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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Let's See if We can Fix the Electric Orange collection.....

Image result for electric orange live 2003I think these links should suffice, I wanted to get everything up before I fixed these.......hopefully these are good, when links are submitted to me, there is sometimes a problem in transfer, or in my upload, but as long as they are pointed out to me, I will do my best to fix them........hopefully these are OK......let me know.

OK, the 0506 file is bad, I'll ask John N if he can resubmit it, sorry, this stuff happens.....

Here is the link for Live 2003 which has been missing I think since the first part of the post:

Sometimes these large posts run into snags, I hope you can forgive it........anyway, thanks for visiting!

Earthless singles and EP's

More of that fab instrumental psych from Earthless......broken into three volumes, we have their collected
singles and EP's, thanks to the work of John N.  All three volumes are fairly large (split) files, so be advised.

VOLUME 1-01 SONIC PRAYER EP (01 Sonic Prayer Jam/02 Sonic Prayer Jam Continued/03 Cherry Red)/02 WITCH/EARTHLESS SPLIT-(01 Witch- Can't Help Doing Wrong/02 Earthless-Jull)/03 LIVE IN GUADALEST (01 From the Ages/02 Godspeed)

VOLUME 2-01 OZ TOUR LIVE IN JAPAN-(01 Godspeed/02 From the Ages)/02 DANAVA/EARTHLESS/LECHEROUS GAZE SPLIT-(01 Danava-The Illusion Crawls/02 Earthless- Woman With Devil Eyes/03 Lecherous Gaze-Get You Some)/03 EARTHLESS LIVE AT THE CASBAH EP (01 Earthless 10th Anniversary Jam Part 1/02 Earthless 10th Anniversary Jam Part 2)/EARTHLESS/PREMONITION 13/RADIO MOSCOW SPLIT-(01 Earthless- Living In the Cosmic Nod/02 Premonition 13-Noche Oscura/03 Radio Moscow-Open Your Eyes/04 Radio Moscow- Magical Dirt)

SPLIT-(01 Earthless-Red/02 White Hills-Under Skin or By Name)/02 LIVE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL-(01- Violence of the Red Sea/Sonic Prayer/Woman With the Devil Eye)/03 EARTHLESS/HARSH TOKE SPLIT-(01 Earthless-Acid Crusher/02 Harsh Toke-Mount Swan)/04 THE BAKER SKATEBOARDS EP-(01 End To End (mp3)/02 End to End (wav)

By the way, this is some very fab stuff, and rare (I think) as well......the "split" bands are interesting as well, in particular Radio Moscow, an old favorite of mine.

Cliff's Reggae post, kind of

So, Cliff sent me another reggae post today, and, for whatever reason, I simply cannot get the file to open,
no idea why.......I've asked him to resend it if he can, but he is going on holiday for a short while, so we'll see what happens....anyway I love and look forward to Cliff's reggae submissions, so, in substitution, I'll slip in something from my VERY limited reggae stash.......two volumes of "Hemp: A Reggae Tribute to the Beatles".....yes, I know that compared to Cliff's totally legit posts, this is kind of gimmicky, but it is kind of what I have.....pretty good too really. I hope Cliff would approve!

VOLUME 1-01 ALI CAMPBELL, SLY AND ROBBIE-A HMATANard Day's Night/02 SIG RAGGA-The Fool On the Hill/03 RAS ATTITUDE AND ONENESS BAND-Yesterday/04 LOS PERICOS-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/05 MELLOW MOOD-Love Me Do/06 DAVID HINDS-Ticket To Ride/07 QUIQUE NIERA & DUBIES-Across the Universe/08 GROUNDATION-Come Together/09 DESMOND FOSTER-And I Love Her/10 GOMBA JAHBARI-Help!/11 OLODUM-Let It Be/12 PABLO MOLINA & LEOES DE ISREAL-All You Need Is Love/13 RAGING FYAH-You Won't See Me/14 DENNIS BOVELL-Flying/15 NAIROBI & UGO-I Am the Walrus/16 BIG MOUNTAIN-Imagine

