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Friday, September 30, 2016

Lewdd's Buzzcocks Boots Just Keep Coming!

(scott)-Here come four more Buzzcocks boots from great blog-friend Lewdd, haven't listened as these are
mostly latter-day efforts (except. of course, that slamming 1977 Electric Circus show!)  which I wouldn't really (personally) expect that much from, but I'm still happy to put them up as I know there are hardcore Buzzcocks fans out there who are going to want them all......there is still I think one more batch of them to go, THEN we'll move on to some Pistols or Damned or something, Lewdd sent me  TON of boots to share with you guys! be sure and thank him if you indulge!

JONESY'S JUKEBOX INDIE 103 FM 05/12/06-(Ten tracks, unlabeled......hey I can do them QUICKY or I can do them ACCURATELY.......todxay we are going for QUICKLY!)

LIECESTER 08/2006 -01 On Stage/02 Flat pack Philosophy/03 Wish I Never Loved You/04 Sell You Everything/05 I Don't Mind/06 Harmony In My Head/07 Autonomy/08 Why Can't I Touch It/09 Noise Annoys/10 Breakdown/11 I Don't Know What to Do With My Life/12 Oh Shit!/13 Orgasm Addict/14 Ever Fallen in Love/15 Sick City Sometimes/16 Promises/17 Love You More/18 What Do I Get/19 Fast Cars/20 Boredom

SUMMER SUNDAE. LIECESTER, 8/13/06-01 Sick City Sometimes/02 Fast Cars/03 Boredom/04 Ever Fallen in Love/05 Wish I never Loved You/06 Sell You Everything/07 I Don't Mind/08 I Don't Know What to Do With My Life/09 Noise Annoys/10 Breakdown/11 Promises/12 Love You More/13 What Do I Get

ELECTRIC CIRCUS MANCHESTER 10/2/77-01 Fast Cars/02 Fiction Romance/03 Boredom/04 Sixteen/05 You Tear Me Up/06 Orgasm Addict/07 Moving Away From the Pulsebeat/08 Love Battery/09 Time's Up

Peggy Lee-Bewitching

Oh, shut up, I was just talking about VARIETY a minute briefly summarize, Peggy Lee's "Fever" has always (and I mean ALWAYS) worked as well as Viagra on this guy.......and, the love of my life Madame Angela (she'll have some more of HER stuff up over the weekend) is going to be singing that very song in a local talent contest in a couple weeks.......what the fuck could be better?

"Fever" was a hit in 1962, the YEAR I WAS BORN (!), but it is SUCH a sexy song, Madonna (who, believe me, I would do in a second) and her weak cover of the song cannot hold  fucking half a candle to Peggy Lee's orgasm inducing version..........

Anyway, I'm putting up Peggy Lee's "Bewitching" album, which is a spot-on PERFECT title for it, Peggy Lee absolutely WAS bewitching, sexy as fuck and about 40 years ahead of her time......ONE sexy ass woman, one sexy ass vocalist, and, frankly, one sexy ASS........

Hey. It's what I do...variety is the spice of life, or some shit, and this REALLY IS a good fucking album, just be sure that when you listen to it, that your lady is nearby, because if not, you'll need to.....well, nevermind......

BEWITCHING-01 Why Don't You Do Right/02 Don't Smoke in Bed/03 It's a Good Day/04 Alright, OK, You Win/05 Golden Earrings/ 06 Hallelujah I Just Love Him So/07 Fever/08 I Don't Know Enough About You/09 Them There Eyes/10 While We're Young/11 Manana/12 My Man

An absolutely tremendous album, IMO some of the sexiest music ever released, and this is from a fan of Liz Phair, Peaches, Bif Naked, you get the idea, I LOVE those sexually liberated women, and Peggy Lee was (as I said before) about 40 years ahead of her time. if I ever get my time machine thing worked out, Peggy needs to free up a couple of hours on her schedule.

My Man Anonymous Tosses us Some MORE REM Boots

Hey, hot off the e-mail, haven't heard a note of them, and as you can see from his email (below), apparently

there is an issue with Sendspace, so these are track lists, I ain't got time for THAT shit, (normally I do, of course, but I'm trying to throw a bunch of stuff at ya, so that September 2016 goes down as the GREATEST MONTH IN THE HISTORY OF THE BLOG.......or, MAYBE NOT, too, but you can't argue that we certainly have put a BUNCH of stuff up there this month, helps keep me sane, and I hope you guys enjoy the music, the non-music stuff, and (mostly) the variety. As usual thanks to all guest contributors, love you all!

Some more R.E.M. liveBOOTS uploaded for you. I realised after using Sendspace to host them, that this doesn't allow subsequent multiple downloads at the same time, so have used Zippyshare instead:

Live @ Seattle Crocodile Café 23.10.2001

Live @ Atlanta Omni 21.11.1995 [CD 1]

Live @ Atlanta Omni 21.11.1995 [CD 2]

Live @ Rock In Rio Festival 13.01.2001 [CD 1]

Live @ Rock In Rio Festival 13.01.2001 [CD 2]

Live @ Stockholm Vinterträdgården Grand Hotel 09.11.1998

Live @ Greensboro Colliseum 10.11.1989 [EP]

1976 John Peel Punk Rock Special

From 12/10/76, this was an effort from the legendary John Peel to expose the then-infant staged punk rock movement.......the sound quality is a little crude (understatement), but when you look at the talent that is here, and think about what year we are talking about (1976!), you can see that we are dealing with a real gem here, if this is your kinda thing (it IS MY kinda thing, of course)

As to what is Richard Hell & the Voidoid's classic "Blank Generation" ( an all time fave of mine)......The Saints classic "I'm Stranded".......I don't know who needs another copy of the New York Dolls "Personality Crisis", but at least it IS a no-question classic........The Damned and the Ramones each check in with a couple tracks, but let me get past all the obvious stuff.......of course the GEMS here are the stuff Peel included from Tuff Darts, Pere Ubu, and the Fast, as well as smartly throwing in vintage tracks from the Seeds and the Shadows of Knight.

