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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanks to my fellow hard working Ohioans

As alluded to yesterday,thank to all who showed the initiative and knowledge to defeat the short-sighted abominaton that WAS Ohio Issue 2/Senate Bill 5.....The woking men and women of my state united and showed the strengh we have in numbers by squashing that ridiculous

piece of legislation. Our work is not over, it is now up to us to vote out ANY of our Reps and Senaors who supported that nonsensical attempt to balance the State's budget on the backs of hard working Public Emloyees. In Solidarity! IN the nex few days some music for the working class....perhaps TheClash, or Rage Against the Machine, Le Tigre even.....I'll think of something as a reward to my fellow Buckeyes who were determine to DO THE RIGHT THING


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