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Saturday, October 13, 2012

A quick one for this morning....Snap-Her

Not a hell of a lot of information on this decent hard-ass punk band, they released this album "Queen Bitch of Rock N Roll", and another that I've never heard or even seen a copy of.....anyway, this is pretty good, reading the title list will pretty much tell you the whole story.....I got stuff to do today, so I'll throw this up quickly, let me know what you think ("friends of the blog":I'd REALLY like to hear that other CD if anyone has it (there may be an EP as well).....might or might not get something else up there tonight depending upon my day.....enjoy this though it's pretty good

QUEEN BITCH OF ROCK N ROLL-01 Suburban Brats/02 Nice Girls (Don't Play Rock N Roll)/03 I Wanna Beavis You/04 Babys Got a Gun/05 Halts Maul Du Fotze/06 Sex Change/07 Gato Feo/08 She's a Motorhead/09 Alien Bitch From Outer Space/10 Golden Cocktail/11 Hogs of the Raod/12 Criminal Mind/13 Conformist Cunt/14 Drama Queen/15 Feed Me/16 Monkey See Monkey Do/17 La Cucharacha

Link in  a few minutes

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Who the hell complained about THIS?

Late in  September I had a post entitled "Stoner Rock Round the Globe" featured compilations of Stoner Rock, as the title would imply, from various foreign (to me) lands, if I recall correctly they were Italy, New Zealand, Mexico, and Holland although I am not positive and it's not important enough to check....anyway someone COMPLAINED about them? Who could POSSBILY be offended by ALL of them? There is no artist that appears on more than 1 of them, most of these bands are HIGHLY obscure......I'm shaking my head on this one. Now, when Green Day or Corrosion of Conformity or Bratmobile or Sublime complains, as ILLOGICAL as I think that is, I certainly want to work with them and get the objectionable content off the blog (to recap, Corrosion of Conformity and Green Day complained about COMPLETELY NON-COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE MATERIAL, Sublime, or I guess what remains of them, complained about a LINK TO A PIRATE BAY TORRENT which has been up, on Pirate Bay, for several YEARS.....Bratmobile, I will give credit to for acting like human beings as Ms. Molly Neumann personally took the time to remark in my comments section that she (and they) would prefer that I not post links to Bratmobile's work (although as I pointed out at the time (while removing the links) that ALL of Bratmobile's work is also available on Pirate Bay as WELL AS on "Guitar Women", not a torrent site but a blog not unlike this one. Anyway, I credit Ms. Neumann for ASKING that the links be removed and the were AT ONCE......rather than make a whining complaint to Mediafire, ala Green Day and Corrosion of Conformity (again, also, regarding NON-COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE MATERIAL from both of them).

Anyway, like I've said before.....if you are in a band, if you are an artist, what the fuck ever you are, if it is your desire that fewer people hear your work instead of more people, I am not going to argue with you....I will remove any an all links to your work ASAP. Now, then, WHO THE HELL WOULD COMPLAIN ABOUT FOUR STONER ROCK COMPS??????? This one has me puzzled (good thing I didn't post five because you only get five "strikes" to your mediafire account and land o mercy, we know how difficult it is to get another one of THOSE. Anyway, what the hell? These are comps, quite obscure ones at that, and I am as perplexed as I can be......there are probably 80 different bands spread across those comps, they are not all from the same lable or anything like that, ANYONE have a fucking clue as to what the hell would be objectionable about these albums? I am certainly willing to listen because I am in the dark on this one.

Whatever. I'll post some more shit tonight and some little whining fuck can complain about it and my
mediafire account will be locked, and all the shit since the LAST purge will be gone forever. THEN what? Oh, I don't know I'll figure "something" out, I always "seem to".......anyways whomever you are whose delicate little feeling were hurt by these stoner comps, do me a favor and BLOW ME.  The rest of you, sorry that you have to read this rant, really I am.....I try, REALLY try to get some good music, generally obscure and out of print to some people who will ENJOY IT and expand thier horizons a bit, and four goddamn international stoner rock albums, not even part of a series, hurts some little bitch's feelings and I have to prepare for Purge III? Whatever. Anyway if you have read this far, you are no question either a true "friend of the blog" or you are the "little bitch" in question, so, for "friends", please turn your attention to the lovely ladies who adorn this page, at least rants such as this always give me a chance to share THEM......unless of course some waste of sperm and eggs is offended by THEM and whines about those as well......