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Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Couple of Good Email from Songs For Snakes

Got this a couple days ago, I'll past the whole thing except where he erroneoulsy thinks my name is "Carla" due to my email address........
Dear Growing Bored For A Living,
My name is Bill Taylor from the San Francisco band Songs For Snakes. I am writing to you in an effort to get our music heard by like minded people via Growing Bored For A Living and hopefully establish new relationships. Songs For Snakes was formed in 2005 with the vision of blending the energy and power of punk/indie rock with a touch of melancholy. Imagine Husker Du and Jawbreaker having a pleasant cup of green tea with Simon and Garfunkel. I was raised on the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel which gave me a love of melody but I also really love the power of loud classic rock bands and the DIY ethic of punk/indie rock. Our recently released third album entitled "Charcoal Heather" encompasses these diverse influences while delivering a tight and focused group of songs. You can check out the album at songsforsnakes.bandcamp.comand download our songs free or I can email you MP3’s if you prefer. Please feel free to pass our songs on to other interested parties. We hope you like the tunes and thank you for listening.

 And a second email from the band:

Indie Rock) Songs For Snakes – Charcoal Heather – 2012, MP3, 320 ...Bill Taylor from the band Songs For Snakes here and I am writing to you because you may have liked our last album Charcoal Heather. I wanted to let you know that our new album Year of the Snake is out and we have pressed a limited edition of 300 colored vinyl with letter press jackets. The download is free or name your price. We hope you like it and we think it is the best music we have made to date. You can check it out here... I hope all is well and thank you for listening. Bill Taylor
So there you go! yourself to "Year of the Snake" at the link above, and as the man says, pay what you think it's worth.......I think that is fair enough, but please be fair and generous....from the description, sounds interesting at least, and peraps we'll be seeing a post on them in the near future.......anyway,check it out for free OR slipe them a fwe bucks, they just want you to hear their stuff and of course let your friends listen to it.......I will be listening to them, and hope to do a feature on them in the next week or !

Thanks for the submission,SCOTT M (Carla is my wife, whose name has always been on my email account!)


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