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Monday, November 24, 2014

Scratch Acid

Oh, hell yes, why not some Scratch Acid on a cold rainy November
night? Loud, noisy, and plenty obnoxious, as one would expect of any band fronted by David Yow, later of Jesus Lizard.
Formed in 1982 in Ausitn Texas (home of so many great and bizarre bands over the yearas), aside from Yow, they consisted of guitarist David Wm. Sims, guitarist Brett Bradford, and drummer Rey Washam.

In 1984 they released a self-titled EP, inculding the track "Lay Screaming" which according to Yow, was based upon the writings of Marquis de Sade, he's kind of known for saying shit like that, though, so who knows (I find it hard to believe Yow has read a whole lot of books, myself)....
Thier first album was 1986's "Just Keep Eating", this stuff predated Jesus Lizard and Big Black as well, with straight up crazed shit like "Big Bone Lick", "Holes", "Unlike a "Baptist".....not exactly an album to mellow out to with a couple of Ativans, if ya know what I mean....
Thier final stab was an EP entitled "Berserker" (1991), doubtful but it would be way cool if the song in the greatest movie of all time, "Clerks", copped it's title from here (if ya don't know what I'm talking about, go watch "Clerks", if you haven't seen it, hang your head......"My love for you is like a truck BERSERKER....Do you want to suck my cock BERSERKER!"

Kinda getting off topic here.....the cool thing is (I was unaware of this until recently) that both EP's and the album are packaged on one handy disc, entitled "The Greatest Gift",(also includes a previously non-releaseasd effort) incredibly convenient package of a lesser-known but fairly influential band. Thanks to Jeff for loaning me this one!

THE GREATEST GIFT-01 Cannibal/02 Greatest Gift/03 Monsters/04 Owner's Lament/05 She
Said/06 Mess/07 El Espectro/08 Lay Screaming/09 Crazy Dan/10 Eyeball/11 Big Bone Lick/12 Unlike a Baptist/13 Damned For All Time/14 Ain't That Love/15 Untitled/16 Holes/17 Albino Slug/18 Spit a Kiss/19 Amicus/20 Cheese Plug/21 Untitled/22 Mary had a Little Drug Problem/23 For Crying Out Loud/24 Moron's Moron/25 Skin Drips/26 This Is Bliss/27 Flying Houses/28 The Scale Song

Lemme know your thoughts on this the way Apantabapanta has checked back in and is beginning work on the latest of the great "Greek Punk" series, so I am no longer in need of a Greek translater! Thanks millions Apantabapanta!



    1. thanks for this one! Much appreciated!


  2. Thanks for this stuff! I like your blog but my mother wouldn't like that blonde woman cover. Ha.