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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


And so, I guess, for my very first musical posting I opt for Mommy & Daddy's great "Duel at Dawn" from way back in that golden year of 2006.....this was my personal favorite release of that particular year, discovering them when they performed on WOXY's lamented "Lounge Acts". No guitars, no drums.....and what is great is how HARD this rocks. Fuzzed out bass, spaced out keyboards and trippy vocals shared by both "Mommy" and "Daddy", I believe they also traded off on the intruments as well. I do have a feeling that very few will be "neutral" on this, it's unique sound is an open invitation to "love it or hate it" type responses. But, if you are open to this kind of thing you may find it to be quite favorite tracks would be the chaotic "Pretty Loser" and "Way West Way", but there are other gems to be found here ("Cops", "The Streets Have Come Alive").....I know that they had at least one other disc ("Fighting Style Killer Panda"), but since this one I really have no idea as to what has become of them.....perhaps a split, I have no clue. To me this was a VERY enjoyable album, see what you think and let me know.

Link in comments section, leave a thought of your own?

01 Pretty Loser/02 Good Deal/03 Cops/04 Way West Way/05 Lost the Plot/06 Top Down/

07 The Streets Have Come Alive/08 Franconia Road/09 Already Warm/10 Full/11 So Far So Good



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