OK, it's KIND OF an incoherent mess, BUT there is some great music here, perhaps a track or two that isn't already in your clutches, and isn't it cool to be in tune with Peel, ca. 1976, when he had his finger on the pulse of where it was all GOING?

NOT an essential release, BUT there is enough good stuff on here that I bet many of you will be happy that you check it out.

JOHN PEEL'S PUNK ROCK SPECIAL-01 THE DAMNED-So Messed Up (Peel Session)/02 THE SEEDS-Pushing Too Hard/03 IGGY & THE STOOGES-Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell/04 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Horseplay (Wearier of the Schmaltz)/05 THE DAMNED-Neat Neat Neat/06 RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS-Blank Generation (EP Version)/07 TELEVISION-Little Johnny Jewel Part 1/08 TUFF DARTS-Slash/09 PERE UBU-Final Solution/10 THE DAMNED-New Rose (Peel Session)/11 THE SEX PISTOLS-Anarchy In the UK/12 THE FAST-Boys Will Be Boys/13 NEW YORK DOLLS-Personality Crisis/14 THE SAINTS-I'm Stranded/15 THE DAMNED-Stab Your Back (Peel Session)/16 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Light Bulb Blues/17 THE RAMONES-California Sun/18 THE RAMONES-I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You

Nikki Hill

Actually just stumbled over this by accident (what will I do when Pirate Bay goes away totally?)......Nikki
Hill is a black chick, fine singer, but like Nona Hendryx decades before her, she will likely find that there is not a lot of commercial potential for black chicks in the hard rock arena.......

But, not that I personally care."Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists" reminds me a good bit of that great Nona Hendryx album (check archive, likely still there) from years back (which I LOVED and still do).......same concept here, big piped black chick singing in front of a pretty generic hard-rock band. It fucking DOES work for me, actually, think it came out in 2015, so it's pretty fresh, and I will guess it probably sank without much of a trace. Still, it's a pretty fair album, that is coming from someone who is still looking everyday for new sources of hard rock n roll stuff, and if it requires a black babe to put out some good stuff, so be it.

Good album in my opinion.......most all of the tracks have a nice, swinging/rocking groove, the band is competent, and noone would argue, I dona't think, that Ms. Hill is a fine singer who really CAN rock out. There are some damn good tracks here, the title track, "Scratch Back", her very cool cover or "Twistin' the Night Away"........hell, easilly a three star effort, and I suppose I could possibly even go 3.5.

Well, fuck, I always love when I accidentally trip over something like this, a serendipitous discovery, and one that I've been enjoying for the last hour or two. Hey, you like hard rocking music? Here's a cool slab of it. I'd personally advise you don't miss this one, it's quite good.

HEAVY HEARTS, HARD FISTS-01 Heavy Hearts Hard Fists/02 Oh My/03 Struttin/04 And I Wonder/05 (Let Me Tell You Bout) Luv/06 I'm Gonna Love You/07 Hotshot/08 Mama Wouldn't Like it/09 Nothin With You/10 Scratch Back/11 Twistin the Night Away

Devil City Angels

Another loaner from my burnout buddy Spider, here are Devil City Angles, with a 2015 release, which has a real mid 80's/early 90's hairband/glam metal throwback sound to it.....the band consisted of guitarist Traci Lords (of LA Guns), drummer Rikki Rocket (formerly of Poison), bassist Eric Brittingham (late of Cinderella), and, finally, guitarist Brandon Gibbs of Cheap Thirlls......a veritable "anti-supergroup" for my dough, but this is NOT a bad hard rock album.......I never thought there would be a demand for throwback to the late 80's Guns N Roses scene (GNR I thought were pretty great, a lot of the other bands on that scene, notably Poison,  but also a lot of the others sucked the big one).....but this really does havea something of a nostalgic feel to it, for whatever that is worth.

Pretty fair glam-metal, A LOT like Guns N Roses or Cinderella, or whatever late 80's glam band you wish to name.......not likely to be listed on ANYONE'S "all time top albums" list, but it is NOT bad, worth a listen in your car stereo...."I'm Living" is a decent riff-rocker, "Ride With Me" brings some GNR to mind, NO ONE is going to call this a classic, (except maybe burnout Spider, which doesn't count), but once in a while we need a bit of variety.

Does rock, too, at the least.

DEVIL CITY ANGELS-01 Numb/02 All My People/03 Boneyard/04 I'm Living/05 No Angels/06 Goodbye Forever/07 Ride With Me/08 All I Need/09 Back to the Drive/10 Bad Decisions

Billy Talent

An underappreciated Canadian band, consisting of singer Benjamin Kowalewicz, Ian D'Sa on guitar, Jon
Gallant on bass, and Aaron Solowoniuk on in the 00's, still kicking as well I think........their sound is kind of retro-70's/80's punk/hard rock, they certainly had their moments. Honestly, vocalist Kowalewicz can be down right annoying at times, at least to me, but that is fine, the punk/pub hard rock attitude is there, I guess that is what we care about.

First release, "Billy Talent" (2003) is a fair release (their previous releases were under the name Pezz and I don't think I have anything from them), again, fans of 70's/80's punk, you ought to like these punkish, mid-tempo rockers.

A few years passed before the release of "Billy Talent 2", which is something of a more solid release imo, as at least the vocals have been toned down a bit......"Red Flag" and "Where is the Line" are sort-of standouts, but again, if you like the sound, this will be fine by you.

Little changes on "Billy Talent III", it's simply a case of you like this kinda thing, or you don't.......more hard rocking, punk-tinged alt-pop, although I will make the observation that perhaps the boys had their sights set on pop-music success as this album is much slicker and sounds more "produced for consumption" than the previous efforts.

