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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Before we get to the music, lets talk about Memorial Day.....of course it is set aside to honor those AMericans who fought for our country and have fallen. Both of my Granfathers, as well as my Father in Law, fought gloriously for the freedoms that we enjoy in the USA, none of these men died in battler, but to those who did, thank you, and you will never be forgotten

Memorial Day, for me, though, involves "Memorializing" EVERYONE who is no longer with us.....we all lose people from our lives, and the older we get, it seems that more and more of us end our journey and get onto the next part, whatever that may be. I hope that wherever you all are, you can read this and KNOW that BigScott62 is thinking about you, missing you, and at the same time glad for you that you have gone on to a better place.

This is personal, you folks around the world who read my blog are not going to care anything about this, but for me it is theraputic......I want to remember my Dad, Mike Miller, who passed away 3/30/90, and my Mom, Bobbi Dunlap, who left us on 11/14/ parents-in law, who were just like a second set of parents to me, are gone too, my father in law in 1990 and my mother in law Marjorie Finney just two short weeks ago. You are missed. Over the years, different friends and acquaintances who affected my life in some way or another have gone on, and at this time I want to remember Rick Meyer, Terry Copeland, Dave Ogden, Jerry Scott, Tim Turner, Jimmy Smith, Joe Decker, John Decker, Cory Atkins, Burly Sigman, Larry SOuthward, Barb Elliston, William Tate, Kim Earles, Donnie Greene, David Thomas, arlen Anderson, Dwight Glover, Melton Gilreath, Pam White, Donnie White, Bob mcWilliams, Dave Edwards, Mark Mack, Brian Leeth, Elsworth Brown, Lynn Brown, Dan Willman, Kevin Arthur, Dave Paaske, Tim Reading, Jean Wilcoxen, Teri Dotson, Denny Williams, Steve Stoltz, Bob Humphrey....I'm sure I'm forgetting many, but all of you had an effect on my life at one point or another, and to one degree or another, and I wouldn't be the person I am today had it not been for meach and every one of you. I am glad you are in a better place.

But most of all, my daughter Victoria.....after ten years of fertility problems, we finally concieved in 1995. The pregnancy was normal, all went well, until eight months...on December 9, 1995, my wife felt funny, we went to the doctor, they performed an ultrasound. There was no heartbeat, our precious little girl was stillborn. Never in my life has anything been so sad, so hurtful, so painful, so crushing......I love that little girl every bit as much as a 16 year old as I did on that day. We were only going to ahve one child, due to the fertility issues, and in 1997 our son Grant was born, so incredibly some good DID come out of the loss of Victoria. Had we not lost her, we would never have had Grant.....I'd prefer, of course to have both, but that wasn't going to happen. Victoria and Grant, I love you and your Mom both, more than anyone in the world. One day we will all be reunited, and Victoria it will be up to you and your grandmas to show us around. It will be a happy day. Until then, remember that you are not forgotten, not even for a second.

Some music, today, from some folks who are no longer with us.....with rock n roll people, obviously it isn't hard to find a ton of them who have passed on, I have selected these few....I thank you for what you did while you were alive and for making my life a tiny bit better. You, neither, are forgotten.

Some "Live" albums from some people I wish were still alive......favorite performers of mine from different eras of my life, for whom I wish things would have gone differently and wish they were still performing live shows.....the world is a lesser place without all of them.

Not too difficult, then to come up with 4 or 5 rock stars who have gone on to a better life.....favorites of mine would include the obvious, Kurt Cobain and Jimi why not? My favorite Hendrix release ever was actually always the posthumous "Jimi Hendrix Concerts", culled from a variety of shows he performed in his short life....I would have loved to have seen him perform, obviously, but this double LP (1 CD) is a fine substitute.

When  Kurt Cobain passed away in 1994 (Good Lord is that close to TWENTY years ago? Not possible), I was going through some things, depression and the like.....obviously my problems were not of a variety as serious as Mr. Cobain's......he and Nirvana made some incredible music, some unbelievably good music for my money, and I have an absolutely gigantic stash of Nirvana material, with damn near every live show they ever performed....pretty much at random I select "Play the Fucking Guitar Man" from Vienna, 11/22/89, two full years before the band "broke", but teh genius and greatness of what was to come was evident (to be accurate, the second half of this disc is culled from recordings from Sacramento California, 2/12/90.

