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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A few laughs

So, to break up the somber and somewhat depressing mood that I have been in of late, let's try to lighten the mood with some music that I find simply hilarious.....nothing "classic" here today, but if you don't take music TOO SERIOUSLY (many do), you might find something here to put a brief smile, at least, upon your face.

First up is NOT exactly what I was looking for, I was actually looking for "Leave Stockholm" by Gabba, a positively wonderful set of Abba tunes done Ramones-style.....I KNOW I have it here somewhere, when I find it I WILL put it up, it's a "must-hear", trust me......but, settling for maybe second best, we have The Ramouns also great "Rockaway Beachboys", in which tunes such as "Fun Fun Fun" "Surfin Safari" and "Help Me Rhonda" get Ramones-style workover. It's a funny joke, once......Gabba is better, I swear I need to find it.

OK, next up I have a 1994 album entitled "Morning Wood" from the Rugburns.....this is not an especially good album, not even that funny when taken as a whole (Titling a song "My Carphone's on the Pill" may qualify as trying just a bit too hard),,,,,the thing is, it contains THE single from the summer of 1994, the absolutley classic "Me and Eddie Vedder"......."Houses of the Holy.....was an album by Led Zep-e-linnn.....I bought it on 8-track, not on CD......fades out in the middle, the way an 8 tracks s'pposed ta......"if you were anywhere near a radio that could bring in WOXY (Ohio) in summer 1994, you couldn't help but get sick of it, but it is checking also Tom Wolfe, The Brady Bunch, John Bonham's death ("Bonzo kicks ass on it.....then he chokes on his vomit....the way a rock stars s'pposed to die"........) If you've never heard this, almost 20 years later it still brings a laugh, in July 1994 I would have rather taken a bullet than hear it again.

Next we have another disc that is all about a SINGLE classic hilarious track....Dynamite Hack's "Superfast" is not a great album by any means, but DO NOT DIE before hearing their hilarious white-bread version of "Boyz-N-The-Hood", literally one of the funniest singles I have ever heard.

OK, lets wrap this up with a disc from England's The Rotters.....they churned out some fairly pedestrian goof-ball punk in the early 1980's (evidently they are still at it).....I have included here the album "Wrench to the Nuts", with it's song titles such as "My Penis Hurts" and "Please Don't Probe Me with the Butt Scope Doctor", but the reason I'm including this one is the bonus single I'm attaching to the album, the legendary "Sit on My Face Stevie Nicks", which if I remember got Lindsay Buckingham pissed off enough to threaten legal action and get the track pulled (Or something, don't feel like looking up the specifics)

Nothing life changing here, but just felt like putting some humor up there today......pleaes comment on these if they are new to you, or if you fond memories of any of them.

THE RAMOUNS-ROCKAWAY BEACHBOYS-01 Surfin Safari/02 Shut Down/03 Surfin USA/04 Little Honda/05 409/06 In My Room/07 I Get Around/08 Little Deuce Coupe/09 Fun Fun Fun/10 Help Me Rhonda/11 Catch a Wave/12 Do It Again

THE RUGBURNS-MORNING WOOD-01 Single Life/02 Gold's Gym Guy/03 Pitbull/04 My Boyfriend/05 I Want To Learn About Love/06 Holliston Street/07 Football Tonite/08 Rioting/09 Hitchiker Joe/10 My Carphone's On the Pill/11 Kilkenny Man/12 You Should've Told Me/13 Rub Somebody (The Right Way)/14 Me and Eddie Vedder

DYNMAITE HACK-SUPERFAST-01 Switcheroo/02 Anyway/03 Alvin/04 Dear Kate,/05 G-Force/06 Wussypuff/07 Blue Sky/08 Slice of Heaven/09 Granola/10 Boyz-n-the-Hood/11 Pick Up Lines

THE ROTTERS-WRENCH TO THE NUTS-01 The World Is Too Crowded/02 Bible Belt 12 Gauge/03 Stink Eye/04 Normal/05 Breathing Machine/06 Down at the Strand/07 White Trash Slut/08 Drug Klown/09 My Penis Hurts/10 Swear Man/11 Pink Flamingos/12 They're Gonna Kill Me/13 Mr Minus/14 Lucky Strike/15 Porcelain Back/16 Thank You I'm Damned/17 Please Don't Probe me With That Butt Scope Doctor/18 Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks

Going to dinner, hopefully Zippy has me a couple links ready by then! Please leave comments on these, I DO try to do something a little different every now and then.


  1. Well, heres ONE at least


    (2 more to come.....still intrigued by stevie nicks sitting on my face, but that has little to do with this)

  3. And herebe #3, THE ROTTERS, and Stevie nicks is still weclome to sit on my face

    One left, the rugburns, likely I will get it up in the mornissle tight....hope you guys enjoy this post!

  4. Los Rotters were from Ventura County CA USA not da' UK. I never hearda "Gabba", but I do likes da' "Ramontures" from 1999.



  7. At some point, once I calmed down over fearing them as "punk", I realized that the Ramones pretty much were The (surf era) Beach Boys. Fast, bouncy songs with fun lyrics and a direct musical approach. And some "synco-pa-tion".

    Looking forward to hearing it.

    (Stevie Nicks, indeed.)


  8. What's pathetic is a guy (me?) dreaming about Stevie Nicks sitting on his face, in the mid 1970's, OH YEAH, but MS Nicks is now probably at least 60 years old and.....well........I prefer to think of here as the eternal "Rumours" chick I had such a crush on in High School, I'd have licked through the crotch of her jeans to get to her software back then.