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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Brian's Tribute to Lemmy and more

This wasn't originally planned, but I had to upon hearing the news. Scott said it well enough yesterday though. Lemmy lived to be 70, and must've had at least 3 lifetimes inside just that one. Do I even need to tell you how awesome Motörhead was? I'll give you my own personal Lemmy memory. When I was little - 8 years old maybe, mid-80's - I was watching the short-lived UK comedy show "The Young Ones" back when it played late on MTV...

And upon the cue of "Music!", up pops this wart-ridden dude in mirrored glasses, tearing into "Ace of Spades", screaming up into a microphone in front of the most badass rock n' roll ever laid down. It blew my mind as a child, and easily led to me being a rabid metal fan later. And that's one bit of credit Motörhead should be truly hailed for... You would've never gotten to thrash, death, or black metal - period - without Motörhead. They were the first ones to bridge the punk attitude and the metal sound, and they did it superbly. Every fucker that's ever cranked it to 11 and roared in front of a double kickdrum owes Lemmy everything.

So, here's their '81 live album No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith. It's a great sampler of their peak period, it's really goddamned loud, and it's one of the Top 10 live albums ever, easily. It's a necessity, and it will be on your test later...

Henry Rollins once told a story about sharing a flight - and a seating aisle - with Lemmy once. He said Lemmy smelled like a tobacconist's, a leather tannery, and a brewery all rolled up in one. That's rock and roll. Lemmy himself once said that if Motorhead moved in next door to you your lawn would die. My buddy may have summed it up best. When I told him Lemmy died, he said: "RIP you ugly, glorious bastard..."

And may the fields of heaven turn brown at your approach.

And keeping the covers projects going, we have one here of The Doors' first album. The Muddy Reds' "Break On Through" is nice and punk-y. Patti Smith's great "Soul Kitchen" is from her covers album Twelve. While I've personally never liked Robyn Hitchcock, I do dig his take on "The Crystal Ship". John Mellencamp makes a return to our covers series with his version of "Twentieth Century Fox". Can anyone place the era of Bowie's great live cut of "Alabama Song"? To me it sounds like maybe the late 70's "David Live"'s hard to tell. And yes, I know it was originally a Kurt Weill song.
Etta James' "Light My Fire" has a slow burn, sexy groove. I love it. (Honorable mention also goes out to Al Green's version). Now, when it comes to "Back Door Man", I didn't want to put somebody covering the Doors own cover of the song, so I included Howlin' Wolf's spooky-as-fuck original. I also couldn't resist Etta leading into the Wolf! With "Take It As It Comes", I've never really liked The Ramones' version, so I found a live cut of Tom Waits doing it. From an audience recording in '88. The sound could be better, but it's still Tom Waits. Just pretend it's one of those weirdly-recorded tracks off of Bone Machine.

I only found out about this Hidden By Ivy track lately, but I think you'll agree they do a great version of "End Of the Night". Now, when it comes to "The End", there really is only one version to include, and that is Nico's. This version was the inspiration for this whole comp. She may be an acquired taste, but she manages to take it to the same dark place Morrison did...maybe even more so. That withered croak that ends the Oedipal sequence defies description! A truly haunted recording. And don't forget: that's John Cale, Phil Manzanera, and Brian Eno destroying their instruments behind her!

This next comp is one I put together of G.G. Allin. May look familiar; I had posted it earlier this year, but the files were corrupted and I don't think they worked for people. So now, here it is, reassembled and with new cover art.

Keep in mind though, it still sounds gloriously shitty. I'm not even gonna attempt another synopsis of G.G. A crime scene with a band. There. Some of the most misanthropic, raging, fucked-up sounding punk rock ever recorded. So messed-up it's use of the "N" word is the least of its sins! And the disc slides in at just about 79 minutes. Burn CDs and put them in trick or treater's bags next year! Slide 'em into library books! Jam one into a hateful valentine! Some may miss warm and cuddly favorites like "Suck My Ass It Smells" or "Dog Fucking", but I think I still made a good summary of the man. And now, since I can't resist writing this track list one more time....

1. Death Before Life/Bloody Cunt Slider
2. I Hate People
3. Guns, Bitches, Brawls, and Bottles
4. Die When You Die
5. I Kill Everything I Fuck
6. I Don't Give A Shit
7. Swank Fuckin'
8. I Wanna Kill You
9. I Wanna Eat You
10. I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out
11. Fuck Authority
12. Brutality and Bloodshed For All
13. Fuck Off, We Murder
14. Drink, Fight, and Fuck
15. Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat and Crucify
16. Raw, Brutal, Rough, and Bloody
17. Outlaw Scumfuc
18. Kill the Police/Destroy the System
19. I'm A Rapest
20. Scars On My Body/Scabs On My Dick
21. No Rights
22. Slaughterhouse Deathcamp
23. Interview From Prison

This was the first of my homemade compilations, and I'm still proud of it. After all, GG would never get a real comp himself. This one will work when nothing else will. And the interview at the end explains a lot of what came before. Hope you guys like this stuff. Happy new year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A brief tribute to Lemmy

Lemmy Kilmister passed away a couple of days ago at the age of 70...... in case by some chance you don't know, Lemmy was the psycho-bass player for Hawkwind and the (also) psycho bass player as well as vocalist/growler/screamer for Motorhead..... now, I have previously done posts on BOTH of those great bands, I don't know what's left of them link-wise, but originally they were quite comprehensive.... I don't like to repeat stuff TOO often, so I am going to tribute Lemmy with some stuff I think you folks may like the best.

From the Hawkwind era, I give you my superb vinyl rip of the double-disc "Space Ritual Live", two incredible discs of spaced out/stoner/hard psych/spacy rock...... the version of "Brainstorm" with Lemmy's totally sick bass playing and out-there growling vocals would summarize his career if it could be done so simply........ PLEASE investigate this if you are unfamiliar..... for Lemmy?

From the Motorhead era, I'm going to play it safe, because I know Brian wants to post the legendary "No Sleep Til Hammersmith", an absolutely stunning live record that should be in every household, so, while waiting for Brian's own tribute, I think I will give you the following Motorhead discs (previously posted):

Let's go with "Motorhead: Over the Top-The Rarities", which is loaded with total metal freak outs, such as "Train Kept a Rollin" and (Don't Let Em) Grind Ya Down", wonderful and rare recording, and I'll also toss up "Tear Ya Down", another Motorhead rarities collection..... I have TONS of Motorhead, but I posted it all in the last year or two, and I know Brian is wanting to post his own tribute (including the fantastic "No Sleep", likely tomorrow), so this will give you a taste of the very best of Lemmy's fab career.