In my 20's or so, maybe my favorite band of them all was the similar to both Hendrix and Nirvana in that they, in thier relatively short "life span" put out a limited amount of material, and yet, today, a mountain of their work exists. I'd guess that along with Nirvana, Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones, I probably have more Clash material than of anyone else. Joe Strummer carried on after the Clash broke up, but lets get no avail. Strummer passed away at about teh age of 50, he left some incredibly powerful stuff (along with the rest of the Clash of course), I select to represent him a show from Berkely CA, 2/7/79, which allegedly was the Clash's first US performance.....the Clash were at the peak of their power, about the time of "Give Em ENough Rope".

Rory Gallagher I also loved, although he wasn't a legend on the level of the other three. I did love his music though, and it sounds to me as if he was an excellent and exciting live performer although I never had the pleasure of seeing him live. A collection of live tunes taken from London's Paris Theater, during the 1971-72 phase of Gallagher's career, includes energetic versions of a lot of his olders tuff, including one of my favorite tracks from anyone, "Landromat".....

Anyway, I am not even beginning to insinuate that "dead rock stars" equate with "dead military warriors", all I am saying is that on this day of Memorial, I remember these guys as well. They made my life a bit more enjoyable, those who fought for freedom made life better, and the friends/associates listed above helped mold and shape the person I am today for better or worse.

Please remember ANYONE who has gone on on this's your choice to do so. Decorate a memorial site, say a prayer, but mostly, just REMEMBER because that is what a day of memorial should be for. I dedicate today's blog to the memory of my daughter Victoria Amanda Miller......and to anyone else who is gone, and YOU happen to miss.

THE JIMI HENDRIX CONCERTS-01 Fire/02 I Don't Live Today/03 Red House/04 Stone Free/05 Are You Experienced?/06 Little Wing/07 Voodoo Chile (SLight Retrun)/08 Bleeding Heart/09 Hey Joe/10 Wild THing/11 Hear My Train A-Comin'

NIRVANA-PLAY THE FUCKIN' GUITAR, MAN-01 Hairspray Queen/02 Love Buzz/03 Floyd the Barber/04 Dive/05 About a Girl/06 Spank Thru/07 Big Cheese/08 Sappy/09 Breed/10 Been a Son/11 Negative Creep/12 Blew/13 Vendetagainst (Fuck Up)/14 School/15 About a Girl/16 Polly/17 Mollys Lips/18 Sappy/19 Stain

THE CLASH-(1st US SHOW) BERKELY CA 2/7/79-01 Complete COntrol/02 I Fought the Law/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 Drug Stabbing Time/05 City of the Dead/06 Safe European Home/07 White man In Hammersmith Palais/08 Tommy GUn/09 Clash City ROckers/10 English Civil War

RORY GALLAGHER PARIS THEATER LONDON 1971/72-01 Hands Up/02 For the Last Time/03 In Your Town/04 Just the Smile/05 Laundromat/06 It Takes Time/07 John Peel Introduction/08 Used TO Be/09 I Should've Learned My Lesson/10 Out of Mind/11 Could've Had Religion/12 Crest of a Wave/13 Messin' With the Kid

Mediafire is EXTREMLY slow uploading today, I won't start these until the Bowie links are all uploaded (9 more of THOSE to go yet)........chances are these may not be up until morning, sorry, blame Mediafire.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some random Mott the Hoople rarities

Mott the Hoople were one of my all-time favorite bands, without question. I was going to do a "greatest ever" post on them so as to put all of their classic studio albums up for all, maybe I will at another time, but I got looking at the shelf, and there is SO MUCH material that so many might not have heard....I think I'd rather do it as a "rarities" post. Like so many of the other bands of which I consider myself a "fan", I probably have 50-75 of their shows, the quality of which, of course, varies greatly (although, frankly, most of theirs tend to run toward the "poor" end), if there is a Mott show you've been looking for, chances are I may have it (unless for some reason you want something from the wretched, post-Hunter "Pointing and Shouting" era, although I would find that extremely hard to believe).

