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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The best Slo Burn post ever

At least "tied" for the "best", because they were short lived and put out only this "album", which in fact is an EP coupled with some other demo tracks..... the thing is I always REALLY liked it. Just listened to it again today, and to me it's kind of an unappreciated stoner classic. Singer John Garcia, guitarist Chris Hale, bassist Damon Garrison, and drummer Brady Houghton made out the lineup, and the sound is VERY Kyuss-like, which is perhaps why some don't like the album (it's VERY VERY Kyuss like!).... they released the four-track EP "Amusing the Amazing" in 1996, and later editions of it turned up with the five tracks added on from their earlier demo.... I've never heard a live recording, I hear that some do exist, and I'd LOVE to hear one if anyone has one. Anyway, Garcia broke up the band and went on to sing with two other bands whom I have featured on the blog before, Unida and Hermano, I think this ranks somewhere in that basic chain..... for being a pieced together "album", it flows pretty well, and rocks from top to bottom. You're going to like it if you like Kyuss, Unida, Hermano, and all the usual suspects. See ya tomorrow!

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