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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Ultra-Mega Flaming Lips post the finale

Cleaning out the Flaming Lips vault with whatever I have left, some EP's and stuff, again, I just feel the need to comment again on what an innovative band, all of their ideas may not work, but they sure as hell do take chances..... I hope you guys have enjoyed these post, and if the Lips are a new experience to you, I hope it has been a positive one. I think this is one band that, to properly profile, I need to put up everything I have from them, so as to paint an accurate, if difficult, picture of what they are about.

Let us begin with a grab bag of early tracks from various sources, some of which are taken from the early albums, but some rarities, program them as you wish.... this is entitled "A Collection of Songs Representing an Enthusiasm For Recording....By Amateurs".... a weird cover of "After the Gold Rush" from  Neil Young Tribute album (anyone have THAT by any chance?), some B-Sides, a couple Flexi-Disc tracks.....not always the greatest, but ALWAYS interesting, which summarizes the Lips pretty well.

"The Shambolic Birth and Early Life of the Flaming Lips" is a promo album, fairly similar to the above.....if I had the time or desire I suppose I could reprogram all this shit into a more manageable rarities set, but this is what you're getting...... again, one COULD program a BUNCH of this stuff down to  single disc.

These guys have ALSO put out a ton of EP's, I don't have them all, but here are the ones I have.... from 2003 we have "Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell".... f you recall there was an "Ego Tripping...." track on "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots", it appears here in a couple of remixed forms.... this is a pretty generous 7-track EP with either very little or no overlap with the other sets.

From the same year comes "Fight Test", a grab bag with a few live tracks, a cover or Radiohead's
"Knives Out", and, most notably, the title track which Cat Stevens (Cat Stevens!) claimed was plagiarized from one of his legendary numbers, "Father and Son" ....really, I have never heard Cat's tune, probably never will, but evidently Cat gets a huge chunk of the royalties from the track... whatever. A typical Flaming Lips song title: "Thank You Jack White (For the Fiber Optic Jesus That You Gave Me)".

"It Overtakes Me" is a brief, 4 track disc of stuff from the "At War With the Mystics" era, with a single-mix of the lengthy title tune, and a couple of others not available elsewhere. We also have a three track disc, "The Soft Bulletin Outtakes", exactly what the title would imply.

There are a ton of other EP's out there that I don't have, if anyone does have them, now is the time to share..... as far as live stuff, I am fairly surprised to find that I don't have any, was pretty sure I did, but what are ya gonna do? As always, open to contributions of live stuff, again, quite surprised to discover that I don't have any, but hopefully the stuff that I have put up gives you an accurate picture of a great and imaginative band.

Had a request for some Swans, what do you guys think? The reason I ask is they had such a huge volume of material, used to somewhat enjoy it, but to me it is nearly unlistenable now.... is my view a commonly held one, or is there interest in a Swans post, maybe a single day NOT their entire collection......just throwing it out there, trying to gauge interest. I know I will likely do a post on them in the near future, but what do you prefer, "Ultra-mega Swans", or just touching on the (ahem) highlights?

Thank for reading and listening and contributing and sharing, thank you Jenny McCarthy, just for being you.

A COLLECTION OF SONGS REPRESENTING AN ENTHUSIASM FOR RECORDING ...BY AMATEURS -01 Bag Full of Thoughts/02 Jesus Shooting Heroin/03 One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning/04 Chrome Plated Suicide/05 Michael Time to Wake Up/06 Hell's Angels Cracker Factory/07 Unconsciously Screamin'/08 God Walks Among Us Now/09 Strychnine/Peace Love and Understanding/10 Death Valley '69 (The Bob Flexi-Disc)/11 Thank You (The Bob Flexi-Disc)/12 Ma I Didn't Notice (B-Side)/13 After the Gold Rush/14 I Want to Kill My Brother, the Cymbal Head

THE SHAMBOLIC BIRTH AND EARLY LIFE OF FLAMING LIPS-01 Killer on the Radio/02 My Own Planet/03 She Is Death/04 One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning/05 Unconsciously Screamin'/06 Strychnine/Peace Love and Understanding/07 Lucifer Rising/08 Take Me Ta Mars/09 Chrome Plated Suicide/10 Agonizing/11 Shine On Sweet Jesus/12 Golden Hearse

EGO TRIPPING AT THE GATES OF HELL (EP)-01 Assassination of the Sun/02 I'm a Fly in a
Sunbeam (Following the Funeral Procession of a Stranger)/03 Sunship Balloons/04 Do You Realize (Postal Service Remix)/05 Ego Tripping (Ego in Acceleration) (Jason Bentley Remix)/06 Ego Tripping (Self Admiration with Blow Up Mix)/07 A Change at Christmas (Say It Isn't So)

FIGHT TEST (EP)-01 Fight Test/02 Can't Get You Out of My Head (Live on KEXP)/03 The Golden Age (Live)/04 Knives Out/05 Do You Realize?? (Scott Hardkiss Floating In Space Mix)/06 The Strange Design of Conscience/07 Thank You Jack White (For the Fiber Optic Jesus That You Gave Me)

IT OVERTAKES ME (EP)-01 It Overtakes Me (Radio Edit)/02 I'm Afraid of Dying....Aren't You?/03 Free Radicals (The Bird and the Bee Mix)/04 Time Travel?? Yes !!

THE SOFT BULLETIN OUTTAKES (EP)-01 1000 Ft. Hands/02 The Captain/03 Satellite of You

Lotta stuff over four days and there is a TON that I don't have.....once again if you have any of the (many) other EP's or any live stuff, won't you please share in order to make this thing work the way it needs to? Thanks.

The Ultra-Mega Flaming Lips post, Part 3

So, yesterday we left off with 2006's "At War With the Mystics".... I guess the next time these lads were heard from were a pair of 2009 releases... first up we have "Embryonic".... a double album set, it would be a good look at the Lips' future, collaborating with other artists.....again, also, this album totally changes direction, also, abandoning the goofy greatness of the earlier efforts for a "gloomier" affair...honest to God, you can't say these boys wouldn't take chances, regardless of the outcome.  Karen O, one of my main objects of slobber, helps out here, as does the band MGMT. Another original effort, from one of the most daring and original bands of our time.

2009 also saw the release of their next major project, a complete cover of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon".....I have to say, I do love this album, this (covering an entire album) has been done before (off the top of my head is Pussy Galore's "Exile on Main Street" (see Pussy Galore post)), but this one works almost to perfection, NOT a slavish carbon copy, and not an insult to the original. Both Henry Rollins and Peaches assist here, and to good ending....who could be more PERFECT than Peaches to cover"That Great Gig In the Sky"? I thought it was one of the top albums of 2009, not sure the music buying public agreed......

