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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cable Ties

Wonderful album from Melbourne's Cable Ties........some strong retro 70's punk noises here, with a great female singer (hints of Sleater-Kinney?), strong songs, excellent playin'.......a real surprise, album of the week!

CABLE TIES-01 The Producer/02 Cut Me Down/03 Can't Hold My Hand/04 Fishbowl/05 Same For Me/06 Say What You Mean/07 Paradise/08 Wasted Time

Electric Mountain

Sludgy power trio heavy rock from Mexico......another "name your price" Bandcamp link.....I always
appreciate those, so take advantage and if you like it, be certain and support the bands.

Electric Mountain - Tracks: 8 Time: 00:31:01
    01. Free Woman           -  04:32
    02. Space Rocket         -  03:46
    03. Dune                 -  03:58
    04. Going Under          -  05:54
    05. Into The Maelstrom   -  01:28
    06. Green Mountain Side  -  04:03
    07. Down On The Road     -  04:16
    08. Heavy Stone          -  03:04 

The Popguns

Really did like this album of jangly alt-pop from The Popguns, "Sugar Kisses". From Brighton, they feature some strong radio-ready pop songs with Tom Petty-like guitar and some wonderful chick vocalization......quite a find.

SUGAR KISSES-01 Sugar Kisses/02 We Don't Go Round There Anymore/03 So Long/04 A Beaten Up Guitar/05 Out on the Highline/06 A Dream of Her Own/07 The Outsider/08 Gene Machine/09 Fire Away/10 Finished With the Past


Fabio sends us this hard rocking slab from Dallas' Mothership, "High Strangeness". This is the trio's third album, I think that we've featured the early ones as well......some hard rocking shit, no question

Mothership - High Strangeness (2017)
01 High Strangeness
02 Ride The Sun
03 Midnight Express
04 Crown Of Lies
05 Helter Skelter
06 Eternal Trip
07 Wise Man
08 Speed Dealer

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Here's a cool demo disc from New York's ptsd, entitled "If You See Something Say Something".......four tracks, some good three-piece post new-wave/power pop........recommend this, if simply as a curiosity.

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING- 1. Line of Fire 2. Short Circuit 3. TCB 4. Exposed


From Catania Italy comes this fab piece of noisy shoegaze/post punk.........good album, attaching a review to this one.

Three years in the making, Sicilian-based band Clustersun have upped the ante on their sophomore albumSurfacing to Breathe. Formed in 2013, the band includes Marco Chisari (vocals/bass), Mario Lo Faro (guitars), Piergiorgio Campione (synthesizers/keyboards/backing vocals), and Andrea Conti (drums). While they are known primarily as shoegazers, their sound has evolved to include elements of post punk, noise pop, and mind-bending psych.

The sound here is more up front aggressive and hard charging, and it suits them well. In fact, I almost imagine I hear elements of Killing Joke (witness the pounding ‘Antagonize Me’) and other blistering post punkers. Opening track ‘Raw Nerve’ embodies this musical shift, yet incorporates huge, echoing sonics from their ‘gazey hearts. Darker textures abound, and it’s a welcome addition to the mix. Marco Chisari states, “We are so much happy and proud of how ‘Surfacing to Breathe’ came out, mainly because we’ve managed to capture how the band sounds live.” Indeed, there is a vibrant immediacy to the production quality, sounding like it was recorded inside of a huge space.

The third track ‘Lonely Moon’ returns to their signature sound, with an infectious melody and some nice vocal work from Chisari. ‘The Whirling Dervish’ is intense and eerie, with some high-pitched sounds that really get your attention. It’s dramatic and you won’t forget its ominous pulse anytime soon. ‘Don’t Let the Weight of Your Soul Drag You Down’ is a minor key masterpiece, nicely draped with the cool embrace of dream pop. It ventures a bit into the psych gaze space, and nicely sums up the appeal of this band in one short instrumental break.

‘Surfacing to Breathe’ is a prime slice of space rock, reminding me in parts of Storm in Heaven Verve. Enjoy the ride as the song shoots you into orbit! And ooh, I really dig “Emotional Painkiller”, a shift to post punk with a creepy ambience that really shines here. Best song on the record for this listener, out of a bunch of great songs. I am vaguely reminded of Joy Division, maybe because of the driving bass and drums. The final tune ‘Event Horizon’ is another epic tune with many interesting melodic twists and turns and a percussion line that thrums like a heartbeat.

In summary, this second release is well worth your time and effort to pick up and savor. Highly recommended!

