGS-01 Wh is TO Blame/02 Destruction/03 Naked Trees/04 Death is GOnna/05 This is the Rules/06 Love Sick Kid's BLues/07 On the WIngs of Death/08 Breakdown/09 Tripping in a Crystal Forrest/10 Regulations (If I Was President)

LIVE 1999-01 Justice/02 Starvation/03 QUeen of the Universe/04 Stray Dogs/05 The Killer/06 For Every Clown/07 The Visitor/08 Born Again/09 I just Wanna Make Love to You/10 High Speed Ride/11 Bring It On Home to Me/12 Living in a Hot Town/13 Voodoo Chile/14 Red House/15 Little Wing/16 Message of Love/17 Mountains

Yet another email from one who "gets it"

This one I really take pride in because it comes from "GIVEMEACID", evidently a member of Datura who produced two of the ALL TIME GREAT stoner classics "Visions of the Celestial" and "Allisone", two albums that I LOVE and am honored to have a member of that band even take a GLANCE at my blog.....note, he is NOT crying "Take my shit DOWN.....I don't want anyone HEARING it.....take it down or I swear to God I'M GOING TO TELLLLLLLL" (Hi, Corrosion of Conformity, Green Day, and Molly Neuman of Bratmobile).......there really ARE some people left on this planet without mental deficiencies, some times you just gotta search a little bit......anyway, next few days the Datura post gets reupped.....they deseerve it and am PROUD AND HAPPY that he like the brief write up I gave him. Thanks, GIVEMEACID, you made my day!

Scott M

GIVEMEACID has left a new comment on your post "The best Datura post ever":

Nice piece on my band :)
here's what our discography looks like...

"Happiness Grows" track (1993)
"Ride the Colour Skies" track (1994)
Demo 1 (cassette only 1995)
Demo 2 (cassette only 1996)
Demo 3 (cassette only 1997)
All Is One (1998)Reisuued on LP, in 2012, with an extra LP of a live show from 1998)
Visions of the Celestial (1999)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Briefly: A good email from a human being.....

.....rather than a whining baby. Recieved this today, don't know if it went to the blog comments or not, but if it did you still may not see it, so I want you to read it:


I was the bass player in Flowers, Fruits and Pretty Things. I wrote the A side "Take Me Away" which was included in your USA Garage Greats Part 24. Thanks for including it! If you're interested, I posted up a video on YouTube I made with publicity photos and archive materials of the band with both sides of the 45 as the sound track. You can find it by searching under: Flowers, Fruits and Pretty Things Band. It should come right up and is about 5 minutes. There is also a brief history of the band under the description of the the video.

Thanks for keeping the un-varnished 60's sounds alive!

Dave Pasant


See, here is an old timer who "gets it", much like youngsters Fluid Underground "get it".......they "get" that OTHER PEOPLE HEARING THEIR MUSIC IS A GOOD THING. WHY is that so FUCKING hard to understand? Whine-babies like Corrosion of Conformity, Green Day, and Molly Whateverthefuckhernameis from Bratmobile, are comparable to storekeepers who get pissed off because they have too many customers in their store. Jesus Christ, people CANNOT be as stupid as all that. If you write, you want MANY people to read it. AS MANY AS POSSIBLE. If you paint you want MANY people to see your work, as many as possible.....and if you FUCKING MAKE MUSIC, you want as MANY FUCKING PEOPLE TO HEAR IT AS IS HUMANLY FUCKING POSSIBLE, THAT IS IF YOU HAVE A FUCKING BRAIN IN YOUR FUCKING HEAD.

Thanks DAVE PASANT for the cool of wishes/health to you and yours.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The best Le Tigre post, ever

Angry lesbian/feminist/leftists put out a couple of pretty fair albums in the early 2000's, if you're unfamiliar this may or may not be your thing.....kind of a mix of Riot Grrrrl-ish punk rock and electroclash noise, all held together with a political view somewhere to the left of Rage Against the Machine......if that sounds like your cup of tea, you've come to the right place. If not, well, one of these days I'll get around to that "Best Skrewdriver post ever" I've been holding out on for so long now (and I'm serious about that too.....I think Skrewdriver and Angry Aryans have every right in the world to put thier ideas to music, every bit as much as do Le Tigre, RATM, Tom Robinson, et al.......I've posted a LOT more leftist stuff than I have the opposite (the left DOES seem to have better musical chops), but my point is that when I DO post Skrewdriver or Ian Stuart and the Klansmen or something, I expect the "Freedom of speech" crowd to be as tolerant as they are of the leftist stuff I have so often posted......I am a true "common sense" type, without much use for PURE liberal OR conservative thought.....but I DO try to respect the rights of others to state their views as they see fit, which is more than I can say for soi many I have encountered on both the left AND the right.

