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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thanks for your patience....REUP day!

After the Mediafire purge of last month, I promised I'd reup links that were requested....thus far I haven't done ANY of them, I'd like to see if I can get to them today...I made some notes on which are lying around here and there, if I forget any of you I am sorry, just ask again and I'll take care of you. I know a couple people reqeusted the Soft Boys "The Day They Ate Brick", which I was going to do last week along with the rest of these, when I discovered I could not find the Soft Boys disc.....I misplace stuff all the time, so I knew it would turn up. It did, and the link is in the comments section.

One guy requested the Sleater Kinney BBC Sessions, it's here. The "Howlin Wolf Psychedelic Album" I remember one guy asked for the Helles Belles album, it's here (both discs), don't recall he MIGHT have been wanting the Iron Maidens and Lez Zeppelin as well, I don't  recall for sure, so for right now I'll just do the Helles Belles (I remember him claiming to be  a big AC DC fan).

Just a couple days ago someone left a note that "the Nirvana link is dead"......well, yes, it is, along with all the OTHER pre-purge links....not sure if he was requesting a reup on that Nirvana boot or not, but I'll be a good guy and do it as well.

One guy requested the eight disc set of Rock N Roll advertisements.....A bit of work, but I'm going to do it. As much as I love that set, and he seemed to be pretty excited about it, too, just discovered the blog late (post-purge)....happily, I repost to keep those great discs alive.

One guy kind of qnated me to do the whole Bowie rarities, I am  NOT going to do that right now....I had planned a Bowie rarities part 2 at some point, I don't know.....maybe I'll do that as a 2-day thig, repost the original and then post part 2, a little too much work for right now.

I think this is all, it's all I remember. If I forgot you please remind me and I'll comply unless it's soemthing strenuous like the whole Bowie post or something.......but a single album or two, more than happy......

And more than happy to do requests any time. My collection is huge, you guys get the idea of the kind of stuff I'm into, and I'm happy to share.....I was going to quit this thing totally at purge time, but I like doing it, I like the kind remarks and I like helpin people find an album or two they've been looking for.....also, I like that through his blog I've found a couple new items from some of you wonderful folks, the Peeping Tom EP was the bomb, never dreamed I'd see that, and all those Fabulous Poodles discs that one guy sent me......great stuff.

So onward to the future....I can't post every day like I did in May, but if a couple times a week is ok with you, I can do that......for now this REUP thing will catch things up a bit, my son has a baeball tournenement this weekend, so probably early next week.....something.....don't know what. I found some cool boots from A Place to Bury Strangers, who also have a brand new album out, maybe something like that.......I'm still toying with the idea of creating some controversy with a Skrewdriver post, maybe on back to back days with a Tom Robinson Band post, we'll see where it takes me.

Until then, enjoy the reups, be good to each is short, enjoy it to the extreme.For those of you who had foresight enough to dowload them the firt time, well, enjoy the pictures of some more of my favorite members of the finer gender....I'll give Drew Barrymore the day off and feature a few of the second teamers

I'll be uploading these for a while this evening, the links SHOULD be up sometime tonight....again thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and thanks for your patience!


  1. Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to those BBC Sessions when they go up! Should I look in the original Sleater-Kinney post's comments for the link?

  2. And finally here are the re-up requests.....first all 8 volumes of U-Spaces Psychedelic Ads/Promos:

    Volume 1-

    Volume 2-

    1. Volume 3-

      Volume 4-

    2. VOLUME 5-

      VOLUME 6-

      VOLUM E7-

      VOLUME 8-

      Next, The SOFT BOYS "The Day They Ate Brick"

      Both discs of HELLES BELLES "LIVE WIRES"

      Disc 1-

      Disc 2-




      THere they all are.....have at em....any more requests I'll try to get to as time permits

    3. Many thanks for reupping the Hell's Belles links. Listening to it right now and it sounds pretty good. Good day to you, sir ;)

  3. I was going to ask for a re-up of Soft Boys Side Three, but I got distracted by the Rose McGowan photo. Thanks.