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Thursday, July 17, 2014

RIP Johnny Winter

Nothing to say, at all, I saw Robin Trower posted the info of his passing on Facebook today....totally a badass on the six-string, KINDA appropriate that I'm in the middle of this Hendrix thing......RIP Johnny, you were a badass Mofo........thanks to my friend Mark M for informing me of his passing, we are ALL getting older......I don't really have much to say other than I hope his family is OK, and I guess I will just continue with the Hendrix stuff, what else can I do?......JW you will certainly be missed!


  1. Johnny Winter... love most off all the record from him "The Progressive Blues Experience"... now I'm nearly fifty years old and more and more of the musicians that are giving me so much love with their music are leaving us.. sadly news... but one good thing... we're alive and can see every day the beauty of nature etc.... and the great music from great musicians... thank you very much for your great blog.. btw. love Hendrix too... greetings from Germany (and apologize my bad english.. no practice)

  2. ... it's me again... true words you've spoken...

  3. Yup. Another bad-ass MOFO gone to give God some guitar lessons. I can [and have] put JW and JW/EW on the power rotation for days at a time.

    Say, Scott, how about a Winter Boy release sometime?

    1. Yeah I will do that sometime this summer