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Monday, March 31, 2014


Simply stated Wolfmother are some bad-ass heavy-stoner me, they are in a category with some bands such as Blue Oyster Cult and Soundgarden, ya never quite knew if they were simply a kick ass hard-rock band OR if they were somewhat satiric and making fun of their audience.....the ultimate point, though, is who gives a fuck? Awesome, fantastic stoner metal from Australia, anyone who overthinks this shit is too pseudo-intellectual anyway....Wolfmother fucking rock hard core, one way or the nother!

Wolfmother were, for the most part, guitarist/vocalist Andrew Stockdale, bassist/keyboardist Ian Peres, and drummer Vin Steele.........they cranked out some magnificent stoner metal in the late 2000's, criminally underappreciated in this guy's opinion. Their first release was a self titled EP (2004), with some of the good stuff that would make it to thier fist full length, also self titled and a great, great album....."Woman" is a fine track, as are "The Joker and the Thief", "Dimension"," Mind's Eye", and more, four star album all the way, you WILL enjoy this fine, hard rocking disc.

They released another EP prior to the 2nd release, ("Dimensions"), worth a listen for certain, but album #2, "Cosmic Egg", now here is a fine piece of hard rock n roll...please, please, please don't miss this.....a  great album......this is a great album, one of the most under-rated of the era, it rocks mercilessly, and fans of this type of hard/stoner rock will have NO EXCUSE but to love it!

 OK, for whatever reason, have several boots, "Live at the Wireless 2005", "Live Berlin 2006", and even an '09  Los Angeles show with guest Slash of Guns N Roses, a perfect fit and a great recording.....We also have a show from Sydney Australia, which is great as well, and (shhhhhh), their new release, "New Crown", which, to be honest, I have not heard yet, but HEY it's Wolfmother, and these guys ROCK THE MOTHERFUCKING HOUSE.........

Lemme tell ya this, these motherfuckers are BAD ASS (except maybe the new album which I haven't heard but have generously posted for you slugs)......Wolfmother are a GREAT hard rocking band of the current era, if you are unfamiliar, you are totally cheating yourself.....please investigate, and see if I ain't right, the live shows, in particular rock like a mofo.......comments, comments, comments, but I will tell you THIS: Wolfmother FUCKING ROCKS......if they want me to take their shit down, so be it, but if you love metal/hard rock/stoner rock, look no further this is THE place!

WOLFMOTHER EP-01 Dimension/02 Woman/03Apple Tree/04 The White Unicorn

WOLFMOTHER-01 Dimension/02 White Unicorn/03 Woman/04 Where Eagles Have Been/05 Apple Tree/06 Joker & the Thief/07 Colossal/08 Mind's Eye/09 Pyramid/10 Witchcraft/11 Tales/12 Love Train/13 Vagabond

DIMENSIONS EP-01 Dimensions/02 Mind's Eye/03 Love Train/04 The Earth's Rotation Around the Sun

COSMIC EGG-01 California Queen/02 New Moon Rising/03 White Feather/04 Sundial/05 In the Morning/06 10000 Feet/07 Cosmic Egg/08 Far Away/09 Cosmonaut/10 Pilgrim/11 Eyes Open/12 Back Round/13 In the Castle/14 Caroline/15 Phoenix/16 Violence of the Sun

LIVE SYDNEY 2010-01 Dimensions/02 Cosmic Egg/03 Woman/04 Pilgrim/05 Joker& the Thief

NEW CROWN-01 How Many Times/02 Enemy Is In Your Mind/03 Heavy Weight/04 New Crown/05 Tall Ships/06 Feelings/07 I AIn't Got No/08 She Got It/09 My Tangerine Dream/10 Radio/11 I Don't Know Why

LIVE BERLIN 8/22/06-01 Dimension/02 Pyramid/03 Apple Tree/04 White Unicorn/05 Love Train/06 Where Eagles Have Been/07 Woman/08 Witchcraft/09 Mind's Eye Intro/10 Mind's Eye/11 Vagabond/12 Colossal/13 Joker and the Thief

LIVE AT THE WIRELESS-01 Intro/02 Dimension/03 Pyramid/04 Woman/05 White Unicorn/06 Witchcraft/07 Where Eagles Have Been/08 Apple Tree/09 Tales From the Forest of Gnomes/10 Mind's Eye

