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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Letters, we get letters.......

OK......yes I know Part Two of the Led Zeppelin rarities is taking a ridicuosly long time to get done.....I don't need reminded of it, it just happens.....I have just a couple emails complaining about it, nothing too nasty, and I understand the sentiments......I JUST DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY than other blogs, it HELPS me keep things straight in my long-drug addled, recently apnea weakend brain.....I write the post and THEN i upload the discs.....sometimes I "problem disc" ( a few of them this time), which I COMPLETELY understand.....after all, someone who's not SEEN the blog before goes "WHOA, Zeppelin rarities.....I WANT THOSE.........RIGHT NOOOOOOOW!".....simply doesn't work like that here, I know it works on 99% of other (better) blogs, but this is how I do it here, and if I encounter a disc that is hard to up, or hard to convert to zippy, of course I feel "bad" (not TOO bad, mind ya), because I know YOU WILL GET least in the meantime I gave you some fine videos of my favorite teen-project right now, it's not quite a representative sample, they are so GREAT live that
you would never beleive (I LOVE thier maerial selection.....Johnny Cash, the White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, Melissa Ethridge, Alannis Morrissette, Maroon Five, The Civil Wars, The Dixie Chicks and TONS more, and each track they select, the MAKE IT THEIR OWN, the ABLSOLUTE MOWT IMPORTANT THING when covering the material of others......I'd love it if you guys check out their vids (yesterday) and tell me what you  think, if you think they suck, so be it, but I love them, inparticular Sammi's angelic voice)

Anyway, at least I put SOMETHING up during our "rain delay" (you oughta see what the Cincinnati Reds put on TV durng a rain delay, they go to a bar and ask moronic Reds "tirvia" ("Hey, in 1975 the Reds had a catcher whose name rhymes with "Connie Wrench"....any idea who?" drunk in bar: "uhhhh, Joe O'brien?"   the prize for a correct answer? ten whopping dollars and a chance to run that clear to twenty with a second correct answer.....don't think anyone's evr hit that "jackpot" yet.

I want you to enjoy the vids, if ya don't here's some good news.....the Zep links willbe up in the next
couple hours (Part TWO), and I will get started on Part three tonight also.....these big posts are a lot of work and i should maybe prepare a ittle differently for them, but, too much work, and, you will get over it and still be here for the NEXT post (perhaps "Kings of the Sun" by rquest? Sound kind of interesting!

Anyway I appreaciate your patience.......for all good things, we must wait! (sometimes anyway!).....please, this will be worth, it I promise!....use this slack time to think of stuff yu'd like to see me take on here!

Anyway, these kid are good pals of mine, and I think they are REALLY REALLY GOOD and UNIQUE, take a second to catch their vids, Sammi (once again) literally has the voice of an and Max is a FINE guitarist who used play kickdrum as well a sing/play guitar, before the added Nick, the new permanent drummer (And a good addition he is)

Support your local bar bands!


  1. bluenerry disc 2


    fillmore d1

    royal albert


  3. Ha-HA! Ah-um nom nom slurp slurp mmmm

  4. fillmore69


    liverpool d1


    southhampton d1

    souAMPTON d3