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Monday, February 10, 2014

Blondie rarities wrap up

Wrapping up this stack of Blondie rarities, all of these from 1978-80.....mind you it's been several years since I have listened to some of these, some may be less than great audience recordings, but if my memory doesn't fail me (and it often DOES), seems like most of them are pretty good.

Starting with a Boston set from 5/27/78, what can we say? The band had released, by this point, three of the four classic albums they had in them ("Eat to the Beat" was not around yet), so they had three nearly flawless albums from which to draw material, it's amazing the fine quality material that got left out of each set (actually this Boston set must have been pre-"Parallel Lines" as well).....most of my faves make this one...."Fan Mail", "Youth Nabbed as Sniper", "Detroit 442", "Look Good In Blue"......on and on we could go. For those first four albums, this was a band with a TON of classic material, and in general it was performed to perfection. All of it sounds as good today as it did in high school. This set encores with the New York Dolls "Jet Boy" as they often did ("Blondie was my baby!")

Next up, a set from the Paradise, 4/4/78, just listened to this one, and a fine one it is, with excellent sound, a fine set list, etc....also from 1978, a show from the El Mocambo in Toronto 3/8/78.....lesser sound, similar (great) set list.

Moving to 1979, we have a set from Pawtucket Rhode Island....quite heavy on the "Parallel Lines" stuff, but still room, at least for "Fan Mail" and "Youth Nabbed as Sniper". A show from Dallas later in the year begins to incorporate some "Eat to the Beat' era stuff ("Dreaming", at least)....."Picture This Live" combines two shows, interspersed with one another, Dallas (1980) and Philadelphia (1978)......Finally from 1980, two disc set from Hammersmith, with LOTS of "Eat to the Beat" material, the great "Living in the Real World", "The Hardest Part", "Accidents Never Happen".....GOD what a great band. If there were a demand, I'd put up the four "original" classic albums (all FOUR of them 5-star efforts), but why would you be interested in these and not already own them?

One of the greatest of all American rock bands, of the truly GREAT bands of the 1970's... after "Eat to the Beat" they attempted to become more musically diverse, and biff bang pow, it was all over, but even at that I give them credit for "trying".....these live shows kick total serious ass. Please enjoy them.

LOOK GOOD IN BLUE (BOSTON 5/27/78)-01 X-Offender/02 Detroit 442/03 A Shark In Jet's Clothing/04 In the Sun/05 Presence, Dear/06 Denis/07 Fan Mail/08 Look Good In Blue/09 Man Overboard/10 Cautious Lip/11 I'm On E/12 I Didn't Have the Nerve to Say "No"/13 In the Flesh/14 Kidnapper/15 Rip Her To Shreds/16 Youth Nabbed as Sniper/17 I'm Gonna Love You Too/18 Jet Boy/19 Kung Fu Girls

THE PARADISE BOSTON 4/4/78-01 In the Sun/02 X-Offender/03 Hanging On the Telephone/04 Detroit 442/05 Fan Mail/06 Picture This/07 11:59/08 Pretty Baby/09 Presence, Dear/10 Sunday Girl/11 Denis/12 I'm On E/13 Will Anything Happen/14 Fade Away And Radiate/15 One Way Or Another/16 Youth Nabbed as Sniper/17 Heart of Glass/18 Bang a Gong

PAWTUCKET RHODE ISLAND 7/5/79-01 Dreaming/02 One Way Or Another/03 Hanging On the Telephone/04 Look Good In Blue/05 Youth Nabbed as Sniper/06 Pretty Baby/07Slow Motion/08 Sunday Girl/09 In the Flesh/10 Man Overboard/11 Heart of Glass/12 11:59/13 Rip Her to Shreds/14 In the Sun/15 X-Offender/16 I'm On E/17 Kung Fu Girls/18 A Shark In Jet's Clothing

TORONTO 3/8/78-01 In the Sun/02 X-Offender/03 Detroit 442/04 A Shark In Jet's Clothing/05 Fan Mail/06 Look Good In Blue/07 Man Overboard/08 Rip Her To Shreds/09 Fade Away and Radiate/10 Presence Dear/11 Denis/12 I'm On E/13 Little Girl Lies/14 Kidnapper