"Dead Silence" was the fourth release from the band (2012), and it includes the fairly fab "Viking Death March" as well as "Man Alive!" and a handful of other winners......a better album than "III" in my estimation.

Those are the four "official" album releases, but do you think I'd come to the party with nothing but those? Of course not......They released a pair of EP's, both entitled "Try Honesty", see the track list below, the second EP is a special "Demos' release.

Got a bit of live material as well, the two disc "Hammersmith Palais 8/9/06" features excellent sound quality, good song selection, and energetic performances. There is also a (2 disc) "Live From Manchester Academy", from about the same time frame, fairly similar setlist but another pretty good in-concert effort.

I didn't recall having this one, but there is a more recent live effort, 2007's "666", carpet-bombed it a minute ago and it's solid, also, not that I ever saw them, but I'd say this was a band that made their money onstage, the live efforts work better (for me at least) than the studio recordings.

Only one thing left, and, like with so many other bands, it's a bit of a pain in the ass....I found a BIG stack of their singles on the Bay.....sometimes I do each single individually, sometimes I attempt to make an "album" out of the collected singles.....couldn't decide which way to go so I think I'll individualize them, because I think they will sound better that way, the way they (I assume) were meant to be  heard. So, check the info below, and grab the singles one by one if you want, and you should have a pretty complete picture of the band Billy Talent.

And, of course, once I start a larger project like this I keep finding shit on the web......I've got a couple of demo albums as well here, found em on the Bay also.....haven't heard them yet, but I'll put em up there if you are interested.......

And THAT, sir, is about all of the Billy Talent I am able to find..........pretty good band, nothing terribly unique but you know what? Not everything needs to be.

Rock N Roll, man.

BILLY TALENT-01 This Is How It Goes/02 Living in the Shadows/03 Try Honesty/04 Line & Sinker/05 Lies/06 The Ex/07 River Below/08 Standing In the Rain/09 Cut the Curtains/10 Prisoners of Today/11 Nothing to Lose/12 Voices of Violence

BILLY TALENT II-01 Devil In a Midnight Mass/02 Red Flag/03 This Suffering/04 Worker Bees/05 Pins
and Needles/06 Fallen Leaves/07 Where is the Line?/08 Covered in Cowardice/09 Surrender/10 The Navy Song/11 Perfect World/12 Sympathy/13 Burn the Evidence

BILLY TALENT II BONUS DISC-01 Beach Balls/02 When I Was a Little Girl

BILLY TALENT III-01 Devil on My Shoulder/02 Rusted From the Rain/03 Saint Veronika/04 Tears into Wine/05 White Sparrows/06 Pocketful of Dreams/07 The Dead Can't Testify/08 Diamond on a Landmine/09 Turn Your Back/10 Sudden Movements/11 Definition of Destiny

DEAD SILENCE-01 Lonely Road to Absolution/02 Viking Death March/03 Surprise Surprise/04 Runnin' Across the Tracks/05 Love Was Still Around/06 Stand Up and Run/07 Crooked Minds/08 Man Alive!/09 Hanging By a Thread/10 Cure For the Enemy/11 Don't Count On the Wicked/12 Show Me the Way/13 Swallowed By the Ocean/14 Dead Silence

TRY HONESTY EP (#1)-01 Try Honesty (Demo)/02 This Is How it Goes (Demo)/03 Cut the Curtains (Demo)/04 Beachballs

TRY HONESTY EP (#2)-01 Try Honesty (Demo)/02 Living In the Shadows (Demo)

HAMMERSMITH LIVE D1-01 This Is How It Goes/02 Red Flag/03 This Suffering/04 Line & Sinker/05 Fallen Leaves/06 The Ex/07 Cut the Curtains/08 Surrender/09 Worker Bees

HAMMERSMITH LIVE D2-01 Prisoners of Today/02 Sympathy/03 Standing in the Rain/04 Burn the Evidence/05 Perfect World/06 River Below/07 Devil in a Midnight Mass/08 Nothing to Lose/09 Try Honesty

MANCHESTER LIVE D1-01 This Is How it Goes/02 Devil in a Midnight Mass/03 This Suffering/04 Line & Sinker/05 Fallen Leaves/06 Cut the Curtains/07 The Ex/08 Nothing to Lose/09 Worker Bees/10 Sympathy

MANCHESTER LIVE D2-01 Standing in the Rain/02 Burn the Evidence/03 Perfect World/04 River Below/05 Encore/06 Red Flag/07 Surrender/08 Try Honesty

666 LIVE-01 This Is How it Goes/02 Devil in a Midnight Mass/03 This Suffering/04 Line & Sinker/05 Standing In the Rain/06 The Navy Song/07 Worker Bees/08 The Ex/09 Surrender/10 Prisoners of Today/11 Fallen Leaves/12 Perfect World/13 Sympathy/14 Try Honesty/15 Nothing to Lose/16 River Below/17 Red Flag

SINGLE 1-01 Nothing to lose

SINGLE 2-01 River Below (Album Version)/02 Lies (Acoustic)

SINGLE 3-01 River Below/02 Standing in the Rain (Acoustic)

SINGLE 4-01 The Ex (Album version)/02 Waiting Room (Live B-Side)

SINGLE 5-01 The Ex/02 Try Honesty (Acoustic)

SINGLE 6-01 Devil In a Midnight Mass (Album version)/02 Devil In a Midnight Mass (Demo)

SINGLE 7-01 Devil In a Midnight Mass (Album version)/02 Red Flag (demo)

SINGLE 8-01 Devil In a midnight Mass (Album version 2)/02 Ever Fallen In Love (Non Album)\

SINGLE 9-01 Fallen leaves (Album version)/02 Fallen Leaves (Live)/03 Prisoners of Today (Album Version)

SINGLE 10-01 Red Flag (Album version)/02 Red Flag (Live)/03 Red Flag (Live #2)/04 Ever Fallen in Love (Non LP)

SINGLE 11-01 Surrender (Album Version)/02 The Suffering (Live)/03 Devil in a Midnight Mass (Live)

SINGLE 12-01 Turn Your Back

SINGLE 13-01 Devil on My Shoulder/02 Don't Need to Pretend

SINGLE 14-01 Rusted From the Rain/02 Cold Turkey

SINGLE 15-01 Rusted from the Rain/02 Cold Turkey/03 Red Flag (Live)

SINGLE 16-01 Surprise Surprise

SINGLE 17-01 Viking Death March (important note: the fucking vikings are 3-0 and have a defense that could KILL a motherfucker!!!!!)

