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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The week ahead

I have been feeling a bit off my game this past week this haven't been posting the last few days.....that plus NFL playoffs......anyway, thanks to whoever sent the link for the missing Pony Up! album, haven't listened yet but a hard one to locate.......anyway, coming up this week, I have some guest material in the pipeline....not sure which will be on which day, but new friend of the blog Brian has reupped the comedy albums from the other day, with NEW links, great stuff.....Brian is also helping me with a huge post on Japanese greats Boris, as soon as we get that one done, you will no question be impressed with that one.

Also this week, Apantabapanta returns with Part 7 of the awesome Greek Punk series, and in addition, he has created a Bowie surprise that I think everyone will that's four posts this week, and actually the Boris will likely take 2 days, so very little work for ME, which is how I like it....

Btw, predictions for Monday night? Hope I am wrong, but I see the game turning into a track meet/shoot out, which is exactly what Oregon would prefer....thusly, I see Oregon winning by a score of something like 41-35, buckeyes must play turnover free ball to take this one......anyway, hope I am wrong, go Buckeyes!


  1. With Devon Allen out with a blown knee and Darron Carrington out for failing a drug test I would flip your scores and give the win to the Bucks! YEAH BABY!!!

  2. Yeah, gotta think the Carrington thing will hurt Oregon....still, the bucks are young, and MAN should they be a beast in the next season.....early this season, I wrote them off, wrongly, but wait til the nation sees the Buckeyes the NEXT 2-3 years and realize that 2014 is gravy, even if they win..