RIP Lemmy, you will be missed..... from someone whos has seen The Who, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and basically ANYONE you can name, I will say this without hesitation..... Motorhead, without argument or discussion, was the LOUDEST..... the "best"? perhaps not...... but the "loudest?'.....without the slightest question.......and I give them full credit for that.

RIP Lemmy, as well as Hawkwind and Motorhead..... great bands, great sounds, great tunes, grat flat out loud ass rock n roll........ from this corner at least, Lemmy, you will be missed tremendously, and I suspect from many other corners as well.

Love ya Bro..... .rest in peace, we'll all be there eventually!

HAWKWIND-SPACE RITUAL LIVE D1-Earth Calling/02 Born To Go/03 Down Through the

Night/04 The Awakening/05 Lord of Light/06 Black Corridor/07 Space Is Deep/08 Electronic No. 1/09 Orgone Accumulator/10 Upside Down/11 10 Seconds of Forever/12 Brainstorm

HAWKWIND-SPACE RITUAL LIVE D2-01 7 By 7/02 Sonic Attack/03 Time We Left This World Today/04 Master of the Universe/05 Welcome to the Future/06 Welcome to the Future/07 Orgone Accumulator (alternate nights performance)/08 Time We Left This World Today (alternate night's performance)/09 You Shouldnt Do That (alternate nights performance)

MOTORHEAD-OVER THE TOP (RARITIES)-01 Tear Ya Down (Instrumental)/02 Louie Louie
(Alternate)/03 Over the Top/04 Please Don't Touch (Motorheadschool)/05 Emergency (Motorheadschool)/06 Over the Top (Alternate Version)/07 Capricorn (Alternate Version)/08 Train Kept-a Rollin'/09 (Don't Let Em) Grind Ya Down (Alternate Version)/10 Lemmy Goes to the Pub (Alternate Version of Heart of Stone)/11 Same Old Song, I'm Gone (Alternate Version of Remember Me, I'm Gone)/12 (Don't Need) Religion

MOTORHEAD-TEAR YA DOWN-THE RARITIES DISC 1-01 Hump On Your Back/02 Shoot You In the Back/03 Dirty Love/04 Dirty Love (Full Version)/05 Love Me Like a Reptile/06 Fast and Loose/07 Waltz of the Vampire/08 Ace of Spades (rare version)/09 Bastard/10 Godzilla Akimbo/11 (We Are) The Road Crew

MOTORHEAD-TEAR YA DOWN-THE RARITIES DISC 2-01 Like a Nightmare/02 Treat Me Nice/03 Dirty Love/04 Dirty Love (Full Version)/05 You Ain't Gonna Live Forever/06 The Hammer/07 Bomber/08 Love Me Like a Reptile/09 Fun on the Farm/10 Tear Ya Down/11 Fire Fire/12 Louie Louie/13 Jailbait/14 Step Down

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Uriah Heep

Kind of a combination of the kind of retro-1970's outlandishly dated material I love and a straight up comedy post, I'll admit to ya that this was perhaps my favorite band around the time I was about ten.... in retrospect, they were pretty bad, I've heard them described as a "real life Spinal Tap", and yet, they were an integral part of the early 1970's prog/rock scene.... listening to this stuff NOW, is either a hilarious flashback or a near unlistenable experience, your call......

Formed in the late 1960's by guitarist Mick Box (what a name), drummer Alex Nappier, a pair of refugees from The Gods, bassist Paul Newton and keyboardist Ken Hensley (a talented musician whose skills, to be honest, could have been better utilized elsewhere, and last AND least, singer David Byron, perhaps the most strident and annoying singer in the history of rock......if you currently don't understand why I say this, listen to a few of these, and you quickly will.

The first release was " Very 'eavy, Very 'umble", which was famously reviewed in Rolling Stone by a critic who promised to commit suicide "if this band makes it" (no word on if he did or not).... I have one around here somewhere, can't find it at the moment, I'm sure it will turn up, if I find it or someone shares it I will post it, it is mostly of value for the (unintentionally) hilarious "Come Away Melinda", I hope I can find it just for THAT one....

Next up was "Salisbury", a MUCH more solid release, along with their next few as their definitive period pieces....the 16-minute title epic is a bit much, but the album does contain my favorite Heep track, "High Priestess", and another pretty good track, "Lady in Black".... this happens to be a reissue with some bonus tracks on it, so it's exactly like Christmas a few days late... mostly remixes of the tracks on the album, but also the odd "Simon the Bullet Freak".

1971 (MAN did bands crank out the vinyl in that era!) brought us "Look At Yourself", which cleverly posted a mirror on the cover (so you can, like, "Look At Yourself")....not a fantastic effort, the title track and "July Morning" are the more representative tracks.......also an "expanded" CD, this with some outtakes and live scraps, perfect for the discrimintaing Uriah Heep rarities collector.

Just one year later, the band released what some, including myself, consider their best album, "Demons and Wizards" includes a fine hard rocking single, "Easy Living", but also decent numbers in "Traveller In Time" and "The Wizard".....the formula was down pat by now, believe me, but on the other hand they no question did have "their own" sound, "thanks" to Byron's grating vocals. BTW also a deluxe reissue with a lot of bonus tracks.

In the blink of an eye came "The Magician's Birthday", a similar album (not as good) to "Demons and Wizards" with a listenable track or two, notably "Spider Woman", "Sunrise" and "Blind Eye".....yet another expanded, bonus track stuffed effort, it's a Uriah Heep BONANZA!

Onward they would crank......"Sweet Freedom" was next, and the GPS was tuned directly to Sucktown by this time......"Sweet Freeedom" contains the awful single "Stealin'" ('......nothin' left to save.....but my life, Life, LIFE, LIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFE!" screams Byron as if Geddy Lee had never even existed)......not much to see here, though, folks.....

They released about 100 more albums, with about 50 different lineups, I THINK I may have heard "Return to Fantasy" once, and I'm pretty sure for me it closed the book on them.......if you don't get the picture from thier 1970-73 appex, not much else seems of any real "significance"....