INDUSTRY DEMOS-01 Living in the Shadows/02 Try Honesty/03 The Ex/04 Cut the Curtains/05 prisoners of Today/06 How it Goes

BILLY TALENT III DEMOS-01 Devil on My Shoulder (Guitar Villain Demo)/02 Rusted From the Rain  (Guitar Villain Demo)/03 Saint Veronika  (Guitar Villain Demo)/04 Tears Into Wine  (Guitar Villain Demo)/05 White Sparrows  (Guitar Villain Demo)/06 Pocketful of Dreams  (Guitar Villain Demo)/07 the Dead Can't Testify  (Guitar Villain Demo)/08 Diamond on a Landmine  (Guitar Villain Demo)/09 Turn Your Back (Guitar Villain Demo)/10 Sudden Movements (Guitar Villain Demo)/11 Definition of Destiny  (Guitar Villain Demo)/12 Tears into Wine (Demo)/13 White Sparrows (Demo)/14 Pocketful of Dreams (Demo)/15 Turn Your Back (Demo)

Little bit of work involved in this one, I don't do the big posts nearly as much as I used to (recent ones: Beastie Boys, Blue Oyster Cult off the top of my head) do me a solid and check this out, if you are not familiar, there is some good stuff here, I think a lot of you will like it.......if you are already down with Billy Talent, then for certain there will be some stuff here you haven't heard......

Rock On, folks, and by all means enjoy.....

From an Anonymous source, Pixies boots

(scott)-Yesterday's Pixies post was accompanied by a request for any additional Pixies boots that were out
there, and wouldn't you know Anonymous (same Anonymous of REM bootlegs fame) sends us a handful of them. Can't attest to the quality, just got them in the past hour or so, so obviously haven't heard them yet.....but when someone submits the goods, I try to get them up quickly, besides going for pure bulk on the post counts for September, so I need to get a few up today......also be sure and check Brian's fab Cohen Covers project, another brilliant labor-of-love from the world's foremost covers-project expert!

Live @ Madrid Sala Universal 09/17/90-01 Cecilia Ann/02 Debaser/03 Rock Music/04 Hang Wire/05 Dead/06 There Goes My Gun/07 Monkey Gone to Heaven/08 Isla De Encanta/09 (cut) Into the White/10 Cactus/11 Hey/12 Gigantic/13 Crackity Jones/14 Dig For Fire/15 Dancing the Manta Ray/16 Gouge Away/17 Here Comes Your Man/18 Velouria-The Happening/19 Allison

Live @ BBC Maida Vale Studios 09/26/13-01 Bone Machine/02 Break My Body/03 Monkey Gone to Heaven/04 Bagboy/05 I'v Been Tired/06 Hey/07 Indie Cindy/08 Gouge Away/09 Havalina/10 Velouria/11 Mr. Grieves/12 Another Toe in the Ocean/13 What Goes Boom/14 Isla de Encanta/15 Winterlong/16 here Comes Your Man/17 Vamos/18 Where Is My Mind/19 In Heavaen (Lady in the Radiator Song)/20 Andro Queen

Live @ Glastonbury Festival 06/16/89-01 Bone Machine/02 Cactus/03 Caribou/04 Crackity Jones/05
Dead/06 Debaser/07 Gigantic/08 Gouge Away/09 Hey/10 The Holiday Song/11 I Bleed/12 Isla de Encanta/13 Levitate Me/14 Mr. Grieves/15 Monkey Gone to Heaven/16 Nimrod's Son/17 No. 13 Baby/18 River Euphrates/19 Tame/20 There Goes My Gun/21 Vamos/22 Wave of Mutilation/23 Where Is My Mind?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Death To False Metal Comp

I was going to quit for today but I remembered that my old stoner buddy Spider had given me this one, and
it's pretty cool for what it is......what we have here is a batch of metal covers, done up GG Alin-style (if that is inaccurate, I could do).....

Not for the faint of heart, but certainly not lacking in charm.......wait, for example, until you hear, for example, of Muscle Bitches' desecration (that word could be used often in a comprehensive review of this album) of "Balls to the Wall"..........maybe Schlong's take on Ratt's "Round and Round"........or what about what Betty's Love Child do to Iron Maiden's classic "The Trooper"

Ok, you will adore this, or you will hate it to the point of "I'll NEVER read your fucking shitty blog again!" be it, I often like stuff like this. It's a listenable album, NOT one I am ever putting in heavy rotation, BUT, if you brought your sense of humor with you today, this MIGHT just be what the pharmacist ordered......please let me know, even if you hate it, that is why we are all here for......

DEATH TO FALSE METAL-01 FUCKFACE-Welcome to Hell/02 KRUPTED PEASANT FARMERS-Motorbreath/03 BETTYS LOVE CHILD-The Trooper/04 RUDIMENTS-Red Hot/05 LIMECELL-into the Crypts of Rays/06 LOPEZ-You Can't Stop Rock N Roll/07 SCHLONG-Round and Round/08 ONE EYE OPEN-Public Enemy #1/09 YOUR MOTHER-Freewheel Burnin'/10 BAR FEEDERS-Blackout/11 MUSCLE BITCHES-Balls to the Wall/12 RANDY-Kiss Me Deadly/13 SLACKJAW-Cheyenne/14 HICKEY-Kingdom Come/15 TOWEL-Running Free/16 LOST GOAT-Burn in Hell/17 FUCKEMOS AND PISS-Procreation of the Wicked/18 BUSRIDER-See You in Hell/19 AFTER DINNER SLEEP-Rainbow in the Dark

This was actually quite a joy to listen to, surprisingly so, but it's really a lot of fun.......I THINK John N sent
this to me, I'm not certain, but I had a copy anyway, so John N, thanks if you sent it, and if you didn't, thanks just for ALL YOU DO!