LIVE LOS ANGELES WITH SLASH 11/24/09-01 Dimension/02 Cosmic Egg/03 Woman/04 White Unicorn/05 10000 Feet/06 Slash Intro/07 By the Sword/08 Vagabond/09 The Joker and the Thief

Links in a little while.......GOD I hate my fucking job I need a new one like yesterday!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Birthday to my wife, RIP to my Dad

March 30 is always a difficult day for's the birthday of my beloved wife of some 27 always I wish her the happiest of birthdays and thank her for all these wonderful years....couldn't have asked for better in my wildest imagination.

March 30, though, is also one of the saddest days of the year for me.....on March 30, 1990, which happened to be my beloved's 24th birthday, my father, with whom I had a kind of strange, love/hate relationship passed away (I had kind of strange relationships with both my parents, but they are both gone now and I'd be thrilled if they were both still here with me, arguing and fighting and all)....he was but 47 years of age at the time of his passing, he was a morbidly obese man (350+) who really never ate much, it was just in his genes, along with diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and more, all of which he generously passed along to me.....fortunately, I live in the age of the gastric bypass, which I had in 2008, (I was 375 at the time, hence the name "BigScott" which sticks with me still)....gastric bypass saved my life, and had it been perfected in 1990, may have saved my Dad's life as of my greatest regrets is that my son Grant never got to meet either one of his grandfathers, both of whom were damn good men and would have been a great influence on is my hope that I live long enough to meet my own grandchildren, just NOT TOO SOON!

Anyway, we really don't celebrate my wife's birthday for this reason, hell, we don't celebrate mine either, just another day......but I wanted to honor both my wife AND my dad today, Carla, I love you more than I could ever express, and Dad, I miss you tremendously, even though we fought and argued a lot, I know you did the best you could and would give my left arm were you here arguing with me today.

So, musically, there will be nothing "rare" or spectacular today....what I thought I'd do is post my wife's favorite (rock) album (she likes lots of different types of music, unlike me, strictly a rock-nazi), as well as my Dad's favorite album (he had a huge record collection I  inherited, and, like myself, continued to enjoy "new" music that I would share with him (He loved the Clash, Ramones, Blondie, and more)......I credit him with instilling in my my love of music, similarly, I credit my late Mother with passing along her/my love of my wife, I credit with instilling in me my love of life itself, because without her and my son, life, to me, would be one sad, dreary affair.....

My wife's favorite album has long been Bowie's "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars", certainly nothing wrong with that......she's always loved the way Bowie has been such a "chameleon", and while this might not be my pick as my favorite Bowie album (although close), it is hers, and who could argue much? Side one is the lesser, but still has "Five Years" and "Moonage Daydream", but side two.....whoa....."Lady Stardust" (allegedly about Marc Bolan), "Star", (my fave) "Hang Onto Yourself" ("the bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar, you're the blessed, we're the Spiders from Mars...") the amazing title track "just a beer light to guide us"), the unreal "Suffragette City"......"Rock N Roll Suicide" is for my money the WEAKEST track on the side and it's amazing too......five star album, without question, and exemplifies my wife's good taste in music if not in men.....

My Dad's favorite album was a close call, The Beatles "Sergeant Pepper" and Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde" were in heavy rotation for a LOT of my young childhood, but, with a gun to his head, I think he would have chosen Jethro Tull's "Aqualung"......a man of faith who always kept a mind open enough to have doubts, he played this album over and over......and a fine album it is....."Hymn 43" is my absolute favorite (also done in an amazing cover version by Alabama Thunderpussy), but the title track, "Crosseyed Mary", the great "Locomotive Breath", "Wind Up" and more are a perfect soundtrack for a life of agnosticism. The album, by the way, is selected in the book "The 50 Worst Rock N Roll Records of All Time", which has got to be one of the most puzzling and frankly stupid statements ever made, at least of those made by someone other than myself.

My parents were very young when I was born, 18 years old both, and in 1962 that was not all that
common....predictably, they divorced when I was about 8, and my childhood was not the greatest, but I KNOW they did the best they could do and I miss them both tremendously......we didn't have our son until we were in our thirties, thusfar it seems to be working out well, we shall see......after I'm gone, maybe my son will post a blog review of MY favorite album ("Forever Changes" by Love).....the circle of life.......

