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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

So, in wishing all of you a very safe and happy Easter holiday weekend, I tried and tried to come up with some themeatically related releases, and it is what it is, most likely is going to sound stupid, or, in other words, LESS than the sum of its parts, meaning these are some great albums here, but what they have to do with each other requires stretching the imagiantion to its limits. So it is.....the mot obvious choice, of course, is Patti Smith's classic "Easter"....for my money edging out both "Horses" and "Radio Ethiopia" as Smith's most consistent, most significant, and simply BEST release, the single "Because the Night" is here, but that's only about the tenth of it.....the frantic "Babelogue/Rock N Roll Nigger" (if you have never heard it, please do so before criticizing me for putting the "N-Word" in print, to be LESS racist than Patti Smith would be quite a feat), the amazing "25ht floor/High on Rebellion", "Privilege (Set Me Free)", the pounding "Till Victory"........fantastic, must-hear, nd 5-star album. A true classic of the 1970's.
OK, here we shift gears....there ARE religious overtones to Ms. Smith's release, the 13th Floor Elevators sophomore effort is entitled "Easter Everywhere" simply because, I imagine, that Roky Erikson thought it sounded cool in whatever his "state" of the moment is.....not as well known as their debut, "The Pyschdelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators", and arguably not as good, I'll take it because it contains one of my all-time favorite songs, ever, by anyone, the quiessential "Slip Inside This House".....NO ONE ever repecated the acid experience in song such as the Elevators did with this one, the length of the song (7 minutes-plus, rare for the time), the trippy, hypnotic music, and the mind-bending lyrics, this song IS "acid rock", the song that ANY other acid rock TRIES to keep pace with......for the hell of It I am going to post the lyrics as well, read em and trip:

Bedoin tribes ascending
From the egg into the flower,
Alpha information sending
State within the heaven shower
From disciples the unending
Subtleties of river power
They slip inside this house as they pass by
If your limbs begin dissolving
In the water that you tread
All surroundings are evolving
In the stream that clears your head
Find yourself a caravan
Like Noah must have led
And slip inside this house as you pass by.
Slip inside this house as you pass by.
True conception, knowing why
Brings even more than meets the eye
Slip inside this house as you pass by.
In this dark we call creation
We can be and feel and know
From an effort, comfort station
That's surviving on the go
There's infinite survival in
The high baptismal glow.
Slip inside this house as you pass by.
There is no season
when you are grown
You are always risen from the seeds you've sown
There is no reason to rise alone
Other stories given
have sages of their own.
Live where your heart can be given
And your life starts to unfold
In the forms you envision
In this dream that's ages old
On the river layer is the only sayer
You receive all you can hold
Like you've been told.
Every day's another dawning
Give the morning winds a chance
Always catch your thunder yawning
Lift your mind into the dance
Sweep the shadows from your awning
Shrink the fourfold circumstance
That lies outside this house don't pass it by.
Higher worlds that you uncover
Light the path you want to roam
You compare there and discover
You won't need a shell of foam
Twice born gypsies care and keep
The nowhere of their former home
They slip inside this house as they pass by.
Slip inside this house as you pass by.
You think you can't, you wish you could
I know you can, I wish you would
Slip inside this house as you pass by.
Four and twenty birds of Maya
Baked into an atom you
Polarized into existence
Magnet heart from red to blue
To such extent the realm of dark
Within the picture it seems true
But slip inside this house and then decide.
All your lightning waits inside you
Travel it along your spine
Seven stars receive your visit
Seven seals remain divine
Seven churches filled with spirit,
Treasure from the angels' mine
Slip inside this house as you pass by.
Slip inside this house as you pass by.
The space you make has your own laws
No longer human gods are cause
The center of this house will never die.
There is no season when you are grown
You are always risen from the seeds you've sown
There is no reason to rise alone
Other stories given have sages of their own.
Draw from the well of unchanging
Its union nourishes on
In the right re-arranging
Till the last confusion is gone
Water-brothers trust in the ultimust
Of the always singing song they pass along.
One-eyed men aren't really reigning
They just march in place until
Two-eyed men with mystery training
Finally feel the power fill
Three-eyed men are not complaining.
They can yo-yo where they will
They slip inside this house as they pass by.
Don't pass it by
That kiddies is as close to an audio hallucination as can be created, fantastic song, and one that any fan of psychedelic rock is cheating himself if he is unfamiliar......the album also contains a few other gems, "She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)", "Earthquake", "I've Got Levitation", but to be honest it'd be maybe a 2.5 star album without "Slip Inside This House", which bumps it up to about a 4.
How about I cheat a little, I've alread posted this elsewhere on the blog (something called "The Best Black Angels post, Ever")......but why not jump from 1970's poetry/punk to 1960's acid wierdness to........well 2000's acid/stoner/psyche wierdness. As I said I've post this album before, but since I strained for albums for this "Easter" thing, I (re)give you the Black Angels fantastic 2006 album (the best album of that year by the way), entitled "Passover"......hey, I'm trying....
Well, okay.....I've been slacking a little in some of these more recent posts, with just 3-4 albums instead of the 10-12 at a time I had been doing....hey YOU think up ten decent albums that can be linked in an Easter theme....not that easy. So I'll give ya one more....what would Easter be without eggs (I hate eggs, actually, so that is something of an irrelevant question), so let's cross eras and genres again to Japan of the 1970's for the second and
final album from Flied Egg, "Goodbye"....a pretty good, hard rocking live side coupled with a more prog-rock, hard psych side, this has always been quite a listenable affair (I like the live stuff better, myself), rocks hard, many of you won't have it, AND it has "egg" in the title (well, not in the TITLE, in the BAND'S name.......give me a break)....check the cool versions of "Leave Me Woman" and "Rock Me Baby", and pay special attention to the vocals.....not near as hilarious as the Mops ("Right My File", "Lock N Loll"), but entertaining and fun.
Links in comment section....please enjoy these and leave a comment should it strike your fancy.....have a wonderful Easter weekend, if that hot twenty year old neighbor girl happens to be out in a bunny costume or something, don't hesitate to share a picture! Links will be up tonight, and have a wonderful Easter holiday!
PATTI SMITH EASTER-01 Til Victory/02 Space Monkey/03 Because the Night/04 Ghost Dance/05 Babelogue-Rock N Roll Nigger/06 Privilege (Set Me Free)/07 We Three/08 25th Floor-High On Rebellion/09 Easter
13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS EASTER EVERYWHERE-01 Slip Inside This House/02 Slide machine/03 She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)/04 Nobody To Love/05 It's All Over Now Baby Blue/06 Earthquake/07 Dust/08 I've Got Levitation/09 I Had To Tell You/10 Postures (Leave Your Body Behind)
BLACK ANGELS PASSOVER-01 Young Men Dead/02 The First Vietnamese War/03 Sniper at the Gates of Heaven/04 The Prodigal Sun/05 Black Grease/06 Manipulation/07 Empire/08 Better Off ALone/09 Bloodhounds on My Trail/10 Call To Arms
FLIED EGG-GOOD BYE-01 Leave Me Woman/02 Rolling Down the Broadway/03 Rock Me Baby/04 Five More Pennies/05 Before You Descend/06 Out to the Sea/07 Goodbye My Friends/08 521 Seconds Schizophrenic Symphony


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