Now, once again, seems like a wonderful time to thank the people who contribute here....I've listed them a million times, and I'm not going to again right now, BUT I absolutely could not do the things I do here without not only my regular team of helpers, BUT also the others who "get it".......meaning, "get" what we are doing, and my thanks includes (especially this time) the bands/musicians that submit their bandcamp or similar links so MORE PEOPLE CAN HERE THEIR MUSIC........but I also wish to thank the "non-regular" contributors, the recent REM boots for example have been a real addition........we TRY to stay a little bit ahead, we have a few things lined up for you in the near future.....wait until you hear Brian's latest cover project, two BAD ASS discs of Leonard Cohen tracks, I've previewed it, and you will not be disppointed.....but I really DO LOVE all the submissions, be they from regular "team members" or random contributors with something cool in thier stash. This is what makes us what we are, it's not ME trust's all of the incredible contributions........please, please, keep them coming, as you may or may not know, for the last several months my personal life has been something of a disaster, I thank Madame Angela (a semi-regular contributor, of course) for basically saving my life and keeping me sane, but I also thank everyone who helps out here, because, believe it or not, this fucking lame-ass blog ALSO helps to keep me sane......and, as I said, I couldn't make it what it is without the contributions......I know I REALLY DO thank my team a LOT, but they deserve it. I personally think (could be wrong) that we have a good and unique blog here, and I REALLY enjoy doing it, trust me (keeps me focused), and all I can say is thanks NOT ONLY to the contributors, but also to the people who simply read, listen, share, ALSO help us make it what is, and you deserve thanks as well.

Thanks to everyone who hangs out here, trust me, I appreciate you more than the reverse......please check the (earlier) Kratom post and maybe follow up, I am trying to help defend the freedoms that you enjoy, whether or not you have had the Kratom experience or not.........if you've followed me for a while, you certainly know that I have ALWAYS championed the individual rights of EVERYONE, even when it is highly UNpopular (trust me, defending Nazi-rock can be a challenge).........anyway, I love you all.....we have more great shit planned for you in both the near and distant future.

FUCKING OHHHHHHHHHHH.........their defense is about as good as it gets, not that they are a championship contender (they literally have ZERO offense), but I thought the football season was going to be a TOTAL disaster (if you'd told me a month ago that the Vikes would be without Teddy Bridgewater AND Adrian Peterson and even fucking Matt Kalil for the season, I would have asked for the name of your fucking dealer.......and here the fuckers are 3-0........sorry, this is NOT a sports/football blog, but I love Vikings football (and OHIO S

Jay Som

You just never know.......I try to listen to everything that gets sent to me, it's hard sometimes, but, in general, I get to them and try to give an honest evaluation as to whether they are not only "blog-worthy" quality-wise, but also whether or not the material fits our VERY loose format......this brings us to Jay Som, whom I literally have never heard of until today.

John N sent me this album, he sends me more albums than you would ever believe (which I appreciate the hell out of), and once in a while one of them jumps out at me, a new release with maybe a little less "following" than some of the others, and, when that happens, I try to post it at once and give the artist MORE EXPOSURE......

"Turn Into" is a good album, you will enjoy it if you like maybe Liz Phair (my GODDESS!) or Bif Naked (my OTHER goddess!).......I will damn near PROMISE you that this album will be on year's end "Top 20" list, really surprised me......always loved chick singers, and this one is sexy, dreamy, and DAMNED listenable. Good damn album, you are cheating yourself if you don't dig up on this one.

Thanks a million to John N for this one, it's really good and I am grateful for the share.

TURN INTO-01 Peach Boy/02 Ghost/03 Next to Me/04 Drown/05 Our Red Door/06 Unlimited Touch/07 Why I Say No/08 SLOW/09 Turn Into

Anonymously, some more REM boots

An anonymous contributor sends us another handful of REM boots.......haven't listened to them and even the submitter kind of downplays the quality of at least one of them....nonetheless, as always, I truly appreciate the effort........if you are an REM fan/completist, perhaps these are something you need in your collection....if not, so be it as well.......anyway, thanks "Anonymous", and I'll keep an eye open for any future REM boots you care to send our way.

Live @ Cologne Kolner Dom, Roncalliplatz 12.05.2001 [CD 1]

Live @ Cologne Kolner Dom, Roncalliplatz 12.05.2001 [CD 2]

Above not the best quality, but hope they're of some use....

The Chicago show was actually CD 2 from the Reckoning reissue, so already posted..

Another one here for you as well:
Live [Dublin Point Depot 26-27.02.2005] [CD 1]

Live [Dublin Point Depot 26-27.02.2005] [CD 2]

Live @ The Pinkpop Festival 15.05.89.

Flyying Colours

Really liked this one actually, so I thought I'd get it to ya.......another new release, so, as I always say, procede with caution, you never know......listened to this one this morning, and really enjoyed it. A John N submission, this is some semi-hard rocking shoegaze/psych, it all really works pretty well, some fine guitar and some trippy, overly-distorted vocals......they remind me of SOMEONE, just not sure exactly who right at the moment, but this is a pretty good album.......thanks John N for the submission, hope you folks enjoy and the band is not a pain about having their work shared and given exposure......

MINDFULLNESS-01 It's Tomorrow Now/02 long Holiday/03 This Is What You Wanted/04 1987/05 Morning Stoner/06 Mellow/07 Roygbiv/08 Sun Hail and Rain/09 Mindfullness/10 When

Kratom legality status update PLEASE read and ACT!

