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Friday, November 27, 2015

Let us chat......topic: Nazi rock n other fun stuff

Hello, I've been a bit sporadic in  my posting of late, understand that while I am still working full
time with a three hour round trip commute each day ( layoff should come in 2-3 weeks, can hardly wait), my wife, son, and  I opened a Hickory Farms store at the mall for the holidays and I've been working there a bit as well (see? I truly AM a money grubbing capitalist, no arguing that I guess).  Plus, of course, it IS football season, enough said.....

However, what I wish to discuss here are some recent comments regarding "The Best of Norland" compilation which I posted recently.......I can't help myself, I would post ANYTHING that would puss people off, because, well, it's fun. Among the comments, there has been some good discussion from blog-friend jonder and another anonymous contributor, both who make their points well and in an adult manner, and some cry-baby, name-calling gibberish from a different anonymous reader........THAT, along with the " YEAH WHITE POWER BRO" comments I've gotten on previous, similar posts, are really what I love because they show how moronic some people can be.

Ok, let me play this out simply.....I agree with, basically NOTHING, in the nazi/skin call it "hateful", you are correct.......but to say that Rage Against the Machine, for example, ISNT ALSO "hateful" is no time did I attempt to compare them, nor, give an opinion as to which is "worse", the fact is RATM were supporters of terrorist organization Shining Path, and released stuff like "Bullet in the head"......sounds hateful to me......I deliberately leave my personal feelings out of this stuff for the most part, but it never fails to amaze me when NO ONE complains about leftists who have equally, in my opinion, looney theories about stuff.....and I mean NEVER A WORD, and if you check, I've posted FAR more left wing stuff than Nazi stuff......not even close.

I'm trying to explain myself.....I post this stuff (ANY of it) NOT because it's good music (necessarily) or because I agree/disagree with any of it, but because: 1) it's for the most part unusual, 2) I freely admit I do love to offend/piss people off, and 3) because it's my blog and I will do anything I damn well please.....don't listen to it, if you don't want to, BUT IF YOU DONT, please don't offer up your uninformed criticism, you simply, imo, cannot evaluate an album you HAVENT HEARD......I just can't see it.

Lol, I will tell you one thing that DOES offend and annoy me....that would be organized religion.....but if someone submits some Christian rock, or maybe even some fire and brimstone gospel stuff, I will GLADLY post it, for the controversy factor, and in the hope that some clueless numerous will insist I am some type of religious fanatic or something......hey, sue me I ENJOY it when my fellow humans sound stupid.....character flaw, I guess.....hell, I once posted an album by CHARLES FUCKING MANSON and no one said shit. It's a curiosity, as are albums by artists of any (IMO, again) whacked-out political view.....

It's up to YOU to decide if the right wing stuff or the left wing stuff is "worse"......I have not and do
not, at least for the most part, reveal my political beliefs on this blog......that's not what it's here for.....BUT when some tool tells me that I "shouldn't" post Nazi-rock THAT HE HASNT EVEN LISTENED TO, it only GUARENTEEES that I will be posting more of it from time to time....I love both the intelligent discussion as well as (more, actually) the moronic, hiss fit posters who either HATE this stuff, or LOVE it, too an extreme degree.....

I am happy to post ANYTHING ANY one of you submits, satanic stuff, Christian stuff, racist stuff ( black OR white), gay stuff, ANTI gay stuff.....ANY FUCKING THING.......THATS what we are about here, NOT trumpeting MY personal beliefs.....but, to ALL.....please keep the comments coming......and PLEASE submit ANY damn thing you think would be interesting, my history clearly shows I WILL POST IT.

Now, just for fun, here is something I WAS NOT planning on posting right now, but JUST FOR Mr. Anonymous Tough Guy, who vowed that he WILL NOT stop visiting here (check his comment), here is a personal gift to YOU.....the SIX DISC "White Pride World Wide" set......yes, it's the same lame-ass punk-metal with goofball lyrics that will cause at lest a few of you to call me names and whatever......but THAT is what I want, FIGURE OUT THAT YOU ARE BEING PLAYED......REALLY you are.

DISC 1-01 NORDIC THUNDER-True Heroes/02 FREIKORPS-Schwarz Weib Rot/03 CENTURION-Hear My Cry/04 BULLY BOYS-White Pride/05 BULLY BOYS-Keep Fighting/06 BULLY BOYS-No Way Home/07 RAHOWA-White People Awake/08 KONKWISTA 88- Znaky Prawdy/09 KONKWISTA 88-Skinheads/10 KONKWISTA 88-Prawdziwe Lysle/11 ARYAN- New Storm Rising/12 SVASTIKA-Aryan Pride/13 SVASTIKA-88/14 SVASTIKA-Kick To Kill/15 SVASTIKA-Day of the Rope/16 BOUND FOR GLORY-Our Voice is Stronger

DISC 2-01 SVASTIKA-Spandau Hero/02 SVASTIKA-Alliance/03 INVOLVED PATRIOTS-Ignorant Society/04 INVOLVED PATRIOTS-Three Years of Winter/05 INVOLVED PATRIOTS-Another One Died/06 BULDOK-Lvi Srdce/07 BULDOK-Ohen A Led/08 BULDOK-Slzy Zen/09 THE VOICE-Never/10 THE VOICE-Fallen Hero/11 NO REMORS-Deutschland/12 NO REMORS-A.H./13 NO REMORS-We Fly the Swastika/14 EXCALIBER-Den Soudu/15 STORM-White Skinhead Warrior/16 STORM-Not In Vain

DISC 3-01 01 RAHOWA-The Rain Will Come Again/02 RHOWA-Final Call/03 WIETZE-Confrontation/04 STRONGHOLD-Dismembered/05 ESTRIPE IMPERIAL-Morir O Vencer/06 ESTRIPE IMPERIAL-Es Por Ti/07 NIBELUNGEN-In Our Minds/08 SQUADRON-Vote With a Bullet/09 SQUADRON-A Fine Day To Die/10 EXCALIBUR-Vlejmuz/11 EXCALIBUR-1985/12 SS TOTENKOPF-Can't Be Beaten/13 SS TOTENKOPF-My Child/14 FINAL SOLUTION-Vanguard/15 FINAL SOLUTION-Allegiance/16 ENGLISH ROSE-One Mission/17 ENGLISH ROSE-By Any Means/18-NEW MINORITY-Take Back Our Streets

