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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Teenage Treats Part 1

OK, for tonight I am going to gift you with the fine set "Teenage Treats", ten discs of obscure singles
that you will, or SHOULD love to death.....I am pretty certain these came from the great "Music Ruined My Life" post, sorry if I am not correct there, but this is a wonderful collection of late 70's/early 80's singles that works to perfection..... hope you like em..... five discs tonight, 5 more when I choose to arise on Wednseday..... OK, Volume 1..... anyone you've ever heard of hear? NO? Well, that's what I consider GREAT,if I can introduce you slugs to something other than the greatest hits of Journey or something, I have done my job.....Volume 1 includes cool singles from  Razar ("Idle Rich"), Innocent Vicars ("Starship 22"), Moskow ("Man fromm Uncle"), and even AD 1984 ("The Russians Are Coming")..... fine singles collection, hope this stuff keeps your interest, I think this is a WONDERFUL set.

Volume 2 continues along the same lines, The Wasps contribuet the title rack to the collection "Teenage Treats", we also get wonderful stuff from the Warm Jets, Flys, Jimmy Edwards & the Profile, Red Raeg and more, totally essential. So, onto Volume 3, which features a couple of two-sided singles, such as The Surgeons "Sid Never Did It"/"Breaking Rocks on Riker's Island", and the Dregs "School Girls In Bondage"/ "Dregs of Humanity"...... also plenty of single tracks from Vom, Klips 88, Friction, and loads more...... essential, essential, essential.

Volume 4 features lots more gems from Tunnelrunners, DC10's, The Voice of the Puppets, Zipper, not to mention a fine live track from the Wasps ("Can't Wait for it '78")... .these are great discs for anyone of you who may love young people attempting to crank out the punk rawk, trust me,you gonna LUUUUUV these!

So, we press on to Volume 5, another wonderful disc, with a ton of bands we've never heard of (you KNOW how I love that stuff), such as Satyr, Johnny & the Lubes, Bleach Boys, IQ Zero, and plenty more.....

I suggest you try these out if you wish to step out of the mainstream and find some good rocking tunes that you've not heard'll need to trust me, but these are nice, short, blasts of teenage rock n roll, that I think will be at home on the shelf of ANYONE who appreciates THIS blog........ Discs 6-10 Tomorrow, check these out and you WILL love the remaining discs as well!

VOLUME 1-01 KILLERS -Killer, (1978 from LP)/02 RAZAR-Idle Rich (1978 From 2.7")/03 BEARS -On Me (1979 from 2.7")/04 WASPS -Teenage Treats (1977 From 1.7")/05 TOURS-Language School (1979 From 1.7") /06 APARTMENT-The Car (1980 From 7")/07 INNOCENT VICARS-Starship 22 (From Class of 81 Compilation LP)/08 TELESCOPE-Bye Byes Ain't Nice (From 7")/09 AD
1984-The Russians Are Coming (1979 From 7")/10 MOSKOW-Man From Uncle (From 7")/11 VIBRANT THIGH -Wooden Gangsters (From a Manchester Collection Compilation LP)/12 TEA SET-B52G (1978 From 1/7")

VOLUME 2-01 WASPS-Teenage Treats (1977 from 1.7")/02 TOURS-Language School (1979 from
1.7")/03 DOLE-New Wave Love (From 7")/04 SCREAMS-Paper Dolls (1979 From 1.7")/05 WARM JETS -Big City Boys (1979 From 1.7")/06 RED RAGE-Total Control (1980 From 7")/07 JIMMY EDWARDS & THE PROFILE-Nora's Diary (1979 From 1.7")/08 STRIKE-Teenage Rebel (1980 From 7")/09 FLYS-Love & a Molotov Cocktail (From Bunch of Five EP)/10 DYAKS-Gutter Kids (1978 From 7")/11 EXILE-Real People (1977 From 2.7")/12 NEON HEARTS-Answers (1978 from 2.7")