Next up was an album COMPLETELY comprised of collaborative efforts, 2012's "The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends"......where to begin here? The Lips are assisted by acts as diverse as Yoko Ono's Plastic Ono Band, Nick Cave, Lightning Bolt, and Erykah Badu, and their customary weirdness remains intact ("Helping the Retarded to Know God", "Is David Bowie Dying?")......I enjoy this album as well.....even if you do not, it is almost impossible to not appreciate the Lips' attempts to NEVER play it safe, and to ALWAYS attempt to be original and creative.

Their most recent "official" release would be 2013's "The Terror", honestly, probably my least favorite of their releases, somewhat similar to "Embryonic" in my opinion, but far from worthless. If you are a fan of Flaming Lips, you'll want to hear this, as likely it is simply another step in their journey. God only knows what they might try next, experiments such as "Zaireeka" and "Dark Side of the Moon" are the kind of things that no other band would even dream of attempting, so, we shall see what the future holds.

Tomorrow: Some EP's and other stuff, emptying the Flaming Lips vault. A great, original and underappreciated band who can never be accused of playing it safe or being boring.

EMBRYONIC DISC 1-01 Convinced of the Hex/02 The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine/03 Evil/04 Aquarius Sabotage/05 See the Leaves/06 If/07 Gemini Syringes/08 Your Bats/09 Powerless

EMBRYONIC DISC 2-01 The Ego's Last Stand/02 I Can Be a Frog/03 Sagittarius Silver Mountain/04 Worm Mountain/05 Scorpio Sword/06 The Impulse/07 Silver Trembling Hands/08 Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast/09 Watching the Planets

DARK SIDE OF THE  MOON-01 Speak to Me/Breathe/02 On the Run/03 Time/Breathe (Reprise)/04 The Great Gig In Sky/05 Money/06 Us and Them/07 Any Colour You Like/08 Brain Damage/09 Eclipse

FLAMING LIPS WITH HEADY FWENDS-01 2012 (You Must Be Upgraded) (with Kesha, Biz Markie, and Hour of the Time Majesty)/02 Ashes In the Air (with Bon Iver)/03 Helping the Retarded To Know God (with Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros)/04 Supermoon Made Me Want to Pee (with Prefuse 73)/05 Children of the Moon (with Tame Impala)/06 That Ain't My Trip (with Jim James of My Morning Jacket)/07 You, Man? Human ??? (with Nick Cave)/08 I'm Working at NASA on Acid (with Lightning Bolt)/09 Do It! (with Yoko Ono & the Plastic Ono Band)/10 Is David Bowie Dying? (with Neon Indian)/11 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (with Erykah Badu)/12 Girl, You're So Weird (with New Fumes)/13 Tasered and Maced (with Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory)

THE TERROR-01 Look, the Sun is Rising/02 Be Free, a Way/03 Try to Explain/04 You Lust (with Phantogram)/05 The Terror/06 You Are Alone/07 Butterfly, How Long It Takes to Die/08 Turning Violent/09 Always There....In Our Hearts

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Ultra-Mega Flaming Lips Post, Part 2

OK, so yesterday we left off with "Transmissions From the Satellite Heart", a great album and a career high point. what would they do after that?  Well, the next release was 1995's critically acclaimed "Clouds Taste Metallic". I don't know, it's OK, not a real favorite of mine, perhaps the weirdness-for -weirdness' sake bit had gotten a small bit stale, I don't know...but this is a decent disc as well, how can it NOT be with titles like "Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus With Needles" or "The Guy Who Got a Headache and Saved the World".......not a bad disc, but in light of what was next to come....

OK. In 1997 the Lips released "Zaireeka"..... suffice to say this is one UNIQUE recording, there has NEVER been ANYTHING like it, or close....."Zaireeka" is four discs WHICH ARE DESIGNED TO BE PLAYED ON FOUR SEPARATE STEREOS AT THE SAME TIME..... thusly, the listener "becomes the engineer", so to speak, being able to "mix" the sound however he/she chooses. Believe it or not, back in 97 or 98, we actually DID THIS, I wonder how very FEW people have done's actually an incredible sonic experience, if you are equipped to do so (try a handful of boomboxes), this is perhaps one of the most unique and rewarding listening experiences ever committed to plastic .....the "album" itself, is so-so, but the four disc experience has NEVER been replicated, I guarantee....I would LOVE to hear from someone who actually goes to all the trouble to listen to "Zarieeka" the way it was "intended' to be heard, it's an experience unmatched in recorded history no joke

Next up was 1999's "The Soft Bulletin"......tuning down the amps a bit for a more layered, "technical' sound, lots of synths, the usual spaced out lyrics, and, basically, one of the better albums of 1999, making most year-end lists.....this is also a fine it REALLY the same crew that gave us, say, "Transmissions From the Satellite Heart"? Yep, but give these guys points for CONTINUALLY trying to change and update things, rather than recording the same album 10 times in 15 years as some do, just to appease the masses and keep the paychecks rolling in.

So, what NEXT? Well how about 2002's fine "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots", believe it or not yet another masterpiece, this one another out-there conceptual affair, but the psychedelic tinges and totally unique sounds/lyrics make this another must-hear....honest to God it is criminal how much underappreciated music these boyos have turned out.

Let's wrap up Part 2 with 2006's "At War With the Mystics", returning to a bit more of a traditional guitar-rock sound, and  collection of politically themed songs that I assume are supposed to fit some concept, but, as you know, these concepts generally go WAY over my head and I simply listen to the album, if I like it, then I like it, and, yep, I like this one as well.

There is more to come from the Lips tomorrow......their very cool cover/collaboration of "Dark Side of the Moon" will be put up tomorrow, as will their more recent releases and some rarities,etc......has there (really) been a more under appreciated American rock band than this one? maybe so, but I can't think of whom right off hand.....a very innovative, original, and listenable band, that so relatively few are down with, I hope I am able to expose them to at least one or two people who may discover their greatness.