As you can see, I don't take them terribly seriously, but not everything needs to be taken so......reminds me of my VERY earliest days listening to rock, and I really DID think this sstuff was ultra-hip as a 10-11  year old.......I do play these once in a while and they always DO brind a laugh to my lips, and what on earth is wrong with that?

David Byron passed away in 1985.

SALISBURY-01 Biard of Prey/02 The Park/03 Time to Live/04 Lady In Black/05 High Priestess/06 Salisbury/07 Simon the Bullet Freak/08 Here I Am/09 Lady In Black (Single Edit)/10 High Priestess (single Edit)/11 Salisbury (single edit)/12 The Park (alternate version)/13 Time to Live (alternate Version)

LOOK AT YOURSELF-01 Look At Yourself/02 I Wanna Be Free/03 July Morning/04 Tears In My Eyes/05 Shadows of Grief/06 What Should Be Done/07 Love Machine/08 What's Within My heart (outtake)/09 Why (early version)/10 Look at Yourself (single edit)/11 Tears in My Eyes (Extended Mix)/12 What Should Be Done (Alternate Version/13 Look at Yourself (Live at BBC)/14 What Should Be Done (Live at BBC)

DEMONS AND WIZARDS-01 The Wizard/02 Traveller In Time/03 Easy Livin/04 Poet's Justice/05 Circle of Hands/06 Rainbow Demon/07 All My Life/08 Paradise/09 The Spell/10 Why (Extended Version)/11 Rainbow Demon (Single Edit)/12 Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf/13 Home Again to You (demo)/14 Green Eye (demo)

THE MAGICIAN'S BIRTHDAY-01 Sunrise/02 Spider Woman/03 Blind Eye/04 Echoes In the Dark/05 Rain/06 Sweet Lorraine/07 Tales/08 The Magician's Birthday/09 Gary's Song (unreleased)/10 Sliver White Man (vocal version, unreleased)/11 Proud Words (alt. version )12 Echoes In the Dark (edit, unreleased)/13 Rain (edit, unreleased)/14 Happy Birthday (outtake)/15 Sunrise (single edit)/16 Crystal Ball (outtake)/17 Silver White Man (outtake, instrumental version)

SWEET FREEDOM-01 Dreamer/02 Stealin'/03 One Day/04 Sweet Freedom/05 If I Had the Time/06 Seven Stars/07 Circus/08 Pilgrim/09 Sunshine (bonus)/10 Seven Stars (extended version)/11 Pilgrim (extended version)/12 If I Had the Time (demo)/13 Sweet Freedom (Live version)/14 Stealin (Live version)

VERY 'EAVY, VERY 'UMBLE-01 Gypsy/02 Walking In Your Shadow/03 Come Away Melinda/04 Lucy Blues/05 Dreammare/06 Real Turned On/07 I'll Keep Trying/08 Wake Up (Set Your Sights)/09 Bird of Prey (US Album Version)/10 Born In a Trunk (Vocal Version)/11 Come Away Melinda (Alt.)/12 Gypsy (Extended Version)/13 Wake Up (Set Your Sights (Alt.)/14 Born In a Trunk (Instrumental Version)/15 Dreammare (BBC Version)/16 Gypsy (BBC Version)

These are FLAC files (all of them, I think) so I'll be a little while splitting them..... meanwhile, both Brian and myself are putting together (hopefully for Wednesday) our individual tributes to Lemmy Kilmister of Hawkwind/Motorhead brilliance, who passed away Monday, RIP Lemmy!
Link in comments as usual!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

I am So thrilled to be able to present this......

Saturday, December 26, day after Christmas.....I go to check the mail, and, lo and behold, a package with the return address of NIKKI CORVETTE!.... let me repeat that, Nikki Corvette actually took time to send me a CD and write me a sweet, handwritten note.... (perhaps I have not mentioned, I have been  totally in love with Nikki Corvette since forever, and for her to even acknowledge my existence, or the existence of my blog, is one of the greatest thrills I have received.)

Ok, all that aside, the recorded work she is sending me is a fine CD (like I'd call it any other way), from Gorvette, a collaboration between Nikki and Amy Gore of the Gore Gore Girls (another of my faves ctually)'s a few years old, but I had not heard it, and it sounds wonderful to these ears, at least, I will pass it along to you all and let you see what you think, personally, I think a lesser-known gem.

The album is called "lustfully yours", which is getting me excited already, and features seven fine tracks, all of which feature Nikki's sexy "little girl" vocals, and Amy's slamming guitar work. ( also Lianna Castillo on bass and Al King on drums)......

Hey, always LOVED anything by Nikki and the Corvettes (posted on them before, likely dead links), also LOVED  the work of the Gore Gore Girls ("Casino" was SUCH a kick ass tune!), what could be better than this fine collaboration?

I would like to publicly thank the wonderful Nikki Corvette for taking the time to send this to me, she seems to be a wonderful lady and ALSO seems to "get" what the purpose of these blogs are , unlike some others (how's it going, Robert douche bag Fripp?)....Nikki is a great artist, but more importantly a wonderful person...... I am thrilled, honored, and grateful that she took the time to hook me up with this disc...... there are so many artists who DONT "get it", it's great that there are fine people like Nikki Corvette, Lennon Murphy, and Deanna Mitchell (Frightwig) who actually DO "get it"......maybe there is hope for humanity after all......

Thank you Nikki, just plain thank you..... in your letter you mentioned sending me more stuff, happily accept and post ANYTHING you want to send, and you are right, I have never even heard "wild record party 2" (although, of course, I would LOVE TO)....... happy holiday season and happy New year to the beautiful, wonderful, and talented Nikki Corvette......  .you are the greatest and literally made my year with your submission! Love ya!

LUSTFULLY YOURS-01 Nothing's Gonna Stop Me/02 Lustfully Yours/03 Baby Let's Rock/ 04 Fake It/ 05 Honey, Dont You Know?/06 Brand New Lover/ 07 Candy Man

PLEASE check this out and comment...... it means so much to me that Niki Corvette too the time to share this with me, the LEAST I can do is share it with my readers (BOTH of ya!)..... hope ya LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

IMO, THE most offensive post I could EVER put up

You guys think the Nazi stuff is bad? wellll, as I've told ya before, I AGREE with's horrible,
offensive, dreadful also has a right to exist, in my opinion, as we've discussed, want to hear something that makes that stuff sound like Blink 182? I present to you the "greatest hits" from thet Westboro Baptist know....Fred Phelps (mercifully dead) and the "God Hates Fags" bunch.....if you DON'T know them, the Cliff Notes version is these losers actually disrupt the funerals of US Veterans, cheered the 911 disaster (God was "angry"), and are likely the worst human beings, if that term applies, that I have ever encountered......on the positive side, a bunch of Vietnam Vets/bikers have DISRUPTED THIER disruptions of the funerals, by attneding and revving thier hogs so loud that noone can hear what these losers are saying anyway, and GOOD FOR THEM.