So, what are NOT included here are their stunning debut album, its frankly awful follow-up "Wildlife", or the comeback "Mad Shadows", or the classic "Brain Capers".....maybe another time. We'll start off with "Rock N Roll Queen", which includes just a small taste of the early greatness of the band (the great "Thunderbuck Ram", one of the hardest rocking songs ever recorded (from Mad Shadows) is here)...there are other anthologies available of their early work, I really recommend simply listening to the albums in their entirety (except for "Wildlife"). Of course, as great as they were, their career changed when David Bowie "discovered" them and gave them "All the Young Dudes".....instead of just a really good rock n roll band, they were now glitter/glam heroes, and it was a perfect fit. I have here the remastered/expanded version of "All the Young Dudes", which includes some demos, some live tracks, and an Ian Hunter/David Bowie duo on the title track. In a move some might refer to as excess, I have also included the THREE (!) disc "All the Young Dudes" box set, with more odds and ends of varying quality than you could possibly imagine. I am a FAN of this band, this is a fan's collection for certain.

What else, lets see...."Two Miles From Heaven" continues the obscurities trend with a vocal version of "You Really Got Me", and demo versions of some of the early tracks (some quite good, such as "The Road to Birmingham", some inferior such as "Thunderbuck Ram").....both "Hoopling Furiously" and "BBC Recordings" contain, well, BBC recordings of the older material. I'll cap it off with just two of the many concert recordings of theirs that I have, "Very Flash, Very Rude" is a pretty good set from Winterland San Francisco 1973, and from the same year a show from Boston I say I have MANY concerts from these guys, request your favorites and I will post sometime in the future, also, I'll likely post all those classic early albums (The debut through "The Hoople" anyway), because they deserve to be heard in full.......also quite a bit of Ian Hunter's post-Mott output is worthwhile.

I hope everyone likes this stuff, and I hope I didn't put up too much off-the-wall stuff here, I wanted to tribute them with some REAL's NOT the "best" Mott the Hoople post ever, but I didn't intend it to be either. This is a FAN speaking, and the more obscurities and eccentricities I can find, the better. Links will be up by morning, I have an extensive collection of their stuff so request away if you wish, leave a comment if you should care to as well (in case, like, I put copy the tracks in the wrong order or something, which I guess I did on the Screaming Trees post, for which I apologize....I'm just doing this for the fun of it, if I'm something less than accurate at times, such is life.)

There are a LOT of tracks on some of these albums, but I'm going to try to be descriptive of what you'll be hearing, so bear with me a bit for the length of this.

ROCK N ROLL QUEEN-01 Rock N Roll Queen/02 The Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conceptor/03 You Really Got Me/04 Thunderbuck Ram/05 Walking With a Mountain/06 Death May be Your Santa Claus/07 Midnight Lady/08 Keep a Knockin

ALL THE YOUNG DUDES REMASTERED AND EXPANDED-01 Sweet Jane/02 Momma's Little Jewel/03 All the Young Dudes/04 Sucker/05 Jerkin Crocus/06 One of the Boys/07 Soft Ground/08 Ready For Love/After Lights/09 Sea Diver/10 One of the Boys (demo)/11 Black Scorpio (demo of Momma's Little Jewel)/12 Ride on the Sun (demo of Sea Diver)/13 One of the Boys (UK Single Version)/14 All the Young Dudes (Bowie/Hunter Vocal)/15 Sucker (live)/16 Sweet Jane (live)

ALL THE YOUNG DUDES BOX SET DISC 1-01 Like a Rolling Stone (Impromptu Jam)/02 Rock N Roll Queen (45 RPM Version)/03 You Really Got Me (Vocal Version)/04 Wrath N Roll (1998 Mix)/05 Find Your Way (Backtrack/demo)/06 Moonbus (Baby's Got a Down) (Livedemo/1998 mix)/07 It Would Be a Pleasure (demo)/08 Ohio (Live/1998 Mix)/09 Midnight Lady (Steve Marriott vocal)/10 Debt/11 Downtown (1998 mix)/12 Long Red (1998 Mix)/13 I'll Be Me (1998 Mix)/14 Until I'm Gone (1998 Mix)/15 One of the Boys (Alternate Version/1998 Mix)/16 Journey (Alternate Version/1998 Mix)/17 Mental Train (The Moon Upstairs) (Demo/1998 Mix)/18 How Long? (Death may Be Your Santa Claus Demo)/19 Ride On the Sun (Early Sea Diver Demo/1998 Mix)/20 Movin On (Demo/1998 Mix)21 Hunchback Fish (Backtrack)

