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Sunday, December 7, 2014

From the Sports Desk

Certainly you didn't think I'd let a chacne to gloat about Ohio State slip by did you? Do I
HONESTLY think they are on of the four best teams in the country? Honestly? No, not really, but that isn't MY awful as they looked earlier this year, relative to how they have played of late, with their making his first start third string quarterback, edged Wisconsin in the Big Ten Title Game, 59-0. An utter decapitation, no other words for it........I imagine they will get knocked around pretty good by Alabama, but they deserve respect and props for making the "field of four", back about week 3-4 I'd literally have bet thousands of dollars against it. They sure as hell promise to be a force next year as well........CONGRATULATIONS TO MY BUCKEYES, in some ways one of the most amazing seasons they have EVER had.......

Geez and the VIKINGS won today also.......improving thier record to 6-7, and looking better each week under great new coach Mike Zimmer........look for the VIKINGS to be a powerhouse in about 2016 (when their incredible new stadium will be open).....I don't CARE if my teams lose, but I do like for them to be headed in the right direction.......the Vikings are, without a doubt in my mind!


  1. naaa...newcastle united 2-1 chelsea

    it had it all: fun,comedy.theft.of the football and the right result

  2. Are you talking about that "soccer" stuff?........well, ok, then, I have zero knowledge on the subject