PAWTUCKET RI 7/5/79-01 Dreaming/02 One Way Or Another/03 Hanging On the Telephone/04 Look Good In Blue/05 Youth Nabbed as Sniper/06 Pretty Baby/07 Slow Motion/08 Sunday Girl/09 In the Flesh/10 Man Overboard/11 Heart of Glass/12 11:59/13 Rip Her to Shreds/14 In the Sun/15 X-Offender/16 I'm On E/17 Kung Fu Girls/18 A Shark In Jet's Clothing

DALLAS 12/1/79-01 Dreaming/02 In the Sun/03 11:59/04 Slow Motion/05 Sunday Girl/06 In the Flesh/07 Jam/08 Funtime

PICTURE THIS LIVE (TRACKS 1-6 & 13-15 DALLAS 1980, TRACKS 7-12 PHILADELPHIA 1978-01 Dreaming/02 In the Sun/03 Hanging on the Telephone/04 Look Good In Blue/05 Slow Motion/06 Sunday Girl/07 X-Offender/08 Picture This/09 Denis/10 Fade Away and Radiate/11 A Shark In Jets Clothing/I Know But I Don't Know/12 One Way Or Another/13 Heart of Glass/14 11:59/15 Bang a Gong/Funtime

HAMMERSMITH 1/20/80 DISC 1-01 Dreaming/02 Slow Motion/03 Shayla/04 Union City Blues/05 The Hardest Part/06 Atomic/07 Living In the Real World/08 Denis/09 Picture This/10 Die Young Stay Pretty/11 Accidents Never Happen/12 Love Victim

HAMMERSMITH 1/20/80 DISC 2-01 Heart of Glass/02 Eat to the Beat/03 Hanging on the Telephone/04 Louie Louie/05 I Feel Love/06 Heroes/07 I Feel Good/08 Sunday Girl/09 Pretty Baby/10 One Way Or Another

If there are any of my older posts you'd like to see reprised speak up.....I traditionally haven't liked doing that, but I will start doing so now......speak now!


  1. BOSTON 5/28/78

    DALLAS 1979


    TORONTO 1978





  2. Thanks for the great Blondie stuff! One song of theirs that I really LOVE, but doesn't seem to have been played live by them, is "Rifle Range".

    1. Rifle range is a kickers song one of my faves......a live version appears on the "quarters to dollars" set

    2. "Kickass" not "kickers" I am so sick of fucking spell corrector

  3. This Is the your pal the gay agenda dude. I'm back, thanks for accepting my apology. I will just get artwork from that russian download site for your posts. You do post some hard to find stuff on here I notice. I do need some blondie stuff. I am looking for an album climax blues band FM Live 1973 their early albums were good blues rock stuff. I can't find it anywhere on the internet do you have it? I will download blondie and never complain here again

    1. You didn't really keep your word for too long. It is ok though.....Everyone is welcome won't be too much trouble for the rest of us to hold our noses and make room for the likes of you.......please, tell me, you hate this blog....wHY do you visit it EVERDAY (and you no question DO?)

  4. oh I forgot to ask, what a hassle that captha crap is. question??? ar your posts from lps or cds? or both I guess . I used to be an lp guy now I prefer cds for downloads. Lps sound so much better on a good system. I know I was thrown in jail for loud music back in my heavy drinking drugging and stereo blasting days. I only smoke weed now

  5. It was only a night in jail the da refused to press charges. But I remember it well. I had a horrible hangover and a cop comes to the jail bars and says "whats that long hair doing in here?" and gives me this repulsive dirty look like he wanted to kick my ass. totally ridiculous, I often wonder why humans act so weird with hair. when you grow facial hair you get looks too. I really dont get it

  6. Thanks for pointing out where the live "Rifle Range" is. Kickass is right!

  7. Just in case you haven't got them yet:

    FLAC quality; FileFactory links still live as of today.

    Cheers, Dave Sez