ZIGGY STARDUST-01 Five Years/02 Soul Love/03 Moonage Daydream/04 Starman/05 It Ain't Easy/06 Lady Stardust/07 Star/08 Hang Onto Yourself/09 Ziggy Stardust/10 Suffergette City/11 Rock N Roll Suicide

AQUALUNG-01 Aqualung/02 Cross-Eyed Mary/03 Cheap Day Return/04 Mother Goose/05 Wond'ring Aloud/06 Up To Me/07 My God/08 Hymn 43/09 Slipstream/10 Locomotive Breath/11 Wind-Up

I know, I know.....chances are if you are reading this blog, you have these albums......well, sometimes it's not all about YOU.....I try to deliver unusual and interesting albums each day, but for today, I put up two very easy to find discs simply as a tribute to two people who were/are very important in my life.......

If you read yeseterday, you'll recall that my neighbor's tree fell, basically destroying my garage but knocking out the electricty, making it impossible to upload the Jesus Lizard albums.....they'll be up soon, electricty was restored last night, and my fucking neighbor's insurnace should be purchasing me a new garage (the old one was a piece of shit anyway).

The above pics are of my wife Carla, the first one is her and I shortly after we met WAY BACK in 1995 (neither of us looks much like that anymore, but she is A BUNCH closer to it than myself.....) I really wish I had a good picture of my Dad, but I don't, but today, March 30, is "thier" day!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jesus Lizard

Variety, variety, about some fucking JESUS LIZARD? Formed from the ashes of Scratch Acid, certainly THIS won't be for everyone, Jesus Lizard are/were vocalist David Yow, bassist David Wm Sims, guitarist Duane Denison, and drummer Mac will come as no surprise that Steve Albini has his fingrprints on this either (See: previous Big Black post, etc) claim to fame is they released a split single with Nirvana which includes a fairly rare Nirvana track, "Oh, the Guilt" (included here, despite my frequently mentioned dislike of splits).....

Jesus Lizard, originally from Texas and reloated to Chicago,   cranked out a very abrassive/obnoxious blend of punk/noise, it's loud, and Yow's drunken vocals are often inaudible under the din, but it is often effective. Their 1991 debut "Goat" (cleverly, all their albums have four-letter oh, wow, man) has it's moments ("Rodeo in Joliet", "Mouth Breather"), and some true beleivers call it their fave......two earlier EP's ("Head" and "Pure" are combined on a full length CD, fairly interesting tracks such as "Rabid Pigs" and "Happy Bunny Goes Fluff-Fluff Along" are bured under the sludgy mix and are, as stated, interesting, if fairly unlistenable.

1992's "Liar" is my pick as their career "highlight", if that is the terminology I'm looking for, lyrics like "Misery fucks you in the ass over and over" drive the point home if nothing else (as stated before, Kurt Cobain was afan which led to the split single).....if  you want just one Jesus Lizard disc, "Liar" is probably it I guess. "Lash"(EP) and "Show" both document the bands sort-of legendary live shows....they are kind of rough, to say the least, but I would assume they replicate the experience fairly well (never saw them myself)........

1994's Down s supposed to be a return to thier Texas roots, a few rockabilly-type touches and the like, but again, it is Yow's psychotic vocals that dominate the show. "Shot', the next effort shows the decline phase setting in, allegedly, if you listen hard, you can hear on of the tracks from it in the greatest movie ever made, 1995's "Clerks".

They released a 10" EP, going way out there for a title ("10" EP"), with a few odds and ends on it, most of which would turn upon the next release "Blue". It's not a bd album, really, if you dig these guys, you won't want to be without it, although the glory days were long gone. They prety much called it a day after that, "Bang" is a respectable career retrospective. We've evn got a Peel Session...

Never my VERY favorite, but I enjoyed this tuff from time to time, sloppy and deliberatley offensive.....wish I'd maybe have seen one of their super-rowdy live shows, but it was not to be.....I think they are pretty much forgotten about today, already, and they do deserve a better legacy than that.....

Let me know what you think, as usual, especially if you are new to this......Variety, variety, variety?