Couple things.......first of all, WHY post it? Well, because it is so shockingly offensive, and, likely, you have NOT heard this before..........these people are an aside, I remember seeing Fred Phelps on Rikki Lake years ago, accompanied by his (much) younger MALE "travelling companion", seemed like he was gay as hell to me, not that I'd care......just seems the guy "doth protest too much" least the fuck head is dead, what more can i say?

OK, if one visits thier website, there are about (guessing) 200 MP3 tracks which are "parodies" of established songs, with the lyrics changed to suit thier insane world view. If you ask why the original artists would not sue or something, I'd guess that 1) if they DID it would draw more attnetion to these folks, and 2) I assume parody/satire are probably PROTECTED under copyright law (with which I would agree), this stuff is out there, I DARE YOU to listen and NOT be offended, I don't think it's possible, for most rational human beings......

Well, let's point out a few (using this term INCREDIBLY loosely) highlights: Well, how about "Hey Jews"? (see they don't ONLY hate homosexuals, they are equal opportunity)...ready for "Fat Bottomed Whore"? How about "God Will Rock You"? Maybe "Bohemian Tragedy" which would be hilarious if it were not so pathetic?  Certainly, you'll wanna play "Santa Claus Will Take You to Hell" for the kiddies during this yule about "Dyke Wedding"? This stuff goes on and on, if you lower yourself to visit thier website there are probably 200 or so MORE of these, but I think these oughta give you the idea.......

OK.......WHY post these? Because, as always, I BELIEVE in the rights of EVERYONE, even scum
like this, to speak thier opinion......MY opinion, personally, is that subhumans like this, along with the Nazis I have posted, are beyond "offensive", they are simply "shake one's head" material........

Now, I think I have made it clear that I DO NOT support these cretins, nor do I think you should......HOWEVER, if you are UNAWARE that this stuff exists, IT REALLY DOES.......if you desire, take a listen to this shit and you will be shocked.

Brought to you, of course, by Christianity, the religion of peace, love, tolerance, and understanding!

WESTBORO BAPTIST GREATEST HITS-01 Fifty Ways To Eat Your baby/02 Hey Jews/03 Come Together/04 Read It/05 Coming To Jerusalem/06 Yesterday/07 We Will Be There/08 God Is Mad/09 It Will Be/10 Makes Us So Happy/11 No Poker Face/12 One Day/13 Terror Rolls/14 Honest/15 The nations Soon Will March/16 Hallelujah/17 Perfectly/18 It's Over Now/19 Shame/20 Crazy Train/21 Your Oil Soon Will Be Burnin'/22 You're So Vain/23 Philadelphia Treason/24 Fat Bottomed Whore/25 American Sodomite/26 Bohemian Tragedy/27 Dyke Wedding/28 Santa Claus Will Take You To Hell

Hey folks, they ARE out there.....ignoring them will do us no informed and know that there
are people out there who are THIS fucking crazy, this fucking deranged, this fucking bottom of the barrel pieces of garbage (see, that is MY right to freedom of speech, just as I have respected THIERS)......and as always, remember that this is brought to you by Christianity, with thier background in love, tolerance, peace, and all of us being "brothers" or some shit........draw (as you always should) your own conclusions, but if one thinks of Islam as an "evil" religion, and one has EVERY right to, one should perhaps evalutate this shit as well......just a thought.......

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Some Christmas Music for the REST of us

OK, it is currently Sunday night, 12/20/25 at 12:11 as I type this.......I have just polished off 20 or so Michelob Ultras, a BIG handful of Kratom caps.and a buddy's home grown  redi-bud, and I am wanting to post somethubg KICKASS for the holidays... I'm hoping  that my regular assistants continue to comtibute OFTEN (their stuff is generally more interesting than my own,,anyway), but as I will be of work for a couple months, I can do me some FULL TIME BLLLLLOOOOGGGGIN!!!!!!!

All of my blog-friends have chipped in with their own Christmas contributions, so, I thought it was about time I did so as well... and HERE it is! Some of these may have been posted before, you know, if you know ME, that I am FAR too lazy to check on that, so MAYBE we'll get you a brand new Christmas experience, or MAYBE we won't!

OK, rock and Christmas, not always the greatest's always fun to think of the non-novelty Christmas rock songs that don't flat out suck, anyone for The Pretenders' "2000 Miles"? The Who's "Tommy Doesn't Know What Day it Is"? The Kinks "Father Christmas"? Two I always love to point out are "Brick" by Ben Folds Five, which, although it takes place the day AFTER Christmas, is one of the most depressing songs ever written (It's about taking his girlfriend to get an abortion if you didn't know), and Elliott Smith's "Kings Crossing", because it gives a bleak shout out to the season ("It's Christmas time, and the needle's on the tree, a skinny Santa is bringing something for me, his voice is overwhelming, and his speech is slurred, and I only understand every other word..."), and it IS THE most depressing song ever written, witnessed by the fact that he killed himself somewhat after it's appearance (not that the rest of his stuff was exactly The Bonzo Dog Band or anything)....

OK, Christmas comps, I have a handful and I don't know which I've put up before and which I haven't, lets just grab a handful and see what happens....I know I HAVE posted "A Santa Cause: A Punk Rock Christmas" before and it was kind of popular, lots of oddball stuff here, right off the bat The AKA's cover Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis", Fall Out Boy, Something Corporate, Mighty Mighty Bosstones all check in as some of the better known acts, also off the wall bands such as Punchline, Saosin, and a wrap up hidden track "Santa Has a Mullet" from Nerf Herder......I'm pretty sure there is a Volume 2 of this, but I am not sure if I have it or not, I'll try to locate it and if anyone has a share, that's what the season be all about.