The 'Hatch Dear Colleague Letter' Is OFFICIALLY In the Senate
The fate of Kratom depends on your action(or non-action).
The fight to keep Kratom legal has been going better than expected.
On just 5 days notice, 50+ Congressmen signed the Pocan/Salmon Dear Colleague letter to keep Kratom legal, but OUR BIGGEST WIN was made official on Thursday, September 28th. 
High ranking Senator, a lifetime champion for dietary supplements, Orrin Hatch (R-UT) is backing our effort to keep Kratom legal.
He has drafted the "Hatch Dear Colleague Letter" which will be on your Senator's desk on September 29th. Like Pocan/Salmon, Senator Hatch is calling for an immediate halt to the ban. Senator Hatch has stood up to fight FDA overreach and overregulation of dietary supplements for over 20 years.
This could not be a more powerful, more informed Senator standing with us.
Hatch is a giant.
In just over 3 weeks, we have gotten two Dear Colleague Letters drafted to both the House and Senate. It usually takes MONTHS to even get consideration - let alone a champion to draft a letter.
Senator Hatch WOULD NOT have drafted his Dear Colleague letter if our Pocan/Salmon campaign was a flop.
We could not be in a better position right now.
But -
Orrin Hatch and quote
 How to Get Your 2 Senators to Sign the 'Hatch Dear Colleague Letter'
It is the same drill as last week, but with the Senate.
1. Find Your 2 Senators and their Washington DC Number -

2. Call on Thursday between 9am - 4:30pm EST
(warning: some offices may not be open all day on Friday...)
Tell them your story but most importantly - 
Please have Senator [Last Name] sign the 'Hatch Dear Colleague Letter'
Orrin Hatch is a big name, there will be no confusion.
If you make an early morning call ~9am EST, it's helpful to mention something like this -
"A very important letter crossed Senator ______'s desk this morning.
It calls for the DEA to delay their intent to classify Kratom, a natural herb, as a schedule I controlled substance so more research can be done.
I am a responsible adult that has uses Kratom for [all the reasons]..."
It's helpful to mention that this is a bipartisan issue.
28 Democrat and 21 Republican Congressmen pledged their support for 'Pocan/Salmon Dear Colleague House Letter' in just 5 days.
The Hatch Dear Colleague Letter is the best news possible.

Something of a Pixies mini-collaboration

So how this one worked is, the band in question, with whom I'd hope you were familiar, have a new release
entitled "Head Carrier"(I think it comes out tomorrow, 9/30/16, the same day FUCKING KRATOM BECOMES ILLEGAL GRRRRRRRRRR, LONG-ass story there, don't get me started),  which features new bassist  Paz Lenchantin doing a fine job of replacing the legend that is Kim Deel (Did I ever tell you about the threesome I had with Kim Deel and her twin sister Kelly? I didn't? Hmmmmmm......well, maybe it was just a dream or something).....anyway, neither myself nor John N would have any clue as to where we may find this album, you'll have to look for it, you know how I feel about posting newer releases!

Anyway, The Pixies were featured in a VERY comprehensive post here a year or three back, with all their albums, bootlegs, the whole deal (or "Deel" ha ha, damn I am clever) like I used to do so much more often than I do these days.......not going to redo that whole effort right now, maybe sometime, BUT in celebration of the new release John N sends us crispy clean versions of the classics "Come On Pilgrim" and the legendary "Surfer Rosa" ("Surfer Rosa" is my son Grant's favorite album.....about a year ago he started "working" on a covers project of that the best I can estimate, he has completed, oh, zero tracks of it) the original post these two albums were vinyl rips, might as well replace them with something outta the digital age.......thanks John N.

I've also got a Pixies tribute album I've been sitting on this one for a little while, so I may as well present this as a "collaboration" between John N and myself......."Where Is My Mind" is a fairly fab Pixies tribute, with artists such as David Bowie, Local H, Superdrag, and lots more.

Anybody got any rare Pixies boots or anything? Be as good a time as any to share em up........if there is a
ton of interest I could re-up the other albums, the boots that I DO have, "Death to the Pixies", etc, but for now enjoy this non-comprehensive Pixies collaboration between myself and John N, whom didn't even know he was collaborating.

HEAD CARRIER-01 Head Carrier/02 Classic Masher/03 Baal's Back/04 Might as  Well Be Gone/05 Oona/06 Talent/07 Tenement Song/08 Bel Esprit/09 All I Think About Now/10 Um Chagga Lagga/11 Plaster of Paris/12 All the Saints

COME ON PILGRIM-01 Caribou/02 Vamos/03 Isla de Encanta/04 Ed Is Dead/05 The Holiday Song/06 Nimrod's Son/07 I've Been Tired/08 Levitate Me

SURFER ROSA-01 Bone Machine/02 Break My Body/03 Something Against You/04 Broken Face/05 Gigantic/06 River Euphrates/07 Where Is My Mind/08 Cactus/09 Tony's Theme/10 Oh My Golly!/11 Vamos/12 I'm Amazed/13 Brick is Red

WHERE IS MY MIND-01 EVE 6-Allison/02 THE GET UP KIDS-Alec Eiffel/03 TEENAGE FANCLUB-Here Comes Your Man/04 WEEZER-Velouria/05 GHOTI HOOK-Where Is My Mind/06 FAR-Monkey Gone to Heaven/07 BRAID-Trompe le Monde/08 SUPERDRAG-Wave of Mutilation/09 TEEN HEROES-Manta Ray/10 LOCAL H-Tame/11 REEL BIG FISH-Gigantic/12 SIREN SIX!-The Holiday Song/13 KERBDOG-Debaser/14 DAVID BOWIE-Cactus/15 NADA SURF-Where Is My Mind/16 PROMISE RING-Gouge Away/17 SAMIAM-Here Comes Your Man/18 WESTON-La La Love You/19 FACE TO FACE-Planet of Sound/20 MAN OR ASTROMAN-Manta Ray/21 SENSE FIELD-Caribou

In general, I have mixed feelings about tribute albums, they range from very good and creative to the kind I hate, the ones full of slavish carbon copies of the originals which really serve zero purpose.......this one (this tribute album) I really do like a good bit, the Pixies were originals, and there is a damned creative roster of artists here tributing's a winner, and, (don't tell anyone) but the new release (if you can FIND a copy of it) is actually pretty damned good as well.........