ALL THE YOUNG DUDES BOX SET DISC 2-01 All the Young Dudes/02 One of the Boys (UK Single Version)/03 Sweet Jane/04 Ready For Love/05 Honaloochie Boogie/06 Ballad of Mott the Hoople (Zurich 3/26/78)/07 I Wish I Was Your Mother (1998 Remix)/08 I'm a Cadillac/09 All the Way From memphis/10 Hymn For the Dudes/11 Violence/12 Roll Away the Stone/13 Crash Street Kids/14 Marionette/15 Golden Age of Rock N Roll/16 Rest In Peace/17 Born late '58/18 Foxy Foxy/19 (Do You Remember) The Saturday Gigs?

ALL THE YOUNG DUDES BOX SET DISC 3-01 All the Young Dudes (Bowie)/02 It's Goodbye/03 Just Can't Go To Sleep/04 Transparent Day (demo)/05 Shakin All Over (demo)/06 Please Don't Touch (demo)/07 So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go bad) (demo)/08 Honaloochie Boogie (1998/demo mix)/09 Hymn For the Dudes (demo/1998 mix)/10 Nightmare (demo 1998 mix)/11 Saturday Kids/12 Lounge Lizard/13 Shout It All Out/14 It Don't Come Easy (Demo 1998 Mix)/15 Barking Up the Wrong Tree (1998 Mix)/16 To Short Arms (I Don't Care) (Eddie Kramer/Electric Lady Mix)/17 Get Rich Quick (Demo 1998 Mix)/18 International Heroes (45RPM Mix)/19 American Pie/The Golden Age of Rock N Roll (Live 1998 Mix)/20 Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane (Live 1998 Mix)/21 Rock N Roll Queen (Live 1998 Mix)/22 Blowin In the Wind (Live 1998 Mix)

TWO MILES FROM HEAVEN-01 You Really Got Me (Vocal)/02 The Road To Birmingham/03 Thunderbuck Ram/04 Going Home/05 Little Christine/06 Keep a Knockin/07 Black Hills/08 Mama's Little Jewel/09 Ride the Sun/10 Grown Man Blues/11 Until I'm Gone/12 One of the Boys/13 (There's an) Ill Wind Blowing/14 The Debt

BBC RECORDINGS-01 Whiskey Woman/02 Darkness Darkness/03 The Moon Upstairs/04 Original Mixed Up Kid/05 Thunderbuck Ram/06 Your Own Backyard/07 Death May Be Your Santa Claus/09 Darkness Darkness/10 The Moon Upstairs/11 Whiskey Woman/12 The Journey

HOOPLING FURIOUSLY-01 Thunderbuck Ram/02 Whiskey Woman/03 Original Mixed Up Kid/04 Darkness Darkness/05 The Moon Upstairs/06 The Moon Upstairs/07 Whiskey Woman/09 Darkness Darkness/10 The Journey/11 Death may be Your Santa Claus/12 One of the Boys/13 Midnight Lady/14 All the Young Dudes/15 It'll Be Me

VERY FLASH VERY RUDE-01 Angeline/02 Drivin Sister/03 Sucker/04 Sweet Jane/05 Hymn For the Dudes/06 All the Way From Memphis/07 Rose/08 All the Young Dudes/09 Jerkin Crocus/10 Rock N Roll Queen/Get back/11 Walking With a Mountain

BOSTON 8/4/73-01 Drivin Sister/02 Sucker/03 Sweet Jane/04 Hymn For the Dudes/05 All the Way From Memphis/06 Ready FOr Love/07 All the Young Dudes/08 One of the Boys/09 Rock N Roll Queen/10 Angeline Outro

What a damn great band.....I may do another post on them soon if these go over well. One of the best bands ever.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

 My own Mother 1942-2010

Special dedication to ALL Mothers on this Mothers Day: I love you all and you all do a fantastic job.....I lost my own mother in November of 2010, as I type this my Mother In Law whom I also love dearly fights to draw here final few breaths, her journey is over, she is on to a better place.....the best "mother" I have left is my wife, Carla, who has been a tremendous, A++++++ winning Mother to our son Grant, I have nothiong but GREAT things to say about the job she has if your own Mom, maybe a great Mother In Law or Step Mother, or even the lady who bore and raised your own children is still with us and walking this earth, take a minute to hug her and thank her for successfully competing in the hardest, yet most important profession in the universe, that of being a good MOTHER........I commend all mothers on this day, and I have some music that I hope they will enjoy as well.......Before we get to some Mothers Day music, I'd like to show a picture of MY own Mother, as well as one of my wife Carla, the mother of my kids (Grant, 14, and Victoria, who was tragically stillborn in 1995).....