I found a Torrent on the Bay, "Punk Rock Christmas Songs", dominated by seven tracks from Bowling For Soup, also Fear's legendary "Fuck Christmas", The Ramones "Merry Christmas", as well as a bunch of overlap with the above mentioned "Santa Cause" set. This, like many homemade Torrent projects, programs it's material in alphabetical order, so you combine these two sets and program them however you like, I'll take this over the normal stuff we are bombarded with each December.

I ran across this one recently, not EXACTLY my cup, but some may fancy this, "A Rock N Roll Christmas".....the highlight is Bob Seger and the Last Heard with "Sock It To Me Santa", alongside a total mishmash of The Moody Blues, ELP, Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Squire, and others, topped by the Kink's aforementioned "Father Christmas".......this likely contains, at least, something you've not heard before.

Lastly, and LESS my cuppa than that, is a new (2015) set, "A Southern Rock Christmas".... ."Southern Rock" as we think of it (Marshall Tucker, stuff like that), never did THAT much for me, but if you DO like it, how about The Outlaws, Charlie Daniels, Blackfoot (always did like them, at least their first album "Strikes!" for some reason), Black Oak Arkansas and more......I gave it a quick listen, actually pleasantly surprised.

So, if I don't talk to you again, (I might) before Christmas, hope you and your family have a fantastic one, also, if celebrate Haunikah (I'm sure I bombed THAT spelling!), or whatever, BigScott62, BigCarla66, and BigGrant97 (did I mention he was accepted into the honors program at the University of Akron next year? Proud Daddy here!), and the entire team at Growing Bored For a Living all wish each and every one of you all the best, and a great year in 2016 as well!

Please, please, continue to comment, (comments that flame the material I post are welcome, name-calling, not as much, but I still don't delete those either, say whats on your mind), read, submit (I LOVE guest material), and share......also, if there is something you want, the only way I'll know is if you request it!

Thanks for sticking with the blog, entertaining the discriminating music lover now for over a TWENTIETH of a CENTURY!

A SANTA CAUSE-IT'S A PUNK ROCK CHRISTMAS-01 THE AKA's-Christmas In Hollis/02 SOMETHING CORPORATE-Forget Decemeber/03 THE MATCHES-December is For Cynics/04 BLINK 182-I Won't Be Home For Christmas/05 FAR-Feed the World (Do They Know It's Christmas)/06 FALL OUT BOY-Yule Shoot Your Eye Out/07 MXPX-Christmas Night of Zombies/08 FROM FIRST TO LAST-X12 Days of Xxxmasx/09 MATCHBOOK ROMANCE-I'll Be Home For Christmas/10 NEW FOUND GLORY-Ex' Miss/11 ACCEPTANCE-So This is Christmas/12 GATSBY'S AMERICAN DREAM-Christmas Time Is Here/13 JASON GLEASON-Sleigh Bells and Wine/14 IN MEMORY-The Most Wonderful Time of the Year/15 MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES-This Time of year//16 STAND STILL-I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Clause/17/THE BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE-A Cradle In Bethlehem/18 PUNCHLINE-Icicles/19 SAOSIN-Mookie's Last Christmas/20 THE RED WEST-It Came Upon a Midnight Clear/25 (Hidden Track) NERF HERDER-Santa's Got a Mullet

PUNK ROCK CHRISTMAS SONGS-01 A CHANGE OF PACE-Christmas on the Coast/02 ACTION ACTION-Father Christmas/03 BLINK 182-I Won't Be Home For Christmas/04 BOUQUET OF VEAL-It's Christmas/05 BOWLING FOR SOUP-All I Want For Christmas Is You/06 BOWLING FOR SOUP-Bobby Wants a Puppy Dog For Christmas/07 BOWLING FOR SOUP-Father Christmas/08 BOWLING FOR SOUP-Frosty the Snowman/09 BOWLING FOR SOUP-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause/10 BOWLING FOR SOUP-Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)/11 BOWLING FOR SOUP-Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy/12 DI-Mr Grinch/13 DAVE MIELLO-All I Want For Christmas/14 DOWN TO EARTH APPROACH-Stay/15 EL VEX-Feliz Navi-Nada/16 FALL OUT BOY-Yule Shoot Your Eye Out/17 FEAR-Fuck Christmas/18 FROM FIRST TO LAST-X12 Days of Xxxmasx/19 GONE BY DAYLIGHT-Tell Me Is It Christmas/20 IT DIES TODAY-Feliz Navidad/21 JUNE- A Wonderful Christmas Time/22 MATCHBOOK ROMANCE-I'll Be Home For Christmas/23 MC LARS-Gary the Green Nosed Rainbow/24 MEG & DIA-Joey Has a Smoke/25 METAL MIKE, ALLISON, AND JULIA-Deck the Halls/26 MIGHTY MIGHTY
BOSSTONES-This Time of Year/27 MOJO NIXON-Christmas Christmas/28 MURDER CITY DEVILS-364 Days/29 MURDER CITY DEVILS-Dead By Christmas/30 MXPX-Christmas Night of Zombies/31 MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE-All I Want For Christmas Is You/32 NEW FOUND GLORY-Ex' Miss/33 NOFX-Xmas Has Been X'ed/34 PANSY DIVISION-Homo Christmas/35 PUNCHLINE-Icicles/36 SAOSIN-Mookie's Last Christmas/37 SLOPPY SECONDS-Hooray For Santa Claus/38 SOMETHING CORPORATE-Forget December/39 STAND STILL-I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus/40 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-White Christmas/41 SUGAR CULT-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/42 THE AKA'S-Christmas In
Hollis/43 THE CELIBATE RIFLES-Merry Xmas Blues/44 THE DAMNED-There Ain't No Sanity Clause/45 THE DICKIES-Silent Night/46 THE FINALS-Last Christmas/ 47 THE FROGS-Here Comes Santa's Pussy/48 THE GREEDIES-A Merry Jingle/49 THE HUMPERS-Run Run Rudolph/50 THE MATCHES-December is For Cynics/51 THE RAMONES-Merry Christmas/52 THE RAVERS-Punk Rock Christmas/53 THE REAL QUAID-Thank God It's Christmas/54 THE TOY DOLLS-Credit Crunch Christmas/55 THE USED-Happy Christmas (War Is Over)/56 THE VANDALS-A Gun For Christmas/57 THE VANDALS-Christmas Time For My Penis/58 THE VANDALS-My First Christmas as a Woman/59 THE VANDALS-Oi To the World/60 TVTV$-Daddy Drank Our Christmas Money/61 TYLER READ-New Year/62 ZEBRAHEAD-All I Want For Christmas Is You