DISC 4-01 BLUE EYED DEVILS-Total War/02 BLUE EYED DEVILS-On the Attack/03
VOLKSTROI-Lobeck/04 VOLKSTROI-Dem Duetschen Volk/05 PUTON SVEA-The New Dawn/06 PLUTON SVEA-Segregation/07 CELTIC WARRIOR-The White Flame/08 CELTIC WARRIOR-Survivor/09 STURMWHER-The Hammer/10 VE'RSZERZDO'S-Szent HaBoru/11 VE'RSZERZDO'S-Fuher Eggsog Forradalma/12 HEYSSEL-Be My Enemy/13 HEYSEL-I hate You/14 CENOTAPH-White Metal/15 CENOTAPH-Blood Covenant/16 CENOTAPH-Circle of Traitors/17 STONEHAMMER-Little Red Lies/18 STONEHAMMER-I See My Race

DISC 5-01 FORTRESS-Magnum Maid/02 FORTRESS-Our War/03 JOCKE KARRLSON-Violence/04 JOCKE KARRLSON-Ursinnig Vrede/05 KONKWISTA 88-We've Got the Power/06 KONKWISTA 88-No Way No Excuse/07 MIGHT OF RAGE-Temptation/08 MIGHT OF RAGE-Last Hour/09 HEYSEL-Hate Core/10 HEYSEL-Defiance/11 YOUNGLAND-The Pride of America/12 YOUNGLAND-I Think It's Time/13 VINLAND WARRIORS-My Hammer/14 VINLAND WARRIORS-Berserker/15 SAGA-Our Pride Is Our Loyalty/16 SAGA-Justice

DISC 6-01 SAGA-Arise/02 SAGA-Kinsland/03 RAVENOUS-Be the Same/04 RAVENOUS-Stand Up/05 RAVENOUS-We're Not Gonna Take It/06 JOCKE KARLSON-Nightriders/07 KOLOVRAT-Third Way/08 KOLOVRAT-Holy Fight/09 BRIGADE M-Oorlog In Nederland/10 BRIGADE M-Media-Maffia/11 INJUSTICE SIDE-Rudolf Hess/12 INJUSTICE SIDE-SSF/13 RACE RIOT-Payback/14 RACE RIOT-Adrenalin

Now, THAT oughta bring ought the nutjobs from EITHER side of the ailse......a veritable "Nuggets" of hateful racist rock n roll.......and, before anyone accuses me of "enriching" these douches by "purchasing" thier music, you really think I have "purchased", say, more than about 10% of my stash?......I DOWNLOADED it for free, they didn't make a nickle. You are under NO obligation to listne to this, obviously.......but understand that I have every right to post it, and I do so AS A STATEMENT OF FREE SPEECH, as well as to annoy/aggrevate the segment that will take it THAT way, and, as I've said, I REALLY enjoy upsetting such whack-jobs, AS WELL AS inulting any nitwit who lavishes this with the "Yeah Maaan Waytogo" comments as well.......honestly, I swear to you, the GREATEST feeling is when someone REALLY (and I mean REALLY) UNDERSTANDS what I am really trying to do with these......if you don't, you don't, but if you cannot discuss it anymore maturely than to call me names, you are every BIT as ignorant as these performers here......have a look in the mirror......

"Anonymous Internet Tough Guy", this one is JUST FOR YOU.......I'm sure the many, many racist bands here appreciate YOUR efforts in getting thier work exposed......why not submit your email address so they can PERSONALLY thank you?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Titus Andronicus

I've been quite taken with this band since I first heard em, that they have not developed more of a
following is kind of a mystery to me.......they have what it takes.

Titus Andronicus is vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stickles, drummer Eric Harm, bassist Julian Veronesi, guitarist Adam Reich, guitarist Jonah Maurer, and keyboardist Elio DeLuca.....they hail from New Jersey, and, as for the sounds of the now half-over decade of the "2010's", they have really cranked out the noisy rock n roll, in an era in which noisy rock n roll findings are like striking oil in your'd THINK they'd be more well known, more "in your face" than they are......instead they turn out some blistering noise rock, and if you are not familiar with them, become so, great hard rock n roll bands are a relative scarcity in this era,,,,,,and here is one.

The debut album "The Airing of Grievances", is a very minor classic from 2008, it was one of the top albums of that year....the sound is somewhat akin to........Kelhaul? A Place to Bury Strangers?......somewhere around there. I love this disjointed, incoherrent rock n roll noise/mess, for me this album will, I think, be MUCH more appreciated in the future than it is now (often I say that, I'll be dead before I'm proved right/wrong, so I may as well act as though I know of what I speak.)

2010 saw the release of album #2, "The Monitor". It follows up on the concepts of the debut and builds on them, it's MY favorite effort that they've churned out (although, if you're a noise-rock fan, I'd say these are ALL essential. for whatever THAT is worth).......this a FINE album, perhaps 2010's best, with the great leadoff number "A More Perfect Union" and many other freaked-out gems ala "Titus Andronicus Forver" and "Theme From Cheers" (!)....a must hear, and a totally underrated album, unless I missed something (always a possibility)

Album #3, from 2012, is "Local Buisness"......a step backwards, but only IMO, as I know people who love it......WAAAAY more stripped down than the other two, but again, this is a good, solid, interesting, and hard ROCKING band that deserved a better follwoing than I suspect the have/had. Personally (don't have it in front of me), but I would consider it one of the top 10 of IT'S year of release (2012), it's a fine listen all the way through, as are the will do yourself a favor if you get turned on to THESE guys, they are really awesome and you will LOVE them.

They also have a 2015 album ("The Most Lamentable Tragedy") which I don't have and havenot heard.....obviously the best thing would be for someone to share a copy with then rest of us, should one of you have one. 