GOAT-01 Then Comes Dudley/02 Mouth Breather/03 Nub/04 Seasick/05 Monkey Trick/06 Karpis/07 South Mouth/08 Lady Shoes/09 Rodeo In Joliet

HEAD/PURE-01 One Evening/02 SBDJ/03 My On Urine/04 If You Had Lips/05 7 vs 8/06 Pastoral/07 Waxeater/08 Good Thing/09 Tight N Shiny/10 Killer McKann/11 Blockbuster/12 Bloody Mary/13 Rabid Pigs/14 Starlet/15 Happy Bunny Goes Fluff Fluff Along

LIAR-01 Boliermaker/02 Gladiator/03 The Art of Self Defense/04 Slave Ship/05 Puss/06 Whirl/ 07 Rope/08 Perk/09 Zacariah/10 Dancing Naked Ladies

LASH (EP)-01 Glamorous/02 Deaf as a bat/03 Lady Shoes (Live) 04 Kille McHann (Live)/05 Bloody Mary (live)/ 07 Monkey Trick (Live)

DOWN-01 Fly On The Wall/02 Misletoe/03 Countless Backs Of Sad Losers/04 Queen For a Day/05 The Associates/06 Destroy Before Reading/07 Low Rider/08 50 Cents/09 American BB/10 Horse/11 Din/12 Elegy/13 The Best Parts

SHOW-01 Glamorous/02 Deaf as a Bat/03 Seasick/04 Bloody Mary/05 Missletoe/06 Nub/07 Elegy/08 Killer McHann/09 Dancing Naked Ladies/10 Fly On the Wall/11 Boilermaker/12 Puss/13 Gladiator/14 Wheelchair Epidemic/15 Monkey Trick

SHOT-01 Thumper/02 Blue Shot/03Thumbscrews/04 Good Riddance/05 Mailman/06 Skull of a German/07 Trephenation/08 More Beautifu Than Barbie/09 Too Bad About the Fire/10 Churl/11 Now Then/12 Inamorata/13 Pervetedly Slow

10" EP-01 Cold Water/02 Infected By Hounds/03 Eyesore/04 Valentines/05 Needles For Teeth

BLUE-01 I Can Learn/02 Horse doctor Man/03 I Can Learn/04 A Tale of Two Women/05 Cold Water/06 And Then the Rain/07 Postcoital Glow/08 Until It Stopped Die/09 Soft Damage/10 Happy Snakes/11 Needles For Teeth/12 Terremotto

BANG-01 Chrome/02 7 Vs 8/03 Gladiator/04 Seasick/05 Wheelchair Epidemic/06 Dancing Naked Ladies/07 Mouth Breather/08 Sunday You Need Love/09 Glamorous/10 Deaf as a Bat/11 Lady Shoes/12 Killer McHann/13 Bloody Mary/14 Monkey Trick/15 Uncommonly Good/16 The Test/17 Blockbuster/18 Fly On the Wall/19 White Hole/20 Anna

PEEL SESSION 1991-92-01 Wheelchair Epidemic/02 Bloody Mary/03 Seasick/04 Monkey Trick/05 Gladiator/06 Whirl/07 Puss/08 Boilermaker


Links forthcoming.....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The great Krautrock of the early 1970's is perhaps a genre that I haven't dedicated enough time/space to, don't really know why, a lot of great records came out of that scene.....a lot of very good, challenging music is documented on some sprawling comp series that I ought to get around to posting, but for today, let us focus on one of the true greats of the genre, NEU!

Formed in 1971 in Dusseldorf Germany with a couple displaced members of Kraftwerk, their first release, "NEU!", is something of a masterwork of the formula, some fabulous tracks such as "Negativeland" (from which the band Negativeland, whom I've also GOT to get around to, took their name) and "Hallogallo", this album sold next to nothing at the time, but is, today, regarded as something of a classic in Krautrock circles....very highly recommended.

The second album, the imaginatively entitled "NEU! 2" is a good one as well, and features some of the very earliest musical "remix" experiments. The band had enough material for only about half an album, and filled in the rest with manipulated versions of their previously recorded single "Super", giving us "Super 16", a slowed down version of the song, and "Super 78", a sped up version of the same.....look, it seems trival today BUT these boyos earn points for innovation, we take remix technology as a given these days, sometimes it "works" and sometimes not, but is was a hell of an idea at the time, and they deserve credit.