SURFACING TO BREATHE-01 Raw Nerve/02 Antagonize Me/03 Lonely Moon/04 The Whirling Dervish/05 Don't Let the Weight of Your Soul Drag You Down/06 Surfacing to Breathe/07 Emotional Painkiller/08 Event Horizon

Reduction Plan

From Connecticut USA come the very dark, cold, shoegaze/post punk of Reduction Plan.......this is a good one I will listen to again today, kind of a rarity!

SOMEWHERE-01 Without an End/02 In the Night/03 Dreams in Blue/04 Julia/05 (somewhere)/06 Autumn/07 On Your Own/08 Untitled 2/09 (calm)/10 Restless

Major Leagues

Australlian girl/garage group stuff, really cool........reminiscent of perhaps Nikki & the Corvettes.......quite a good and innocent rock album.

GOOD LOVE-01 Swimming Out/02 Mess up/03 Jaimee and Anna/04 Good Love/05 Curls/06 It Was Always You/07 Special Angel/08 Nono Jojo/09 Holiday/10 Don't Wanna/11 Dream Away/12 How Will the Heart Know

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Gluts

Here is another really good one, from Italy,  "Estasi" from The Gluts....."THE" (IMO) modern sounds of rock: noisy, distorted, semi-psych........quite a good effort.

ESTASI-01 Colline Bianchi/02 Controller/03 That's Me/04 Squirrel/05 I Realize That I'm Not So Dumb/06 Usiku Mweva/07 Come to Fire/08 Ponytail/09 Ash/10 Richard/11 Home

Secret Colours

This is a dandy, "Dream Dream" from Secret Colours.....swirling dreamy psychedelic shoegaze, really caught my ear the first time.  Really, really a good one.

01. Another World (03:38)
02. Dream Dream (03:39)
03. Pins and Needles (02:59)
04. Hold Me Up (02:30)
05. Places I’m Going (03:34)
06. Interlude (01:42)
07. Feed the Machine (03:44)
08. Changes in Nature (03:38)
09. Boom Boom (03:13)
10. Save Me (02:48)
11. Habitual Ritual (02:50)
12. Carry On (03:07)

Blue Phantom

From 1971, way cool is the story of the album (From the back cover)

This legendary 1971 album was recorded by unknown musicians in Milan, for use as incidental music in films, television and radio. Almost each and every track is a short, heavy acid rock symphony ... Disturbing, dissonant, and even downright menacing.  An astounding blend of creepy grooves and distorted guitar, it was released in tiny numbers in Italy, France and the UK, and is highly sought-after by collectors today. This welcome reissue comes complete with the only other track released under the Blue Phantom name.

DISTORTIONS-01 Diodo/02 Metamorphosis/03 Microchaos/04 Compression/05 Equilibrium/06 Dipnoi/07 Distillation/08 Violence/09 Equivalence/10 Psycho-Nebulous/11 Uncle Jim (Bonus Track)

The Prime Ministers

Detroit power-pop from The Prime Ministers, sent by Fabio (just minutes ago)......I remember hearing this
before and it's way cool if yr a power's a bit of a review.......

The Prime Ministers were a staple of the Detroit club scene during the late '90s. This disc was mostly recorded in the absence of former guitarist Rock McClain. The band re-grouped as a trio and their music retained a solid hard rock presence. The discSTARTS off with the laid-back vocals of Todd Wicks on "Ron Wood," backed by the band's garage rock instrumentation. The extended introduction on the band's classic "The Saturn 7 Rock Hour (C'mon Commander)" adds a flare of showmanship to the already solid anthem. The band always had a stylish presence on-stage and in their music, and this disc adequately translates the energy and vision of the band, despite the absence of McClain. The tempo slows down on "Million O'Clock," with Wicks' vocals settling down and the guitar-bass-drum combination slowing down to a delicate pace. That song gives way to the jangly and charismatic "Breaking up the Band," possibly the best song to showcase Wicks' calm and soothing vocal style. Bassist Neil Friendship and drummer Joel Wicks provide ample rhythm throughout. The Last Days of the Prime Ministers was recorded at Michigan's Premier Sound Studio. The disc highlights the brief history of the band's power pop sound.

01 Ron Wood.mp3
02 The Saturn 7 Rock Hour (C'mon Commander).mp3
03 Make Me Your Mission.mp3
04 Million O'Clock.mp3
05 Breaking Up The Band.mp3
06 Let's Press On.mp3
07 Down The List.mp3

Sand Fallow

Good Sabbath-like metal from Sand Fallow on their album "Dunes Ahead"......I was not familiar with them but this rocks like thunder!

