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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Boris, part 2

BigScott62 here, any of you actually listen to the entire Boris deluge from last night? Do your self a favor and do so over time, this is complex, wonderful, imaginative music, and of coure, given my weakness for non-English language hard rock, right up my alley......I didn't really know I had so much of their stuff on my shelves, but away we go......

Well, I need to aknowledge that Brian Parker has helped tremendously with these posts, uploading links, writing text, etc, and he's done a fine job......just didn't want to forget his input. So, last night we wrapped up with three separate versions of "Smile" from 2008, after which the band took a hiatus before releasing "New Album" in appears in a few different versions, and I can't give you a complete track listing as many of the titles are written in Japanese characters which my keyboard won't I need a Japanese version of Apantabapanta to help me straighten this kind of thing out? Actually, I did find English translation titles for one of the albums versions:

01 Flare/02 Hope/03 Party Boy/04 Luna/05 Spoon/06 Pardon?/07 Jackson Head/08 Les Paul Custom '86/09 Tu, La La/10 Looprider

I find it to be a fine disc as well, highlighted in my opinion by the great "Les Paul Custom '86"......Now, in a typically confusing Boris move, in 2011 they released an album bearing the EXACT same title as they had used in 2002, "Heavy Rocks" best as I can determine, this was symbolic of a "get back to roots" kind of move, after all this material, an attempt to remain true to the heavier sounds of least that's how I get it, there are alternate takes of a few tracks from "New Album", and the album DOES sound fresh and like a sly blend of new/old Boris, and NO DOUBT it certainly is BORIS!

01 Riot Sugar/02 Leak (Truth, yesnoyesnoyes)/03 GALAXIANS/04 Jackson Head/05 Missing Pieces/06 Key/07 Window Shopping/08 Tu, La La/09 Aileron/10 Czechoslovokia

In another typically Boris move, on THE SAME DAY they released "Attention Please", which is a much more modernistic effort, droning and hypnotic, really somewhat less rocking than we are used to from be honest, I am not crazy about the features some droned out takes on earlier material ("party Boy", "Les Paul Custom 86", etc), but give Boris credit......much like the Melvins whom I earlier compared them with, they will try ANYTHING and do not remain slavish to any particular sound, unlike, say, a band like Rush or something who basically recorded the same album  over and over every year for 40 years.
01 Attention Please/02 Hope/03 Party Boy/04 See You Next Week/05 Tokyo Wonder Land/06 You/07 Aileron/08 Les Paul Custom 86/09 Spoon/10 Hand in Hand

OK.....I have been trying to download "Noise" and "Parapat" or whatever it's called, since Pirate Bay has ceased being my  go-to site, I'll get em on KickAss Torrents or Bunalti or something, just not working right now.....I be hoping you be liking the Part 2 Boris post, there will be a Part 3, with EP's, singles, live shit, all that stuff, but be may not be until Monday or so,as BigCarla66 and myself are heading for the casino/resort for a couple of days, and if any of you think you take precedence over myself and BigCarla66.....well, honestly........Boris has a shit-ton of material, a lot of it classic/great, and sooner or later I will get all their shit homeboy Brian is working on a VERY COOL post featuring The Swans, should be finished, well, whenever it is finished, but we have given you guys enough Boris shit to choke yourselves on anyway...

So, eventually I will locate "Noise" and "Parapat" and will put them up for you, but the NEXT post will be the "Part 3" Boris, with singles, Live, and whatever else I can dredge up......I may or may not be back here before Monday, we'll see, but there is a LOT of material here for you to delve into.....oh, by the way.....did  ANYONE predict a Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl? Oh, that's right, that was ME.....(look for Seattle to be the first team in some time to go back-to-back).....anyway, the king of the retired State Workers needs a few days of SEX and BLACKJACK and I may not see none of ya till monday......But, I DO expect you to tell me what you think of our Boris post (Part 2), coz we think it's baddass, and at the very least , please offer up your commentary!


  1. I've got Noise - I'll rip it and post a zippy link if you want.

  2. sounds great man, just post it right here in the comments, thanks!

  3. after the first big Boris post, I stopped at ye olde record shoppe to see if they had anything and picked up Noise, which I haven't listened to yet but assume it's awesome.
    disc 1
    disc 2:

  4. Thanks a million for the links, narcosislabs!