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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some sleazy, trashy glitter-glam comps

How about some comps today, just for a LOT of fun? Four discs of lesser-known glitter-glam stompers that tend to be on the sleazy side, which of course is what makes this so much fun! Many of the bands will, I'm sure, be unknown to you, hardly the point......So often I make references to "Nuggets", if there were a "Nuggets" of sleazy glitter-glam, these four discs would be a hell of a starting point......just kick back on a Saturday and groove to this forgotten stuff, as always, don't take it too seriously, this is some FUN stuff.....get ready for a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY tomorrow, with a special Mother Day post (of course!)

VELVET TINMINE-TWENTY JUNKSHOP GLAM RAVERS 01 IRON VIRGIN-Rebel's Rule/02 HELLO-Another School Day/03 WARWICK-Let's Get the Party Going/04 THE DAMNED-Morning Bird/05 SISTERS-Kick Your Boots Off/06 FLAME-Big Wheel Turning/07 ARROWS-Toughen Up/08 CRUNCH-Lets Do It again/09 BEARDED LADY-Rock Star/10 SIMON TURNER (Baby) I Gotta Go/11 BRETT SMILEY-Va Va Va Voom/12 SHAKANE-Love Machine/13 WASHINGTON FLYERS-THe Comets are Coming/14 STAVELY MAKEPEACE-Slippery Rock/15 THE PLOD-Neo City/16 RICKY WILDE-I Wanna GO to a Disco/17 TARTAN HORDE-Bay CIty Rollers We Love You/18 BIG WHEEL-Shake a Tail/19 FANCY-Wild THing/20 TUBTHUMPER-Kick Out the Jams

BOOBS-THE JUNKSHOP GLAM DISCOTEHEQUE-01 THE RATS-Turtle Dove/02 HECTOR-Wired Up/03 SCREEMER-Interplanetary Twist/04 CHUNKY-Albatross/05 JIMMY JUKEBOX-Motorboat/06 SHELBY (Dance With the) Guitar Man/07 ERASMUS CHORUM-Jungle/08 HOT ROD-Love Is Alright (Hey)/09 THE SENSATION-Black Eyed Woman/10 PAUL RYAN-Natural Gas/11 IRON CROSS-Little Bit O Soul/12 LIGHT FANTASTIC-Don't Let Go/13 CATAPULT- Let Your Hair Hang Down/14 ANGEL-Good Time Fanny/15 BARRY BLOOD-Poor Annie/16 ICE CREAM-Shout It Out/17 BOSTON BOPPERS-Did You Get What You Wanted/18 THE SENSATION-Baby/19 HOBNAIL-She's Just a Friend of Mine/20 ROCK REBELLION-Lets GO

GLITTERBEST-20 PRE-PUNK N GLAM TERRACE STOMPERS-01 HAMMERSMITH GORILLAS-You Really GOt Me/02 STREAKY-Bang Bang Bullet/03 THE JOOK-Aggravation Place/04 JET-Nothing To Do With Us/05 MILK N COOKIES-Good Friends/06 FLINTROCK-Sooner or Later/07 TREVOR WHITE-Crazy Kids/08 AMERICAN JAM BAND-Jam Jam/09 SPUNKY SPIDER-You Won't Come/10 ONE HIT WONDERS-Goodbye/11 DOG ROSE-Love of CIty lights/12 HELTER SKELTER-I Need You/13 DUCKS DELUXE-Coast to Coast/14 TIGER LILY-Ain't Misbehavin/15 CHRIS SPEDDING-Pogo Dancing/16 DESPAIR-Sweet HEart/17 FARM-Fat Judy/18 CRUSHED BUTLER-High School Drop Out/19 ENGLANDS GLORY-City of Fun/20 HOLLYWOOD BRATS-Sick on You

COCK N ROLL-SLEAZEGRINDER PRESENTS THE WORLDS SLEAZIEST ROCK BANDS-01 LANTERNJACK-Prett Hex/02 BONA ROBA-In the Cut/03 ROCK CITY CRIMEWAVE-Jersey Devil/04 HELLSIDE STRANGLERS-Motherfuckers Don't Cry/05 THE EROTICS-Space Age Mafia/06 DEVILS DAY OFF-Melvin and Maud/07 PORN ROCK-Porn Star/08 GUNSHACK-Fool/09 SUGABOMB-Speed THrill/10 SPEEDFREAKS-Rock N Roll/11 BIG BLOCK HITCHCOCK-Strip Club/12 QUEEN BEE-Hot Alot/13 BAD DOG BOOGIE-Highway of Your SOul/14 DOG SHIT BOYS-One Minute Fuck/15 JOKER FIVE SPEED-Jet Set City/16 GASOLHEADS-Bad Situation/17 MUSCLE CAR-Sandra Sully/18 QUEER FOR GIRLS-Rock N ROll Babies/19 THE VIBROLAS-The Ballad of Dorgas Figg/20 RICKSHAW-Temple of Your Choice/21 DOUBLE BARRELLED SLINGSHOTS-The Truth About Boys & Girls/22 TRASHCAN DARLINGS-(You Just Wanna) Sleep With Me/23 SKUM-Slut/24 THE BEATINGS-Ghetto Blaster/25 SUZY SUNLESS-Castaway/26 STAGGER-The Closest I've Ever Come to Fucking Myself


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  2. hey big scott is there any chance you could do a re up of the velvet tinmine compilation.thanks dave sharrattt

  3. hey i can't seem to find glitterbest or cock n roll anywhere. could you re upload or let me know where i can find em? thanks.

  4. There used to be a Boobs disco in Croydon

  5. i would certainly consider tossing your cyber salad if this lot could be zippyshare(d). JUST A THOUGHT.