CLOUDS TASTE METALLIC-01 The Abandoned Hospital Ship/02 Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus with Needles/03 Placebo Headwound/04 This Here Giraffe/05 Brainville/06 Guy Who Got a Headache and Accidentally Saves the World/07 When You Smile/08 Kim's Watermelon Gun/09 They Punctured My Yolk/10 Lightning Strikes the Postman/11 Christmas at the Zoo/12 Evil Will Prevail/13 Bad Days (Aurally Excited Version)

ZAIREEKA DISCS 1 to 4 ALL FOUR DISCS HAVE THE SAME TRACK LIST-01 Okay I'll Admit That I Really Don't Understand/02 Riding to Work in the Year 2025 (Your Invisible Now)/03 Thirty-Five Thousand Feet of Despair/04 A Machine in India/05 The Train Runs Over the Camel But Is Derailed by the Gnat/06 How Will We Know? (Futuristic Crashendos)/07 March of the Rotten Vegetables/08 The Big Ol' Bug Is the New Baby Now

THE SOFT BULLETIN-01 Race For the Prize (Mokran Remix)/02 A Spoonful Weighs a Ton/03 The Spark That Bled ("The Softest Bullet Ever Shot")/04 The Spiderbite Song/05 Buggin (Morkan Remix)/06 What Is the Light? ("An Untested Hypothesis Suggesting That the Chemical [In Our Brains] by Which We Are Able to Experience the Sensation of Being in Love Is the Same Chemical That Caused the "Big Bang" That Was the Birth of the Accelerating Universe")/07 The Observer/08 Waitin' For a Superman (Is It Gettin' Heavy?)/09 Suddenly Everything Has Changed ("Death Anxiety Caused by Moments of Boredom")/10  The Gash  ("Battle Hymn for the Wounded Mathematician")/11 Feeling Yourself Disintegrate/12 Sleeping on the Roof (excerpt from "Should We Keep the Severed Head Awake??")/13 Race for the Prize ("Sacrifice of the New Scientists")/14 Waiting For a Superman (Mokran Remix)

YOSHIMI BATTLES THE PINK ROBOTS-01 Fight Test/02 One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21/03 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 1/04 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 2/05 In the Morning of the Magicians/06 Ego Tripping At the Gates of Hell/07 Are You a Hypnotist/08 It's Summertime/09 Do You Realize?/10 Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon (Utopia Planitia)

AT WAR WITH THE MYSTICS-01 The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power)/02 Free Radicals (A Hallucination of the Christmas Skeleton Pleading with a Suicide Bomber)/03  The Sound of Failure / It's Dark... Is It Always This Dark??/04  My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion (The Inner Life as Blazing Shield of Defiance and Optimism as Celestial Spear of Action)/05 Vein of Stars/06   The Wizard Turns On... The Giant Silver Flashlight and Puts on His Werewolf Moccasins/07  It Overtakes Me/The Stars Are So Big.....I Am So Small....Do I Stand a Chance?/08 Mr. Ambulance Driver/09 Haven't Got a Clue/10 The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat)/11 Pompeii am Götterdämmerung/12 Goin' On......

What do ya think of this stuff so far? .......another day or two of more Flaming Lips coming your way!

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Ultra-Mega Flaming Lips post, part 1

This is a hard one to do, because, like, say Yo La Tengo, the Lips have such a HUGE volume of
material, both commercial and unofficial, that it's almost impossible to get a comprehensive selection of their stuff up..... on the other hand, they are SO WEIRD, and so innovative in many ways, and so unique, that I think that those who are unfamiliar with the band really need an introduction......

Well, this will probably take 3 to 4 days so if you just hate the Flaming Lips, take some time off.....if you LOVE them, I do have a few boots and EP's and stuff, so you might want to stick around for that.

So, the Lips go back aways, as we will see, and revel in weirdness, often with some very wonderful results.....hailing form Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the Lips are BASICALLY singer/guitarist/keyboardist Wayne Coyne, bassist Michael Ivins, drummer/multi-instrumentalist Steve Drozd (These are the longtime members, there have been many inermittent hangers-on, most recently guitarist/keyboardist Derrek Brown and keyboardist guitarist Jake Ingalls.....

So, our story begins around 1986 with their debut album, "Hear It Is", they had some singles/EP's prior that we will touch on later, but "Hear It Is" was the first that most of us (myself included) had heard of the band.....titles alone, such as "Jesus Shooting Heroin" and "Charlie Manson Blues" kind of set the stage for what is in store here, it's  good album of weird spacey pop-rock.

Turning up the amps (but NOT the weirdness) a small bit for 1987's "Oh My Gawd!....The Flaming Lips", this is one of the fine unknown albums of the 1980''s a shame the bogus term "alternative rock" hadn't been coined just yet, the Lips would have fit the niche perfectly. Quite a good album, for my money, highlighted by "One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning" and "Maximum Dream For Evel Kneivel" (God, I love a great song title, makes me long for the glory days of Love/Arthur Lee).

They topped themselves yet again with 1989's "Telepathic Surgery", with such great shit as "Drug
Machine" and "Hari-Krishna Stomp Wagon (Fuck Led Zeppelin)", Don't miss the highlight, the amazing, ultra-weird 23-min. "Hell's Angels Cracker Factory",words simply cannot do it justice. one of the weirdest tracks ever recorded

"In a Priest Driven Ambulance" was the band's itnroduction to the 1990's, a weird concept album dealing with Wayne Coyne's fascination with religion..... I'm not sure I follow the concept exactly, but this is their FOURTH good album in a row, "Unconsciously Screaming" stands out as the highlight for me at least, but as this IS a conceptual work, it DOES work best heard in it's entirety.

"Hit To Death in the Future Head", is, maybe for my money, their weakest work to date, although not horrendous or anything.....for some reason the version I have hear does NOT have the infamous "Hidden Bonus Track ", nearly a half hour of noise that would make a fan of "Metal Machine Music" ejaculate....

OK, we will wrap up part one here with a very significant LP, 1993's fine "Transmissions From the Satellite Heart" of the better albums of 1993, we were now well into the "alt-rock" era, so weirdness was appreciated, so much, in fact, that the Flaming Lips actually scored a fluke hit single with the magnificent "She Don't Use Jelly" (which actually attempts to find a way to rhyme the word "orange")....the rest of the album is just as great, "Turn It On", "Pilot Can at the Queer Of God", "Oh My Pregnant Head" and more, this is an essential album that is sometimes overlooked as simply the album from which "She Don't Use Jelly" comes.

OK, this is  great place to stop or today.....the Lips finally had a taste of fame with "She Don't Use Jelly", and "Transmissions" is a fine album to boot.......what would happen next, is these guys would actually get weirder, so check out tomorrow to see what the next era of Flaming Lips greatness would bring.......for today, I hope these six discs keep you busy, let me know (PLEASE) what you think of them, one of the USA's most underappreciated bands for my money.