The band took on a couple of new members and released argueably thier best effort "NEU! '75", in, yep, 1975....."Hero" is a fine example of the genre, but the album as a whole is a four-star effort, no question worth the time/effort.

"NEU! 4" was a fairly awful album of earlier outtakes, released in the 1990's, I'll put it up since I have one, but, really, not much to recommend it. Also far from great is the 1990's release "NEU! Live in Dusseldorf 1972", again if you must, it's here, but the essentials are the first three discs by a huge margin, these latter day releases are for the serious fan, who probably already has them, actually.....

"NEU! '86" takes the tracks on "NEU! 4" and cleans them up a bit, it's really kind of interesting, certainly a better effort than the sloppy "4".....if you are  Krautrock junkie, most likely ALL of these are familar to you, if you are dabbling, I recommend the first three discs highly, if this is your cup of  hemlock, then checkout the other releases.......

So, do I have any Krautrock fans in the house? I like a lot of this stuff, notably the band Krokodile, I have a few comp series, as I said they are failry extensive ("Music For Your Mind" is the one I can think of the title to right now).....let me know, is there an audience for this stuff here? As I always say, this may not be the world's greatest blog (It MIGHT be the wost, but that is another issue), but I hope, always, that I acheive my true goal, which is bringing a diverse variety of rock n roll genres to some ears that may not have heard them before. Comments, as always, are greatly apprecited.

NEU!-01 Hallogallo/02 Sonderangebot/03 Weissensee/04 Im Gluck/05 Negativeland/06 Lieber Honig

NEU! 2-01 Fur Immer/02 Spitzenqualitat/03 Gedenkeminute/04 Lila Engle/05 Nueschnee 78/06 Super 16/07 Nueschnee/08 Cassetto/09 Super 78/10 Hallo Excentrico/11 Super

NEU! '75-01 Isi/02 Seeland/03 Leb Wohl/04 Hero/05 E-Musik/06 After Eight

NEU! 4-01 Nazionale/02 Crazy/03 Flying Dutchman/04 Shone Welle (Nice Wave)/05 Wave Naturelle/06 Good Life (Random-Rough)/07 86 Commercial Trash/08 Flying Dutch II/09 Danzing/10 Quick Wave Machinelle/11 Bush Drum/12 La Bomba (Stop Aparthijd World Wide)/13 Good Life/14 Elanoizan

Neu band.jpgNEU! '72 Live! In Dusseldorf-01 6 May '72 Part 1/02 Silence/03 6 May 1972

NEU! '86-01 Intro (Hayden Slo Mo)/02 Danzing/03 Crazy/04 Drive (Grundfunken)/05 La Bomba (Stop Aparthijd World Wide)/06 Elanoizan/07 Wave Mother/08 Paradise Walk/09 Euphoria/10 Vier 1-2/11 Good Life/12 November/13 KD

Little different, little different, try for the variety......links in a short while, hope ya like it, I know some won't, I am probably one of the very very few people who is a fan of, say, the Sex Pistols, AND Orange Goblin, AND Le Tigre, and NEU!.....that is the point here, not to pigeonhole ourselves

Monday, March 24, 2014

Perfect Pussy

It would have been kind of difficult to simply pretend that they don't exist, like Pussy Riot (see post of over a year ago, if still active), word of mouth regarding their name exists prior to much of anyone hearing their stuff.....I first became aware of them a couple weeks ago, reading Rolling Stone's review of their new general I don't usually put up current releases on here, and should the performers object I wiill understand, but, hell, considering the relative absence of anything much challenging on the "rock n roll" front of late, I thought this sounded fairly interesting and gave it a listen (both the CD and the EP, they are relatively short) today......I think they are worthwhile and some of you, fans of, say 1980's punk, or of "noise" rock, may find these worth a listen.

