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Friday, June 27, 2014

My final day of employment with the State of Ohio

WOW......nearly 31 years, and now it's all was my final day of work with the State of
Ohio, I am now an "official" retiree......probably the biggest "change" in my life, as I am 52 years old, thusly, I have worked on the same job for over half of my life.....I'm sorry....Im feeling a LOT of different emotions today......

So, why not wrap up the celebratory bonuses (for a while) with a no-joke bang......the COMPLETE "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" series....I am not going to go into detail about this, but this is THE classic piece of underground comicdom.....Phineas, Freewheelin' Frank, Fat Freddie (and of course Fat Freddie Scat) were as much of my childhood/teen years as were the bands I post here each day.....if it's new to you, it will be deliciously dated, if you are a longtime fan, you'll be delighted, but the target group I'D like to hear from is maybe people MY AGE who have forgotten about them......this shit IS the 1970's, represented MUCH better than ANY album I could post.

Thank you for patronizing my's fun, I enjoy it and will continue it until God knows when (although, this is likely the end of 2 posts a day for a while, I have done so for the whole month of June, and, frankly, a LOTTA work).....anyway I enjoy doing this, and I TRULY thank all the many people who have helped me make it work the way I want it to, and two people in particular, Dave Sez and Apanta Bapanta, thanks so much, literally, this blog would not be what it is without your help!

Here's to another few years (at least) of the WORLD WIDE SHARING COMMUNITY making thisblog what i WANT it to be.......a chance for EVERYONE to share ANYTHING they want, from the most unknown bar band to someone with some out-there porn photos.....EVERYONE.

Love you all.


  1. Congratulations Scott! I wish you all the happiness that you deserve. It is no small feat, indeed it is a testament to your resolve, your sense of discipline and your willpower that you were able to hang in there all those years. I am sure there were many times you wanted to hang it up and you didn't. Go forth and irritate....I mean, enjoy, your rewards. You are free!

  2. Congratulations YOUR THE MAN

  3. VOL 1

    VOL 2

    VOL 3


    VOL 5

    VOL 6

    VOL 7


    VOL 9

    VOL 10

    VOL 11

    VOL 12

    VOL 13

    VOL 14

  4. Enjoy your retirement. Smashing at such a YOUNG age!

  5. Congratulations Scott! Very Jealous! Enjoy and thanks for all your sharing.


  6. Congratulations on getting the freedom. Don't get bored!

  7. Wow - I'm coming up with my 30 year anniversary with the State of Nebraska in two months, and retirement is nowhere in the picture - you guys must have a much better deal than we do!

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  9. So young for retiring !
    Plenty of life still in BigScott - I'm sure

    Really enjoy ya blog mate - keep 'em coming

    Cheers from Down Under

  10. Congrats! Enjoy every day of your new life!

  11. Wow, retiring at 52! You're so young still; now you can think of moving on to another phase of life and still be able to fully enjoy whatever you do for years to come. Congratulations and thanks for all of the great shares.

  12. with all that free time Im sure you have your hands free dont jack off too much, I hear you might go blind . Maybe you should trim the hair on your palms.