VOLUME 3-SURGEONS-"Side Never Did It"/"Breaking Rocks On Riker's Island" (1979 7")/02 DREGS-"Girls In Bondage/"Dregs of Humanity (1979 From 7")/03 INTRAVEIN-"Speed of the City (From 1.7")/04 Vom "Electrocute Your Cock" (1978 from 7")/05 KLIPS 88-"Ultimatum" (1979 From Voxhall Tracks compilation EP)/06 BLITZKREIG Bop-"Bugger Off" (1977 from 1.7")/07 FRICTION-"Murder"-(1979 from Voxhall Tracks Compilation EP)/08 EXILE-"Fascist DJ"(1977 From 1.7")/09 PARANOIA-"Money=Time" (From Voxhall Tracks compilation EP 1979)/10 EXITS-"Apathy" from 1978 2.7")

VOLUME 4-VACANTS-"Television Viewer" (1977 From LP)/02 WHITE HEAT-"Nervous Breakdown"  (1979 from 1.7")/03 TUNNELRUNNERS-"Plastic Land" (1981 from 7")/04 FAVOURITES "Cold" (1979 from 2.7")/05 VISITORS- "Take It Or Leave It"(from 7")/06 SINGLES-Send For Sorrow (1981 From 7")/07 DC10's-I Can See Thru Walls (1980 from 7")/08 ZIPPER-"The Life of Riley" (1979 from 1.7")/09 HEARTBEATS-"Go" (1981 From 7")/10 HOBBS-You've Got Me Ina  Whirl Girl" (1978 From 7")/11 THE VOICE OF THE PUPPETS-" You're All I Wanted and a Car"(1980 from 7")/12 WASPS-"Can't Wait for '78" (1977 Live at the vortex compilation LP)

VOLUME 5-01 SATYR-"Problem in the city" (1979 &')/02 DEVIL'S HOLE GANG-"Isn't It" (1978, 7"), 03 JOHNNIW & THE LUBES-"Terror In the Parking Lot" (1980 7")/04 TONE DEAF & THE IDIOTS-"Politics" (1979 7" Flexi Disc)/05 EXITs-"Glandular Angela" (1978 7")/06 MORRIS & THE MINORS-"Emily" (1979 7")/07 EXHIBIT A-'Distance" (1980 7")/08 IQ ZERO-"She's So Rare" (1980 7")/09 DELUSION-"pessimist's Paradise" (1979 7")/10 THE CAUSE-"metro Police" (1979 7")/11 BLEACH BOYS "You've Got Nothing" (1978)/12 SURPRISES-"Litle Sir Echo" (1978 7")

Guys, you knew from the start that variety is the spice of MY life anyway, and I want to present you each day with SOMETHING DIFFERENT..... if you don't like posts such as this, PLEASE let me know, my feelings will not be hurt..... I have so much musisc on hand that I could probably do a blog post each day for the next 20 years without breaking a sweat..... I do this for YOU though, trying to get DIFFERENT sounds out to you on a fairly daily basis..... as always, please let me know what you think about a post such s this, I copped this one from another blog, but I don't think he'll mind as he has slowed down his posting..... and I TRULY want to keep this killer music in circulation....... be back tomorrow with discs 6-10, hope you guys enjoy them to the extent I did when I first heard them....... love you all, Scott M...... PS hope you all voted today.


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  2. JI Greg

    Excellent ! You re blog is now an obligatory daily "rendez-vous" for me!! Suggestions ? Afghan wigs and generally studio rarities when possible (sorry if you did it, I didn't check). At last, you could try new wave punk french bands from 70/80's ; Skydog commando (comp), asphalt Jungle, metal urbain (aka Dr Mix), les Dogs, les Coronados (you have to hear this one, they sing in french but music is such original : between garage and captain beefheart (they play as cover "zig zag wanderer), 1982-1990….Thanks for your blog G

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Would love to share any of those French bands, can you hook me up with some material?