Hailing from Syracuse New York, the band consists of vocalist Meredith Graves, guitarist Ray McAndrew, drummer Garrett Koloski, bass guitarist Greg Ambler, and keyboardist Shaun Sutkus. They grind out a sludgy, abrassive, dinnish punk roar, Graves vocals are basically buried under the onslaught, the lyrics, what little you can make of them, seem offensive enough as to make the grade. A co-worker dismissed them as a very, very, very, very poor man's Yeah Yeah Yeah's, I think that might just be unfair to Perfect Pussy and to the YYY's as well....this won't be for everyone, but please, if you want to seem hip and up to the minute, give a listen and comment least more than ya did for all the work I did on Los Natas!

In 2013 they released an self-produced demo tape, "I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling"'s included here, along with their current release, "Say Yes to Love"......again striving for VARIETY, no one could argue that, but please let me know your feelings on this band.....


SAY YES TO LOVE-01 Driver/02 Bells/03 Big Stars/04 Work/05 Interference Fits/06 Dig/07 Advance Upon the Real/08 VII

Links in a few!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nikki Corvette, anytime anyplace Baby

Nikki & the Corvettes
Nikki Corvette had a fairly (too say the least) spotty recorded output.... Dominique Lorenz (Nikki) grew up in Detroit and formed Nikki & the Corvettes in 1977.... they released a magnificent album ("Nikki & the Corvettes" on Bomp) in 1980, a spectacular blending of, say, the Ramones and the 1960's "Girls in the Garage" series..... that debut record, along with a handful of singles (that I don't have) are the extent of the career of Nikki & the Corvettes.... but don't be misled. This is a fantastic album, bands such as the Donnas (whom I LOVE), for example, should pay regular homage.. speedy, rocking power-pop, all centered around sexy-as-hell "little girl"/sex kitten voice of the wonderful Nikki Corvette.......

Sometimes I just don't get why something is successful and something else isn't... it seemed, at the time, that the market was just right for Nikki & the Corvette's sexy brand of power popping, REAL rock n roll.... check out basically ANY track on this (IMO) 4.5 star disc, "Boys Boys Boys", "Back Seat Love", the fab "You Make Me Crazy".... who the hell knows why it never took off, life, sometimes, is both a mystery AND a bitch.......

Nikki dissolved the Corvettes and basically fell off the earth, resurfacing in 2005 with ANOTHER fabulous effort, an all-cover version album entitled "Wild Record Party". Sometimes this concept falls flat, but to me, the key to success is taking the material and owning it, making it your own......and Nikki pulls this off in spades.....the material is perfect (Generation X's "Ready Steady Go", Alice Cooper's "Under My Wheels", "Girls Talk" from Dave Edmunds, and especially a wonderful version of the MC5's "High School" which could have been written to order. Another wonderful record, for my money, and another complete failure. If you are unfamiliar you are cheating yourself.

Nikki emerged in 2006 with a new band, Nikki Corvette and the Stingrays, and a new album, "Back to Detroit", and guess what? It's fantastic as well..... my God it's like this babe never missed a minute, let alone 25 years...... another fine, fine collection of high-energy rock n roll, AGAIN nearly every track a winner...... "Back to Detroit", the wonderful "I've Got a Heartbreak", "So Kiss Me", and "Just Can't Stay" sound like they could have been on that wonderful debut album. Another winner, in my book.

If it sounds like I'm going overboard on this one, maybe I am.....but DAMN if I know why Nikki never enjoyed more success than she did. This is one chick that TRULY loves rock n roll, LOVES it, and it shows in her work. Her sexy voice and wonderful choices in material SHOULD have ensured her a small degree of success, but I find it amazing how many people are unfamiliar with her. I love all three of these albums, if there are any boots, EP's, singles, whatever out there, you guys know I'd lick the soles of Nikki's feet to hear em..... well, ok, I'd lick the soles of Nikki's feet anyway, but you get the idea.

If you have never heard these check them out and be sure and thank me later, you will NOT be disappointed.

Love ya Nikki wherever ya are..... thanks at least from ME for all the great rock n roll!

