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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A word from our sponsors....

THis one is going to be fun for us all, I hope.....I took these a few years back from one of the classic sites from the "Golden Age of Blogs" ,
"Chocoreve" (one of the Best EVER, Rest in Peace gerat blog!, I do think, however that the great ChrisGOesRock posted at least some, if not all of them on one of his legendary blogs as well, giving full credit where due). What we have here are 8 discs of radio promos, commercials, concert spots, and the like. Drop one of these discs in and listen to the Rolling Stones sing about Rice Crispies....The Blues magoos, The Litter, Cream for Falstaff Beer, Iron Butterfly for Ban Deodorant....and that is just a fraction of THE FIRST DISC.....all eight discs are uniformely great, if you were a small child in the 1960's, magically be transformed to the back seat of your parents car, an the memories will come flooding back.

As there are eight discs, each with 80 or 90 tracks on it, too much work to list them all.
Chocoreve was kind enough to list ALL the spots on all the Discs, I'm not going to but here is a link to get you started should you want to see them in writing and copy/past them or whatever....... That will get you to the track listing for VOlume 1, from there you can manuever your way around for the other 7 discs.
This stuff is fantastic, and so much fun I can hardly explain. There is nothing more to say, start downloading, thanks to U-Spaces for creating this set, thanks to the late, great Chocoreve blog for sharing them. I hope you guys, especially guys my age get some good laughs and some good nostalgic feelings out of these, I know I certainly do every time I slip one of these on.
I'll be back tomorrow with something ultra-serious again, but for today, please allow yourself the time to listen to on or two of these (A little of them goes a long way, trust me, you won't want to listen to them all 8 back to back). All I can say is that, while fun as can be, this also qualifies as "art", and of the highest form.
Please leave a comment, even if you hate this post.....I'd very much like to know that someone loves these CD's as much as I do though!

Have some FUN on a Saturday!


  1. VOLUME 1 link:

    VOLUME 2:

    VOLUME 3:

    VOLUME 4:

    VOLUME 5:

    VOLUME 6:

    Couple mores still working their ways up, gimme a coupla hours!

  2. VOLUME 7

    VOLUME 8

  3. WOW a very popular download....I suspected it might be, and the early numberes confirm as much.....NOW, haw about one or 2 of you saying "Thank you"? Normally I don't care that much, but the downlads for these took off like bottle rockets, I'd think at least 1 or 2 thank you's would be in order?

  4. Fantastic, many thanks. Great site, will keep coming back, thanks again.

  5. Thanks for these and all your work. I'm looking forward to listening and perhaps having a flashback or two...I can dream anyway

  6. Any chance of re-posting theses? I LOVE stuff like this. Just found your blog far I'm definately impressed!