HEAR IT IS-01 With You/02 Unplugged/03 Trains, Brains, and Rain/04 Jesus Shooting Heroin/05 Just Like Before/06 She Is Death/07 Charlie Manson Blues/08 Man From Pakistan/09 Godzilla Flick/10 Staring at the Sound/With You II/11 Summertime Blues

OH MY GAWD...THE FLAMING LIPS-01 Everything's Exploding/02 One Million Billionth of a
Millisecond on a Sunday Morning/03 Maximum Dream For Evel Kneivel/04 Can't Exist/05 Ode To CC part 1/06The Ceiling is Bendin'/07 Prescription; Love/08 Thanks To You/09 Can't Stop the Spring/10 Ode To CC Part II/11 Love Yer Brain

TELEPATHIC SURGERY-01 Drug Machine in Heaven/02 Right Now/03 Michael Time to Wake Up/04 Chrome Plated Suicide/05 Hari-Krishna Stomp Wagon (Fuck Led Zeppelin)/06 Miracle on 42nd Street/07 Fryin' Up/08 Hell's Angels Cracker Factory/09 UFO Story/10 Redneck School of Technology/11 Shaved Gorilla/12 The Spontaneous Combustion of John/13 The last Drop of Morning Dew/14 Begs and Achin'

IN A PRIEST DRIVEN AMBULANCE-01 Shine On Sweet Jesus (Jesus Song No. 5)/02 Unconciously Screamin'/03 Rainin' Babies/04 Take Meta Mars/05 Five Stop Mother Superior Rain/06 Stand In Line/07 God Walks Among Us Now: Jesus Song No. 6/08 There You Are: Jesus Song No. 7/09 Mountain Side/10 What a Wonderful World

HIT TO DEATH IN THE FUTURE HEAD-01 Talkin' Bout the Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants to Live Forever/02 Hit Me Like You Did the First Time/03 The Sun/04 Felt Good To Burn/05 Gingerale Afternoon (The Astrology of a Saturday)/06 Halloween on the Barbary Coasat/07 The Magician Vs the Headache/08 You Have to be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)/09 Frogs/10 Hold Your Head

TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE SATELLITE HEART-01 Turn It On/02 Pilot Can at the Queer of God/03 Oh My Pregnant Head/04 She Don't Use Jelly/05 Chewin' the Apple of Your Eye/06 Superhumans/07 Be My Head/08 Moth in the Incubator/09 Plastic Jesus/10 When Yer Twenty Two/11 Slow Nerve Action

OK, got ambitious, this is a mega-mega post, the type of which I rarely do anymore.......I hope you enjoy it, I have a TON of Flaming Lips shit to share here, this group covers the early part of their career, but BELIEVE ME there is more total odd-ball shit to come..PLEASE, posts like this are a good bit of work, so if you sample the wares, at least be respectful enough to leave a comment, whether you wind up liking the albums or not. Thanks!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

More stuff from the Dave Sez collection

Again, Dave Sez is one of the most valuable contributors to this blog......he gives us LOTS of varied
stuff, most of which is EXTREMELY rare......we are all quite lucky that he has generously shared these parts of his archive with us.

First we'll put up a 1992 show from a reformed Television, a very favorite band of mine.....great to hear "Venus" and "Marquee Moon", no matter what circumstances they fall under. Here's the text supplied straight from the man:

Television - Live at the Academy NYC 1992 (2003)

01 - Intro
02 - 1880 or So
03 - This Tune
04 - Venus
05 - Beauty Trip
06 - No Glamour for Willi
07 - Call Mr Lee
08 - Prove It
09 - The Rocket
10 - Rhyme
11 - In World
12 - Marquee Moon
Lossless rip thanks to Hans De Vente!
CD only, Ohoo Music (USA), 2003

Tom Verlaine: Guitar, vocals
Richard Lloyd: Guitar, backing vocals
Fred Smith: Bass, backing vocals
Billy Ficca: Drums

"Ladies and Gentlemen, and others as well..."
The first release from Television since 1992, this is a CD released through the band and sold at gigs in the USA in March 2003. Recorded on the first reunion tour to support the release of Television, 8 of the 11 songs come from that album and the other three from Marquee Moon. The final part of the Intro eases into "1880 or So" and before you know it Richard Lloyd pulls off a startling guitar break; later in the song Verlaine throws out fractured, sharp lines. Before the first song is over you hear what Television live has become. A rare and a wonderful thing. Either of these guitarists would be enough to front any band; together the combination of their differing styles and sounds creates a seemingly-limitless range of great moments. Currents and crosscurrents, oppositions and interlocking attacks. Verlaine's stark, off-centre inventions locked in with Lloyd's fiery, inventive excitement. All of this going on over Fred Smith's rock-solid bass and Billy Ficca's tight-but-loose foundation. And, of course, the hi-hat.
That old 70's insult that Television were "the Grateful Dead of punk"? Nonsense, of course. There's no stoned noodling here, no self-indulgent thirty-minute showcase excess. And this band has two guys who can play rhythm guitar. No other band I can think of plays together like this. Check out: The way in which, in "Beauty Trip", over staccato drumming and walking bass-line, the guitars share a dialogue - Verlaine's rhythm spilling off into Lloyd's liquid runs, as if Richard was finishing a sentence which Tom started. Verlaine creating the space for Lloyd to stretch out into a great break (which never overpowers the rest of the band sound. When Verlaine's guitar break does erupt, it makes sense in its timing and structure and lasts exactly long enough.
The series of little 'stroked' lines that Verlaine plays just before the last verse of "Prove It". I'm struck by how mathematically beautiful Television's music can be - a kind of random precision.
In "The Rocket", how out-of-control it can all sound even when I know it's not - the guitars in opposition to each other, Verlaine's almost taunting and Lloyd's screaming in reply.
You want dynamic tension? Listen to how the tumbling fierce end of "The Rocket" careers to a halt then mutates into the hesitant, minimal sketches that structure "Rhyme". The way the bass and snare drum create and hold a constant feeling of uncertainty/holding back that supports Verlaine's stream-of-consciousness vocal until there's almost nothing going on, everything clipped and tense along with the almost-inarticulate vocal.
The way the guitars build and layer "Marquee Moon" over the muscular rhythm. Verlaine seems to leave the song for a time, keeping on ear on it, pulling the most urgent noise from his guitar before slotting right back in to help push it to the climax (and yeah, this is sexy music).