Rare 60's Beat Classics Volume 1

Well, this set seems to have about a zillion volumes, of which I have a total of ONE, the first one......really, although this would "seem like" one I would have all of, I just really have no memory of it (other than this one disc) so likely it is one I missed.......and thus I ask for some help, if anyone out there has these I'd love to have as well as share them, as they (at least Volume 1 has some great stuff, and glancing at the track lists, so do the others) really DO have some rarely comped tracks on them......wonder what ever happened to my old buddy Psychlist, I guarantee he has them........BUT, if you happen to have one or all of these volumes, this would be a great share, so let's STEP UP!

That being said, this one volume does have some great tracks, judged both on quality and rarity......couple of tracks from The Bo Street Runners, the always kickass Nashville Teens, The Syndicats cool "Crawdaddy Simone", some Mickey Finn, who were recently profiled on this very site.......this is a good one, it can stand on it's own, no problem (normally I wouldn't post a single disc of a series in this manner, but I really DO think that even if none of the other volumes ever turn up, this collection is good enough and has enough rare material to make it worth our whiles).......

VOLUME 1-01 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD-Bring it to Jerome/02 MICKIE MOST-Money Honey/03 CHEROKEES-Dig a Little Deeper/04 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD-I Love To See You Strut/05 BO STREET RUNNERS-Just Wanna Make Love to You/06 MIKI DALLON-I'll Give You Love/07 NASHVILLE TEENS-Revived 45 Time/08 BO STREET RUNNERS-Lonely Avenue/09 MICKIE MOST-That's Alright/10 FIRING SQUAD-Bullmoose/11 SYNDICATS-Crawdaddy Simone/12 MICKEY FINN-Garden of My Mind/13 BO STREET RUNNERS-Bo Street Runners/14 FIRING SQUAD-Little Bit More/15 NASHVILLE TEENS-Forbidden Fruit/16 DUFFY POWER-I Saw Her Standing There/17 MICKEY FINN-Time to Start Loving You/18 BO STREET RUNNERS-Shame Shame Shame/19 ARIZONA SWAMP COMPANY-Train Keep Rollin'/20 MOQUETTES-Right String But the Wrong Yo Yo/22 DUFFY POWER-Farewell Baby/23 ATTRACTION-Party Line/24 ARIZONA SWAMP COMPANY-Tennessee Woman/25 MICKEY FINN-Night Comes Down/26 ATTRACTION-She's a Girl

Haven't thrown out a "challenge" (so to speak) like this in a while, but wouldn't it be cool if we could actually assemble the whole collection? Back in the early days of this effort, we used to do stuff like that with some frequency and success.......let's see if we can do it again, this looks like a fairly essential series that somehow the big lad missed out on, or forgot about in a substance induced daze, or, uh, did I think something? Damn, what time is my date with Liz Phair again?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Latest Installment of Lewdd's Buzzcocks Boots

Some more Buzzcocks boots from our good friend usual, the rules are: he (nor I, for that
matter) ensure any level of is whatever you get.....I haven't listened to them, so I can't really give you an evaluation of them, and Lewdd willingly admits that some of them are for historical value alone, and the sound quality (on SOME) sucks.....nevertheless, of the ones that I have already posted, I have listened to them, and I'd say fully half of them sound pretty damn good.......anyway, this isnt the end of them, this dude has sent me a TON of boots, once we get through all of his Buzzcocks stuff, we have Pistols, Clash, and don't miss out, this dude is an extremely valuable member  of "Team Growing Bored"......

MANCHESTER POLYTECHNIC 5/22/80-01 I Don't Mind/02 Ever Fallen In Love/03 What Do I Get/04
Strange Thing/05 Why She's a Girl From the Chainstore/06 What Do You Know/07 Autonomy

RUSTY NAIL SUNDERLAND MA 11/18/80-01 Why She's a Girl From the Chainstore/02 What Do I Get/03 Fast Cars/04 Fiction Romance/05 Harmony In My Head/06 Are Everything/07 Lipstick/08 Ever Fallen In Love/09 Somethings Gone Wrong Again/10 Airwaves Dream/11 Strange Thing/12 Noise Annoys/13 What Do You Know/14 I Believe/15 Love Battery/16 Times Up/17 Love You More/18 Oh Shit

STORSJOYRAN OSTURSUND 1997-01 Get On Own/02 The Turn of the Screw/03 Autonomy/04 Nothing Left/05 Thunder of Hearts/06 You Say You Don't Love Me/07 Promises/08 Why She's a Girl From the Chainstore/09 Interview/10 Harmony In My Head/11 Totally From the Heart/12 Ever Fallen in Love/13 Fast Cars/14 Orgasm Addict/15 What Do I Get/16 Oh Shit/17 Breakdown/18 Boredom

THE SHELTER DETROIT MICHIGAN 7/14/06-(24 tracks, no setlist provided........would be wonderful if one of our loyal Buzzcocks fans would provide one!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

DANTES PORTLAND 7/28/06-01 Flat-pack Philosophy/02 Wish I Never Loved You/03 Sell You
Everything/04 Reconciliation/05 I Don't Exist/06 Soul Survivor/07 Big Brother Wheels/08 I Don't Mind/09 Harmony In My Head/10 Autonomy/11 Fiction Romance/12 Why Can't I Touch It/13 Sixteen/14 I Don't Know What to Do With My Life/15 Fast Cars/16 What Do I Get/17 Love You More/18 Breakdown/19 Audience Screams For an Encore/20 Sick City Sometimes/21 Noise Annoys/22 Orgasm Addict/23 Ever Fallen In Love/24 Oh Shit