VOLUME 2-01 CULTURA PROFETICA-All Things Must Pass/02 NKULEE DUBE & THE ROBOTIKS-Something/03 LA ZIMBABWE-Back In the USSR/04 YELLOWMAN & TIMIAS- In My Life/05 MATAMBA-All My Loving/06 SISTER MARY ELEPHANT-Please Mr. Postman/07 BAHIANO-Blackbird/08 TRIBO DE JAH-Michelle/09 REBELUTION-Please Please Me/10 10 FT GANJA PLANT-You Got to Hide Your Love Away/11 PREZIDENT BROWN-From Me To You/12 MELLOW MOOD & PLATO BANTON-Love Me Do (Reprise)/13 BAMBU STATION-The Inner Light/14 JAHDAN BLAKKAMORE, HUMANIDUB, AND ZION TRAIN-Dear Prudence/15 GAUDI-While My Guitar Gently Weeps/16 RAS MICHAEL & THE SONS OF NEGUS-Give Peace a Chance

Hope ya like it, see ya when ya get back Cliff, have fun and be safe!

From Jon S: Iceage

(scott)-Another fantastic Jon S submission, this from Danish punksters Iceage.......if you don't know them, I
highly recommend the first two albums, they are really good, and I'm pumped to listen to the live stuff as well. As always thanks to the great Jon S for another tremendous submission.
New Brigade (2011)

01 Intro/02 White Rune/03 New Brigade/04 Remember/05 Rotting Heights/06 Total Drench/07 Broken Bone/08 Collapse/09 Eyes/10 Count Me In/11 Never Return/12 You're Blessed

You're Nothing (2013)

01 Ecstasy/02 Coalition/03 Interlude/04 Burning Hand/05 In Haze/06 Morals/07 Everything Drifts/08 Wounded Hearts/09 It Might Hit First/10 Rodfæstet/11 Awake/12 You're Nothing

Plowing Into the Field of Love (2015)

01 On My Fingers/02 The Lord's Favorite/03 How Many/04 Glassy Eyed, Dormant and Veiled/05 Stay/06 Let It Vanish/07 Abundant Living/08 Forever/09 Cimmerian Shade/10 Against the Moon/11 Simony/12 Plowing Into the Field of Love

YYT Shanghai, China 1/9/15

01 intro/02 On My Fingers/03 How Many/04 Glassy Eyed, Dormant and Veiled/05 Abundant Living/06 Morals/07 Stay/08 The Lord's Favorite/09 Everything Drifts/10 Forever/11 Plowing Into the Field of Love

Pitchfork Music Festival, Chicago 7/17/15

01 On My Fingers/02 Abundant Living/03 Glassy Eyed, Dormant and Veiled/04 The Lord's Favorite/05 To the Comrades (Bahumutsi Drama Group cover)/06 Forever/07 White Rune/08 Ny Sej/09 Plowing Into the Field of Love

Brian - Metal Covers of Eighties Songs!

I've been gathering covers of 80's songs for awhile now, never sure what shape it would all take. My only parameters were they had to be covers of pop tunes: no college rock, metal, or rap songs. I've ended up with about 100 covers, almost all of them from actual releases - not so many YouTube rips as the R•diohead post. An interesting side effect of all this, I found myself with a whole album's worth of metal covers! Keep in mind, it's metal covers of pop songs. Several of these are some of my favorite covers ever, just great reimaginings! The other four volumes will be coming in a few days, but since this came together so easily I wanted to get it to you. I am cackling with glee at the thought of this one!

We start with Austrian Death Machine's version of the "T2 Theme". Remember those three albums of theirs I posted last year? Didn't think so. Disturbed's great cover of "Shout" comes from their first album. Linea 77 bring a dose of East Coast hardcore to "Walk Like An Egyptian". Leo Moracchioli's metal version of "Never Gonna Give You Up" came from YouTube. Look up the video; he plays all the instruments himself, and the guy is gonzo! It's fun to watch.