Next up rare Clash show, at least I don't have it whcih makes it "rare" nearly by definition. It is from 1982, at Montgo is the text for THIS classic rarity:

The Clash - November 27, 1982
Jamaica World Music Festival - Montego Bay, Jamaica
Recording Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master (Sony TC-D5M/TDK MA-C90/Dolby B)
Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi DR-1/Dolby B) -> Sound Devices 744T (24bit/44.1k) ->
Samplitude Professional v11.2 -> FLAC/16
(1 Disc Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)
All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
April 15, 2011
-- Thanks to Frank Streeter for lending me his masters
d1t01 - Introduction
d1t02 - London Calling
d1t03 - Police On My Back
d1t04 - The Guns Of Brixton
d1t05 - The Magnificent Seven (w/ Armagideon Time)
d1t06 - Junco Partner
d1t07 - Spanish Bombs
d1t08 - One More Time
d1t09 - Train In Vain
d1t10 - Bankrobber
d1t11 - This Is Radio Clash
d1t12 - Clampdown
d1t13 - Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
d1t14 - Rock The Casbah
d1t15 - Straight To Hell
d1t16 - I Fought The Law

Since the Clash is in Flac, I opted to split it, raher than convert it.

ANd finally, a great Wilko Johnson special, from 1986, another rarity/clasic that you will no question enjoy too. We are lucky that Dave Sez is willing to share these great rarities with us, take the chance to thank him!


Wilko Johnson Special

From the Dave Sez archive
1986 Japan FM In Studio @ 320, full artwork
1. Intro
2. All Right
3. All Through The City
4. Looked Out My Window
5. Keep It To Myself
6. Dr. Dupree
7. Muskrat
8. Sneakin' Suspicion
9. Route 66 (With Makoto Ayukawa)
10. Highway 61
11. Back In The Night
12. She Does It Right
13. Bye Bye Johnny
Thanks to hearrockcity! See HRC also has a great live Wilko gig from Belgrade in 1990 at
Wilko - "In Memory Of Muddy", live in France 1983, bootleg EP Loser 001, @ 320, no artwork
1. Rolling And Tumbling
2. Sneakin' Suspicion
3. I Got My Mojo Working
Wilko & Lew Lewis Band - Bottle Up And Go! EP 1983 (out of print), @ 320, full artwork
01. Caravan Man
02. Bottle Up And Go!
03. I Wanna Be Your Lover
04. Looked Out My Window
Celia & The Fabulous Mutations - You Better Believe Me
October 1977 45 A side @ 192, full artwork
(by Celia Gollin, JJ Burnel of the Stranglers, Wilko Johnson and Terry Williams of Rockpile)

SO thanks to Dave Sez again......he is doing an incredible service, sharing his rarities throught our
planet......this is ALL good shit and you will like it, I am certain.......It's an honor that such a legend of internet sharing/rarities comping has chosen this blog as one of his distribution points!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Some great files from the Dave Sez archive

Dave Sez has been sending me stuff forever,remember the ultra-great Jam and Au Pairs collections, as well as many others..... well, it's been a little while since I've posted any of his fine stuff, and it is piling up a little bit, through the fault of one person (me).... so today and tomorrow, I'm going to empty out his file, a lot of great if unrelated stuff..... check out below, everything here is EXTREMELY rare and stuff you are going to want!

Let us start with the great Linton  Kwesi Johnson, Live on the BBC 1984....tried to post this before but it was an unsplit FLAC file which was too big for Zippy's liking, so I converted it to MP3 files which should work just fine.....still unsplit, but you'll still love this show, with artwork is the information:
Linton Kwesi Johnson - 1984 Live On The BBC
Scan submitted/created by [steve23yh]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: CD-R
Reference :BT610CD
Date :
Made In :UK
Quality :SUP (10/10)
Booklet & packaging :Own artwork
Total duration: 57:41

A Radio One In Concert performance, recorded at Paris Theatre in London on 30th May 1984 and broadcast on 5th June. Spot-on FM. For those unacquainted, LKJ is a poet, whose gigs involve his rhythmic recitals, over a dub background provided by Dennis Bovell's band and music. The band for this performance was:

Paget King : Keyboards
Patrick Tenyue : Trumpet
Buttons Tenyue : Trombone
John Kpiaye : Lead Guitar
Francois Cuffy ; Rhythm Guitar
Bruce Smith : Drums
Nick Straker : Synthesiser
Geoffrey Scantlebury : Percussion
Dennis Bovell : Bass
The beginning of the set (tracks 1-6) is just Dennis Bovell and the Dub Band, before LKJ joins from track 8 on.

1. Introduction 0:41
2. Instrumental (Bovell) 2:12
3. Dub Master (Bovell) 4:58
4. Come With Me (Bovell) 3:41
5. Reggae High (Bovell) 4:02
6. Brain Damage (Bovell) 3:12
7. Introduction 1:00
8. Dread Beat An' Blood (Johnson/Bovell) 3:21
9. All Wi Doin' Is Defendin' (Johnson/Bovell) 3:02
10. Want Fi Goh Rave (Johnson/Bovell) 4:01
11. Reggae For Dadda (Johnson) 3:53
12. Band Introduction 1:41
13. Reggae For Peach (Johnson/Bovell) 3:14
14. Di Great Insohreckshan (Johnson/Bovell) 3:43
15. What About The Workin' Class? (Johnson/Bovell) 5:37
16. Makin' History (Johnson/Bovell) 3:56
17. Reggae For Rodney (Johnson/Bovell) 3:34
18. Instrumental (Bovell) 1:52

WE have another LKJ set from the Paris Teater 1984....this is another that I squeezed down to MP3 to accomodate Zip, also unplit tracks but I ahve listened to this one as well and it is quite good too....

Here is the info for THIS set: (Both sets are included in the LKJ link in the comments section)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - 1984 Paris Theatre, London (FLAC)
From the Dave Sez archive: more LKJ, taken from a BBC Radio One In Concert performance, recorded at Paris Theatre in London on 30th May 1984. Mixcloud>WAV>FLAC, artwork thanks to
Introduction 1:00
Dread Beat An' Blood 3:21
All Wi Doin' Is Defendin' 3:02
Want Fi Goh Rave 4:01
Reggae For Dadda 3:53
Band Introductions 1:41
Reggae Fi Peach 3:14
Di Great Insohreckshan 3:43
What About The Workin' Class? 5:37
Makin' History 3:56
Reggae For Rodney 3:34
Instrumental 1:52
Listen to the gig online:

----------------------------------------------------------Changing gears, we have some wonderful and rare stuff from Richard Lloyd, late of Television, of
course..... here is the info for THIS set:

Richard Lloyd - Live and Studio

From the Dave Sez archive: the only gig recording I know of from ex-Television guitarist Richard Lloyd together with some unreleased studio recordings ...
Richard Lloyd - Live at The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, 22 June 2001 (320)
01 What I Know
02 Pleading
03 The Knockdown
04 Fire Engine
05 I Thought
06 Raising The Serpent
07 Hey Joe
08 Alchemy
09 Strangestrange
10 Downline
11 Torn Shirt
12 Chat with audience
13 Cortege
14 Misty Eyes
15 Good Times, Bad Times
Originally posted by the great gomonkeygo at - many thanks!
For a June 2001 review of Lloyd's album "The Cover Doesn't Matter", see
Richard Lloyd - Stock Audio (c. 2012, 320)
Stock audio is music that has been created for use as background music for videos, films, television, etc. Lloyd has produced a set of stock music himself, and it’s not just instrumental background rumblings either, as much of this material comes in the form of structured song composition with vocals. As far as I know, none of this material has ever been on any album and seems to have first been made available in 2012, though we have no idea when it was actually recorded.
01 Want You (3:21)
02 Murder Boogie (5:36)
03 We Will Climb (6:34)
04 Diogenes (1:36)
05 Want You To Stay (3:03)
06 Tasting Quicksand (2:01)
07 Pull (4:13)
Many thanks to Willard at (mediafire link still live).

