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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

All the Chicks on Speed I have, wish I had more.......

Chicks on Speed released a pair of fine albums in the late 1990's/early 2000's, both of which I have here, and a smattering of EP's and non-LP singles which I don't have and can't find anywhere, any help would be appreciated to fill in the gaps in this under-rated band. Membership has been a little bit hit and miss, in general, the members have been (among others I guess) Alex Murray-Leslie, Melissa Logan, Erica Lewis, and AL Steiner.....these gals play a wondersome brande of electronic dance rock, not really "like" anyone else.

Thier history is kind of hard to trace, as they have been involved in some other non-musical media efforts....even the music is kind of hard to get a grip on. There was something called "The Unreleases", which I understand is something of a rarity, which contained fragments of what would become "Chicks on Speed Will Save Us All!"....."Save Us All!" was hands down one of the top albums of 2000, a fine piece of electro-pop that if you have not heard you are cheating yourself, and badly......great tracks like "Eurotrash Girl", a fab cover of the B-52's "Give Me My Man Back", "Warm Leatherette" (something of a hit single somewhere, I understand), but best of all are two near classic tunes, "For All the Boys In the World", and especially the FANTASTIC "The Floating Pyramid Over Frankfurt That The Taxi Driver Saw When He Was Landing", one of the great songs of that decade.....the album is four star, that track is totally essential.

They followed it up with the prefectly acceptable "99 Cents", (2003), not quite up to the standard of the previous effort, but quite acceptable, including a guest spot from Peaches (see my previous Peaches post) on "We Don't Play Guitars", a cover of Tom Tom Club's "Wordy Rappinghood", and who is going to NOT listen to a song called "Universal Pussy"? I'd give this one 3.5 stars and I think they were underappreciated, do yourself a favor and enjoy some fun, melodic electronica! It's good stuff really, and if anyone has any of the more difficult to find singles/EP's PLEASE help us all out!

WILL SAVE US ALL!-01 Stop Records Advert/02 Give Me My Man Back/03 For All the Boys In the World/04 Glamour Girl/05 Pedstang (Re)Issue/06 Little Star/07 Warm Leatherette/08 Kaltes Klares Wasser/09 Yes I Do!/10 Procrastinator/11 Mind Your Own Buisness/12 The Floating Pyramid Over Frankfurt That The Taxi Driver Saw When He Was Landing/13 Euro Trash Girl

99 CENTS-01 Shooting From the Hip/02 We Don't Play Guitars/03 Wordy Rappinghood/04 Coventry/05 99 Cents/06 Sellout/07 Culture Vulture/08 Universal Pussy/09 Love Life/10 Schick Shaving/11 Fashion Rules

Links in a bit, please comment on this criminally underappreciatead combo, and if you have anything to add we would all LOVE to hear it!


  1. 99 CENT

  2. WIll save

  3. Chicks on speed from what I have heard, which isn't much except for some electro-clash remixes were pretty good. Thumbs up