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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

 My own Mother 1942-2010

Special dedication to ALL Mothers on this Mothers Day: I love you all and you all do a fantastic job.....I lost my own mother in November of 2010, as I type this my Mother In Law whom I also love dearly fights to draw here final few breaths, her journey is over, she is on to a better place.....the best "mother" I have left is my wife, Carla, who has been a tremendous, A++++++ winning Mother to our son Grant, I have nothiong but GREAT things to say about the job she has if your own Mom, maybe a great Mother In Law or Step Mother, or even the lady who bore and raised your own children is still with us and walking this earth, take a minute to hug her and thank her for successfully competing in the hardest, yet most important profession in the universe, that of being a good MOTHER........I commend all mothers on this day, and I have some music that I hope they will enjoy as well.......Before we get to some Mothers Day music, I'd like to show a picture of MY own Mother, as well as one of my wife Carla, the mother of my kids (Grant, 14, and Victoria, who was tragically stillborn in 1995).....

My lovely wife of 25 years,Carla Miller,  the mother of my children Grant (14) and Victoria (tragically stillborn in 1995)

With that lets get to some music.....starting out old school, mid 60's, with the ORIGINAL "mothers", the Mothers of Invention of course, a pair of unqestionable 5-star classics, "Freak Out!" and "We're Only In it For the Money".....both are ingenious, hilarious, biting, and work every bit as well today as they did at the time of release.....two simply brilliant albums.

The other selections are going to be a bit more obscure and less significant, lets return to the very first days of Seattle's soon-to-be-famous grunge movement with a fine album from Mother Love Bone. Singer Andrew Wood would pass away before the debut album was released, the "Temple of the Dog" project is a dedication to his memory. ("Say Hello to Heaven" from that album has always been the song I dedicate to my daughter Victoria on the date of her birth/death) Of course members
would form Pearl jam, but give this a listen, Mother Love Bone could have been.....

Ahead we travel to the current century....I have posted Mommy and Daddy before (the album "Duel at Dawn" which I love) is the remainder of their work of which I am aware, "Live How You Listen" and "Fighting Style Killer Panda"....neither as good as "Duel at Dawn", but I love these, also, and often wonder and i the ONLY "Mommy and Daddy" fan in the universe?

For the most part, these remaining albums feature some obscure stoner rock (which you KNOW I love) from bands that happen to have the word "mother" in the title......

From Brazil 2007 comes MotherCow, some very competent, hard pounding stoner sludge.....good banging stuff with titles like "Pussy Pearl".

From Baltimore Maryland (2011) comes a FINE EP from Mother Sun Flower titled "Mother Sun Fucker", four great tracks.....more work would be greatly appreciated from these boys

From Sweeden 1993 and mixing some punk/grunge/metal sounds into a really fine album "The Mother Ship Has Landed" we have Mother SUperior, who I would opt to listen to over country-mates the Hellacopters anytime. Good album, this one.

Borlange, home of Stoner greats Dozer, are also home to Mother of God. They don't hide the Dozer influences on the EP "Forging a New Path", crushing riffs and howling vocals make this the kind of timeless stuff I'll be listening to in 20 years.

Long, swirling, effects laden psychedelic stoner metal is the norm for Mother Mars and this fine album "Primitives" from 2009....if my description sounds redundant, you don't understand I'm paying compliments with those words of love.

And from California and all but unkown come Mother's Green, not exactly the next Nirvana or Beatles, but again, all in good fun, some hard hitting loud stoner rock and what more can we ask, other than that?

OK.....That is it for the Mothers Day music.....hope you liked it, you know I love all of you MOTHERS, each and every one of you, you all do the best with what your have to work with, doing the most important job in the universe, raising the children. I love you and am grateful to every one of you!