DUNES AHEAD-01 Null Komma 67/02 Offshore/03 Dunes Ahead/04 Unsinkable/05 Alm/066  Ollie Half Spirit/07 Schakern Im Da/08 Hutt/09 Schubrakete!yFIBHJaJ!o0LFMqmz1TPSCSgqkUn9_g

Fusion Farm

Early 70's hard-psych rarity, right up my psych tunes with sneery-garage vocals. Good album.
RUSH JOB-01 Loona Doona/02 Mrs Speed/03 Thursday 6th January/04 Mean Moody Mable/05 Fat Judy/06 Winter Sun/07 Brick Shapes in the Sky/08 Hollis Brown/09 Gypsy Mountain Woman

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Smokestack Lightning

Fabio submits a new album of USA stoner rock from Smokestack Lightning, "Inside Job"......kind of retro-, kind of bluesy, quite good for hard rock/stoner fans.

Smokestack Lightning - Inside Job (2017)
01. Smokestack Lightning.mp3
02. Divide & Conquer.mp3
03. Dying Breed.mp3
04. Emperor.mp3
05. Poseidon.mp3
06. Nectar Collector.mp3

Mega Sons of Garage Fuzz Part 19-

I think the "original" Garage Fuzz torrent had about 20 parts, as will this we have letters U &
V, and again, I have trimmed any overlap from the original series.....thanks again to James for creating these brilliant torrents, please keep them alive

PART 19-01 UGLY DUCKLINGS-Nothin/02 UNBELIEVEABLE UGLIES-Get Straight/03 UNDERDOGS-Dont Pretend/04 UNDERDOGS-Get Down ON Your Knees/05 UNDERPRIVLEGED-Come On/06 UNIQUES-My Babe/07 UNIQUES-Run And Hide/08 UNKNOWN-Would I Still Be Her Man/09 UNRELATED SEGMENTS- Cry Cry Cry/10 UPRISERS-Let Me Take You Down/11 VAGRANTS-A Sunny Summer Rain/12 VAGRANTS-And When Its Over/13 VAGRANTS-Beside the Sea/14 VANCE CHARLES & THE SONICS-My Soul/15 VENTURI 5-The Way You Feel/16 VERSATILES-Cyclothymia/17 VERSATILES-Somethin Like A Man/18 VINE STREET BOYS-Come On Over/19 VOIDS-I'm In a Fix


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ono Scream

Ono Scream come from Belgium and specialize in dark, cold shoegaze....Bart Williams plays all instruments but occasional bass, I like the results a good bit, kind of Jesus and Mary chain meets Joy Division? I like it all the same, look forward to more of this.


Steady Sun

Some very good modern-day psychedelia from New York's Steady Sun......a good mixing of traditional psych and modern ambient shoegaze......good album, check the title track "Indifferent World".

INDIFFERENT WORLD-01 Indifferent World/02 Life at One twenty Two/03 Television Eyes/04 Red Alarm/05 Fair/06 Day Alone/07 Radish/08 Benthos/09 Imaginary Resource/10 Under the East River

Friday, June 23, 2017


Fabio sends this piece of good Hungarian stoner rock, "Lemurian Folk Songs " by Maro......listening right now, rocking hard.

01 La Caleta.mp3
02 Temple of the Moon.mp3
03 Grand Sanctuary.mp3
04 Messianic Atrium.mp3
05 Melusina.mp3
06 Magister Blues.mp3

Heavy Souls

Another Bandcamp link, The Heavy Souls spout out some roughneck speed garage rock. High energy stuff, this is the real McCoy.

UNTIL YOU'RE MINE-01 Fun Lovin Girl/02 Can't Get Enough/03 Fifteen Minutes/04 your Love/05 Backstabber/06 Rollin & Tumblin/07 Old No. 7/08 Delicious/09 Evil (Is Going On)/10 Original Sin/11 Got Nothing To Lose/12 Tea With Sugar/13 Shotgun Blues/14 Sweet to Sour

A Deluxe reissue of a classic

This is one of those reissues in which I can't name it, as I'd like it to stick around for a are some hints:

It's a 20-year anniversary reissue, OK?
Computer might be able to help figure it out.

This is a great one, I feel so other words, in an interstellar burst, I'm back to save the universe........

no track lists for this one either, two discs loaded with extra material.......all I can say.

Don't go climbing up the walls figuring this on out.

part 1

part 2

Mere Women

From Sidney Australia we have the really cool Mere Women with a fab album of noisy indie altpunk.....really did like this one, worth your while.