Thanks, to Dave Sez for his generosity in sharing these, and there will be more to apologies for dragging my feet for so long, welcome to MY world!


A sad note, I just wanted to say that the guy I spoke about (Stooges post, several months back), my longtime "drifter" friend, on Wedensday night actually tried to jump between the cars of a train which started, he tripped, his leg was cut off, and he was dragged by the train....he lived, but the prognosis is not good, I don't think he'll make it........he lived a kind of a storybook life, and a more "fitting" ending couldn't have been written in Hollywood. Hope he makes it, but it seems VERY unlikely.

One of the saddest things about getting old is watching the people you've known for 30-35 years check out......I'm not the biggest "prayer" guy in the world, but in this case it seems like the best option.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Couple of Good Email from Songs For Snakes

Got this a couple days ago, I'll past the whole thing except where he erroneoulsy thinks my name is "Carla" due to my email address........
Dear Growing Bored For A Living,
My name is Bill Taylor from the San Francisco band Songs For Snakes. I am writing to you in an effort to get our music heard by like minded people via Growing Bored For A Living and hopefully establish new relationships. Songs For Snakes was formed in 2005 with the vision of blending the energy and power of punk/indie rock with a touch of melancholy. Imagine Husker Du and Jawbreaker having a pleasant cup of green tea with Simon and Garfunkel. I was raised on the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel which gave me a love of melody but I also really love the power of loud classic rock bands and the DIY ethic of punk/indie rock. Our recently released third album entitled "Charcoal Heather" encompasses these diverse influences while delivering a tight and focused group of songs. You can check out the album at songsforsnakes.bandcamp.comand download our songs free or I can email you MP3’s if you prefer. Please feel free to pass our songs on to other interested parties. We hope you like the tunes and thank you for listening.

 And a second email from the band:

Indie Rock) Songs For Snakes – Charcoal Heather – 2012, MP3, 320 ...Bill Taylor from the band Songs For Snakes here and I am writing to you because you may have liked our last album Charcoal Heather. I wanted to let you know that our new album Year of the Snake is out and we have pressed a limited edition of 300 colored vinyl with letter press jackets. The download is free or name your price. We hope you like it and we think it is the best music we have made to date. You can check it out here... I hope all is well and thank you for listening. Bill Taylor
So there you go! yourself to "Year of the Snake" at the link above, and as the man says, pay what you think it's worth.......I think that is fair enough, but please be fair and generous....from the description, sounds interesting at least, and peraps we'll be seeing a post on them in the near future.......anyway,check it out for free OR slipe them a fwe bucks, they just want you to hear their stuff and of course let your friends listen to it.......I will be listening to them, and hope to do a feature on them in the next week or !

Thanks for the submission,SCOTT M (Carla is my wife, whose name has always been on my email account!)


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Letters, we get letters.......

OK......yes I know Part Two of the Led Zeppelin rarities is taking a ridicuosly long time to get done.....I don't need reminded of it, it just happens.....I have just a couple emails complaining about it, nothing too nasty, and I understand the sentiments......I JUST DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY than other blogs, it HELPS me keep things straight in my long-drug addled, recently apnea weakend brain.....I write the post and THEN i upload the discs.....sometimes I "problem disc" ( a few of them this time), which I COMPLETELY understand.....after all, someone who's not SEEN the blog before goes "WHOA, Zeppelin rarities.....I WANT THOSE.........RIGHT NOOOOOOOW!".....simply doesn't work like that here, I know it works on 99% of other (better) blogs, but this is how I do it here, and if I encounter a disc that is hard to up, or hard to convert to zippy, of course I feel "bad" (not TOO bad, mind ya), because I know YOU WILL GET least in the meantime I gave you some fine videos of my favorite teen-project right now, it's not quite a representative sample, they are so GREAT live that
you would never beleive (I LOVE thier maerial selection.....Johnny Cash, the White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, Melissa Ethridge, Alannis Morrissette, Maroon Five, The Civil Wars, The Dixie Chicks and TONS more, and each track they select, the MAKE IT THEIR OWN, the ABLSOLUTE MOWT IMPORTANT THING when covering the material of others......I'd love it if you guys check out their vids (yesterday) and tell me what you  think, if you think they suck, so be it, but I love them, inparticular Sammi's angelic voice)

Anyway, at least I put SOMETHING up during our "rain delay" (you oughta see what the Cincinnati Reds put on TV durng a rain delay, they go to a bar and ask moronic Reds "tirvia" ("Hey, in 1975 the Reds had a catcher whose name rhymes with "Connie Wrench"....any idea who?" drunk in bar: "uhhhh, Joe O'brien?"   the prize for a correct answer? ten whopping dollars and a chance to run that clear to twenty with a second correct answer.....don't think anyone's evr hit that "jackpot" yet.

I want you to enjoy the vids, if ya don't here's some good news.....the Zep links willbe up in the next
couple hours (Part TWO), and I will get started on Part three tonight also.....these big posts are a lot of work and i should maybe prepare a ittle differently for them, but, too much work, and, you will get over it and still be here for the NEXT post (perhaps "Kings of the Sun" by rquest? Sound kind of interesting!

Anyway I appreaciate your patience.......for all good things, we must wait! (sometimes anyway!).....please, this will be worth, it I promise!....use this slack time to think of stuff yu'd like to see me take on here!

Anyway, these kid are good pals of mine, and I think they are REALLY REALLY GOOD and UNIQUE, take a second to catch their vids, Sammi (once again) literally has the voice of an and Max is a FINE guitarist who used play kickdrum as well a sing/play guitar, before the added Nick, the new permanent drummer (And a good addition he is)

Support your local bar bands!

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Tubes "What Do You Want From Live?"

Ya don't see THIS one too often, maybe there's a good reason for that, but I've always had a soft spot
for this double live epic......