These albums flat out rock........all three (suspend judgement om #4 til I hear it).......if you love hard
rock, metal, fuzz rock, noize rock, and flatout feedback assaults, PLE$ASE, PLEASE don't miss this tremendously underappreciated and blazing, smoking hard rock band......each decade has its overlooked great bands that are not appreciated until they are anthologized 20 years later. Perhaps Titus Andronicus will be that band, right now, to these ears, they are THAT good.

THE AIRING OF GRIEVANCES-01 Fear and Loathing In Mahwah, NJ/02 My Time Outside the Womb/03 Joset of Nazerat'sBlues/04Arms Against Atrophy/05 Upon Viewing Brughel's "Landscape With the Fall of Icarus"/06 Titus Andronicus/07 No Future Part One/08o Future Part Two/09 Albert Camus

THE MONITOR-01 A More Perfect Union/02 Titus Andronicus Forever/03 No Future Part Three-Escape From No Future/04 Richard II/05 A Pot In Which To Piss/06 Four Score and Seven/07 Theme From "Cheers"/08 To Old Friends and New/09 ....And Ever/10 The Battle of Hampton Roads

LOCAL BUISNESS-01 Ecce Homo/02 Still Life With Hot Duece On Silver Platter/03 Upon Viewing Oregon's Landscape With the Flood of Detritus/04 Food Fight!/05 My Eating Disorder/06 Titus Andronicus vs the Absurd Univers (3rd Round KO)/07 In a Big City/08 In A Small Body/09 (I Am the) Electric Man/10 I Tried to Quit Smoking

I feel so weird, posting thetse guys, trying to expose them a bit, when, in my estimation, they should already be big stars......someday or another, there will once again be a market for skull-shattering rock n hope is that Titus Andronecus is still at it at that point, because they are great.....imagine had they turned up in 1976 or in 1994, just as examples....the trends were right and they'd have been, quite simply, is unfair to a lot of us.

Best of Nordland

Feel like stirring some shit up, haven't done so in a mind was sparked by a "comment" I
recieved today from someone who just tripped over one of my old "Nazi Rock" posts that you folks love so much.......this comment was something like (paraphrasing) :"Yeah preach it bro! White Power!".......Uhh, yeah, OK....

I DO NOT, as I have explained many times, post Nazi-rock bands/skinhead bands/racist bands because I agree with thier ideology......I post them because I am GLAD that I live in a country where people are ALLOWED to be racists, and NOT have thier thoughts's rare that someone understands this, and I'm THRILLED when someone DOES absorb the message completely, but I must admit I get a laugh or three out of comments like the above, as well as comments preaching at me that I should not acknowledge that this stuff even exists......I always counter that with where were you when I was posting Rage Against the machine, or Crass, or Le Tigre, or Tom Robinson Band, or any of 100 OTHER "hateful" LEFTIST bands I have posted.......I ask, again, are only persons of the liberal/leftist persuasion "allowed" to be hateful? NEVER ONCE has anyone answered this, in general they prefer just to call me names and then disappear.

The album in question here, "Best of Nordland", is pretty decent AS THESE THINGS GO, meaning if you are 100% DOWN on this type of music, likely you aren't going to like this one, and maybe you will even bitch about my posting of it......have at it, nothing wrong with an adult discussion on the topic, name-calling, however is another matter, so please check yourself.

As for the album: well, if one were a FAN of this type of thing, I would say they'd probably enjoy this one a good bit......No Remorse checks in with "Farewell Ian Stuart", an almost embarassing ode to the late Skrewdriver vocalist. Involved Patriots "Three Years of Winter" is a fairly interesting track that I hadn't heard before. Garrison present a couple of fairly good punk/anger stompers, and the finale is from Svastika, whom were featured here in full-post mode a while back.

OK, it'll never sink in to some, but once again......I enjoy that rock n roll scares/threatens some
people.....punk, rockabilly, gangsta rap, and a few others (incuding this stuff) SCARE people......and THAT is rock n's personal shit, it's supposed to scare your parents, your girlfriend, annoying holier-than-thou liberals the end of the day, it's generic, second line punk, with hateful/racist lyrics to draw in the target "audience"......I personally, "get" exactly what they are doing, the people who will complain about my posting AS WELL AS anyone making "White Power" comments in regards to it, well, they are opposite sides of the same coin......they simply don't get it.

I will continue from time to time to post these, not because I really enjoy them that much, but because they stir thought/debate/arguement......a few of you (happens every time) will "never read my blog again" will be missed, what can I say.

This costs you nothing, check it out and see what you think.......perhaps you will HATE it. Great. At least, though, you will have HEARD it, rather than just making unfounded criticisms in the dark......ready,aim,fire guys, I am ready for the usual "hater" comments and the like, but the point remains, this IS rock n roll, and that is what I attempt to explore each time I make a post here.

BEST OF NORLAND-01 KRAFTSCHLAG-Norwind/02 NO REMORSE-Farewel Ian Stuart/03 TOTENKOPF-Stand Proud/04 KINDRED SPIRIT-For You/05 FREIKORPS-Schwarz-Reis-Rot/06 INVOLVED PATRIOTS-Three Years Of Winter/07 RAHOWA-The Rain Will Come Again/08 DIVISION S-A Twisted Tale From/09 SQUADRON-Final Salute/10 VOICE-Fallen hero/11 GARRISON-Pushed to the Limit/12 KRAFTSCHLAG-Sechs Jahre/13 MAX RESIST-Maximum Resistance/14 NO REMORSE-Play the Winning Hand/15 KRAFTSCHLAG-Leif Der Wikinger/16 GARRISON-Have a Drink With Me/17 SVASTIKA-Alliance

There it is, fire away, I can take IS rock n it GREAT rock n roll? Nope, but not everything needs to be. It's loud and crude and attempts to be intimidating. It's listenable, at least once. Just remember, if you are going to criticize me for putting this up (completely your right), examine your own thoughts and wonder why you gave it not a thought when I have posted the aforementioned "hateful" leftists?

