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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Drew Barrymore discusses the future of this blog!

Well, no, not really.....she can if she WANTS to,  but I haven't heard from her in a while.....hope I didn't make her mad at me or nothin'.....OK, here is whatI want to say, hopefully the Drew thing got your attention.....if you've been paying attention, you know that I am going crazy with Mediafire (easy uploads, impossible downloads), and Zippyshare (easy downloads, NEAR-impossibe uploads at times...) I think (could be wrong) that some of the ZIppshare problem has to do wth the fact that I often try to upload many discs at one time, MAYBE if I do them one at a time I may have more success (keep your fingers crossed, it worked with one of the Juliana Theory discs, seems to be working with another.....anyway, I LIKE how I do my blog, I LIKE posting ten or more discs from a single artist at once, I think it gives my blog a TINY bit of personality of it's own, for whatever that is worth.....I DON'T WANT to change that part of the format. I guess I could, but I DON'T WANT to do it like that, say, and just post one album at a time or whatever...., here is what I will do, which actually makes more sense than how I've been doing things....BEFORE posting, I'll get the link things worked out with Zippyshare.....if it takes me a couple of days, then it takes me a couple of I don't post for a few days, please check back in....for example, my next post, which is pretty much written, is going to be a mega-super TRULY BEST EVER post from Pavement, ALL their albums, most of them in double length deluxe format, some rarites, BBC sessions, etc.....BUT I am not going to put the post up yet. There are probaby 15 discs or so involved, and if I posted and then didn't get the links up for three days, you guys would just forget about it and understandly so......why I've always done it the ass-backwards way I have (write, post, THEN upload links) I don't really know, it just seemed to work for me, but it just isn't going to be practical.....there were times when I could get a post up every day, but that just isn't going to be the case, in particular if I want to continue the "mega-posts", and they are really something that I (anad hopefully YOU, too) enjoy......

So here is the skinny....I'm still dicking around with getting those Juliana Theory links up, two more t go......then I will probably vanish for a days, working behind the scenes to get the damn Pavement links workable......once they are, there will be a shiny-new "The Best Pavement Post, Ever"in front of your eyes, and you WON'T have to wait for the links, they will be RIGHT THERE at that time (you know, like how it works on most every other blog out there,  the "correct way" of doing it.

Late breaking......just watched as Zippyshare "ate" the Juliana Theory's "Love" album, so guess doing them one at a time is NOT the solution. I wish someone who used Zippyshare would tell me what I am doirong, it must be SOMETHING, when the links are succefully uplaoded, the indicator oes to 100%, then the link appears directly below (also under "my acount")....when the links vanish, like this one, the indicator goes to 100%, and's gone, it's not under "my account" or anywhere else......I am perplexed, it's been like this since I started using Zippyshare, but it has gotten SO much worse of late that I just don' know what to do about it. I hope this solution is amicable, I look forward to the mega-Pavement post and I'm sure others do as well....but God only knows how long it will take me to get the links prepared, so I guess it will be up there when it gets up there, (that is, if I EVER get the Juliana Theory links completed).......

And that, my friends, is THAT......I can't think of anything ELSE to do......obviously can't use Mediafire anymore......that does YOU guys no good. GOTTA use Zippy, I guess, unless someone knows of another FREE service that I can use....otherwise, don't forget  about me, I'll still be around,creating mega-posts for your enjoyment, cursing the computer when Zippy swallows another link, and trying over and over and over to get these damn things to work. Please understand, I don't WANT to cut back on my "work load", just don't see any choice. Hope its OK with everybody, I just REALLY want to continue the big "mega-post" format for the most part, and I DON'T want you guys waiting days and days for the links after you read the post. Not fair to YOU guys.

And, again, if anyone knows ANYTHING, any suggestions for making Zippyshare more functional, I am ALL EARS. So thanks for reading, thanks for the comments, thanks for downlaoding, and thank YOU Drew Barrymore, and you know, JUST for "being you".......see ya when I get the Pavement links working, I hope you enjoy it, I think it will be one of the best posts ever, maybe not as epic as "Garage Greats", but maybe on the "Sleater Kinney" level.


  1. Hola amigo: te escribo en español, pues no se ingles, y para pasar a google translator, mejor lo haces tu.
    Con respecto a Zippy, yo lo estoy usando en mi blog sin problemas, incluso subo 15 o mas archivos a la vez, Yo probaría de abrir otra cuenta en zippy a ver si va mejor. Siempre existe la parapsicologia informatica, por ejemplo, en los dos ordenadoresa de mi casa me es imposible conectar con "Garagehangover", y si el portatil lo uso fuera de casa, si puedo (?).
    Otras opciones pueden ser Ziddu, Putlocket o Depositfiles. Todo es cuestion de suerte y no hay nada seguro.
    Greetings from Spain

  2. Dude for what it's worth I'm using uploadmirrors I've had no trouble. Also there's embedupload .com Maybe that'll help