Pity the poor Tubes, caught almost EXACTLY squarely between the glitter/punk eras, perhaps no band cold have benefitted by appearing EITHER 3 years earlier OR 3 yearsa later, if you understand what I, I never cared for their studio work, especially the later "hit" stuff ("Talk to Ya Later", "She's a Beauty" GAG!).....anyway, though they were exceptional live performers, at least judging from the one time I saw them and from "What Do You Want From Live?" (1978) which, for me, is ALL the Tubes I will EVER need to hear, and then some.

Perhaps the closest approximation /comparison I can bring up is maybe the Plasmatics (see earlier Plasmatics post), certainly the Tubes were more talented musically, they featured a large conglomeration of skilled studio performers as well as their core of  "regulars", but like the Plasmatics they specialized in onstage antics, satirizing, well, basically everything......they had a handfull of studio albums before this live set, and IMO they are NOT very good.....but, as a listening experience (and having seen them onstage around this same time), I think this relicates their nothing if not memorable live shows pretty well.....a video disc would be better but unless there is some vintage footage from 1976-7 out there, this must suffice.

So, slip this on,  and you get a rambling, goofy intro ("TIED FOR the best band in the world...."), the first highlight being the live version of "What Do You Want From Life?", which works MUCH better onstage than the earlier vinyl version (a female audience member is selected to participate in a ridiculous "game show") complete with the same silly lyrics (sample: "What do you want from life? To kidnap an heiress and threaten her with a knife?") DOES work pretty well live, though, at least I think so......

Later on we get two of their better known tunes, "Don't Touch Me There" and "Mondo Bondage" both of which, again, work MUCH better live than the earlier studio versions, "Mondo Bondage" actually being a decent song as well......a video would REALLY come in handy here, what with the near-naked babes prancing around and'll just have to imagine it I guess......

Then comes the memorable "Johnny Bugger and the Dirtboxes" "punk" satire, which launches into
the goofy/great "I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk" ("you don't beleive me? Just step outside and see me!") and an actually pretty good (seriously) cover of "I Saw Her Standing There".

The highlight of the entire set is the show-ending "White Punks On Dope", a cool song that works quite well as an extended encore, it does go on for quite a while, but again, MUCH superior (in my opinion, to the studio version).

OK, not MUCH of a Tubes fan, but this is one that I don't see on the blog or the Bay too often, and maybe it might be of interest to some of ya, especially if you are only familiar with the post-"Live" "She's a Beauty" stuff........the whole set is at least listenable, at least every now and then, except maybe for the excessive "Drum Solo" which I HOPE was intended to serve as a satire of just how boring drum solos are.

Been a little while since I've listened to this, did so today and immediately was transformed back to a dope smoking tenth grader, remembering thier live performance and, unfortunatly, recalling that both of the other guys who attended that show with me are no longer with us. Such is the power of the soundtracks of our lives.

Enjoy, and don't take to seriously.......btw this is a vinyl rip and if I hadn't told you, you'd have been able to tell really easilly......just a precaution!

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM LIVE-01 Overture/02 Got Yourself  Deal/03 Show Me a Reason/04 What Do You Want From Life?/05 God-Bird-Change/06 Special Ballet/07 Don't Touch Me There/08 Mondo Bondage/09 Smoke (La Vie en Fumer)/10 Crime Medley: Theme From Dragnet/Theme From Peter Gunn/Theme From Perry Mason/Theme From the Untouchables/11 I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk/12 I Saw Her Standing There/13 Drum Solo/14 Boy Crazy/15 You're No Fun/16 Stand Up and Shout/17 White Punks On Dope

Link shortly

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Something cool for my 52nd birthday......

Just found these the other day on the Bay, not sure who created them, but they have a ton of good shit
on them, since the BigFella is such a champion of stoner rock (I'll convert you or DIE), here are five discs (internet creation, I assume), "Compila Chega a Chinela" (I have no clue as to what that would translate to), known on the Bay as "Southern Stoner Blues Rock" or "Projecto Chernobyl" whatever, I don't know who created these, or when, or what the English translations are of these titles, but these are five discs which include both some stuff I KNOW to be way cool, as well as some obscurities with which I am not familiar (which of course I love).......

As aways, stoner rock is NOT the best format for compilations.....power pop or punk work MUCH better as they are basically singles formats, thus they replicate a "radio experience" FAR better than stoner rock or metal does...and yet, simply viewed as collections (rather than cohesive statements) these can be great to listen to as let us review.....

As a few times before with different comps, tracks are programmed in alphabetical order...maybe not the greatest idea in MY book, but, when I get off my ass and start creating comps of my own, I guess I can program them however I please......right-o?

So, Volume 1.....of COURSE, you know of Nebula....of  Black Cherry Stone....Gov't Mule.....Masters
of Reality.....but not a damn thing wrong with hearing from any of them, and LOTS of obscure gems mixed among them.....but FAR lesser known (hey, to ME at least) are The Teague Stefan Band, Parlor Mob, Indigenous, and The Brew, among others, this is the pattern the whole set follows, a near 50/50 mix of fairly well known and fairly obscure stoner rockers.....but if you love the sound (as I do), this is Christmas (well, actually, it's my fucking birthday!)

Volume 2 gives us Brandt Bjork's great "Punk Rock Guilt", Armitus Pyledriver, stoner legends Clutch, and the great Unida......lesser known acts include Township, Johnny Law, King Hobo, and Barefoot Servant......a fix again, stoner fans should it is MY birthday, and I'm the one GIVING the cool gifts! What a guy I am!

The third disc does not let up a bit, Blackfoot, hardly a stoner legend but I think an underappreciated Southern rock band from the 1980's checks in with maybe their best number "Road Fever"....Kyuss is here, as is Lonely Camel, and the Company Band among the familar acts, backed up, of course, by the lesser knowns (at least in this corner), Ride the Blinds, Boss Kean's Ditch, Silvertide and many now you get the pitcha, you're either racing to download or yawning and seeing what's on "Twilight Zone" today (always a superior option, gratned)

So, disc #4.....a lot of "legends of the game on this one, including tracks from Dozer, Down, Beaver, Colour Haze, Monster Magnet and Radio Moscow (all of whom I think I have done full posts on), melded with some stuff from Lions in the Street, Freezing Fog and The Dirty Guv'nahs, to name a few.

The final disc of the set does let up a bit, because I am not sure ZZ Top and Molly Hatchet really fit the mold (but, on the other hand, it DOES have "Southern" in the title so I guess they are fair game)..Danko Jones and the great Atomic Bitchwax are the best known stoners here, along with the Quireboys, Koritni, and Sun Dried Opossum, among others.......