Colombian group Los Rabanes do a great Spanish language version of "Electric Avenue" that rocks like hell! American thrashers Lich King drop a meaty, pitch-perfect rendition of "Hot For Teacher"... love itDownplay's cover of "Cruel Summer" owes more than a little to the earlier Disturbed song, but I like it. And a surprising find, Children of Bodom fucking rip up "Jessie's Girl", finding a song that suits their synthesizer proclivities.

Now, by this point you guys have heard any number of strange covers coming from me... but Panzerballet's version of the Dirty Dancing song almost defies description! Starting with a straightforward pop vocal, then moving into the jazz fusion verses, before it gets all metal on the choruses, it's gotta be heard to be believed! Northern Kings are a Finnish metal supergroup, and they bring the right amount of grandiosity to "We Don't Need Another Hero". Warmen is also a Finnish group, and they perform a sleek, metalicized version of "Like A Virgin" (still sung by a woman, fortunately).

In his career, Marilyn Manson has done many 80's covers, and his breakout song was his version of "Sweet Dreams". But I've always thought his cover of "Tainted Love" from Not Another Teen Movie was better, so that's here. Madison Apart turn "Love Is A Battlefield" into a still-melodic scream fest. Vision Divine are an Italian power metal band, and they swing for the fences with their cover of "Take On Me". With the overdriven synthesizers and the singer going for his Bruce Dickinson Award, it's a beauty!

"Beds are Burning" was always a fave of mine, and Devilment do a great headbanging version of it. Ten Masked Men (remember their version of "Goldeneye"?) warp Madonna's "Live To Tell" heavily out of shape. Scandinavian metal heroes In Flames give "Land of Confusion" a great crunchy update. And whereas Til Tuesday's original "Voices Carry" was kind of meek and gentle, Dear Enemy's version will fuck you up.

German Dark Wave metallers Umbra et Imago might be the only group that could do "Rock Me Amadeus" justice. Necronomiccon's cover of "Separate Ways" is brilliant, maintaining the melody of the original while still being hardcore black metal. Comes from their great album Mjølnir For Nothing

And we end things with the group Arsis. Remember their "Roses On White Lace" from the Alice Cooper comp? Well, their cover of Corey Taylor's "Sunglasses At Night" just rips from the get-go; metal as hell! I play these last two for people just to watch their expression change!

Hope you guys dig this. There'll be more covers on the way. Now, BANG YOUR HEAD!

1. Austrian Death Machine - T2 Theme
2. Disturbed - Shout
3. Linea 77 - Walk Like An Egyptian
4. Leo Moracchioli - Never Gonna Give You Up
5. Los Rabanes - Electric Avenue
6. Lich King - Hot For Teacher
7. Downplay - Cruel Summer
8. Children of Bodom - Jessie's Girl
9. Panzerballet - (I've Had) The Time of My Life
10. Northern Kings - We Don't Need Another Hero
11. Warmen - Like A Virgin
12. Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
13. Madison Apart - Love Is A Battlefield
14. Vision Divine - Take On Me
15. Devilment - Beds Are Burning
16. Ten Masked Men - Live To Tell
17. In Flames - Land Of Confusion
18. Dear Enemy - Voices Carry
19. Umbra Et Imago - Rock Me Amadeus
20. Necronomiccon - Separate Ways
21. Arsis - Sunglasses At Night

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Earthless Part 1

(scott) John N sends this one as well, if you don't know Earthless, they are am instrumental psych band from San Diego.....not for everyone, as I know that sometimes instrumental psych misses the mark for some of us, but I do like it, and here it pretty much all is, if you are interested.