That said, BigScott loves you all, really, just like to start shit really. Please, go see "The Hunger
Games: Mockingjay part 2" this weekend, and report back.....I have LOVED the Hunger Games series, the novels as well as the films, both REALLY right up my alley, plus Jennifer Lawerence has that NICE BIG ASS, mmmmmmmmmmm........gonna go see it tomorrow myself, but if you've been here any length of time you will know of my love for distopian fiction........what a weekend? Ohio State vs Michigan State, Minnesota vs Green Bay, AND the fucking Hunger Games.........and with layoff looming in the air for me, HOW COULD LIFE GE ANY BETTER? (I've always loved winter and it's coming up fast!)

Maybe something else tonight, certainly tomorrow, more stuff from da Big Boy.......I'm in  a posting mood.........TELL me what ya want, OR better yet, create/contribute someting like my great friends Brian, Cliff, Jonder, Apantabapanta (MIA?) Dave Sez, Psychlist, and everyone else who has helped over the years to make this scene what it's been, I can't tell you all enough how much it's appreciated.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Some more "rare" AC/DC, I am assuming

The other day someone (Brian to be specific) asked about ancient AC/DC recordings, I didn't have a
lot, just a BBC session that he may or may not have already had....but in that post I also mentioned my friend Alan, who is an AC/DC obsessive (Seen them 12 times) and he promised to share a couple of rarities with us.......this is his first contribution, and I know that at least I have not heard it....

The Marcus Hook Roll Band gave us the album "Tales of Old Granddad" in 1973......this is the Young brothers, Angus and Malcolm, of course later of AC/DC fame, also guitarist George Young (relationship, unsure), sax wailer Alex Young (ditto), bassist Freddie Smith, and drummer Ian Campbell........hey I NEVER said this was a GREAT album, but with the interest that has always existed with this band (AC/DC, I mean), any rarity submitted is almost as good as double coupons at Kroger-day.

Although there are only some slim fragments of what would become AC/DC songs later, one can certainly hear the roots of what was coming.......this isn't bad, it's nothing if not interesting, and I hope it is a new find for some of buddy Alan will be TOTALLY pissed (I had to explain to him how to RAR/share, etc), if you hosers ignore it, so do me a fave and check this out.....hell, maybe it's a good one?......I found it to be listenable, at least, and, for what more can we ask?

Here it is.......for those about to rock.......FIRE!........I guess so.......

lady/03 Shot In the Head/04 Can't Stand the Heat/05 Godbye Jane/06 Quick Reaction/07 The People and the Power/08 Red Revolution/09 Cry For Me/10 Silver SHoes and Strawberry Wine/11 Watch Her Do It Now/12 Ape Man

REALLY like to hear comments on this one....NEVER  a huge AC/DC fan, but certainly DID enjoy at least, their most obnoxious material..........this is the bare/raw bones of what would eventually sell millions of albums (gag) and begat stuff like "Highway to Hell" and "Hells Bells"........gosh don't you just love life sometimes?

A Metal Tribute to ABBA

You know whenever I stumble across something like this, "A Metal Tribute to ABBA", I'm posting it, no matter how stellar or awful it this case I just found it today so I can't offer up a review or opinion (rarely do I post unheard albums, but of course I AM "Mr variety/My OWN MAN!"......

OK, the obsession that people have had with ABBA over the decades has been one that was WAAAAY over my head, obviously some (many) enjoy some of their stuff... I remember the singles from my youth well, "Waterloo", "SOS", and "Dancing Queen" come most readily to mind, and I'll always remember that classic Halloween episode of "Community" in which the school was overtaken by horrific ABBA "music"......

Anyway, long LONG ago I posted "Gabba", it is SOOOOO great, ABBA tunes done up Ramones-style, I doubt the link is still up, you can check for yourself..... but it's a hilarious mess, and I am willing to bet this one is as well.

Look, if ABBA is your thing, 1) why are you here?, and 2) have you NO sense of humor?....I mean its GREAT that the band maintains it's status of classic 1970's kitsch, that can be bowlderized by modern day bands, who DO have a sense of humor.......most bands just become forgotten, "Your name goes hot, then your heart get cold", to quote Ian Hunter, but what happens NEXT, is your NAME gets cold, least ABBA lives on, and if my band could live on simply for bands of other genres to take on their material, well, hell, I'd be damn proud of that!

Got a dandy for tomorrow, a guest post from a long time contributor who is going to tell us A LOT
about one of his "obsessions"......wait and see, but it's a GOOD post, I've read it and listened to some of the music, it's not exactly the kind of stuff that I usually post, but as you know "ANYTHING goes here, ESPECIALLY if it is something you are passionate about (no problem this case, trust me)......ANYTHING you want to send me and share with the world, PLEASE PLEASE do.....this is the way we will inform each other of cool music in the future, may as well get used to it......and, is it REALLY so bad? I think not.........

A METAL TRIBUTE TO ABBA-01 THERION-Summer Night City/02 METALIUM-Thank You For the Music/03 SINERGY-Gimme Gimme Gimme/04 AT VANCE-Money Money Money/05 MORGAN LEFAY-Voulez Vouz/06 PARADOX-SOS/07 ROUGH SILK-Take a Chance On Me/08 SPIRAL TOWER-Chiquitita/09 SARGEANT EAGLE-Eagle/10 FLOWING TEARS-One of Us/11 NATION-Waterloo/12 CUSTARD-Super Trouper/13 TAD MORSE-Knowing Me Knowing You/14 GLOW-Dancing Queen

OK, this one is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY, and I assume it will be for some of the minions as well.......and hey, if you DON'T like it, remember that I am trying for VARIETY, and no matter what you say I AM SUCCEEDING!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Eagles of Death Metal

A good band reintroduced to us in less than favorable circumstances, Eagles of Death Metal were performing last week in Paris at the sight of the ISIS attacks... first time I'd heard thier name in a while, Eagles of Death metal are/were basically a floating conglomeration of various stoner scene vets, unified by QOTSA's Josh Homme.... anyway, good enough time as any to feature them here. BTW, These lads have NOTHING to do with "death metal".... the name is more  a stab at the "band" The Eagles, actually.....