A ROCK N ROLL CHRISTMAS-01 ELTON JOHN-Step Into Christmas/02 JON BON JOVI-I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas/03 BOB SEGER & THE LAST HEARD-Sock It To Me Santa/04 THE MOODY BLUES-What Child Is This/05 GEORGE THOROGOOD AND THE DESTROYERS-Rock n Roll Christmas/06 EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER-I Believe in Father Christmas/07 ELVIN BISHOP-Silent Night/08 THE WAITRESSES-Christmas Wrapping/09 BILLY SQUIRE-Christmas is the Time To Say I Love You/10 CHUCK BERRY-Merry Christmas Baby/11 THE KINKS-Father Christmas

SOUTHERN ROCK CHRISTMAS-01 THE OUTLAWS-What Child Is This/02 ARTIMUS PYLE BAND-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/03 STEVE MORSE-We Three Kings/04 POINT BLANK-Merry Christmas Baby/05 CHARLIE DANIELS-It's Bad to Have the Blues at Christmastime/06 GEORGIA SATELLITES-Run Run Rudolph/07 ADAM HOOD-Please Come Home For Christmas/08 PAUL NELSON BAND-Merry Christmas Everybody/09 RICHIE FURAY-Christmas Must Be Tonight/10 BLACKFOOT-Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer/11 SAMMY KERSHAW-That Spirit of Christmas/12 PAT TRAVERS-So This Is Christmas/13 BLACK OAK ARKANSAS-Christmas Everywhere/14 OAK RIDGE BOYS-Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Quite a haul, huh? I know there's some overlap, but certainly a gem or three here.......Brian, Cliff, and Jonder have all submitted fab Christmas contributions, it'd be great if any of the rest of ya have anything to turn us on to for the holidays!

Love to all

Friday, December 18, 2015

Cliff presents a Reggae Christmas

(Scott): another great holiday contribution from another of our regular contributors, listened to a portion of this one last night and thought it was really good, can't wait to hear the rest of it.......I'll personally try to get something together for a Christmas post this week!
At the outset I will state I am not a great one for Christmas. Living in the UK, as I do,  I have usually had my fill of the festive period being shoved down my throat by the beginning of December. But our main man Scott said he was going to put up some Christmas posts so I thought I may as well offer some Reggae versions,  although there are also a few Ska and Rocksteady numbers included in this 50 song, 3 disc set. I have to be honest I don’t feel that Reggae and Christmas songs are entirely compatible bed fellows and some of these tracks will have you either saying “what the fuck?” or rapidly reaching for the skip button. However there are some pretty decent tracks scattered among the 3 discs. Like I had to  though you will have to listen through the whole thing to find them, I’m not gonna tell yer. But one word of advice listening to this is done best in small batches, don’t try to listen to it all in one go; you have been warned.
Disc 1: 1. Wish You A Merry Christmas/Ahamaric Temple - Jacob Miller, Ray I 2. Jingle Bells - Don Carlos, Glenice Spencer 3. Santa Claus Is Ska-ing To Town - Granville Williams Orchestra 4. Santa Claus Never Comes To The Ghetto - Yellowman 5. Blue Christmas - John Holt 6. Ding Dong Bell - The Ethiopians 7. It's Christmas Time Again - Junior Brammer 8. All I Want For Ismas - Jacob Miller, Ray I 9. Silent Night - Pablo Black 10. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Johnny Clarke 11. Yellowman Rock - Yellowman 12. White Christmas - John Holt 13. Peace And Love (Little Drummer Boy) - Sonny Bradshaw Seven 14. Last Christmas - The Tamlins 15. The Twelve Days Of Christmas - Peter Broggs 16. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year - Lee "Scratch" Perry, Sandra Robinson  

Disc 2: 1. Lonely This Christmas - John Holt 2. African Christmas - Yellowman 3. Merry Merry Christmas - Alton Ellis, The Lipsticks 4. The Christmas Song - Beres Hammond 5. Happy Christmas - The Maytals 6. The Night Before Christmas - Eek-A-Mouse 7. On The Twelve Days Of Ismas - Jacob Miller 8. Merry Christmas - Frank Cosmo 9. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) - John Holt 10. This Christmas - Yellowman 11. Christmas Day - Desmond Dekker, The Aces 12. Give Love On Christmas Day - The Tamlins 13. Christmas Tree - King Stitt 14. O Come All Ye Faithful - Freddie McGregor 15. Silver Bells (Natty No Santa Claus) - Jacob Miller, Ray I 16. Peace On Earth - Hopeton & Primo 17. When A Child Is Born - John Holt  

Disc 3:  1. We Wish You A Reggae Christmas - Yellowman 2. Drummer Boy - Michigan & Smiley 3. Merry Christmas - The Kingstonians 4. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Freddie McGregor 5. My Oh My - John Holt 6. Deck The Halls - Jacob Miller, Ray I 7. Breadfruit Roasting On An Open Fire - Yellowman 8. Joy To The World - June Lodge 9. Christmas Time Again - Reuben Anderson 10. White Christmas - The Tamlins 11. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - John Holt 12. Santa Claus Dub - The Aggrovators 13. Tis The Season (Deck The Halls) - Yellowman 14. Feliz Navidad - Freddie McGregor 15. Greetings From Beverley's - Frank Cosmo 16. Last Christmas - John Holt 17. C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S- The Rhythm Aces

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jonder's Christmas Contributiion

(Scott)-Thanks to Jonder for these slabs, should be great both in the full-length and abbreviated

versions..... I SWEAR I'm gonna try and get a Christmas comp put together....TRY at least....I SWEAR I cannot wait for layoff (3 more days)...... anyway, take it away Jonder and tell us all about your latest creation......


Every December I listen to the three volumes of "Christmas Present", a series released in the early 90's by Sister Ruby Records in Atlanta (

Unless you lived in the ATL back then, you probably haven't heard many of these musicians. You might remember Shawn Mullins' hit "Rockabye". If you're a fan of Sugarland, you'll recognize the names Kristian Bush and Kristen Hall. And somehow the guys at Sister Ruby got a contribution by a band from of out of town called Hootie and the Blowfish, before they signed to a major label.

