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Monday, December 7, 2015

Cliff Checking in With More Reggae

(Scott)-The title of the post says it all, he also told me that he will be preparing a reggae Christmas
post in the near future..... MAN, what a great show by Sleater Kinney Saturday night, MY GOD they took 8-10 years off and literally have not missed a beat they were phenomenal .....I REALLY wanted to do at least a small post on them BEFORE I went to the show, I think I'll still put up their studio albums sometime this week when I get the chance...... there are so few bands about whom I can HONESTLY say I don't think EVER made a bad album, but they are it....... just amazing. I used to go to more shows than I could count, now, I am far too old for that, 1-2 a year is plenty so I want to see only REALLY great ones...... my son attended with me, as he has for the last couple years, as he is college bound next year, this may or may not be the last show we attend together...... but we have been SO lucky to see incredible shows by the Black Keys/Cage the Elephant, Jack White, the incredible Buddy Guy, and now one of my all time faves Sleater Kinney...... just great stuff, and, I guess when he leaves for school, the wife will have to go back to attending with me, I'm sure she can't wait!
Dennis Brown – Words of Wisdom
A gem of an album from 1979 sees Dennis Brown on top form.  With the rhythmn section provided by Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare and the production skills of Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson it couldn’t be anything else than a pleasure to listen to.
Brown was equally at ease when singing of matters of the heart and also of those of cultural importance and on this album you get a fair share of both. It contains the Brown classics of Money in my Pocket and Cassandra but for me the stand out track is Black Liberation. Bob Marley stated that Brown was the best reggae singer in the world and the vocals on this album shows where he was coming from. You can just listen to one Dennis Brown song after another and not get bored; he had a voice that was a joy to turn your ears towards.
Track List : 1. So Jah Say, 2. Don’t Feel No way, 3. Words Of Wisdom. 4. Should I 5. A True 6. A’int That Loving You 7. Cassandra 8. Love Jah 9. Black Liberation 10. Rasta Children 11. Drifter 12. Money In My Pocket Link:

Fred Locks – Black Star Liners 

From 1975Black Star Liners’ is seen as one of several iconic roots albums released in the 70’s,  that more then played in part in bringing reggae to a new international audience. It is good but personally I think the praised heaped on it is a little bit out of proportion. That may be because I like my roots music deep and heavy. This album delivers someting more mellow and easy going. There may be a little rocksteady here and there, but Fred Lock's vocals, lyrics, and overall performance on this album are soaked in the roots. Locks was a devout rastaman and his lyrics displayed this to the full. ‘Black Star Liners’ is a Rasta anthem that refers to the Black Star Line, the shipping company set up by Marcus Garvey for the repatriation of the African diaspora. The title track is viewed as a classic 70's reggae anthems and the album as whole is brim full of good tunes such as 'True Rastaman', 'Songs Of The Almighty', 'Sing-A-Long' and  'Wolf Wolf' .

Track List: 1. Dark Star  Liners 2. Vision of Redemption 3. I’ve Got A Joy 4. Sons Of The Almighty

5. Sing-A-Long 6. True Rastaman 7. Don’t Let Babylon Use You 8. Walls 9. Wolf Wolf 10. Time To Change

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  1. this dennis brown album is the first one i ever heard of his and i think is def his best. it is also very hard to find..........thanks bunches