"Peace Love and Death Metal" was released in 2004, it contains a lot of stoner-scene guests, such as my love Brody Dalle and Nick Oliveri, some good tracks on here, "Miss Alissa" and "I Only Want You" are decent (ahem) "Stoner-pop"......

Next came "Death By Sexy", similar format, lots of guest appearances....."I Gotta Feelin'" and "I Want You So Hard" standout, not so much the "bonus" cover versions that are tacked on the end of the be the judge!

Finally we have "Heart On", another similar collection, featuring "Wannabe In LA" and some other decent moments, who would have guessed that this crew would release three albums, decent ones at that........I understand they have a recent release "Zipper Down" which I have not heard or found.....anyone wanna hook a brother up?

And since I love you all so much, I have perhaps the DEFINITIVE Eagles of Death Metal recording, 2003's "Live at Slims"..... nice and grungy, a lot of early versions of the tracks on the first album.... note to dabblers, if I were to seek out only ONE album here, the live effort would be me?

A bad circumstance for thrusting Eagles of Death metal back into the spotlight, but perhaps one tiny iota of good can come amidst the tragedy, if I can introduce them to a new fan or two. I hope so, we need to salvage SOMETHING good from a tragic situation.

PEACE LOVE AND DEATH METAL-01 I Only Want You/02 Speaking In Tongues/03 So Easy/04 Flames Go Higher/05 Bad Dream Mama/06 English Girl/07 Stacks o' Money/08 Midnight Creeper/09 Stuck In the Metal/10 Already Died/11 Kiss the Devil/12 Whorehoppin' (Shit, Goddamn)/13 San Berdoo Sunburn/14 Wastin My Time/15 Miss Alissa/16 Miss Sanders/17 Just Nineteen

DEATH BY SEXY-01 I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)/02 I Got a Feelin (Just Nineteen)/03 Cherry Cola/04 I Like to Move in the Night/05 Solid Gold/06 Don't Speak (I Came to Make a BANG!)/07 Keep Your Head Up/08 The Ballad of Queen Bee and Baby Duck/09 Poor Doggie/10 Chase the Devil/11 Eagles Goth/12 Shasta Beast/13 Bag O Mirales/14 Nasty Notion/15 Beat On the Brat/16 Addicted to love/17 High Voltage Rock n Roll
HEART ON-01 Anything 'Cept the Truth/02 Wannabe In LA/03 (I Used to Couldn't Dance) Tight Pants/04 High Voltage/05 Secret Plans/06 Now I'm a Fool/07 Heart On/08 Cheap Thrills/09 How Can a Man With Som Many Friends Feel So All Alone/10 Solo Flights/11 Prissy Prancin/12 I'm Your Torpedo
LIVE AT SLIMS-01 Intro/02 Bad Dream Mama/03 Kiss the Devil (Who Will)/04 So Easy/05 Wastin My Time/06 English Girl/07 Already Died/08 Stuck In the Metal With You/09 Miss Reprezentin (Miss Alissa)/10 Whorehoppin/11 Speaking In Tongues/12 I Only Want You

Good stuff here, check it out, but all the while keep in mind the victims of the I said before, if a tiny smidgen of good comes from this tragedy, could it be that a few of you discover that Eagles of Death Metal really were a good, solid, humorous, novelty rock band........hope you enjoy em!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Punk Rock Sampler

I found this on Pirate Bay, thought I'd pass it along as it's one good comp, homemade obviously (YAY more
music in alphabetical order!), but it does contain some damn interesting and more rarely-comped tunes than most on-line punk anthologies.......let me hit a highlight or two, it's really quite impressive how few layups/obvious selections are here.

Agnostic Front, for example, are given a couple tracks here, it's kind of unusual that they are comped......Crass are practically NEVER comped, they turn up here with "Bloody Revolutions", a great representation of Crass' unique stylings. Oh, hell, what else.....Cro-Mags, DRI, Dummy, The Exploited ("Fuck the USA"), are rarely comped.....LOTS of good stuff here that is not the stuff that turns up on every collection, although, there are a few that are GOOD but readilly available, such as Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl", The Dickies "Paranoid" (an absolute classic for my money), and Sham 69's great "Borstal Breakout"......great tracks, all, but commonly heard on comps.

But, for the most part, the unusual/outstanding tracks dominate this set. "Tube Disasters" by Flux of Pink Indians certainly is not comped all that often. GG Alin, of all people, turns up with "Bite It You Scum".  There are THREE great tracks from Naked Raygun's fab "Throb Throb" album, which I imagine I have posted here at some point or another (I'll check, if I haven't I should have), my Ohio homies New Bomb Turks contribute a couple of efforts, Reagan Youth, The Partisians, The Wretched Ones, and Total Chaos all contribute fab tracks, and, if you like what I've touched on, browse the track list, there is some damn GREAT shit here, quite obviously a labor of love if I've ever seen one.

This is another FLAC file, it BARELY exceeded the 200 mb Zippyshare limit, sorry, it has to be in two parts
(the second one is TINY)......OK, this is a fine piece of work that someone who obviously loves the genre has put together, program it however you wish, but there is some FANTASTIC stuff here that you will want to have/hear if you are a fan of the fantastic punk of the 1970's-80's, and if you aren't, why are you here?