Perhaps you recall the infamous Coolies, who made a Simon & Garfunkel covers album called Dig,
followed by a concept album called Doug. The breakup of the Coolies spawned several groups included here: the Ottoman Empire, Donkey, and the Mighty Fine Slabs. And if you've seen the movie "Benjamin Smoke", you'll appreciate "Little Drummer Boy".

Kelly Hogan (from the Jody Grind and the Rock*A*Teens) is still a solo artist, as well as Neko Case's singing partner. Anne Richmond Boston sang for the Swimming Pool Q's. Ani Cordero from #1 Family Mover later fronted the band Cordero.

The guitarist on "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" is the late Gregory Smalley (who created Atlanta's annual Bubbapalooza festival, and who was the inspiration for "The Living Bubba" by the Drive-By Truckers). And I think Rick Richards from the Georgia Satellites plays on "Run Rudolph Run".

Some of the songs aren't anything special, but there are great moments and real talent in each volume.  Some of these tracks are the only recordings of bands long forgotten by any but the most grizzled denizens of Cabbagetown and Little Five Points. Aside from the usual Christmas standards, there are covers here of songs by Joni Mitchell, Steve Earle, Big Star, the Kinks, the Who, the Ramones, John Lennon, and Yoko Ono.

I have compiled a set of what I consider the best of the three discs (tracklist follows). If nothing else, please listen to the opener, where "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" takes a clever detour into "Space Oddity". Happy holidays from the City Too Busy To Hate!

1 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Uncle Green
2 Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Kelly Hogan
3 Run Rudolph Run - Tommy Rivers
4 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow - The Continentals
5 Christmas - Big Fish Ensemble
6 Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) - The Doll Squad
7 Frosty The Snowman - The Lizard Men
8 Heat Miser/Snow Miser - Radiant City
9 Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy - The Vidalias
10 Little Drummer Boy - Smoke
11 Listen The Snow Is Falling - Engine
12 Jesus Christ - #1 Family Mover
13 Please Come Home For Christmas - The Mighty Fine Slabs
14 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) - Michelle Malone
15 River - Face Of Concern
16 The Christmas Song - Shawn Mullins with David Patterson
17 I'll Be Home For Christmas - Kristen Hall
18 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Anne Richmond Boston
19 I Believe In Father Christmas - The Backyard Swings
20 Nothing But A Child - Scott Roberts
21 Christmas This Year - Hootie and the Blowfish
22 Feliz Navidad - The Ottoman Empire

"...and when I am fitter, say, the bells of Gary Glitter"

Hopefully you are all down enough to understand the title of this post, it is a lyric from "Clash City
Rockers", in totallity, (since I think it's such a great lyric) "Come on, and show me, say the bells of old Bowie...and when I am fitter, say, the bells of Gary Glitter...."damn fine lyric, and perhaps the best way to creep up on this subject matter.....

Obviously, from his name, Gary Glitter was a big part of the British glitter/glam scene of the early 70's......(reminds me of saying "punk/new wave" in the late 70's, or saying "grunge/alternative" in the early 1990's.....history is SO cyclical).....this stuff was a MUCH bigger deal in Eurpoe than in the US, and it really was a strange "movement" (glitter/glam, I am talking about)......some of that stuff, though is among my faves......Slade, Sweet, T. Rex, and of course much "better" acts, David Bowie and Roxy music, defined the era as "pop" music for me (not that it trumps my fave NON-pop stuff of the early 70's, that wonderful heavy-psych!)

Gary Glitter, in this glitter suits, ridiculous makeup, and platform boots, churned out music that was FAR FROM the "best" music of this scene/era, but it was among the most "atypical" or representatie of it.....he had a few comebacks, and made other records, and, really, I would rather drink Pepsi (I DESPISE Pepsi) than listen to them, but offered here for your observation are his "classic" albums of the 1970's, in re-issue format for the most part.

Glitter cranked out simple, riff-based slammers, with a poppish-gloss finish, for an identifyable early 70's trademark sound. the first album, 1972's "Glitter", is the prototype, the singles here likely are what you're after, such as "I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)" and "I Didn't Knew I loved You (til I Saw You Rock n Roll"), as well as, of course, his mark upon the world, line it or not part of the soundtracks of our lives, the infamous "Rock N Roll (Parts 1 & 2)", which, really, I am NOT down for a discussion of, suffice to say it is one of the most recognized rock songs out there, maybe not the lyrical equivelent of Talking Heads, nor the musical equivelent of the greatest band in the history of the world King Crimson, but, certainly a song that your grandmother has probably heard at some time (a sporting event, likely), relegating it to the veritable dust bin of "pop culture 'standards'", but, anyway, if you be lookin for the definitive Gary Glitter album, likely this is the one for ya, and, despite the shots I've taken, it REALLY IS pretty damn good.

Next up, the sophomore effort, "Touch Me", is  not as scene-defining as its predecessor but still gives us a fine single, "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)",which was,  later, of course, covered by Joan Jett in what I sonsider to be a superior's not a BAD album, for glam fans there is stuff here like "Come In Come In Get On" and "I'm Right, You're Wrong, I Win". Here it is if you desire it.

Pretty much over with after that (MUSICALLY speaking, trust me, we are going to get to the other
stuff in a minute), he released a 1975 album called "G.G.", it's pretty lame (I'm sure it works if you are a fan of Mr. Glitter), and another effort in 1977, "Silver Star".......the glam era, perhaps than any more of my favorite "breakout scenes" probably provided less "depth" of good music than any other, as a shrewd programmer could contain ALL of Mr. Glitter's "worth keeping" output onto a single CD.