SONIC PRAYER-01 Flower Travelin Man/02 Lost in the Cold Sun

RHYTHMS FROM A COSMIC SKY-01 Godspeed/02 Sonic Prayer/03 Cherry Red

LIVE AT ROADBURN-01 Blue/From the Ages/02 Godspeed/Sonic Prayer

FROM THE AGES-01 Violence of the Red Sea/02 Uluru Rock/03 Equus October/04 From the Ages

Violence of the Red Sea/03 Sonic Prayer/04 Encore Break/05 Foxy Lady

Paradise In a Purple Sky II/03 Paradise In a Purple Sky III/04 Paradise In a Purple Sky IV

Let's Wrap up Electric Orange

(scott) Thanks a zillion to John N for all the Electric Orange, this has been a very popular post, a lot of folks
have benefited from it, it's simply tremendous, that is exactly why I love my team so damn much, they get TONS of great music out there to the world at large, more so than I ever could by myself........Lots of love for Electric Orange and their post-modern Krautrock, great stuff, hope you've enjoyed it!

WEIRD TAPES DISC 1-01/02-01 Rdd Tape 1/02 Am4/03 Krust/04 Rdd Tape 2/05 Krautoma/06 Hihat-Verkehr/07 Akkisa/08 Rdd-Tape 3/09 Elkaton/10 Not of/11 Zwiestuck/121 Pan/13 Superstuck/14 Numple/15 Krat/16 Sakral/17 Am 1/18 Hart/19 Swing/20 Echo/21 Span/22 Mk-End/23 Schworgel/24 Rdd-Tape 4/25 Audio Generator Blues/26  Greis 1/27 5/4/28 Am3/29 Irene/30 Arabon/31 Harmon/32 Flurstuck

2014 ARCHIVE-01 Back From the Funny Farm/02 Rechnung/03 Six Fives/04 Mocuba/05 Kyoto Sacrifice/06 Patients Pop/07 Reel Axe/08 Anihal/09 Melusa

LIVE 0506-01 Gnsars/02 Koo/03 Son/04 Coloomb/05 Ganus/06 Ffurg/07 Hydrog


Monday, August 29, 2016

A Little Bit More Artwork

As a sort-of companion piece to the concert posters I put up last week or whenever, here are some more
primative flyers for some kick ass punk shows........if you liked the former, you will want this to supplement, there is some cool shit in this one, The Ramones, PIL, The Exploited......a wealth of fantastic stuff here, enjoy!

A Little Known Gem......

(scott) this is another John N selection (where DOES that guy get all this stuff anyway?) that I managed to
slip in amongst all the Electric Orange.....this is pretty cool, "Eat to the Beat, The Dirtiest of Them Dirty Blues".......this is a fantastic collection, damn near essential I would say......I hadn't heard about half of these tracks before, but they are ALL fucking great.......look here ya get great shit from Dinah Washington and Screamin' Jay Hawkins for example, but just peruse this track list for a moment.....YOU WANT THIS, trust me, this is a phenominal submission, and if you check it out (and you need to) be sure and direct your thanks to John N, this is a great one.
       1. I Want a Man (Who's Gonna Do Right) - ANNISTEEN ALLEN
  2. Mother Fuyer - DIRTY RED
  3. Long John Blues - DINAH WASHINGTON
  4. Fishin' Pole - TOM ARCHIA
  5. Weddin' Day Blues - COUSIN JOE
  6. Hard Driving Blues - AMOS MILBURN
  7. Move Your Hand, Baby - CROWN PRINCE WATERFORD
  8. Don't Come Too Soon - JULIA LEE & HER BOYFRIENDS
  9. I Like My Baby's Pudding - WYNONIE HARRIS
  10. Sixty Minute Man - THE DOMINOES
  11. Big Ten-inch Record - BULLMOOSE JACKSON
  12. Rotten Cocksucker's Ball - THE CLOVERS
  13. My Ding-A-Ling - DAVE BARTHOLOMEW
  14. Poon-Tang! - THE TRENIERS
  15. The Walkin' Blues - JESSE POWELL
  16. Laundromat Blues - '5' ROYALS & CHARLIE FERGUSON
  17. Keep On Churnin' - WYNONIE HARRIS
  18. Big Long Slidin' Thing - DINAH WASHINGTON
  19. Don't Fuck Around With Love - THE BLENDERS
  20. Drill Daddy Drill - DOROTHY ELLIS
  21. Work With Me, Annie - THE ROYALS
  22. (I Love To Play Your Piano) Let Me Bang... - THE TOPPERS
  23. Think Twice (Version X) - JACKIE WILSON & LAVERN BAKER
  24. Hard Driving Blues - SNATCH & THE POONTANGS
  25. Stoop Down Baby - CHICK WILLIS
  26. L.A. Women Love Uncle Bud - BOOZOO CHAVIS
  28. Somebody Else Was Suckin' My Dick Last Night - FRED WOLFF COMBO