A PUNK ROCK SAMPLER-01 4 SKINS-Plastic Gangster/02 7 SECONDS-Walk Together, Rock Together/03 ADOLESCENTS-Amobea/04 ADOLESCENTS-Wrecking Crew/05 AGNOSTIC FRONT-Final War/06 AGNOSTIC FRONT- No One Rules/07 BAD BRAINS-Banned In DC/08 BAD RELIGION-Into the Night/09 BHOPAL STIFFS-Too Many Things/10 BIKINI GIRL-Rebel Girl/11 BLANKS 77-Spirit of 77/12 BOLLWEEVILS-I Lied/13 COCKNEY REJECTS-Oi! Oi! Oi!/14 CRASS-Bloody Revolutions/15 CRO-MAGS-Don't Tread On Me/16 CRO-MAGS-We Gotta Know/17 DESCENDENTS-Hope/18 DRI-Money Stinks/19 DRI-Violent Pacification/20 DROPKICK MURPHYS-Walk Away/21 DUMMY-What Do I Know/22 DYS-Escape/23 DYS-Wolfpack/24
EFFIGIES-Body Bag/25 EXPLOITED-Fuck the USA/26 FLUX OF PINK INDIANS-Tube Disasters/27 FUGAZI-Waiting Room/28 GBH-Give Me Fire/29 GG ALIN-Bite It You Scum/30 GOB-Na Na. Blah Blah, Fuck You/31 KRAUT-All Twisted/32 KRAUT-Matinee/33 MAD CADDIES-SOS/34 MDC-John Wayne Was a Nazi//35 NAKED RAYGUN-Metastasis/36 NAKED RAYGUN-Rat Patrol/37 NAKED RAYGUN-Surf Combat/38 NEW BOMB TURKS-Mr. Suit/39 NEW BOMB TURKS-Summer Romance/40 NIBLICK HENBANE-Roommate/41 PAILHEAD-I Will Refuse/42 PEGBOY-Strong Reaction/43 PEGBOY-Through My Fingers/44 REAGAN YOUTH-Degenerated/45 RUDIMENTARY PENI- Sacrifice/46 SCREECHING WEASEL-I Wanna Be a Homosexual/47 SHAM 69-Borstal Breakout/48 SOCIAL DISTORTION-Mommy's Little Monster/49 SOCIAL DISTORTION-When She
Begins/50 STIFFS INC-Blown Away Baby/51 SUBHUMANS-Mickey Mouse Is Dead/52 SUICIDAL TENDENCIES-Saw Your Mommy/53 THE BRONX-Heart Attack America/54 THE BUISNESS-Suburban Rebels/55 THE DICKIES-Gigantor/56 THE DICKIES-Paranoid/57 THE EXPLOITED-Dogs of War/58 THE GERMS-Lexicon Devil/59 THE PARTISIANS-Police Story/60 THE VANDALS-My Girlfriend's Dead/61 THE WRETCHED ONES-Johnny Burnout/62 THE WRETCHED ONES-Oi! Rodgers/63  TOTAL CHAOS-Babylon/64 TSOL-Richard Hung Himself/65 UK SUBS-Another Typical City/66 VICE SQUAD-Last Rockers

I assume some of you will LOVFE this, others maybe not as much, whatever, we strive for variety and blah blah......comment should you desire, but enjoy this set, it's a REAL labor of love (from SOMEONE).....

Savage Resurrection

The Savage Resurrection - The Savage Resurrection 1968Another forgotten psych gem, touching on the San Francisco scene again (ala Mighty Baby the other day).....Savage Resurrection was formed by guitarist Randy Hammon (who was 16 years old at the time of this album's release, more youthful even than his contemporary, Iron Butterfly's Eric Brann), singer Bill Harper, guitarist John Palmer, bassist Steve Lage and drummer Jeff Meyer.

Overall this is no "classic", but an enjoyable enough chunk of late 60's acid stuff that it merits remembering....typical of the time/place, features a little psycho-guitar, some eastern-influenced stuff, and of course the requisite then-hip-now-hilarious lyrics and song titles ("Thing In E", "Fox Is Sick", both of which, by the way, are pretty fair tracks).

Every now and again, one of these psych albums pops into my mind, I wonder who remembers this Dad used to play this one, thought I had a vinyl rip but can't find it, so you'll have to settle for a digital version of this one.....pretty good album, if you're a fan of the psych of this era.

SAVAGE RESURRECTION-01 Thing In E/02 Every Little Song/03 Talking To You/04 Tahitian Melody/05 Jammin'/06 Fox Is Sick/07 Someone's Changing/08 Remlap's Cave Part 2/09 Appeal to the Happy/10 Expectations/11 Thing In E 2/12 Tahitian Melody 2/13 River Deep Mountain High

Monday, November 16, 2015

Brian Goes RETRO!


For me, Link was the best guitarist in rock back then. While someone like Duane Eddy - who's no slouch - would have hits with that wide-open prairie feel, Link was steeped in hill music, honky tonk, and some damn filthy blues. And he was influential in that he would let the electricity of the guitar speak for itself. He'd let power chords just ring out. Dig the man.

On the sweeter side of things, here's a great compilation of Roy Orbison's. With that voice, he's the king of rock and roll heartbreak for me. Many classics here: "Running Scared", "Leah", the stunning "In Dreams", and the whole set closes out with the snarl of "Oh, Pretty Woman". This one is a must.

And now we get down in the muck - the Goo Goo Muck if you will - with the Dark Lord of true rhythm & blues, Screamin' Jay Hawkins. A madman who did far-out shit onstage decades before Alice or Rob Zombie, he was also an amazing singer, with a versatile baritone. This CD is from his period on Okeh in the late 50's. Contains unhinged classics like "I Put A Spell On You", "Frenzy", the stomping swamp blues of "Alligator Wine", and the schizophrenic "There's Something Wrong With You". He also does some quite moving tracks, like "I Love Paris" and "Orange Colored Sky". Really, you're welcome for this one.
Ok, that's it for now...a good slab of old school stuff. Sorry I don't have any comedy to go with it. Maybe listen to some of the Stan Freberg in context now. Hey, anybody remember that Jennifer Warnes CD I had up months ago? It was fairly popular. Well, I'm gonna repost it soon, along with an anthology I'm putting together that is the fruit of a recent obsession. So, stay tuned...

Saturday, November 14, 2015

AC/DC BBC Sessions 1976-79

I was NEVER a "huge" AC/DC fan, I did however enjoy them much more in the pre-death-of-Bon Scott era........Brian asked if I have any Bon-era boots, I thought I might, but I don't seem to find anything he doesn't already have, save MAYBE this... it's a good BBC Session, with music from 1976-79... frantic versions of some of their older stuff, I think it does draw the line between the two singers, they do miss out on my fave of the era "Riff Raff".... anyway, if Brian already has this, perhaps you don't, and maybe my friend Alan, who has seen these guys TWELVE times (!) might need this one too... I actually saw them once, maybe 1978 or so and no one can say they don't bring the noise live, but TWELVE TIMES? I don't think I've seen anybody FOUR times.... wow just a lotta times, I guess.... see whatcha think, more stuff later or tomorrow......

