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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

At least it is now 2013 in Ohio, USA......I haven't forgotten all you wonderful people....I got a little burned out posting that whole "USA Garage Greats 1965-67" series, (oh my God I never DREAMED......)....I am going, I swear, sometime this week to start uploading the early volumes that some of you guys haven't gotten....i swear I want EVERYONE that has been enjoying this great series to have ALL of it if they desire.....thanks to all you guys, YOU really put my blog "on the map" with your overwhelming response to this series, and it SHOULD be overwhelming, because the series is so great....the thanks for that go to, as I have said so many times, to Ryp and Gyro at Twilight Zone, who created this, I just hoped to revive interest in it 5 years after the fact and LORD did I ever.....I have everyone's lists of the "missing" discs, look for them later this week. If, after that, you are STILL missing something, contact me ( and we will get you hooked up...this is THE most badass series EVER and I WANT everyone who wants it to have ALL of it, really, that is damned important to me....just taking a minute to breathe over the holidays, after getting the whole thing up in a month or so. After that I will resume posting some of the more esoteric stuff in my collection, and maybe some of you will stick around, maybe some will leave, and that is fine too.....1960's garage rock is FAR from my only love, I am a huge fan, also, of 1960's psych, 1970's punk,  1990's grunge, most all metal, new wave, power pop.....just ROCK N ROLL in general. If you like some of the same stuff as I do, I hope you stick around and maybe find something new or something you like. If you are ONLY here as a fan of the "Garage Greats" series, that is cool ,too, glad I could be of help.

Hope 2013 treats all of you well. Hell, I hope it treats ME and MINE well, too.

Rock N Roll!