MOTHERS OF INVENTION-FREAK OUT!-01 Hungry Freaks Daddy/02 I Ain't Got No Heart/03 Who Are the Brain Police?/04 Go Cry On SOmeone Elses Shoulder/05 Motherly Love/06 How Could I Be SUcha Fool/07 Wowie Zowie/08 You Didn't Try to Call Me/09 Any Way the wind Blows/11 You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here/12 Troubloe Every Day/13 Help, I'm a Rock!/14 It Can't Happen Here/15 The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet

MOTHERS OF INVENTION-WE'RE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY-01 Are You Hung Up?/02 Who Needs the Peace Corps?/Concentration Moon/04 Mom & Dad/05 Harry You're a Beast/07 What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body/08 Absoltuely Free/09 Flower Punk/10 Nasal Repentitive Caliope Music/11 Lets Make the Water Turn Black/12 The Idiot Bastard Son/13 Lonely Little Girl/14 Take Off Your CLothes When You Dance/15 What's The Ugliest Part of Your Body (reprise)/16 Mother People/17 The Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny

MOTHER LOVE BONE-01 This is Shangri La/02 Stardog Champion/Holy Roller/04 Bone China/05 Come Bit the Apple/06 Star Gazer/07 Heartshine/ 08 Captain Hi Top/09 Man of Golden Words/10 Cap[ricorn Sister/11 Gentle Groove/12 Mr Danny Boy/13 Crown of THorns/14 Thru Fade Away/15 Mindshaker Meltdown/16 Half Ass Monkey Boy/17 CHloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns/18 Capricorn SIster (Shine VErsion)/19 Lady GOdiva BLues

MOMMY AND DADDY-LIVE HOW YOU LISTEN-01 X Factor/02 What is the Function/03 Seek You/04 Outside/05 Together/06 Roundhouse Robot/07 The Meeting/08 I Mean, COuld He Buy me THis?/09 Beachy/10 Fill in the Lines/11 Disguise/12 Take It

MOMMY AND DADDY- FIGHTING STYLE KILLER PANDA-o1 Confection/02 Street Cleaner Demeanor/03 The Now/04 Run It Off/05 Question Marks Followed By Excalamtion Points/06 Confection (Extended Mix)

MOTHERCOW-SHOTGUN BULLET-01 Shotgun Bullet/02 Pussy Pearl/03 Troublemaker/04 Back to the roots/05 THings I Miss

MOTHER SUN FLOWER-MOTHER SUN FUCKER-01 See the Enemy/02 I Will End you/03 Hard Time Killing Floor BLues/04 Who Is We

MOTHER SUPERIOR-THE MOTHER SHIP HAS LANDED-01 Yeah baby/02 Velocity City/03 Breakin It Down/04 C'mon/05 Too Bad (Freddies Song)/06 Down the Strait and Narrow/07 Radically Cool/08 Keep On Movin/09 Love GOne Bad/10 Reach Out

MOTHER OF GOD-FORGING A NEW PATH-01 Four Wanderers/02 Ancient Treats/03 BLind Monkewy/04 Into the Unknown

MOTHER MARS-PRIMITEVES-01 Intro/02 You Are Me/03 It's So Crazy/04 Magneticspaceplug/05 Headlss Feeder/06 Reorgannising My Ever Shrinking Desert/07 Movin On/08 Flat Spare Tyre/09 The Voices are Back/10Vague Memories/11 Intake Mourning 12 (Hidden Track)

MOTHERS GREEN-Hanging On/02 Forever Within/03 Reflectin Bad Vibes/04 Tattoos Leave Scars/05 Never Ending Chase/06 The Light That Shines After/07 Tripping THrough/098 Fiding Inbetween/09 Letter Song/10 Sun Party

Lotta links, probably won't get them up until Sunday Morning......and please leave a comment about your own MOTHER, without her you would not even exist. And post a photo of her if you like, I am 50 years old and nothing is more beautiful as a mother in her 30's/40's.........this is a special post and I'd hope you try these bands and leave a mothers day comment, at the least a think you to your Mom or the Mom of your kids!






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