BIG SKIES-01 Eternally/02 Sliver and Gold/03 Birthday/04 Big Skies/05 Curse/06 Drive/07 Visitor/08 Is It Real?/09 Come Back/10Numb/11 Tin Rooves/12 Wanderer

Ride, redux

After last weeks latest from Ride, here thanks to Fabio are the first two Ride albums:

RIDE - Nowhere - 1991
1-01 Seagull.m4a
1-02 Kaleidoscope.m4a
1-03 In A Different Place.m4a
1-04 Polar Bear.m4a
1-05 Dreams Burn Down.m4a
1-06 Decay.m4a
1-07 Paralysed.m4a
1-08 Vapour Trail.m4a
1-09 Taste.m4a
1-10 Here And Now.m4a
1-11 Nowhere.m4a
1-12 Unfamiliar.m4a
1-13 Sennen.m4a
1-14 Beneath.m4a
1-15 Today.m4a

RIDE- Going Blank Again-1992

01 Leave Them All Behind
02 Twisterella
03 Not Fazed
04 Chrome Waves
05 Mouse Trap
06 Time of Her Time
07 Cool Your Boot
08 Making Judy Smile
09 Time Machine
10 OX4


Thursday, June 22, 2017

GospelbeacH redux

If you enjoyed GospelbeacH's "Another Summer of Love", by all means give this a try.....from 2015, more of those power-poppy sounds, another good effort from theses guys.

PACIFIC SURF LINE-01 California Stream/02 Sunshine Skyway/03 Your Freedom/04 Mick Jones/05 Come down/06 Southern Girl/07 Out of My mind/08 Alone/09 Damsel in Distress

Another Bandcamp gem from Studkid

This is  a good one, I'll let Studkid describe:

Another free gem from bandcamp.
Lord Montague is playing a heavy psych pro-metal/stoner/blues. The 2015 effort is a wonderfull concept album of a modren take of Platon's the Cave.
From Bandcamp:
This is a modern day version of Plato's Allegory of the Cave, from THE REPUBLIC.

In this version, a child is born into the world, and soon after is lured into the modern "cave" by way of the television, the church, and government propaganda. This process is chronicled in "Lord Montague Theme" and "The Cave Part One".

After being fully brainwashed, the prisoner plays the "shadow game" for a while, but soon he realizes that his "reality" is not reality. He escapes from the cave, running as far away as possible. (The Cave Part Two

2 albums.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Single Mothers

These Canadian punk rockers come up with a scorcher on "Open Mind"'s fast, abrasive, and know, PUNK RAWK!

OPEN MIND-01 Undercover/02 High Speed/03 Long Distance/04 A-OK/05 People Are Pets/06 Bile/07 Leash/08 Well-Wisher/09 Rollercoaster/10 Bolt Cutters

Can: The Singles

Just got this one, I know the huge Can post was quite popular, I don't think this one was included (could be wrong) in the name of completeness, here is one of the blog's apparent favorite bands again!

SINGLES-01 Soul Desert/02 She Brings the Rain/03 Spoon/04 Shikako Maru Ten/05 Turtles Have Short Legs/06 Halleluwah (edit)/07 Vitamin C/08 I'm So Green/09 Mushroom/10 Moonshake/11 Future Days (edit)/12 Dizzy Dizzy (edit)/13 Splash/14 Hunters and Collectors/15 Vernal Equinox/16 I Want More/17 ....And More/18 Silent Night/19 Cascade Waltz/20 Don't Say No (edit)/21 Return/22 Can Can/23 Hoolah Hoolah (edit)

Elder Redux by Request

Last month Fabio sent Elder's latest that time a gentleman named Phil requested this's from 2015,  "Lore"......more good doom metal for you lovers of the same!

LORE-01 Compendium/02 Legend/03 Lore/04 Deadweight/05 Spirit At Apheli!zJZWVBBS!6iPZD6xDRi8S8WvlVNmPNA

Pink Frost

My goodness this one rocks hard, at least the parts I've heard thusfar.....some good hard rockin semi/psych alt rock from Chicago.......quite a good album. Title track is a standout.

NEW MINDS-01 New Minds/02 Bare Roots/03 Avian/04 Circles/05 Seek and Recover/06 Indigenous/07 Headlights/08 Mirror Maze/09 Burn Before Dawn/10 We No Time


Some 1970 German prog-rock, I remember this one......still sounds good today.

AQUILA-01 Change Your Ways/02 How many More Times/03 While you Were Sleeping/04 We Can Make it If We Try/The Aquila Suite: 05 First Movement: Aquila (Introduction), Flight of the Golden Bird/06 Second Movement: Cloud Circle, The Hunter, The Kill/07 Third Movement: Where Do I Belong, Aquila (Conclusion)