This is quite an imaginative collection, not sure I would have programmed it the way he did, but he obviously has a passion for both stoner rock and southern hard rock, and I give him credit for blending the two......a good job and I am happy to hopefully get a few more sets of ears to hear it......

There was no artwork available in the download, so I don't even have anything to decorate the text with, so we'll, on my birthday, simply rely on he old fallback of showing off a few of  my favorite chiquitas........

DISC 1-01 BACK DOOR SLAM- It All Come Around/02 BACK DOOR SLAM- Too Late/03
BLACK STONE CHERRY- Soulcreek/04 GOV'T MULE- Blind Man In The Dark/05 GOV'T MULE- Mr. Man/06 INDIGINOUS - Holdin Out Nanji/07 LOS LONELY BOYS- Heart Won't Tell A Lie/08 MASTERS OF REALITY- High Noon Amsterdam/09 MOTHER SUPERIOR- (I'm) Obsessed/10 MOTHER SUPERIOR- Stealing My Shadow/11 NEBULA - So It Goes/12 PLANKTON - What's Your Favorite Colour/13 PRIDE AND GLORY- Losin Your Mind/14 THE ANSWER - Too Far Gone/15 THE BREW - Better Man/16 The BROUGHT LOW- Blues For Cubby/17 THE PARLOR MOB- Carnival Of Crows/18 THE TEAGUE STEFAN BAND- Carl Perkins

DISC 2-01 7DAY BINGE - Free/02 7DAY BINGE - Good Times/03 ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER- Swamp Devil/04 BAREFOOT SERVANTS- Love's Made Fool/05 BLINDSTONE - Power Man/06 BRANT BJORK- Punk Rock Guilt/07 CLUTCH - When Vegas Attack/08 FREEDOM AND WHISKEY- Super Real/09 JADED SUN- Breaking Through/10 JADED SUN- Higher/11 JOHNNY LAW - Pieces Of The Bottle/12 KAMCHATKA -Out My Way/13 KING HOBO- Running/14 NIGHT HORSE - The Dark Won't Hide You/15 PREACHER STONE- Southern Hospitality/16 THE SULENTIC BROTHERS BAND- In Your Hands/17 TOWNSHIP - Sinister Minister/18 UNIDA- Human Tornado
DISC 3-01 AMERICAN MINOR- Walk On/02 BLACKFOOT - Dry Country/03 BLACKFOOT - Road Fever/04 BOSS KEANE"S DITCH- Never See My Face Again/05 BUDDAHEADS- Nothing To Lose/06 CHIGGER RED- Hangover Hotel/07 DIRTY SWEET- Come Again/08 DOOMFOXX- Piece Of Me/09 KYUSS - Green Machine/10 LONELY KAMEL- Damn You're Hot/11 LONELY KAMEL - Street To Street/12 MOON DOG MANE- Watcha Gonna Do/13 RIDE THE BLINDS-Ashes of My Past/14 RIDE THE BLINDS- Move Along/15 ROLLERBALL - Looking For The Moon/16 ROLLERBALL - Loungeroom Lifter/17 SLIVERTIDE - Ain't Comin Home/18 STONERIDER- Juice Man/19 THE COMPANY BAND- It's A Confusing World/20 THE HOT DOGS-You Can Bet It

DISC 4-01 BEAVER - At The Mirror Palace/02 BISHOP BLACK- Long Way/03 COLOUR HAZE-
Periscope (Breit Return)/04DOWN- Stone The Crows/05 DOZER - Lightyears Ahead/06 LIONS IN THE STREET- Moving Along/07 MONSTER MAGNET- Sin's A Good Man's Brother/08 RADIO  MOSCOW - Black Boot/09 REBEL PRIDE- Getting Closer/10 REGULATORS - Money Pride and Greed/11 ROADSTAR- Stone/12 ROLLERBALL - Youth Bailed ( Back To Hell)/13 THE CHEATERS- Blow My Mind/14 THE CHEATERS- Let Down/15 THE DIRTY GUV-
'NAHS- We'll Be The Light/16 THE FREEZINGFOG - The Dweller Upon The Threshold of Time/17 THE SUEDE BROTHERS- Collar Blues/18 THE SUEDE BROTHERS- Tired/19 THE  UNION - Step Up To The Plate

DISC 5-01 AMERICAN DOG- Motors Down/02 DANKO JONES- Sugar High/03 GREEN MANALISHI- Fear Alive/04 HOGJAW - Rollin Thunder/05 KORTINI - 155/06 KORTINI - Game Of Fools/07 LORD FOWL- Streets Of Evermore/08 MEDUSA STONE- Live Alone/09 MOLLY HATCHET - Boogie No More/10 RIVAL SONS- Keep On Swinging/11 STEEPWATER BAND- Steel Sky/12 SUN DRIED OPOSSUM- Don't Wanna Break Your Heart/13 SUN DRIED OPOSSUM- Spend My Money/14 THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX- Don't Do It/15 THE BLACK JETTS- I'm Your Animal/16 THE QUIREBOYS- Louder/17 VIUNDER - Summoning The Not Living/18 WALKING PAPERS - Red Envelopes/19 ZACH WILLIAMS AND THE REFORMATION - Set You Free/
20 ZZ TOP - La Grange

I always appreciate a good homemade, internet-only comp, especially ones that are so called "labors of love" as this one appears to I've said I am not a HUGE fan of the "classic" southern rock sound that appears some here in it's pure form, but as for the selections of ZZ Top's "La Grange" and Blackfoot's "Road Fever", well, hard to argue (Skynyrd's "Saturday Night Special" might have fit in as well)....a lot of stoner rock DOES have some roots in the classic southern rock sound, as I've said before in particular bands such as Corrosion of Conformity and Alabama Thunderpussy, to name a couple.......anyways the creator of this series did a fjob of compiling the music that he obviously loves, it's a fine compilation and works for ANY fans of good hard rock n  roll.......and happy birthday to me, again, my 52nd......hope I have several more, this year promises to be interesting with the retirement, the search for post-retirement employment, and all......things, for better or worse, gonna be DIFFERENT......scary, but also exciting and cool.......and enjoy the babe pictures, I'd rather look at THEM than, say, more pictures of Down or (especially) ZZ Top, right?

Links coming up soon.....wish I knew the creator's name so we could thank him, I simply don't, PLEASE don't credit ME I am but the 52 year old middle man! Enjoy, I'm calling in sick and planning on having a mellow day with BigCarla66.........nothing better in MY book!

BABE INDEX (from top): Drew Barrymore, Megyn Price, Genevieve Gorder, Lennon Murphy, Lita Ford, Emile de Raven, Vida Guerra, and Olivia Paige......thanks to all of you, just for being you!