Le Tigre were formed by Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill (on whom I have never done a post, but should, really liked some of their stuff as well) along with Johanna Fateman and JD Samson (Sadie Benning was a member for the first album only, I beleive)...the self titled debut came out in 1999, I don't think I could describe the style/sound any better than I already have, this is pure lesbian/feminist music, as "pure" as one could possibly want to hear.....again, if this is your "thing", it's pretty damn good ("Hot Topic" and "What's Yr Take on Cassavettes?" are standout tracks, not that they are the only ones) my opinion, though, their best moment was 2001's fine "Feminist Sweepstakes" with some crushing tunes like "Fake French" and the fabulously angry "FYR" (their best track, IMO).....if you only want to try out ONE, make it "Feminist Sweepstakes"......

They switched lables and in 2004 released thier final (I assume) "official" album, "This Island", not bad but no match for the two earlier albums.....if you freak for this stuff, though, you will want to have this one as well.....for some reason I have quite a few rarities from these ladies, a fine EP entitled "From the Desk of Mr Lady", which features the classic song title "They Want Us to Make a Symphony Out of the Sound of Women Swallowing Their Own Tongues"....can't go wrong with THAT right? I also have a live EP recorded in Sweden 2002, with a smoking version of "FYR" and some tunes not available on the albums.....

I have another EP, having a hard time finding out exactly what it is, it is 2002 remixes of some of the songs off of "Feminist Sweepstakes", evidently according to some of my gibberish notes, the remixes were possibly performed by electro-wizards Chicks on Speed? I could be wrong about that. Finally ANOTHER remix album, featuring all sorts of remixes of tracks from "This Island".

This is good music, to me......politically it as at the very least challenging and thought provoking, and the better suff like "FYR" hits like a sledgehammer. I know some will not like this, but as I said before, some would not like Skrewdriver (come to think of it I DID post Prussian Blue once, forgot about that)......if you're offended by the views/thoughts of others, frankly, you have wandered into the wrong blog.

The snow is snowing, and I'm going to have to go plow some of it tonight......I hope everyone stays safe. Super Bowl tomorrow, I could care less who wins it, but me thinks it'll be the 49ers taking their sixth SB title......anyone else have any thoughts? I may not even get to watch it live as I may still be plowing snow at that point in time.......if so it will be the first one EVER, yes EVER, that I did not watch live.....if I can make 3 or 4 hundred bucks plowing snow and have a perfectly working TIVO common sense dictates showing me the money.....even if the Vikings were playing? Don't be silly......I'd be plowng in HELL, because it will, in such a case, no doubt be freezing over......

LE TIGRE-01 Deceptacon/02 Hot Topic/03 What's Yr Take on Cassavettes?/04 The Empty/05 Phanta/06 Eau d'Bedroom Dancing/07 Let's Run/08 My My Metrocard/09 Friendship Station/10 Slideshow at Free University/11 Dude Yr So Crazy/12 Les and Ray

FEMINIST SWEEPSTAKES-01 LT Tour Theme/02 Shred A/03 Fake French/04 FYR/05 On Guard/06 Much Finer/07 Dyke March 2001/08 Tres Bien/09 Well Well Well/10 TGIF/11 My Art/12 Cry For Everything Bad That's Ever Happened/13 Keep On Livin'

THIS ISLAND-01 On the Verge/02 Seconds/03 Don't Drink Poison/04 After Dark/05 Nanny Nanny Boo Boo/06 TKO/07 Tell You Now/08 New Kicks/09 Viz/10 This Island/11 I'm So Excited/12 Sixteen/13 Punker Plus

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Friday, February 1, 2013

NOT abandoning you my children.......

I know I have deprived you of any rocking tunes for a couple of days, sometimes that's just the way it goes......I'm on the State of Ohio's "emergency" list of snow plow drivers, meaning when the "real" drivers are all too tired, they call I've been dong that the last few days, plus my son had a basketball game tonight......fear not, I am not giving up on the blogging thing, at least not yet.....I was all over the Ipod on the way to the game tonight, in fact, trying to think of some novel things to post over the weekend.......Down River? Chicks on Speed? Abe Diddy and the Krautboys? Altamont? Could be any one of them tomorrow, or something else completely different, unless, of course, it snows more (it is supposed to) and they call me in to plow the shit again, in which case you GET NOTHING! (I'd give odds they call me to plow during the Super Bowl on Sunday)......anyway, I get used to posting EVERY day, I'd bet SOME of you (1 or 2 anyway) get used to it also, but it just isn't always possible......I'll do my best to get some shit up for you guys over the weekend, unless of course, duty calls, in which case my love.... of the almighty dollar will trump any feelings of obligation I have for YOU, anyway, I hope to bring you a really cool, post tomorrow (Saturday) unless the work thing gets in the way....but for now, I gotta run, Sheryl Crowe tells me my dinner is ready.....til then, be safe and well......