AC/DC BBC SESSIONS 1976-79-01 Live Wire/02 It's a Long Way To the Top/03 Soul Stripper/04 High Voltage/05 Live Wire/06 Shot Down In Flames/07 Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be/08 Sin City/09 Walk All Over You/10 The Jack/11 Highway to Hell/12 Girl's Got Rythym/13 High Voltage/14 If You Want Blood (You've Got It)/15 Let There Be Rock

Comments? Not exactly the normal post for the Big Man.......again, to show ya that ANYTHING goes here, whatever YOU want I will try to find it for ya.......I'll check the web, Brian, and see if I can find some shows of that era......stay tuned!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mighty Baby

This is a really good one, and hopefully rare enough that it's worth it even if not your thing....British
somewhat folkish psychedelia, Mighty Baby were a really out-there crew, who rose from the ashes of The Action.....the real gem here is the self titled debut......if you've heard it, you know it's pretty good, BUT likely you've heard the CD re-issue with the bonus tracks and Action tracks and all....wish I had it BUT IMO what I have is BETTER, a goddamn VINYL rip of the original, actually from dear departed Dad's vinyl stash......the vinyl edition of this is quite rare, and sounds a HELL of a lot better than the digital versions I've heard........they were highly influenced, despite thier UK origins, by the San Francisco psych sounds of the same era (Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, perhaps).....perhaps the highlight is the highly complicated "A Friend You Know But Never See", which I personally would take over ANYTHING the Grateful Dead ever did, and there are other very, very good tracks here ("Egyptian Tomb", "A Point Between Fate and Destiny"......I highly recommend this, in particular in this vinyl-ripped version, you will love it!

Now, thier next release (NOT a vinyl rip), "A Jug of Love", is quite different, in my estimation not nearly as good. Members of the band had adopted religion (Islam, I think, or some other Eastern religion) and it REALLY shows in the record....nonetheless, the instrumentation, in particular the guitar and piano, are quite good, and there have been worse songs of this type than "Virgin Spring" or "Tasting the Life"......this was originally created from a FLAC file, so accordingly has to be split......such is life.

Finally we have "Live From the Attic". Released years later, (2009, I think), is a found tape, evidently from a NY show in support of one of my all time favorite bands, Love.....MUCH different from the studio efforts, with long, experimental, improvisational tracks, notably "Now You See It" and "Now You Don't"......Grateful-Dead like jamming, not really a favorite of mine, but kind of a cool curiosity.

OK, if it were me, I'd jump all over the vinyl rip of the debut, trust me, and then if the other two efforts sound appealing, dive in......the debut is one any psych fan ought to have, the rest is open to personal taste. Please comment, I know that I, at least, don't see these on the net everyday.

MIGHTY BABY-01 Egyptian Tomb/02 A Friend You know But Never See/03 I've Been Down So
Long/04 Same Way With the Sun/05 House Without Windows/06 Trials of a City/07 I'm From the Country/08 A Point Between Fate and Destiny

A JUG OF LOVE-01 A Jug of Love/02 The Happiest man in the Carnival/03 Keep On Jugging/04 Virgin Spring/05 Tasting the Life/06 Slipstreams/07 Devils Whisper/08 Virgin Spring (single version)/09 Messages/10 Ancient Traveller

LIVE IN THE ATTIC-01 Now You See Me/02 Now You Don't/03 A Blanket in My Muesik

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Afraid of Mice

A one-album "wonder" from the UK, 1981, this is a real gem and a total period piece........guessing a lot of you might be unfamiliar with this one, it's really QUITE good when taken as an artifact of the particular time/place......

Afraid of Mice were Phillip Franz Jones (vocals, flute, sax, keyboard), Geoff Kelly (bass, vocals), Roddie Gillard (guitar), and Clive Gee (drums)......the sound is COMPLETELY and DELICIOUSLY dated English 1980's new wave,  not one a whole lot of people remember, but including some good material such as "Popstar", "I'm On Fire", and "Intercontinental", actually, the whole disc is pretty damn good, give it a shot.......comments on this please, honest to God, I had forgotten about these lads, but for whatever reason I thought of this album today, drug it out, and, yeaaaaah.......

AFRAID OF MICE-01 Popstar/02 Fool of Myself/03 Video Queen/04 I'm On Fire/05 Intercontinental/06 The Important Man/07 Taking It Easy/08 Bad News/09 Politicians/10 After Eight/11 I'm Not a Fighter/12 I Will Wait

Monday, November 9, 2015

Rockabilly Rebels

While I am not a HUGE rockabilly fan, I do enjoy it in the same way that I enjoy punk or gangsta
rap, even the nazi stuff I occasionally post, as it is/was music that threatens/scares people......a long time ago I posted the four disc classic "Rockin Bones", I think the best rockabilly comp of them all, and I've dabbled in some Wanda Jackson/Collins Kids and some others.

Anyway, I found this one in outer space, apparently an internet creation from some unknown rockabilly lover....there's a lot of pretty standard stuff here, but also some stuff I had not heard before (keep in mind that I am NO expert in the field by any means).

Disc 1 contains a couple of Elvis Presely tracks, who I DO NOT love, but these are pretty good, but great shit from Brenda Lee, Hank Mizell, and Sleepy LaBeef, among others, set the tone for what is a really enjoyable set, even if, you, like me, are not an expert on this stuff.

Elvis turns up on disc 2 as well, but Carl Perkins basically steals the show with three great tracks, although the three Johnny Burnette tracks are pretty damn good as well. Also good stuff I hadn't heard before from Dean Beard With the Crew Cats, Graham Fenton, Don Cole, and others......expand your horizons, metal-heads, this is good stuff.

Finally Disc 3......more Carl Perkins, more Johnny Burnette, plus Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and lots more.........I really enjoyed listening to this one on the commute (down/back) today, I think that if you are not genre-locked this might be something you might enjoy........if not, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, as you know my middle name is "Variety" (actually, it's "Michael", but whatever)...

