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Saturday, October 13, 2012

A quick one for this morning....Snap-Her

Not a hell of a lot of information on this decent hard-ass punk band, they released this album "Queen Bitch of Rock N Roll", and another that I've never heard or even seen a copy of.....anyway, this is pretty good, reading the title list will pretty much tell you the whole story.....I got stuff to do today, so I'll throw this up quickly, let me know what you think ("friends of the blog":I'd REALLY like to hear that other CD if anyone has it (there may be an EP as well).....might or might not get something else up there tonight depending upon my day.....enjoy this though it's pretty good

QUEEN BITCH OF ROCK N ROLL-01 Suburban Brats/02 Nice Girls (Don't Play Rock N Roll)/03 I Wanna Beavis You/04 Babys Got a Gun/05 Halts Maul Du Fotze/06 Sex Change/07 Gato Feo/08 She's a Motorhead/09 Alien Bitch From Outer Space/10 Golden Cocktail/11 Hogs of the Raod/12 Criminal Mind/13 Conformist Cunt/14 Drama Queen/15 Feed Me/16 Monkey See Monkey Do/17 La Cucharacha

Link in  a few minutes

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