My lovely wife of 25 years,Carla Miller,  the mother of my children Grant (14) and Victoria (tragically stillborn in 1995)

With that lets get to some music.....starting out old school, mid 60's, with the ORIGINAL "mothers", the Mothers of Invention of course, a pair of unqestionable 5-star classics, "Freak Out!" and "We're Only In it For the Money".....both are ingenious, hilarious, biting, and work every bit as well today as they did at the time of release.....two simply brilliant albums.

The other selections are going to be a bit more obscure and less significant, lets return to the very first days of Seattle's soon-to-be-famous grunge movement with a fine album from Mother Love Bone. Singer Andrew Wood would pass away before the debut album was released, the "Temple of the Dog" project is a dedication to his memory. ("Say Hello to Heaven" from that album has always been the song I dedicate to my daughter Victoria on the date of her birth/death) Of course members
would form Pearl jam, but give this a listen, Mother Love Bone could have been.....

Ahead we travel to the current century....I have posted Mommy and Daddy before (the album "Duel at Dawn" which I love) is the remainder of their work of which I am aware, "Live How You Listen" and "Fighting Style Killer Panda"....neither as good as "Duel at Dawn", but I love these, also, and often wonder and i the ONLY "Mommy and Daddy" fan in the universe?

For the most part, these remaining albums feature some obscure stoner rock (which you KNOW I love) from bands that happen to have the word "mother" in the title......

From Brazil 2007 comes MotherCow, some very competent, hard pounding stoner sludge.....good banging stuff with titles like "Pussy Pearl".

From Baltimore Maryland (2011) comes a FINE EP from Mother Sun Flower titled "Mother Sun Fucker", four great tracks.....more work would be greatly appreciated from these boys

From Sweeden 1993 and mixing some punk/grunge/metal sounds into a really fine album "The Mother Ship Has Landed" we have Mother SUperior, who I would opt to listen to over country-mates the Hellacopters anytime. Good album, this one.

Borlange, home of Stoner greats Dozer, are also home to Mother of God. They don't hide the Dozer influences on the EP "Forging a New Path", crushing riffs and howling vocals make this the kind of timeless stuff I'll be listening to in 20 years.

Long, swirling, effects laden psychedelic stoner metal is the norm for Mother Mars and this fine album "Primitives" from 2009....if my description sounds redundant, you don't understand I'm paying compliments with those words of love.

And from California and all but unkown come Mother's Green, not exactly the next Nirvana or Beatles, but again, all in good fun, some hard hitting loud stoner rock and what more can we ask, other than that?

OK.....That is it for the Mothers Day music.....hope you liked it, you know I love all of you MOTHERS, each and every one of you, you all do the best with what your have to work with, doing the most important job in the universe, raising the children. I love you and am grateful to every one of you!

MOTHERS OF INVENTION-FREAK OUT!-01 Hungry Freaks Daddy/02 I Ain't Got No Heart/03 Who Are the Brain Police?/04 Go Cry On SOmeone Elses Shoulder/05 Motherly Love/06 How Could I Be SUcha Fool/07 Wowie Zowie/08 You Didn't Try to Call Me/09 Any Way the wind Blows/11 You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here/12 Troubloe Every Day/13 Help, I'm a Rock!/14 It Can't Happen Here/15 The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet

MOTHERS OF INVENTION-WE'RE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY-01 Are You Hung Up?/02 Who Needs the Peace Corps?/Concentration Moon/04 Mom & Dad/05 Harry You're a Beast/07 What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body/08 Absoltuely Free/09 Flower Punk/10 Nasal Repentitive Caliope Music/11 Lets Make the Water Turn Black/12 The Idiot Bastard Son/13 Lonely Little Girl/14 Take Off Your CLothes When You Dance/15 What's The Ugliest Part of Your Body (reprise)/16 Mother People/17 The Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny

MOTHER LOVE BONE-01 This is Shangri La/02 Stardog Champion/Holy Roller/04 Bone China/05 Come Bit the Apple/06 Star Gazer/07 Heartshine/ 08 Captain Hi Top/09 Man of Golden Words/10 Cap[ricorn Sister/11 Gentle Groove/12 Mr Danny Boy/13 Crown of THorns/14 Thru Fade Away/15 Mindshaker Meltdown/16 Half Ass Monkey Boy/17 CHloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns/18 Capricorn SIster (Shine VErsion)/19 Lady GOdiva BLues

MOMMY AND DADDY-LIVE HOW YOU LISTEN-01 X Factor/02 What is the Function/03 Seek You/04 Outside/05 Together/06 Roundhouse Robot/07 The Meeting/08 I Mean, COuld He Buy me THis?/09 Beachy/10 Fill in the Lines/11 Disguise/12 Take It

MOMMY AND DADDY- FIGHTING STYLE KILLER PANDA-o1 Confection/02 Street Cleaner Demeanor/03 The Now/04 Run It Off/05 Question Marks Followed By Excalamtion Points/06 Confection (Extended Mix)

MOTHERCOW-SHOTGUN BULLET-01 Shotgun Bullet/02 Pussy Pearl/03 Troublemaker/04 Back to the roots/05 THings I Miss

MOTHER SUN FLOWER-MOTHER SUN FUCKER-01 See the Enemy/02 I Will End you/03 Hard Time Killing Floor BLues/04 Who Is We

MOTHER SUPERIOR-THE MOTHER SHIP HAS LANDED-01 Yeah baby/02 Velocity City/03 Breakin It Down/04 C'mon/05 Too Bad (Freddies Song)/06 Down the Strait and Narrow/07 Radically Cool/08 Keep On Movin/09 Love GOne Bad/10 Reach Out

MOTHER OF GOD-FORGING A NEW PATH-01 Four Wanderers/02 Ancient Treats/03 BLind Monkewy/04 Into the Unknown

MOTHER MARS-PRIMITEVES-01 Intro/02 You Are Me/03 It's So Crazy/04 Magneticspaceplug/05 Headlss Feeder/06 Reorgannising My Ever Shrinking Desert/07 Movin On/08 Flat Spare Tyre/09 The Voices are Back/10Vague Memories/11 Intake Mourning 12 (Hidden Track)

MOTHERS GREEN-Hanging On/02 Forever Within/03 Reflectin Bad Vibes/04 Tattoos Leave Scars/05 Never Ending Chase/06 The Light That Shines After/07 Tripping THrough/098 Fiding Inbetween/09 Letter Song/10 Sun Party

Lotta links, probably won't get them up until Sunday Morning......and please leave a comment about your own MOTHER, without her you would not even exist. And post a photo of her if you like, I am 50 years old and nothing is more beautiful as a mother in her 30's/40's.........this is a special post and I'd hope you try these bands and leave a mothers day comment, at the least a think you to your Mom or the Mom of your kids!

Some sleazy, trashy glitter-glam comps

How about some comps today, just for a LOT of fun? Four discs of lesser-known glitter-glam stompers that tend to be on the sleazy side, which of course is what makes this so much fun! Many of the bands will, I'm sure, be unknown to you, hardly the point......So often I make references to "Nuggets", if there were a "Nuggets" of sleazy glitter-glam, these four discs would be a hell of a starting point......just kick back on a Saturday and groove to this forgotten stuff, as always, don't take it too seriously, this is some FUN stuff.....get ready for a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY tomorrow, with a special Mother Day post (of course!)