NIKKI & THE CORVETTES-01 He's a Mover/02 You're the One/03 C'mon/04 Just What I Need/05 Boys Boys Boys/06 Let's Go/07 Shake It Up/08 Back Seat Love/09 I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend/10 Summertime Fun/11 Gimme Gimme/12 You Make Me Crazy (1977 Single)/13 Young & Crazy/14 Criminal Element/15 I Gotta Move/16 Girls Like Me

WILD RECORD PARTY-01 Ready Steady Go/02 Rock Your Baby/03 Walking Out On Love/04 Great Big Kiss/05 Day By Day/06 Girls Talk/07 Under My Wheels/08 High School/09 Wild About You/10 Love Is Strange/11 Love Me/12 What's On My Mind

BACK TO DETROIT-01 Back to Detroit/02 Tokyo Boy/03 I've Got a Heartbreak/04 Just Can't Say/05 Lipstick Letters/06 Please Don't Stay Away/07 Well Alright/08 Who Wants to Be My Boyfriend/09 Thinkin Bout You/10 So Kiss Me/11 He Rocks Me He Rocks Me Not/12 Trapped in the City/13 Special Life

Sometimes popping on something I haven't heard in a while is simply an exhilarating experience.....I LOVED the Nikki & the Corvettes album in 1980, and it sounds every bit as great, if not BETTER, today.......this is great, great music, a career that deserves some recognition, at the very least as nostalgia. Nikki, again. love ya and thanks!

By the way, allegedly, there is some stuff out there from Nikki Corvette and the Convertibles, Nikki Corvette and the Romeos, and also, allegedly I say again, a "Wild Record Party Volume 2".....I can't really confirm ANY of these, this might be a job for super-sleuth Doug from Northern Ohio, my go-to guy for IMPOSSIBLE to find shit who has every recording ever made..... haven't heard from Doug for a while, but this one seems right up his power-alley, so calling Doug, if you are out there and have a minute or two!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

All the Chicks on Speed I have, wish I had more.......

Chicks on Speed released a pair of fine albums in the late 1990's/early 2000's, both of which I have here, and a smattering of EP's and non-LP singles which I don't have and can't find anywhere, any help would be appreciated to fill in the gaps in this under-rated band. Membership has been a little bit hit and miss, in general, the members have been (among others I guess) Alex Murray-Leslie, Melissa Logan, Erica Lewis, and AL Steiner.....these gals play a wondersome brande of electronic dance rock, not really "like" anyone else.

Thier history is kind of hard to trace, as they have been involved in some other non-musical media efforts....even the music is kind of hard to get a grip on. There was something called "The Unreleases", which I understand is something of a rarity, which contained fragments of what would become "Chicks on Speed Will Save Us All!"....."Save Us All!" was hands down one of the top albums of 2000, a fine piece of electro-pop that if you have not heard you are cheating yourself, and badly......great tracks like "Eurotrash Girl", a fab cover of the B-52's "Give Me My Man Back", "Warm Leatherette" (something of a hit single somewhere, I understand), but best of all are two near classic tunes, "For All the Boys In the World", and especially the FANTASTIC "The Floating Pyramid Over Frankfurt That The Taxi Driver Saw When He Was Landing", one of the great songs of that decade.....the album is four star, that track is totally essential.

They followed it up with the prefectly acceptable "99 Cents", (2003), not quite up to the standard of the previous effort, but quite acceptable, including a guest spot from Peaches (see my previous Peaches post) on "We Don't Play Guitars", a cover of Tom Tom Club's "Wordy Rappinghood", and who is going to NOT listen to a song called "Universal Pussy"? I'd give this one 3.5 stars and I think they were underappreciated, do yourself a favor and enjoy some fun, melodic electronica! It's good stuff really, and if anyone has any of the more difficult to find singles/EP's PLEASE help us all out!

WILL SAVE US ALL!-01 Stop Records Advert/02 Give Me My Man Back/03 For All the Boys In the World/04 Glamour Girl/05 Pedstang (Re)Issue/06 Little Star/07 Warm Leatherette/08 Kaltes Klares Wasser/09 Yes I Do!/10 Procrastinator/11 Mind Your Own Buisness/12 The Floating Pyramid Over Frankfurt That The Taxi Driver Saw When He Was Landing/13 Euro Trash Girl

99 CENTS-01 Shooting From the Hip/02 We Don't Play Guitars/03 Wordy Rappinghood/04 Coventry/05 99 Cents/06 Sellout/07 Culture Vulture/08 Universal Pussy/09 Love Life/10 Schick Shaving/11 Fashion Rules

Links in a bit, please comment on this criminally underappreciatead combo, and if you have anything to add we would all LOVE to hear it!