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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Yes, I screwed this up........"MOVEMENT BBC RADIO"

Somehow the other night I accidentaly deleted this whole post, blame it on substances or whatever, and
got busy with some other shit, and forgot totally about what I was doing......anyway, I will touch on the highlights of this 2 disc set, about 90% of it is phenominal, thte rest is merely great......these are some classic (1977-79) new wave greats performed as Peel Sessions on the BBC......wonderful selections, great sound, fantastic energy, as good a representation of late 1970's UK New Wave as we could likely ask for.

What track on Disc 1 would we label a "dog"? Certainly not "In the City" from the Jam, "What Do I Get" from the Buzzcocks, classics from the Adverts, XTC, 999, Siouxsie and the Banshees, even an early Adam and the Ants number. Spectatular stuff, one of those deals where if I start naming highlights, I just repeat the track listings.

Disc 2 is maybe just a cut lesser, you'll still wish to savor every track: Wire, PiL, the great "Transmission" from Joy Division, also lots of the reggae/ska tinged music of the era as well: Steel Pulse, The Special AKA, Madness, the Selector and more......

Sorry for deleting this, never intended to, a few of my more rabid admirers in the bloggosphere have pointed it out to me, or else I never would have remembered......Glad I did, though, because I think 1) this is not terribly common, and 2) I think you're really going to like this one.

I Get/03 GENERATION X-Youth Youth Youth/04 THE STRANGLERS-No More Heroes/05 THE ADVERTS-Gary Gilmore's Eyes/06 THE SLITS-Love and Romance/07 XTC-Science Friction/08 DR FEELGOOD-She's a Wind Up/09 TOM ROBINSON BAND-Don't Take No For an Answer/10 IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS-Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll/11 ADAM & THE ANTS-Deustscher Girls/12 SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES-Hong Kong Garden/13 THE ONLY ONES-Another Girl Another Planet/14 THE UNDERTONES-Get Over You/15 THE REZILLOS-Top of the Pops/16 THE FLYS-Love and a Molotov Cocktail/17 THE MEMBERS-Sound of the Suburbs/18 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Alternative Ulster/19 THE SKIDS-The Saints Are Coming/20 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-We Are the People/21 THE RUTS-S.U.S./22 999-Homicide/23 JOHN COOPER-CLARKE-Reader's Wives

DISC 2- 01 PENETRATION-Movement/02 MONOCHROME SET-Goodbye Joe, Strange Boutique/03 WIRE-The Other Window/04 MAGAZINE-Light Pours Out Of Me/05 JOY DIVISION-Transmission/06 KILLING JOKE-Wardance/07 THE HUMAN LEAGUE-Being Boiled/08 ORCHESTRAL MANEUVERS IN THE DARK-Messages/09 THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS-Sister Europe/10  SIMPLE MINDS-Premonition/11 PUBLIC IMAGE LTD-Poptones/12 STEEL PULSE-Jah Pickney (Rock Against Racism)/13 ASWAD-It's Not Our Wish/14 UB40-Food For Thought/15 THE SPECIAL AKA-Gangsters/16 MADNESS-The Prince/17 THE SELECTER-Street Feeling/18 THE BEAT-Ranking Full Skull

Sorry for the screw up, I'll get another post ready yet tonight also......


  1. DISC 1

  2. Do we get Disc 2 for D/L soon?
    I too was bummed when the initial post disappeared.
    Thanks for re-upping this.

  3. DISC 2 , sorry zippy has been acting up a bit

    1. Thanks a lot, Big Scott!!!
      Keep up the great work.

  4. Killer. Thanks so much....