The Vardaman Ensemble

This band from Portland Oregon takes time to send us a copy of their latest release, "Today Isn't Any Other Day Ya Know".....I did listen to a bit of it today, fairly good, they describe themselves as "fusion for people that hate fusion", I guess that's fair is all of their info, might as well check them out......thanks to ALL bands that send music to the blog, you "get" what it's about, NO SMALL THING.


Fusion for people who hate fusion.
RIYL: The Boredoms, Boris

Hello. The Vardaman Ensemble from Portland, OR, are releasing their second album titled Today Isn't Any Other Day Ya Know via their bandcamp page. Here is the one sheet for the album. If you'd like any otherINFORMATION about the album, please feel free to write and let us know. 

If you'd like to review or share the album, we would be honored. If not, no problem.
Take care and keep up the great work.



Another batch of Electric Orange

(scott) We won't to the end of these yet, today we have a batch of singles and compilations and the
like.....again without commentary, as I haven't heard these yet, but once again, be sure to offer thanks to John N who provided this massive collection......he's sent me some other great stuff recently as well, just want to get through this one, we'll start on some more of his sends soon....for now, you KNOW you want some more Electric Orange...

HOL RTEST (12" PROMO SINGLE)-01 Hol Rtesst/02 Wurley/03 Coop

RECHNUNG OFFEN-01 Six Fives/02 Natural Electric/03 Patients Pop/04 Rechning/05 Sun/06 Quantas/07 A Slow One/08 Join In/09 A Vaporized Dance (Remix)/10 Mocuba/11 Kyoto Sacrifice/12 Melusa

TONBANDRESTE-01 Borrowed Toothpaste Paranoia/02 Back From the Funny Farm/03 Transit Ins 
Jenseits/04 Ein Tag Im Leben Eines Leslies

1995-9495-01 Sx/02 Mother's Cake (Original Version)/03 Tartisma Zemini (Original Version)/04 Nindia 
(Original Version)/05 Electripity Chapter 99 (Elektro Mix)/06 Xs/07 Cows In Space Part II/08 Infra-Sonic 
Vibes (Remix)/09 Disillusion (No-Guitar Version '96)

ZWISCHENPATTE-01 Endstation (Erste)/02 Anihal/03 Suspense I/04 Suspense II/05 MS Leslie/06 Reel Axe/07 Bloob/08 Ambeins/09 E-Tonic

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Another Great Jon S post: Girls Against Boys

(scott)-Jon S sends us three very good efforts from Washington DC post-harcore greats Girls Against Boys.....I don't think I've ever posted these, and they are all recommended.

Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby (1993)

01 In Like Flynn/02 Go Be Delighted/03 Rockets Are Red/04 Satin Down/05 Let Me Come Back/06 Learned It/07 Get Down/08 Bullet Proof Cupid/09 Seven Seas/10 Billy's One Stop/11 Bug House

Cruise Yourself (1994)

01 Tucked-In/02 Cruise Your New Baby Fly Self/03 Kill the Sexplayer/04 (I) Don't Got a Place/05 Psychic Know-How/06 Explicitly Yours/07 From Now On/08 Raindrop/09 The Royal Lowdown/10 My Martini/11 Glazed-Eye

House Of GVSB (1996)

01 Super-fire/02 Click Click/03 Crash 17 (X-Rated Car)/04 Disco Six Six Six/05 Life In Pink/06 TheKindaMzkYouLike/07 Vera Cruz/08 AnotherDroneInMyHead/09 Cash Machine/10 Wilmington/11 Zodiac Love Team