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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


And so, I guess, for my very first musical posting I opt for Mommy & Daddy's great "Duel at Dawn" from way back in that golden year of 2006.....this was my personal favorite release of that particular year, discovering them when they performed on WOXY's lamented "Lounge Acts". No guitars, no drums.....and what is great is how HARD this rocks. Fuzzed out bass, spaced out keyboards and trippy vocals shared by both "Mommy" and "Daddy", I believe they also traded off on the intruments as well. I do have a feeling that very few will be "neutral" on this, it's unique sound is an open invitation to "love it or hate it" type responses. But, if you are open to this kind of thing you may find it to be quite favorite tracks would be the chaotic "Pretty Loser" and "Way West Way", but there are other gems to be found here ("Cops", "The Streets Have Come Alive").....I know that they had at least one other disc ("Fighting Style Killer Panda"), but since this one I really have no idea as to what has become of them.....perhaps a split, I have no clue. To me this was a VERY enjoyable album, see what you think and let me know.

Link in comments section, leave a thought of your own?

01 Pretty Loser/02 Good Deal/03 Cops/04 Way West Way/05 Lost the Plot/06 Top Down/

07 The Streets Have Come Alive/08 Franconia Road/09 Already Warm/10 Full/11 So Far So Good

Monday, July 18, 2011

In the beginning there was a roomfull of cd's and vinyl

Well, I've thought about trying this for a while....I've loved so many of the music sharing blogs and taken advantage of the things they have offered that I think it's time that I try to pay back a fraction of that enjoyment.....please always feel free to offer up your comments, likes, dislikes, pictures of your teenage neighbor girl, and anything else of interest. I have a stash of over 10000 cd's, maybe half of them transferred from the original glorious VINYL, with that wonderful static and all that we children of the 70's still for myself, other than my tastes in music, you'd probably call me the most boring guy alive (and, maybe even WHEN my musical likes are factored in).....49 years old, married to the lovely and wonderful Carla for almost 25 years, father of a fantastic 14 year old (Grant), worked on the same job for nearly 29 years.....not a lot of "change", not a lot of "excitement", but I have always enjoyed the sounds of rock n roll.....I introduced most of my high school to the Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, etal, which I'm sure they "appreciated", and I've tried to raise my son up on some of the more obscure sounds of the past 50 or so years (lots of balnk looks).....always loved the fuzzy punk and trippy psych of the 1960's, the heavy metal and hard glam rock of the early 70's, the punk/new wave sounds of later in that decade.....but all the time still trying to find new things.....the alt revolution of the 1990's, the current "stoner" revival (what a time for THAT!)......basically whatever sounds good to ME is what I like, and what I am about sharing....I know zero about blogging, have a bit of patience with me, and if you have any requests, don't hesitate to ask, who knows, maybe I can help you out...and PLEASE share your opinions of anything you may find here....even I know that such comments are the life blood of blogs such as these......I truly hope that you might find something here that will bring a few seconds of enjoyment to your life, if so, it will be mission accomplished........

Talk to you all soon