The Gants

(scott)-From that deep, deep John N collection comes a classic garage rock compilation from the Gants. They were from the Greenwood area and are best known for their single "I Wonder".....the band was composed of  singer/guitarist Johnny Greenwood, singer/guitarist Side Herring, bassist Vince Montgomery, drummer Don Wood, and guitarist Johnny Sanders.....pretty much they banged out some pretty standard "Nuggets" era garage/pop, nothing spectacular, but as with so much of the wonderful music of that era, perfectly listenable and enjoyable. Thanks once more to link-fuhrer John N! By the way, this is a sort-of special expanded edition of the band's career retrospective, as it includes over 30 tracks......John N, PLEASE never leave us, you provide such wonderful links and, I'll speak for the readership, it NO QUESTION is appreciated!!!!!!

I WONDER 1965-67-01 I Wonder/02 Just a Good Show/03 I Don't Want to See Her Again/04 I Want Your Lovin'/05 Drifter's Sunrise/06 Little Boy Sad/07 Six Days In May/08 Somebody Please/09 (You Can't Blow) Smoke Rings/10 Greener Days/11 My Baby Don't Care/12 Never Go Right/13 Please Tell Me Why/14 Hungry/15 Bad Boy/16 Summertime Blues/17 You Better Run/18 Spoonful of Sugar/19 One Track Mind/20 Try Too Hard/21 Good Lovin'/22 Rain/23 Crackin Up/24 Dance Last Night/25 Dr Feelgood/26 I'm a Snake/27 Oh Yeah/28 Kicks/29 Out of Sight/30 Roadrunner

Typical anthology of a garage-band of the era, tons of cover versions, etc......still, worth a listen if you are a fan of the Nuggets-style rock that I happen to could do a LOT worse!

Some MORE of that Lorcanwhite Sonic Youth-type stuff!

(scott)-not sure if this is all of it or not, I'm gonna have to look around a bit, but, here is ANOTHER slab of
my new buddy Lorcanwhite's significant stash of Sonic Youth (and related) rarites/goodies......if I find anymore I will be certain to post them, and to you, Mr. Lorcanwhite, THANK YOU 1000x over, and if you personally happen to have anything else (by ANYONE, not just Sonic Youth) that you deem interesting enough for publication here, by all means, GET's people like you who make this thing what it is......thank you many times over and PLEASE contribute more if you have anything you wish to share with the world!

LEE RENALDO-BETWEEN THE TIMES AND THE TIDES-01 Waiting On a Dream/02 Off the Wall/03 Xtina As I Knew Her/04 Angels/05 Hammer Blows/06 Fire Island (Phases)/07 Lost (Plane T Nice)/08 Shouts/09 Stranded/10 Tomorrow Never Comes
FREE KITTEN-PUNKS SUING PUNKS-01 Kitten Bossanova/02 Punk vs. Punk/03 Coco's Theme

SONIC YOUTH-SPLITTING THE ATOM-01 100%//02 Dirty Boots/03 Kool Thing/04 Swimsuit
Issue/05 Genetic/06 Theresa Soundworld/07 Tom Violence/08 Sugar Kane/09 Schizophrenia/10 Drunken Butterfly/11 Youth Against Facism/12 Sugar Kane/13 J.C.

SONIC YOUTH-HELEN LUNDBERG SINGLE-01 Helen Lundeberg/02 Eyeliner

All Them Witches (Part 2)

(scott) here is the remainder of the great submission from John N, covering the work of the great and
overlooked All Them Witches......really good stuff here, REALLY good, southern-tinged psychedelic blues that often is simply perfect, right on the money GREAT.......fine stuff here, you are missing great stuff if you pass over these.

LIVE AT THE VARIETY PLAYHOUSE 10/5/14-01 Voodoo Chile/02 Funeral/When God Comes Back/03 Swallowed By the Sea/04 Death of Coyote Woman/05 Charles William

LIVE AT THE GARAGE-WINSTON SALEM NC, 2014/2015-01 Mountain/02 Funeral For a Great Drunken Bird/03 Marriage of Coyote Woman/Elk Blood Heart/04 When God Comes Back/05 Charles William/06 Death of Coyote Woman/07 Born Under a Bad Sign

LIVE IN BRUSSELS 03/03/16-01 The Death of Coyote Woman/02 Funeral For a Great Drunken Bird/03 When God Comes Back/04 Dirt Preachers/05 The Marriage of Coyote Woman/06 Elk Blood Heart/07 Call Me Star/08 Open Passageways/09 Talisman/10 Blood and Sand/Milk and Endless Waters/11 Mountain/12 Heavy Like a Witch/13 Charles William/14 My Middle Name is the Blues

A SWEET RELEASE EP-01 It Moved We Moved/Almost There/A Spider's Gift/02 Howdy Hoodee
Slank/03 El Paso Sleep On It/04 Interstate Bleach Party/05 Sweet Bear

EXTRA PLEASANT EP-01 Salesman/02 Robbie's Jam/03 Sludger/04 Swallowed By the Sea/05

Again, let me ask a favor of anyone whom can help.....the Brussels file is one of those tricky split files (exceeds the Zippyshare size limit).....some people seem to have trouble downloading these, I know that some have said you have to adjust the file name or something.....what I'm asking, is, can someone who DEFINITIVELY knows how to download these split files PLEASE simply type out the instructions as to how it's done, use simple one syllable words, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I post one of these boyos, I'll just include the instructions as to how to do so.

I'm (honestly) always trying to make the blog BETTER for the readers/users/listeners.....I don't know how to download them, as they are already on my hard drive and I don't HAVE TO download them......hence, the dilemma.....I bet ONE smart person out there can straighten this out in seconds!