DISC 1-01 BILL FLAGG-I'm So Lonely/02 BRENDA LEE-Bigelow 6-2000/03 CHARLIE
FEATHERS-One Hand Loose/04 CURTIS GORDON-Mobile Alabama/05 DON WOODY-Barking Up the Wrong Tree/06 ELVIS PRESELY-Mystery Train/07 ELVIS PRESELY-That's Alright/08 GLEN GLENN-One Cup of Coffee/09 HAL HARRIS-Jitterbop Baby/10 HANK MIZELL-Jungle Rock/11 HUELYN DUVALL-Comin' Or Goin'/12 JACKIE WALKER-Only Teenagers Allowed/13 JOE CLAY-Ducktail/14 JOHNNY GARNER-Didi Didi/15 JOHNNY RESTIVO-The Shape I'm In/16 LEW WILLIAMS-Abracadabra/17 PAT CUPP-Do Me No Wrong/18 REX ALLEN-Knock Knock Rattle/19 ROY HALL-Blue Suede Shoes/20 SLEEPY LABEEF-Little Bit More/21 TERRY NOLAND-Ten Little Women/22 VARIOUS-Pink Cadillac/23 VARIOUS-Pretty Bad Blues/24 VINCE TAYLOR-Brand New Cadillac/25 WEBB PIERCE-Teenage Boogie

DISC 2-01 AL COKER-Don't Go Baby/02 CARL MANN-Pretend/03 CARL PERKINS-Boppin' the Blues/04 CARL PERKINS-Matchbox/05 CHARLIE FEATHERS-Tongue Tied Jill/06 DEAN BEARD WITH THE CREW CATS-Rakin' and Scrapin'/07 DON COLE-Snake Eyed Mama/08 DON WOODY-Bird Dog/09 ELVIS PRESELY-Blue Moon of Kentucky/10 FRIEDRICH GULDA-Chopin Ballad #2/11 GENE VINCENT-Bluejean Bop/12 GRAHAM FENTON-Rockabilly Rebel/13 HAL HARRIS-I Don't Know When/14 HUELYN DUVALL-Friday Night on a Dollar Bill/15 JACK SCOTT-Leroy/16 JIMMY STEWART & HIS NIGHTHAWKS-Nothin' But a Nuthin'/17 JOHNNY BURNETTE-All By Myself/18 JOHNNY BURNETTE-Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/19 JOHNNY BURNETTE-Rock Billy Boogie/20 MOON MULLICAN-Moon's Rock/21 RICKY NELSON-Stood Up/22 RONNIE SMITH-Long Time No Love/23 ROY DUKE-Behave, Be Quiet, or Begone/24 THE STRIKES-If You Can't Rock Me/25 TOMMY SPURLIN-Hang Loose

DISC 3-01 BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS-Two Hound Dogs/02 CARL PERKINS-Honey Don't/03
CONWAY TWITTY-Rockhouse/04 EDDIE BONDS-Flip Flop Mama/05 EDDIE COCHRANE-Skinny Jim/06 GENE HENSLEE-Dig'n And Datin'/07 GENE MALTAIS-Crazy Baby/08 GENE VINCENT-Be-Bop-A-Lula/09 HANK THOMPSON-Rockin' In the Congo/10 HOYT STEVENS-'55 Chevy/11 JAY BLUE-Get Off My back/12 JERRY LEE LEWIS-Mean Woman Blues/13 JOE CLAY-Sixteen Chicks/14 JOHNNY BURNETTE-Sweet Love On My Mind/15 JOHNNY GARNER-Kiss Me Sweet/16 LEW WILLIAMS-Bop Bop A Doo Bop/17 MERLE KILGORE-Everybody Needs a Little Lovin'/18 ROCKIN' SAINTS-Cheat On Me Baby/19 ROY HALL-Three Alley Cats/20 ROY ORBISON-Ooby Dooby/21 SONNY BURGESS-Ain't Got a Thing/22 VARIOUS-Rockin' Rollin' Stone/23 WARREN SMITH-Rock N Roll Ruby/24 WAYNE RANEY-Shake Baby Shake/25 WELDON ROGERS-So Long, Good Luck, and Goodbye

I think this is a fine collection, as I am ALWAYS interested in genres that I enjoy but am not really expert in (not that I'm "expert" in ANYTHING)...........I like this set quite a bit, please leave comments if you do as well.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Dolls demo I didn't have before

Years back I posted a big slew of New York Dolls rarities, thought I had all the demo sets, but this one is new to me........"Private World, The Complete Early Studio Demos 1972/73" is one that I was unaware of, at least packaged like this, two discs.....some of the recordings have probably turned up on some of my other comps, but there is some stuff here I had not heard before.

Basically, these are the tracks on the first two Dolls albums, done in various New York Recording studios......the tracks will be familiar for the most part, but these sludgy versions are quite pleasant to behold.......pretty sure my previous Dolls-Ultra rarities post is long gone, might even have been pre-zippyshare, but here's one I'm happy to discover and pass on.

DISC 1-01 Bad Girl/02 Looking For a Kiss/03 Don't Start Me Talkin'/04 Don't Mess With Cupid/05 Human Being/06 Personality Crisis/07 Pills/08 Jet Boy/09 Frankenstien/10 Personality Crisis/11 Looking For a Kiss/12 Bad Girl/13 Subway Train/14 Seven Day Weekend/15 Frankenstien/16 Who Are the Mystery Girl/17 (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown/18 Back In the USA

DISC 2-01 Endless Party/02 Jet Boy/03 It's Too Late (False Start)/04 It's Too Late (Full Version)/05 Bad Detective/06 Lonely Planet Boy/07 Subway Train/08 Private World/09 Trash/10 Human Being/11 Don't Start Me Talking/12 Hoochie Coochie Man/13 Give Her a Great Big Kiss/14 Vietnamese Baby/15 Babylon/16 Bad Girl/17 Pills/18 Personality Crisis

Happy to find this gem, hope ya like it!