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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Just a thank you......

It's 1:00 AM on Monday morning (Holiday so no     

work for me)......and  have
been thinking about his blog and how much I LOVE doing, really, LOVE doing it.....I hope that some of you guys love it as much as I love doing it. It is theraputic for me, it gives me somthing to focus on (other than Strat-o-matic baseball) all year round, aves me the feeling that I am DOING SOMETHING that is helping other people. I've always loved my rock n roll, often to the point that it drives my wife crazy trying to find a place to sthast yet MORE CD's.....but I hAVE always loved new sounds, old sounds, just whatever sounds good to ME that I hope someone else will enjoy too.....I plan on keeping this blog running as long as possible, as I AM retiring this year, but this blog became a bigger "part" of me than I anticipated.......I have lots of friends, all over the world, thanks to blog, who are genuinley grateful for the music I try to supply each day.....Oh, once in a while someone bitches about somthing,but that is life, you cannot please EVERYONE. I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who reads, contributes, comments, tells me I suck, or whatever. I was apprehensive about starting this 3 years ago, and a lot has changed in my life, but this blog has become an IMPORTANT piece of my life, a piece of WHO I AM, and I plan on continuing it until they  bury me in the ground (as they nearly DID this past September)......PLEASE, all I ask: make requests, submit homemade comps (ala Jonman). contribute rare/interesting albums,  but there is SO MUCH MORE we can do....contrbute pictures of your kids.......short bad sets....amatuer demos.....hel contribute RECIPES if that is your thing.....let us be as one, a
COMMMUNITY, who share the good things in our lives......we may be worlds apart, but we common ground on which we can base excellent converstations......hope ypu enjoy some of the sounds I've tried to provide for you, if not, I know that NEXT TIME AROUND it will be something different!o all my readers and contributors, I LOVE you all, and I wish nothing but the best for you and your families! please, all I ask of you is to comntribute to this blog, I think it's pretty good for what it is, but let us try to  it (with YOUR help) to make it FUCKING great.....see ya tomorrow with a post on stoner rock greats Altamont! Sleep well and I love you, especially, of course, you ladies!


  1. After technical delays, this minion will soon be sending you some ultra-rare Au Pairs demos and live 80-83 ... cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. What I love about your blog is not only the great (and wide range) of music you share, but I really get a sense of a HUMAN BEING behind it. I have an idea for a "guest" posting, but I have no idea what your email is. I tried emailing you about a month ago and it bounced?!

    1. email me anytime at, seems to work for everyone else!

  3. Damn! You can't retire. You're 10 years younger than me, and I can't afford to cut the income feed yet! Australia vs US, but still. Anyway, thanks for all the occasional downloads - your tastes aren't all mine, but they coincide enough that I follow the blog and comment now and then anonymously.

  4. Oh, me again, anonymously. Hope the CPAP is going well. It's all subjective, but I'm pretty sure I'm sleeping better after hooking up each night and looking like the Elephant Man. Or Darth Vader. Or an Ood from Dr Who. Choose your avatar, and get the 'Baby, let me blow you' and 'Want to play with my hose' jokes lined up. It seemsto work, and I wish you well in your endeavours to cure the apnea issues. Mine's seemingly cured, pretty much.