GLITTER-01 Rock N Roll Part 1/02 Baby Please Don't Go/03 The Wanderer/04 I Didn't Know I Loved You Til I Saw You Rock n Roll/05 A'int that a Shame/06 School Day/07 Rock on/08 Donna/09 The Famous Instigator/10 The Clapping Song/11 Shaky Sue/12 Rock n Roll Part 2/13 I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)/14 It's Not a Lot/15 Just Fancy That/16 Thank You Baby

TOUCH ME-01 Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)/02 Come On, Come In, Get On/03 Happy Birthday/04 Hard on Me/05 To Know You Is To Love You/06 Money Honey/07 Hello Hello I'm Back Again/08 Sidewalk Sinner/09 Didn't I Do it Right/10 Lonely Boy/11 Hold On To What You Got/12 IQU/13 Oh Yes, You're Beautiful/14 I Would If I Could But I Can't/15 I'm Right, You're Wrong, I Win/16 I'll Carry Your Picture Everywhere

GG-01 Too Late To Put It Down/02 Satan's Daughter/03 Easy Evil/04 Baby I Love Your Way/05 Papa Oom Mow Mow/06 Finder's Keepers/07 Basic Lady/08 Cupid/09 I'll Carry Your Picture Everywhere/10 Personality/11 Love Like You and Me/12 Doing Alright With the Boys/16 She Cat Alley Cat

SILVER STAR-01 You Belong to Me/02 Haven't I Seen You Somewhere Before/03 I Dare You To Lay One On Me/04 Roll of the Dice/05 Hooked on Hollywood/06 Summertime Blues Out/07 It Takes All Night Long/08 Oh What A Fool I Have Been/09 Heartbreaking Blue Eyed Boy/10 Rock N Roll (I Gave You the Best Years of My Life)/11 A Little Boogie Woogie/12 Treat of 42nd Street/13 365 Days/14 I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am) (with Girlschool)

Links are in the comment section.....oh, I forgot to say.....Gary Glitter is basically a piece of filth, a wretched, mulitiple-convicted child molester/rapist/general piece of garbage.....the last line of his Wikipedia bio is "Glitter has become a figure of public hatred"......justafiably so, IMO.....

BUT SCOTT, aren't you supporting his insane lifestyle by posting his albums? You must be a pedophile yourself!  MAYBE (I doubt it) THIS example will he4lp lay out to people that I DO NOT SUPPORT the beliefs of ANYONE I have posted here......technically, I have posted THIS stuff for different reasons as the racist stuff, I post this because despite the filthy truth, "Rock N Roll Part 2", like it or not, is woven into American culture.....sorry, you can't change that....I just heard it being played at a football game I was watching 2 days anyone outraged that the music of this piece of scum is being given "exposure"? Are all of those people at the sporting events that happily use his music "supporting" his abysmal lifestyle? Of course not......but no amount of ignoring his existence will change that his recorded work is a part, and a somewhat significant part, of the history of the vast spider web that IS rock n roll............

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

For my beloved daughter on what would have been her 20th birthday

I've told this story here before, if you've heard it before give me an indulgence...December 9, 1995,
was, without question, the worst day of my life....twenty years ago (!) wife Carla, nearly at term with our daughter Victoria,was feeling strange.......we thought we were going to experience a somewhat premature delivery, and what actually happened is her heart stopped beating, she became detatched from the placenta, and we lost her. Simple as that.

There is, to my knowledge, no worse pain one could go through than the loss of one's child......we are not SUPPOSED to bury our children. It was 20 years ago today, and SO INCREDIBLY MUCH has happened in our lives since then (including the birth and raising of our now-18 year old son Grant), but the pain and sorrow NEVER subsides, especially on this day......I've posted music in her memory before, notably the Temple of the Dog album because of the song "Say Hello to Heaven" which has always reminded me of her, and the first Bush album which was the last thing I listened to when we got the news that we had lost her........

I will ALWAYS love my daughter, even though she and I never breathed the same air......Carla and I visited her grave today, and it was as gut-wrenching as ever, in particular on her 20th birthday.....God I wish she was with us, that we were a family of four rather than three, but I am BLESSED to have a healthy, wonderful, honors-program-college-bound son, and I will NEVER not appreciate him for ONE SECOND.....

But I still love you and miss you Victoria....I hope all is well in heaven, and I hope you have met up with all 4 of your late grandparents, your brother never got to meet EITHER of his grandfathers.....some day, we will all be reunited......until that time, look after my parents, my parents in law, and all the friends that have gone on before me (too many to name so I won't)........

OK, music? For tonight, in me4mory of my gone but NOT forgotten daughter I have selected a couple of pieces, maybe you'll enjoy them, and maybe not, but understand my PURPOSE here, this time, is NOT to necessarily please is to honor the memory of Victoria Amanda Miller, born/died 12/9/1995..........I will always love you my darling angel.

First of all, I am going to post a 2005 album from the German band Victoria, not really a spectacular
album, but not wretched either, and as it shares my daughter's name, I'm's kind of folky/psychy/countryish, maybe a German Grateful Dead with a chick singer (!), hell, I don't know, the long track "Villiage of Etaf" is pretty cool, and there are some interesting bonus tracks as well.

Secondly, I am posting one of my all time favorites, Chubby Checker's self titled psychedelic (Holland only release) album, which I hapen to consider a masterpiece.....I have posted this before, but if you've not heard it, NOT AT ALL what you are's a BRILLIANT piece of Love-ish soul/psych, and since the WONDERFUL opening track is entitled "Goodbye Victoria", it feels like something I NEED to post today.......all emotions aside, this is a FANTASTIC album that likely you have not heard.....if not, PLEASE do not deprive yourself.....the Victoria album is a curiosity......the Chubby Checker album is a piece of brilliance that I love (FYI Checker HATED this album and did not want it released.....personally, it is one of my VERY faves, I STRONGLY encourage you to listen to this great disc if you never have.

Next year, perhaps the great Kinks song "Victoria", God only knows in what econtext.

Rest in peace, my angel!

VICTORIA-01 Peace/02 Cumberland/03 Gevaro/04 Ride a Rainbow/05 Never Knew Blues/06 Down to the Park/07 Villiage of Etaf/08 Core of the Apple/09 Mister Let Me Go (Bonus Acetate)/10 Johnny & Lisa (Bonus Acetate)/11 Peace (Bonus Acetate)/12 Cumberland (Bonus Acetate)/13 Child of Princess (Bonus Real-to-Real Track)/14 Sundance (Bonus Real-to-Real Track)/15 Wheels (Bonus Real-to-Real Track)

CHUBBY CHECKER-01 Goodbye Victoria/02 My Mind/03 Slow Lovin'/04 If the Sun Stopped Shining/05 Stoned in the Bathroom/06 Love Tunnel/07 How Does It Feel/08 He Died/09 No Need to Get So Heavy/10 Let's Go Down/11 Ballade of Jimi

I love you Victoria Amanda Miller, I wish I could tribute you in some more meaningful forum, but for now, this is what I can me, your mama, brother, aned me love you more than we could ever in peace angel.