VELVET TINMINE-TWENTY JUNKSHOP GLAM RAVERS 01 IRON VIRGIN-Rebel's Rule/02 HELLO-Another School Day/03 WARWICK-Let's Get the Party Going/04 THE DAMNED-Morning Bird/05 SISTERS-Kick Your Boots Off/06 FLAME-Big Wheel Turning/07 ARROWS-Toughen Up/08 CRUNCH-Lets Do It again/09 BEARDED LADY-Rock Star/10 SIMON TURNER (Baby) I Gotta Go/11 BRETT SMILEY-Va Va Va Voom/12 SHAKANE-Love Machine/13 WASHINGTON FLYERS-THe Comets are Coming/14 STAVELY MAKEPEACE-Slippery Rock/15 THE PLOD-Neo City/16 RICKY WILDE-I Wanna GO to a Disco/17 TARTAN HORDE-Bay CIty Rollers We Love You/18 BIG WHEEL-Shake a Tail/19 FANCY-Wild THing/20 TUBTHUMPER-Kick Out the Jams

BOOBS-THE JUNKSHOP GLAM DISCOTEHEQUE-01 THE RATS-Turtle Dove/02 HECTOR-Wired Up/03 SCREEMER-Interplanetary Twist/04 CHUNKY-Albatross/05 JIMMY JUKEBOX-Motorboat/06 SHELBY (Dance With the) Guitar Man/07 ERASMUS CHORUM-Jungle/08 HOT ROD-Love Is Alright (Hey)/09 THE SENSATION-Black Eyed Woman/10 PAUL RYAN-Natural Gas/11 IRON CROSS-Little Bit O Soul/12 LIGHT FANTASTIC-Don't Let Go/13 CATAPULT- Let Your Hair Hang Down/14 ANGEL-Good Time Fanny/15 BARRY BLOOD-Poor Annie/16 ICE CREAM-Shout It Out/17 BOSTON BOPPERS-Did You Get What You Wanted/18 THE SENSATION-Baby/19 HOBNAIL-She's Just a Friend of Mine/20 ROCK REBELLION-Lets GO

GLITTERBEST-20 PRE-PUNK N GLAM TERRACE STOMPERS-01 HAMMERSMITH GORILLAS-You Really GOt Me/02 STREAKY-Bang Bang Bullet/03 THE JOOK-Aggravation Place/04 JET-Nothing To Do With Us/05 MILK N COOKIES-Good Friends/06 FLINTROCK-Sooner or Later/07 TREVOR WHITE-Crazy Kids/08 AMERICAN JAM BAND-Jam Jam/09 SPUNKY SPIDER-You Won't Come/10 ONE HIT WONDERS-Goodbye/11 DOG ROSE-Love of CIty lights/12 HELTER SKELTER-I Need You/13 DUCKS DELUXE-Coast to Coast/14 TIGER LILY-Ain't Misbehavin/15 CHRIS SPEDDING-Pogo Dancing/16 DESPAIR-Sweet HEart/17 FARM-Fat Judy/18 CRUSHED BUTLER-High School Drop Out/19 ENGLANDS GLORY-City of Fun/20 HOLLYWOOD BRATS-Sick on You

COCK N ROLL-SLEAZEGRINDER PRESENTS THE WORLDS SLEAZIEST ROCK BANDS-01 LANTERNJACK-Prett Hex/02 BONA ROBA-In the Cut/03 ROCK CITY CRIMEWAVE-Jersey Devil/04 HELLSIDE STRANGLERS-Motherfuckers Don't Cry/05 THE EROTICS-Space Age Mafia/06 DEVILS DAY OFF-Melvin and Maud/07 PORN ROCK-Porn Star/08 GUNSHACK-Fool/09 SUGABOMB-Speed THrill/10 SPEEDFREAKS-Rock N Roll/11 BIG BLOCK HITCHCOCK-Strip Club/12 QUEEN BEE-Hot Alot/13 BAD DOG BOOGIE-Highway of Your SOul/14 DOG SHIT BOYS-One Minute Fuck/15 JOKER FIVE SPEED-Jet Set City/16 GASOLHEADS-Bad Situation/17 MUSCLE CAR-Sandra Sully/18 QUEER FOR GIRLS-Rock N ROll Babies/19 THE VIBROLAS-The Ballad of Dorgas Figg/20 RICKSHAW-Temple of Your Choice/21 DOUBLE BARRELLED SLINGSHOTS-The Truth About Boys & Girls/22 TRASHCAN DARLINGS-(You Just Wanna) Sleep With Me/23 SKUM-Slut/24 THE BEATINGS-Ghetto Blaster/25 SUZY SUNLESS-Castaway/26 STAGGER-The Closest I've Ever Come to Fucking Myself